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Valley of Shells
After much hesitation I have decided to attempt to trace Ghen and Atrus's journey beginning at Cleft....with the help of a friend I was able to explore the base of the I will share the beginning of those explorations with you, before I prepare to head down through the caves. When I leave I will be out of touch for the duration of my journey.
After exploring several spots on the slopes, I found what looks like a good opening. One was
too steep.One was simply not accessible.
The point of the wreckage seems to be pointing....
what is the wreckage pointing at????......another opening????
Will prepare for a journey and check it out...for if it is an opening I will not want to come back and prepare.
This time I have the notes from Atrus' journey down, my relto book and the book from the ski lodge....and a lot of provisions. If I should get lost again I will have safe alternatives. A part of me, I believe is hoping to just find the AG book again....I want to go and see if the people have returned to the has been a long time since I left them...even longer in accordance with their seasons and calendar. I do want to finish my original quest, to follow the path of Ghen and Atrus....I do not like to leave it unfinished.
The signs are posted to keep out????
Why Keep out?? it is not an active volcano........I must explore.

I am prepared....I had taken photos of the beginnings of the journey. I had them signal strength is tiny tiny I will probably lose you soon......Know that if I do I will be back..when I am through the journey..the adventure that is before me.....signal strength is nearly you all...your friend Angelmyst.

If this post makes it, I will be very surprised. My family has often told me that I would get lost in my back yard...and so it would seem true. I am not seeing anything that even looks similar to Atrus's descriptions of his journey with Ghen. After 5 very slow days I am lost. I am about to enter behind a curtain of heavy moss like substance....since I am lost I may as well be true to the explorer nature in me.
A moss wall before me is least 12 feet high, and it looks rather frightening. I looked from a ledge way down before I went closer. There were logs to the left that were huge huge..the trees would have been at least 3 feet across. I climbed up on the larger log and looked off to my right. I have a lot to deal with before me.

Hope to see you all again..I miss the least I miss you all...I am loving this Cavern.
The light in this part of the caves I have stumbled upon seems rather like that from fire marbles....except it seems to be hanging in the air like a mist. I am going in behind the mossy wall, and I am treading slowly. I can make out light on the other side of a bit of a tunnel, through the moss....not sure..looks as if it lead back to the surface. I did not get the sense of climbing back up, but my signal strength is almost at peak as I walk through the mossy corridor...will be interesting to see where I come out. I have almost a sense of linking as I walk, but the view around me is not fading.
I came out on a ledge..I would judge the depth to be 80-100 ...I am heading down.

This slope is very slippery...the mist that was making light in the caves seems to be seeping out here and making moisture on the rocks along this ledge. Also..I am out in what seems like the surface...except for a couple strange things....besides the mist. Much of the ground seems to be comprised of HUGE shells...the remnants of sea creatures...but I see no sea.
Also the air has a sweet smell, almost taste..but I see no flowers that would make such a scent. I am not sure if I am on earth's surface, or if passing through the moss and mist took me somewhere else. Also...if this is not earth..why do I have a clear signal strength.... and do all the things on line I would normally be able to do...but I really do not feel like I am on least not earth as I know it...strange...verrrrry strange.
I got past the slippery slope and I am heading down the gulch is now dry and hot.

The air has an even stronger sweet smell....but there is little life...I am so uneasy...going to shut down this for now and do some exploring. Later all.
luv angelmyst

Made it to the bottom of the gulch. It is hot and dry down here. At some point in time there must have been a sea, with huge creatures, for these shells are the size of a good eating oyster...and there are literally far as I can see this gulch is made of them.
Found a wall that extends about 40 feet straight up.
From a ledge looking to far end of is a long hike. I am going to take a break here and hike to end of the gulch tomorrow.
A large mossy tree will make good shelter. I can get under it and rest for the night.
Another tree also grows on the ledge. It has a scent of of my least favorite fruit, so I will not seek its shelter!
I should be able to explore this whole area tomorrow, and then head back out the moss and see if I can find my way through the caves. This has been an interesting sideline.Seems like while I am here I can update you on my progress..wish I knew why..but I am glad.....Will see what tomorrow holds. Night night.

Strange..very strange. While I was down in the gulch I could not access anything..nothing worked except my KI. I explored for the past week....found it to be quite the place. It reminded me of something out of the old "Land of the Lost" television series.
First off was this...the whole gulch was shells...for miles and miles. I walked for about 5 miles before I saw anything much else. There are literally zillions...or as my Mom would have called the biggest number you can think of...buck a' billions..of these dead shells.

As I got down into the gulch I was able to get into small caves.....I made a bit of a shelter in one. It got quite cool at night. Thankfully I found enough wood to build a fire...thankfully for more than one reason. I was not alone.
The third day down here I saw......Scatt....dropping..poo poo...yuch no matter what you call it. The thing is, this pile was two things.
1. fairly fresh
2. Huge. It was as big around about as a base ball bat!! and about 3 feet long!!!
After I saw this I found a good stick..sharpened it, and made sure I had plenty of wood to keep my fire going at night.

On day five I got down into the gulch a bit more I saw a pool from one ledge. I made my way down to it. It was clear and cold

I could see where the water seeped up from an underground spring. The leading edge was a sheer cliff, but I was able to make my way down the far edge.
The water felt wonderful...cold but so refreshing. For the gulch to be so warm, the spring that feeds this must be very deep. Something else also liked the water.
A saw a little guy..a bug on a ledge about 80-100 feet below me...yes I saw him that far away..he was no little guy!!![ur
A beetle....about the size of a hippo!!!!.I was able to get just a bit closer.......... I am calling him a hippo-beetle. I am also certain he is the owner of the scatt I saw earlier.
I spent the next two days wandering and taking pictures. I was alarmed for no reason. The critter..the only one I saw, never came any where near the area I made my camp. I saw no other life. After the documentation of this strange place I will make my way back to the Moss Wall, and back into the caves. I am going to continue my explorations. Who knows what else I may encounter down here.
Okay after 9 days of wandering I am back where I started. I found some flowers at the mouth of the cave, they bloomed while I was It is sunny and I am going to take a break in the sun..then get changed and head to the city.

There are some spectacular rock formations I will have to get down here again, but trying to find the path is seeming to be an impossible task.
Maybe another time.
Signing off from this Adventuring..see you all in the
I made a quick trek back through the caves...I found my entrance point through the veil of moss.....It did not take me long to see things had drastically changed. The area was flooded and had died...if that is the right word......algae had taken over every inch of the gulch I had walked through. This environment change did something to my pictures...they are no when the area died all traces of it died as well.
I have decided to set up a camp just outside the mossy veil and make another attempt to find Ghens path through the caves to D'ni.
I thought I could leave this adventure alone....I can't......I must continue. I am going to make several trips to the surface and get supplies laid up in this area....base camp. Angel's lair.

Join into my next adventure...Angel's Tree.

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End of Second Adventure....:0

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