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 Post subject: When I live in Uru Live
PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2006 4:16 pm 

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Suggestions for Uru Live:

1- Personal reflection
2- Start
3- things to do
4- creating ages
5- end thoughts

1-Personal reflection

Here is my vision of Uru Live,
the ongoing, growing, evolutioned myst saga.

Trough out my 38 years of life, going from
console,computer to tv and movies,
to find the ultimate way to explorer, adventure
and also share my own visions and travels,
doing so without risk.

The computer adventure market made this posible,
Going trough thousands of titles, going from one
adventure to another, first time I ever found a place
where I feelt at-home, somewhere I could live and go back to,
was the Myst series. My place of refuge, my safe place and
a place where my own dreams can flurish.

I might be the sadest person alive or in need of counsling
and have countless hours going to gamers-anonymous-meetings
for being to attached to my virtual worlds.
But thats just who I am, a never ending dreamer, visionary
and thinker. Gather that the only time I take breaks from
this would be finding my soulmate who share my love for
creation and creativity.

Just thought I wrote this to let you see where my suggestion is coming from,
Im experianced both as a player of games and media to
making the products.


2- start

Many mmos and adventure games make the fault
in destroying the feeling that its you as a person
entering a new world. the first steps when you
click that icon to start the game, is very important
to get into the mood.
Many of them for ex instead of asking "who are you"
asks "who do you like to be" all from char creation
to entering the world.
I suggest that you realy think trough starting the game,
all from launcher to the first walking steps.

My suggestion would be after you clicked the icon,
a 3d book will appear, its index has things like
instead of "video controls" use the word "perception",
"sound options" be "hearing" and direct all as: who are you,
how do you like it. A evolving self manage and writing book,
that seems to mold it self to your specifications.

As I do not have a think tank or crew to openingly discuss this,
just let me throw the ball at you, and see what you can do with it,
when you choose ex "Im a new traveler" you will link to
a pre-age in first person only view.
This will be the character and learning-crew of the uru live
before you enter the real one.

Now you will find your self falling trough the rip as in first myst,
looking up seing the rip disapear above you, and the stars
fill your decent as you halt floating in midspace.

In the distance several lights approaches to greet you,
somewhat like the dream sequence of myst 4.
"hello traveler, dont be alarmed, we are here to guide
you trough your decent"
Now follow a series of discussion with the guide
setting you up without in specific telling its about
controling the mouse & keyboard basic functions
so you can follow them.
Options now would perhaps be choosing which entity light to follow,
as this will lead you way to you own custome island.
The white one might tell you I have set up a ready home for you
and another light will have a upplifting temperal mood want
you to make one together from scratch with him.
You embarc on a journey with the entity making one from scratch,
"try to keep up, traveler" "I know the perfect spot"
Now will a pre-animated part with music and displayes of
logos, adds, and artifacts fly by going trough rips of times,imaginary
spaces, dimensions, all inbetwin our world and myst. (can be ESC, fastfowarding it to end of the sequence)
Seeing entering a space full of bubbles as you pass them by the
interiour seems to have enviroemnt coulds, thunder, rain etc
"a here it is" "follow me traveler, dont be alarmed"
Entering one of the bubbles flying trough fluffy white clouds
Now you halting and can pan around seeing the clouds and sun,
the guide will now introduce a set of icons, symbols and forms
(these symbols etc is the ones later used in the real game,
right now just in a fantasy form to get familiarized with them,
to shorten the learning)
Now will follow short and easy forms of manipulate your
home/relto as the guide will go through them,
you create the clouds, day & night, stars etc at first
the doing your ground and last housing and vegitation and decorations.
All these are presets which you can choose from, just enough
to for now getting a feel of that you creating something unique for you
The relto should now include 4 parts,
your office, library and lookout point and bedroom.
The office is where you can create your own work/worlds, own
writing journals etc, library is as the relto in until uru,
lookout point is the devices and things to personlize your
relto. and the bedroom is your clothing and apperance area.
The guide will finnish his tour with making the bedroom area
of the island and here he will set you down and take farwell
so you can get dressed. Here you can now
alter your appearence.
One idea is that your self had to change form to able
you travel here and the guide have to guide trough
looking into a mirror reassemble you to your rightfull form.
All done so get away from that you creating a character
more to describing who you are.
Now your in 1p or 3p depenings on what you prefer,
last thing the guide might say is to take a screenshot of
you both as a reminder using the ki.
To extend this guide thing , might be a thought in letting
have a device on your relto that you can activate
to have him visit and answer questions and guide you,
using realvoice text-to-speech, (more on that later)
Now the your in uru live.


3- things to do

The library now is much bigger, devided in 4 parts.
First part is cyans own adventures as in until uru,
second part is the new city area, third is own books/ages
and borrowed books.
Fourth part is a either a device or communication book
where you can read about news/updates etc.

The new city area is the collective gathring area
of knowledge, a floating sky city created as a
DRC outpost inbetwin real world,dni,ages and us.
Here you find gardens, meeting areas, shared
big library (where you can go to others ages),
cafe, games, shops, council, museums,
Well, all needed for a growing community to flurish,
either as invidual or as guild.

So you can choose either to go adventure
going trough cyans storyline, embark
to the new city or create your own age, visit others ages.
That or just have fun personlize your own relto.


4- creating ages

There are a number of ways this can be done,
I will go trough one of them.
I will only go into basic default modes with a hint of possible
advance modes for manipulation.

First we have cartography to 3d,
This form from your office/lab on your relto
have a set of devices.

First the hightmap device,
which generates your ground for you age.
With levers and simple paint tools,
you apply textures, height etc
You switch easy from a topview caropgraphy
to mini wireframe/texture view seeing how
it might look like.
(advance would be import own jpg/tga heightmap)
When you done with this part pressing make
you can now either with maintainer suit visit it
or start making atmosphere and vegitation,
these also simple with presets part from
perhaps cloud/sky colors, sun intensity parameters etc
(advance is to set own varibles rather than presets,
for ex rotation of sun/moon, weather timeline,gravity, water lvl)

Now from a 2d perspective topview you can now from
tools and presets place out bridge,walls, stairs etc
Engine will have limitations where sertan things can be built
for ex not on steep angles etc showing if you drop the preset
wall on the cartogrophy it will turn red etc.
Thing such as if you place a wall near another it will snap
them together would go without saying.
Doors and windows will be placed into walls etc.
This is to make the alpha part of the world, you can already now
decide which texture sets these items you place down will have.
After placing all the basic building blocks, artifacts and so forth
you will hit generate.

Now the engine will calculate and pre-make based all on you input above,
making a fast 3d pre-version of it which you can fly in.
From this fly view in basic mode you could movie furniture/artifacts/rocks
and static things around, as your in basic mode it will autosnap to its
invoremnt. To move walls, there hight, placement you need
to go back to cartography then re-generate.

either from cartography mode or 3d pre-version mode you can
click on a door get popup choosing it is connected to
something else, so if I click on door, choose connect
and then click on a lever or button elsewhere on the island
it will automaticly set to be opened only by that connection.
So if I later press the button the door will open.
Advance mode would have a timeline when you select door
the time line shows two possible hirachies, one is the
door is open and other is closed, so inbetwin
you place things from the world etc series of buttons.
When done it would take that series of buttons in that order
to open the door etc Thing is not to make it to advance
rather let the engine do the thinking for you and generate
the puzzle/script/motion etc

Click on a book, you can write text others can read
or if you done other worlds place a link here connecting
this one to other one.

One thing u might take a look at in how easy tools
can be made without having a long learning time is
viewing Will Wright introducing his -Spore game.
Now this is a presentation over an hour long, suggest
you fast forward and check out about 34 min into the presentation

You could go so deep that you might even choose and mix
your own music from presets making unqiue experiance.

Think by now you got the general idea,
Ive seen this type of setup in other software,
for ex house floor design & architech, 2d/3d placing of walls etc then creating 3d version or
Old 3d programs using simple tools to generate ground and atmosphere,
or even games such as sims, rollercoaster tycoon etc.

One thing to bring into the game would be text-to-speech
as there are now so many natural real voice engines that you
can use. Even easy setups to able the player to create there
own languages using a microphone creating that vocabulary
for text-to-speech. This will enhance even the support
as then you will have some speak to you directly using
the faq and can use bots etc.


5- end thoughts

I barely scratched the surface,
so many suggestions and things one like to share.

Hope you get some thoughts to bring up on your
next thinktank.
I will write more and let this sink in a while.

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