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Angels Return
This Relto, although in shape, like my dear Relto, has nothing else to make me feel at home and comfortable.

I went through the inventory in my back pack.

My dehydrated fruit and vegetables are all gone, but the containers are useful.

a couple extra containers to keep water in.


water purification tablets,

a small cook stove and cook pot,

a change of clothes,

emergency blanket,

first aide kit,




spare batteries,

and my cell phone.



…………this made me laugh, and in my mild state of panic, my laugh became hysterical…..I laughed until I cried…and then in sheer exhaustion, fell asleep.

When I woke I sat looking out to the misty nothingness.

I do wish I could get back over to the little island, for at least there may be roots that are edible.

After wandering every square inch of this rock for two weeks, well 16 days to be precise….. I have found three things that will be a help to keep me alive for a while.

The grass, although somewhat bitter, is not toxic. After hesitantly trying it, since I figured I am going to die here, may as well be now as opposed to later, I found it satisfying.

The misty dew is thick…and using the cup in my back pack, and my emergency blanket I could gather some every morning…..enough to keep me from thirst.

and….Fire Marbles!!!!

It is amazing how something so simple could give such joy.

Even though I have flint, there is little to make a fire with, and the nights are warm, and there is no sign of danger, so I have not needed the fire…but the presence of something to remind me of home is a comfort.

I found them while testing out some of the grass roots. I was digging, and saw a glow beneath the soil. My hope was it was some kind of link out of here….but I was slightly disappointed.

How long I could stay alive on water and grass??? Well cows do it…..but I am not a cow!

I took off my KI and laid it on the blanket next to the firemarbles…and something strange happened.

It turned on!!

It displayed as if I was on my relto…in the present time.????


It was 7:21 KI time…and the KI had one picture on it…me?? in my Relto…angelmysts relto!!!

There was some hope…but how??

The fire marbles had to be the answer.

Did they have more to them than we realize?

They were my link to the present…..I wondered…If I linked through my relto book…with the fire marbles in my back pack…would I arrive in the present…your present???

I had to find out.

I gathered all of my things together…

put the precious fire marbles in my back pack…

opened my Relto book….

and linked…

with no KI…I had to take a picture with my cell phone.

a brand new relto…but it was different than the one I saw on my KI…

I do not have one…..

This is different …but how…when..who??

Too many questions.

I am going to figure out some things before I go anywhere….except I am going to get a KI!!!!

I am a newbie!!!

It is as if I had never been here.

I wonder what has been affected from my trek to the past?

Before I go back to the Cavern, I am going to see what things in my other adventures have been affected. Since I have treked through the Caverns, and now have a map and a goo idea of the path, I should be able to find those strange out of the way places again…..maybe…maybe

Since I have not really been here, according to the KI, I am wondering what things are different…As in any story when the past was changed, there are side affects to the present. I have a hope…that some changes will be good, but I am afraid there may be some bad side affects as well.

I am going to refresh my back pack, and head to the Cleft..and head ….oh wait.

My boat…Trapper brought it back to the city….Now I have to think this through..which way do I want to go?


My linking book to the Winter the Ski Lodge…I can link to it and see if they are okay…if…if…

the book is still in my wardrobe.

Since this relto is new…..

Since I have not been here….

Was I ever .’there’???

If the book is not there, does that mean I did not mess up that age…does that mean I can maybe just go and eliminate the animal for them, so they are free to come and go as they choose…and so that dear family…..they do not die??

Oh I so hope so…who ever gets a chance to undo the mistakes they have made??

I have a chance to undo this….Oh the thought of this possibility thrills me to the core!

Before I get my KI I am going to go see if my boat is down by the Library cliffs…..

No sign of it….so if I have never been here..then I never built a boat!!!!!

Oh my..what else has been affected by my trek to the past…??

No book in my wardrobe…..

I am going to go to the Cleft and retrace from that point….I have to see if the changes have affected those dear people..the other ages I had found on my adventures are of little consequence, but….if I have changed things enough to have those dear folk still alive!!!

AS many times as I have seen Zandi, he acted like he did not know me?? Was that because…he did not know me??

I checked my back pack…and headed into the Caverns……I have to find out…I have to know.

I wandered for hours. I am seeing the things so familiar now to me…and I kept pushing onward. After five long I saw the heavy, mossy , 12 foot curtain.

I knew where I was….but had no desire to go back to the Valley of Shells.

I was making my way through a part of the caves that made a very steep descent downwards. I had my climbing gear this time, but I was not planning on using it. I was not expecting to go far this day, but I could smell fresh air and a hint of grass and flowers in the air again, and I knew what was around the corner…..My TREE!!!!!

Again, I was not going to go there….at least I was making progress…..

I continued..driven..

Past the Shaft…past the tomahn…..then I saw it…

the marble…..the cause..or the correction of my past woes??

I wanted to go it…but I was not going to be detered…I had focused on those dear folk. I had to see if they were alive.

Again…I got to a point that I am lost… map…well it is helping some, but I am………..lost.

Lost is a good thing.

In my lostness, I can wander, and in my wandering I should find…………..

Wait….the air, something in the air is different..YES!!!!!!!!!!….the smell is getting stronger, almost unbearable, As I feel in the semi darkness, I bump my shins on …the chair…the same chair!!!!!!!!As much as I want to continue, and see if my people are okay…I am exhausted…sleep…sweet sleep.

The rest was so needed…..
The book still sitting on a crate, I go to it again, and get the feeling of dejavu… its’ pages covered in dust as if I had never been here…… I carefully blow off the dust, and without

I link into my Jalak room…..

I rose pillars and looked through each age….all looked as it did the last time I was here…. I decided to go to the West age, where I had encountered the animal that I had let loose and allowed the death of that family. If that age is as I left it…or different….then I know that going to the past has erased what I had done.

I prepared for the possibility of encountering the danger, but also knew that if it is as I hoped the danger was gone. I raised the pillars and ran to the door…SMACK!!!!!!!!!


The door would not open….and I have a broken nose to prove it!!!!!!!

I had to try the other doors….even though I was in pain…..more will not hurt….much.

As the West…none of the doors would respond to my attempts.

Then I saw it..grrrr…could not have seen this before I broke my nose.

I could not make out much of the text, although familiar. I will have to take some time to translate it.

I could see two words I knew. ……door and locked!!

Even if I do not get this translated, I know that I have changed this….I am certain the people are still alive, and safe..from me, and from who ever else may try to change their lives.

I decided to relto out, and see what changes are in my own life….what has happened to angelmyst?

I wandered through the city. It was as if I was invisible. No one said anything to me, and no one responded. Something is not right. I am out of time, the time line has been affected, and my presence is not registering on the Great Zero.

I went to Cleft again and decided to see if an encounter with Yeesha would fix this time warp I seem to have created.

As usual I changed my hood, from DRC 755 to angelmysts hood, then, resisting the temptation to go to the city again, I headed to Cleft.

After speaking with Yeesha, I am certain that all is fixed. I will head to the city and see if anyone knows me!!

After wandering the City, I finally see a bud from before I got lost…Rabbit…Rabbit knows me!!!! I am truly home.


What of the ages I had visited, and had changed…now that I have fixed the timeline…..

Oh my…………

I fear Angelmyst is not finished her wanderings through the Caverns.

KI #03313934

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