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PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2006 10:50 am 

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It was about 4:30 am EST, 2:30 am Cavern time, and I was about to head for the surface when Dr. Sutherland showed up in my KI as being in Kadish. The Cavern was pretty well deserted with about 5 people in the City when I got there. By that time Sutherland was showing as being in Ae'gura on my KI, but not in the list of people in Age, so she must have been in another instance. I went to see if she was in the Gallery while another explorer went to the Palace Balcony overlooking the mall. No sign of her, but I sent her a Merry Christmas KImail to which she responded in kind. I headed back to the City, by which time she had appeared in the plaza. I suggested that she was up a bit early. Edited chatlog follows.

(12/25 04:38:05) Chat.log started...
(12/25 04:38:07) Marie Sutherland: Working late, actually.
(12/25 04:38:07) Roger Telco: hello dr sutherland
(12/25 04:38:19) BrettM: Maybe on the Gallery doors?
(12/25 04:38:51) Abjab: Do I get in ther fron the roof Jump ?
(12/25 04:39:07) BrettM: I don't think that's DRC approved. B-)
(12/25 04:39:08) Marie Sutherland: I believe Michael Enberg is working on the Gallery Doors.
(12/25 04:39:25) BrettM: Ah. I noticed you visited Kadish Tolesa.
(12/25 04:39:26) Marie Sutherland: Definitely not DRC approved. :D
(12/25 04:39:45) Roger Telco: that will be great when it happens. always wanted to see that open from city.
(12/25 04:40:06) BrettM: Yes, an exciting prospect.
(12/25 04:40:51) Roger Telco: there is a mike and podium over near tent ... will the DRC be able to use that for meetings some day?
(12/25 04:40:52) Marie Sutherland: Well, I just wanted to say hi and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
(12/25 04:40:58) Hitana: have a nice chritmas day
(12/25 04:41:04) Roger Telco: you too Doctor S.
(12/25 04:41:04) BrettM: Thank you.
(12/25 04:41:10) Hitana: christmas
(12/25 04:41:26) Link9: Merry Christmas to all
(12/25 04:41:36) BrettM: Don't work too late. Relax a bit.
(12/25 04:41:50) Marie Sutherland: Roger, yes, that was the plan several years ago. I'm not sure if they still work. Maybe we'll get a chance to try them in the near future.
(12/25 04:41:52) Hitana: hello marie!
(12/25 04:42:10) Marie Sutherland: Hello, Hitana
(12/25 04:42:54) Hitana: something new for us explorers :)
(12/25 04:43:20) Marie Sutherland: Um....
(12/25 04:43:27) Marie Sutherland: Hmm...
(12/25 04:43:56) Marie Sutherland: I'm too tired to be clever. :D
(12/25 04:44:14) BrettM: We appreciate having the imagers back, anyway.
(12/25 04:44:27) Roger Telco: we don't mean to ambush you ... thanks for your hard work
(12/25 04:44:37) Marie Sutherland: I'm glad that Victor got them ready
(12/25 04:45:00) BrettM: Now, if Mr. Engberg can only fix the fountains ... B-)
(12/25 04:45:00) Marie Sutherland: You're very welcome. Thank you all for your patience.
(12/25 04:45:06) Hitana: yes everything new is nice, just if its a little thing
(12/25 04:45:46) Roger Telco: btw it is good to see the reseng tours so well attended
(12/25 04:45:52) Hitana: thanks for beeing here so late marie
(12/25 04:46:01) BrettM: Yes, that is a great outreach program!
(12/25 04:46:16) Hitana: wish i could join it :(
(12/25 04:46:24) Marie Sutherland: I've heard good things about the tours, and heard a few comments from hecklers.
(12/25 04:46:37) BrettM: Even many of the experienced explorers have been attending.
(12/25 04:46:37) Roger Telco: ?
(12/25 04:47:02) Hitana: too late on this side of the world then
(12/25 04:47:27) Marie Sutherland: Nothing tragic, but we'll probably have to set some guidelines at some point...
(12/25 04:47:43) Marie Sutherland: So that the tours are available to those who need them most.
(12/25 04:48:28) Marie Sutherland: I only heard something from someone who heard something from someone who heard something from one of the resEngs
(12/25 04:48:41) Roger Telco: Dr S., I am a bit worried about scalability of Ae'gura -- several times we have filled up to 40 people and others cannot get in.
(12/25 04:48:44) BrettM: I think the Liaisons could help spread that word.
(12/25 04:48:49) Marie Sutherland: So we need to look into it more and find out what actually happened.
(12/25 04:49:11) Marie Sutherland: All in good time, Roger.
(12/25 04:49:20) Roger Telco: Just mentioning it for DRC to think about, I fear the very popularity of Aegura will be an issue.
(12/25 04:49:38) Hitana: thats right, the legs are not that good
(12/25 04:49:49) Hitana: lags
(12/25 04:49:52) BrettM: More traffic seems to be going to the hoods these days, as they get established.
(12/25 04:50:15) Marie Sutherland: As it should be, BrettM :D
(12/25 04:50:18) Roger Telco: Yes, both the GoG and Beginner hoods have been busy the last couple of days.
(12/25 04:51:44) BrettM: Once there are more attractions in the hoods, like heek, that should help.
(12/25 04:52:18) Hitana: may you say something about this downloading thing marie?
(12/25 04:52:38) Kai-Uwe: Dr. Sutherland, are you on duty here during the Xmas-days ore can you spend some time with your familiy?
(12/25 04:52:42) Roger Telco: I have this vision of the classroom imagers becoming the future "big screen tv" for all DRC events to be televised
(12/25 04:52:49) BrettM: Yes, can Mr. Laxman get that cleared out of the lattice?
(12/25 04:52:51) Marie Sutherland: Yes, and once more areas of the city are open again, I'm sure Victor will be tweaking the...
(12/25 04:52:58) Roger Telco: would allow people to participate from the hoods.
(12/25 04:53:02) Roger Telco: (someday)
(12/25 04:53:03) Marie Sutherland: settings in the nexus.
(12/25 04:53:15) Hitana: that sounds nice
(12/25 04:53:38) Marie Sutherland: Victor is aware of the "Downloading" issue, but has more important things on his plate.
(12/25 04:53:54) Hitana: lol i can guess so
(12/25 04:53:54) Arreaon: So i've never been so the Ferry Terminal before
(12/25 04:54:07) BrettM: I'm sure he still has many aftereffects to deal with from the 19th.
(12/25 04:54:12) Hitana: what about the new ages?
(12/25 04:54:24) Marie Sutherland: Welcome to Ae'gura then, Arreaon.
(12/25 04:54:27) Hitana: yeah that scream...
(12/25 04:55:10) Marie Sutherland: BrettM, Indeed he does, as do we all.
(12/25 04:55:44) Hoe KanDat: Sorry if this has been asked (just fell in) but any new onwhen more of the city wille beopened
(12/25 04:55:53) Hoe KanDat: news*
(12/25 04:56:49) Marie Sutherland: Hoe KanDat, no new news. We hope to have more areas open in the not too distant future.
(12/25 04:57:11) Hitana: wish the algaes would shine as they did before the fall...
(12/25 04:57:14) Arreaon: "not too distant" meaning what? a week...a month...a year
(12/25 04:57:22) Marie Sutherland: Hello, Curty.
(12/25 04:57:25) Hoe KanDat: Thanks, btw like your idea of opening the Kadish Gallery doors ...
(12/25 04:57:49) Hitana: yeah thats a good one!
(12/25 04:57:51) Marie Sutherland: Arreaon, I don't have a specific time frame to give. Whenever it's ready.
(12/25 04:57:58) Hoe KanDat: Would like to help investigate this instance thing Mr. Laxman talked about in that way
(12/25 04:58:30) Aleks: Any new word on the "instancing," by the way? Are we any closer to understanding what's going on?
(12/25 04:58:31) BrettM: Have you seen the flowchart VidKid did on the instancing situation?
(12/25 04:59:13) Marie Sutherland: Hoe KanDat, we are hoping to have the Gallery doors open later this week.
(12/25 04:59:25) Kai-Uwe: Great!
(12/25 04:59:35) Curty: yes how awesome!!!
(12/25 04:59:35) Hoe KanDat: Ok, now that is news ... :)
(12/25 04:59:56) Hoe KanDat: Thanks for that
(12/25 04:59:56) Arreaon: As you can tell im kinda new
(12/25 05:00:18) Aleks: Welcome Arreaon.
(12/25 05:00:25) Arreaon: I also have 10,000 years of D'ni history to catch up...or at least Brett tells me so
(12/25 05:00:29) Marie Sutherland: it's great to have new people down here again. :D
(12/25 05:01:19) Hitana: yes new ones are always welcome....get the cavern full!
(12/25 05:01:43) Arreaon: Well when this city is opening more areas to the public...add some lights
(12/25 05:01:46) Curty: Marie, are you a friend of Victor Laxman?
(12/25 05:02:07) Curty: Sorry, I'm new as well
(12/25 05:02:28) Marie Sutherland: Victor and I work together. We've known each other many years now. :)
(12/25 05:02:30) Hitana: you dont have to be sorry for that
(12/25 05:02:47) Curty: Oh I see
(12/25 05:04:10) Hoe KanDat: Miss( Mrs?) Sutherland, do you know a person named Bishop by the way?
(12/25 05:04:10) Marie Sutherland: Bye, Arreaon. Nice to meet you.
(12/25 05:04:24) Arreaon: Nice to meet you too
(12/25 05:04:47) Marie Sutherland: Hoe KanDat, I don't recognize the name, sorry.
(12/25 05:04:49) Arreaon: I look forward to a beautiful city Dr. Sutherland
(12/25 05:05:04) BrettM: Yes, a very strange person calling himself "Bishop" has been seeking Dr. Kodama.
(12/25 05:05:28) Hoe KanDat: He was in a few days ago asking for 'dr KOdama, according to some messages on the boards
(12/25 05:05:35) Marie Sutherland: I will let Dr. Kodama know, the next time I see him.
(12/25 05:05:56) Hitana: say engberg thx for the santas hats
(12/25 05:06:09) BrettM: And the tree and menorah!
(12/25 05:06:14) Marie Sutherland: I will do that.
(12/25 05:06:20) Marie Sutherland yawns
(12/25 05:06:34) Hoe KanDat: Just hope we don't have to return them after the holidays .. like to keep it in my closet
(12/25 05:06:40) BrettM: We don't want to keep you from your rest, Dr.
(12/25 05:06:44) Hitana: its getting late for you dr. sutherland
(12/25 05:06:58) Marie Sutherland: I think Engberg brough for you to keep them.
(12/25 05:07:03) Roger Telco: thanks for coming over to chat to us
(12/25 05:07:08) Hitana: thats nice
(12/25 05:07:18) Aleks: Yes, much appreciated.
(12/25 05:07:18) BrettM: Yes, we appreciate your time.
(12/25 05:07:21) Hitana: yes thank you very much
(12/25 05:07:27) Marie Sutherland: sorry, I think Enberg brought enough for you to keep them.
(12/25 05:07:51) Marie Sutherland: You're welcome. Have a merry Christmas.
(12/25 05:07:54) Marie Sutherland waves
(12/25 05:08:23) ...Chat.log stopped.

*SLMW 1.0* No animals were harmed in the production of this message.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2006 12:31 pm 

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Stuff like that really makes me wonder about the people playing these characters. Because alot of their visits lately don't really seem story related so much as just.. them showing up to show that they're actually there.

Obviously some of them use the game at home, because I don't imagine Marie (or the person who plays her) would go all the way into the Cyan offices just to drop by in the middle of the night.

Anyone know who the people doing the DRC are? Are they on the development team?

I'm curious about how their jobs match up. Is Laxman, for instance, really in charge of the Nexus etc... OOC? Is he the lead designer on it?

Alot of these are rhetorical questions, but if anyone has answers I'd be happy to hear them. heh. Thanks for the log BrettM.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2006 3:31 pm 
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Aegin wrote:
a lot of their visits lately don't really seem story related so much as just.. them showing up to show that they're actually there.

Actually I think that's the idea... show the DRC a little more than in the past, willing to communicate. Making it so that meeting a DRC member in the City or in a 'hood won't be just for a few privileged explorers.

Atrus aka Nahvah aka Ian Pertwee aka too many darn names :D
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2006 6:40 pm 

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Everybody play URU LIVE...and i can't!!!!!!! :(
well,maybe i will be able to meet you in the cavern at some point...

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2006 6:56 pm 

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we are hoping to have the Gallery doors open later this week.


I am so excited for that. Thanks for sharing that with us, Marie!!! And thanks for the log, BrettM!

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 26, 2006 12:47 am 

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Jishin wrote:
we are hoping to have the Gallery doors open later this week.


I am so excited for that. Thanks for sharing that with us, Marie!!! And thanks for the log, BrettM!


Yay for opening Gallery doors!!! :D

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