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 Post subject: Cate in Kirel
PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 3:35 pm 

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(09/09 17:12:50) Chat.log started...
(09/09 17:12:56) Rivenorth: good:)
(09/09 17:13:00) Cate Alexander: The Guild Pubs, I am told, will be available within the hour.
(09/09 17:13:06) Sti 'in cheers
(09/09 17:13:10) Joy Electric: Good day to you Cate!
(09/09 17:13:11) Hans cheers
(09/09 17:13:11) Vince_Game cheers
(09/09 17:13:13) Poseidon cheers
(09/09 17:13:19) Joy Electric cheers
(09/09 17:13:19) Erik: That's nice
(09/09 17:13:25) Cate Alexander: Yes, we'll lets cheer when you have them.
(09/09 17:13:30) Error: Don't know how to '/me's cat is on his lap...'
(09/09 17:13:32) Sti 'in: Ugh
(09/09 17:13:32) Joy Electric: lol
(09/09 17:13:37) Scarlette wants to ask a question...
(09/09 17:13:40) Telmora: what news from the DRC Cate?
(09/09 17:13:43) Sti 'in 's cat is on his lap
(09/09 17:13:44) Selee Tayoy: What was wrong with them before?
(09/09 17:13:48) Acknar: guys give here soom room
(09/09 17:13:52) Zen6219: Would people back away?
(09/09 17:14:04) Poseidon: Yes.... can every stay down here plaease
(09/09 17:14:10) Slightperil: Where from?
(09/09 17:14:10) Sti 'in: Heah
(09/09 17:14:14) Sti 'in: Yeah*
(09/09 17:14:17) Zen6219: It's not Madonna!
(09/09 17:14:19) Scarlette: Cate, I don't quite understand the purpose of the guild pubs? They are for "members" only?
(09/09 17:14:21) Sti 'in: Everyone down
(09/09 17:14:26) Cate Alexander: I'm going to start to have to bring security personal with me.
(09/09 17:14:27) Sti 'in: Give her some room
(09/09 17:14:32) Scarlette: How does one become a member?
(09/09 17:14:32) Sti 'in: She can barely breathe
(09/09 17:14:36) Poseidon: Can everyone stay down here please
(09/09 17:14:40) Zen6219: I think security would be a good idea Cate
(09/09 17:14:43) Poseidon: Gave cate some room
(09/09 17:14:52) Telmora: news travels fast...
(09/09 17:14:57) Cate Alexander: Regardless, look for the pubs in the Nexus.
(09/09 17:15:04) Hans: and don't use voice chat!
(09/09 17:15:05) Joy Electric: cool
(09/09 17:15:08) kyashii cheers
(09/09 17:15:09) Joy Electric: will be open
(09/09 17:15:11) Zen6219 cheers
(09/09 17:15:12) Telmora cheers
(09/09 17:15:12) D'Lanor cheers
(09/09 17:15:13) Slightperil: Any other news?
(09/09 17:15:14) Zen6219 claps his hands
(09/09 17:15:17) Telmora: thank you!
(09/09 17:15:19) Cate Alexander: Supporters will have access to their respective pubs.
(09/09 17:15:21) Rivenorth: nexus ok will do - thanks Cate
(09/09 17:15:23) Cate Alexander: They are not open yet.
(09/09 17:15:26) kyashii: cate, are we getting the spy room soon?
(09/09 17:15:27) L'orr: glad the delay wasn't too long....thanks for the news Cate
(09/09 17:15:31) Cate Alexander: I am told within the hour.
(09/09 17:15:35) Vivicus: When will they open then?
(09/09 17:15:36) Zen6219 claps his hands
(09/09 17:15:38) Vivicus: Ok
(09/09 17:15:45) The Zoologist: Ack, curse this lag!
(09/09 17:15:52) Sti 'in: Lag?
(09/09 17:15:54) Sti 'in: What lag?
(09/09 17:15:56) Scarlette: Cate do you know who HE is.. coming?
(09/09 17:15:59) Poseidon: They spy room is sharpers.... you need to ask him
(09/09 17:16:04) kyashii: Cate, when are we getting the spy room link????
(09/09 17:16:18) Erik: Shhhhh, kyashii
(09/09 17:16:23) kyashii: Sry
(09/09 17:16:24) Zen6219 cheers for Guild Pubs
(09/09 17:16:26) Cate Alexander: I'm not answering questions about Phil.
(09/09 17:16:31) White Rose: When is the new age to be released
(09/09 17:16:34) kyashii says okay
(09/09 17:16:45) Choochie thinks they aren't supposed to know about the spyroom or else it wouldn't be a "spy"room
(09/09 17:16:49) Cate Alexander: What new Age Rose?
(09/09 17:16:54) Selee Tayoy: What were the issues with the pubs before?
(09/09 17:16:56) The Zoologist stands on tiptoe.
(09/09 17:17:10) Cate Alexander: Spy room?
(09/09 17:17:24) Telmora: Cate,l am concerned by the DRC's lack of response to this coming war we have been warned of.
(09/09 17:17:24) Poseidon says DOH!
(09/09 17:17:26) Erik: Just Explorer talk, Ms. Alexander. NOthing special
(09/09 17:17:27) Scarlette: What about those of us that don't fit into one of the guilds cate?
(09/09 17:17:27) White Rose: Is there going ot be another part of POTS released
(09/09 17:17:30) Mucol: please dont beset cate and let her some room !
(09/09 17:17:30) Zen6219: lol
(09/09 17:17:31) Cate Alexander: The spy room is from a lost era.
(09/09 17:17:39) Zen6219: Give Cate room!
(09/09 17:17:46) kyashii: A lost era? what do you mean cate?
(09/09 17:17:50) Sti 'in: Back up everyone
(09/09 17:17:53) The Zoologist: Everyone let Cate speak.
(09/09 17:17:55) Joy Electric: Cate, do you think your rush to release ages is encouraging the power struggle and war between the Bahro?
(09/09 17:17:55) Mucol: and other explores wanna see also anything - go some steps back, please
(09/09 17:17:58) Choochie wonders how Cate read my thoughts!!!!!
(09/09 17:18:01) Hans: STAY DOWN HERE!
(09/09 17:18:09) White Rose: Can we get a moderator
(09/09 17:18:15) Cate Alexander: If you don't fit into one of the current Guilds, I don't have much to say for now.
(09/09 17:18:20) Frisky Badger: or some personal restraint
(09/09 17:18:21) The Zoologist: Oh dear, I thought we'd get to that...
(09/09 17:18:25) White Rose: So everyone can have a chance to ask a question
(09/09 17:18:37) kyashii: cate, is there anything special in the guild pubs?
(09/09 17:18:41) Cate Alexander: Support the closest one.
(09/09 17:18:44) Scarlette: will more be offered in the future?
(09/09 17:18:44) Selee Tayoy: Will evryone have access to every guild pub?
(09/09 17:18:46) Poseidon: So how does this "access contol" work cate?
(09/09 17:18:50) Monkeyboy: What are the guilds for?
(09/09 17:18:54) Cate Alexander: We hope.
(09/09 17:19:01) The Zoologist: Too many questions!
(09/09 17:19:11) Scarlette: thank you :)
(09/09 17:19:12) kengehr2785: Any news on Ahnonay? (according to your site its being worked on
(09/09 17:19:13) kengehr2785: )
(09/09 17:19:15) White Rose: Is there going to be another age released related to Er'cana
(09/09 17:19:15) Frisky Badger: omg, people let her answer a question before you ask 436278 more
(09/09 17:19:25) Cate Alexander: Monkey - read the information in this hood.
(09/09 17:19:38) Monkeyboy: ok thanks
(09/09 17:19:38) Cate Alexander: Ahnonay? I hope.
(09/09 17:19:46) White Rose: When?
(09/09 17:19:49) rebus cheers
(09/09 17:19:58) Kelm: has the visitor's defult bevin to the greeter's bevin been part of the new Guild structure
(09/09 17:19:58) Cate Alexander: Don't ask.
(09/09 17:19:59) Poseidon starts to laugh
(09/09 17:20:07) Cate Alexander: I wasn't talking to you mookie.
(09/09 17:20:07) Scarlette wants to ask a question...
(09/09 17:20:21) Scarlette: What has been causing the delay that has you so frustrated cate?
(09/09 17:20:30) Selee Tayoy wants to ask a question...
(09/09 17:20:31) Joy Electric: Cate what's your favorite color?
(09/09 17:20:34) Cate Alexander: I'd rather not get into it.
(09/09 17:20:35) Sti 'in: Ugh
(09/09 17:20:41) [Relayer] DeAn: Would you like one of the relayers to moderate?
(09/09 17:20:43) Telmora says DOH!
(09/09 17:20:52) Jinglish raises his hand
(09/09 17:20:57) Explorer1: That would be good Deann
(09/09 17:20:59) Vivicus: Ms Alexander, could you please say thank you to Mr Laxman from me for fixing many of the bugs in the KI?
(09/09 17:21:07) White Rose: when and if is anonohay to be released
(09/09 17:21:12) Kelm: The DRC mentioned giving us the tool's for each Guild is that apart of the new tool's structure
(09/09 17:21:14) Cate Alexander: If you have a question, ask it. Before I leave.
(09/09 17:21:48) Zen6219: Has "He" arrived?
(09/09 17:21:55) Cate Alexander: A long time.
(09/09 17:21:56) Poseidon thinks the drc dont like the moderators much
(09/09 17:22:07) [Relayer] DeAn: If you have a question, please PM me with the word "question"
(09/09 17:22:09) Cate Alexander: I said I wasnt' answering PHil-related questions.
(09/09 17:22:16) Finn Dove: Cate, where is the DRC's funding coming from?
(09/09 17:22:16) White Rose: i have a question
(09/09 17:22:18) Sti 'in: Why not?
(09/09 17:22:20) Zen6219 nods
(09/09 17:22:21) Frisky Badger thinks the DRC doesn't like having people standing on them
(09/09 17:22:27) Vince_Game: Will we be able to see all of the pubs?
(09/09 17:22:27) Cate Alexander: What funding?
(09/09 17:22:31) Selee Tayoy: Have you guys found any new ages recently?
(09/09 17:22:33) [Relayer] DeAn: White Rose has a question. She is next
(09/09 17:22:42) Finn Dove: who is paying the bills?
(09/09 17:22:43) White Rose: thank you
(09/09 17:22:58) [Relayer] DeAn: please PM me with the word "question" if you want to ask
(09/09 17:22:59) Cate Alexander: You. Some corporations.
(09/09 17:23:08) Cate Alexander: Investors.
(09/09 17:23:11) White Rose: Is theregoing to be an age relesased
(09/09 17:23:18) Joy Electric: Cate what age do you expect to come after Ahnonay?
(09/09 17:23:20) Finn Dove: ?could you elaborate on "some corporations"
(09/09 17:23:29) White Rose: realte
(09/09 17:23:32) Cate Alexander: Ahnonay is still many days away.
(09/09 17:24:03) The Zoologist smacks his forehead.
(09/09 17:24:06) Kelm: where's our pub the beer is getting warm whilst we are waiting
(09/09 17:24:06) Cate Alexander: No, Finn.
(09/09 17:24:06) [Relayer] DeAn: jinglish is next
(09/09 17:24:06) Cate Alexander: Episode?
(09/09 17:24:06) Finn Dove: Thank you for your answers
(09/09 17:24:06) Scarlette: We're more than a bit concerned about the war that has been mentioned... some say we should flee the cavern....others say "choose". What do you think?
(09/09 17:24:13) kyashii: Ahnonay is coming this episode?![/spoiler]

guild pubs are coming :D

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Looks like I was beat to it so I'll just leave a Pic.


There ended up being a lot more people after that was taken. The area was soon filled to capacity. The fire chief woulda been quite upset at the DRC!

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 3:51 pm 
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If only I had a nickel for every time someone asks a character an OOC question or makes a reading-Sharper's-Journal-type statement... :roll:

Anyways, glad to hear the guild pubs are on their way! Must check them out ASAP! :D

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 8:09 pm 

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Swimmery4 wrote:
If only I had a nickel for every time someone asks a character an OOC question or makes a reading-Sharper's-Journal-type statement... :roll:

I would prefer the nickel to go to Cyan, but I know what you mean :D.

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