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 Post subject: Uru Live Speedruns
PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 5:43 pm 
Obduction Backer

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Shorah all!

I've been thinking about the idea of doing speedruns in Uru Live lately. Just to explore the Ages in a new way and think about the game differently. edit: I'm sure people have done this before, but I couldn't find any speedruns on YouTube, and besides, I haven't done this before myself : )

There's a few questions I asked myself about this subject...

First, what would be the format of the speedrun? Would it be, finish Uru Live in as short a time as possible? What would it mean to 'finish Uru Live'? Finish just some sets of Ages, like Yeesha's and PotS? What seemed to me the most feasible, would be doing speedruns of individual Ages instead.

Which Ages, then? They would need to be Ages that feature a clear beginning and end, and some challenge in-between. I believe these Ages to be suitable for speedrunning:
    * The Cleft
    * Teledahn
    * Gahreesen
    * Kemo/Gira
    * Kadish
    * Er'cana
    * Ahnonay
    * Delin/Tsogal
    * Minkata
I also thought about other speedrun goals, such as visiting all Relto pages or all sparklies as quickly as possible.

I also thought about a set of rules that should be followed when doing speedruns of Ages (followed by myself, at least). For example, how closely should the path of the game be followed? Can glitches be used? Also, what exactly defines the start and end of the speedrun? Are loading times included, if so, this might not be fair to those with slower computers.

I came up with the following rules for myself:
    * The speedrun should be recorded with screen-capturing software so that it can be shared and others can verify the length of the run as well as see how it was done.
    * The Age should be untouched when starting the speedrun.
    * The speedrun does not start immediately when linking in (to allow recuperation from linking). It starts when the avatar first moves after linking in.
    * The speedrun ends when the goal of the particular Age is reached. For example, in the Yeesha Ages, when the journey door is opened (not when the player links out, as this can't be pinpointed to one particular moment).
    * Most Ages will require subgoals to be reached. For example the Yeesha Ages require the 7 journey cloths. These must all be completed as well (in the same example; there may be no illegitimate entering of the door).
    * To reach the subgoals, any method may be used, as long as it is not outright hacking (for example teleportation to the 7 cloths). But physics glitches, bypassing puzzles - it's all good.

Alright! This still leaves questions to answer for certain Ages (for example; when does Minkata end? What about the prison link in Gahreesen, is Teledahn already solved so we can get the link faster? etc) but it's a good start. I decided to start with a speedrun of the Cleft. I did it in 6:26. It's not a perfect run in any way, but it's a good start I feel. Enjoy!

The Cleft speedrun (6:26)

I hope some people will be inspired to do something similar. Perhaps you see a way to beat my Cleft time, or you have a great idea for how another Age can be done really quickly. Show the world! By the way, if you feel something about my proposed rules should be different, let's discuss it!

Shorah for now,

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:56 pm 
Obduction Backer

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There were several players who did speedruns on occasion, Bakerboo for one and i think Bunny. Pretty fast too. :lol:
I like the idea. It will require new, unspoiled ages and refferies. Another problem that comes to mind is that not everyone has screencapture software installed. A link to free screencapture software would be the first logical step. And ofcourse the means to get a timer, like you did, and your name in screen would be cool.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:54 am 
Obduction Backer

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I remember doing this way back when on a UU shard. You had to create a new player and run thru all the ages, One of the "Mods" would be able to keep track of your time. Your proof of finishing was to return to where the "Mod" was and be wearing Yeesha's shirt. I think Rand had the fastest time because of his familiarity, not because of cheats.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:11 pm 

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There are several validation markers. jacket
Catherines Tunic.
A picture of operational fireworks.
A picture of complete Minkata symbol
I think if you took a picture looking out any open journey door it would give you sufficient image of the age you had completed.
A picture of relto page under the Tree in Cleft....
If these would be sent to a referee avi as soon as you complete them they would show up on their list in order of arrival. You would just have to write your name and Ki # on your picture.
Just suggestions.
Luv angelmyst

KI #03313934

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