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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 3:25 am 
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Cate Alexander in the GOG Hood 07/30/2007 Here

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 11:31 pm 

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Conversation between Janine & Cate via PM, supplied by Janine to be posted here by me -

Janine - I get a little upset when DRC won't answer questions for information, when so many explorers ask for help and information concerning this increased activity with the Bahro. I pm'd Cate after she left Kirel to make a plea.

(07/31 21:18:07) To Cate Alexander: from one business woman to another, you may want to improve your talent with people. The explorers look to you for information.
(07/31 21:20:23) From Cate Alexander in Cate Alexander's Relto: Thank you.
(07/31 21:20:45) From Cate Alexander in Cate Alexander's Relto: From one business woman to another, you lack class.
(07/31 21:21:19) To Cate Alexander in Cate Alexander's Relto: anytime. I have great respect for you and all your efforts, but you come across unlikeable, handing out books like carrots for the mules. A bit of information would be nice.
(07/31 21:22:06) From Cate Alexander in The Council's Bevin: When I need everyone to like me, I'll be sure to give you a call.
(07/31 21:22:28) To Cate Alexander in The Council's Bevin: well taken, and well given
(07/31 21:23:26) To Cate Alexander: bottom line for bottom line, but when I am liked by employees as well as clients my bottom line is certainly bigger

'Reading between the lines can be just as important as reading the words written on the page'
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 8:42 pm 
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 6:15 pm 

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09/03/07 - Reteltee - Reteltee's Relto

09/03/07 - Reteltee - Reteltee's Relto

(During Day of Dancing, Reteltee links into Watcher's and mentions Guild Pubs. Then-)

(09/04 03:47:39) Reteltee: Thend, do you have a moment?
(09/04 03:47:53) Thend: Yes Reteltee, I had a question related to your 'surprise' over being appointed Guild Guy

(I attempt to ask question, and he attempts to link me to his Relto many times, which I counter)

(09/04 03:48:55) Thend: Wait

(He attempts a few more times, and so I link away to my Relto instead)

(Afterwards, he contacts me in person in the next Party location, where I say I am busy but am about to concede to talk with him, when he puts up his Relto book again - I choose to use it this time)

(09/04 04:05:39) Reteltee: Please
(09/04 04:05:47) Reteltee: Take a look
(09/04 04:06:01) Reteltee: Here, at the imager
(09/04 04:06:15) Reteltee points
(09/04 04:06:23) Thend: Did I say I wanted to come here before I linked myself?
(09/04 04:06:39) Reteltee: I don't know
(09/04 04:06:48) Reteltee: I couldn't see your text
(09/04 04:06:48) Thend: Lesson one - GEt Permission
(09/04 04:06:51) Reteltee: I had the book up
(09/04 04:07:04) Thend: You did it again. Folks get ignored for that sort of thing
(09/04 04:07:05) Reteltee: *sigh* Apologies Thend but this is important
(09/04 04:07:14) Reteltee: I wouldn't risk offending you for something trivial, would I?
(09/04 04:07:33) Thend: Your problems are no more important than anyopne else's. I respond, as do most of us, to courtesy
(09/04 04:07:37) Thend: What is it?
(09/04 04:07:50) Reteltee: That Bahro there
(09/04 04:07:53) Reteltee: On the imager
(09/04 04:08:00) Thend: Yes?
(09/04 04:08:17) Reteltee: This is COMPLETELY between you and me
(09/04 04:08:24) Reteltee: At least, for now
(09/04 04:08:27) Thend: Dalken, among at least one other, have ahd this occurence
(09/04 04:08:34) Reteltee: Did their speak to them?
(09/04 04:08:36) Thend: I promise nothing
(09/04 04:08:49) Thend: To Dalken, yes, and know of the other
(09/04 04:09:00) Reteltee: Good, then I'm not the only one
(09/04 04:09:00) Thend: Don't you know about them?
(09/04 04:09:04) Reteltee: No
(09/04 04:09:09) Thend: It is all over the Cavern?
(09/04 04:09:11) Reteltee: I hadn't heard
(09/04 04:09:12) Thend shakes his head
(09/04 04:09:21) Reteltee: I've been a bit preoccupied
(09/04 04:09:29) Thend: Quit with the secrecy, we share here
(09/04 04:09:37) Reteltee: I WOULD if I could Thend
(09/04 04:09:44) Thend points
(09/04 04:09:46) Reteltee: I don't like secrecy at all
(09/04 04:09:48) Thend: THIS?!
(09/04 04:09:59) Thend: When did this happen?
(09/04 04:10:12) Thend: This sin't some secrecy thing, the Bahro stuff
(09/04 04:10:16) Reteltee: I know
(09/04 04:10:20) Thend: When?
(09/04 04:10:22) Reteltee: And that's not what I wanted to talk about
(09/04 04:10:30) Reteltee: 2 weeks, or so
(09/04 04:10:33) Reteltee: ago
(09/04 04:10:43) Thend: Okay, so, way after the 'Busy Week'
(09/04 04:10:55) Reteltee: Maybe 3
(09/04 04:11:03) Reteltee: It's Sept, lol, so 3
(09/04 04:11:11) Reteltee: Sorry, dates all run together after a time
(09/04 04:11:12) Thend: Right,maybe around Dalkens. Check your KI pic date please
(09/04 04:11:17) Reteltee: K
(09/04 04:11:30) Reteltee: Anyway, that was minor; I was hoping to get some advice
(09/04 04:11:55) Thend: Look, we're researching this, I just wanted the date
(09/04 04:12:04) Reteltee: Hang on a sec
(09/04 04:12:07) Thend: Thanks
(09/04 04:12:24) Reteltee: 82
(09/04 04:12:31) Reteltee: *8/2
(09/04 04:12:36) Thend: Okay cool
(09/04 04:12:40) Thend: As I figured
(09/04 04:12:44) Thend: What is up?
(09/04 04:12:59) Thend: If it start into anything hush hush, I'm out, btw
(09/04 04:13:17) Reteltee: If you knew who was returning to the Cavern, and what they had to do, would you sacrifice your relationship with the DRC and tell it?
(09/04 04:13:54) Thend: It concerns you, this thing
(09/04 04:14:10) Reteltee: Not sure how you're using concerns
(09/04 04:14:21) Reteltee: Concerns me as in worries? Or concerns me as in related to?
(09/04 04:14:25) Thend: Like, 'bad' for the Cavern, the explorers
(09/04 04:14:52) Reteltee: I don't think I can make that kind of judgement call
(09/04 04:15:19) Thend: Well, without telling me more please, you are obviously making some sort of judgement call
(09/04 04:15:38) Thend: I don't wanna know any more, just focusing on you here
(09/04 04:15:42) Reteltee: Yes, but not to determine what's best for the Cavern and the Explorers?
(09/04 04:15:50) Reteltee: Sorry, meant to put an !
(09/04 04:16:21) Thend: Uhm, what? lol
(09/04 04:16:34) Thend: Sorry, didn't get that
(09/04 04:16:38) Reteltee: I meant, I'm not making judgement calls as to whats best for the Cavern
(09/04 04:17:06) Thend: You should. What are you basing your concerns on then?
(09/04 04:17:28) Reteltee: My concerns ARE what's best for the Cavern. the problem is, I don't trust my judgement
(09/04 04:17:45) Thend: Ah hmm, gotcha
(09/04 04:17:45) Reteltee: I think my judgement has been somewhat compromised by my relationship to the DRC
(09/04 04:18:02) Reteltee: YOU on the other hand, I do trust your judgement
(09/04 04:18:23) Thend: Yes, you seem more with them than here. You have been away too long before all this happened, if I can give my frank opinion
(09/04 04:18:44) Reteltee: Please do
(09/04 04:18:46) Reteltee: So
(09/04 04:18:53) Reteltee: Is there a trust issue?
(09/04 04:19:06) Reteltee: Or rather, is it a trust issue?
(09/04 04:19:12) Thend: With who?
(09/04 04:19:25) Reteltee: Anyone. Yourself, the Explorers, I dunno
(09/04 04:19:53) Thend: You are doubting even your own judgement. That is a sugnal, or should be
(09/04 04:20:07) Reteltee: It is
(09/04 04:20:26) Reteltee: Why do you think I wanted to meet? Thend, I'm not asking you for anything other than advice
(09/04 04:20:31) Reteltee: How would you proceed, were you me?
(09/04 04:20:35) Thend: Okay, I'd side with the explorers, the DRc don't matter
(09/04 04:20:41) Reteltee: Ok
(09/04 04:21:13) Thend: I wanted to ask you something, something for the public knowledge
(09/04 04:21:16) Reteltee: My loyalty IS to the Explorers Thend; I didn't ask to be put in such an awkward position
(09/04 04:21:21) Reteltee: Ask away
(09/04 04:21:23) Thend: Yes, about that
(09/04 04:21:27) Reteltee: And again, please forgive my rudeness
(09/04 04:21:31) Reteltee: I hate to cause offense
(09/04 04:22:02) Thend: I don't want you to answer me if you think I'll keep it secret, you may want to answer it in public yourself -
(09/04 04:22:19) Reteltee: I don't expect you to keep any of this a secret
(09/04 04:22:29) Reteltee: I just wanted to have the conversation uninterrupted
(09/04 04:22:34) Thend: The question was, did you have ANY personal relationship with Cyan before your appointment as Guild Guy?
(09/04 04:22:53) Thend: It would explain much of what you have been saying was otherwise inexplicable
(09/04 04:23:15) Reteltee: To Cyan, or the DRC?
(09/04 04:23:35) Thend: The Guilds have been discussed OOC and IC - Cyan
(09/04 04:24:10) Thend: You have given your marital status, etc, etc, and expressed surpise over an over abou tyour appointment
(09/04 04:24:18) Reteltee: I don't know how I could answer that; if I deny it, it'll seem like a defense of plausible deniability
(09/04 04:24:29) Reteltee: If I confirm, it'll seem disingenious
(09/04 04:24:40) Thend: But if you KNEW them, then transparency is in question
(09/04 04:24:43) Reteltee: As though I'm trying to use an IC event to fabricate real world connections
(09/04 04:25:12) Thend: Cayn knows the DRc, IC, so the connections are IC
(09/04 04:25:25) Thend: Anyway, that was it
(09/04 04:25:30) Reteltee: Ok
(09/04 04:25:47) Thend: I didn't want it to be some 'secret' disclosure, and still don't
(09/04 04:25:59) Reteltee: It's a fair question, but one that would've had to have been asked about 8 months ago for an answer that would be trustworthy
(09/04 04:26:25) Reteltee: At this point, the Explorers simply have to choose whether or not to trust that I am who I say I am
(09/04 04:26:45) Reteltee: I don't MAKE ecret disclosures Thend
(09/04 04:26:48) Thend: And I'll ask again, appropriate venue. Reteltee, I listened, even somewhat supported you sympathetically, but you never brought it up. Frankly, you've been saying the opposite
(09/04 04:27:08) Reteltee: I go to the place where the most people are, and shout it :)
(09/04 04:27:16) Thend: I haven't asked before cause I gave you the benefit of the doubt, of your words
(09/04 04:27:22) Reteltee: And now?
(09/04 04:27:22) Thend: Lol
(09/04 04:27:39) Reteltee: Thend, aside from tonight's rudeness, have I offended you?
(09/04 04:28:04) Thend: Well, now I have to re-evaluate, and see if what you say is really the way it is
(09/04 04:28:30) Thend: Not directly Reteltee, no. I know this is a difficult situation, for you and all of us
(09/04 04:28:33) Reteltee: Not sure I understand what changed between then and now
(09/04 04:28:38) Reteltee: Oh
(09/04 04:28:47) Reteltee: Well, glad to not have caused DIRECT offense :P :)
(09/04 04:29:01) Reteltee: I try to do all my offending indirectly, lol, j/k
(09/04 04:29:14) Thend: Like I said, I watched and waited. Not to entrap, but to give benefit of doubt, in everything you do and say
(09/04 04:29:18) Thend: Lol
(09/04 04:29:27) Reteltee: What were/are you waiting for?
(09/04 04:30:15) Thend: I listened to direct questions to you, went to the meetings, etc
(09/04 04:30:29) Thend: Didn't make any quick decisions
(09/04 04:30:39) Reteltee nods appreciatively
(09/04 04:31:36) Thend: Before, most of the circumstances between why folks were 'chosen' have been disclosed
(09/04 04:31:49) Thend: I was eeven one of them, with Nick
(09/04 04:32:07) Thend: It matters, and helps explorers empathize and understand
(09/04 04:32:15) Reteltee: Yes, it does
(09/04 04:32:43) Reteltee: But Cate is the one who made the choice in my case; she is NOT very forthcoming with reasoning in general
(09/04 04:32:50) Thend: Rand even said he preferred having folks in the area of Cyan to tap so they could 'control' story (paraphrased from an interview)
(09/04 04:33:10) Thend: Reteltee, if you want to keep it ALLIC, fine, but you do NOT do that
(09/04 04:33:33) Reteltee: Lol, I can't
(09/04 04:33:38) Thend: As far as I'm concerned anyways, Cyan IS connected to DRC, they have a long relationship
(09/04 04:33:43) Thend: IC
(09/04 04:33:46) Thend: So...
(09/04 04:33:49) Reteltee: The Guilds bridge IC and OOC events
(09/04 04:34:23) Thend: You see what I mean. Just rubs me the wrong way. Especially when others In-Cavern kept up the type of Guild progress you did when You were not around as much
(09/04 04:34:36) Reteltee: So...I only deal with the OOC side of things when circumstances dictate I must
(09/04 04:34:40) Reteltee: Yes, that I know
(09/04 04:34:50) Reteltee: Montgomery and I have discussed it especially
(09/04 04:35:01) Thend: Not 'jealous', I know Cyan/DRC control these things, but to disclose details of choosings, you are more OF the explorers than of them
(09/04 04:35:20) Thend: It makes sense in many ligghts that you were chosen
(09/04 04:35:31) Thend: But pieces of the puzzle seem missing
(09/04 04:35:38) Reteltee: Yes, I know
(09/04 04:35:46) Thend: A relationship with them would provide the whole picture
(09/04 04:35:48) Reteltee: And they're missing because the DRC/Cyan wants them to be
(09/04 04:36:06) Reteltee: If I could fill them in, I would. Do you believe THAT?
(09/04 04:36:07) Thend: That's it. It's late in the game, I know, but better now than later, IMO
(09/04 04:36:22) Reteltee: I understand
(09/04 04:36:30) Reteltee: And I agree
(09/04 04:36:41) Reteltee: And, you've been very forthright which I appreciate
(09/04 04:36:49) Thend: Yes. Know what you mean, but you have to question if this is the right thing, for yourself, for the Cavren. We have been burned many times over
(09/04 04:36:55) Thend nods his head
(09/04 04:36:59) Thend: You as well, thanks
(09/04 04:37:03) Reteltee: Which is why I wanted to speak with you Thend
(09/04 04:37:12) Reteltee: And you've given me your fair opinion
(09/04 04:37:17) Reteltee: Which I appreciate
(09/04 04:37:22) Reteltee: And again, none of this is secret
(09/04 04:37:37) Thend nods his head
(09/04 04:37:37) Thend: Okay, like I said, this is an issue, a public one
(09/04 04:37:38) Reteltee: We're meeting here for the sake of uninterrupted convo, not secrecy
(09/04 04:37:47) Thend: It won't go away
(09/04 04:37:51) Reteltee: I know
(09/04 04:37:55) Reteltee: But then, neither will I
(09/04 04:37:57) Reteltee: Or you
(09/04 04:37:58) Thend: So, about your first question...
(09/04 04:38:01) Reteltee: (I hope ;))
(09/04 04:38:07) Thend: We'll see
(09/04 04:38:24) Thend: (not a threat to you, thinking more of myself and/or the Cavern)
(09/04 04:38:30) Reteltee: I followed
(09/04 04:38:53) Thend: Anyway. What more can I say about your question
(09/04 04:39:01) Thend: Your problem?
(09/04 04:39:18) Reteltee: You answered it
(09/04 04:39:30) Thend: I would like to assist if I could. Okay, cool
(09/04 04:39:46) Reteltee: I wanted to know
(09/04 04:39:53) Thend: It's a slippery slope, and it cathes each one of us tapped in turn, every time lol
(09/04 04:40:00) Reteltee: Yup
(09/04 04:40:01) Thend: You are not alone there
(09/04 04:40:04) Reteltee: I know
(09/04 04:40:10) Reteltee: Again, why I wanted to talk to you
(09/04 04:40:12) Thend: (Rils did pretty well, though - lol)
(09/04 04:40:22) Thend nods his head
(09/04 04:40:25) Reteltee: You're in a unique position to know what this is like
(09/04 04:40:33) Reteltee: And as I said, I trust your judgement
(09/04 04:40:42) Thend: Why me, exactly?
(09/04 04:40:58) Reteltee: While you were busy listening to me, I was busy listening to you
(09/04 04:41:03) Thend nods his head
(09/04 04:41:05) Reteltee: You care about the Explorers
(09/04 04:41:11) Reteltee: You care about the Cavern
(09/04 04:41:20) Thend: It's a special place
(09/04 04:41:26) Reteltee: And the Explorers trust you as well
(09/04 04:41:27) Thend: With special people
(09/04 04:41:31) Reteltee: I agree
(09/04 04:41:53) Reteltee offers his hand
(09/04 04:42:07) Thend shakes hands
(09/04 04:42:26) Reteltee: Thanks Thend; I'll be considering what to do next
(09/04 04:42:32) Thend: We may find ourselves on oppossite sides, but I wish you all the best, as I said in the beginning
(09/04 04:42:40) Reteltee: And you as well my friend
(09/04 04:42:44) Thend nods his head
(09/04 04:42:48) Reteltee: I bid you the fondest Shorah
(09/04 04:43:05) Thend: Feel free to join us at the Parties, if you wish/are able now
(09/04 04:43:14) Thend: Seeya later Reteltee :)
(09/04 04:43:20) Thend waves goodbye
(09/04 04:43:22) Reteltee: Later :)
(09/04 04:43:25) Reteltee waves hello
(09/04 04:43:27) Reteltee: oops
(09/04 04:43:29) Reteltee: Lol[/spoiler]
(Originally released IN-Cavern via KImail weblink, a few days after chatlog recorded)

09/08/07 - Reteltee - Relayer Corps' Bevin (after last Reteltee appearance in Watcher's Pub)

'Reading between the lines can be just as important as reading the words written on the page'
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 5:40 pm 
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 3:44 am 
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:38 am 

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Dr. Watson in Ae'gura Concert Hall Foyer 09-11-07:

ENJOY! See you in the cavern,

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 8:04 am 
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Nick White In Ae'gura Tells A Joke - 09/12/2007

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 4:35 pm 

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2007 6:35 pm 
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Ha... seeing the different Guild pubs, and reading the talk about guilds, makes me think of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw... each with their common rooms, colors, etc.

Oh well, wrong story.


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I was thinking along the same lines only w/ different characters (Clinton, Obama, etc.) :shock:

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:09 am 
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 2:17 am 
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J.D. Barnes in the city following the DRC's exodus (a pep talk): 11/05/07
[spoiler]edited for relevance
(11/05 21:24:20) Hilz: It was quite inspiring that shortly after the Bahro vanished from the Arch, many of us were gathering together to discuss our futures and starting organizing.
(11/05 21:24:23) DocOlanA: Just in case Yeesha's gambit fails.
(11/05 21:24:23) DocOlanA: J.D., do we know they've left? We didn't realize they were here before. It seems that some, at least, would remain to watch over us.
(11/05 21:24:44) J.D. Barnes: Kathalis, oh you are mistaken. We are not suddenly crippled because the DRC is elsewhere...
(11/05 21:24:52) Sorceress: Most are probably guarding her, if what she holds is so important to the bad ones.
(11/05 21:25:30) Sorceress: Crippled? I feel strangely free now, no offense to the DRC.
(11/05 21:25:45) J.D. Barnes: Doc, I expect they are still around. The Bahro that is. The fact we are still alive is good evidence to that, I'd think.
(11/05 21:25:52) Gene : heh never saw the DRC all that much in the first place
(11/05 21:26:06) DocOlanA: That's what I was thinking.
(11/05 21:26:12) DocOlanA: Though I doubt they'll be visible, at least for a while.
(11/05 21:26:18) J.D. Barnes: Sorceress, I agree. I think that there is much more to do. Much more that we can do.
(11/05 21:27:03) Dalken Starbyne: The key to that is us, the Explorers, working together.
(11/05 21:27:19) J.D. Barnes: Dalken, well said.
(11/05 21:29:06) Hilz: It feels unnaturaly quiet now.
(11/05 21:29:10) DocOlanA: JD, the way I'm looking at this . . . the DRC will no longer be there to dangle a carrot on a stick before us, as it were. So we need to start finding our own way. The guilds are a good start, as are other player organizations. But it's time to start putting plans into action.
(11/05 21:29:11) Sorceress: Agreed.
(11/05 21:29:29) Dalken Starbyne: Indeed.
(11/05 21:29:32) J.D. Barnes: doc, precisely.
(11/05 21:30:08) J.D. Barnes: For so long, we've been focused on D'ni history, culture. And then we were focused on the DRC, their history, their agenda.
(11/05 21:30:35) J.D. Barnes: While they are off doing necessarily work, it remains that they are not here right now.
(11/05 21:30:41) J.D. Barnes: Yet, we remain.
(11/05 21:30:54) DocOlanA: Well, my particular pet project is the Guild of Archivists. It's time to move beyond simply talking about it. There are a lot of scholars about, we need to start doing some serious work with them.
(11/05 21:31:14) DocOlanA: Not just holding weekly chats about the king journals, though those are great. But doing some real research. Start analyzing this game.
(11/05 21:31:26) J.D. Barnes: Doc, I think that's the best thing to do.
(11/05 21:31:56) DocOlanA: And more than anything, the five guilds (and the Guild of Archivists if I have my way) need to create their infrastructures, so that when the DRC returns, and we get the funding and tools we need, we have organizations in place, already talking with each other, already planning, with the kinks worked out.
(11/05 21:32:10) Eleri: Marie said there are things we know, that they don't. We need to build on that.
(11/05 21:32:18) J.D. Barnes: Start your own research. Be bold in it. Be unafraid to make assertions, and to reanalize those assertions as we learn more from all quarters.
(11/05 21:32:23) Hilz: I know, it's worse when you run it constantly, Dalken. Patrol drills are tough.
(11/05 21:33:25) DocOlanA: Kathalis - That, plus projects like finding possible references to the D'ni in Southwestern Native American mythology, researching to find out what Teledahn's rapid sun cycle tells us about its orbit. Reteltee recently revealed findings (unofficial as of yet,) of new information about the guilds, that he says he gleaned simply by reading between the lines. I've asked him to post his research notes, and he's agreed. But all those things are awesome.
(11/05 21:34:39) J.D. Barnes: It's important to break out of the mold we've gotten in.
(11/05 21:35:03) Sorceress: It won't be easy, we as explorers have looked to the DRC for guidance for years.
(11/05 21:35:04) J.D. Barnes: The DRC have left before, but the explorers came back.
(11/05 21:35:11) DocOlanA: And it's just as important to realize that we are empowered. We don't have to chase after only the carrots the DRC dangles before us. We can find our own projects.
(11/05 21:35:16) Tai'lahr: So true.
(11/05 21:35:35) Eleri: exactly. And those projects are just as important as any work the DRC has done.
(11/05 21:35:42) DocOlanA: There is so much information that we have right now that has yet to be really explored. People have talked about projects, now it's time to organize them, and get them done.
(11/05 21:35:50) Tai'lahr: The explorers held down the fort for a long time before the DRC came back
(11/05 21:36:16) Hilz: It's difficult to think, we're the ones doing the restoration right now, and those we've grown accustomed to arguing with about getting to help, are gone.
(11/05 21:36:28) J.D. Barnes: True, Tai'lahr. No matter what happened, the explorers have returned.
(11/05 21:36:38) Tai'lahr: And, stayed.
(11/05 21:36:42) Gene : been working on a few of my own. unfortunately it is rather hard to do both work and the come home and work somemore
(11/05 21:36:57) Lydiamalia: We must help new explores to understand
(11/05 21:37:10) Tai'lahr: Understood, Gene.
(11/05 21:37:24) J.D. Barnes: gene, it can be difficult, yes. Just follow your passions. Work for what you hold dear, and then share that. People will respond.
(11/05 21:37:45) DocOlanA: And Gene, if you find you don't have time to do it all, think about joining with others and collaborating.
(11/05 21:37:46) J'mee: Quiet
(11/05 21:37:50) J'mee: It's quiet
(11/05 21:37:59) Gene : well I doubt would like my methods
(11/05 21:38:12) Tai'lahr: You never know until you ask.
(11/05 21:38:18) Eleri: the D'net will be supporting and reporting on all the explorer efforts from now on.
(11/05 21:38:34) J.D. Barnes: Doc, yes. We have peers here. We don't have to be alone if we don't need to.
(11/05 21:38:40) J'mee: Excellent. Thanks, Eleri
(11/05 21:39:18) Eleri: JD, I'd really like to hear more about your vision of where we go from here. Would you be willing to speak at Town Halls, so we can all hear?
(11/05 21:39:25) Hilz: I'm hopeful that with recent events that JWPlatt's experiment in more communication over pellete dropping with Laxman won't be delayed.
(11/05 21:39:30) J.D. Barnes thinks.
(11/05 21:39:49) J.D. Barnes: Yes.. yes, I can do that, Eleri.
(11/05 21:39:55) Eleri: With Laxman not here, it'll be hard for him to daily check levels, y'know?
(11/05 21:40:04) Eleri thanks you very much!
(11/05 21:40:11) Hilz: Yes.. unless he's left someone in charge to do it in his stead.
(11/05 21:40:19) J.D. Barnes: Dr. Sutherland, Mr. Laxman and Dr. Kodama are doing their part on the surface... I'm willing to do my part here.
(11/05 21:40:31) Dalken Starbyne: Indeed, J.D.
(11/05 21:41:01) Sorceress: Maybe Laxman could inform explorers of how exactly he measured the pellet contributions?
(11/05 21:41:40) Hilz: I have a feeling it involves chemistry work on the lake itself, thus his talk of hand measurements.
(11/05 21:41:41) Tai'lahr: Mr. Laxman promised to provide those numbers to JWPLatt so he could share them with us.
(11/05 21:42:01) Sorceress: But that was before he sent out his farewell letter.
(11/05 21:42:11) Sorceress: And Yeesha's speech.
(11/05 21:42:13) J.D. Barnes: We'll have to see.
(11/05 21:42:21) J'mee: The farewell was rather sudden.
(11/05 21:42:37) Sorceress: I think Yeesha lit a fire from under them.
(11/05 21:42:58) Hilz: Surely we can find someone with a background in organic chemistry to analyze the lake and determine the changes.
(11/05 21:43:06) J.D. Barnes: I think it can one's perspective to meet what is essentially a living legend.
(11/05 21:43:30) J.D. Barnes: Hilz, maybe BrettM. He and his group have done work on the lake before.
(11/05 21:43:38) DocOlanA: Heh. You know what really got me excited, J.D.?
(11/05 21:43:44) J.D. Barnes: what is that, Doc?
(11/05 21:44:36) Eleri: do you think Yeesha may have met with them, first, or she sent Watson to talk to them?
(11/05 21:44:42) DocOlanA: For once, she didn't act like a living legend. For once, she was just a person. This is what's going on, this is what's happening, and this is what I'm doing about it. I don't know how well it will work, or for how long, but it should give you some time, make use of it. I was never really willing to work for her, but I'll work WITH her with everything I've got.
(11/05 21:44:56) Hilz: Yes, BrettM would be a good choice. They might have a call with Laxman to go over some basic information that only he has the knowledge of.
(11/05 21:45:56) J.D. Barnes: Yes, this is as much our time as it is hers, or Dr. Watson's. Or the Bahros.
(11/05 21:46:07) Mar'ith: True Doc, especially as a lot of people were expecting her to arrive in the city on the back of a flying Bahro
(11/05 21:47:31) Hilz: I stayed in the city, because that was where I felt needed at the time. I regret not getting to see her in person, but being present as my fellows felt afraid at the presence in the cavern gave me a purpose, to do my best to keep them calm.
(11/05 21:47:46) Eleri: I just don't want to see the gloomanddooms start saying this place is dead because the DRC has left.
(11/05 21:48:03) J'mee: They'll be back
(11/05 21:48:11) J.D. Barnes: Heh. This place is far from dead.
(11/05 21:48:19) DocOlanA: I'm too much of a historian and a scholar to believe in heroes anymore. But I do believe in good people. Not heroes, not legends, but people, flawed, normal, everyday people just trying to do what they can. So I tend to distrust heroes and legends, but I listen to people.
(11/05 21:48:31) Tai'lahr: They will, certainly, Eleri, so we need to be prepared with answers.
(11/05 21:48:56) Eleri: hah! My answer will be "Open up your eyes"
(11/05 21:49:01) Tai'lahr claps her hands
(11/05 21:49:14) Tai'lahr: Here, here!
(11/05 21:49:25) Mar'ith cheers
(11/05 21:49:34) J.D. Barnes: Ultimately, we cannot answer the doomsayers. They don't want to be talked to.
(11/05 21:49:50) J'mee: The best way to respond to them is to live and breathe and jump and sing
(11/05 21:49:53) Eleri: people look to the ones who bring wisdom, thoughtfullness and hope.
(11/05 21:49:57) Tai'lahr: Right, spend our energy doing more positive things.
(11/05 21:50:21) J.D. Barnes: Yes. There's no need to argue. Rather, we should do.
(11/05 21:51:01) Tai'lahr: And, what DO we do?
(11/05 21:51:08) J.D. Barnes: so, do is what we shall, in fact, do.
(11/05 21:51:14) Sorceress: This isn't like last time, with no direction. We have an objective this time--to survive and thrive.
(11/05 21:51:17) Tai'lahr: heh
(11/05 21:51:37) J.D. Barnes: I'm prepared to commit to being here, in this place, even if the DRC are not.
(11/05 21:51:44) J'mee: Play heek. Jump in the water. Stage parades, Olympics.
(11/05 21:51:57) Hilz: I'm hopeful we can get an artist's rendition of the Bahro Yeesha spoke of onto imagers before long, to keep explorers conscious of the danger.
(11/05 21:51:59) J'mee: Enjoy one another's good company
(11/05 21:52:15) DocOlanA: So am I. I am DocOlanA. In D'ni, that means I am completing. And the ending has not yet been written. I will be here until it is.
(11/05 21:52:22) Sorceress: Bring your friends down from the surface, let them see what we have accomplished down here.
(11/05 21:53:08) J'mee: I think we should stage a celebration.
(11/05 21:53:13) J'mee: Maybe a parade
(11/05 21:53:49) Finn Dove: an URU Lives parade?
(11/05 21:53:50) J'mee: As a way of shouting a positive in the midst of uncertainty
(11/05 21:53:54) Sorceress: Now that's the explorer attitude--party in the face of destruction.
(11/05 21:54:10) Finn Dove smiles
(11/05 21:54:27) DocOlanA: I'm still waiting for the "party at the end of the world" in Ahnonay-3 :)
(11/05 21:54:43) Eleri: I have to dash to the surface. JD, please KImail me when you'd be available for a Town Hall or two
(11/05 21:54:55) J.D. Barnes: shorah Ech0. I know someone who is your nakesake...
(11/05 21:55:25) Ech0 waves hello
(11/05 21:55:28) Finn Dove: yes, JD she was here this morning
(11/05 21:55:47) J.D. Barnes: Oh, did I miss, Ms. McKenzie? I hope she's doing well.
(11/05 21:56:11) Finn Dove: she seemed tired and worn out. She went to rest, then departed and I haven't seen her since.
(11/05 21:56:21) J.D. Barnes: The amassing of Bahro seem to have hit her hard, earlier.
(11/05 21:56:29) Finn Dove: Yes, I think so.
(11/05 21:56:49) Hilz: One can only imagine how their absence will affect her.
(11/05 21:56:53) Simon_Bitdiddle wants to ask a question...
(11/05 21:56:53) Finn Dove: too many emotions too fast
(11/05 21:56:54) J.D. Barnes: Hopefully, she is resting somewhere.
(11/05 21:57:00) Finn Dove: I hope so too.
(11/05 21:57:12) J.D. Barnes: feel free to speak, Simon. This is no press conference.
(11/05 21:57:42) Simon_Bitdiddle: Well, I was trying to be somewhat polite, Mr. Barnes. Have the DRC left any notes or research in the care of the Explorers?
(11/05 21:58:21) J.D. Barnes: Not that I am aware of. I asked that they do so, but they seem to have become caught up in their new quest.
(11/05 21:58:32) Simon_Bitdiddle: I figured they didn't know when or if they'd return...
(11/05 21:58:55) J.D. Barnes: We'll have to see if they have passed on anything.
(11/05 21:59:06) Simon_Bitdiddle: Ah well.
(11/05 21:59:12) J.D. Barnes: in the meantime, we need to collect what we do know.
(11/05 21:59:14) J'mee: I have a feeling they'll be back, eventually.
(11/05 21:59:17) Simon_Bitdiddle: Thank you, Mr. Barnes.
(11/05 21:59:22) J.D. Barnes: our own research and discoveries are just as important.
(11/05 21:59:39) Finn Dove: Say, did all the ResEngs leave as well? Anyone know?
(11/05 21:59:39) Simon_Bitdiddle: True, but to rework the wheel...
(11/05 21:59:50) Simon_Bitdiddle: The ResEngs have stated that they will stay.
(11/05 21:59:56) J.D. Barnes: i know of no better way to learn how to make a wheel and understand how it works.
(11/05 21:59:57) Tai'lahr: Right.
(11/05 22:00:08) Sorceress: Really? That's good.
(11/05 22:00:09) Simon_Bitdiddle: "As long as someone has a couch." one of them stated. :)
(11/05 22:00:16) Finn Dove: then maybe they have some information we can access.
(11/05 22:00:17) J.D. Barnes: Ah, good. the ResEngs are good people.
(11/05 22:00:22) Tai'lahr: And, at least one of the ResEngs is commited to stay til the end, no matter what.
(11/05 22:00:36) Hilz: Thankfully we won't have a breakdown overnight from lack of maintenaince on the city. They do so much more than organize orientations.
(11/05 22:00:39) Finn Dove ponders the words "the end"
(11/05 22:00:44) Joorea: I have a ResEng still in my Buddylist...
(11/05 22:01:00) J.D. Barnes: There is no end here, Finn.
(11/05 22:01:03) Tai'lahr: Ack, bad choice of words. My apologies.
(11/05 22:01:14) Simon_Bitdiddle: I highly doubt that the ResEngs are informed in information they'd think we'd be interested in...
(11/05 22:01:25) Kerryth: I think they are continuing the orientations.
(11/05 22:01:29) J.D. Barnes: even if the DRC fail at finding funding, we will continue, eh?
(11/05 22:01:31) Tai'lahr: Hey, I've got a ResEng and a former ResEng in one of my hoods. :)
(11/05 22:01:39) Simon_Bitdiddle: ... since I've tried for months to glean from 'em. :)
(11/05 22:01:46) DocOlanA: As long as basic maintinance gets taken care of.
(11/05 22:01:48) Sorceress: Often, it sounded like the ResEngs knew little more than we did.
(11/05 22:01:49) Finn Dove: who knows what we (collectively, individually) might be interested in
(11/05 22:02:01) Hilz: Well, I'd be interested in what they know.. all the work they do could be very useful to the Guild of Maintainers.
(11/05 22:02:01) DocOlanA: Though I must admit, I'm a little leery of people who seem to treat Cate's leaving and the lack of funding as a good thing.
(11/05 22:02:03) Simon_Bitdiddle: The ending hasn't been written, but the middle's getting pretty bleak. :D
(11/05 22:02:30) Tai'lahr: Yes, can we talk a little about morale, here?
(11/05 22:02:38) J.D. Barnes: Yes, morale.
(11/05 22:03:08) Tai'lahr: Mr. Barnes, I believe it would be a great boost to the explorers' morale if people like yourself were in the cavern a little more often.
(11/05 22:03:13) Simon_Bitdiddle: What we need are solid things we can achieve, to point at and say "Without DRC, without Yeesha, With our hands."
(11/05 22:03:26) Tai'lahr: Agreed, Simon.
(11/05 22:03:36) J.D. Barnes: There are people like myself who will be here... want to hear about them?
(11/05 22:03:45) Tai'lahr: Yes, I would.
(11/05 22:03:47) Sorceress: Yes.
(11/05 22:03:54) Simon_Bitdiddle: Yes, Mr. Barnes.
(11/05 22:04:08) J.D. Barnes: let me tell you about some of the most important people in D'ni History....
(11/05 22:04:08) Mar'ith: Yes please
(11/05 22:04:14) Hilz: Thus the continued effort to have a steady contribution of pellets to the lake, Simon. If we, the explorers, lighten it, then we can be proud.
(11/05 22:04:25) Finn Dove smiles
(11/05 22:04:57) Simon_Bitdiddle: I think that the Lake is a noble effort, but we need something more visceral to counter the void we've been presented.
(11/05 22:05:19) J.D. Barnes: There are a lot of important figures we need to remember...
(11/05 22:05:22) Hilz: Yes, true. The lake will take an indeterminable amount of time to see any reaction.
(11/05 22:06:10) J.D. Barnes: There was Pehpsi, whose spirit was a light no matter how dark the Cavern was...
(11/05 22:06:21) Finn Dove nods his head
(11/05 22:06:30) Simon_Bitdiddle nods his head
(11/05 22:06:34) Lydiamalia nods her head
(11/05 22:07:03) J'mee nods his head
(11/05 22:07:03) Kerryth smiles, remembering Pehpsi.
(11/05 22:07:17) J.D. Barnes: Moz'ie, JDrake, Dust'ei, Aquila, Rasmine.
(11/05 22:07:38) J'mee remembers
(11/05 22:07:55) J.D. Barnes: People we have lost. But have made our lives so much the richer.
(11/05 22:08:05) J.D. Barnes: And there are those who are still here....
(11/05 22:09:51) J.D. Barnes: Eleri, Thend, DocOlanA, Marten, JWPlatt, SuperGram, Tweek, vid, Lynnuette, Whilyam....
(11/05 22:10:12) Tai'lahr claps her hands
(11/05 22:10:26) DocOlanA: Aww, you're too kind, J.D.
(11/05 22:10:28) Lydiamalia cheers
(11/05 22:11:26) J.D. Barnes: Montgomery, Calam, Zardoz, Lial, Moiety Jean, D'lanor....
(11/05 22:11:34) J.D. Barnes: More than I can name or remember...
(11/05 22:11:45) Kerryth: Many good people
(11/05 22:11:56) Tai'lahr: Yes.
(11/05 22:12:17) J.D. Barnes: And for every one of them, there are a dozen others that work hard, help each other and never receive an iota of thanks or recognition.
(11/05 22:12:31) Tai'lahr: True.
(11/05 22:12:55) J.D. Barnes: These are just normal people who have come down here.
(11/05 22:13:33) J.D. Barnes: Brian Fioca was a programmer from Alaska before he founded the Great Tree, for example.
(11/05 22:13:54) J.D. Barnes: But these people are our history, this is our mythos.
(11/05 22:14:25) J.D. Barnes: This is not the DRC's story. This is not Yeesha's story.
(11/05 22:14:54) J.D. Barnes: This is not the story of the D'ni, for we are not D'ni. We are not even the new D'ni.
(11/05 22:15:43) J.D. Barnes: Rather, we are our own people. We are not D'ni, the new, but D'mala, the returning. Isn't that what Yeesha was trying to get across? The virtue of returning....
(11/05 22:16:28) J.D. Barnes: If you are here, you are part of that history. Every word you say is part of it. Every conversation is another chapter.
(11/05 22:16:42) Finn Dove smiles broadly
(11/05 22:16:44) Tai'lahr: All well and good, but we still need someone or a group of someones to organize us and give us cohesiveness.
(11/05 22:16:55) Finn Dove: we can do that ourselves
(11/05 22:17:07) Kerryth: We have been doing that, slowly.
(11/05 22:17:13) J.D. Barnes: And Tai, I saw that that group is already here.
(11/05 22:17:18) Ben Dixon: Guilds
(11/05 22:17:20) Sh'aeri: Have you ever heard the phrase, "Adapt, Improvise and Overcome"? That's what we do best here.
(11/05 22:17:31) J'mee nods his head
(11/05 22:17:42) J.D. Barnes: Did the DRC form the Relayers? Did Yeesha create the Guild of Greeters?
(11/05 22:17:51) J'mee shakes his head
(11/05 22:17:59) Tai'lahr: You miss my point.
(11/05 22:18:06) orangehairedboy: go GoG!
(11/05 22:18:31) J'mee: What's that, Tai?
(11/05 22:18:51) J.D. Barnes smiles.
(11/05 22:19:07) Tai'lahr: It's late and I'm tired, so I suppose I can't adequately verbalize what I'm thinking.
(11/05 22:19:11) Tai'lahr: My apologies.
(11/05 22:19:34) J.D. Barnes: I'd love to have your help in understanding, in whatever way you can, Tai.
(11/05 22:19:42) J'mee: You mean, someone to encourage cohesiveness amongst these groups?
(11/05 22:19:46) J.D. Barnes: Your point is important.
(11/05 22:19:52) Tai'lahr: There ya go!
(11/05 22:20:15) Tai'lahr: Someone or a group to bring all the groups together.
(11/05 22:20:26) J'mee: Well, I suppose a shared vision or mission could generate that cohesiveness
(11/05 22:20:29) Tai'lahr: So, that they work together in the most efficient manner.
(11/05 22:20:29) orangehairedboy: Perhaps a group can be assembled, with representatives from each guild to help coordinate things?
(11/05 22:20:36) Finn Dove: as in the D'ni Five Lords?
(11/05 22:20:58) J'mee: Does it have to be a group, or could it be a vision ormission?
(11/05 22:21:03) Tai'lahr: Not just the guilds, but all of the organized groups here.
(11/05 22:21:16) orangehairedboy: That too.
(11/05 22:21:18) Tai'lahr: Yes, a mission statement would be helpful.
(11/05 22:21:28) Ben Dixon: That will evolve natually. We can't rely on the DRC to all the work for us.
(11/05 22:21:43) orangehairedboy: At the very least, the best thing that could be accomplished is making sure that two guilds aren't working against each other
(11/05 22:21:50) Tai'lahr: Ben, I'm not looking to the DRC to do that for us.
(11/05 22:21:52) J.D. Barnes: I think we have a mission. What does everyone keep saying? "Find a way. Make a home.
(11/05 22:21:56) J'mee: No, but we could discover what our shared vision or mission IS. I believe we probably have one.
(11/05 22:21:58) Hilz: I'm in favor of an election of our own council to discuss and attempt to organize things. Of course, if a member is unsatisfactory, we the explorers could vote them out.
(11/05 22:22:02) Annacat: There has never been any group that provided oversight of all the others. The DRC never really supervised explorer groups. I think we've done OK.
(11/05 22:22:11) J'mee: Right, Anna
(11/05 22:22:18) J'mee: But a vision is important.
(11/05 22:22:22) J'mee: I bet we share one
(11/05 22:22:30) J.D. Barnes: D'ni is big enough for many visions, I argue.
(11/05 22:22:33) Finn Dove: We are all here
(11/05 22:22:33) J'mee: We must discover it and embrace
(11/05 22:22:39) orangehairedboy: There is a difference between Explorer groups and Guilds and organized groups that are attempting to better things.
(11/05 22:23:16) J.D. Barnes: The Ages are big enough for all of us. There's room for us to come together, and for us to follow our own paths as well.
(11/05 22:23:19) J'mee: I agree about D'ni being large enough for many visions
(11/05 22:23:29) J'mee: Well put.
(11/05 22:23:31) orangehairedboy: I agree with that 100% J.D.
(11/05 22:23:39) Tai'lahr: There are just so many that it gets confusing - especially to newcomers - and sometimes we duplicate our efforts.
(11/05 22:23:49) Kerryth: What is wrong with that?
(11/05 22:24:02) Tai'lahr shrugs
(11/05 22:24:05) J.D. Barnes: I think some of that is unavoidable.
(11/05 22:24:12) J'mee: Duplication might be healthy. If it is confusing for newcomers, we might want to address that
(11/05 22:24:14) Finn Dove: but not necessarily undesirable
(11/05 22:24:15) J.D. Barnes: But Tai,lahr, you do have an important point.
(11/05 22:24:21) orangehairedboy: Tai, perhaps that's an issue that we need to address internally within the GoG then? If we are going to take ownership of new explorers, then we need to do it 100%
(11/05 22:24:34) Kerryth: I think you underestimate newcomers.
(11/05 22:24:37) Tai'lahr: Ack!
(11/05 22:25:05) J'mee: We can address it via GoG and as individuals, yes?
(11/05 22:25:14) orangehairedboy: of course
(11/05 22:25:16) Tai'lahr: Perhaps there is room for alternatives.
(11/05 22:25:17) J'mee: JD what were you going to add?
(11/05 22:26:01) J.D. Barnes: I think that Tai'lahr is correct, there needs to be cohesiveness.
(11/05 22:26:31) J'mee nods his head
(11/05 22:26:32) Tai'lahr: And, maybe all we need is a mission statement that everyone can understand and get behind.
(11/05 22:26:38) J.D. Barnes: It cannot be forced, however. Explorers are to independent of a crew for top-down solutions.
(11/05 22:26:46) Joorea: where are Sharper, Phil and the others?
(11/05 22:26:48) Finn Dove nods his head
(11/05 22:26:53) Kerryth: Amen!
(11/05 22:26:54) J'mee: Absolutely correct
(11/05 22:26:59) orangehairedboy: agreed
(11/05 22:27:02) J.D. Barnes: Joorea, I wish I knew.
(11/05 22:27:25) Joorea: has everyone left the DRC and you are alone now?
(11/05 22:27:35) J.D. Barnes: So let those who want to make connection make connections. Let those of like mind work together.
(11/05 22:27:42) Tai'lahr: Well, my hoodmates are calling, so I must go. Good night, everyone.
(11/05 22:27:48) Finn Dove: Night Tai
(11/05 22:27:50) J.D. Barnes: Joorea, I am not alone. I am here, among my friends.
(11/05 22:27:51) J'mee: I don't think the Council is dissolved, just topside
(11/05 22:27:52) orangehairedboy: JD, if we then want a bottom-up solution, how do we prevent that from turning into a top-down solution, as bottom-up solutions usually do?

and in "A Beginner's" neighborhood: 11/06/07
[spoiler](11/06 00:48:05) JWPlatt: Shorah JD
(11/06 00:48:18) J.D. Barnes: Shorah JW.
(11/06 00:48:18) Tai'lahr: Shorah Mr. Barnes.
(11/06 00:48:29) DT'hurner1: j.D.!
(11/06 00:48:33) J.D. Barnes: Shorah Tai'lahr. Good to see you again.
(11/06 00:49:07) JWPlatt: How are you doing, J.D.?
(11/06 00:49:10) Simon_Bitdiddle: 'lo Mr. Barnes. All is well, I hope? :)
(11/06 00:49:25) J.D. Barnes: Oh yes.
(11/06 00:50:10) JayGee: Hey are these linking books different from the ones in my neighborhood? the stained glass above them is different
(11/06 00:50:23) Simon_Bitdiddle: The stained glass is decorative.
(11/06 00:50:24) Tai'lahr: Mr. Bailey?
(11/06 00:50:39) JWPlatt: Have you come for an Orientation, Mr. Barnes?
(11/06 00:50:46) DT'hurner1: There are a few variations of the stained glass!
(11/06 00:50:58) JayGee: But the books are the same?
(11/06 00:51:01) J.D. Barnes: The stain glass objects are decorations, restored by explorers.
(11/06 00:51:04) Tai'lahr: They're quite interesting and informative... depending on which ResEng gives them, of course.
(11/06 00:51:06) Simon_Bitdiddle: Yep.
(11/06 00:51:08) JWPlatt: Well, we'd need a ResEng for an Orientation, wouldn't we?
(11/06 00:51:09) DT'hurner1: They vary hood to hood!
(11/06 00:51:18) J.D. Barnes: JW, ah no, I think I am well oriented.
(11/06 00:51:29) Tai'lahr: Well, I believe the orientations are over for the evening, anyway.
(11/06 00:51:33) JWPlatt: Ok, if you're sure, J.D. :)
(11/06 00:51:36) ResEng T. Bailey: Campfire, everyone welcome.
(11/06 00:51:43) Tai'lahr giggles
(11/06 00:51:48) DT'hurner1: Mr. Bigglesworth is one of the greatest!
(11/06 00:52:11) J.D. Barnes: However, I do think I will be needing assistance in the future. Much like the DRC has done with these stained-glass pieces.
(11/06 00:52:12) Simon_Bitdiddle: So, Bailey... What's news for the ResEngs? Any projects you folks have taken now that you have a bit more freedom to do things?
(11/06 00:52:36) JWPlatt: Assistance with what, perhaps?
(11/06 00:53:00) J.D. Barnes: Research, actually.
(11/06 00:53:01) ResEng T. Bailey: Not much chance to work on anything new yet. A lot of explorers need assistance during these chaotic times.
(11/06 00:53:22) ResEng T. Bailey: I suppose I have enough time for one more orientation if you'd like that.
(11/06 00:53:42) JayGee: That would be nice
(11/06 00:53:45) J.D. Barnes: Ah, Mr. Bailey, I didn't see you there.
(11/06 00:53:46) JWPlatt: The kind of research Reteltee has been doing? Or something different, J.D.?
(11/06 00:54:07) Tai'lahr: Shorah Mr. Appling!
(11/06 00:54:10) J.D. Barnes: JW: Similar to what Reteltee is doing, I think.
(11/06 00:54:11) Simon_Bitdiddle: Anything in particular you'd like to research, or are the ResEngs coming up with their own projects to work as a group?
(11/06 00:54:16) ResEng T Appling waves hello
(11/06 00:54:22) JWPlatt: It's hard to see Mr. Bailey when he doesn't appear on your KI.
(11/06 00:54:31) Simon_Bitdiddle: Oh, hi Appling!
(11/06 00:54:45) ResEng T Appling: Hi Simon
(11/06 00:54:47) ResEng T. Bailey: Nope, haven't had the chance. Priority is the explorers.
(11/06 00:54:48) DT'hurner1: Shorah Mr. Appling
(11/06 00:54:51) J.D. Barnes: I may be able to obtain some interesting resource materials.
(11/06 00:54:59) ResEng T. Bailey: Speaking of ghosts...
(11/06 00:55:00) Tai'lahr: Oh? Do tell.
(11/06 00:55:03) Simon_Bitdiddle: Hmm!
(11/06 00:55:13) ResEng T. Bailey: Who would like to hear a ghost story?
(11/06 00:55:20) ResEng T Appling: oooo, ghost stories!
(11/06 00:55:27) JayGee: Do tell
(11/06 00:55:29) ResEng T. Bailey grins.
(11/06 00:55:30) JWPlatt: I read Reteltee's research, but I don't recall seeing his source. I was curious about that. It would be a good example of where to find things if we need to.
(11/06 00:55:33) DT'hurner1: Me me
(11/06 00:55:42) Simon_Bitdiddle: I think we've already had enough scary stuff going on... I mean, we had the Bahro circling the Great Arch for days.
(11/06 00:55:51) ResEng T. Bailey: Okay, right after JayGee gets his history lesson if he still wants it.
(11/06 00:56:01) J.D. Barnes: Well, not to steal a page from the DRC playbook, but I'd rather not give out any details just yet, until I am sure I can obtain the materials I am looking for.
(11/06 00:56:11) JayGee: Dumb question: Who is Reteltee?
(11/06 00:56:26) J.D. Barnes: JayGee: His is the Guild Advisor to the DRC.
(11/06 00:56:28) JayGee: For sure
(11/06 00:56:36) Simon_Bitdiddle: He's the Explorer who is organizing the restoration of the Guilds.. The poor, poor guy. :|
(11/06 00:56:38) Tai'lahr: There are no dumb questions. :)
(11/06 00:56:43) JayGee: Greeters guild?
(11/06 00:57:00) Tai'lahr: No, all of the guilds.
(11/06 00:57:04) Simon_Bitdiddle: Tai: You remember when M.Dog stated that... It was a rather awkward time for him. :)
(11/06 00:57:15) DT'hurner1: The only stupid question is the one you do not ask!
(11/06 00:57:21) JayGee: true
(11/06 00:57:28) Tai'lahr: Yes?
(11/06 00:57:30) JayGee: thanks
(11/06 00:57:47) DT'hurner1: That was stupid....I should've asked! hehe
(11/06 00:57:54) JWPlatt: So you'll let us know when you confirm your materials? Do you you have a general scope, topic, or discipline you are looking at?
(11/06 00:58:27) Simon_Bitdiddle: I would love to have some firm topographic data on the Lake...
(11/06 00:58:43) J.D. Barnes: I think it will be something those who are interested in the yet-to-exist Guild of Archivists would be interested on.
(11/06 00:58:48) JWPlatt: The lake interests me, too, Simon.
(11/06 00:59:28) JWPlatt: Ah, well Alahmnat has big ambitions for the Archivists, I hear, Mr. Barnes.
(11/06 00:59:30) Simon_Bitdiddle: Yeah... I've been waiting for the lab data from the DRC regarding the Lake for a while now. :(
(11/06 00:59:31) J.D. Barnes: JW, so I have heard. I did mention your interest to Dr. Sutherland when I met with her. I hope that helped arrange your meeting with Mr. Laxman
(11/06 01:00:14) J.D. Barnes: Hopefully, I'll be able to connect with Alahmnat at some point.
(11/06 01:00:28) JWPlatt: If it did, I thank you. She did seem receptive to my requests when I also mentioned it to her.
(11/06 01:00:31) Simon_Bitdiddle: And now with the DRC's labtechs prolly on the surface, I'll get that data shortly before the sun is a cold, dark cinder in the sky. :(
(11/06 01:01:35) JayGee: So... now that the DRC has left the cavern the big question is if new ages will be made availabe to us, right?
(11/06 01:01:58) J.D. Barnes: Simon, I suspect that more and more, we will need to make our own measurements and hope to confirm them using the DRC's superior resources at a later time.
(11/06 01:02:04) Tai'lahr: We may have to learn to write those ages ourselves, JayGee.
(11/06 01:02:30) Rainbow Sardine: would certainly love to do so, Tai'lahr
(11/06 01:02:36) JWPlatt: My interest in the lake goes beyond simple data, but it's a start. It's such a large investment in resources to date that I'd hate to see a community project of such magnitude not get done.
(11/06 01:02:39) JayGee: Yeah, I heard about that too, not sure if I like that idea...
(11/06 01:03:01) Simon_Bitdiddle: I agree, sadly. Unfortunatly, the DRC wasn't kind enough to provide us with a D'ni Dinghy to do samples and fathometer readings.
(11/06 01:03:17) Tobyas: What else is significant about the lake?
(11/06 01:03:46) Simon_Bitdiddle: Well, in order to understand how the pellets affect the lake, we should know what sort of flow we are dealing with...
(11/06 01:04:50) Simon_Bitdiddle: And that requires samples, flow metering, and bottom topography... not to mention the assessment of D'ni civil works which may pump or draw water...
(11/06 01:05:16) JWPlatt: One step at a time, Simon. Ask for too much and risk getting nothing.
(11/06 01:05:37) DT'hurner1: There are many of us who spend their time on this project....non stop!
(11/06 01:05:39) J.D. Barnes: There are a lot of details to be worked out in our understanding, unfortunately.
(11/06 01:05:43) Tobyas: I guess trial and error isn't a good policy for environmentalism
(11/06 01:05:54) Tobyas laughs
(11/06 01:05:55) DT'hurner1: It is a mission I would not like to see fail!
(11/06 01:06:21) Simon_Bitdiddle: I'm not one for setting my expectations low just because I'm hamstrung. ;)
(11/06 01:06:26) J.D. Barnes: Tobyas, I agree. Which is why I think continued attempts to examine the process is important.
(11/06 01:07:00) DT'hurner1: i always is better to aim high!....and miss.....Than aim low...and hit!
(11/06 01:07:01) Rusty0918: "The signal is coming from inside the Age!"
(11/06 01:07:04) JWPlatt: I hope you will let me know if there is anything you believe I could help with, J.D.
(11/06 01:07:54) J.D. Barnes: It's certainly possible. I'll know more in a week or two, I think. Eleri has been pestering me to have some sort of Town Hall. So this may be a good topic for it.
(11/06 01:08:11) DT'hurner1: If you hit your goal every have nothing to strive for!
(11/06 01:08:12) Simon_Bitdiddle: I'm sure the DZS is chomping at the bit to assist as well.
(11/06 01:08:12) JWPlatt: She does that well...
(11/06 01:08:18) JayGee: What's the big deal about that lake?
(11/06 01:08:24) JWPlatt: Uh, the Town Hall Meetings, not the pestering...
(11/06 01:08:32) Wyn: Night all.
(11/06 01:08:33) JWPlatt: Ok, she pesters pretty good too.
(11/06 01:08:40) ResEng T. Bailey laughs
(11/06 01:08:41) J.D. Barnes: I suspect that depends which segment of the explorers you talk to.
(11/06 01:08:46) ResEng T Appling: G'nite, Wyn
(11/06 01:08:57) JayGee: later dude
(11/06 01:08:58) Simon_Bitdiddle: JayGee: Well, the Cavern Shark, for one...
(11/06 01:09:02) Wyn waves goodbye
(11/06 01:09:22) JayGee: hmm... haven't gotten that far yet
(11/06 01:09:50) J.D. Barnes: Eleri seems to be an earnest individual with definite opinions. That seems to rub some people the wrong way.
(11/06 01:10:00) Tai'lahr giggles
(11/06 01:10:11) Tobyas: Opininated people often do
(11/06 01:10:39) Simon_Bitdiddle: Actually, the Cavern Shark is apparently what rubbed against one of the ResEngs when they were assigned to the Ferry Project...
(11/06 01:10:42) DT'hurner1: The nature of the beast! so as to say.
(11/06 01:10:47) JWPlatt: Ok, I'm always around, J.D. I'm sorry we haven't been able to sync up a meeting with Reteltee yet. I'm still interested in hearing related comments on community ptojects like the lake with the two of you.
(11/06 01:11:08) Tobyas: But with the DRC gone I think that people with opinions are what we need the most
(11/06 01:11:21) Simon_Bitdiddle: I think opinions SUCK!
(11/06 01:11:33) Rainbow Sardine laughs
(11/06 01:11:35) DT'hurner1: and the explorer...shall lead them!
(11/06 01:11:37) JWPlatt: Is that your opinion, Simon? Haha
(11/06 01:11:37) Tai'lahr: lol, Simon
(11/06 01:11:58) DT'hurner1 starts to laugh
(11/06 01:12:11) J.D. Barnes: That will be an interesting discussion. I look forward to it.
(11/06 01:12:30) J.D. Barnes: However, I think I need to retire. I've not slept much lately
(11/06 01:12:43) Rusty0918: Think I should too
(11/06 01:12:48) Rusty0918: Good night all
(11/06 01:12:48) JWPlatt: I know how you feel. I just finished resting up from the last week.
(11/06 01:12:51) Simon_Bitdiddle: I think I'll hit the Relto floor as well. Got a full day in the Work Age tomorrow. :|
(11/06 01:12:53) J.D. Barnes: A very busy week...
(11/06 01:12:55) Rainbow Sardine: resengs move in mysterious ways
(11/06 01:12:58) JWPlatt: Good night, Mr. Barnes.
(11/06 01:13:01) J.D. Barnes: Well, be well, everyone.
(11/06 01:13:08) Simon_Bitdiddle: Yes, and if they're bad, they get promoted to the Ferry Project.
(11/06 01:13:12) Tai'lahr: Good night Mr. Barnes.
(11/06 01:13:12) J.D. Barnes (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(11/06 01:13:16) Tobyas: Good night J.D. it was nice talking to you
(11/06 01:13:21) Simon_Bitdiddle: G'nite Mr. Barnes.
(11/06 01:13:23) JayGee: later guys
(11/06 01:13:32) DT'hurner1: G'nite J.D.!
(11/06 01:13:42) ResEng T. Bailey: Take care Barnes.
(11/06 01:13:50) Tai'lahr: JW, if you're gonna have that meeting in the RevBev, I hope you remember to set out the coffee this time!
(11/06 01:14:02) JWPlatt says DOH!
(11/06 01:14:14) DT'hurner1: And the danishs you promised! Hehe

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