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PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:14 pm 
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At the recent All Guilds Meeting, the owner of the D’ni Guild Hall website announced that the domain name was up for renewal in March and they didn’t intend to renew it (unless there was a sudden surge of interest), but would be willing to transfer the name to someone who would be interested in developing it.
[Reveal] Spoiler: From the AGM chatlog:
(02/06 14:27:44) Caretaker: Some of you might remember I appeared here last year to offer free web services on the domain. The domain was meant to bring together disparate or diverse purposes specifically related to D'ni and Uru in a community setting where interaction and sharing of ideas and culture would be achieved in a mostly, but not exclusively, IC way.
(02/06 14:28:15) Caretaker: There was to be only one central forum and wiki to ensure such a mixture (and conserve hosting assets), but anyone could otherwise build their own site with their own content on subdomains to run it as they wish within community standards.
(02/06 14:28:47) Caretaker: Any individual or group was welcomed to use the site for free to build their own presence and preserve content that might vanish, and has vanished, when explorers could no longer afford or manage their own web hosting. The condition was that I, Caretaker, would remain a silent and anonymous owner of DGH and pay the bills.
(02/06 14:29:14) Caretaker: The site had permission to use Cyan Worlds assets and they knew and approved of its purpose. But I was simply not able over the years to properly execute the site's intentions because of limited time amid many other obligations. I knew it would be difficult to build trust under an anonymous framework, and while I got a few nibbles, nothing serious or compatible emerged.
(02/06 14:29:24) Kaylee Frye: That is very generous
(02/06 14:29:53) Caretaker: So I offer the domain via transfer to anyone who sees their own worthy purpose for it, hopefully in a similar vein. I have set the domain to not automatically renew. It expires this March 4th. That said, I would also consider renewing at my continued cost if fortunes change and there is sudden, overwhelming interest.
(02/06 14:30:26) Caretaker: Please email me at [email protected] with your questions, development plan, or interest in directly acquiring it.
(02/06 14:30:46) Caretaker: Finally, I would just like to mention to this venue in remembrance my friend Zardoz and have, at the moderator's discretion, a few seconds of silence for him and any other lost members of the community. Zardoz was a good mentor with great spirit, and he was a frequent comrade and validator for me, usually in playful and humorous ways. I like to think that he would have approved of the DGH effort, but with some wise caveats. I deeply miss him.
(02/06 14:31:11) Emor D'ni Lap: Very kind of you, Caretaker, and very well stated. I think lack of publicity was the root of lack of response, but could be wrong.

and as posted on the D'ni Guild Hall forum: Domains Available For Transfer

I’m posting about this here because I’m afraid the announcement will go unnoticed and I feel like the website is worth saving.

The site was announced on these forums about a year and a half ago (Item in GoMe Workflow) and other than a few dedicated IC storytellers, it didn’t really get much attention. I had thought it would make an excellent substitute for the DRC site since we can no longer post there. I know there are other IC sites, but most are personal or dedicated to specific areas of interest and the DGH site could have been a good place for the wider community to communicate in an IC fashion the way we once did on the DRC forums. Additionally, there was great opportunity for individuals and groups to create their own websites as subdomains on the site or store content there from defunct sites at no cost to them.

There seemed to be a lot of distrust in the fact that the owner wished to remain anonymous, so now that the website is being offered for transfer, perhaps a trusted community member or group will take it on.

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So the site will retire when the domain expires? What is being hosted there? It would be a shame to lose anything community members have worked hard to make.(maybe some of that stuff can be moved elsewhere?)

-Jamie Marchant
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