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PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:03 pm 

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MOULa 2013 X-mas Puzzles and Games... Puzzle #1

I'll be putting up a couple of puzzles in This Topic during December. Just for the fun of it as there's
no competition to this and I can't promise any prizes to win. But when you have a solution to any
of these, please PM that to me, don't put it in this topic! But watch this space for later updates...

EDIT: Well done KathAveara for providing the first correct solution!!!
And A Big Thank You Mouski, Deck 15 (very observant!) and debeh for also
correct solutions and for observing my mistakes! (now edited in bold italics)

Here first a little puzzle (now edited) #1 to test your knowledge about URU and the D'ni world.

This is a very simple puzzle of deduction and counting items within MOULa and the different Ages.
It is a sort of a "countdown" if you like to the X-mas Day and the New Year of 2014.

First a Calendar of December 2013 and a similar, empty frame... a printable b/w version here...



Below is a list of sentences and the answer to each of them is always a number. Each one has also
a capital letter next to it, from A to Z, with M and R used twice and with a few additional marks..

The list happens to run in an alphabetic order, but not in any other specific order. Each letter equal
only one number, one day in the calendar, from 1st to 31st of December.

Each letter should be put or exchanged in the place of the correct number of the day in the empty
frame. Just like I've put in M in 31st December So the solution of this should be a frame filled with
letters, no numbers should been left over. Finally, the filled squares and letters or marks in them
should form a sentence...

There's no time limit for this, all done just for the fun of it. So put on your Minkata Hiking Boots
and go Exploring....


A.. "Yahr-tee" that equals one "vai-lee-tee" in the D'ni timekeeping system...
B.. Blue stars on the City Map by the Tent...
C.. Boat wrecks seen by the ferry docks in the City...
D.. Books about the Kings in the Hall of Kings in the City...
E.. Books in your top shelf at Relto, when you've completed all of the journeys and ages...
F.. Bottles on the shelves in the Kahlo Pub...
G.. DRC boxes or crates inside and around the tent at Library...
H.. Empty book pedestals in the Library...
I.. Fish traps that can be used in Eder Gira...
J.. Fish traps in Eder Gira you don't get to use or simply can't use...
K.. Glass paintings or images inside the Ahnonay Cathedral...
L.. KI images or journal entries the KI can store, according to DRC...
M.. Lamps in your round Nexus linking chamber...
N.. Months in One Year in the D'ni timekeeping system...
O.. Most journey cloths you can find in one Age...
P.. Or rather, the total sum of the numbers of the license plate on Zandis trailer by the Cleft...
Q.. Or rather, the word in D'ni.. fahseesen...
R.. Or rather, the word in D'ni.. heegahbree...
S.. Or rather, the word in D'ni.. naigahfah...
T.. Or rather, the word in D'ni.. rigahbree...
U.. Or rather, the word in D'ni.. rigahsen...
V.. Red warning signs with text "KEEP OUT" on the fence around the volcano by the Rainy Cleft...
W.. Relto pages you can find in the different Ages...
X.. Suns on the map of Teledahn...
Y.. The Date in (the month of) Leebro for D'ni Holiday and the Second Feast for the Maker ...
Z.. The Date in (the month of) Leetar for D'ni Holiday and the Day of Dancing...
R.. The Date in (the month of) Leevofo for coronation of the King Kerath ...
M.. The last day in December 2013...
- .. The Pod in Negilah...
- .. Vertically standing bones or tusks on the bone cage in Daytime Minkata...
! .. Wedges or stone ring parts you can get to your Relto stone well...

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:05 pm 

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Time for the X-mas Game #2....

Let's call this one an I.H.P. Game... as it has an international touch!

This is also a about deduction and connecting things together. You are given a list (A) of
10 names of persons or things from MOULa or with some connection to the MYST
universe.The list of names is in alphabetical order, marked A to J.

You get a list (B) with 10 different locations from MOULa or the MYST universe

There's also an image of flags from 10 different countries, of which only 5 are to be used.
Last also a list (C) of 10 countries, of which only 5 are to be used or connected to a name.
So 5 flags and 5 names of countries. Flags are numbered 1 to 10. Countries 11 to 20.

What locations could the names refer to and what countries are those connected with?
All the clues or connections are to be found within MOULa or are related to the MYST
games. Some connections might be very easy to make, some not so easy. But they all
associate to each other in some way and they should all be logic.

So you should try and pair the 10 names up... find a common connections. A+B+C(ountry)
// a name / a location / a country // For example, if I had used Jeff Zandi, that gives:
// Zandi / Cleft / USA (or a flag of USA) //

When you have a solution, PM that to me... don't put it up in this topic. Bonus points if you
can explain why names, places and countries should connect, if not by mere guesses.

A. / Ahlsendar
B. / Alexander, Cate
C. / Atrus
D. / Bahros
E. / Eddie the beach ball
F. / Henderson, Phil
G. / Kadish
H. / Laxman, Viktor
I... / Sharper, Douglas
J.. / Sirrus

Kadish Tolesa
Mechanical Age


11. Egypt
12. Finland
13. France
14. Germany
15. Iceland
16. Kenya
17. Monaco
18. Nepal
19. Norway
20. Spain

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:05 pm 

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This was cut a bit short to only two puzzles (for several reasons) But anyways... here are the solutions.

For #1 I lend the image sent in by our Mr Master Mind a.k.a. mr Mouski There ain't no way to beat him.


#2 was intentionally a bit tricky, but it's still logic, I'd say. So here's an explanation on what's what.
Which name, location and country are connected together.
[Reveal] Spoiler:
A. / Ahlsendar
Ahlsendar is one of the D'nian Kings and a painting of him hangs on the Museum Wall. The Museum also has a Relto Page on one of the pedestals between links to the Pod Ages. The Relto Page is for the Sun and the Moon. Those symbols you find also on the flag of Nepal.
A. / Ahlsendar - Museum - Nepal

B. / Alexander, Cate
Her name refers of course to Alexander the Great, a Macedonian ruler (356-323 BC), later Pharao of Egypt, King of Persia and King of Asia who founded the town of Alexandria in Egypt aboutish 331 BC. That later became famed for having the worlds largest Library that was said to contain the all the worlds then known knowledge in books or papyrus rolls and tablets. According to myths it burned down under unclear circumstances.
B. / Alexander, Cate - Library - Egypt

C. / Atrus
Now this might been somewhat more tricky and it goes back to the game Myst. When we get to "meet" Atrus for the first time in MYST, it's in Kveer, he gives us a task to do. Otherwise we've only earlier read his notes and "met" his two freaky sons via the Linking Books. They ask for pages in different colours, blue and red. And Atrus asks for a white page. That's the colours on the flag of Russia.
C. / Atrus - Kveer - Russia

D. / Bahros
This should have been easy. We see at one point in URU a bunch of Bahros when they enter the Volcano by the Cleft. And the Cleft has a couple of Relto Pages. One of them depicts Birds. The Albanian flag has a bird on it. (the red colour could also have meant "heat" but was never intentional)
D. / Bahro - the Cleft - Albania

E. / Eddie the beach ball
We all know where to find Eddie. In the Neighborhoods. He's a colourful charecter, is he not? And his colours can be found in the Venezuelan flag: yellow, blue and red bands and white stars.
E. / Eddie - Neighborhoods - Venezuela

F. / Henderson, Phil
This should have been easy too. Phil is the only one Relto might refer to. And Relto is an island, alike Iceland (no pun intended)
F. / Henderson - (Phil's) Relto - Iceland

G. / Kadish
Another tricky one. Guild Master Kadish, His Tolesa Age can be solved by deduction and using or interpeting the images in Kadish Gallery. One of the Images, the one for the Lever Puzzle has a colourful outer ring, with D'ni numerals. The colours are red, white, yellow and blue for the Levers and some greens in the outer ring. All those colours can be found on the flag of Namibia.
G. / Kadish - Kadish Tolesa - Namibia

H. / Laxman, Viktor
Laxman is a technician and responsible for managing to get the KI to function (or not to function properly, as it's a bit unreliable). But we have to stick to what we've got. The KI here is in the name (pun intended) of the location. KI-rel. And Kirel has a Light Garden, alike the Hoods. The lamp buttons on the railings are blue, green and orange and flanked by some white permanent lights. Those colours are found on the flag of India.
H. / Laxman - Kirel - India

I... / Sharper, Douglas
This game me the spark for this game. And it's the easiest one to figure out, as it's so obvious and clearly visible. Sharper oversaw of course the survey of Teledahn, and was a hunter & collector. If you visit his office, there's a mug on the table with a flag of Kenya.
I. / Sharper - Teledahn - Kenya

J.. / Sirrus
To figure this one out you'd need to have surveyed the MYST Ages with care. Or just add up the left-overs. But in Sirrus quarters in the Mechanical Age there's a large painting on the wall. It's one of Napoleon, painted by Ingres. Or not, as the head is... a bit different. But anyways, Napoleon was for a while the Emperor and ruler of France.
J. / Sirrus - Mechanical Age - France

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