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PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 2:52 am 

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I think you idea has merit! Executing it will take finesse, tact, good planning of an agenda that courts the DRC into participating on their own terms. They do have the key's to the game. In stead of demanding answers and what not, create a platform in which they can offer what they can about situations and story. Appeal to their ego's (we all have them) so they can get some glory for what they choose to provide in the way of answers or clues, if they choose. I would try to keep the questions and platform framed in a way as to allow any participation by them to be able to follow current story lines and know content. While conflict can serve to generate game interest, positive game interaction best serves the games over all and long term success. Most people get enough conflict in real life. Well, that's my two cents worth.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 5:24 pm 

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protoomega wrote:
Hey all, I just wanted to throw this idea out there and see what people think, and if enough like the idea, maybe we can see about starting it up.

After reading through a bunch of different posts about the player-made groups, ie the ADM and RR, I was thinking it might be useful to have a sort of "peacekeeping" group. And NO, I do not mean some sort of gestapo/secret police to go around and shoot opposing groups! What I'm referring to would be a group of people dedicated to peacefully resoving conflicts between explorers and the DRC, and other such conflicts. My hope is that a group like this would negate the need for protests, like the GZ Calibration Strike. Perhaps the group could schedule talks with leaders from the different factions, sitting them down face to face with the peace group acting as a meeting moderator.

Opinions? Suggestions? Flames? I'll take them all! :D

To be perfectly honest, I doubt this would do much good as an organized group. I mean, no faction is going to call in the peacekeepers.

However, as an ideology, a credo, it might do some good. Get enough people signed on to it, and whenever a trouble-spot does flare up, a present negotiator can step in. It wouldn't be an official invitation, but it's remarkable what a level head can do in these situations.

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