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 Post subject: Suggestions from Chris
PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2006 3:58 am 

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Seeing as Myst Online / Uru Live / what-have-you is finally coming back, I've decided to created a thread for all of my future suggestions for the game. I am an avid Myst and Uru fan, and I'm glad that the three year hiatus is over. I remember the days of Uru Live as a blissful time, when we began to experiment with a brand-new concept MMO. I would like to echo Rand Miller's podcast in saying that what is the most exciting about giving Myst Online a reboot is its possibilities to create a completely new and unique form of entertainment experience.

There are many, many problems with the cyberverses of hack-and-slash fantastical "multiplayer" gaming such as *cough* World of Warcraft *cough*. The hugest problem I see within World of Warcraft (a game I was once a huge fan for and would spend days on researching) is that you can go through the game without meeting anybody. In fact, its not about the people at all of within the world. The fact that people share servers and entire worlds means nothing to the game. WoW forces you to spend a majority of your ingame interaction with the computer itself, in the form of NPCs, interfaces, items, ect. ect.

Why Myst Online stands out, in my mind, is that its value in entertainment comes from the players themselves. You don't (or at least I hope you don't) log in to the D'mala shard to run around and look at things. Its about communicating with the people around you, sharing the experience. In World of Warcraft, you hack-and-slash, point-and-click, level-up and get items, and then after a day of 'hard work' you stumble back to find friends and show them stuff and talk about it. Do you see how disjointed it is? Why does WoW use its servers to support so many non-player characters? World of Warcraft could be a single player game, where you log in every once and a while to chat with others, and it would share many of the features of the current model.

The other huge facet of Myst Online which is so impressive is that the players work together with a story. In addition to a rich and powerful story and setting, of which fits no genre and of which we may not see the likes of in a very long time (so unique the concept...), players can build upon the storyline themselves. That was the coolest thing about Uru Live, in my opinion, to find your footprints have remained within the universe you left behind, that you made a difference. Brian Fioca, founder of the Great Tree, has lived the dream so many of all of us wish to mimic. I mean, who wouldn't want to be Mr. Fioca, whose actions directly changed the game world, whose actions are remembered in the history of the game? No other game has done this.

Now, these aren't really suggestions, but I will discuss real suggestions later on. I'm kind of just explaining what makes Myst Online so great, which I will do much more of. Its important that we capture the essence of Uru Live's success so that we can build upon that. And, maybe others do not agree with my opinions. Nevertheless, I will take their input and continue making the attempt unabated. Still, there are two things that I would like to be made known. Myst Online is great because of A) its high level of player interactivity and B) its ability to integrate players within its naturally rich and fascinating story.

- C

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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