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PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2006 1:34 pm 

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I will continue with ideas, thoughts and suggestions
what I would like to encounter and expect from uru live,
some of them might already been suggested.

The hood:

Better control of members to a hood.
Hierarchy system which will allow a hood
to rank there members. The rank titles should
be open for edit to make new hierarchy sys.

Should be different forms on how to
kick someone from a hood. Default
setting would be creater of hood.
other forms could be a vote system
which requiers a % or number of total members
during a specific time to kick someone.

Only creator of hood, or if choosed
top 2-3 ranks may change names,
viewers, setting etc of the hood

Logo creator, ingame system so hood can
create there own logo, which will be shown
on hoods books,tablets,cards,viewer,clothes etc
Hood should have the posibility after a sertan
hood related quest make there own clothes.

Hood should have a unique ki adress so
ki messages could be sent to it,
depending on hood hierarchy settings
will have access to them.

Player created hoods should stand out
from default ones, and be more editble
with a wide range of different scenario & scenery types.
Types of scenery they can choose:
-Offie/writer hood with usible desks, editble journals
and artifacts of study.
-meditation hood, waterfalls with zen-like gardens
-science hood, experiemnts and lab faculties.
-gathering hood, marble halls for larger meetings and happenings.
-botanik hood, enviroment and plant studies
-planetary hood, studies of the univers
-fantasy hood, studies of the unkown
And so forth, these could also be combined, perhaps
as a creator of the hood you set % of the types
and what you hood is about and engine mix the above
different scenery typs.

The hoods own unique voice-channel,
where its posible to invite outsider to participate.
(for mass talk without vicinity range limitations)

A Hood holographical viewer, that
can record you char emotes and real-voice
to leave messages.

Depending on hierarcy system you can change hoods
Tapestry color and logo also change text on boards.

Creator of hood may setup
one of his char to be hood cam,
to sustain it, it must be loged in all the time.
Client in this case will act as the server
that has the output to a html,java,flash for
there personal homepage.
The cam only has a few stationary places.

Hood museum, at first not containing to much
pieces or writings, its up to the hood to fill it
with projections, items, writing, books etc
Joint effort quests
Hood members can choose by themself
where everything is placed in wich monitors etc
For ex, a member take a photo of shroomie,
and when he/she comes to the museum go
to an empty monitor display he/she insert the
foto the engine will unlock display and show
a 3d projection within the monitor.


The Ki:

Have a more irc style over ki,
ex chat tabs, passwords, vicinity etc etc

Able to create meeting groups, which will
have selectible log feature, own voice mode
and chat window.

To call someone up part from just send a ki-message
to live chat with text and voice.

webcam chat according to the parental settings,
if have parental on would only show ingame char in window
and no voice mode etc
If parental is off you will have webcam and voice mode
betwin the parties.

text-to-speech with a natural realvoice

Inbuilt dni translator,
at first you must learn the translator from
findings and adventureing, and with time
it will be complete.
Perhaps take fotos of dni text and record sound etc



revamp emotes all from letting us
sit down on a chair to take up a bottle/item/artifact
and let others see we are carrying it and use it.
Also able us multiple emotes from sameline for ex
"/wave /pause 5 /pointup /pause 5" etc
or even call a script found in a sertan katalog "/script speech.txt"

Mood emotes, set expression of face,posture etc to how
your char feel right now. ex: angry,happy, curious, sad

dance editor, make up your own dance moves and combos.

Players can play instruments,
from options you may turn of instruments played
by others.

labyrint garden game area, as you enter the age
you may choose to travel with each other solving
a randomized labyrint garden or against each other.

Asorted player games, which trough your ki or
settings make your self open for invite or automaticly
set you on avaible. Games could be tag-your-it, beacon games,
board games etc. Some of them start direct showing
visible markers on you char, others you must get invited
to a game party or invite yourself to start them and go there.


All for now, until next time...

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