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PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:49 pm 
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Deledrius wrote:
Yeah, this is not the hard part. I already had a launcher that allows you to add new server.ini (or provide a simple URL to retrieve one for a shard of your choice) and adds them to your list of servers. MOULa doesn't need to provide one, it's a simple matter to make one... that's how you can play on MOULa with alternative clients.

Managing shards' info isn't hard. It's keeping the data straight, and preventing a constant re-download of large data files which at least Cyan would probably want to avoid for reasons of cost alone, let alone most other shards as well. This doesn't take into account the slow divergence in the way the clients work, either.

I love the idea, and it would be great if we could do it, but it requires some things to be the same across shards that just aren't, and probably will be less so over time. The good thing is that if it was the case that this would be easy, it would basically mean there's no reason to even have shards, as they'd all be identical. So the positive thing here is that this is hard because we've got something better in the long run, even if it's not quite as convenient.

I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong, but I'd have to see a stable working prototype. :D

i was looking for some files when i found my old UU stuff along with a list of 40+ shard's. i was thinking way so may UU shard's but only a few MOUL ones. It was easy for some one to setup a UU shard then it is for someone to setup a MOUL one. with UU all someone had to do was setup a linux box with the right mysql installed downoad load and install the shard software make a few ini changes and you had a working shard. with MOUL you have to compile the code setup your own database just a lot more work to get a shard up and running. not sure how many of the old owners but how many of the ones who are or new ones are waiting for an easy way to setup a shard.

i can not give you a working prototype i am not that good with code but this may be one way to do it.
  • pick one of the builds for the client and the server to use make the change to the code to make it so you can pick a sahrd to log on to.
  • set up a new or add it to and old one to have snapshots of the files to setup a shard with.
  • set up a data server to store fan ages and the exe for the client.
  • Python and SDL stay on shard along with a way for the owner to pick what fan ages they want to have

something like this should work yes the shard owners would all be using the same build of a client and server but as long as the owners have control over the python and sdl files they can set there shard up how every then want.

the only thing the client would download is python and sdl change from shard to shard and a fan age here and there if they do not have a copy of it on there computer and client updates when they happen.


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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 16 posts ]  Go to page Previous  1, 2

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