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 Post subject: Chat with Engberg 03/28
PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 5:05 am 
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(03/28 20:33:07) Vivicus: what have you been working on, mr Engberg?
(03/28 20:33:22) Michael Engberg: Things are even tighter than usual on the DRC with Ms. Sutherland being on the surface so long.
(03/28 20:33:39) ireenquench waves hello
(03/28 20:33:50) TomahnaGuy: shorah all
(03/28 20:33:52) Michael Engberg: So we're all trying to pitch in and cover her duties as well.
(03/28 20:33:56) Teknobubba: Tighter? As in higher security?
(03/28 20:34:01) Tela: Hello TG
(03/28 20:34:02) TomahnaGuy waves hello
(03/28 20:34:20) Michael Engberg: tighter as in schedules.
(03/28 20:34:24) Teknobubba: Ah.
(03/28 20:34:35) TomahnaGuy: How have things been going Mr Engberg?
(03/28 20:34:37) Teknobubba: Interruptions interupting the interruptions.
(03/28 20:34:54) TomahnaGuy: Restoration wise
(03/28 20:35:00) Michael Engberg: but the restoration of the latest Age, Minkata, is going very well.
(03/28 20:35:09) Teknobubba: Excellent.
(03/28 20:35:12) ireenquench: Nick mentioned personal reasons for Marie's absence the other day, sure this doesnt have to do with the restoration? Her being away?
(03/28 20:35:16) TomahnaGuy: Oh yes, Mintake - what does it look like?
(03/28 20:35:34) Teknobubba: How is it pronounced?
(03/28 20:35:39) ireenquench worries about Marie
(03/28 20:36:23) Michael Engberg: Ireen, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective her absence has nothing to do with the restoration. Personal matters on the surface.
(03/28 20:36:36) TomahnaGuy: is she well?
(03/28 20:37:13) Michael Engberg: She is fine, but for her own privacy, I'll let her decide what she releases to the explorers.
(03/28 20:37:21) TomahnaGuy: Heh ok
(03/28 20:37:27) TomahnaGuy: Give her oir regards
(03/28 20:37:31) TomahnaGuy: Our
(03/28 20:37:34) Michael Engberg: But to stick to more pleasant topics...
(03/28 20:37:43) Jazz starts to laugh
(03/28 20:37:51) pocketpie: 1
(03/28 20:37:54) ireenquench: Minkata means "heavily scarred" ?
(03/28 20:38:11) ireenquench: not that that sounds very pleasant :S
(03/28 20:38:14) Michael Engberg: The main reason I came today was to thank all of the explorers who have contributed to the Eder Tsogal stained glass project.
(03/28 20:38:25) TomahnaGuy: Oh i ded
(03/28 20:38:28) TomahnaGuy: Did
(03/28 20:38:52) Michael Engberg: We have received a great number of submissions and they are all excellent.
(03/28 20:38:53) ireenquench: I have seen some contributions, they look wonderful
(03/28 20:39:06) Vivicus realizes he forgott to make a contribution
(03/28 20:39:09) TomahnaGuy thanks you very much!
(03/28 20:39:45) ireenquench: How will the restoration of these pieces continue now?
(03/28 20:40:32) Michael Engberg: Ireen, the Restoration Engineers will being the process of making them ready for the neighborhoods.
(03/28 20:40:44) Vivicus cheers
(03/28 20:40:50) Kimmie cheers
(03/28 20:40:52) ireenquench: Very nice :)
(03/28 20:41:38) Kimmie: How many pieces will be used in the neighborhoods?
(03/28 20:41:51) Michael Engberg: And since you all did such a wonderful job on those, we're adding another project for the explorers to contribute to.
(03/28 20:41:58) Vivicus cheers
(03/28 20:41:59) Jazz cheers
(03/28 20:42:01) Kimmie claps her hands
(03/28 20:42:06) Vivicus claps his hands
(03/28 20:42:11) ireenquench: What kind of project?
(03/28 20:42:12) Tela (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(03/28 20:42:16) Michael Engberg: This will be very similar to the last project, only for Eder Delin this time.
(03/28 20:42:25) Kimmie cheers
(03/28 20:42:29) Vivicus: :)
(03/28 20:42:32) Threads of D'ni hopes its a quilt project..:)
(03/28 20:42:42) Kimmie: :)
(03/28 20:42:49) Vivicus does a dance
(03/28 20:42:50) Michael Engberg: There will be opportunities for other kinds of projects in the future, but for now, it's another stained glass project.
(03/28 20:43:12) Threads of D'ni is glad there is hope!!!
(03/28 20:43:18) TomahnaGuy: Brb
(03/28 20:43:25) Teknobubba volunteers to contribute a salsa stained LCD monitor if that will qualify.
(03/28 20:43:39) Michael Engberg: So the parameters are much the same this time around. Submissions will be accepted until April 23rd.
(03/28 20:44:03) Michael Engberg: There is more detailed information about the submission on the restoration page of the DRC site.
(03/28 20:44:31) ireenquench: Great, thanks... btw, any idea how long it will take for the ResEngs to put up the Tsogahl ones?
(03/28 20:45:03) Jazz: How many will there be?
(03/28 20:46:04) Michael Engberg: Ireen, I am not sure. I would guess two to three months.
(03/28 20:46:17) Juluck: phew
(03/28 20:46:21) Kimmie claps her hands
(03/28 20:46:42) Erik: Shorah everyone. Good day Mr Engberg
(03/28 20:46:51) ireenquench: hi Erik
(03/28 20:46:56) Michael Engberg: Jazz, initially we planned to select three, but we may end up selecting a few more.
(03/28 20:47:06) Threads of D'ni cheers
(03/28 20:47:07) Kimmie cheers
(03/28 20:47:11) Vivicus cheers
(03/28 20:47:23) Jazz: Thank you. And will we be able to put them in established hoods?
(03/28 20:47:40) ireenquench: Variety in the hoods, nice.
(03/28 20:47:40) Michael Engberg: Jazz, as far as I know, yes.
(03/28 20:48:24) Michael Engberg: Thank you all for your contributions and your support.
(03/28 20:48:27) Erik: I suppose it must be hard to choose the designs. 've seen a lot of beautiful windows laying around in the Cavern.
(03/28 20:48:31) Vivicus: well, i'll be off now. Good day to you all!
(03/28 20:48:39) Vivicus waves goodbye
(03/28 20:48:39) Teknobubba: Thank you for providing a super experience in the cavern.
(03/28 20:48:57) Michael Engberg: I also have to be getting back to minkata. Take care of yourselves.
(03/28 20:49:05) ireenquench: Thanks for visiting in such a busy time.
(03/28 20:49:09) Michael Engberg waves hello
(03/28 20:49:10) Kimmie thanks you
(03/28 20:49:12) Jazz: Bye
(03/28 20:49:14) Erik: Goodbye Mr Engberg
(03/28 20:49:14) Volki bows
(03/28 20:49:15) Erik waves hello
(03/28 20:49:16) Jazz waves hello
(03/28 20:49:17) Threads of D'ni waves bye
(03/28 20:49:18) Vivicus: bye mr engberg
(03/28 20:49:20) Teknobubba says hey
(03/28 20:49:21) Altydwarber: bye michael
(03/28 20:49:23) Kimmie waves good bye
(03/28 20:49:46) Marein. waves hello

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