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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 2:47 am 

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i crashed due to lag...... but i got most of it, and i began as soon as he entered and i introduced myself

(05/21 01:29:55) Chat.log started...
(05/21 01:30:00) Victor Laxman: Nice to see you all.
(05/21 01:30:02) carla waves hello
(05/21 01:30:07) Ieddo waves hello
(05/21 01:30:07) Aderyn: Shorah Dr. Laxman.
(05/21 01:30:22) Inanna: shorah, Dr. Laxman
(05/21 01:30:23) Shana waves hello
(05/21 01:30:30) Inanna: I was hoping to meet you
(05/21 01:30:47) Victor Laxman: Just a quick little bit of information for those who are interested.
(05/21 01:30:53) Shana: Always interested!
(05/21 01:30:53) Budgie2: guild of greeters bevin is happy to see you
(05/21 01:31:06) Dangerzone: you know we always
(05/21 01:31:32) Ieddo looks thoughfully at the population list
(05/21 01:31:36) Inanna: always interested, sir
(05/21 01:31:54) ChrisRivadeneira: Can somebody take a picture
(05/21 01:31:55) Victor Laxman: We have made a bit of progress on repairing a KI upgrade machine...
(05/21 01:31:59) ChrisRivadeneira: and send it to me?
(05/21 01:32:10) Arthur Kalnins: Hello there Mr Laxman
(05/21 01:32:21) Arthur Kalnins: Oh?
(05/21 01:32:26) Hagenn: what sort of upgrades?
(05/21 01:32:27) Victor Laxman: ... We've found that it enables the KI to emit light...
(05/21 01:32:36) Uileag: Oh?
(05/21 01:32:42) ChrisRivadeneira: Take a picture please :)
(05/21 01:32:42) Hagenn: Ooh, flashlight! yes yes!
(05/21 01:32:44) Arthur Kalnins: Very nice
(05/21 01:32:44) Shana: Ohhh... like a flashlight?
(05/21 01:32:44) Victor Laxman: Our initial repairs have been small...
(05/21 01:32:50) Ieddo leans forward interested
(05/21 01:33:23) Victor Laxman: resulting in only a few seconds of light - but we beleive we can improve it with more time...
(05/21 01:33:43) Arthur Kalnins: Great.
(05/21 01:33:43) Ieddo: :)
(05/21 01:33:52) Hagenn: I hope that doesn't drain the Ki's batteries too much
(05/21 01:33:53) La'Fitte: Enough tiem to make it thru the vaes in gira
(05/21 01:33:55) Shana: That will come in very handy.
(05/21 01:33:55) Ieddo: That wouldnt be good
(05/21 01:34:06) La'Fitte: Caves
(05/21 01:34:07) Arthur Kalnins wants to ask a question...
(05/21 01:34:07) Victor Laxman: So, yes, a bit like a torch or what you call a flashlight.
(05/21 01:34:13) SeanMc74: a flashlight would be useful in Descent
(05/21 01:34:39) La'Fitte: anyword on Sharper and Nicks trip to Negilahn today?
(05/21 01:35:05) Ieddo: whoa, pop spiked. Lagtacular lol.
(05/21 01:35:05) Victor Laxman: The limit in light may be a power limitation. But either way...
(05/21 01:35:34) Victor Laxman: we've decided to release it now, even though it's a bit early.
(05/21 01:35:43) Magus2332: somethin's happenning!!
(05/21 01:35:44) Ieddo smiles
(05/21 01:35:56) Magus2332: there's something going on!!
(05/21 01:35:56) Magus2332: just now
(05/21 01:35:56) Uileag: Thank you for that, Doctor.
(05/21 01:35:56) ChrisRivadeneira: Where do we get it?
(05/21 01:35:56) Shana: Excellent!
(05/21 01:36:07) Dangerzone: Excellent!!!
(05/21 01:36:13) Magus2332: i don't want to spoil it
(05/21 01:36:20) Arthur Kalnins: Victor, I'd like to bring something to your attention before you leave..
(05/21 01:36:22) Magus2332: I have pics and everything if anyone wants to know
(05/21 01:36:24) Kalana Loesje cheers
(05/21 01:36:24) Victor Laxman: So feel free to upgrade and try it. Limited, but perhaps interesting.
(05/21 01:36:32) ChrisRivadeneira: Where can we get the light?
(05/21 01:36:33) Ieddo: Chev shem Doctor
(05/21 01:36:33) La'Fitte: Where do we upgrade it at
(05/21 01:36:39) SeanMc74: where do we upgrade?
(05/21 01:36:39) Magus2332: wait
(05/21 01:36:40) Dangerzone: Whwere is the terminal?
(05/21 01:36:41) Cassie: Yes, how do we upgrade?
(05/21 01:36:45) Aderyn has wished for a flashlight forever.
(05/21 01:36:50) Magus2332: I just found this!
(05/21 01:36:52) Magus2332: :D
(05/21 01:36:57) Magus2332 cheers
(05/21 01:37:02) Victor Laxman: Would you prefer I reveal the location, or would you prefer to act like explorers?
(05/21 01:37:07) Thend starts to laugh
(05/21 01:37:08) Arthur Kalnins starts to laugh
(05/21 01:37:10) Victor Laxman laughs
(05/21 01:37:11) ChrisRivadeneira: Reveal :)
(05/21 01:37:16) La'Fitte: Rofl
(05/21 01:37:16) Magus2332: this is the KI right?
(05/21 01:37:17) [ Mister Cloak ] wants to ask a question...
(05/21 01:37:17) Scalawag: lol
(05/21 01:37:17) Ieddo: Personally I would like to explore.
(05/21 01:37:18) Uileag laughs
(05/21 01:37:19) Arthur Kalnins: ACT LIKE EXPLORERS.
(05/21 01:37:19) Inanna: whisper it to me
(05/21 01:37:19) Scalawag laughs
(05/21 01:37:21) aras: please
(05/21 01:37:23) Shana: Explore!
(05/21 01:37:24) Cassie: lol, us explorers??
(05/21 01:37:25) La'Fitte: Thats all you had to say doctor
(05/21 01:37:27) Ieddo: Its up to the majority I thinks
(05/21 01:37:29) Shorahmin: no let us explor
(05/21 01:37:31) ChrisRivadeneira: Could you give us a hint
(05/21 01:37:40) Cassie: No! no hints!
(05/21 01:37:45) Dangerzone: Yes... just a hint will suffice
(05/21 01:37:45) Cassie: We'll find it :)
(05/21 01:37:45) Shorahmin covers his ears
(05/21 01:37:45) La'Fitte: How about one of the ki machines
(05/21 01:37:47) waterhand (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/21 01:37:48) ChrisRivadeneira: Please one hint :)
(05/21 01:37:59) Simon_Bitdiddle: OMGSPOILERS!
(05/21 01:37:59) Shana puts her fingers in her ears to stop any spoilery.
(05/21 01:37:59) Scalawag: yea, hint
(05/21 01:38:02) Arthur Kalnins: Come on, there's only a couple of KI machines.
(05/21 01:38:03) [ Mister Cloak ]: please no hints
(05/21 01:38:06) Victor Laxman: A hint then... uh... hmmmm...
(05/21 01:38:07) Arthur Kalnins: You guys weill find it
(05/21 01:38:08) La'Fitte: so why is your journal laying on the floor in the descent?
(05/21 01:38:09) Shiloh wants to ask a question...
(05/21 01:38:11) Cassie plugs her ears and closes her eyes
(05/21 01:38:12) Uileag: We're here to explore, aren't we?
(05/21 01:38:13) Ieddo puts fingers in ears
(05/21 01:38:18) Arthur Kalnins: Fitte, that's Watson's
(05/21 01:38:19) ChrisRivadeneira: Oh boy a Hint :)
(05/21 01:38:24) La'Fitte: Sorry
(05/21 01:38:31) Arthur Kalnins: not Mr. Laxman's
(05/21 01:38:41) Victor Laxman: If you don't want the hint you might want to link out now.
(05/21 01:38:41) La'Fitte: Watson, laxman
(05/21 01:38:41) Tone Low does a dance
(05/21 01:38:45) Al'Kaera cheers
(05/21 01:38:58) Arthur Kalnins: Victor, there's something urgent the Council should look into
(05/21 01:39:03) Cassie can't resist
(05/21 01:39:23) Ieddo links out
(05/21 01:39:23) Victor Laxman: This is a bit of fun isn't it...
(05/21 01:39:32) Cassie: :)
(05/21 01:39:35) Scalawag: sure is
(05/21 01:39:35) Shorahmin: indeed
(05/21 01:39:48) Inanna: waiting
(05/21 01:39:48) ChrisRivadeneira is so excited about the hint.
(05/21 01:39:58) Tai'lahr: Oh, he has a sense of humor!
(05/21 01:39:58) Hagenn: we do get a bit eager
(05/21 01:40:17) ORBAT: depends on how you define "fun" mr. Laxman
(05/21 01:40:18) DaveRamos does the robot
(05/21 01:40:19) Scalawag: very hard to be patient ;)
(05/21 01:40:19) Victor Laxman: Okay... well the minimal hint is that it's one of the KI devices that was previously not functioning.
(05/21 01:40:20) ChrisRivadeneira laughs
(05/21 01:40:49) Inanna: we need the Delins books returned
(05/21 01:40:49) Cassie notices Chris breaking out into a sweat
(05/21 01:41:05) Inanna: my bevin has doors to open
(05/21 01:41:05) Shorahmin: pant-pant-pant
(05/21 01:41:05) Aderyn: Aha!
(05/21 01:41:06) Shiloh: Level with us. You're mentally going "Dance, puppets! Dance!"
(05/21 01:41:06) Cassie: Ooohhhhh!
(05/21 01:41:07) La'Fitte: Is it available now
(05/21 01:41:07) ChrisRivadeneira: hmmm
(05/21 01:41:12) Uileag: ROFL Shiloh.
(05/21 01:41:12) Thend: Of course he has a sense of humor, Tailahr, the DRC are a wacky bunch
(05/21 01:41:12) Magus2332: what does this update do?
(05/21 01:41:13) Jinglish: Great hint!
(05/21 01:41:13) Hagenn: that's a better question... how DO you turn it on?
(05/21 01:41:14) ChrisRivadeneira: or is it not upto us to turn on
(05/21 01:41:14) ChrisRivadeneira does a dance
(05/21 01:41:14) Magus2332: I found it before I even knew you guys turned it on
(05/21 01:41:23) ChrisRivadeneira: How do we turn it on the upgrade that is
(05/21 01:41:41) Jinglish: Does this change the way the KI appears in full display mode?
(05/21 01:41:41) Victor Laxman: Is that enough of a hint? I suppose you can all find it now.
(05/21 01:41:42) Shiloh: Plenty.
(05/21 01:41:52) Sienna: It's more than enough.
(05/21 01:41:55) Cassie: Great hint, thanks!
(05/21 01:43:01) Shana: Should be plenty, Mr. Laxman. Thank you!
(05/21 01:43:02) Kerryth: Is it safe to try the machines then?
(05/21 01:43:02) moirajane: perfect
(05/21 01:43:02) ChrisRivadeneira: I must leave :(
(05/21 01:43:10) Victor Laxman: We didn't turn it on, we fixed it.
(05/21 01:43:16) Simon_Bitdiddle: Mr. Laxman, can I ask a question before you leave?
(05/21 01:43:16) Magus2332: i don't see a difference on my ki and I just found the upgrade
(05/21 01:43:16) ChrisRivadeneira: Nice to meet you Victor Laxman
(05/21 01:43:16) Shiloh: May I ask an unrelated question, Mr. Laxman?
(05/21 01:43:20) Hagenn: we mean, how do you turn the light on, once we have it?
(05/21 01:43:20) La'Fitte: Tht wasnt a hint, that was a spoiler
(05/21 01:43:20) Victor Laxman: Should be safe to use the formentioned KI device.
(05/21 01:43:20) La'Fitte: Lol
(05/21 01:43:30) Victor Laxman: None of us have lost any fingers yet.
(05/21 01:43:52) Kerryth: :)
(05/21 01:43:57) Thend: Dr Laxman, do you know, is Wheely and her friend okay?
(05/21 01:43:57) Uileag: And thumbs are intact as well? LOL
(05/21 01:43:57) Al'Kaera: Thanks Shana, no pic. lag is GOOD, lag is GOOD.
(05/21 01:43:57) Shiloh: In case you do...who is the DRC's Chief Medical Officer?
(05/21 01:43:57) Shana: Good point, Uileag.
(05/21 01:43:57) Tai'lahr: fingers?
(05/21 01:44:01) Victor Laxman: Wheely Engberg?
(05/21 01:45:41) Thend: Wheely and her friend went missing very recently, and we are concerned
(05/21 01:45:46) Thend nods his head
(05/21 01:45:46) Cassie: 1
(05/21 01:45:46) Shiloh: I'd really like to know who to coordinate with. Me and the other medical people in the Cavern.
(05/21 01:45:47) Shorahmin: yes
(05/21 01:45:47) Jinglish: IS there any word on Sharper and Nick?
(05/21 01:45:52) La'Fitte: dr. Laxman, do you know of the status of the Sharper and Nick White trip today
(05/21 01:46:07) Victor Laxman: What do you mean missing. I saw her this morning.

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I stopped reading partway through, but... I can has flashlight? PRAISE BE TO JEEEESUS!

Somebody up there is listening to my loud, obnoxious pleading. :P

Edit: Don't want to spoil anything, but... :evil: sigh

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 2:58 am 

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Well, darn, I gotta start using my log more, I came in right after they were mentioning the KI upgrade.

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 3:21 am 

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Wicked :D

Does this mean new players won't have to wrestle with those pesky fireflies anymore?

I also stopped reading before he gave a hint, looking forward to my next chance to get into the game, thanks for the intel DZ.

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 3:23 am 
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I declare the creation of a new word: "lagtacular." Please use it to describe heavy lag from now on. Thank you. :lol:

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 4:54 am 
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Jennifer_P wrote:
I declare the creation of a new word: "lagtacular." Please use it to describe heavy lag from now on. Thank you. :lol:


I also find that "lagtastic" and "lagerrific" will also do in a pinch. :wink:

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 5:30 am 

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I felt slightly deflated linking into GoG. Laxman hadn't shown up on my KI and I and a friend of mine were sitting in there when the ki machine in question kicked on. I thought I had really discovered something neat and then I go to share what I had found right in the middle of Laxman talking about it. :oops:

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 2:17 pm 
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Thanks for posting the initial part of the chatlog, Dangerzone!

Does anyone have the second half, where he talked about the calibration effort?

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 3:17 pm 

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[spoiler](05/21 01:45:59) Thend: We don't know
(05/21 01:46:32) Heaven: Wheely and Rosette went off-KI. That doesn't mean they are missing! ... sheesh
(05/21 01:46:53) Carl Palmner: No one could find her either.
(05/21 01:46:53) Victor Laxman: The DRC KIs can be switched off, and she got a DRC KI upgrade from her father I'm sure.
(05/21 01:46:54) Thend: They were keeping a fair amount of contact before then
(05/21 01:47:15) Thend: Still concerned, if you could look into it and report back, that'd be great
(05/21 01:47:17) Frisky Badger: I haven't said anything for a while, I must be missing too
(05/21 01:47:22) Tai'lahr: But, if it happened suddenly...
(05/21 01:47:39) Carl Palmner: It was sudden, and right after she said she found a new crack.
(05/21 01:47:44) Carl Palmner: That's why we're worried.
(05/21 01:47:47) Victor Laxman: Don't know why they would have turned off their KIs, but teenage girls have minds of their own.
(05/21 01:47:47) Carl Palmner: The context.
(05/21 01:48:02) Tai'lahr: Ooo, not good!
(05/21 01:48:10) Carl Palmner: I heard the Bahro screams are louder there now too.
(05/21 01:48:23) Thend: True, they just seemed like they intended to hang around longer than just blinking out like that
(05/21 01:48:24) Heaven: Doctor! Please tell us of the progress in the Great Zero
(05/21 01:48:27) Victor Laxman: I'll tell Douglas, just in case. I'm sure everything is fine.
(05/21 01:48:47) Inanna: where is Nick White?
(05/21 01:48:49) Hagenn: With the number of new cracks being found, I'm wondering if a full Cave inspection is in order.
(05/21 01:48:59) Thend: You mean Engberg? Cool, thanks
(05/21 01:49:02) Tai'lahr: Why would you tell Sharper?
(05/21 01:49:11) Victor Laxman: The Great Zero is going well - calibration that is - thanks to your help with the Markers.
(05/21 01:49:20) Inanna bows
(05/21 01:49:28) Victor Laxman: Michael
(05/21 01:49:29) From Budgie2 in Guild Of Greeters's Bevin: wheely missing in library, is cavern safe, gz calibration going well
(05/21 01:49:35) Thend nods his head
(05/21 01:49:36) Robert The Rebuilder wants to ask a question...
(05/21 01:49:39) Scalawag cheers
(05/21 01:49:43) Heaven: When will it be fully functional, Mr. Laxman?
(05/21 01:49:53) Victor Laxman: I'm getting a bit senile in my old age.
(05/21 01:49:58) Monkeyboy: Victor, What is the next project for you?
(05/21 01:50:06) Thend: Heh, aren't we all? lol
(05/21 01:50:27) Heaven: Nope, Thend
(05/21 01:50:34) Victor Laxman: More work on the Great Zero. I'd like to finish that up.
(05/21 01:50:49) Carl Palmner: lagoriffic here
(05/21 01:50:52) Heaven: Me too!
(05/21 01:51:06) Robert The Rebuilder: Pardon me, Mr. Laxman, but what is the expected availability date of the Maintainer Wall?
(05/21 01:51:06) Hagenn: Indeed. Love to see the Great Zero move!
(05/21 01:51:07) Heaven: How can we help?
(05/21 01:51:07) La'Fitte: Percentage wise how far along is the calibration?
(05/21 01:51:08) Victor Laxman: And then of course the Ki light that I just mentioned. It would be nice to get a bit more power / time.
(05/21 01:51:19) Jinglish: We all want to any way we can
(05/21 01:51:25) Shiloh wants to ask a question...
(05/21 01:51:25) Carl Palmner: Oh yeah! Which ResEng got injured on the wall?
(05/21 01:51:36) Carl Palmner: KI light?
(05/21 01:51:58) Victor Laxman: Calibration is getting close to 20% by my estimates.
(05/21 01:52:10) From Budgie2 in Guild Of Greeters's Bevin: Gz close to 20%
(05/21 01:52:11) Heaven: We need something to do, or we might all end up in the Pub smoking the crack!
(05/21 01:52:13) Hagenn: excellent!~
(05/21 01:52:16) La'Fitte: Very good dr. thanks
(05/21 01:52:19) nemesis256: Check your KI Mail about the light :)
(05/21 01:52:26) Thend: What does calibration do again exactly and why is it important?
(05/21 01:52:34) Simon_Bitdiddle: Is the GZ going to be detectable outside the cavern?
(05/21 01:52:57) Heaven: Ask TomTom, not VicVic
(05/21 01:52:58) Sanzo: Excuse me, I was just wondering if anyone would help mw out with the eder delim and tsogal ages
(05/21 01:53:14) Sparkee: can the new music players for the relto have new music?
(05/21 01:53:14) Victor Laxman: The calibration provides accurate location readings on your KI.
(05/21 01:53:18) Carl Palmner: In this lag I can't check my typing much less my KImail :( sorry for the ooc
(05/21 01:53:22) Thend: Thank you
(05/21 01:53:32) Shiloh: I'm sorry, if I'm coming across as a nag on this, but does the DRC have a Chief Medical Officer or the equivalent thereof?
(05/21 01:53:37) Victor Laxman: Which would be very useful for everyone, including the DRC.
(05/21 01:53:50) Heaven nods her head
(05/21 01:53:53) La'Fitte: Why was the Great zero line moved in the past? and then moved again. What purpose did that serve
(05/21 01:54:03) Robert The Rebuilder wants to ask a question...
(05/21 01:54:03) Carl Palmner: But what happens when the bar in the Great Zero reaches the top?
(05/21 01:54:32) Heaven: We win!
(05/21 01:54:40) Monkeyboy: Can you track people well with the KI? ONce the GZ is up?
(05/21 01:54:40) Tai'lahr: I would like to know more about the ResEng who was injured on the wall.
(05/21 01:54:42) Victor Laxman: When the bar reaches the top, the Great Zero should be calibrated.
(05/21 01:54:55) Carl Palmner: And that does what?
(05/21 01:55:05) BIG thumbs up from Heaven
(05/21 01:55:05) Simon_Bitdiddle: Free cookies for all!
(05/21 01:55:13) Carl Palmner: I think thats what Thend wa actually asking?
(05/21 01:55:38) Victor Laxman: The injured ResEng is fine - just a sprained ankle.
(05/21 01:55:43) Heaven: As Martha would say, "It's a GOOD thing"
(05/21 01:55:56) Robert The Rebuilder: Mr. Laxman, when is the expected availability date of the Maintainer Wall?
(05/21 01:55:59) Al'Kaera: Sanzo, the subjects from Mr. Laxman are way more important that relto rocks from Delin and Tsogal right now. :) )
(05/21 01:56:46) URU U.: What is the most important thing you want us to know now?
(05/21 01:56:52) Victor Laxman: We're looking into the missing Delin books. That one is a mystery to us as well.
(05/21 01:57:14) Sparkee wants to ask a question...
(05/21 01:57:19) Niika: Do you think the bahro are involved?
(05/21 01:57:20) Simon_Bitdiddle: Mr. Laxman, could you convince your fellow DRC members to post on the DRC forums a bit more?
(05/21 01:57:23) Heaven: If it's a mystery to Laxman, god help us all
(05/21 01:57:42) Sparkee: do you know anything about the music players Mr Laxman?
(05/21 01:58:09) Victor Laxman: I'm afraid I should go. I will find Michael and let him know.
(05/21 01:58:23) Carl Palmner: thank you mr laxman!
(05/21 01:58:26) Thend: Thank you. Seeya later
(05/21 01:58:27) URU U.: Thank you for coming, Mr. Laxman
(05/21 01:58:31) matthew0155: See you around
(05/21 01:58:32) Hagenn: Thank you for your time!
(05/21 01:58:42) Tai'lahr: I just assumed the DRC collected all the Delin books for redistribution along with the restored stained glass works.
(05/21 01:58:44) Time: Just to let everyone know, the Students of D'ni Knowledge weekly meeting about King Ja'kreen and Veesha is starting right about now in the Students of D'ni Knowledge Bevin!
(05/21 01:58:47) Kimmie thanks you very much!
(05/21 01:58:48) Scalawag: Thank You!
(05/21 01:58:49) Jinglish: Thank you for the news!
(05/21 01:58:51) Victor Laxman: Thank you all for your continued support.
(05/21 01:58:54) MiniCapnQuery: thank you Mr. Laxman
(05/21 01:58:57) Heaven applauds
(05/21 01:59:02) Scalawag waves hello
(05/21 01:59:06) Inanna claps her hands
(05/21 01:59:07) Kimmie claps her hands
(05/21 01:59:08) Heaven golf claps
(05/21 01:59:09) moirajane thanks you very much!
(05/21 01:59:10) Teknobubba lags.
(05/21 01:59:12) Shana claps her hands
(05/21 01:59:13) MiniCapnQuery claps her hands
(05/21 01:59:13) Aderyn claps
(05/21 01:59:13) Robert The Rebuilder claps his hands
(05/21 01:59:14) Cassie: thanks!
(05/21 01:59:15) Carl Palmner (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/21 01:59:15) [ Umbra ] claps her hands
(05/21 01:59:19) Bobo: thank you Laxman
(05/21 01:59:19) Time claps his hands
(05/21 01:59:19) RandallW claps his hands
(05/21 01:59:20) SeanMc74 claps his hands
(05/21 01:59:20) Scalawag claps his hands
(05/21 01:59:20) Thend claps his hands
(05/21 01:59:25) La'Fitte: Thank you for your time dr.
(05/21 01:59:27) Cassie cheers
(05/21 01:59:27) Bobo claps his hands
(05/21 01:59:32) Tai'lahr claps her hands
(05/21 01:59:34) Aya Brea claps her hands
(05/21 01:59:35) Scalawag cheers
(05/21 01:59:35) Budgie2 claps her hands
(05/21 01:59:37) Victor Laxman: We'll be around quite a bit this week; a new phase. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.
(05/21 01:59:44) Kerryth claps her hands
(05/21 01:59:44) Starchazer yawns
(05/21 01:59:46) Time cheers
(05/21 01:59:47) Niika: We appreciate your visits Mr. Laxman
(05/21 01:59:47) Starchazer yawns
(05/21 01:59:55) Bobo: Me too
(05/21 01:59:55) La'Fitte: it will be a pleasure
(05/21 01:59:55) Thumbs up from Thend
(05/21 02:00:00) Cassie: Thanks for stopping by
(05/21 02:00:02) Victor Laxman: Thnak you all again. And enjoy the few seconds of KI light!
(05/21 02:00:03) Shiloh: Thank you. But I hope I can get the medical question answered sometime. :)
(05/21 02:00:05) Victor Laxman laughs
(05/21 02:00:06) BIG thumbs up from La'Fitte
(05/21 02:00:12) Thend starts to laugh
(05/21 02:00:13) Heaven: So what did we learn? Stuff will happen soon, and they are 'working' on it
(05/21 02:00:17) dokaheid thanks you very much![/spoiler]

I think this picks up where Dangerzone's log left off.

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 3:26 pm 
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Wonderful! Thank you, Cassie!

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 4:35 pm 

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nebodin wrote:
Wicked :D

Does this mean new players won't have to wrestle with those pesky fireflies anymore?

That's part of the puzzle, the fireflies shouldn't go away. Granted, it won't help that you can see everything before you should. I know I couldn't manipulate anything (when I was able to "see" it with the help of some of my neighbors) without the fireflies having been there at least once.

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