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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 6:06 am 
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I finally met Nick! Here's the log:

(05/21 05:49:40) Chat.log started...
(05/21 05:49:44) Eleri: Thend will need to write a new version of that song... about where's vid?
(05/21 05:49:45) Nick White: Hey listen. If you see people going to the city, don't.
(05/21 05:49:46) Kolian: Did you ever come across any materials on the Bahro while you were doing.. Whatever it is you were doing?
(05/21 05:49:52) Nick White: It's the wrong way to disagree with the DRC.
(05/21 05:49:56) Nick White: It's the stuff Syd did.
(05/21 05:50:02) Nick White: They react negatively toward it.
(05/21 05:50:05) Eleri nods her head
(05/21 05:50:12) Nick White: And give some respect to Engberg. And the rescue effor.t
(05/21 05:50:18) Annacat: We do
(05/21 05:50:22) Fax Paladin: Nick, do I need to talk to the DRC about seeing Wheely just before her ki went off?
(05/21 05:50:27) Al'Kaera: Absolutely
(05/21 05:50:32) Annacat: We're worried about Wheely and her friend
(05/21 05:50:36) Marten: Yeah, Fax was one of the first persons on the scene.
(05/21 05:50:44) Annacat: I promise not to get in the way
(05/21 05:50:46) AllMyst: where was she?
(05/21 05:50:59) Nick White: I am too.
(05/21 05:51:01) Akiva: how does one do that - talk to the DRC?
(05/21 05:51:01) Fax Paladin: I saw her headed toward the library.
(05/21 05:51:16) AllMyst: then just poof?
(05/21 05:51:19) Eleri: they have a signal at the Library, Nick?
(05/21 05:51:30) Kolian: Hrrm
(05/21 05:51:35) Kolian: How deep does that library go?
(05/21 05:51:48) Nick White: Alright, so that's my speech.
(05/21 05:51:55) AllMyst: Nick, why couldn't we help with the rescue effort?
(05/21 05:51:55) Nick White: Spread the wor.d
(05/21 05:51:56) Annacat: Understood.
(05/21 05:52:01) Eleri: will do.
(05/21 05:52:18) Annacat: The DRC doesn't want us getting hurt too. That doesn't help anyone.
(05/21 05:52:41) Simon_Bitdiddle: Bah, we have these wonderful Pith helmets.
(05/21 05:52:44) AllMyst: we've got hard hats and relto books
(05/21 05:53:00) Nick White: Right now the best help is to get out.
(05/21 05:53:04) Eleri: the middle of a crisis is not a good time to go pushing boundaries.
(05/21 05:53:09) Kolian: Isn't it always
(05/21 05:53:10) Annacat: I think... I can't believe I'm saying this... we need to respect their decision
(05/21 05:53:17) Nick White: IT helps with the KI - at least that's the rumor.
(05/21 05:53:21) Blade Lakem: Yeah, there is a time and place for that, and it's called college.
(05/21 05:53:21) Nick White: And I believe it.
(05/21 05:53:33) Annacat: It's his DAUGHTER-- they don't need any more stress from us
(05/21 05:53:44) Annacat: I think we should just let them handle it as they see fit
(05/21 05:54:04) Eleri: is there any update at all Nick? Are they still excavating?
(05/21 05:54:28) Nick White: I don't think true excavating will start until early morning.
(05/21 05:54:38) Nick White: They'd like to talk to them first.
(05/21 05:54:42) Nick White: Need the KI working for that.
(05/21 05:55:04) Eleri: so there is hope that they are just trapped. Good!
(05/21 05:55:08) Annacat: if there's "true exacvating" involved, it sounds like a serious amount of rubble?
(05/21 05:55:18) Marten: Is it then believed they are stuck behind a collapsed wall and are alive, but KIs are damaged or not working?
(05/21 05:55:19) AllMyst: odd that they would turn off their KIs
(05/21 05:55:28) Nick White: I think rescue operation is better term. Sounds like they will go in from the top.
(05/21 05:55:35) Nick White: They do it all the time. It's a DRC thing.
(05/21 05:55:45) Nick White: Don't want to be hounded.
(05/21 05:55:52) Nick White: And for Wheely - like to sneak around.
(05/21 05:55:56) Nick White: Unfortunately.
(05/21 05:56:10) Annacat: They'll be OK...
(05/21 05:56:29) Annacat remains hopeful
(05/21 05:56:40) Blade Lakem: We are up in the community room
(05/21 05:56:45) Kolian: Well
(05/21 05:56:51) Eleri: that is good news.
(05/21 05:56:58) Kolian: Try finding some dude on the surface, slapping him in a red uniform, and sending him down there
(05/21 05:57:01) Kolian: It's foolproof
(05/21 05:57:07) Al'Kaera: There's always Hope they'll be alright
(05/21 05:57:14) Nick White: Of course.
(05/21 05:57:20) Annacat: Things sound pretty positive, actually
(05/21 05:57:28) Annacat: If they think contact can be made
(05/21 05:57:32) Eleri: thank you for keeping us updated, Nick.
(05/21 05:57:37) Nick White: My pleasure.
(05/21 05:57:38) Eleri: I know this is rough on you, too
(05/21 05:57:39) Annacat: Yes, thank you
(05/21 05:57:44) Heaven tries to be funny
(05/21 05:57:48) Marten: Try to get some sleep Nick. I know I need some.
(05/21 05:57:55) Marten: Think we all do.
(05/21 05:57:56) Nick White: Me too.
(05/21 05:57:58) Simon_Bitdiddle: I wonder how much trouble Wheely will be in if they find her swilling tea with the Bahro in a caved in region of the city.
(05/21 05:57:58) Nick White: Long day.
(05/21 05:58:02) Heaven tries to be funny
(05/21 05:58:16) Kolian: Hrrm
(05/21 05:58:17) Annacat: I think we'll all just be glad to see her safe, Simon
(05/21 05:58:17) Nick White: Thought I would end it watching an Urwin get eaten - not talking to explorers about leaving a closed off city.
(05/21 05:58:20) Nick White: Good grief.
(05/21 05:58:22) Kolian: Can't the Bahro link people around?
(05/21 05:58:34) Simon_Bitdiddle: Yes, presumably.
(05/21 05:58:38) Marten: We believe so.
(05/21 05:58:46) The Noble Robot: I hope I'm not interrupting. Can someone inform me as to the goings on tonight (this meeting, least hour or so?) thanks.
(05/21 05:58:53) The Noble Robot: *last
(05/21 05:58:58) Kolian: Well... Is there any scenario in which that fact is a good thing?
(05/21 05:58:59) Blade Lakem: Someone links us all out of the cacern after the big scream
(05/21 05:59:11) Blade Lakem: er linked
(05/21 05:59:15) Annacat: Kolian, the Bahro may have helped them
(05/21 05:59:21) Annacat: We just don't know
(05/21 05:59:24) Kolian: Possibly
(05/21 05:59:26) Eleri hands Nick a mug of coffee
(05/21 05:59:28) Annacat: Heck, they may have helped Phil
(05/21 05:59:30) Kolian: Though why wouldn't they have been able to return
(05/21 05:59:35) Marten: Nick has been explaining to us: 1. Don't go to the city, it is counterproductive in multiple ways. 2. Respect Engberg.
(05/21 05:59:37) AllMyst: so, the trip to find urwin had to be cut short?
(05/21 05:59:43) Al'Kaera: Yeah Threw me face down on some window. Oh it was my desktop
(05/21 05:59:46) Nick White: For me - not for Sharper.
(05/21 05:59:50) Nick White: He's there.
(05/21 05:59:52) Fax Paladin: Sharper's still there
(05/21 06:00:16) Eleri: yeah, Thou Shalt Not Push The BUttons of a Man Who's Child Is In Danger.
(05/21 06:00:18) AllMyst: hope he's keeping safe without any backup
(05/21 06:00:23) The Noble Robot: will Sharper be okay by himself?
(05/21 06:00:29) Annacat: I'm sure he will
(05/21 06:00:31) Heaven leans right
(05/21 06:00:31) Marten: Sure gave Sil a reaming.
(05/21 06:00:36) Kolian: I'm kind of afraid for the predator
(05/21 06:00:41) Annacat: He's an experienced outdoorsman
(05/21 06:00:50) Marten smirks at Kolian.
(05/21 06:00:59) Simon_Bitdiddle: A true RKO-era Great White Hunter. :D
(05/21 06:01:06) Marten: Is there an echo in here?
(05/21 06:01:09) Eleri: ph33r the 'stache
(05/21 06:01:20) Heaven: Sharper is the 2nd best hunter I've ever met
(05/21 06:01:28) Simon_Bitdiddle: The first being...
(05/21 06:01:43) Heaven: Achenar
(05/21 06:01:49) AllMyst: oh, never heard about him hunting anything before....except maybe Shroomie
(05/21 06:01:59) Marten: Wha?
(05/21 06:02:05) Akiva: well there was the beast in Haven
(05/21 06:02:19) Simon_Bitdiddle: He actually was a hunter before coming to the cavern.
(05/21 06:02:24) AllMyst: oh, took that one out did he?
(05/21 06:02:26) Heaven: Bring me the Bloooo Pages!
(05/21 06:02:38) Nick White: Alright, I'm worn out.
(05/21 06:02:52) Nick White: Peace out.
(05/21 06:02:52) Eleri: Get some rest, Nick.
(05/21 06:02:52) AllMyst: thanks for stopping by Nick
(05/21 06:02:53) Akiva: Thanks again, Nick
(05/21 06:03:04) The Noble Robot: Thanks for coming by.
(05/21 06:03:06) Annacat: Bye Nick, take care
(05/21 06:03:10) Blade Lakem: See ya
(05/21 06:03:14) Kendah thanks you very much!
(05/21 06:03:15) Kendah: Nick
(05/21 06:03:30) Error: Don't know how to '/endlog'
(05/21 06:03:33) ...Chat.log stopped.

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Thanks for posting!

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