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 Post subject: Setting Expectations
PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 11:13 pm 
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Hello, fans of Myst Online / Uru Live in all its incarnations past and present,

Here we go again, taking the initial steps of moving Uru Live in a new direction. Many of you have been with us through all the stops and starts over the years. For you this message will seem very familiar. For those of you who are new - this is the "State of the Union."

- "No bug fixes"

MO:ULagain, for now is AS IS. We don't have many people at Cyan, and our employees are currently working full-time on other projects. Bugs that are reported (and there are bugs to be found) are added to a database for future consideration. If a programmer or artist can grab a moment of free time, they may be able to address an issue, but please set your expectations bar very low for now, and help us share workarounds with other players.

- "No new Cyan content"

As mentioned above, Cyan staff is limited and busy. That means that you should set your expectations for any new Cyan content to the "new shirt logo once in a while" scale for now.

- "No User Created content... yet"

MO:ULagain is the first step toward opening up Uru to user-created content and more, but there are still several steps that must be taken before that can become a reality. We're moving the boat in that direction, but it's a cruise ship with a trolling motor right now.

- "No DRC member visits"

The DRC members may appear in the Cavern from time to time to visit as fellow explorers. However, we don't currently have any story arcs, so please set your DRC sighting expectations to the "Elvis" level.

- "No ResEngs"

For those who weren't in previous versions of Uru, Cyan used to have Customer Care Representatives (known in game as "Restoration Engineers", or "ResEngs"). They could help you if you were having technical or harassment issues. We may on rare occasion have ResEngs available in MO:ULagain, but if you get stuck, you should consider your Relto Book your first option, and restarting MO:ULagain your final resort. If you're harassed, you might find the "/ignore <playerName>" command in your KI to be your friend.

That said, we strongly encourage you to adhere to the Terms of Service you agree to every time to start up the game. Remember that even though all avatars may seem to be adults, there are children who play (mine included), so please keep your language and topics of discussion family friendly, especially in public areas. We're not looking to go overboard in enforcing it, but if we see something blatantly inappropriate we will ban offenders.

OK. Now that we've covered what there isn't, what IS there to do in MO:ULagain?

1) If you're new, the best thing to do is find someone who isn't new to give you a few pointers.
2) Explore through numerous Myst-style Ages from past "episodes" - starting with the Cleft.
3) Relish all the rich environments and examine and debate the subtleties.
4) Socialize with your friends and meet new people in various Neighborhoods (Bevins) and The City (Ae'gura).

We'll try to keep you informed of changes as we move into this next phase. Thanks again for your generous and overwhelming support! You've already helped us upgrade our servers, and our cautious optimism!

CYAN - Richard A. Watson, RAWA v2.0

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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