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 Post subject: The Heritage Documents
PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:46 pm 
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This is a thread of the history of the Second Restoration as narrated by Carl Palmer and others. With their permission, I have edited the excellent Heritage Night chat logs down into a much more readable and narrative form.

For now, each will be given its own post and will be wrapped in a spoiler tag due to length.

It is my hope and dream that someday these great summaries of past events can be added to MOULa for all to enjoy, as a reference for future explorers.


The Great Scream & Aftermath


A New Light

Familiar Voices


Exodus & Conclusion

Prologue, Part 1

Prologue, Part 2

Activity in the Cavern

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[spoiler=The Great Scream & Aftermath]First, a little background:

When we came to the cavern in 2006, we were not the first. There had been one attempt at a Restoration of D’ni before. The D'ni Restoration Council, or DRC, had originally consisted of 5 scholars: Richard Watson, Ikuro Kodama, Michael Engberg, Victor Laxman, and Marie Sutherland. Their first attempt at restoring the cavern had ended in failure, due mainly to a lack of funds, but also to unforeseen events.

The most important of these events was the arrival of Yeesha, the daughter of Atrus. Her mystical abilities to affect and alter the Ages wreaked havoc among the order-loving DRC, with whom she disagreed on many fundamental ideas.

The Journey she sent explorers on to free the enslaved Bahro resulted in explorer being pitted against explorer, and even many of the DRC's employees–important people like Douglas Sharper and Phil Henderson–were converted to Yeesha's cause.

The result of all this disunity was that the First Restoration failed and the DRC returned to the surface in defeat–all except their leader, Dr. Watson, who remained behind and, disillusioned and disappointed, embarked on his own spiritual journey. The last evidence of his activity was a journal he left in the shaft leading to D'ni from the surface. You can still read it in the place now called Descent.

Our story truly begins during a time when there was no "official" activity in the cavern. I say, "official," because many continued to hear Yeesha's Call and arrived surreptitiously to take her Journey on their own, each to free one of the Bahro from slavery.

Eventually, those who were still coming to the cavern found each other, and the four remaining members of the DRC returned as well. They had no money, so for a while there was no Restoration. Explorers contented themselves with visiting areas already opened, and with speculating on unresolved mysteries. The most popular questions revolved around the whereabouts of Yeesha and Dr. Watson, who both seemed to have vanished.

We come now to the important day: December 19, 2006.

It was the day of the Great Scream.

You see, our story begins with a scream. A scream so loud and so powerful that it was heard in every Age, heard all over the cavern, heard everywhere there were ears to hear it.

It was, of course, the scream of a Bahro.

When that happened, every explorer with a Relto Book was immediately linked to their home Relto. The Scream also linked to the cavern several others without Reltos from the surface.

We found to dismay that all of our Books had disappeared off our shelves. And when we sought the Books out again, the Ages were as if they had never been touched by us. The Journey, in effect, had been “reset” and even our Yeesha Shirts were gone.

Also, the Scream caused severe structural impact to D'ni. Worried that the cavern might have become unstable, the DRC quickly quarantined off the dangerous areas, restricting us to only a small part of Ae’Gura and the Neighborhoods.

To this day, no one knows what caused the Scream, or what its purpose was.

Shortly after the Scream, the DRC announced that they had obtained new sources of funding and would work to restore the damage done. They also intended to expand. It was a new Restoration. New explorers who had never seen D'ni began to flock to our banner. For a while, it was a time of nervous anticipation.

Over time, explorers began to grow impatient with the slow rate that the cavern was being restored. Some blamed Cate Alexander, the woman in charge of the DRC's new funding. Because she controlled the money, she had a position of power over the DRC that many explorers and even some DRC employees resented. Others blamed the DRC themselves–especially Michael Engberg, who was advocating a cautious approach. But for the most part, explorers fell to bickering amongst themselves out of boredom.

The chief topic of our arguments during those days was the Bahro. You see, the computer game company Cyan Worlds had just released the final Myst game, and in it, the Bahro were depicted as being freed from their slavery. Many of us believed that the Journey was now symbolic only, that the Bahro were free. But if so, we were at a loss to explain why we never saw any.

And there were some who took the Journey Pillars back, in protest to Yeesha, who seemed to have abandoned us.

You must understand, we knew so little of what was really going on. Try to picture the cavern as we saw it then. No Jalak, no Minkata. No Garden Ages, no Pods. No Custom Marker Missions, even.

Just Ae’Gura, the Neighborhoods, and the Journey Ages.

I'm afraid that our boredom lead to petty disputes.

If you want an example of how divided we'd become, just look at old Internet posts about what would later be known as the "Liaison Fiasco". The DRC asked explorers to appoint 5 special delegates to act as go-betweens. The resulting jealousy, indecisiveness, and cries of elitism lead to the first-ever Liaison group resigning in dismay, never to be replaced.

We were too divided and selfish to even appoint go-betweens.

Yeesha, or perhaps the Bahro, must have known of our disunity, because of what happened next.

The DRC hoped to allay explorer discontent by releasing something totally new. They gave us the Age of Eder Delin, which had never been available to the general public. But something happened that the DRC did not anticipate.

You might know about the Cloths and the Door in Delin. And in knowing about their existence, you know more than the DRC did when they released Delin–because until the day the Books were placed in the Neighborhoods, the Cloths and the Door were not there.

The DRC had no explanation for their existence, but it's no secret that the Cloths look very similar to Yeesha's Journey Cloths.

I suppose she, or perhaps some benevolent Bahro, was watching us with disapproval.
You see, this puzzle, unlike any that came before, required teamwork and unity to be solved. To get that Door open, explorers had to set aside their differences and work together. Undoubtedly it was a lesson for us about the importance of unity. We would need to stand together and stop fighting if we were to survive the coming threat.

And there certainly was a threat. Nick White was the one who first told us about it.

Nick was an employee of the DRC, but unlike his bosses, he was extremely open and forthcoming with the explorers. As a result, he was very popular among all of us. Nick used to pop in and visit us in our Neighborhoods, and on one of these visits he told us about the DRC's plans for future Age releases. By that time, we had Eder Tsogahl as well, and the same mysterious Cloths had appeared there, too.

Nick told us that all was not right in the next Age that the DRC would release. That Age, called Negilahn, had once been home to a vast and varied kingdom of wildlife. The D'ni had constructed observation pods there to study these creatures, and it was one of these pods that would be released to the public.

But something had happened in Negilahn. To the animals, specifically.

Nick told us that their population had suddenly and dramatically decreased. No one in the DRC knew why. Was it a predator? A disease? A person?

Something had been killing them off.

But the DRC did not heed this threat. They released Negilahn anyway, and as Nick had told us, there was very little to see in the way of animals.

Oh, there's an occasional Urwin, and sometimes a tiny, two-tailed monkey makes an appearance. But by and large, it's all plants.

And as before, explorers argued. Argued over what was killing the animals. It was a predator. No, it was a disease. No, it was a Bahro. And on and on.

Sometimes it takes a while for a lesson to sink in.

In spite of explorer fears and words of caution from Engberg and others, Cate Alexander was pushing for the fast release of new Ages and areas. So it was only two weeks before the next Age was released–another Pod, this one called Dereno.

The creatures of Dereno were far more populous than those of Negilahn. And they still are.

Michael Engberg's daughter visited the cavern back then. Her name was Willow, but we all called her Wheely. She was just a teenager. The day after Dereno came out, Wheely showed up in the cavern. We'd seen her plenty of times before–she was very popular among the explorers, who took her in as a kind of pseudo family member.

That day she wanted to see the Pods, which she'd never visited. So we took her to Negilahn, and then to Dereno. She liked Negilahn best...

Talking about Wheely is...difficult.

The decline of the Negilahn animal population had become a serious concern for the DRC, and it was decided that a small expedition would venture outside the Pod to try to solve this mystery.

The expedition consisted of only three people. One was the popular and charismatic Nick White. The second was Douglas Sharper, who had recently returned to D'ni from the surface.

Sharper had worked for the DRC before, during the First Restoration, but his cannonball personality and affinity for Yeesha had gotten him into trouble with the DRC, and he had not been restored to his former position as head of the Teledahn division. He was a skilled hunter and wilderness explorer, so the DRC asked him to head the expedition.

The third member of the party was one of our own, an explorer who went by the name of Rils. He had become well-known by founding a small society for the study of the Pod animals.

I don't need to tell you how jealous we all were of Rils, accompanying the others outside the Negilahn Pod. As it turned out, we needn't have been.

They hadn't been gone long when they came across a violently massacred carcass. The sight and stench were so foul that all three hurriedly linked back. Both Nick and Rils were deeply affected. Nick was quite sick afterwards and Rils was traumatized.

Sharper, who had more experience with this sort of thing, told us he was absolutely positive that what was killing the creatures was a predator, and that it was a new predator, introduced very recently into the environment. Moreover, he stated he was positive that the creature was extremely dangerous, and that it had wantonly slaughtered even the huge, frightening predators native to Negilahn.

Worst of all, it didn't even eat what it killed. It was killing, apparently, for the joy of it.

Needless to say, the news of a demented killer running around the Age frightened many of us. And the DRC had some angry words with Sharper over his willingness to share his information with the public.

In spite of the danger, the DRC went ahead with the planned release of two more Pods. I say, "in spite of the danger," because we soon learned that the Pods were not separate Ages as we'd believed, but were all part of the same Age, which explorers have named Reziksehv, or "The Pod Age" in D'ni. That meant that when we visited a Pod–any Pod–we were in danger of being noticed by the predator.

And so the first six months of the Second Restoration ended ominously and with great anxiety.

Despite the lessons of Eder Delin and Eder Tsogahl, explorers were still divided and bickered constantly over the Bahro and other things.

Added to the tension was the knowledge that some sort of dangerous beast was prowling around the newest Age, and that the DRC seemed heedless of the danger.

Worst of all, where were those we would have looked to for guidance?

Where was Dr. Watson, whose advice and wisdom had guided the last Restoration?

Where was Yeesha, whose teachings had established the great Journey?

Why had they left us all alone?

Something had to happen to break the tension in the cavern and unite us.[/spoiler]

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[spoiler=Scars]Feelings had become tense in the cavern by the time the week known as "Scars Week" occurred. The DRC had opened all of Ae’Gura and the Neighborhoods, and released Eder Delin, Eder Tsogahl, and the four pods of Reziksehv to explorers. We had recently been warned that a dangerous and violent predator was stalking the wildlife near Negilahn, but we didn't know what kind of creature it was, or even what it looked like.

In spite of Yeesha's lessons in Delin and Tsogahl, we were not united. We argued constantly, especially over the Bahro.

And we missed the leadership of Watson and Yeesha, both of whom seemed to have vanished.

We did not know at the time how important "Scars Week" would be. I suppose no one ever knows how important an event will be before it occurs.

That week is known as "Scars Week" because of the physical and emotional scars that characterized it.

The first scar was a physical one.

The first scar...was a crack.

The week began normally. Victor Laxman, one of the four remaining DRC members, was making the rounds from Neighborhood to Neighborhood. He was talking with explorers about the next Age the DRC planned to release, which he said was almost ready.

Suddenly, while talking with explorers, he received a message on his KI. After reading it, he excused himself, saying that there had been some seismic activity in Ae’Gura and that he needed to check it out.

We didn't think it could be anything important. After all, the Great Scream had destabilized everything months before.

We forgot about Laxman and spent our time gossiping about Nick White, who'd just been fired from the DRC. I won't go into too many details about why he'd been fired, other than to say that...well, that Nick was something of a ladies' man. And I mean ladies in the plural.

At any rate, he was still here, but as one of us, not as a DRC employee. And we were all very concerned for him when he told us that he and Sharper were planning another expedition to Negilahn.

Sharper, Nick said, planned to hunt the predator.

Later that day, a KI-mail was sent out to all of us informing us that the "seismic activity" Laxman had referred to had resulted in a large crack appearing in the Kahlo Pub of Ae’Gura. As you can imagine, this immediately attracted explorers to that area of the cavern. Explorers reported that the Bahro were screaming more loudly and more frequently than before in Ae’Gura, but that didn't stop people from checking it out.

The next day, explorers were still crowded around the crack when Wheely Engberg showed up the next day in Ae’Gura, with a friend. Rosette, Wheely’s friend, was visiting D'ni for the first time and Wheely wanted to show her around. They had already visited some of the Neighborhoods, collecting Markers.

The second scar was a false scar, a scar imagined to distract others from the real threat.

Wheely noticed the crack and wanted to explore that area, but explorers prevented her. Her father had been by recently to ask people to stay out of the area, and while the explorers were heedless of this advice for themselves, no one wanted Engberg's daughter endangered.

Unfortunately, Wheely was too curious for her own good. She and Rosette announced over the KI that they had found a second crack at the library. When explorers rushed to that location, not only was there no such crack, but Wheely and Rosette had disappeared. Even their KI's were offline.

And while some saw this as merely a teenage prank, there were others who worried about the sudden disappearances.

As it turned out, Wheely probably saved several of our lives that day.

When Laxman visited us again in a Neighborhood, explorers were less interested in the activation of the KI-light machine that he was announcing than they were in the whereabouts of Wheely and Rosette.

A good friend of mine and I were the first to speak up, asking Laxman if he knew what had happened to Wheely. Laxman shrugged it off and said he was sure she was fine–although we knew her, and didn't think this was typical of her nature. As it turned out, we were right.

I urged Laxman to at least mention the matter to Engberg, and shortly afterwards, both were seen linking into Ae’Gura. They immediately went across the city, calling Wheely's name. Explorers realized something was wrong, and joined in the search.

That was one of the most frantic days of my life. We all became a bit hysterical.

I remember screaming at Laxman to open up the barricaded part of the library, thinking that perhaps Wheely could have gone down there before disappearing. As I look back I can see I was being irrational, but then, we all were.

You see, we weren't the only ones in the city that day.

As we searched, we saw several Bahro–saw them, not just heard them–standing on rooftops, screaming, linking in and out. It was rather terrifying.

At last, we were ordered out of Ae’Gura, and some of us had to be physically forced to go.

It was announced some time later that Laxman had been able to locate Wheely's KI signal and turn her KI on remotely. It was coming from beneath the Kahlo Pub crack.

We all knew Wheely was somewhere below the Pub, but the DRC erected barriers to keep us out.

On the third day, Wheely finally managed to contact the DRC from her KI. As it turned out, she and Rosette had invented the library crack to get explorers to leave the Pub, so that they could come see the crack.

She and Rosette had gone to the Pub while explorers were distracted. At precisely that moment, as fate or Yahvo would have it, there had been a cave-in. Wheely and Rosette fell down into the chambers beneath the Pub.

Wheely told us, via the KI, that Rosette was dead and she herself was injured. Worse yet, her Relto Book seemed to have stopped functioning. She was trapped, alone with a corpse, tired, injured, and afraid.

Fortunately, the DRC had already pinpointed her location and was working to dig through the rubble to get her out.

I shall never forget, as long as I live, the tender encouragements of a father to his daughter.

Wheely lapsed in and out of consciousness throughout that day. At first she tried to tell us a little about the room she was in–there were strange symbols that looked similar to the Bahroglyphs. But more importantly, Wheely announced to us that she had suddenly become aware that she was not alone. A Bahro was in the chamber with her, watching her.

It was the closest any of us had ever been to a Bahro, but most of us believed that at the very least, the creature would not have any reason to harm her. Even Wheely's father said he was certain the Bahro only wanted to help.

And at first, it seemed to.

Wheely grew terribly thirsty, but awoke with her thirst abated as if by magic, and during that time, her KI registered her as being in various other Ages. We all assumed the Bahro was helping her–but if so, why did it return her to the chamber?

By this time, Nick White had returned from his trip with Sharper. They had not caught the predator, but Nick had heard the news of Wheely and had returned to help.

Sharper, he said, was still hiding in a hunter's blind in Negilahn, waiting for the predator to go after the bait he had set. And then it did, and Sharper was in pursuit. From then on, it was radio silence for him.

Meanwhile, the DRC had managed to dig through the ground to the floor of a building, but they still had one more floor to go. There was something odd about that building–something that's never been explained.

According to Nick White, he and Sharper had seen an odd symbol outside the Pod in Negilahn--the symbol of a crooked line, with circles on either side. That same symbol, according to Nick, was in the building the DRC had reached.

As the day progressed, the DRC kept digging and the explorers kept encouraging. All across Ae’Gura and the Neighborhoods, explorers were sending messages of hope, and after the abatement of Wheely's thirst, we were all so grateful that she at least had a Bahro for company.

When the DRC was mere minutes away, Wheely reported that the Bahro that was with her became agitated. She said that it had begun scrambling about the ceiling and floors, making angry sounds.

Wheely said that she was frightened, and that the Bahro kept repeating the word "Noloben". Noloben–which, if we are to believe Cyan, was the Age where many Bahro were tortured by a depraved D'ni man.

Then Wheely screamed and was silent.

The DRC reached her–what was left of her. The Bahro was gone. The symbols were gone.

Wheely's body was still there.

According to reports from Sutherland and Sharper, it was mangled, defiled, torn to pieces. And unfortunately, one of the first to see it was Michael Engberg himself.

You must understand that we had been very foolish in how we'd viewed the Bahro. Nearly everyone was divided into two camps–one that believed that the Bahro had killed her, and one that believed it was innocent and had tried to help.

I don't think it occurred to anyone until after the fact that there could have been more than one Bahro in that room with her, at different times.

The third scar was an emotional one–the scar we all felt for Wheely, and for Michael, after her death.

The next day, all across the cavern, explorers wore black in mourning. And though it was a sea of sorrow, it was also a sea of unity.

There was still a great deal of debate. The question on most people's minds was: had the Bahro killed Wheely? And the second was: if so, then why?

We got our answer when Sharper returned.

Our sorrow for Wheely had mostly driven our concern for Sharper from our minds, but we were relieved to see him home safe and sound. He brought ill tidings, however.

Sharper had followed the Negilahn predator, only to discover that it was laying a trap for him. That predator, he told us–that brutal, violent, evil creature–was a Bahro. And not just one Bahro, but many.

Sharper spoke of a legion of the creatures, gazing at him with evil eyes and preparing to destroy him. But before they could, he was rescued–by another Bahro.

And then he learned what very few of us had suspected–the Bahro were at war. Civil war. It seemed that after their freedom from enslavement, they had divided into at least two factions, and one of these was malevolent.

Undoubtedly the Bahro that slew Wheely was one of these. Was it the same Bahro that had quenched her thirst and helped her?

Most people think that the Bahro was toying with Wheely, keeping her alive to observe her, as Esher did with the Bahro on Noloben.

But I myself hold to the belief that there were two Bahro in that chamber–the one that helped her, and the one that came later and killed her. I suppose it's all academic now.

Michael Engberg sat in the Kahlo Pub for most of that day. The DRC reopened it and asked that they respect his grieving process, which as it turned out, involved sitting and staring, stone-faced, at the place where Wheely was buried.

But later that evening, he finally moved. He began wandering from Neighborhood to Neighborhood, muttering to himself and ignoring explorers.

Then Engberg suddenly cried out, "Dr. Watson!" and immediately linked to the Nexus.

Shortly thereafter, his KI was noted in the Descent–the last known location of Dr. Watson. Then it went dark.

Sutherland and Kodama, both DRC, came looking for him later, and we soon learned that he had vanished, perhaps for good. And we couldn't really blame him.

Not knowing what else to do, the DRC went ahead with the scheduled release of their next Age, Minkata, which means "Heavily Scared".

And this was the fourth scar, the physical pockmarks of an Age whose name means "Scarred" in D'ni.

We linked to Minkata with heavy hearts, and discovered something that roused our curiosity.

Upon the stone in the center of the Minkata desert is a symbol–a symbol we'd heard about, but never seen. The symbol from near Negilahn and from Wheely's death chamber–the symbol of a crooked line, with circles at either side.

And in the end, that was what united the explorers. Not the Team Ages, but the death of a teenage girl. [/spoiler]

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[spoiler=A New Light]We had learned, during "Scars Week" the month before, that the Reziksehv predator was, in fact, a large group of Bahro. One of them appeared to have been responsible for the death of Wheely Engberg, which had resulted in her father leaving the DRC and disappearing.

Sharper had discovered that the Bahro were in the middle of a civil war. We had heard nothing from Sharper, Nick, or the DRC in a month.

Explorers were nervous, but fortunately there had been no more incidents of Bahro attacks–that we know of, anyway.

On the first day of the week, the DRC happily made two announcements.

The first announcement was that Laxman had managed to restore certain functionality to the KI. In addition to collecting Markers for the Great Zero, which we had already been able to do, explorers would now be able to create their own Marker Missions, if they had progressed far enough in the Great Zero missions.

I imagine most of us were so distracted putting Markers everywhere that day that we weren't even thinking about the Bahro.

The second announcement was that the next day, Laxman would fully activate the Great Zero. This would mean it would be fully calibrated and functional as it had been in the time of the D'ni.

Later that day, the DRC released the first new area of the week: The Watcher's Pub.

This area was originally known as the Watcher's Sanctuary, and had been a part of Yeesha's Path of the Shell, before the Great Scream altered everything. So for some of us, this area was not new–although some changes had been made. Among other things, the door on the top level was locked, and still is. Also, the translations of the Watcher's Prophecies were placed here. These had played a significant role in the old Path of the Shell as well. They contain prophecies of the future, dealing with the coming of the Grower–a person whom we now believe to be Yeesha.

During the next few days, the DRC would often visit us here, in the Watcher's Pub, and it would play a significant role in later events as well.

Over the next few days we had several visits from the DRC, both here and elsewhere in the city.

Kodama spoke briefly with explorers and confirmed that the DRC believed the Bahro to be responsible for Wheely's death, and presented his own opinion that even the fateful cave-in had been caused by them–which would make them, in essence, Rosette's killers as well.

Laxman told us, among other things, that the DRC had visited Noloben, the Age referred to by the murderous Bahro. The DRC, at one point, had discovered a D'ni survivor on Noloben, whose description fit with Myst V's villain, Esher. According to the DRC, though, he was no longer there at the time of these events.

Probably the most important visit that week was Cate Alexander's. She came to the Watcher’s Sanctuary and announced that Engberg was still missing, and had not been seen since his disappearance. As a result, the DRC was going to act under the assumption that he would not be returning soon, and was replacing Engberg with Cate herself.

Needless to say, many saw this as a conflict of interest, since Cate was the main financer for the Restoration. Personally, I don't see that it made much difference–by that time she was pretty much running the show anyway.

Marie Sutherland felt rather strongly about it, though, and on the third day the two aired their dirty laundry in front of a large group of explorers. It was rather unprofessional, actually, them arguing over Cate's position, and over the possibility of advertising in the cavern. Thankfully, they eventually moved their discussion to a more private place.

Of only slightly less importance was Sharper's visit. He came on the third day to visit the Uru Obsession Neighborhood.

Sharper told the explorers there that he had made up his mind. The Bahro had killed Wheely, and so he was going to kill a Bahro.

Needless to say, this caused a near-riot among explorers. A few were in favor of Sharper's plan, but most believed it was unwise.

At any rate, Sharper insisted that the Bahro needed to learn that they could not slaughter humans without consequence. But as I said, most people feared this would incite a deeper conflict between us and the Bahro.

An eye for an eye makes the world blind, it's been said.

The fourth day, we were given something else to think about. The Book stands in Watcher’s Sanctuary were empty when the DRC released the area. But on the fourth day, Cate placed the Er'cana Book on the pedestal.

Many of us had actually been there before, as Yeesha had once included it in her Path of the Shell. We found, however, that some changes had been made.

There used to be a carving of a star fissure, for example. The ovens had now been better calibrated to cook pellets for lighting the D'ni lake. And there were far more Shell Cloths than before–such that completing Er'cana now felt much like it feels to complete the original Yeesha Journey.

We were told that the DRC intended to "light" the lake–by which I mean, restore it to its former glow.

They encouraged us to find healthy recipes for pellets and drop as many into the lake as we could.

Later that day, Marie Sutherland came to the city and gave us one last item: the Memorial.

Sutherland had ensured that not only would Wheely's name be on it, but so would the names of other explorers who had been part of our community who had died. And there's one name in particular I want to point out, because it will become important later.

On that memorial is the name Phil "phend" Henderson. Phil had been one of the DRC's employees during the First Restoration. He had taken Yeesha's Journey and seemed to have somehow become somewhat unhinged mentally.

At one point, Sharper had stolen Phil's Relto Book in order to spy on the DRC. The unfortunate result of this was that when a wall collapsed on top of Phil, he had no way to escape.

No body was found, though, just the smashed KI. But though Phil’s body was never retrieved, it was obvious that no one could have survived the collapse.

And so, years later, when Marie erected this Memorial to Wheely and others who had died, Phil's name was there also.

Later that day, one more important event happened.

An explorer had registered his KI under the name Reteltee, which means "The Guilds" in the D'ni language.

Reteltee was interested in restoring the D'ni Guilds, and as it happened, the DRC was interested in the same thing.

Marie and Cate located Reteltee and invited him to meet with them privately to discuss how the D'ni Guild structure could be implemented among explorers.

Many of you are familiar with the modern-day Guilds of Writers, Greeters, Messengers, Maintainers and Cartographers. It was in a large part due to the DRC putting their heads together with Reteltee, who was later appointed their official Guild representative, that those Guilds exist today.

But this was only the preliminary stage. We did not know yet which Guilds would be restored or in what manner.

Finally, the fifth and final day rolled around.

Laxman came to the city docks, where he set up a strange device that acted as a kind of lake light meter. Don't bother looking for this device today–it was later removed due to malfunctions.

And finally, Sharper made one final visit to the Neighborhood, and to the Watcher's Sanctuary.

This time, explorers were more urgent and aggressive in their protests against his plans. Nevertheless, Sharper was insistent that he would go to Noloben. He would study the Bahro, get to know their ways, and when he could be certain which faction was responsible for Wheely's death, he would return. With a Bahro head.

And that was the last time we saw him–until the following month, when we finally began to experience what was really going on with the Bahro.

The truth is, that week was more about new areas and activities than it was about anything exciting happening or any mysteries being solved.[/spoiler]

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[spoiler=Familiar Voices]The week was known as “Familiar Voices”. There's a reason it's called that, and I'll show why in a bit, but let's just say that it started out around lunch time.

You might remember that in “A New Light” a dock lake meter was mentioned. That dock meter, also known as Bob the Dalek to some explorers, was malfunctioning all the way through its one-month span of use. On the first day of “Familiar Voices”, Victor Laxman came to Ae'gura to remove the dock meter. It was a sad moment, but one many understood for technical reasons.

A short time after our Dock Dalek was removed, Nick White came down to Watcher's,
He had some news. He’d gotten a girlfriend on the surface (good for him, thought some explorers), and Sharper had returned from Noloben and had been acting strange ever since.

Sharper had killed a Bahro. Shot it dead.

Questions immediately flew. Would we be targeted by the Bahro in retaliation? Were they impartial? These questions would be answered in due time, and some would even be answered the next month.

Some time later, Cate Alexander visited the Guild of Greeters Neighborhood. She was looking for Sharper. And so were a lot of people,

Eventually, someone must have found him and relayed the message, as he showed up in Watcher’s Sanctuary later in the day. He made a few offhand comments about how he'd studied the Bahro and verified that there were at least two sides.

One of those comments was along the lines of, "It's not like they have red and blue eyes." But regardless, Sharper insisted that he'd killed a bad Bahro. People panicked, "We're doomed! Oh no! They're going to kill us all!"

Before people went to bed that night, Laxman visited a Neighborhood somewhere. He announced that he had rigged the imagers to display people's pellet scores for a bit of friendly competition between Neighborhoods.

Despite the excitement of this, it wasn't enough to quench the worry from people's minds...

Lunch time rolled around on day two, and Sharper and Nick were in Watcher’s Sanctuary again. Sharper talking about his Noloben trip when, suddenly...

"GET BACK!" Sharper yelled out.

Two Bahro linked in right on top of the imager. They had the corpse of the Bahro Sharper had killed with them.

There was panic, and lots of it. But some people were just curious.

"It has blue eyes!" One explorer commented, "You killed a good one!"

Now, due to Sharper's “red eye blue eye” comment, some people had gotten it stuck in their heads that the two sides were identified by red and blue eyes.

However, it was true. It was a good one.

While we didn't find it out immediately, this was the course of events:

Sharper had lined up his sights on a bad Bahro and fired, but this Bahro, a good one, had jumped into the line of fire.

Sharper was shocked that the Bahro had brought this body to the explorers, so much so that he and Nick had to link away,

"Don't touch it," was one of his last orders.

But the Bahro stayed behind crying, almost. Crying for their lost brother.

Now, you've got to understand, despite this shock, this was one of the few times anyone would ever get that close to a Bahro. Sure, we've all seen them in pictures, and occasionally on the volcano in the Cleft, but these two Bahro were right on the imager.

They were right in front of those lucky explorers. Someone tried to touch one, and it let out a warning scream and looked directly at him. The Bahro left Watcher’s Sanctuary, body and all, a few minutes later.

And then it started.

Bahro were everywhere. Neighborhoods, City locations, even Reltos. Nowhere was safe from them.

After all, would any place be safe from a creature that can link at will?

The DRC released a few KI-mails. One warned explorers not to touch or get near any Bahro. The other advertised Kirel.

Cate Alexander and Dr. Kodama were in Kirel when explorers first linked in, announcing that this was their first step in reviving the Guilds. Explorers could make their support known by choose a Guild shirt.

Day three arrived. Bahro were everywhere. They were in Reltos, Er'cana City Silos, Private ages, Public locations, anywhere you could imagine.

In Kirel a mischievous little Bahro decided to play a game of tag. The little guy appeared somewhere, and disappeared again, only to reappear somewhere else. We were all searching wildly to find the guy, and in the course of the chaos, I got shoved into a corner.

Guess what kept me from breaking my nose against the rock? Yes, that little Bahro was right there. I backed off immediately, as soon a I realized that I was staring right into its eyes. But I was amazed. I'd run right into a Bahro. Sheer, impossible luck.

In any case, it resumed linking around causing chaos. It was fun, to say the least. Regardless, the Bahro had us running like rats in a maze. It was playing with us. Probably only a kid, just playing around with whomever it could find.

Once we all organized ourselves, managed to form a semicircle, and got everyone sitting, it must have gotten bored, because it left not long after that.

Fun as it was, there was still more going on.

Sharper had announced that he was returning to Noloben. Marie came by Kirel again. Even a new Relto page was found. But there was nothing, really, like the thrill of meeting a Bahro.

In any case, the day was topped off by the June sparkly vanishing from existence.
It couldn't be found anywhere. The sparklies back then were monthly, unlike today where they're all on at once.

Day four was August 2. Jalak Dador was released.

And there in Jalak was the eighth sparkly.

Unlike the other ages, Jalak was devoid of any rewards other than the sparkly. People were confused. Where was the puzzle? Well, despite all that, we still managed to find some fun in Jalak.

In any case, Sharper showed up in Watcher’s Sanctuary that day, wearing a Yeesha T-shirt and announcing that he was not going to Noloben again.

The day was topped off with Cate announcing Reteltee as the DRC’s Guild advisor. It was all just boring Guild stuff.

On the final day of Familiar Voices...

You remember the memorial imager in Kahlo Pub, right? Well, one name on it is important. Because he is not dead.

I mean, really, one can't get more alive than standing on top of a building rooftop surrounded by Bahro.

You see, in 2004, Phil “phend” Henderson was in a collapse and a wall fell on him. Everyone thought he was dead, which was why he was on the memorial imager.

But he was alive.

He had been saved by a Bahro when the wall collapsed, and had spent his time with them. Unfortunately, his mental state was a bit worse compared to before. Any questions directed at him were replied to with riddles.

When asked about the Bahro, he said, "Here too?" He told us they were everywhere, free to do whatever they wanted. And the skies in some Ages, even Releeshan, the new D'ni home Age, were blackened by their wings.

And then Sharper showed up. "Phil! It's true! You're alive!?"

It was now that Sharper let out his conscience, first apologizing for taking Phil’s Relto book, and then asking about the Bahro, and why one had killed Wheely.

"This is only the beginning," Phil said. A war had been started when the Bahro had been freed, and it was escalating.

"I was afraid of that," Sharper said it best for all of us. He then mentioned the Bahro that had jumped in front of his gun.

Phil replied, "They protected us all from you making a mistake."

The side Sharper with which had almost ignited a war had chosen evil. And Sharper confessed that the reason he wasn't going to Noloben was that he was concerned that the Bahro were coming here. To D’ni.

Phil gave some warnings about preparing, and one very, very cryptic message: "He is coming. HE will return."

Who was “he”? Did we do this by moving the Journey pillars? And would the Bahro kill us all?

Those three questions were on all of our minds, but the first more so than anything.

Surely, you remember a dream of Yeesha. She mentions, "They come," and, "He comes."

This had us concerned.

The “they” was obviously the Bahro, but who was the “he”?

We wouldn't know until later.

This was a warning, a capstone of the weird and bizarre. A storm, titan in mass, was coming. Death and destruction were coming via the hands of the darkened, twisted side of the Bahro.

Who was “he”? The Great King who was sealed in his tomb? The very one that Phil had mentioned before his "death"? Or was it the strange D'ni man from Noloben that Cyan Worlds had based Esher off of for the Myst V game?

Or perhaps… Was it someone else entirely?

Strangely, though, due to that strange dream, many of us knew that Yeesha herself would come as well. It was a comfort to some, but until she and he and they arrived, we would never know. [/spoiler]

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[spoiler=Deception] To briefly recap, Sharper had killed a Bahro in retaliation for Wheely's death, but by accident had shot a good Bahro. Phil Henderson, who was NOT dead after all, returned to the cavern to explain that the Bahro Sharper shot had willingly sacrificed itself to protect us from its hostile brethren. And for the first time, Bahro had interacted personally with explorers at close range.

A month had now passed since Phil's return, and we had seen neither him nor anymore Bahro. We were all a bit nervous about the Bahro Civil War, and the events of this week did nothing to assuage our fear.

The week began with what I think of as the March of Colors, but which was really just Phil Henderson acting really, really weird.

He showed up in one of the Neighborhoods, at the walkway above the garden, talking about colors and how important they were. Talking about how pretty colors are and how useful. And mostly worrying about whether or not "He" would like the colors. Phil was still talking about this mysterious "Him", who he claimed was coming to the cavern very soon.

Unfortunately Phil was unwilling to tell us who "He" was–but he hoped "He" liked the colors!

The March of Colors ended in Kirel, and many of us later surmised that Phil was actually trying to tell us how important the Guilds are, since the Guilds are set apart by different colors.

Either that or he had just smoked too many Teledahn shrooms.

Cate Alexander made an appearance that day as well, but all she really said was that she hoped the Guild Pubs would be released soon.

You see, the DRC had promised to release a private pub for each Guild, and Cate had hoped today would be the release day, but we didn't actually get to see them until the next day.

This time, when Cate came to announce the opening of the pubs, many explorers wanted to know about Phil and his mental state. However, Cate refused to answer questions about Phil. Or about the Bahro. She even went so far as to say she would not believe in any "Bahro War" until she saw it with her own eyes.

A fairly stupid statement, if you ask me. But then, Cate was never known for tact or vision.

And of course, we saw more of Phil that day, talking about colors and "Him" once more. I think many of us had come to the conclusion that "He" was just a delusion of Phil's, but then Sharper set us straight.
Sharper came to the Watcher's Sanctuary to talk about the Bahro War. He said that the war would probably come to the cavern, and that the hostile side might very well destroy D'ni. He told us the good Bahro were losing the war. And finally, he said he knew who Phil meant by "Him."

Sharper had met “Him”, he said, and he knew exactly who Phil referred to, but Sharper refused to tell us the mysterious person's identity. He just said that he hoped we would listen to "Him" when "He" showed up.

And then he told us that he was going to reopen an old area that might prove useful if the Bahro War came to the cavern.

There was an old spy room that Sharper had used during the First Restoration to spy on the DRC. In it, he'd left Phil's stolen Relto Book.

Sharper promised that he would reopen the area soon, so that we could go there again. And the next day, that's exactly what he did.

Phil's Relto wasn't the only news that day. Remember Michael Engberg, the DRC member who'd lost his daughter to the hostile Bahro? While mourning Wheely, Engberg seemed to have gone crazy at the end of Scars Week, wandering around, then suddenly muttering Watson's name and running away.

Watson was the former DRC leader, and he had been missing in action since the First Restoration.

Well, Phil wasn't the only person to make a dramatic return. On the same day that Phil’s Relto was made available, Engberg came back.

He appeared in Ae'Gura, and explorers were overwhelmed with joy to see him. So was Marie Sutherland, the DRC member who came to meet him once she heard he was back.

They didn't talk long, and Engberg refused to speak about his experiences or where he'd gone. But that didn't stop the rumors that Engberg was the mysterious "He" that Phil kept talking about.

Those rumors were wrong.

I don't know if anyone has heard from Engberg since that day. He keeps to himself mostly and doesn't involve himself in the cavern.

But very, very late that night, someone else returned to the cavern–someone we had long awaited.

Dr. Watson.

Watson showed up in the Concert Hall Foyer, and was soon mobbed by ecstatic explorers. He told us he was pretty sure who Phil meant by "Him"–Phil meant Watson.

Apparently the two had spent a lot of time together while they were away from the cavern–time with the Bahro. Watson said he was not as good at communicating with the Bahro was Phil was, but he confirmed the reports of a Bahro Civil War. A war which he said the good Bahro were losing.

Finally, he gave us the best news many had heard yet–Yeesha was still around, and still involved. She was on Releeshahn, with the D'ni survivors.

Watson told us he was unsure how to proceed now that he was back, and excused himself from explorers' presence. But the next day, he was back.

After a brief visit from Sharper in the Watcher's Sanctuary, Watson showed up there as well. He told us what we had already guessed–that the Bahro were free. The events of Myst V were more or less true.

And he knew this, because it was he who had returned the Tablet to the Bahro and released them from their slavery. He said that he no longer believed in a physical restoration of D'ni.

But he also told us to "find a way, make a home."

Meanwhile, some explorers were on Phil's Relto. With Phil.

There was a huge crowd of us there that day. And Phil linked in to speak to us.

Most of his words were rambling and incoherent, but there were a few things he said that seemed eerily insightful, if cryptic.

He told us, "The answers are there, man. You just have to listen."

When we asked what we had to listen to, he said, "Her."

I can only assume he meant Yeesha, but what answers he thought we could find in her words, I don't know.

Phil backed up slowly. And then he jumped off the edge.

He had a new Relto Book on his belt. I can only assume he used it while falling.

I haven't seen him since.

I hope he's okay. I'll always remember his words, "The answers are there, man. You just have to listen."

The day after Phil and Watson made their simultaneous appearances, Watson came to one of the Neighborhoods and gave a speech. I won't repeat the entire speech as it would take too long, but I strongly recommend you read the record of it that can be found, among other places, on the Uru Obsession Forums.

Among other things, Watson spoke out in support of the Guilds. Many explorers had expressed concern over the Guilds’ role in the fall of D'ni. But Watson said it was not the Guilds at fault, but pride.

He encouraged explorers to join the Guilds. He also told us to beware of pride and disunity. We had begun to fracture again, and Watson counseled against this. He told us there were many of us who needed to learn to unite, and not to fight amongst ourselves.

He said that while he no longer believed the cavern should be inhabited, he still felt that there was much we could learn from it. But those lessons, he said, should be applied elsewhere in life.

He warned us again about the Bahro, and told us that the hostile ones showed no rhyme or reason in their destruction. It was destruction for destruction's sake.

I'll quote what I consider to be the most important parts of Watson’s speech:

"The 'good' bahro protecting us have created a grand Deception for our peace of mind–an illusion that all is well here in the Cavern and the Ages...."

"We have been told that 'destruction is coming.’"

"I believe specifically that the destruction is coming to the Cavern, but I could be wrong about that too.”

"It is entirely possible that the destruction is a great deal larger than that."

He went on to tell us that Yeesha had been fighting for us. She had already been to hundreds of Ages, searching for some way to end the Bahro conflict, or at least to protect us when the good Bahro became too weak to do so.

But, said Watson, it was looking more likely that she would not find what she sought in the Ages currently available. That was why the Guilds were so important–we needed new Ages to explore, new Ages to search for a solution to the Bahro problem.

Because the war was coming, the good side was losing, and if we didn't find some way to protect ourselves, we might be their next target.[/spoiler]

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[spoiler=Exodus & Conclusion]The final week is called Exodus, which was named after the book in the Bible for reasons that will be explained later.

November 1, 2007. Day One. 11:00 A.M., Ae'gura.

Cate Alexander linked to the city and made an announcement, "I am leaving the DRC."

Surely, as you can surmise, this was a major shock, as Cate was the source of funding for the DRC. Her abrupt departure meant the loss of the funding. Nobody knew what to do.

The DRC tried to keep up appearances by announcing the release of Ahnonay later in the week, but even they were at a loss.

Cate's reasons for leaving? "I'm not getting a return on my investment," or something like that.

Ironic, actually,

Cate had mentioned the week before that she would believe a Bahro war when she saw it. And now here she was leaving, no Bahro war in sight.

On Day Two, Ahnonay was released. That blasted age of Guild Master Kadish that tests our sanity every time we enter it.

Like all the other ages, there had been some changes caused by the Great Scream, and those had pushed back its official release. Structural issues and what not.

Marie was the only DRC member we saw that day, and she was just as worried, confused, and annoyed as the rest of us at Cate's sudden departure.

It was the final days of the Previous Restoration all over again, only this time it was slower. Not as quick and sudden as it had been before. No quick plug pull. Just a slow, steady drain.

A lot of us had memorized the puzzles in Ahnonay from the time before the second restoration started, before the Great Scream changed everything. Those of us who remembered breezed through the puzzles relatively easily.

And then, just after midnight on November 3, we found the key. A circle with an X in it in the lower half of the Pellet Cave.

We knew exactly what this was. We used this key, and we found a new location.

K'veer, island home and prison of Atrus, son of Gehn.

K'veer, as represented in Myst V, was the home of the Keep, the Tablet's prison.
This Tablet was the key to the Bahro's freedom. Dr. Watson was probably the first of all of us to find his way there. The Keep stood right where the link in spot is, at least according to Myst 5.

Many of us assumed that the Bahro would avoid K'veer, should a conflict arise. And boy howdy, did conflict arise.

There were Bahro swarming Kerath’s Arch. When reports of Bahro in Ae'gura appeared, flooding in from the city, we were shocked and confused.

On December 3, the Bahro War arrived.

Destruction was here. They were here. The dream prophecy was being fulfilled.

It was a nightmare. I still shudder at the thought of the sight and the sounds.

The Bahro were everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Not just the main City. They were in our private neighborhoods as well.

Scary thought, isn't it? Bahro, creatures that could link at will, being everywhere at once?

That wasn't the full impact of it, either. The Bahro weren't all on one side. They were from both sides, duking it out, fighting, killing, and screaming.

It was chaos.

And, though this wasn't widely confirmed, a few of us saw a form standing on top of the Arch, right below the light. Make of it what you will, but there was something up there, moving.

I wasn't sure what to make of it, at the time, but considering all the mayhem and chaos around it, I think it's safe to guess what that form was.

The very source of this conflict.

You've heard the rumors, the tales, and the horrors that Esher in Myst V supposedly performed. Even that he had a Bahro skin over his shoulder, a cloth that allowed him to link.

Myst V was not false in those respects,

Esher, the demented, evil man of Noloben, truly existed. And the Bahro that he had cut that piece of skin from was mad, twisted beyond all hope of returning to any sane thinking.

He had gathered the others that thought like him, and he had formed this other side, this Twisted Faction.

We didn't need what happened next to drive this fact home.

Phil Henderson appeared in A Beginner's Bevin (long since disestablished) and he was claiming, "They are coming." No, "They are here."

So, this was Yeesha's dream, was it not? The one that called us all here?

The DRC were at as much of a loss as we were, and Kodama used this as an excuse to leave. He went up to the surface, and secretly off to find more funding for the cavern.

Day Four of Exodus. The Bahro were still swarming, still fighting.

To maintain a sense of normality, the DRC announced the winners of the Great Zero Stained Glass contest. Those three distinct designs now appear above the Great Zero book in the Neighborhoods.

Normality, however, was an understatement.

Ae'gura was a massive mad house. Bahro were dive bombing the city, prowling the streets. They'd escalated from swarming to random encounters.

Never before or since have I seen so many explorers wearing their Journey shirts. We all had those burlap cloth pieces on us, itchy as they were. We were showing our support for the Bahro, for Yeesha, and for good.

We wore our shirts for Yeesha, for what she stood for and represented, all in the hopes that she would see and do something.

And do something she did.

Day Five, November 5.

A Bahro appeared outside the window in K’veer. Right on the ledge, though there's nothing out there for it to stand on, not that we can see, at least. But there it was, just peering in.

We were being watched.

The Bahro began teleporting. It was next spotted inside Atrus’ prison chamber, and then it summoned the book stand in the middle of the room and placed the Myst Linking Book firmly upon it.

Two more Bahro appeared, and then, along with them, a woman with red hair and blue eyes. The tattoo over her eye made it clear who she was, and the very clothes she wore were the same as the hologram we've all seen in the Cleft.

It was Yeesha.

I'll quote what I think is relevant from what she said and paraphrase the rest.

"Destruction is almost upon us.”

"They are here.”

"Fighting in war."

The Bahro had been freed by the tablet, and most of them had sided with good, with us, with Yeesha, and with the D'ni. And they were fighting for us. Sacrificing everything they had for us. For our "peace" and for our "comfort."

There was a side which had not sided with us, with the D'ni, or with "good." They had chosen evil, and they basked in the opportunity that came with their freedom.

"Revenge is their only excuse," Yeesha pointed to her left shoulder, and explained, "Their leader can be seen clearly. He is missing a large patch of skin" taken in the "torturous lab of Esher."

"Because of that," she said, "I will draw them away. Away from the cavern. Away from you."

She had something they wanted. Some assumed the piece of skin that Esher had carved off of the leader of this evil side of the Bahro. Others, due to the sayings in the Watcher's Words, assumed that Yeesha was pregnant.

"I do not know how long they will seek what I carry. It could only be days, it could be months.”

“Destruction is coming. It is almost here. I will delay it as long as I can, but, in the meantime, you must find a way. You must find a home."

She promised to return in the future, and if things went well, she would offer her aid. But if things didn't go well... You get the picture.

Regardless, she said we had to be ready for her return. Destruction was coming no matter what, and when it arrived we must have found our way. We MUST have found our home.

With that, she left. And almost instantly, so did the Bahro around Kerath's arch, all of them following her for various reasons. Some for her protection, others seeking what she carried.

That night we received a KI Mail from the DRC. Marie Sutherland and Victor Laxman had gone to the surface. They were joining Kodama in his search for new funding.

The next day, Sharper announced that he was heading to the surface too. Suddenly, we found ourselves alone.

In the months that followed what I've come to call the "Day of Yeesha", the DRC did not return.

We learned through other sources that Cate was not the only investor to cease funding. GameTap, the other major investor, was pulling the plug as well. (Why a computer game company was funding the restoration at all, I'll never know…)

We tend not to blame them. Cate, however…

At any rate, we all remained in the cavern for a little while. But one by one we made our Exodus back to the surface, back to our jobs and schools and families. Back to our lives.

But we never forgot the cavern.

In February of 2010, for seemingly no reason at all, numbers in the cavern began to climb again. Now there are many who once again call this place home.

It is strange that so many should hear the Call, with the Bahro now freed and Yeesha gone, and yet, here we are.

This is not a Restoration, but it is a Great Uru. The Third Great Uru.

We've told you this story because we want you to understand the situation.

Yeesha is gone, but not for good. The Bahro are gone, but not for good. Destruction has not been stopped, but delayed.

I have said before that any Bahro you may encounter here are probably friendly, and now you know why.

Someday, the hostile Bahro will return. Dr. Watson told us what to do when that happens. Do you remember? Find a way. Make a home.

He told us that we would need to find some method of stopping the hostile Bahro. He told us that we would need to find something to end their war.

That's why it's so important that we continue to Write and explore new Ages. And that's why we need to work in the Guilds to prepare for the return of the Bahro.

Your coming here is not without purpose. No Great Uru just happens. There is always a reason. We are those who must prepare. So find a way. Make a home.

This is our heritage.[/spoiler]

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Malfhok, thank you for going to the trouble of editing these for us! You've really done an excellent job. I share your hope that these will be added to MOULa at some point--although I think it will probably not happen until the project becomes fully open-sourced. It would be nice to see the Heritage Documents in a book in the Bevin classroom someday.

In the meantime, it's been suggested in another thread that this one be stickied. I'd like to second that suggestion--I think we did a fairly good job hitting the main points of the story and I think Malfhok did a superb job editing this into something easily manageable and legible, and new explorers should find this to be a useful resource.

EDIT: For anyone interested in knowing who was involved in putting Heritage Night together, here's a "credits & thanks" list:

Narration & Presentation: Beginning (original title "The Gream Scream & Aftermath"), Scars, A New Light, Deception - Carl Palmner. Familiar Voices, Exodus - DimensionTravelerCalum. Conclusion (included here at the end of Exodus) - Carl Palmner
Advertising: The Guild of Messengers
Ushering: DimensionTravelerCalum, ural, GracelenRose
Relaying: Polgara on behalf of the Guild of Messengers

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My pleasure!

I really wonder how hard it would be to add a book to the Neighborhood Classroom. Plenty of places to set it, we just need to find somebody who will take the time to use Cyan's 3DSMax plugin to create a book, and then get Cyan to drop it in. I have no clue how involved that is, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to PM RAWA and ask if Cyan can give us a general idea…

Edit: I just saw the original title of the first Heritage Night/Document. I like that one better, so I will change it.

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I would think it would be relatively easy, but for legal reasons will have to wait until Cyan fully open-sources the game.

I've just sent a PM to a mod to request a sticky. I don't know if the request will be granted yet or not.

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Amazing job done! with your permission i will post the link to our Greek subforum for my fellow explorers from Greece to find it more easilly. Wow you remind me a lot.......

With freedom comes choice and with choice great responsibility.
and pssst.. the Great King Ahlsendar is alive :)
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:36 pm 
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Right, and thanks for the sticky request. I PMed RAWA right after my previous post about both stickying this thread and the idea to add the Heritage Documents to Uru. But that was before Christmas and I haven't even seen the PM leave the outbox yet.

Dimitrios, you have my permission if Carl is okay with it. :)

Cosmic Osmo for iOS is a must!

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:46 pm 
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i double or triple (lol) on everything. Good luck i am sure RAWA (if he can) will want to help such an amazing work. Its History after all!!

With freedom comes choice and with choice great responsibility.
and pssst.. the Great King Ahlsendar is alive :)
Dimitrios Ki # 35506
Greece Ki # 117119

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:03 pm 
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Thread is sticky. :)

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:10 pm 
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Veralun, thanks lots and lots! :D

Cosmic Osmo for iOS is a must!

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