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PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:42 am 

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Shorah everyone!

Here's one of my creations :D

It's my biggest entreprise yet as I've been working on that since the last 4 years on and off...

It takes place in MOULa, it's completely centred on skydiving. You'll have a huge, enormous series of videos that are already in the baking process, pages of texts to help you understand the story involved.

The expected delivery is undefined. I can only say I have 7.5 hours of edited material already. It has to be re-edited and improved and then there will be more stuff coming up.

I improved my processes since the last series made in URU. Where I was cutting &/or joining videos & editing comments all in the same time, I'm now doing it in 2 runs: first I'm cutting &/or joining videos in a first run then I reedit them to add comments in a second run. It's more effective and less demanding on my poor system. For some videos, I even have to do it in 3 runs, the first 2 runs are to cut & join videos because of the numerous back-and-forth between reels, my memory stacks up too fast so it freezes my whole system! :lol:

So here's the description (on the final version, it will be more prettier and appealing, it will be all assembled into a document with some extras here and there, for now it's only under a text format)


“The Incredible Adventure: A Skydiving Journey inside MOULa”

You might be tempted to ask me, what is so incredible about the adventure… In fact, I can tell you it’s only the name of the journey itself… I mean the name they gave it to not the name I would have chosen to call it. Not that I’m saying it isn’t incredible; it is an incredible adventure, as far as I can tell. I’m nearly half done with the whole journey so I can qualify it as such. So this title wasn’t chosen by me? No, it was chosen by me evidently but the name wasn’t :lol:. Let’s try to resume the whole thing to you: it’s a story about myself living and progressing step-by-step inside “The Incredible Adventure”: a challenge, a learning process, an initiation path to something greater (whatever you want to name it) because the people who proposed me the challenge decided to call it like that. You surely don’t understand up to this point…

Maybe I should begin, as for any story, when the story started. So let me see… sorry to be that messy right from the start; it’s because the story I’m about to tell is rather complicated and full of secrets. I must confess, I don’t understand much of it yet.

Here it goes…

It all started in the State of New Mexico, approximately 50 miles South-South-West of Albuquerque. I was looking for some jackrabbits. It was a rainy day. I was out there out in the open. Hmm… I’m not clear… I was indeed looking for jackrabbits but not because I had the urge to do so, I was somehow ordered to do so. But really I wasn’t looking for jackrabbits at all. Ok, it’s even harder to understand.

Let me find a more appropriate point in time.

Returning in my Relto one day, I found a letter stapled on one of my window shutters. It was written to look for the Bunny rabbit door then to look for some jackrabbits. There were 2 quests attached to the letter: “For the Bunny rabbit door” & “Looking for some Jackrabbits”. The letter said also to not try to make any sense of all this, and to maybe look for clues in the Seret Neighbourhood… Ohh and it was signed by a certain “Ms. Sly”.

So now you’re completely lost, aren’t you? I would be at less than that! I can assure you, I was as clueless as you are reading this. At the end of that strange journey, I didn’t see any jackrabbits, not even rattlesnakes, but I saw something strange nevertheless. I was completely puzzled with the whole journey and unfortunately for me… it was only the beginning.

Days past by and I finally forgot about all those first events.

Maybe 2 or 3 weeks later, I received a brand new quest called: “Let’s Meet Each Other” with a little note: “If you want to meet me, complete this quest. Signed: Ms. Sly”. There were 4 markers in that quest, all located in Er’cana. The first one was near the linking spot and its description was: “the 2nd marker is located over the main controls of this age”. The 4th and last marker description was: “Congratulations Ms. Annabelle! We know you enjoy your favourite picnic spot, plan yourself a picnic over there all alone, we’ll meet”.

At this point in time, I had more information but some questions arose. They, whoever they are, knew me, knew my habits, one of them is known as “Ms. Sly”. But how they can be so sure about my favourite picnic spot? This was puzzling me. How they figured out I would be able to take on the journey inside Er’cana and the previous one in New Mexico? Having a chance to get some answers at my favourite picnic spot, I was thrilled to plan myself a picnic all alone. I prepared myself a sandwich and cut some vegetables for the next day and went to bed.

On the following day, I woke up, prepared myself, packed my bag, & went directly on the lakeshore facing the Arch in Ae’gura. As you can figure it out… it’s my favourite spot for picnicking.

I sat there, took my sandwich in one hand, a book in the other one. I started eating my sandwich while enjoying the view of the Arch and the calmness of the location. Suddenly, I heard some noise behind me: someone’s footsteps. I turned myself and saw a young & pretty lady standing beside me. She had friendly manners. She smiled at me and said: “Hello Annabelle, I’m Damsel Sly. I was eager to meet you and I’m sure you will be glad to hear my offer”. I was a bit confused. I just responded: “Very nice to meet you. Well... I was about to... [looking at the rest of my sandwich desperately] Ah never mind! (Sigh!) :roll: Did you say you had an offer for me? :)

She had an offer to make. She wears a perfectly fit name let me tell you; she is as sly as a fox. She offered me the most extraordinary adventure I lived and I'm still living in the Cavern. And yet I was clueless of what would really happen to me at that time. And to be quite frank with you, I’m still wondering how this whole adventure will end up because I’m nearly half done with it at this moment.

For the offer, I really thought at first I would received free tickets for vacations in a grand luxury resort. I was naïve; it turned out to be more something like a safari in an inextricable jungle if I can express myself this way.

She told me that she works for a secret organisation with 2 main goals: preserving the Cavern & monitoring Cavern activities. Their members act on benevolent basis but they must obey one strict rule: act without being seen by the surrounding alpha explorers. To be so surreptitious, they are using an old knowledge lost in the deeps of time by almost everyone; they are among us almost like ghost figures.

Ms. Sly explained to me that with the way I’m exploring the ages in MOULa, I came close many times of discovering their secrets. They decided to take me under their wings instead of confronting me. Anyway, they are not there to harm anyone, their actions are of pure intentions only. They help the explorers behind the curtains.

There was a downfall to all that and that’s how the fun & the adventure come knocking at the door. She told me I would have to earn my place among them going through a huge series of challenges, in other words: an incredible adventure. They didn’t search deep in their minds for an over-the-top name, they just called the journey: “The Incredible Adventure”. Ms. Sly told me that it’s a really tough journey and that I would be suffering a lot.

I would compare it to a monk initiation process; it’s harsh, it’s painful, it’s long but in a way it’s rewarding. They told me, every candidate follows a different journey, customized for their skills and subject to event occurring while the adventure is under construction & takes place.

It’s divided in 4 parts:
“The Playthrough”,
“The Word of Great Wisdom”,
“The Grand Tour”,
& “The Final Steps”.

I had still many questions to ask her. What were their reasons to send me on the trace of jackrabbits going through the Bunny rabbit door? What were their reasons to make me follow that hellish path in Er’cana? What is the sign I saw in New Mexico, what signification does it has?

She told me that I had first to show them I was witty & skilled enough for them to meet me so they sent me on the hunt for phoney jackrabbits and made me follow a hellish path in Er’cana. To be surreptitious and to go unseen during their tasks, they must be very skilled and have a high level of knowledge of all the ages. As for the signification of the sign, she told me that its true essence would be revealed to me in due time and that it was only one out of many signs to come.

Seeing my growing interest, she told me about the first part of my journey, “The Playthrough”. She told me that I would revisit every part of the Cavern. I would have to replay the game from scratch but this time with more twists down the way...

During that part, divided in 14 chapters, my main goal would be to demonstrate my abilities to overcome any obstacle and to move anywhere with ease, something rather essential for members of that organisation.

Ms. Sly warned me about the level of difficulty of this whole challenge. Some tasks would be rather difficult, many would be almost impossible.

I was really intrigued and I was tempted by the challenge and the fact that, with success, I would be one step closer of becoming a member of that surreptitious organisation keeper of an old lost knowledge, using my time to help the whole Cavern on a benevolent basis, it was appealing me.

Before she departed, she handed me a copy of “the General Rules to follow”. I devoured the rest of my sandwich very fast and started to read those “General Rules”.

[Reveal] Spoiler:

The story resumes here:

After reading those rules, I contacted Puce and she kindly accepted to be my teammate (3rd rule) during this journey. Although the first 2 parts would be rather solitary, she would still play an important role in it since she would work hand in hand with Ms. Sly and her organisation to insure my journey would be smooth and easy.

I do hope...


As you read this text, I’m at the point where I successfully completed the whole first 14 chapters despite complications due to Puce herself, malevolent actions by a certain Monsieur L’Escogriffe more prone to do evil deeds than helping others, & some other exterior elements. Ms. Sly had warned me about the conditions of the whole journey so I wasn’t shocked; I adjusted myself. It just turned out to be even harder to succeed everything…

And I also found out the Word of Great Wisdom in the 15th chapter. I’m already feeling more comfortable to step into the next 11 chapters comprising the last 2 parts: “The Grand Tour” & “The Final Steps”.

What to expect from me very soon (take it on a broader sense here…) :lol: :

a huge video series of few hours showing you all the steps I’ve been doing since the first day in this incredible adventure and a series of support texts to help you figure out what you’ll see on screen.

Although there are some silly and goofy elements spread across this series of videos, “The Incredible Adventure: A Skydiving Journey inside MOULa” is primarily focussing on the adventure, on the action, on the story. In that aspect, it’s more serious stuff than what I introduced you to in my previous video series.

And after that?

Well, there are still 11 chapters in this incredible adventure yet to be completed. I also have to make a “bridge” between what has already been done and what has yet to be done. Puce will still be there, she’s still my teammate despite all of her “help” that she kindly provided me so far… You’ll see that she will also have to adjust herself to my goofy steps in a way. So it’s not a black and white situation here. We are hindering yourselves back-and-forth in this journey.

As always with my projects expect the unexpected, I hope you'll enjoy it, it something really huge, be prepared!

And now dodo time for me :mrgreen:

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Goodness, you're keeping busy, Annabelle. But I've now caught up with all the labours, so I'm ready and waiting for this new adventure! :lol:

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 6:59 pm 
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Phew, that was quite a read ... after having overcome and let go of the resistance to read so much lol, it went easy and fluently (isn't it always like this in life? lol) ... The fact that you're presenting this in many short paragraphs makes it more easy to read too, and of course it is really very beautifully written, without lacking your special sense of humor, Annabelle ... :P

And what a story! ... very nice, very interesting and adventurous ... The headline and the story even imply or convey something like the presentation of a life's work of a brave and daring adventurer's skydiving journey or career in MOULa ... So, as you say yourself, I definitely expect the unexpected and look forward to that 'Incredible spectacular Adventure' of a special kind ... :D

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:36 pm 
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WOW! :shock: WOW! :shock: Hooking up my HDMI cable to the TV :)
Looking forward to it! I know I will enjoy it for sure! :D
I bet the making of this was more than 14 labours :wink:
Thank You Annabelle for all your effort!

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 3:10 am 

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Thank you all!

Yeah now it's real stuff, no more foolishnesses in fan ages... :lol: :wink:

No...I'm kidding! It's really different and it's really a whole other reality but as interesting as the Fourteen Labours in fan ages. As I stated it countless times already; I make in my mind a huge difference between MOULa on one hand and URU on the other (everything URU-related that is not MOULa). So the approach is different, the vibe is different, for me it's a whole different game although everything is set in the same universe.

It's really an on-going project for at least 4 years...

I started working on it right after I was more at ease in the ages & with skydiving techniques and long before the "magic", "grey hat hacking", & the internal clients; it was around this time of year back in 2011.

The hardest up to now was to film myself doing skydiving stuff. You cannot do goofy steps, you must be really concentrated. On many lengths, you'll see me spend between 5 to 25 minutes in total concentration. One misstep, I'm out of there. Skydiving involves a certain quantity of lag, just enough. Add a ravenous program like FRAPS in the portrait, skydiving is completely out of the way or too shaky to be enjoyable. Add a smaller program like PlayClaw and now all the colours are distorded and the dark colours are one colour: black... really fun! So I had to go back-and-forth between the 2 realities. There's an added layer to that: going back-and-forth between my old PC which is as comfy as your preferred pajama and my new PC which is like a racecar when you want to ride the countryside with nice sinuous roads with hills, sightings, slow cars in front of you, the "Paradise on Earth" :roll:

But don't worry much, I'm showing you the exact way I'm playing MOULa so it's really fluid, it flows. There are really hardly no "edition" in my 7.5 hours filmed so far. It's done "live" without security net.

It's very fluid and unedited...

...because it would be comparable to asking an alpha explorer to solve Teledahn for example and film it. Only here... the way I'm solving Teledahn to stay on the example is over-the-top.

To make it appealing, I built a story around it. Like you already know me, I'm a storyteller. If you give me 2 choices:
1) show something without additions, a plain & arrid treatment or,
2) show the same something with a story, making it fun & appealing.

the 2nd option choice will be quite easy to do.

When I say "Expect the Unexpected", I really mean it.

You can already try to decipher some information in the "General Rules to Follow" & also in my main text that are both already published (see first post).

These texts are the foundations.

How many clothes am I allowed to touch? 42 Ok... How many clothes are they? Hmmm... interesting
Skydiving stuff! Hurray!!! ... When am I allowed to read marker games again? Chapter N (the 14th one) and I'm making assumption that's only to update my KI here so "theoretically I could from that particular chapter onward read & play them"... Hmmm... interesting
Follow our instructions carefully... So I will have unavoidable steps somewhere down the path?... Hmmm... interesting
Puce is suppose to help Ms. Sly... Why are you feeling there's something fishy in that? What will be her role?
It would have been more prettier to have called "Ms. Sly", let's say "Ms. Fly" no? It would have made "Damsel Fly" as her long name. There's surely a reason why... I don't know don't ask me... :lol: :wink:
And what will be the actions of Monsieur L'Escogriffe who is prone to do evil deeds?
And what about the "holes" left inside the instructions?

All I can say, I chose every word carefully one by one in the texts you already read and those coming up not yet published but already written... I'm paying a huge attention to details.

The 1st part of my video series (covering before & the 15 first chapters):

So the first 4-5 videos will recap the action of the texts you have already read: the Bunny rabbit door, jackrabbits in New Mexico, the "Let's meet" in Er'cana, the picnic on the Lakeshore, Puce's help, Monsieur L'Escogriffe evil deeds. They will all be set before the "Incredible Adventure" so in other words, the "General Rules to follow" won't apply there obviously. They are set weeks to days before the beginning of the "Incredible Adventure".

Then the next 15-20 videos will show you "myselves" going through each of the first 15 chapters. That's important here: "myselves". This was why I pushed back the whole project many times. The level I'm playing and the fact that once a given cloth or a given item is taken I cannot return in time keep me from doing all the journey with one single avatar. It's impossible. I cannot succeed everything, I'm a human after all :lol: . So I always fell bringing something suitable so far...

How it will be shown on-screen:

So what you'll see on-screen are mainly "3 Mes": all dressed differently on purpose. It's not to mix you up but it was mainly for my own sanity. I had to do the whole journey 3 times. Let's say "Me No 1" succeeded from A to G, I got a nice sequence with "Me No 2" from I to P, & from S to Z. (letters here are not referring to my chapters BTW). What about sequences H, Q, & R? Well I needed to know, I'll have to concentrate on those sequences with "Me No 3". For that reason, they are not doing in-game chat interaction. If for a reason or the other, I did use in-game chat system, I deleted the sequence in my edition. So you might get a 4th Me who's a "legit" Me who will do the in-game chat interactions. This is what I still have to think about... There are hardly no interactions though so I might just ignore that step. Or I might decide to "make public" one of my 3 Mes, I'm still trying to figure this out.

I hope it will help you a little more. :D

Oh and... I heard a little rascal was up-to-no-good earlier this week
[Reveal] Spoiler:
If you subscribed to my channel... that's already a known fact for you!

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