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PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2007 4:14 am 

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[spoiler](05/20 15:56:25) Marten: ATTN: Michael Engberg has turned on his KI.

That's all I got... was (is) anyone in the city logging chat?

Edit: added date to subject. My chatlog is UTC+12, so 4am UTC, probably still the 19th for 1/3 of the world.

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PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2007 5:09 am 
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I didn't get a log. But he pointed out a new crack in the pub area (which has barriers around it). There were some very loud bahro screams in the area, and then he sent out a KI Mail asking people to stay away from the area.

Of course, people are crowding to get in. Interestingly enough, there was someone named Echo McKenzie in the pub freaking out about how unsafe the place was right before Engberg arrived. She seems to hang out around the city and talk about seeing things. I don't know if that is related though.

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PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2007 5:09 am 

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Copied from 909 off of UO. ... ntry509264

Chat log:
(05/20 00:02:51) Blade Lakem: um, yeah, unstable is bad...
(05/20 00:02:55) Michael Engberg: Laxman noted it. I was just told about it a little while ago.
(05/20 00:02:57) To Heaven: pub
(05/20 00:03:05) Al Bundy: everyone is running for the hills
(05/20 00:03:11) Blade Lakem: are we in actual danger?
(05/20 00:03:19) Michael Engberg: I'm assuming there is no structural damage but we'll want to do a full investigation.
(05/20 00:03:39) AKA: What has happened?
(05/20 00:04:05) Michael Engberg: No, no. As long as we stay in the "safe" areas, we'll be fine.
(05/20 00:04:07) From Heaven: Engberg is in the Pub
(05/20 00:04:18) Al Bundy: i only run to get away from Peg
(05/20 00:04:23) Blade Lakem: um, maybe we shouldn't fill the area with suddenly appearing cracks to full capacity... you know, just as a precaution..
(05/20 00:04:24) Echo McKenzie: Little of the city is safe, if the shadow is fed
(05/20 00:04:28) Michael Engberg: I'm sure even the crack is fine, but we'd rather be on the safe sid.e
(05/20 00:04:35) Blade Lakem: Shadow? fed?
(05/20 00:04:53) Echo McKenzie: the stones never forget the Fall.
(05/20 00:05:06) Michael Engberg: Poetic, not sure what you mean though Echo.
(05/20 00:05:06) Blade Lakem raises an eyebrow.
(05/20 00:05:12) AKA: What made it happen Mr Engberg?
(05/20 00:05:19) Michael Engberg: The city is very safe. We make sure of that.
(05/20 00:05:42) Al Bundy: if he wants to talk to me im right here
(05/20 00:05:43) Michael Engberg: Laxman noted a Seismic event earlier - very small but I assume that's what caused it.
(05/20 00:05:46) AKA: I didn't feel the earth shake
(05/20 00:05:52) Heaven: safety Nazi's - the DRC :P
(05/20 00:05:53) Michael Engberg: Very small.
(05/20 00:05:58) Nine-O-Nine: i remember that.....
(05/20 00:06:12) LucyCat: Did the event do any other damage, Mr. Engberg?
(05/20 00:06:13) Nine-O-Nine: better safe than dead, i figure
(05/20 00:06:31) Michael Engberg: We are checking.
(05/20 00:06:52) Heaven: If the DRC says it's safe - you can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind
(05/20 00:06:59) Al Bundy: they greased it solis[/spoiler]

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PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2007 6:09 am 

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Here is the log on his 2nd visit to the city tonight.

[spoiler](05/20 04:10:31) Inzilbeth: So he wants us to look around for new cracks?
(05/20 04:10:48) crazycatlady: i can't even remember where the old cracks are...
(05/20 04:10:56) Inzilbeth: Was there a cave-in or just some shaking?
(05/20 04:10:58) Serephina: To report them if we see them
(05/20 04:11:04) Blade Lakem: Everything seems a little cracked around here...
(05/20 04:11:10) Inzilbeth: No kidding
(05/20 04:11:14) Blade Lakem: someone talked about shaking..
(05/20 04:11:27) Heaven: he left
(05/20 04:12:19) Al Bundy: something about looking for new cracks
(05/20 04:14:52) Shelanthria: i got some creepy music for my Relto
(05/20 04:15:03) s0lis941 does a dance
(05/20 04:16:51) Heaven: Welcome Back Mr. Engberg. Can you please /shout? It may help us all out
(05/20 04:17:27) crazycatlady: wb, Mr. Engberg
(05/20 04:17:32) Michael Engberg: I recommend everyone stay clear of this area until we can complete a full investigation.
(05/20 04:17:41) Echo McKenzie jumps a foot
(05/20 04:17:43) Michael Engberg: The bar area, the alley here, the entire building.
(05/20 04:17:47) crazycatlady: investigation about what?
(05/20 04:17:52) Butch shivers
(05/20 04:17:53) Inzilbeth: wb Mr Engberg
(05/20 04:18:02) Blade Lakem: yeah, good idea.. come on Echo
(05/20 04:18:03) LucyCat: Can you tell us more, please?
(05/20 04:18:09) Michael Engberg: The crack there.
(05/20 04:18:13) Michael Engberg: Happened today.
(05/20 04:18:20) Al Bundy: so which direction is north here?
(05/20 04:18:24) Michael Engberg: I don't believe there is too much damage but it's better to stay out of this whole area.
(05/20 04:18:30) Michael Engberg: We are recommending it now.
(05/20 04:18:31) Heaven waves hello
(05/20 04:18:31) Serephina: any damage elsewhere in the city?
(05/20 04:18:33) Nebodin: We heard what appeared to be a rather upset Bahro shrieking loudly in the pub about 5 mins ago
(05/20 04:18:36) Echo McKenzie: The screams are coming closer
(05/20 04:18:44) Echo McKenzie: the Bahro screams.
(05/20 04:18:50) Michael Engberg: Please we are recommending you stay out of the area.
(05/20 04:18:57) Marten: Yes sir.
(05/20 04:18:59) Al Bundy: im lucky if i know my right from left hand
(05/20 04:19:01) LucyCat: I'm out of here
(05/20 04:19:15) Michael Engberg: Please everyone should stay out of the alley if you can.
(05/20 04:19:23) Al Bundy: i guess no one has ever seen a crack before
(05/20 04:19:25) Michael Engberg: The Kahlo Pub area, everything.
(05/20 04:19:32) Michael Engberg: It's a new crack.
(05/20 04:19:35) Blade Lakem beckons you
(05/20 04:19:41) Michael Engberg: We haven't been able to discern what damage has been done that we can't see.
(05/20 04:19:43) Blade Lakem: Come on, let's go Echo
(05/20 04:19:44) Heaven: Are the Bahro 'friends' or 'enemies'?
(05/20 04:19:57) Michael Engberg: Friends.

(05/20 04:20:18) Blade Lakem: wait? Did the you say the Bahro are friends?
(05/20 04:20:19) Nebodin: there it goes again
(05/20 04:20:24) Michael Engberg: Please do spread the word - we recommend everyone stay out of the building.
(05/20 04:20:24) Marten: I heard that
(05/20 04:20:26) Serephina: Mr. Engberg is there damage elsewhere in the city?
(05/20 04:20:28) Al Bundy: bella do you have glue on your shoes?
(05/20 04:20:36) Michael Engberg: Not that we are aware of.
(05/20 04:20:53) Nebodin: Ok Mr. Engberg, we will spread word
(05/20 04:20:56) Michael Engberg: We have sent a KI message.
(05/20 04:20:57) Inzilbeth: Was there an incident on the Gahreesen wall today?
(05/20 04:20:58) Serephina: is the museum door closed for a reason MR. Engberg?
(05/20 04:20:59) Michael Engberg: as well.
(05/20 04:21:00) Yellow Dog tries to be funny
(05/20 04:21:03) Echo McKenzie: friend or foe, that sound is scary.
(05/20 04:21:07) Michael Engberg: No.
(05/20 04:21:17) Echo McKenzie: nothing like sheer terror to clear the head
(05/20 04:21:23) s0lis941 waves hello
(05/20 04:21:38) BellaRose: Come on up Al
(05/20 04:21:45) Michael Engberg: I'll work on this.
(05/20 04:21:55) Al Bundy: doesnt look great but i dont have a zoom lens
(05/20 04:22:04) Michael Engberg: Alright, I have plenty to do.
(05/20 04:22:13) Blade Lakem: y'all... really...come on out
(05/20 04:22:20) Nebodin: what about the Bahro... it really sounds like there is a Bahro in there
(05/20 04:22:21) crazycatlady: dang, he's quick on his feet!
(05/20 04:22:26) Serephina: he is!
(05/20 04:22:38) crazycatlady: he's already at the bottom of my age list!
(05/20 04:22:43) Inzilbeth: Yup[/spoiler]

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