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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 3:56 am 
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I was in the City, tonight and witnessed the following exchange (at about 6:30PM KI time I think):

[spoiler](05/20 23:30:09) Choochie: Hi
(05/20 23:30:13) Choochie waves hello
(05/20 23:30:50) Travis Ohms: I sure feel safer with these 3 construction cones blocking use from that small pile of rubble
(05/20 23:30:58) Choochie: heh
(05/20 23:30:59) Travis Ohms: Us*
(05/20 23:31:11) Travis Ohms: Some one could cut themselfs!
(05/20 23:31:23) Wheely: Hey Rose where are you?
(05/20 23:31:32) Whilyam: Hey, Wheely
(05/20 23:31:43) Rosette: In that hallway
(05/20 23:31:45) Choochie: How is everyone? :)
(05/20 23:31:57) Wheely: Where?
(05/20 23:32:04) Wheely: Well, forget just come to the library.
(05/20 23:32:08) Wheely: I think I found something.
(05/20 23:32:23) Reverend Vader: library?
(05/20 23:32:36) Choochie sighs
(05/20 23:32:39) Wheely: It might be a new crack.
(05/20 23:32:42) Travis Ohms: The library is the building with the pod ages in it right?
(05/20 23:32:47) Reverend Vader: another one?
(05/20 23:32:54) Reverend Vader: no... it's way down at the other end.
(05/20 23:32:54) Wheely: downstairs
(05/20 23:33:02) Reverend Vader: pod ages are in the Museum.
(05/20 23:33:03) Travis Ohms: Oh, the dome building?
(05/20 23:33:07) Reverend Vader: yes.
(05/20 23:33:09) Travis Ohms: Ah.
(05/20 23:33:22) Travis Ohms: The museum has a nice new door
(05/20 23:34:10) From Ichabod L. in Uru Obsession's Bevin: What Bevin is Greydragon in?
(05/20 23:35:07) Whilyam: Where are you, Wheely?
(05/20 23:35:08) Fax Paladin: She's gone
(05/20 23:35:16) Cierdwyn: Both of them are
(05/20 23:35:38) Finn Dove: wheely's gone
(05/20 23:35:59) Dadguy: Where did they go?
(05/20 23:36:03) Whilyam: What happened?
(05/20 23:36:07) Cierdwyn waves hello
(05/20 23:36:07) Jason Lindon: Did anyone else hear a link out?
(05/20 23:36:13) Cierdwyn: i did
(05/20 23:36:16) Finn Dove: I dunno, she just dropped off my ki list
(05/20 23:36:23) Cierdwyn: Same as Rosette
(05/20 23:36:25) Dadguy: She said she found something.
(05/20 23:36:25) crazycatlady: she poofed
(05/20 23:36:33) Whilyam: Where are you, Yali?
(05/20 23:36:41) Dadguy: a new crack, I think she said...
(05/20 23:36:44) Finn Dove: where was she when she said she'd found a new crack?
(05/20 23:37:06) Cierdwyn: She said downstairs too
(05/20 23:37:06) Fax Paladin: She said she was downstairs in the library
(05/20 23:37:14) Dadguy: Don't know...just got here.
(05/20 23:37:15) Finn Dove: anyone see wheely?
(05/20 23:37:33) Whilyam: Where?
(05/20 23:37:36) Whilyam: Where?
(05/20 23:37:40) Dadguy: so dark...
(05/20 23:37:45) Fishers of Men: too late here
(05/20 23:37:57) Whilyam: Don't think so
(05/20 23:37:59) Finn Dove: i don't see anything
(05/20 23:38:04) Choochie shrugs
(05/20 23:38:10) Whilyam: Nope.
(05/20 23:38:13) Choochie: So many cracks
(05/20 23:38:14) Whilyam: That's an old one
(05/20 23:38:25) Fax Paladin: Another place where fireflies would be mighty handy
(05/20 23:38:32) Choochie: maybe they meant downstairs
(05/20 23:38:45) UruKat: I don't see it
(05/20 23:38:51) Travis Ohms: Were are you Choochie?
(05/20 23:38:57) Cierdwyn: She would have known better then to go over the barricades .
(05/20 23:39:04) Choochie: In the library
(05/20 23:39:13) Whilyam: I see no new cracks
(05/20 23:39:16) Finn Dove: where in the library choochie?
(05/20 23:39:42) Choochie: top floor
(05/20 23:39:45) Cierdwyn: i only heard on link out sound
(05/20 23:39:46) Choochie does a dance
(05/20 23:39:47) Cierdwyn: One
(05/20 23:41:14) Whilyam: I guess we wait. Maybe they just left[/spoiler]

Now, it seems that most of the DRC are in the City looking for her. Wheely is such a sweetheart, I hope she is OK. Her friend Rosette disappeared from our KIs at the same time (Eastern USA time).


EDIT: Update... The DRC has sent out a new KI mail. This is the text:

For those who are not yet aware, a crack was discovered early yesterday afternoon in one of the buildings in the City. Explorers were warned to stay out of that area as a precautionary measure.

Unfortunately, there was a collapse in that area tonight at 8:40pm cavern time. We have not yet determined the exact cause of the collapse, or the severity of the damage, so we are closing down the main City to explorers until we have more information.

Michael Engberg's daughter, Wheely, and her friend, Rosette, have turned off their KIs, and are still missing. Victor Laxman is looking for a way to activate their KIs remotely.

In the meantime, those of you with access to the other instances of the city: we cannot keep you out of them, but if you choose to visit them, please be extra cautious. We have seen in the past that things that happen in the main city also happen in the instances so we cannot be sure that the same thing will not happen elsewhere."

Emotional events!

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 4:15 am 
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I will reply here because it relates to the city issues of today. I took a picture of a bahro on the library rooftop today and thought to post it for everyone.


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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 4:20 am 

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Thanks for the info, dadguy, and for the great picture, Noga56!

Lots of excitement tonight, huh?

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 4:28 am 

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dadguy wrote:
Emotional events!



Poor Wheely and Rosette!!

Good job Dadguy! Consider joining the Cavern Action News?

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 4:41 am 
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I was on Ae'gura for a lot of tonight's events, so here's my eye-witness summary:

Willow & Cracks
Sunday, May 20th, 2007

Late last night, a crack formed in a wall just outside the Kahlo Pub. The DRC put barricades in front of it, and told everyone to stay away because it was dangerous, but many people didn't listen.

Today, Willow "Wheely" Engberg--daughter of DRC-Member Michael Engberg--and her friend Rosette were exploring and doing Marker Missions. Wheely seemed to think that her father was over-reacting about the new crack near the Kahlo Pub. At various points Wheely was near the
Kahlo Pub, in the Great Shaft, and in the Library. Early this evening, Wheely said she was investigating what might be a new crack on the lower level of the Library (some think she might have been beyond the lower barricades), when both Wheely & Rosette disappeared, and their KIs were
turned off.

Around 2 hours later, I was at the Kahlo Pub with a large crowd of explorers, when DRC-Members Michael Engberg and Victor Laxman approached the crowd, asking them to stay away. Engberg and
Laxman went to the Library, with the crowd tagging along. Both Engberg and Laxman saw a Bahro on the roof of the Library. They looked around, but saw no new/enlargened cracks in the opened areas of the Library.

During this time, there were about 3 large <crack!> sounds heard in the Library, several minutes apart. DRC-Member Marie Sutherland arrived on Ae'gura, and around 8:40 PM Cavern-Time there was a low rumble for several seconds, which she said came from near the alley. As everyone left the Library to head back to the Kahlo Pub, there was a very large Bahro-screech, presumably from the one on the roof.

Upon arriving at the Kahlo Pub, the damage was found to have worsened, with a small pile of rubble being in front of the crack. Laxman suspended Nexus-access to Ae'gura. Engberg said Ae'gura should be evacuated, but Laxman wasn't sure. Engberg went to a Neighborhood, and Laxman
and Sutherland asked all the explorers to leave. Soon after, DRC-Member Ikuro Kodama joined the other 3 on Ae'gura.

As I write this, around 10:30 PM Cavern-Time, Ae'gura is closed, and the Restoration Engineers don't know much. Willow & Rosette are still missing. Here are their KI-numbers: Wheely--12479 Rosette--6598542 If anyone sees or hears from them, please report it to a DRC-member or
Restoration Engineer immediately.


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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 5:11 am 

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Thank you for posting that, K'laamas. When things started happening, very few facts were available. I was able to find out a couple of things in Beginner's Bevin (where I was when the City was closed off) and UO's Bevin, but things were still pretty sketchy.

This is quite a dramatic turn of events, and it's having quite an impact on me. I'm more emotionally involved with this game than I thought, and I'm very concerned about Wheely and Rosette.

I'll definitely be watching in the days ahead to see how things unfold.

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 5:18 am 

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 7:01 am 

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Thanks for posting the picture. I hope that wheely and rosette are found soon, I hope they are both safe.

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 7:12 am 

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I don't know how it happened, but when linking from Kadish to the Kadish Gallery I ended up in the Public instance of Ae'gura. Before I was asked to leave I took 4 screen shots...

This is for those unlucky ones
Kahro Pub 1
Kahro Pub 2
Kahro Pub 3
Kahro Pub 4

I am well aware that the BIG Crack has always been here yhe Baracades inner have not...

ImagePath of The Ancestors

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 9:04 am 

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Ravin wrote:
I don't know how it happened, but when linking from Kadish to the Kadish Gallery I ended up in the Public instance of Ae'gura. Before I was asked to leave I took 4 screen shots...

This is for those unlucky ones
Kahro Pub 1
Kahro Pub 2
Kahro Pub 3
Kahro Pub 4

Ummm, just so you know, that crack has been thre for awhile now. Its the smaller crack inside that has a barrier round it thats the new one :wink:


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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 11:50 am 
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If this helps anyone, below is a totally raw, unformatted chatlog of last evening's city events (well, it was evening for me anyway)...

[spoiler](05/21 02:07:40) Chat.log started...
(05/21 02:08:48) Found marker: '56953, 99, -79'
(05/21 02:08:49) Found marker: '56945, 99, -79'
(05/21 02:09:45) Found marker: '56945, 99, -79'
(05/21 02:09:45) Found marker: '56953, 99, -79'
(05/21 02:10:20) Al Bundy: all this flesh and some of the girls are nice too, lol
(05/21 02:10:57) Found marker: '56945, 99, -79'
(05/21 02:10:57) Found marker: '56953, 99, -79'
(05/21 02:12:58) Starchazer must find ki machine or i will die
(05/21 02:13:01) J'iim: WHere have you seena broken KI machine?
(05/21 02:13:01) Aro-Ron Chynn: must be private, cause hes not in any of the popular ones
(05/21 02:13:05) J'iim: think
(05/21 02:13:11) Aro-Ron Chynn: btw, new thing is easy to find
(05/21 02:13:14) Cassie: Only one that I know of...
(05/21 02:13:21) Hagenn: Engberg just moved to the Nexus.
(05/21 02:13:25) J'iim: It is fairly recent
(05/21 02:13:44) Hagenn: followed by Laxman
(05/21 02:13:59) Aro-Ron Chynn: hmm, maybe coming back here?
(05/21 02:17:34) Al Bundy: yeah we know about the seismics, we are just having fun
(05/21 02:17:34) J'Ankenne: Different DRC folks have visted in the last couple days.
(05/21 02:17:34) Al Bundy: if i was worried about seismics i wud be under a couch
(05/21 02:17:41) Sparkee: Mr. Engberg would you tell me where I could find the ki light machine?
(05/21 02:17:41) Al Bundy: cant drink and dance, dangerous
(05/21 02:17:56) Al Bundy: it is too me
(05/21 02:18:02) Found marker: '56945, 99, -79'
(05/21 02:18:11) Thend: Mr Engberg, do you know where Wheely is?
(05/21 02:18:44) Al Bundy: come and dance engberg
(05/21 02:18:52) Found marker: '56971, 99, -79'
(05/21 02:19:05) Al Bundy: oh sorry, Mr Engberg'
(05/21 02:19:18) Arthur Kalnins: Better shout... Michael. Wheely was last seen at the Library
(05/21 02:19:22) Gondar: WHAT WAS THAT?
(05/21 02:19:29) Arthur Kalnins: Said something about a new crack
(05/21 02:19:44) Al Bundy: watch, now a new crack appears
(05/21 02:19:53) Found marker: '56971, 99, -79'
(05/21 02:20:02) Al Bundy: im shaking in my boots, ha ha ha
(05/21 02:21:40) Esereht: She was running marker missions earlier, Michael.
(05/21 02:21:51) Victor Laxman: She turned off her KI.
(05/21 02:22:35) Gondar: No sign?
(05/21 02:22:37) Esereht: I'm sure everyone would be ahppy to help you look for her.
(05/21 02:22:39) Finn Dove: nothing
(05/21 02:22:42) Al Bundy: yeah check library for cracks
(05/21 02:22:43) Finn Dove: no crack, nothing
(05/21 02:22:43) Gondar: Engberg is worried. Don't blame him.
(05/21 02:23:02) Finn Dove: Victor just said she turned off her ki - like he knew
(05/21 02:23:06) Thend: Gondar
(05/21 02:23:07) Carl Palmner: I'm at the library. There's a big crack but I dont know if its new
(05/21 02:23:14) Thend: Shine that over here please
(05/21 02:23:30) Thend: Maybe around this wall
(05/21 02:23:37) Al Bundy: so all the weenies leftbefore the big crash???
(05/21 02:23:38) Flint: how do you use the light?
(05/21 02:23:38) Gondar: She said basement.. maybe past barricade./
(05/21 02:23:39) Thend points
(05/21 02:23:50) Arthur Kalnins: She said the crack was "downstairs" maybe down stairs TO the library or downstairs IN it.
(05/21 02:23:57) Finn Dove: She said "at the bottom of the stairs"
(05/21 02:24:14) Thend: Anywhere around here then
(05/21 02:24:18) Gondar: don't see anything below... nothng new at least.
(05/21 02:24:25) Al Bundy: hey man u feeling better today?
(05/21 02:24:30) Gondar: We need a ResEng with headlamp, or someone with a light.
(05/21 02:24:32) Finn Dove: She'd be the type to go right past barricades if she could
(05/21 02:24:33) fezik (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/21 02:24:48) Carl Palmner: Where's Engberg?
(05/21 02:25:01) Gondar: Still elsewhere in city I guess.
(05/21 02:25:10) Finn Dove: i think he was in the pub
(05/21 02:25:48) Gondar: Odd how he hasn't checked here though.
(05/21 02:26:02) Gondar: that crack there on the wall old?
(05/21 02:26:05) Sparkee: He said he was going to check the library
(05/21 02:26:08) Thend points
(05/21 02:26:08) K'laamas: What's the word?
(05/21 02:26:12) Finn Dove: Unknown
(05/21 02:26:21) Gondar: Link?
(05/21 02:26:26) Gondar: WOAH1
(05/21 02:26:27) Flint: woah
(05/21 02:26:27) Nate: aaahh
(05/21 02:26:27) Finn Dove: Did you hear that?
(05/21 02:26:27) Sparkee: How do you get the ki light?
(05/21 02:26:28) K'laamas: What was that?!
(05/21 02:26:33) Finn Dove: That's the second time
(05/21 02:26:36) Gondar: Link link link
(05/21 02:26:39) Flint: yes
(05/21 02:26:43) K'laamas: Was anyone here when Wheely was here?
(05/21 02:26:43) Sparkee: we need them here
(05/21 02:26:51) Michael Engberg: Victor.
(05/21 02:26:53) Gondar: Is this place falling apart around us?
(05/21 02:26:58) Michael Engberg: Did you see that?
(05/21 02:27:01) Finn Dove: I was about two minutes away when she disappeared
(05/21 02:27:07) Flint: see what?
(05/21 02:27:10) sil_oh_wet: i was in Tokotah Alley
(05/21 02:27:11) Al Bundy: see what?
(05/21 02:27:13) Shimmerillion: yeah, see what
(05/21 02:27:14) Sparkee: see what?
(05/21 02:27:15) Victor Laxman: Yeah - one in the courtyard.
(05/21 02:27:18) Nate: i herd a bahro in the library!
(05/21 02:27:21) Flint: i ~hear~ something....
(05/21 02:27:22) Michael Engberg: Library as well.
(05/21 02:27:27) Arthur Kalnins: This is bad
(05/21 02:27:30) K'laamas: I didn't like the sound of that huge <crack>...
(05/21 02:27:31) Thend: Mr Engberg, I want you to know that many of us are as concerned as you are about Wheely and Rosette's safety
(05/21 02:27:31) Shimmerillion: why
(05/21 02:27:36) Al Bundy: as long as Peg aint here I dont see anything
(05/21 02:27:37) Gondar: Better get a team of ResEngs on to go help search. Something's up.
(05/21 02:27:39) Michael Engberg: Thank you.
(05/21 02:27:40) Esereht: What's happening?
(05/21 02:27:49) Shimmerillion: yes, what's happening?
(05/21 02:27:57) sil_oh_wet: cant you contect her somehow?
(05/21 02:27:59) Esereht: OMG!
(05/21 02:28:00) Finn Dove: what did you see Mr. Engberg?
(05/21 02:28:02) sil_oh_wet: Contact*
(05/21 02:28:11) Michael Engberg: Bahro on the library roof.
(05/21 02:28:14) Carl Palmner: roof of the library?
(05/21 02:28:17) K'laamas: o.o
(05/21 02:28:17) Gondar: On the roof? Uh oh..
(05/21 02:28:21) Flint: what the.....
(05/21 02:28:33) Flint: holy mac!
(05/21 02:28:40) Finn Dove: what flint?
(05/21 02:28:44) Flint: what a CRACK!
(05/21 02:28:48) Finn Dove: where>
(05/21 02:28:48) sil_oh_wet: Where?
(05/21 02:28:53) Arthur Kalnins: Mr. Engberg, do you see anything?
(05/21 02:28:55) Arthur Kalnins: AAH!
(05/21 02:29:00) Gondar: And again... not good.
(05/21 02:29:00) DaytonaKit is confused
(05/21 02:29:03) Finn Dove: what is that noise?!
(05/21 02:29:03) Victor Laxman: Oh my...
(05/21 02:29:07) Marten: Are we safe here or should we leave?
(05/21 02:29:08) Esereht: Oops, I just heard a Bahro very close...
(05/21 02:29:10) Michael Engberg: has anyone heard from Wheely in the past two hours?
(05/21 02:29:11) DaytonaKit: that couldn't be good
(05/21 02:29:15) Finn Dove: no one
(05/21 02:29:16) Michael Engberg: Or seen her on the KI?
(05/21 02:29:19) Finn Dove: no
(05/21 02:29:19) Sparkee: Where?
(05/21 02:29:21) Arthur Kalnins: No
(05/21 02:29:23) Gondar: Last person to see her was Yali of Dyson.
(05/21 02:29:31) Victor Laxman: Michael, on the library again!
(05/21 02:29:36) Gondar: She went into the library to look at the crack.. and that was when she disappeared.
(05/21 02:29:41) Michael Engberg: Victor come to the basement.
(05/21 02:29:42) Gondar: that's what I heard at least.
(05/21 02:29:52) sil_oh_wet: yes that is pretty much how it happened
(05/21 02:29:55) Michael Engberg: I don't see anything different but I need your eyes as well.
(05/21 02:30:19) Esereht: How do we use the new light?
(05/21 02:30:20) Marten: Supposedly Wheely said the crack was beyond the barriers.
(05/21 02:30:21) Michael Engberg sighs.
(05/21 02:30:27) Esereht: Maybe that would help...
(05/21 02:30:33) Finn Dove: she said "at the bottom of the stairs"
(05/21 02:30:43) Gondar: In the basement, I think she said.
(05/21 02:30:43) sil_oh_wet: How did she get down there?
(05/21 02:30:48) Michael Engberg: Anything look different to you?
(05/21 02:30:51) DaytonaKit: should we try to get to the ohter side?
(05/21 02:30:56) sil_oh_wet: nothing looks different to me
(05/21 02:30:58) Marten: Did anyone get a picture of the Bahro on the roof?
(05/21 02:31:05) Arthur Kalnins: Could she have gone farther?
(05/21 02:31:06) Thend: We will assist any way we can
(05/21 02:31:10) Michael Engberg: Is Sutherland coming?
(05/21 02:31:18) Axelrod: It was there and gone too fast
(05/21 02:31:22) J'Ankenne: is that what that was?
(05/21 02:31:27) No'ga: Marten I did
(05/21 02:31:29) Victor Laxman: Yes, I KI messaged her.
(05/21 02:31:31) DaytonaKit: he sounded mad!
(05/21 02:31:33) Kerryth: It was only there for a couple of seconds.
(05/21 02:31:37) Shimmerillion: i've been hearing them ever since i got here
(05/21 02:31:40) DaytonaKit: he/it
(05/21 02:31:41) Marten: Thank you No'ga. That may be very useful
(05/21 02:31:49) sil_oh_wet: Move these barriers. You need to check further down
(05/21 02:31:51) Marten: I will see if I can get a picture myself.
(05/21 02:31:52) Kerryth: It's not their usual call.
(05/21 02:31:58) Finn Dove: not at all
(05/21 02:32:26) DaytonaKit: what if we tried jumping from the top of the stairs?
(05/21 02:32:27) Arthur Kalnins: Those of you with lights, shine them on the walls!
(05/21 02:32:37) Shimmerillion: how do you get a light?
(05/21 02:32:41) Finn Dove: no idea
(05/21 02:32:44) Esereht: How do we shine the lights?
(05/21 02:32:45) Kerryth: Some people are glowing.
(05/21 02:32:57) Esereht: I haven't figured out how to turn it one yet...
(05/21 02:33:03) ngc2392: they have fireflies with them
(05/21 02:33:12) Michael Engberg: Laxman this look the same?
(05/21 02:33:15) Victor Laxman: She's on her way Michael.
(05/21 02:33:20) Michael Engberg: Up here on the top floor.
(05/21 02:33:25) Kerryth: firefly light is green. This is violet.
(05/21 02:33:34) Rindercella: I just saw Nick White or his twin, but he doesn't show on my KI
(05/21 02:33:37) Esereht: It's a new KI light.
(05/21 02:33:45) sil_oh_wet is confused - has anyone checked further down the stairs?
(05/21 02:33:46) Esereht: Only shines for a few seconds.
(05/21 02:33:47) Carl Palmner: That's the crack I was talking about
(05/21 02:34:00) Arthur Kalnins: Looks the same to me.
(05/21 02:34:13) Carl Palmner: Is it new?
(05/21 02:34:21) daht'ay: oh, yeah, that's pretty bad
(05/21 02:34:22) Finn Dove: I didn't think so
(05/21 02:34:29) Victor Laxman: I don't know Michael?
(05/21 02:34:34) Michael Engberg: Looks the same to me.
(05/21 02:34:39) Gondar: I think it might have grown.. the crack is old, but..
(05/21 02:34:46) Michael Engberg: Anhyone else notice anything else in here?
(05/21 02:34:53) Arthur Kalnins: No. I searched this place
(05/21 02:34:57) Arthur Kalnins: Didn't see anything
(05/21 02:34:58) Finn Dove: me too, nothing
(05/21 02:35:02) Arthur Kalnins: Perhaps she went lower?
(05/21 02:35:04) Carl Palmner: But this HAS to be the crack WHeely was referring to--whether it's new or not.
(05/21 02:35:07) Gondar: No, I checked down past the blockade.. can't see.
(05/21 02:35:07) Victor Laxman: What about the floor?
(05/21 02:35:08) Nate: nothing outside on the walk around either
(05/21 02:35:10) Michael Engberg: She may have gone lower.
(05/21 02:35:21) Finn Dove: she did say "bottom of the stairs" but which stairs, dunno
(05/21 02:35:22) Carl Palmner: We didn't see anything below before
(05/21 02:35:31) Carl Palmner: She did?
(05/21 02:35:37) Gondar: ...I don't recall the crack going up to the full ceiling. Does anyone remember that?
(05/21 02:35:52) Nate: not to the ceiling...
(05/21 02:35:52) Carl Palmner: I'm going to check out the basement again
(05/21 02:35:54) Thend: Not sure Gondar
(05/21 02:35:56) From shrimpinstine: No
(05/21 02:36:08) daht'ay: There are stairs to a lower level in the museum too aren't there?
(05/21 02:36:08) Victor Laxman: Michael, you need to confirm that the library is safe. We have a lot of people here.
(05/21 02:36:12) Gondar: It's right up to the light sphere now, and down to the floor and past.
(05/21 02:36:18) Finn Dove: she was in the library
(05/21 02:36:25) sil_oh_wet: Uhg - can you please just send someone down lower to look for her?
(05/21 02:36:42) Carl Palmner: No don't worry about us Mr Engberg, lets focus on finding Wheely
(05/21 02:36:44) daht'ay: true... a couple of hours ago...
(05/21 02:36:46) Michael Engberg: I don't believe the library is any different.
(05/21 02:36:51) D'n Yeisha: I heard that!
(05/21 02:36:53) HeadCheese : could she have gone lower when we cannot?
(05/21 02:36:54) Michael Engberg: I mean it's hard to know but....
(05/21 02:36:56) Finn Dove: bahro
(05/21 02:37:03) Gondar: Might want to cordon off the area later to be sure.
(05/21 02:37:03) Finn Dove: regular call that time
(05/21 02:37:05) Michael Engberg: Who knows. Could Wheely have seen something?
(05/21 02:37:08) Michael Engberg: I suppose.
(05/21 02:37:21) Michael Engberg: What could she have seen?
(05/21 02:37:25) Gondar: She said she thought it might be a new crack, called her friend over.
(05/21 02:37:34) Arthur Kalnins: Bahro? Not possible. Those don't look like cracks.
(05/21 02:37:35) Thend: BAHRO! If you can hear and understand this - Please help us!
(05/21 02:37:38) Finn Dove: there was no indication she had seen anything other than "maybe a new crack"
(05/21 02:37:52) Aro-Ron Chynn: has there always been those two little lights down there?
(05/21 02:37:58) Gondar: That's old.
(05/21 02:38:02) Michael Engberg: Marie are you here?
(05/21 02:38:02) Aro-Ron Chynn: most of the lights down there are red
(05/21 02:38:02) Carl Palmner: Don't get panickyu Thend
(05/21 02:38:03) Finn Dove: yes
(05/21 02:38:07) Carl Palmner: The Bahro dont speak English
(05/21 02:38:07) Michael Engberg: We're by the Library.
(05/21 02:38:09) Aro-Ron Chynn: but those two are white
(05/21 02:38:17) Thend: Carl, I'm not, just exploring options
(05/21 02:38:17) Finn Dove: been there for at least days
(05/21 02:38:20) Michael Engberg: You should come and look - we need more eyes.
(05/21 02:38:32) Sparkee: what is this big black line across the hand print on the wall over here by the 2 pedasals?
(05/21 02:38:33) Marie Sutherland: I'm on the great stairs... coming your way
(05/21 02:38:40) Thend: Bahro can pick up on emotions, I'm guessing though
(05/21 02:38:40) Carl Palmner: Can we get these barricades removed so we can search for her?
(05/21 02:38:41) Sparkee points
(05/21 02:38:41) sil_oh_wet: i am beyod panicky - we are staring at a wall and there is a girl missing here
(05/21 02:38:44) HeadCheese : Mr. Laxman, what exactly *IS* in the lower levels beyond the barriers?
(05/21 02:38:44) Nate: ohh
(05/21 02:38:44) Arthur Kalnins: What was that?
(05/21 02:38:44) Cameron Hewlett: Uh oh...
(05/21 02:38:44) Aro-Ron Chynn: woah
(05/21 02:38:44) Gondar: What... was that?
(05/21 02:38:46) Aro-Ron Chynn: umm
(05/21 02:38:46) Cloud: Woooh
(05/21 02:38:46) HeadCheese : hOLY COW
(05/21 02:38:47) Michael Engberg: I'm leaning toward Wheely lying though. Did anyone stay at the crack?
(05/21 02:38:47) Gondar: Another shake?
(05/21 02:38:49) Flint: hey
(05/21 02:38:54) Shimmerillion: yeah that was scary
(05/21 02:38:56) Axelrod: Youzer
(05/21 02:38:56) Nate: thats bad
(05/21 02:38:58) Thend: I heard something
(05/21 02:38:58) D'n Yeisha: I heard that!
(05/21 02:38:59) Michael Engberg: After she said that.
(05/21 02:39:01) Flint: shakes
(05/21 02:39:04) Gondar: Should we get out of the building?
(05/21 02:39:05) Michael Engberg: Heard what?
(05/21 02:39:10) Arthur Kalnins: Quake?
(05/21 02:39:10) ngc2392: aftershock !!!!
(05/21 02:39:10) Aro-Ron Chynn: I heard a rumble
(05/21 02:39:12) Finn Dove: rumbling
(05/21 02:39:14) Victor Laxman: That was a large event!
(05/21 02:39:15) Esereht: Runbling
(05/21 02:39:15) Gondar: Some sort of rumble, yeah..
(05/21 02:39:16) Flint: i heard a rumbling
(05/21 02:39:16) D'n Yeisha: Rumbleing
(05/21 02:39:17) Cameron Hewlett: Sounded seimic to me.
(05/21 02:39:20) Shimmerillion: yes
(05/21 02:39:25) ngc2392: let's be ready to rumble !!!!!
(05/21 02:39:26) Nate jumps up and down to make something cave in...
(05/21 02:39:28) Michael Engberg: Marie did you hear that?
(05/21 02:39:30) Gondar: Bad timing. Very bad timing.
(05/21 02:39:30) Thend: Bahro?!
(05/21 02:39:31) HeadCheese : like a quake or stone settling
(05/21 02:39:34) Finn Dove: or something on the roof
(05/21 02:39:39) Victor Laxman: Marie?
(05/21 02:39:40) Carl Palmner: WHEEEEEELY?
(05/21 02:39:41) J'Ankenne: didn't feel like a quake, though
(05/21 02:39:45) Marie Sutherland: Yeah, it came from the alley!
(05/21 02:39:48) HeadCheese : should we evacuate?
(05/21 02:39:52) Arthur Kalnins: Anyone at the pub? Has something happened?
(05/21 02:39:52) Michael Engberg: The alley?!?
(05/21 02:39:56) Gondar: Uh oh.. did the wall give?!
(05/21 02:40:01) Victor Laxman: Coming...
(05/21 02:40:01) ngc2392: tokotah
(05/21 02:40:04) Carl Palmner: Get these darn barriers out of the way!
(05/21 02:40:08) Finn Dove: wasn't there a pub party going on?
(05/21 02:40:10) Finn Dove: yikes
(05/21 02:40:14) Gondar: Woah.. bahro are angry.
(05/21 02:40:19) Flint: aie!
(05/21 02:40:22) HeadCheese : I heard another Bahro
(05/21 02:40:33) Carl Palmner: We all did ,Head
(05/21 02:40:36) Thend: BAHRO! We are only asking for help!
(05/21 02:40:51) Found marker: '56945, 99, -79'
(05/21 02:41:04) Nate: i havent seen it yet but i sure can hear it
(05/21 02:41:04) Kerryth: I heard it, but I did not see it this time.
(05/21 02:41:08) Marie Sutherland: Engberg, the crack has more damage
(05/21 02:41:14) Finn Dove: oh oh
(05/21 02:42:00) Carl Palmner: OOC: I know, Head ;)
(05/21 02:42:05) Kerryth: The other times it was not on top of the roof. It was over the portico in front of the light.
(05/21 02:42:20) Flint: holy moly!
(05/21 02:42:32) Carl Palmner: what?
(05/21 02:42:42) Michael Engberg: We need to clear the city.
(05/21 02:42:48) Michael Engberg: This is not safe.
(05/21 02:42:50) Arthur Kalnins: Everyone out!
(05/21 02:42:52) Carl Palmner: NO!!!
(05/21 02:42:57) Carl Palmner: We have to find Wheely!
(05/21 02:42:58) Michael Engberg: Laxman, take the Nexus down to zero.
(05/21 02:43:13) Nate: i will not leave my precious city when it needs me most!
(05/21 02:43:27) HeadCheese : what will that do to those of us already in the City?
(05/21 02:43:28) Michael Engberg: My daughter is missing Sil.
(05/21 02:43:28) Carl Palmner: Michael you need our help!
(05/21 02:43:32) Flint: this is bad mojo....
(05/21 02:43:33) Found marker: '32452, 62, -86'
(05/21 02:43:33) Found marker: '32461, 62, -86'
(05/21 02:43:33) Found marker: '32479, 62, -86'
(05/21 02:43:33) Found marker: '32495, 62, -86'
(05/21 02:43:34) Arthur Kalnins: This is serious.
(05/21 02:43:35) sil_oh_wet: Then lets find her
(05/21 02:43:38) Michael Engberg: We don't know if anyone has been hurt or not.
(05/21 02:43:40) Gondar: Call in ResEngs.
(05/21 02:43:42) Michael Engberg: As well as her friend.
(05/21 02:43:47) Victor Laxman: Okay Michael. It's at zero.
(05/21 02:43:48) Carl Palmner: good idea
(05/21 02:43:54) K'laamas: Barricade the Pub if you feel it's necessary, but why evacuate Ae'gura?
(05/21 02:44:00) Gondar: we're explorers.. but we aren't trained for this.
(05/21 02:44:09) Carl Palmner: we can still help.
(05/21 02:44:09) Michael Engberg: Have you found her yet then?
(05/21 02:44:19) Michael Engberg: I don't know any of you who have seen her and it's been two hours.
(05/21 02:44:20) Carl Palmner: I won't be able to sit still til we find her, anyway.
(05/21 02:44:29) Michael Engberg: Clear the structure at least.
(05/21 02:44:31) Victor Laxman: I'm sure she's fine Michael. Marie? Anything?
(05/21 02:44:43) Marie Sutherland: /Shout We need to get everyone one out of here.
(05/21 02:44:45) Arthur Kalnins: Everyone OUT
(05/21 02:44:52) Found marker: '32452, 62, -86'
(05/21 02:44:54) Carl Palmner: Mr Engberg, cant someone move the barricades so we can search down there?
(05/21 02:45:00) Kerryth: Should've worn my hard hat...
(05/21 02:45:12) HeadCheese : Shouldn't there be some attempt to shore up the structure to minimize further dame?
(05/21 02:45:20) Marie Sutherland: first things first. Clear the area.
(05/21 02:45:35) Carl Palmner: Which area? Pub or Library?
(05/21 02:45:45) Victor Laxman: Finding Wheely is what we care about right now. Everyone else okay?
(05/21 02:46:09) Michael Engberg: Was anyone watching the crack after Wheely said the crack was in the Library?
(05/21 02:46:12) Sparkee: we are all ok MR. Laxman
(05/21 02:46:25) Carl Palmner: @#$%!
(05/21 02:46:26) Michael Engberg: No one?
(05/21 02:46:32) Gondar: I don't think anyone was in there at the time.
(05/21 02:46:37) Finn Dove: I was in there right after wheely disappeared
(05/21 02:46:50) Esereht: Just find Wheely. We can take care of ourselves.
(05/21 02:46:50) Finn Dove: I didnt' see anything unusual
(05/21 02:46:55) Michael Engberg: We have to clear the city!
(05/21 02:46:56) From DaytonaKit: where are you guys?
(05/21 02:47:03) Michael Engberg: This is ridiculous!
(05/21 02:47:08) Arthur Kalnins: Everyone leave the City.
(05/21 02:47:12) Michael Engberg: Leave!
(05/21 02:47:16) Arthur Kalnins: Leve the City.
(05/21 02:47:20) Michael Engberg: It's unstable.
(05/21 02:47:26) Michael Engberg: We have no idea what's going on.
(05/21 02:47:30) Esereht: But maybe we can help?!
(05/21 02:47:32) Thend: Engberg, I hear the crack was elow where explorers could go
(05/21 02:47:35) Carl Palmner: Mr Engberg let us help you find her
(05/21 02:47:45) Thend: below*
(05/21 02:47:49) Michael Engberg: We can return later if we deem it safe.
(05/21 02:47:54) Arthur Kalnins: This is not the time for debate. Out of the City.
(05/21 02:47:56) Michael Engberg: Laxman do you agre or not?
(05/21 02:48:01) Michael Engberg: Sutherland?
(05/21 02:48:06) Aro-Ron Chynn: come on, lets all go out to the GoG bevin, we can regroup there
(05/21 02:48:08) Victor Laxman: Everyone at least get out of the alleyway please!
(05/21 02:48:14) Thend: I am willing to stay and search
(05/21 02:48:16) Carl Palmner: Shut up Arthur
(05/21 02:48:18) Finn Dove: it was crowded by the crack
(05/21 02:48:19) Michael Engberg: I didn't ask you Sil_oh_wet.
(05/21 02:48:28) Michael Engberg: And your opinions aren't helping right now.
(05/21 02:48:45) Arthur Kalnins: I'm leaving.
(05/21 02:48:49) Gondar: At the least barricade off the pub and library.
(05/21 02:48:52) Carl Palmner: (OOC that was IC Arthur)
(05/21 02:48:59) Michael Engberg: My daughter is not in an area where we have access.
(05/21 02:49:09) Michael Engberg: Or else we would have found her.
(05/21 02:49:15) Arthur Kalnins: Landing by pub Vitor
(05/21 02:49:18) Michael Engberg: On the balcony.
(05/21 02:49:19) Arthur Kalnins: Victor
(05/21 02:49:39) Michael Engberg: ResEng's should start removing people.
(05/21 02:49:50) Rindercella: Ravenclaw says to meet up at his Bevin
(05/21 02:50:02) Arthur Kalnins: I do. We can come back later, but no it our skulls are imploded.
(05/21 02:50:06) Michael Engberg: Yes!
(05/21 02:50:06) Aro-Ron Chynn: that sounds like a good idea
(05/21 02:50:13) Michael Engberg: At least for now.
(05/21 02:50:22) Michael Engberg: And let's keep it that way.
(05/21 02:50:30) Michael Engberg: We have no idea what's happened.
(05/21 02:50:40) DaytonaKit: did anybody see the bahro stone by the library?
(05/21 02:50:43) Michael Engberg: And where....
(05/21 02:50:48) Carl Palmner: Michael, this city is huge! You can't find one person without help.
(05/21 02:51:05) Michael Engberg: Yes it is emotional! Thank you Sil_oh)_wet for another genius comment!
(05/21 02:51:44) Carl Palmner: Calm down Micahel.
(05/21 02:52:00) Esereht: We're all down here by choice, we know the dangers that might come with it.
(05/21 02:52:02) Marie Sutherland: definitely. We need the explorers out of the city for now.
(05/21 02:52:12) Found marker: '56953, 99, -79'
(05/21 02:52:12) Found marker: '56945, 99, -79'
(05/21 02:52:12) Carl Palmner: Don't worry about us, our lives are in our own hands now. We want to help find Wheely!
(05/21 02:52:20) DaytonaKit: do you know where they went?
(05/21 02:52:56) Jerdon: Everybody is down by the Pub
(05/21 02:52:58) Michael Engberg: I'm leaving.
(05/21 02:53:06) DaytonaKit: ah
(05/21 02:53:11) Michael Engberg: I'm going to find maps.
(05/21 02:53:29) Carl Palmner: Let's organize search parties.
(05/21 02:53:47) Esereht: Laxman and Sutherland, what can we do to help?
(05/21 02:55:06) Finn Dove: the bahro stone behind the library is back
(05/21 02:55:17) DaytonaKit: should I do the stone, or stay ehre?
(05/21 02:55:20) DaytonaKit: here?
(05/21 02:55:37) Jerdon: That's what I'm wondering. Hear the Bahro?
(05/21 02:55:41) DaytonaKit: yeah
(05/21 02:55:45) DaytonaKit: earlier they sounded mad!
(05/21 02:55:49) To DaytonaKit: Your choice, but you'll never get back into the city
(05/21 02:55:57) Jerdon: They sure did.
(05/21 02:56:01) From DaytonaKit: yeah, that's what I'm thinking...
(05/21 02:56:03) Carl Palmner: Does anyone have KI lights?
(05/21 02:56:04) Nate: Please Bahro! Dont Destroy our City!
(05/21 02:56:07) Jerdon: Wonder why?
(05/21 02:56:14) Carl Palmner: Thend needs help searching the library.
(05/21 02:56:22) DaytonaKit: i'm already here, I'll volunteer
(05/21 02:56:27) Esereht: How do we work the KI lights? I have one.
(05/21 02:56:30) Thend: BAHRO! Please help us find Wheely and Rosette!
(05/21 02:56:35) Carl Palmner: I dont know how.
(05/21 02:56:38) Sparkee: no Carl where do we get them?
(05/21 02:56:44) Carl Palmner: I dont know.
(05/21 02:56:49) Jerdon: I'll volunteer, too as I'm already over here
(05/21 02:56:53) Carl Palmner: Is Victor still here? He knows.
(05/21 02:56:56) Finn Dove: me too
(05/21 02:57:16) Jerdon: I'm heading up front.
(05/21 02:57:25) Thend: I know you can hear me, Bahro!
(05/21 02:57:44) Carl Palmner: Give that up Thend
(05/21 02:57:50) Carl Palmner: waste of energy
(05/21 02:57:54) Esereht: Building plans, Victor?
(05/21 02:57:59) Al'Kaera: Bahro Show us where our lost ones are.
(05/21 02:58:09) Thend: You never know, Carl. Please ignore me then, I know what it sounds like
(05/21 02:58:26) Carl Palmner: Good grief people, they don't speak English, spend your energy searching instead.
(05/21 02:58:48) DaytonaKit: just because they don't speak it, doesn't mean they don't understand
(05/21 02:58:54) Esereht: Victor, is Michael finding areason the maps that you weren't aware of?
(05/21 02:59:03) Finn Dove: Yikes
(05/21 02:59:04) Shirkan (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/21 02:59:04) Marie Sutherland: We appreciate your support, but now the best thing for your safety and Wheely's is to get the explorers out of there and begin official search and rescue procedures with the resEngs
(05/21 02:59:07) Thend: hello
(05/21 02:59:14) Jerdon: Hello.
(05/21 02:59:32) Thend: You hear that, the scream and linking sound?
(05/21 02:59:37) Jerdon: yup
(05/21 02:59:37) DaytonaKit: yeah!
(05/21 02:59:38) Esereht: Are you going to officially close down the city for a while?
(05/21 02:59:38) Victor Laxman: Yes, good! Can everyone please leave the city until we're sure.
(05/21 02:59:47) Thend: Bahro, I hear you
(05/21 02:59:51) Aro-Ron Chynn: come on, lets all go, let the people do their job
(05/21 02:59:56) Thend: What do you want?
(05/21 02:59:59) Gondar: Let's face it people, we're not trained for this. Let themn handle it.
(05/21 03:00:02) Al'Kaera: Bahro, open a new door to where the lost are hidden
(05/21 03:00:13) Marie Sutherland: Victor, you need to shut down any equipment that causes vibrations.
(05/21 03:00:55) Victor Laxman: Okay, let's start moving people out... please...
(05/21 03:01:13) Carl Palmner: Use us to help search! You've got all this manpower!
(05/21 03:01:14) Thend: BAhro, please help us find our lost explorers
(05/21 03:01:23) Victor Laxman: If you don't leave we'll have to persuade you...
(05/21 03:01:34) Thend: See anything?
(05/21 03:01:37) Carl Palmner: what do you mean?
(05/21 03:01:42) Victor Laxman: Bevins should be fine.
(05/21 03:01:43) Aro-Ron Chynn: come on, lets go everybody
(05/21 03:01:46) Jerdon: No, keep hering the linking, though.
(05/21 03:01:50) Jerdon: Hearing...
(05/21 03:01:57) Gondar: Bevin is safe.. everyone out of the pool!
(05/21 03:02:00) Marten: Folks, just being here is adding weight and vibration...
(05/21 03:02:01) Victor Laxman: I hope this will only be a brief closing.
(05/21 03:02:02) Carl Palmner: Then go, Aro-Ron. I want to look for Wheely.
(05/21 03:02:09) Victor Laxman: Thank you all!
(05/21 03:02:34) Found marker: '56971, 99, -79'
(05/21 03:02:34) Found marker: '56953, 99, -79'
(05/21 03:02:37) Gondar: Once again, everyone out of the city!
(05/21 03:02:55) Victor Laxman: Only a few left... please. We'd prefer not to have the ResEngs help.
(05/21 03:03:13) Victor Laxman: Thank you.
(05/21 03:03:30) sil_oh_wet: im in the strip mall
(05/21 03:03:46) Gondar: Once more... good luck with the search. Keep us informed. We're all close to a panic here too..
(05/21 03:03:47) DaytonaKit: i guess it's my cue to use the bahro stone by the library
(05/21 03:04:21) Victor Laxman: Please help us with this. It's for your own good.
(05/21 03:04:41) Found marker: '56971, 99, -79'
(05/21 03:04:43) Marie Sutherland: just the city, J'mee
(05/21 03:05:01) Victor Laxman: We don't want to have to force people out. Please leave the city!!!
(05/21 03:05:28) Found marker: '56945, 99, -79'
(05/21 03:05:28) Found marker: '56953, 99, -79'
(05/21 03:05:42) Victor Laxman: ResEnges have begun removing the remainder.
(05/21 03:06:05) To Jerdon: Where u going to?
(05/21 03:06:15) Victor Laxman: Once again sorry for the inconvenience!
(05/21 03:07:29) Victor Laxman: Marie - we'll go immediately meet with Michael. We need to form a plan. Would you contact Cate?
(05/21 03:08:14) Marie Sutherland: Yes, I'll contact Cate. It's part of the protocol.
(05/21 03:10:10) Marie Sutherland: You need to leave the City for now, please.
(05/21 03:10:58) Victor Laxman: It would help us if everyone would leave of their own accord.
(05/21 03:12:03) ResEng W. Cowart: Thend, Shirkan, Nate, Finn Dove, Jerdon: Please link out of the city on your own.
(05/21 03:12:19) To Jerdon: Please let us help
(05/21 03:12:24) Shirkan: It would help us if everyone would lesve of ok
(05/21 03:12:28) Finn Dove: Please let us help
(05/21 03:12:29) From Nate: what do ya think finn? shoud we?
(05/21 03:12:34) Thend: Alright. If therer is anythin we can do to help in the search later, let us know please. Seeya
(05/21 03:12:35) Victor Laxman: Only those five left. Please link out now!!!
(05/21 03:12:44) ResEng W. Cowart: Will do.
(05/21 03:12:53) Victor Laxman: Thank you for your help.
(05/21 03:12:57) Jerdon: I echo Thend's comment.
(05/21 03:13:13) To Jerdon: What did thend say?
(05/21 03:13:14) Victor Laxman: Thank you!
(05/21 03:13:16) Jerdon: We're all worried...
(05/21 03:13:32) From Jerdon: Looks like he left. I'm leaving, too.
(05/21 03:13:35) Victor Laxman: We'll let you know as soon as we can.
(05/21 03:13:38) From Nate: alright alright im going
(05/21 03:13:38) To Jerdon: Ok, me too
(05/21 03:13:46) Nate: alright alright im going
(05/21 03:14:00) Victor Laxman: Please link out now!
(05/21 03:14:05) Finn Dove: going, going
(05/21 03:15:09) ...Chat.log stopped.

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 12:20 pm 

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Did anyone else notice those coordinates in the logs?

[EDIT] They seem to be near/just behind the upper doors to the Library. Can someone give me a sanity check on this?
[EDITx2] The first coordinates seem to point to the crack near the pub. Anyone know the signifigance of these markers?

Can't goldfarm if you don't have an economy!

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 12:30 pm 

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Apparently he was collecting markers. The coordinates are logged in the chatlog.

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 12:50 pm 

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Perhaps, but I don't remember a cluster of markers near either the doors or the crack. Nor do I see any other markers which are in drastically different places.

Can't goldfarm if you don't have an economy!

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 12:54 pm 

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Marker mission 2 has a cluster of 4 markers just at the door to the pub in the pub corridor.

That missin also has 5 or 6 markers in the library.

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