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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:10 am 

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My quests are my journeys; my quests are my testimonies, an explorer’s testimonies...

My collection of quests fits perfectly in the URU Universe.

I heard a lot of falsities over the years and a lot in the past few days...

Skydiving is not just climbing on collision walls and skydiving is certainly not just messing around with bugs...

Skydiving is the true essence of exploration.

You cannot have a single idea how I’m living adventures in this game. URU doesn’t revolve on puzzle-solving, URU is an adventure game. Myst Series was mostly puzzle-based and this is why I’m not playing it anymore.

In URU, I’m doing what I like the most, going on journeys. My quests are my living journals, they breathe. They aren’t just words put on a blank page of a past journey. They are the journeys you are living while playing them. They are the testimonies of my past journeys that I’m passing on to the next, you. And what is the greatest thing is that you can live them, you can feel them.

Mostly, I don’t put stories inside my quests because those are not anymore my journeys, they are yours...

You do whatever you want with them. They become yours. You take the path you want. You can simply immerse yourself in mine or start from them and built yours.

Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have appreciated the Cavern otherwise. Even if you tell could have simply been on ground and be amazed by the sheer beauty of everything inside this game...N-O. That’s not my way! When I was young, I was always hidden deep in my grandmother closet in my imagination land. I have to feel, I have to touch things. A dress might be real cute, it will never be the cutest one until I can feel it, touch it, then and only then it’s the cutest one in the world.

The same applies to URU.

I understood the Factory complex’s inner workings in Er’cana only when I could be there, touching the pipes, feeling the great wheel turning beside me. I enjoyed the swirls of falling leaves in Kadish forest only when I was on my way to the top of collision walls just under the clouds line at 350 d’ni feet high. They were there right in front of me 50 feet below just before I pass the line of no return where the camera shows only the purple awesome experience, only possible with skydiving.

My quests are my journeys. My quests are my testimonies, an explorer’s testimonies...

A small plea...

I plead for diversity here. One side of the community cannot force another one to appreciate their way of loving this game. I will never love fixed physics. Fixed physics are boring, the calmness is boring; chaos is what drives us. Everything is chaotic in the nature.

URU should be chaotic too. The more chaotic a person is the more likely I will like them...most of my buddies are artists by nature or by accident :lol: . Chaos is what brings creativity, polish this game too much will only take all creativity out of here!

Polishing the client to make it a nice viewing feature will just make a lot of explorers go elsewhere.

I don’t want to see nice things; I want to feel them, to touch them. That’s what the skydivers’ build brings.

BTW... If you do want to enjoy my quests, use the same path I used to build them, use the sole suitable client for this: the skydivers’ build.

Bringing my quests into a new era...

I always pushed forward in the past the infamous combo jumping technique. Most of my quests were revolving around this technique. In 2010, it was quite frequent to see people doing combo jumps. Back then, the PCs were less powerful, people could easily with the good teaching do them. In 2013, it is far less true.

I brought to the community a 7th release in June 2012, The Eders, which was at the crossroads. I had already set a foot in the jumping sequences oriented quests except I made sure to keep the other one in the combo jumping oriented quests.

When I came back in late November 2012, I saw the flaw.

My 7th release was really well-made: I proposed top-notch quests with the far most advanced techniques, reliable ones, powerful ones. In the same release though, I also proposed quests with the motto: do combo or die.

Eder Kemo & Eder Tsogal were very well deserved, the quests were perfect, I didn’t retouch them at all.
What I’ve done mostly during the last months is to bring all my collection to the level of quality of that 7th release and put my 2 feet in the jumping sequences oriented quests. I made a lot of thorough researches and a lot of changes. I made sure that my collection was the most combo-free possible.

You’ll see 2 cases in game:

In the 1st case scenario,

I might have kept the combo jumping entrance as the sole & unique entrance of a given quest except now; I’m giving you a real and reliable option, a workaround to overcome combo jumping. I’m directing you to another quest within the same series that will enable you to avoid combo jumping. It won’t take out the fun of the first quest. You’ll be able to go back to that first quest once the workaround done.

For example, in my quest “Relto Revisited”, I’m saying in the welcoming markers that this quest relies on combos. I’m proposing a Plan B. The Plan B is well explained and it involves using the reliable entrance of “Third Time’s a Charm” a complete combo-free quest. Once up on the trees, you just need to switch back to “Relto Revisited” and resume your journey.

In the 2nd case, the best case scenario,

I have put directly inside the quest the new entrance. That entrance is the prime entrance, the combos one becomes an optional entrance. I’m not pushing them anymore; I’m still giving you the possibility to do them.

For example, in my quest “Great Zero Again”, I’m stating in the welcoming markers that there’s a main entrance involving a jumping sequence: a double jump followed by a walk, real easy really reliable, a sure shot or an optional combo entrance for those who still want to use them.

That’s an important change. In fact, it’s the most important one. You have no idea how profound it is.

The jumping sequences are far more reliable and far more powerful than the combo jumping. Combo jumping involves a sharp corner between 2 vertical collisions. It revolves highly on lag and if your hardware is too strong, you won’t go pass the 1st jump. The only real advantage is the shortcut they offer. You can save a lot of time doing them in most case.

Read more info on that matter here:

Overview of my collection:

My old “releases” classification doesn’t stand anymore as it’s now irrelevant, the quests are already published. I decided to redo a new classification for my quests. Here’s a synthesis, you’ll see it’s quite easy to understand.

There were 166 quests before, & there are still 166 quests now. I deleted 10 quests & created 10 brand new ones

Collection Part 1: The Cavern (60 quests inside 8 series)

1) Ae’gura Lakefront
2) Ae’gura Heights (Network)
3) The Greater Library
4) The Tokotah Side
5) The City’s Belt (Grand Tour)
6) Neighborhoods
7) Guilds’ Pub
8.) Inside D’ni

Collection Part 2: Eders, Purpleness, & Spheres (54 quests inside 4 series)

9) Beyond Imagination
10) Kadish Vaults
11) The Eders
12) The Spheres

Collection Part 3: Buggaros, Darkness, Fissure, & Pellets (52 quests inside 7 series)

13) Into Darkness
14) Gahreesen Subworld (Showcase)
15) Er’cana Canyon
16) Er’cana Factory
17) The Grandiose Path (Grand Tour)
18.) Mighty Buggaros
19) The Fissure

(You can have the complete listing of my quests, the number of markers, the usage of combos, the age where they are located, the level of difficulty based on my expertise, etc. in appendices)

Part 1: The Cavern:
Part 2: Eders, Purpleness, & Spheres:
Part 3: Buggaros, Darkness, Fissure, & Pellets:

Variety abounds...

You have now 19 series of quests, each of them revolving on a certain theme. They are mostly standalone quests, I do invite you to play a series at a time to fully learn, enjoy, & discover a part of an age, an age, or a group of ages depending on the nature of the series played.

Network Series:

The only Network of quests remaining is Ae’gura Heights. Even in that network, 3 quests are completely standalone & can be completed without using a 2nd quest. The reason behind the need of a network is the way this area can be explored. You have a sole entrance which is the rope bridge. The area covered is huge. The far extends are in the middle of the Great Stairs near the Kahlo’s Pub Entrance & in the Canyon just beside the Kadish Gallery Door. I had 2 choices: whether built all standalone quests with 150 markers in them to make a path to a far extend or create a network with less heavy quests enabling more freedom to built quests around chosen areas. I picked the 2nd option. It enabled me to keep my goal of keeping my quests small so the lag & the risk of breaking the quest are kept very low.

Grand Tours Series:

I have also 2 series that I’m classifying as Grand Tours. What are they? They are additional challenges, they don’t bring anything new. It’s my way to show you how extensive a route can be. I prefer making quest with shorter routes for several reasons including the ability for an alpha explorer to complete them. It will always be easier to complete a 50 steps route than a 200 steps route. The odds to do a misstep, doing a run-jump where it was a walk-jump, not aiming the good spot, etc raise with length.
So these grand tours are extensive routes that spread on enormous distances. I picked some lengths of quest A, of quest B, of quest C in another series, jointed them together and there you have a brand new route that stretch forever.

Showcase Series:

The Gahreesen Subworld series is a showcase one. Markers put in a subworld, a rotating part of an age, cannot be grabbed after. In this series, there’s not much to do apart from viewing the rings & try the method to make them if you want to push a bit more. You’ll see all the possibilities this huge subworld (the rotating platform & the 6 bridges) offers.

My ultimate goal is to give you more variety with normal series, a showcase series, a network series, & 2 grand tour series.

Another layer of variety:

With the high number of quests released, I had more opportunities to develop my subject. Let’s take one of the biggest series: Beyond Imagination. I have 19 quests in it. With this high number, I’m able to propose different levels of difficulty, different goals, & even a quest with a developed story. Let’s see that very quickly.

Forest Extraordinaire is really hardcore. I made it not thinking about pleasing everyone. It’s a real challenge, even for me. On the other end of the spectrum, you have Underneath Kadish Forest which is an easy quest. There’s nothing hard to it, it just plainly basic actions to do and even…more than half of its markers are only “limit” markers for your safety. Almost 100% of the markers of Clearing Heights & The Canopy are standing over 350 d’ni feet high up in the air. Almost 100% of the markers of The Dais & The Deathly Marshes are within 50 d’ni feet high from the ground. More quests equal more opportunities & diversity.

Magic Bot & Mimi Bot proposed me to become my sole distributors, I accepted their proposals...

I’ve decided to stop distributing my quests as this is time-consuming and quite frankly it’s something I despite. The KI device is not very user-friendly and I prefer doing creation than sending quests. The good news though is that now the quests, all of them, will be available through Magic Bot (for 60 quests, 36% of the grand total) and through Mimi Bot (for the remaining 106 quests, 64% of the grand total)

Synthesis of some relevant changes:

1)10 Deleted Quests:

I won’t put here their names since they don’t exist anymore. They will show up in your KI though with the lovely name: “PLEASE DELETE THIS QUEST”. To make sure, it’s not a spam thing, open those quests. It will show no markers in your KI device. How I proceed is quite simple: I’m opening the quest with the author & delete one by one each marker until there are none left then I rename the quest with the lovely label ;) and click OK.

Don’t think that deleted quests means complete areas unmapped. It’s really just an optimisation process. If I was able to put all the markers of quest A inside quests B & C, quest A just when in the trap.

2)10 Brand New Quests:

There are 10 brand new quests. Here’s the list & a short description of the reason of their existence:

Back in The Watcher’s: a split from The Watcher’s Pub to ease the exploration in that age, going clockwise with one quest, going counter-clockwise with the other rather than trying to explain 2 paths inside the same markers pool.

More Rings (Gahreesen Subworld): a new showcase quest of my fooling around with the subworld based on a quest lost in the deeps of time made by Face in the Puddle Man.

The Swirls: a split from Poetic Skydiving to enable me to transform Poetic Skydiving into a story quest instead of a pure skydiving quest

Third Time’s a Charm: developed from an old quest made by Sirius back in 2010 that have long been lost in the deeps of time apart from me LOL. I then developed a working quest on Minkata shard last fall (2012) when I returned back in the community before releasing a more hard & polished version on MOULa shard (this quest). It’s a complete combo-free quest giving more access to all my quests made in Relto.

The Great Zero: developed quite recently from a thorough study of collisions inside that age to find a workaround to the combo entrance. I also took the opportunity creating this quest to completely rework my 2 previous released quests in the Great Zero.

The Riches: developed quite recently from a thorough study of collisions inside the main vault of Kadish to find a workaround to the combo part. This is a complete combo-free quest giving you access to the areas “combo only” of my quest called The Vaults.

Stories Have Been Told: a nice idea I wanted to develop since a long time, I just didn’t have the time to do it. I had to take a break from D’ni-Riltagamin (Cleft) for a while to come back there stronger. If you remember well the last Yeesha’s speech in the Sunny Cleft, she gives you a link to the Cleft so you can remember the cycle of things…well that’s my way to remember it.

The Forgotten Cave: One of the last uncharted areas of D’ni-Ae’gura is now open for exploration. I tried for 2 years and a half to find the breach there, my stubbornness paid of because I finally succeeded. That route is more than hardcore; this is no wonder, since no one went there before…

The Clock Square: a split from Neighborhood Heights since in my planning, Neighborhood Heights is a hard quest and I felt explorers would be afraid to follow the easy path for the Clock inside it. This new quest is really easy, nothing is hard. In a minute, I’m done with it, one of the fastest play time for me.

The Neverending Path: this quest is located in Delin. This quest has no end as you’ll do the complete and total circle of the garden. There are 2 entrances of which one is totally combo-free. With this quest, I’m able to glady say that Delin is a combo-free age. Since, you’ll circle all around the garden at unprecedented heights; you can reach anything that would require combo otherwise.

3) The number of markers has been lowered down:

You’ll notice that most of my quests have lesser markers. My new overall average is 78 which is better than my goal (at most 80). In the past, my average was 90. I made a lot of optimisation, rearrangement, & deletion of double paths. Let’s say a specific path was inside 2 quests, I deleted one & kept the other.

A quest with over 100 markers is an exception now and it touches basically 6 quests:

The Rings (Gahreesen Subworld): 195
More Rings (Gahreesen Subworld): 172
New Rings (Gahreesen Subworld): 153
Forest Extraordinaire (Kadish): 121
Poetic Skydiving (Kadish): 107
The Greater Library (City’s Belt): 104

The 3 “rings” quests are showcase quests. You cannot grab those markers except 6 in each which are not in the subworld (only there to explain to you how the rings were made).

Forest Extraordinaire is one of the most extreme quests I built. I made it on purpose. It’s not hardcore because of the area; it’s how I built it. Under 120 markers, it would have been more hardcore even. I had to find a good compromise here.

Poetic Skydiving has a developed story in it; it would have been hard for me to go under 100.

The Greater Library (City’s Belt) stretches through 1 third of Ae’gura, needless to explain why I couldn’t come up with less than 100.

4) Renewed instructions:

I reworked 60% of all my quests to improve them to the quality level of my 7th & last release quests (published in mid-June 2012). My instructions are now clear & limpid and very professional. You’ll still encounter some “old school” quests; I judged that reworking them would have not been that worthy. They are not badly made, far from that, only they don’t meet my own new standards of quality. Markers are a bit misplaced & my instructions aren’t revised. I may or may not revise them in a future. It touches approximately 5,000 markers.

My instructions are made so an explorer at the beginning stage can understand & work through those quests. If you are more at ease with skydiving stuff, you can clearly avoid resetting the quest 50 times like I’m telling you to do throughout a specific quest. As long as you stay on track, you’re surely doing the right moves. My quests aren’t made to make you visit your hut. Apart from 10 quests even hard for me, the remaining never sends me in my hut, that’s the proof LOL ;).

5) Renaming of my quests:

I won’t put all the new names of my quests. I just want to mention it since I made some 40 renaming overall. Some had a temporary name such as Annabelle’s K’veer which was only telling…a quest made by Annabelle inside D’ni-K’veer. It’s now named Splendid K’veer.

For some others, it was to make them more appealing…Who wants to visit the 2nd Scope Clearing inside Kadish? Hmm that’s a bit too descriptive. Who wants to visit the Deathly Marshes clearing where, at any misstep, a sudden death can occur? Count on me for sure ;). From “The 2nd Scope Clearing” to “The Deathly Marshes”, it’s basically the same quest, just more appealing.

6) Quest connections & standalone quests:

Quest connections are still relevant and it’s fairly more something optional than mandatory. If you’re at the end of a path and you see a “QUEST CONNECTION” instruction, it only means that within the same series, the specific quest mentioned in it will enable you to push further exploration even if the quest finished & the quest to play from that spot are completely standalone.

Apart from 6 quests inside my network series Ae’gura Heights & the 4 quests inside my grand tour series The Grandiose Path, every quest is a complete standalone quest. I transformed approximately 30 quests to make them standalone in my recent changes.

Final words...

Those are all the changes that I have made. It took me a long time and I hope it is for the best. You should now appreciate more my 166 quests. If you played them, replay them once again, you’ll see the difference, if you didn’t yet don’t be afraid. Remember that now you can have them all with a simple KI command by asking them to Magic Bot & Mimi Bot. My quests were built for you. Play them and enjoy your journeys!

Annabelle 47907 - New avatar

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:02 am 

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Where do you get the time to do the things you do?
I am amazed at the hard work and knowledge you have all these things.
Congrats and thanks for all the things you do.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:48 am 
Obduction Backer

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Nicoleleigh wrote:
Where do you get the time to do the things you do?
I am amazed at the hard work and knowledge you have all these things.
Congrats and thanks for all the things you do.


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:10 pm 

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Posts: 146 Anna, who knew you were a poet?... Top section of your OP is beautiful.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:44 am 

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Thank you so very much for your vision and your eloquence it is a wonderful thing within the game.

I feel sometimes with the breadth of your knowledge you could run the forum on your own write your quests and run your life too....oh guess you do :-)

You stand out Annabelle as the real heart and soul of the game thank you very very much for helping to keep it going with your fantastic efforts. Well done


colon in moula

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:50 pm 

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Thank you very much schmood and all the others who took time to answer here or show me respect or friendship toward me on server.

I'll be back soon. I'm still waiting for the skydivers' build except I know why it is long and I don't want to enter into a debate, I asked the person who will build it directly so no misunderstanding, someone told me this or that... I know what takes time and it's ok.

Patience is what we need. The more I read about the built 1.918, the more I'm becoming a stranger. Funny how people on the forum almost unanimously like the improvements in general (that's fine) but also the physics ones (which is very weird). Most of my buddies, apart some of them like HenryMikel who I respect on another level, dislike them...Well maybe URU isn't a single community afterall. Some explorers told me there were always conflicts within the community and this is not gonna end in 2013...Oh & BTW...if you think I'm stubborn and I'm not even trying the build 1.918... :lol: ... even if you played on URU since the release of the new build 24h a day 7 days a are still far from the time I spent on testing it :wink:, it is released since 7 months at least... and my rants are only toward the physics changes not the rest :wink:

My quests will be soon available through Magic Bot & Mimi Bot. I have other things to take care on surface for now so...sending my quests to the bots isn't a priority. I will send notice on the forum when they will be all transferred.

Annabelle 47907 - New avatar

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2013 1:46 am 

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I am the same way you are Annabelle.
Things may be alright for some, but not for a lot of others.
URU, to me is more than just standing around talking, listening to music and readings.
Marker games were a very important thing that brought a lot of joy to me and my friends.
I stood in the city this evening looking up to the Takotah Rooftop and wished to zip to it. But, couldn't.
Annabelle has made some of the best marker games around. A lot of them are a bit too hard for me, but I
keep trying. Now, I can't.
Hopefully, the client will be back so some of us can go back and enjoy the things that Annabelle has introduced
me to.
Kudos to Our Annabelle. I will wait as you do, my friend along with others.


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:08 am 
Obduction Backer

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So a Skydivers build is do-able? Maybe distribute it on another 'shard'? I don't have a clue... :cry:

Moul(A)II Charura KI#296707 Char Gearz KI#600002 Teri Dactyl KI#600568 Chickopee KI#601018 Cannon Belle KI#601422

How Many Times Does A Myst Player Play Myst Before A Myst Player Decides To Play Myst Again

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:29 am 
Obduction Backer

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Yes, a Skydiving build is do-able. One already existed for 1.912. One will exist for 1.918. However, for reasons beyond my control, I cannot provide it now, but it should be possible within the coming weeks. The client which will be distributed will be usable on MO:ULa; there is no need for a shard, unless someone is ready to commit to it in order to ease things on the user (honestly, though, there's nothing to using an alternative client... download and run, basically).


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:38 am 

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Annabelle's Quests for those of us who know her and her work, like me, are amazed at the speed and quality with which she made them all.
Her post here further explaining her work and game philosophy is a testimonial unto her own tremendous abilities and commitment to excellence!
She is my Hero!

Like her Quests, many of us who build Quests relied upon the old client physics. I admit I love the new client physics for what it has changed and brought us. But only because they made it possible for us to use and stay in the old client Uru world of physics.
I can appreciate and embrace both worlds and points of view.

My own Quest Series took over 2 years to make. It didn't allow me much time to play others Quests, although I did along the way and more towards the end. This was by choice to avoid others ideas from corrupting or influencing my own creativity. Too stay unique! I subscribe to Annabelle's philosophy here, as my own marker Quests utilize and incorporate much of what she does, though less extreme. Annabelle is more of a purest of the journey beyond set limits. And that is what the world she discovered and has shared with us is all about. A world I now intend to go into and make my own.

My Quest Series was about marker text puzzles and telling stories, however, as a skydiver many of my marker placements were elite level to get. Towards the end of building my Quest Series I tapped into Annabelle's Quest work to help build mine. Yes, and I later used many others as a road maps to build a variation of to my own.

Like Annabelle, I too am looking to automate my Quests for ease of access. Now that I have finished building mine, I intend to start playing through Annabelle's body of work.
I have been looking forward to this day for a long time.

Annabelle the Elite of Quest Builders, I salute you!
P .S. I gave in my last Quest a Tribute to those who's own work I used or I just admired.

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