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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 7:44 pm 

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The whole log from today, see below. Fresh, if someone wants to edit it that would be great :)
Dr Kodama from the DRC appeared in the City today to take questions from those that were around.....

(12/21 19:02:15) Chat.log started...
(12/21 19:02:26) Poutrew: Are the barricades coming down soon?
(12/21 19:02:26) Tzalumen: not about anything you probably don't already know about
(12/21 19:02:34) Brenda Rivera: Yes, I want to learn more about this great place.
(12/21 19:02:52) SteveW: go to Until Uru then. you're not blocked from going anywhere. :-)
(12/21 19:02:56) To Deg: kodama is speaking in the city, its laggy wondering what he will say, he has stopped at the top of the stairs, will record and get pics
(12/21 19:03:02) Brenda Rivera: But everything seems to be locked away.
(12/21 19:03:31) Tzalumen: Do you know why it's taking so long to recieve the message?
(12/21 19:03:39) quaywall: Any word on the events of the 19th?
(12/21 19:03:39) Erik: Hello Dr. Kodama
(12/21 19:03:39) Dr. Kodama: Hopefuly the barricades are coming down soon.
(12/21 19:03:49) Dr. Kodama: Hopefully news Books are released soon.
(12/21 19:03:54) Jon Whitter: Any news from Laxman and the latice?
(12/21 19:03:58) Dr. Kodama: Hopefully the restrictions don't last long.
(12/21 19:03:59) Poutrew: *Very* good news ;)
(12/21 19:04:09) Brenda Rivera: Yipee!!
(12/21 19:04:12) Brenda Rivera cheers
(12/21 19:04:14) quaywall cheers
(12/21 19:04:14) GaryWolf: Excuse me Dr do you know anything about this downloading message in our Kis?
(12/21 19:04:17) Erik cheers
(12/21 19:04:18) Jon Whitter: New books!
(12/21 19:04:20) Jon Whitter does a dance
(12/21 19:04:24) Dr. Kodama: It's an error of some kind.
(12/21 19:04:29) Kato: New Books?! Where?!
(12/21 19:04:38) To Deg: he said new books hopefully soon !
(12/21 19:04:45) Tzalumen: It's just an error?
(12/21 19:04:50) Pete Miller: Does anyone here use voice chat? I'm trying to figure it out.
(12/21 19:04:52) Dr. Kodama: Yes.
(12/21 19:04:56) Jon Whitter: No where yet but soon Katoo
(12/21 19:05:21) Kato: Thanks.
(12/21 19:05:22) Tzalumen: Have the Bahro cries been increasing in frequency?
(12/21 19:05:23) Dr. Kodama: The experience yesterday put things back a bit.
(12/21 19:05:29) Dr. Kodama: But we'll recover.
(12/21 19:05:42) Dr. Kodama: Sorry, two days ago - time is running together.
(12/21 19:05:55) Poutrew: Ah, those Bahro can be a bit persnikety, can't thay?
(12/21 19:06:00) Dr. Kodama: I don't believe the calls are increasing.
(12/21 19:06:01) Dr. Kodama: No.
(12/21 19:06:02) Kato: I agree with Tzalumen--it looks like the Bahro screams are happening more.
(12/21 19:06:06) quaywall: Has there been an explanation for the event?
(12/21 19:06:15) Dr. Kodama: Not yet.
(12/21 19:06:20) GaryWolf: can you elaborate on the ki message if you indeed know something about it please :)
(12/21 19:06:23) Kato: Better question: What do YOU think it was?
(12/21 19:06:37) To SuperGram: kodama at top of stairs
(12/21 19:06:53) To SuperGram: recording chat
(12/21 19:07:10) Dr. Kodama: I don't have any thoughts that haven't been expressed already.
(12/21 19:07:13) Erik: What's wrong with the fountains in the hoods by the way? I heard Mr. Engberg closed off the water.
(12/21 19:07:17) Thend: Hello all
(12/21 19:07:23) Kato: I noticed the fountains as well.
(12/21 19:07:31) Erik: Hi Thend
(12/21 19:07:32) Pete Miller: Hello, Thend.
(12/21 19:07:34) To SuperGram: hi thend
(12/21 19:07:44) Tzalumen: and the ampitheatre as well.
(12/21 19:07:55) Thend: Kodama here? Rand was just in UO
(12/21 19:08:05) Kato: Where did our Heek go? :-P
(12/21 19:08:07) SuperGram: Hi everyone
(12/21 19:08:16) Nefret: hi SG
(12/21 19:08:18) Liander: hi SG
(12/21 19:08:20) Jon Whitter: Moved to the games room I hope
(12/21 19:08:24) Kato: Haha.
(12/21 19:08:30) SuperGram: Hi Becky
(12/21 19:08:32) Dr. Kodama: No Heek has bee removed. It's not working.
(12/21 19:08:39) Dr. Kodama: We're working on it.
(12/21 19:08:43) <sniffle> Jon Whitter is sad
(12/21 19:08:43) Dr. Kodama: Before we return it.
(12/21 19:08:59) Dr. Kodama: Games room will be a while.
(12/21 19:09:00) Kato: Seems like the scream affected most devices and services (KIs, water, etc.)
(12/21 19:09:05) GaryWolf: can you tell us which book(s) you might release first?
(12/21 19:09:12) Dr. Kodama: No, I can not.
(12/21 19:09:31) GaryWolf: Are you here to remove the barrier infront of you ?
(12/21 19:09:37) Tzalumen: can you tell us when the next message from the DRC will be?
(12/21 19:09:40) Dr. Kodama: No.
(12/21 19:09:46) Jon Whitter: What are you working on at the moment Dr Kodama?
(12/21 19:09:47) Dr. Kodama: Unfortunately.
(12/21 19:09:51) Kato: Do you have a timeframe on when this area of the City will be open to us?
(12/21 19:09:51) quaywall: Have you heard from Dr. Watson?
(12/21 19:09:53) Dr. Kodama: Ages.
(12/21 19:10:05) Dr. Kodama: Have not heard from Dr. Watson in a long tie.
(12/21 19:10:08) Dr. Kodama: time.
(12/21 19:10:23) GaryWolf: Have you been speaking to Victor Laxman, he was here yesterday?
(12/21 19:10:27) Jon Whitter: Do you know where he went?
(12/21 19:10:33) Dr. Kodama: I do not.
(12/21 19:10:34) Pete Miller: Who was just speaking aloud?
(12/21 19:10:42) Tzalumen: have you heard anything about the fireflies in Kemo?
(12/21 19:10:46) Thend: Do you know where Watson, Sharper, etc, went to? I mean, what was it like when you all disbanded?
(12/21 19:10:47) Dr. Kodama: Yes, I speak with Victor often.
(12/21 19:11:09) Dr. Kodama: Not especially interesting. We all left. It was not a happy time.
(12/21 19:11:40) Kato: Do you know about Sharper, then?
(12/21 19:11:45) Dr. Kodama: No.
(12/21 19:11:51) Jon Whitter: I'm shocked that Sharper did not stay behind and steal everthing
(12/21 19:11:57) Kato: LOL
(12/21 19:11:59) Jon Whitter: everything*
(12/21 19:12:00) Brenda Rivera: What new information do you have for us today?
(12/21 19:12:09) Nefret: let me ask, What do you know?
(12/21 19:12:13) Brenda Rivera: Or is this more or less a courtesy call?
(12/21 19:12:22) GaryWolf: Dr Kodama, how do you take your coffee?
(12/21 19:12:23) SuperGram: Sorry quaywall
(12/21 19:12:29) Dr. Kodama: The only new information is that things make take longer than you think.
(12/21 19:12:32) Dr. Kodama: Hello.
(12/21 19:12:33) SuperGram: Hi everyone
(12/21 19:12:40) Dr. Kodama: Black.
(12/21 19:12:45) Dr. Kodama: It's an error.
(12/21 19:12:48) Thend: Hmm. If this isn't too personal, there's been rumors about 'something' between you and Marie Sutherland, Doctor - Anthing to add to this?
(12/21 19:12:59) GaryWolf: lol
(12/21 19:13:01) Tzalumen: don't projects like this always take longer then you think?
(12/21 19:13:14) Dr. Kodama: No. And nothing to the rumors. She is not my type.
(12/21 19:13:21) Erik starts to laugh
(12/21 19:13:33) Jon Whitter: Playing hard to get
(12/21 19:13:43) Thend: Thank you, Doctor
(12/21 19:13:44) Brenda Rivera: I call dibs on the good Doctor. LOL
(12/21 19:13:45) GaryWolf: your probably both too busy :)
(12/21 19:13:56) Tzalumen: do you have a revised schedule yet?
(12/21 19:14:01) Dr. Kodama: Not sure I understand.
(12/21 19:14:10) quaywall: Any news of the d'ni survivor - is he still there?
(12/21 19:14:12) Dr. Kodama: No schedule yet. But I will push for one.
(12/21 19:14:17) Dr. Kodama: I always have.
(12/21 19:14:40) Kato: Er, Doctor, is there ANYTHING you can tell us today?
(12/21 19:14:47) Dr. Kodama: Yes.
(12/21 19:15:07) SuperGram: When does the DRC plan on opening the rest of the city?
(12/21 19:15:11) Oldman: shorah all
(12/21 19:15:14) Oldman waves
(12/21 19:15:15) Kato: Could you, uh, go ahead and tell us what that is?
(12/21 19:15:25) Brenda Rivera starts to laugh
(12/21 19:15:42) Tzalumen: does the DRC plan on eventually opening up the pub?
(12/21 19:15:47) Dr. Kodama: Depends on what you want it to be.
(12/21 19:15:52) Dr. Kodama: Yes.
(12/21 19:15:53) GaryWolf: good news :)
(12/21 19:15:54) Kato laughs
(12/21 19:15:55) Thend is still getting over Kodama saying 'Yes'
(12/21 19:16:01) Kato: Knew I wasn't gonna get anything out of that :-P
(12/21 19:16:13) Dredisant: Oldman... your not supposed to be back there... its too dangerous
(12/21 19:16:32) Tzalumen: are we going to get working toilets any time soon?
(12/21 19:16:34) Dr. Kodama: Oldman, why are you there?
(12/21 19:16:40) Dr. Kodama: No.
(12/21 19:17:01) SuperGram: run Oldman
(12/21 19:17:03) Beefo la Rue : shorah
(12/21 19:17:04) Oldman: I've managed the superjump
(12/21 19:17:07) Dan'nee: Whew, I made it back.
(12/21 19:17:09) Dan'nee: Ki troubles
(12/21 19:17:12) SuperGram: Hide
(12/21 19:17:15) Erik: And there is a Bahro scream again! wacht out Oldman
(12/21 19:17:20) Shaja Neera: shoah
(12/21 19:17:20) Erik: *watch
(12/21 19:17:28) Kato: Heh--Bahro screams seem to be more increasing today.
(12/21 19:17:38) Dan'nee: What's happened so far? Anyone care to fill me in in a PM?
(12/21 19:17:39) D'airyair: Shorah
(12/21 19:17:42) Tzalumen: are there any plans to set up a concession stand?
(12/21 19:17:47) Dr. Kodama: No.
(12/21 19:17:51) TomahnaGuy: Please fill me in
(12/21 19:17:59) Dr. Kodama: Although, I wouldn't be surprised if at some point...
(12/21 19:18:13) TomahnaGuy: Are the barriers going to be lifted?
(12/21 19:18:19) 4runner: What news can you tell us
(12/21 19:18:22) Dr. Kodama: Currently no work is happening there.
(12/21 19:18:22) matt7188: i think that is just dangorus
(12/21 19:18:27) Thend: Doctor, why do you carry thaat pipe with you everywhere and do you ever actually smoke the thing?
(12/21 19:18:28) Dr. Kodama: What news do you want?
(12/21 19:18:32) Dr. Kodama: Yes.
(12/21 19:18:35) skylark:
(12/21 19:18:39) Dr. Kodama: I do smoke.
(12/21 19:18:40) TomahnaGuy: When dr?
(12/21 19:18:48) Tzalumen: is it just me, or have the red lights on the pilliars on the bottom level brighter?
(12/21 19:18:51) Kato: What do you smoke?
(12/21 19:18:55) Dr. Kodama: When I'm not surrounded by people.
(12/21 19:18:57) 4runner: Any new's
(12/21 19:18:57) Dan'nee: Has there been any work lately on approving new Ages?
(12/21 19:19:00) Thend: Thanks, Doctor lol
(12/21 19:19:00) Dr. Kodama: Tobacco.
(12/21 19:19:05) TomahnaGuy: Does that meen today?
(12/21 19:19:06) Dr. Kodama: Yes.
(12/21 19:19:11) TomahnaGuy: Woot!
(12/21 19:19:21) Dr. Kodama: There has been quite a bit of work.
(12/21 19:19:22) TomahnaGuy: Seriously?
(12/21 19:19:27) Kato: Oh, also, is there any particular reason why the telescope (a mechanical device as far as I know) has been removed?
(12/21 19:19:28) matt7188: yeah
(12/21 19:19:33) Dan'nee: Or Eder Tsogahl?
(12/21 19:19:40) Erik: What happened to the fire-marbles in the neighborhoods, Dr. Kodama?
(12/21 19:19:48) TomahnaGuy: Dr laxman why have all the things been removed in the hood?
(12/21 19:20:06) TomahnaGuy: Or the bevins
(12/21 19:20:21) Dr. Kodama: We have removed certain items until we are certain they are working properly.
(12/21 19:20:22) Brenda Rivera: well, the Heek table is obvious , it needed repairs, the others...
(12/21 19:20:29) TomahnaGuy: Is the city sfe DrKodama?
(12/21 19:20:37) Dr. Kodama: The telescope...well it was best to have it gone for a while.
(12/21 19:20:45) Dr. Kodama: I assume the city is safe.
(12/21 19:20:45) TomahnaGuy: Why?
(12/21 19:20:48) Thend: Doctor, would you agree that the Event conditions (wiping all KI's, disabling marbles, imagers, and Heek) resemble something along the lines of a very strong Electro--Magnetic pulse?etc)
(12/21 19:20:52) Brenda Rivera: Hmm, maybe somethign you don't want us seeing?
(12/21 19:20:57) Kato: Don't want people spying on the City? ;)
(12/21 19:21:02) SuperGram: I think people are getting a bit antsy and want to explore
(12/21 19:21:05) Dr. Kodama: You've been watching LOST too much.
(12/21 19:21:06) Dan'nee: Becuase you don't want us seeing what you're working on?
(12/21 19:21:14) Thend laughs
(12/21 19:21:15) Kato laughs
(12/21 19:21:18) TomahnaGuy: Lol
(12/21 19:21:26) Brenda Rivera starts to laugh
(12/21 19:21:27) Kam Uraki: Ah, in other words we can't peep on the girls Bevins now :(
(12/21 19:21:27) matt7188: lol
(12/21 19:21:28) Dan'nee: Are we expecting any other DRC visitors today?
(12/21 19:21:40) TomahnaGuy: Dr kodama are you opening the city now?
(12/21 19:22:02) Dr. Kodama: The city is probably safe but we do not work in probabilities.
(12/21 19:22:05) Jahuti: Barriers down now! Barriers down now!
(12/21 19:22:13) Thend: Doctor, good point, and many have been wondering also if you are actually IN LOST, as the person in the Dharma Foundation video - Is this true?
(12/21 19:22:14) TomahnaGuy: Where?
(12/21 19:22:14) Dr. Kodama: We need to make sure.
(12/21 19:22:17) Brenda Rivera sighs
(12/21 19:22:19) Erik: By the way, is Bevin just the D'ni word for Neigborhood, or does it mean something else?
(12/21 19:22:28) Dr. Kodama: We could.
(12/21 19:22:29) Kato: So, are you and your crew going to have to inspect the whole City before you open it?
(12/21 19:22:35) Dr. Kodama: Yes.
(12/21 19:22:45) TomahnaGuy: Dr kodama please allow us to access some city ares - just takotah
(12/21 19:22:46) J'ni: Dr, is anything ever certain? If so, what?
(12/21 19:22:48) Kam Uraki: lol, as though Kodama could wave his hand and the barriers would disappear with his devine powers
(12/21 19:22:48) Dan'nee: Why not let us help you check things out?
(12/21 19:22:52) Kato: Have you already inspected this area?
(12/21 19:22:52) Tzalumen: What happened to the guild of maintainers?
(12/21 19:22:54) Dr. Kodama: We are in the process of inspection already.
(12/21 19:23:09) Dan'nee: Give us some training and let us help out.
(12/21 19:23:09) TomahnaGuy: how long?
(12/21 19:23:11) SuperGram: I don't see any DRC in there obviously working
(12/21 19:23:14) TomahnaGuy: until the inspection is finsihed
(12/21 19:23:20) matt7188: or is there some secret that the DRC has about the baricaded areas
(12/21 19:23:29) Kam Uraki: The DRC have cloaking devices, SG
(12/21 19:23:48) SuperGram: hehe
(12/21 19:23:50) matt7188: lol
(12/21 19:23:51) Brenda Rivera chuckles
(12/21 19:23:51) TomahnaGuy: Dr Kodama when will the DRC site be updated and explorers allowed to acess eder delin and tsogahl again?
(12/21 19:23:52) SuperGram: I'd be willing to bet Kam
(12/21 19:23:52) Dr. Kodama: They are mostly inside.
(12/21 19:24:03) Dr. Kodama: In time.
(12/21 19:24:04) Thend: Doctor, in other words, do you moonlight with the Dharma Foundation?
(12/21 19:24:10) Dr. Kodama: No.
(12/21 19:24:13) Dredisant: Again!?
(12/21 19:24:18) Dr. Kodama: My brother.
(12/21 19:24:20) Kam Uraki: Inside in time? Existential answer Doc
(12/21 19:24:32) Thend: I see, thank you, Doctor, it explains a lot
(12/21 19:24:40) TomahnaGuy: Dr Kodama do you know where phil henderson or Dr watson is/ and we wont take no for an answe ;)
(12/21 19:24:46) Dr. Kodama: No.
(12/21 19:24:53) TomahnaGuy: hay!
(12/21 19:24:53) SuperGram: hehehe
(12/21 19:24:58) Erik: Nice try TG :)
(12/21 19:25:01) Dan'nee: I guess you should take that for an ansewr
(12/21 19:25:05) SuperGram laughs
(12/21 19:25:09) Kato: If he actually does not know, then he shouldn't be forced to answer ;)
(12/21 19:25:13) Thend: Folks seem real interested in Wat-man and the Phend-ster
(12/21 19:25:19) Jimbo: Well, well, if it aint Dr. Kodama!
(12/21 19:25:21) Dr. Kodama: I don't know where either of htem are.
(12/21 19:25:25) TomahnaGuy: Dr Kodama is it true some of the DRC have met the bahro?
(12/21 19:25:36) Dan'nee: Dr. forgive my ignorance, but what do you work on in the DRC exactly?
(12/21 19:25:46) Dr. Kodama: You can ask them. I never have.
(12/21 19:25:53) Kam Uraki: Dr. K. If you happen to have a prison book around, I could make a few folks disappear for you if you wanted... y'know... accidentally
(12/21 19:25:58) TomahnaGuy: have you met yeesha?
(12/21 19:26:01) GaryWolf: Dr do you think we should fear the Bahro at this point ?
(12/21 19:26:16) Dr. Kodama: I oversee Phase One and Phase Two Restoration work.
(12/21 19:26:23) Dan'nee: Ah, thanks
(12/21 19:26:33) SuperGram: Do you think We'll ever get to meet the Bahro?
(12/21 19:26:34) Thend: Kaaam lol
(12/21 19:26:40) Dr. Kodama: Early restoration - the first phases.
(12/21 19:26:41) TomahnaGuy: Dr Kodama what is there to hide int he library?
(12/21 19:26:45) Dr. Kodama: Nothing.
(12/21 19:26:48) Kam Uraki: Phase one is the risky part. Hope you use maintainer suits
(12/21 19:26:53) TomahnaGuy: then whyy not ope it?
(12/21 19:26:53) Dr. Kodama: Of course.
(12/21 19:26:54) Tzalumen: do you think the Bahro taste like chicken?
(12/21 19:26:55) TomahnaGuy: *open
(12/21 19:27:10) Dr. Kodama: I don't think a Bahro would let you eat it.
(12/21 19:27:18) Erik: TG, it has to be inspected after Tuesday's events
(12/21 19:27:26) SuperGram: I wouldn't want to eat them
(12/21 19:27:36) Dr. Kodama: I'm not sure.
(12/21 19:27:48) TomahnaGuy: Dr Kodama do you know how we were all mysteriously linked out yesterday?
(12/21 19:27:49) Dr. Kodama: I'm sure someone knows.
(12/21 19:27:50) Kam Uraki: Oh, Kodama. Do you ever feel like pretending your Dartth Vader in the maintainer suit?
(12/21 19:27:56) Dr. Kodama: I don't know.
(12/21 19:27:56) TomahnaGuy: on ytuesday
(12/21 19:27:57) Dan'nee: What is the DRC message we are downloading on our KI?
(12/21 19:27:59) Jimbo: ur loosing it, Kodama
(12/21 19:28:08) Dr. Kodama: An error.
(12/21 19:28:10) TomahnaGuy: its the tobacco
(12/21 19:28:14) TomahnaGuy: :P
(12/21 19:28:17) Dr. Kodama: Kam, no.
(12/21 19:28:23) J'ni: Dr., do you feel that gatherings like this are closer to interrogations; or press conferences?
(12/21 19:28:32) Thend: Doctor, seeing as we are all on equal ground here - the explorers and the DRC - will you please institute a collective organizing body in Uru without the ob vious hierarchy at present
(12/21 19:28:33) Dan'nee: Do you know what the error is involved with?
(12/21 19:28:38) Brenda Rivera starts to laugh
(12/21 19:28:48) Dr. Kodama: No.
(12/21 19:28:51) Dr. Kodama: No.
(12/21 19:28:52) TomahnaGuy: Dr Kodama do you think that Yeesha willaffext the restoration?
(12/21 19:28:56) Tzalumen: are there D'ni weapons caches?
(12/21 19:28:57) Thend: Bad answer lol
(12/21 19:28:58) Dr. Kodama: No.
(12/21 19:29:01) Dr. Kodama: No.
(12/21 19:29:04) Dr. Kodama: Yes.
(12/21 19:29:09) TomahnaGuy: do you like this interview?
(12/21 19:29:10) Kam Uraki: Kodama, can we stock the pub with booze so we can buy you a drink next time
(12/21 19:29:11) Dan'nee: Is there any plans on institutin a Guild system?
(12/21 19:29:19) Dr. Kodama: Yes.
(12/21 19:29:26) SuperGram: scroll back
(12/21 19:29:44) Jimbo: Arent u just a rigid academic?
(12/21 19:29:46) TomahnaGuy: Dr Kodama how come youve let some poeple over the baricdes?
(12/21 19:29:48) Kam Uraki: Okay, favorite drink, Doc?
(12/21 19:29:50) GaryWolf: Kodama will you post more often on the drc website ?
(12/21 19:29:53) Erik: Great idea Kam, then we could all have a seat.. and ask questions while we are having a good time! :)
(12/21 19:30:05) Dr. Kodama: We didn't let them.
(12/21 19:30:08) Dan'nee: When does the DRC plan on instituting Guilds?
(12/21 19:30:09) Dr. Kodama: Yes.
(12/21 19:30:13) Dr. Kodama: No time.
(12/21 19:30:17) TomahnaGuy: how did they get over - arent u concerned?
(12/21 19:30:21) Dr. Kodama: Yes.
(12/21 19:30:28) Jon Whitter: Those people over the baricades are not even wearing hard hats this is not safe
(12/21 19:30:30) TomahnaGuy: arent u gonna do something?
(12/21 19:30:35) Dr. Kodama: No.
(12/21 19:30:43) Jimbo: ill teach u the superjump, Kodama
(12/21 19:30:44) TomahnaGuy: are u useless?
(12/21 19:30:46) Kam Uraki: Dr... I gotta ask. Do you speak Japanese?
(12/21 19:30:50) Erik: It's their own responsebility
(12/21 19:31:03) Jimbo: he,he
(12/21 19:31:11) Fra'ni: lol Jimbo
(12/21 19:31:13) Brenda Rivera: Is anything being unveiled today?
(12/21 19:31:27) TomahnaGuy: Dr Kodama as much as we (well I do to a certain extent) agree with the DRC don u think ur being over cautious
(12/21 19:31:29) Tzalumen: Well we ever be able to download ringtones to our Ki?
(12/21 19:31:39) Thend: That was.. intersting
(12/21 19:31:40) TomahnaGuy: hes gone
(12/21 19:31:47) Dan'nee: Do you think that was on purpose?
(12/21 19:31:47) GaryWolf: I think he didnt have time for the stupid questions
(12/21 19:31:53) Jon Whitter: He was beamed up
(12/21 19:31:54) TomahnaGuy: anyone get a chatlog?
(12/21 19:31:57) Kato: What happened to Dr. K?!
(12/21 19:31:59) Dan'nee: I got some
(12/21 19:32:01) GaryWolf: he seems like a very serious guy
(12/21 19:32:05) 4runner: He only answers with yes and no
(12/21 19:32:06) Dan'nee: But I came in a few minutes late
(12/21 19:32:09) TomahnaGuy: hes an idiot
(12/21 19:32:13) Erik: Did he linked? Or... was he linked???
(12/21 19:32:19) ...Chat.log stopped.

*** Dr Kodama linked out unexpectedly but has reappeared... second part of conversation to follow ***

(12/21 19:38:20) Chat.log started...
(12/21 19:38:20) TomahnaGuy: a weel!
(12/21 19:38:23) TomahnaGuy: *wek
(12/21 19:38:24) quaywall: Fair enough - that's something to wrk with
(12/21 19:38:28) TomahnaGuy: *week
(12/21 19:38:29) Erik: Aw... I thought a few days!
(12/21 19:38:34) Dr. Kodama: But hopefully some other areas will be open sooner.
(12/21 19:38:36) Jon Whitter: Engberg is a slow worker
(12/21 19:38:37) Dan'nee: At least we know how much to wait
(12/21 19:38:40) Erik: But... I can live with that....
(12/21 19:38:45) TomahnaGuy: please persuade them to make it sooner dr
(12/21 19:38:47) Dr. Kodama: One other area at least.
(12/21 19:38:48) Raftel: People are already finding ways around these barrirers
(12/21 19:38:51) Dr. Kodama: I will try.
(12/21 19:38:59) Kato: Other areas of the City or entirely new areas to us?
(12/21 19:38:59) TomahnaGuy: ty
(12/21 19:39:00) Tzalumen: depending on your definition of a few, a week could be a few days
(12/21 19:39:02) Dr. Kodama: I understand it's frustrating.
(12/21 19:39:03) SuperGram: Tell them at least clean up the hoods
(12/21 19:39:05) TomahnaGuy thanks dr kodama
(12/21 19:39:11) TomahnaGuy: for trying
(12/21 19:39:16) Erik: thank you Doctor
(12/21 19:39:23) Firefly: What other area will be opened dr kodama
(12/21 19:39:24) TomahnaGuy: one final question....
(12/21 19:39:37) Dr. Kodama: Yes. One more.
(12/21 19:39:41) TomahnaGuy: when will we see the JaTaeri district?
(12/21 19:39:49) Dredisant: if Kodama needs permission from his superiors, then we will just wait... its not like Kodama doesnt want to let us into the rest of the city
(12/21 19:40:00) Dredisant: right?
(12/21 19:40:09) Dr. Kodama: Long time. It's still under my control and there is quite a bit of work needed on my team.
(12/21 19:40:18) TomahnaGuy: awww
(12/21 19:40:23) Thend: Doctor, upon what authority do you and the DRC make demands upon the explorers like this - to 'wait', and so forth?
(12/21 19:40:25) TomahnaGuy: whats coming soon then?
(12/21 19:40:26) Erik: So it's still in phase 1 or 2?
(12/21 19:40:33) Dan'nee: Thanks for answering all our questions.
(12/21 19:40:44) Dr. Kodama: Thend we control the barriers.
(12/21 19:40:52) Thend: Curses!
(12/21 19:40:56) SuperGram: :)
(12/21 19:40:57) TomahnaGuy: can u lift them for just tonight?
(12/21 19:40:58) Kato: Yes Doctor thank you for your time. Oh, if you can--will there be any more DRC staff here today?
(12/21 19:41:01) TomahnaGuy: because we like you
(12/21 19:41:02) Dr. Kodama: We control the Books.
(12/21 19:41:11) Dr. Kodama: I would watch how you talk.
(12/21 19:41:12) TomahnaGuy: u control everything
(12/21 19:41:13) SuperGram: Thanks for you patience with us Dr. K
(12/21 19:41:13) TomahnaGuy: we know
(12/21 19:41:16) Tzalumen: what kind of equipment are you using to make the repairs?
(12/21 19:41:25) Thend: One day, oh yes, one day, the EXPLORERS will control the barriers - mark my words!
(12/21 19:41:31) Dr. Kodama: I've been in a good mood lately for some reason.
(12/21 19:41:39) TomahnaGuy: really how odd
(12/21 19:41:42) GaryWolf: maybe its the coffee
(12/21 19:41:43) TomahnaGuy: :P
(12/21 19:41:46) Dredisant: good to hear Dr. K
(12/21 19:41:47) Matthew Miller: Well, it's good to be back in the cavern
(12/21 19:41:49) Kato: Maybe it's the pipe ;)
(12/21 19:41:50) Erik: Or the tobacco
(12/21 19:41:51) TomahnaGuy: or the new pipe stuff
(12/21 19:41:55) TomahnaGuy: hehe
(12/21 19:41:58) SuperGram: that must be an important clue to us
(12/21 19:41:59) TomahnaGuy: same thought patterns
(12/21 19:42:06) Dr. Kodama: Although comments like that wear on me.
(12/21 19:42:12) TomahnaGuy: sorry
(12/21 19:42:16) TomahnaGuy: couldnt resist
(12/21 19:42:16) SuperGram: Why is Dr. Kodama in such a good mood.
(12/21 19:42:32) Erik: Sorry Doctor. Thank you for answering questions.
(12/21 19:42:32) TomahnaGuy: so please do ur best to have these open ASAP dr
(12/21 19:42:38) TomahnaGuy: and ty for all ur work
(12/21 19:42:41) Dr. Kodama: Well, I suppose I should be getting to some Ages that you will see some day rather than sitting here and talking to you.
(12/21 19:42:45) Hitana: hello you all!
(12/21 19:42:54) TomahnaGuy: shorah Dr Kodama
(12/21 19:42:54) Dan'nee: Well, we're glad you stopped in
(12/21 19:42:56) Dr. Kodama: Good day.
(12/21 19:43:00) Dan'nee: Shorah, Dr. Kodama
(12/21 19:43:01) TomahnaGuy: good day
(12/21 19:43:04) Firefly: Shorah dr
(12/21 19:43:05) Dr. Kodama waves
(12/21 19:43:05) Dan'nee: Good day
(12/21 19:43:06) SuperGram: Bye Dr. Kodama and thanks
(12/21 19:43:07) Erik waves
(12/21 19:43:07) quaywall: Bye doc
(12/21 19:43:09) Dan'nee waves
(12/21 19:43:09) Dredisant: ok, thanks for stopping by dr Kodama... have a nice evening
(12/21 19:43:09) Tzalumen waves
(12/21 19:43:09) Raftel waves
(12/21 19:43:10) Liander: Bye
(12/21 19:43:10) TomahnaGuy waves
(12/21 19:43:10) Jon Whitter: Bye Dr. Thanks for chatting with us
(12/21 19:43:11) ...Chat.log stopped.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 7:49 pm 

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Yes! No! Yes! No!

Lots of activity in the Cavern. Very exciting. Thanks for logging and posting!

(12/21 19:27:10) Dr. Kodama: I don't think a Bahro would let you eat it.

That made me snicker.

Kodama's very patient, considering. Whoever asked about it being more like an interrogation or a press conference... :lol:

I still love my umbrella! :D

Sosiqui in Cavern

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 7:50 pm 
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Thanks for the chat log. But one request, please :)

Five days from now, the title of this thread will still be "Dr Kodama chat in the city today ( chat log )", unless you change it.

A better title could be, "Dr Kodama in the city Dec 21 06 ( chat log )" or something similar. Once we get many logs posted, it would help keeping track of things quite a bit.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 7:59 pm 

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I just changed title of thread as Marten suggested :)

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 8:35 pm 

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It was very nice of Dr. K to come talk to us.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 8:44 pm 

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Wow! I can't believe how rude and childish some people were :?

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 8:55 pm 
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Although I also made a few little jokes, I also found some behaviour very annoying... :roll:

30 times: "When will the barriers go away?"
... They have only been there for a day! And they have good reasons too, and Kodama was very friendly... I found it really frustrating that some people were just "nagging" all the time.
I don't want to offence anybody, but this kinda ruined the atmosphere.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 8:59 pm 

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I totally agree that the explorers behaved disrespectful and very disturbing. I think we need some rules during the class. If possible the doors should be closed during the session so people are not poppin' in all the time shouting Hi, Shorah, and even audience members just answer back in the middle of the DRC man's speech.

Think of it as when you attend a conference (though I geuss many of the attendees are not old enough to have tried this?)

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 9:03 pm 

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Some of those same people are folks who have been in this community for a long time, too. It's hard to believe, people have been begging and begging for "new storyline" and then when it begins, they immediately do their best to sabotage it by making childish and disrespectful comments.

Do Bahro taste like chicken, do you feel like Darth Vader, are you useless... BAH!!! This kind of behavior is NOT cute, it is NOT funny, and was quite reminiscent of grammar school hazing.

To the people who are acting this way, PLEASE... if the storyline isn't good enough for you because you already did it the first time around, fine, but please respect the right of other explorers to experience it.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 9:14 pm 
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Yes, those explorers were being mean person/people.

Oh, and please try to do some research before asking, for the millionth time, when new ages are coming, when the barriers are coming down, where watson is, where phil is, etc.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 9:17 pm 
Obduction Backer

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Uru is about decisions explorers make. If they decide to make themselves sound childish, then they will develop their own reputation in the Cavern. As long as they aren't disobeying the Community harrasment policies there's not much we can do to stop them.

Part of the problem is the nature of the chat system. In Real Life, you could chat quietly to a feel people near you, making comments like this. PM is just restricted to one person. But other chats in the game makes it to everyone. I think some comments were those kind of comments that woudl normally have been whispered in real life. I'm sure Cyan will take it all in stride and if behavior like that continues, it may even affect the storyline.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Gadren: Not everyone is wel versed on the forums. This is their avenue of getting information. People should be able to play the game without having to visit many websites if they don't want to. When are the barriers coming down is a valid question. (crying about it, though, is probably not)

EDIT: A bit more chatlog

Kodama asked us a little bit later if we were still standing there. Didn't we have something better to do. I made a joke about "Not as long as these barriers are still up." :) And then...

(12/21 13:51:59) Chat.log started...
(12/21 13:52:08) Dr. Kodama: I suppose.
(12/21 13:52:16) Dr. Kodama: Good day.
(12/21 13:52:17) Jon Whitter: Well there is all that reading to do on the rooftop
(12/21 13:52:26) Dr. Kodama: I'm off.
(12/21 13:52:27) Thend: Doctor, we love the City as much as you apparently do, so no, not something better to do
(12/21 13:52:35) Jacky: what nin the world
(12/21 13:52:35) Jacky: he he he
(12/21 13:52:35) Jacky: '
(12/21 13:52:38) Matthew Miller: What else is there to do doctor?
(12/21 13:52:42) Dan'nee: Nice talking with you Dr.
(12/21 13:52:46) Ashtar: So the barries will not be removed today?
(12/21 13:52:49) Thend waves
(12/21 13:52:51) Dan'nee: Yes, what is it you think we should be doing?
(12/21 13:53:10) Jacky: hellooo
(12/21 13:53:10) Jacky: were r u elexsaaaa
(12/21 13:53:49) SuperGram: Okay see you all later....Going to fix my power in Gahreesen
(12/21 13:53:58) SuperGram: bye for now
(12/21 13:54:00) Thend: Seeya, SG, gl
(12/21 13:54:12) Thend: Maybe a week, Ashtar
(12/21 13:54:22) Thend: Seeya Dred
(12/21 13:54:58) Thend: Good point, Jon, maybe he wants privacy if they remove the barriers earlier lol
(12/21 13:55:00) Mucol: shorah
(12/21 13:55:08) Player added.
(12/21 13:55:17) Thend: Wb Mucol
(12/21 13:55:25) Dan'nee: well, I'm going to Kadish Tolesa
(12/21 13:55:25) Dr. Kodama (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(12/21 13:55:31) Thend: think it's better today, though, Gram
(12/21 13:55:32) Dan'nee: Anyone is welcome to join me
(12/21 13:55:42) Thend: Seeya Dan
(12/21 13:55:49) Dan'nee: Shorah Thend
(12/21 13:56:54) Thend: hellopeni
(12/21 13:56:59) Gene : hi
(12/21 13:58:17) ...Chat.log stopped.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 9:33 pm 

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Regarding the whispering: Might it be an idea to be able to talk to the people near you, i.e. the age players marked with <...> on the list? That would be a sort of whispering. Maybe I should transport this idea to the Suggestions.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 9:34 pm 

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Full props to Kodama for his patience. If I'd been asked questions like

"do you think the Bahro taste like chicken?"
"Do you ever feel like pretending your Dartth Vader in the maintainer suit?"
"do you like this interview?"
"Arent u just a rigid academic?"
"are u useless?"

followed by statements like

"ur loosing it, Kodama"

and others including an insinuation that I smoke illegal substances, I'd have lost it!

That sort of treatment of the DRC is fully unnecessary. While I may not personally agree with some of their policies, I will also not stand for this sort of treatment of them. It's rude and childish.

:evil: :evil: :evil:

C'mon people, as members of the Uru community, we're better than that...

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 9:59 pm 

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At least we got their names! We could make a "Top Ten of the most annoying explorers" and line them up with their number of insults.
Yes yes, I must take care not to get like them.

Dear fellows: Think before you type in the chat - and remember there's a very good chance are logged and displaied here on the forum. Show respect.

Astro, KI# 00147777

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 10:06 pm 

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I would hasten to add, I myself have been as guilty as any for using the KI excessively and this has given me a chance to realize that now that the city is again open for active exploration, it is a privledge and not a right to be able to use the KI and the access that the DRC and other explorers before us have worked so hard to give us access to. I greatly admire the tolerant and very open way that Cyan and the DRC allow all to come, and I can point no fingers when I see my own faults in this very clearly. I would not want to see anyone singled out or made wrong. Each day I learn things about life and often things i think i knew i did not have quite right....espcially in sharing, as I have been a hermit, and am still a very shy explorer.

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