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 Post subject: Guild System Meeting
PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 7:23 pm 

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Shorah everyone! I regret not being able to post this a lot sooner.

I'm calling a meeting of all five guilds. Hopefully key members of each will participate in the meeting. The aim is to talk about how to improve inter-guild cooperation and communication and the overall structure of the guilds as a cohesive system. We will be discussing issues about Cyan's involvement, each Guild's responsibilities/tasks and things like how new Guilds should be formed.

I've already posted messages in the GoW pub, and anyone I've talked to is interested in attending.

Where: Watcher's Sanctuary/Pub
When: Saturday, September 29th (2007)
Time: 14 KI time (4pm EST, 8pm GMT)

This is for anyone interested in going! Members of any guild (or not yet incepted guilds) are encouraged to attend!

Thank You!


PS. A second meeting 'Guild System' will be scheduled after this meeting for a follow up. (Probably a week later on the 6th, but it will be decided at the meeting).

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 11:35 pm 

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Great idea, but could we please have it in Kirel? Seems that's the more appropriate spot as it is the "guild hood".

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 12:55 am 

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Well, it's kinda late to change it. The Pub is smaller too (better for more people for technical reasons). It's not that important, but any one who's known about it so far knows its going to be there. We can have it in Kirel next time.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 1:55 am 

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anyone is welcome right? not just guild or pre guild members?

Would like to listen...

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 5:14 am 

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Very good idea. I'll try to be there. ;)


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PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 5:35 am 

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As always, I would definitely want to be there, but due to technical problems, I will yet miss another important meeting!

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 3:31 pm 

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anyone is welcome right? not just guild or pre guild members?

Would like to listen...

As the Watcher's Pub is a public place, I don't see how you would NOT be able to attend if you so desired, regardless of whether you're supporting any guild, all guilds, or no guilds.
Barring the fact that the pub might fill to capacity, I don't see why anyone would not be able to attend, listen, asking questions or propose suggestions and ideas too.


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PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 3:51 pm 

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Sounds like a great idea - I'd love to attend, but I have to be at work (on a Saturday!!!) ... :X

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 4:39 pm 

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I would like to attend but am not able to on such short notice. :? However, some other folks from the Maintainers Supporters should be coming.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 10:08 pm 

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Yes, anyone is allowed to attend. :)

The big thing is trying to get a lot of the main 'players' in each guild/pre-guild together to talk about how things will potentially work as an entire system.

Because of the short notice I'm really thinking there should be a second Guild System Meeting either on the 6th, or the 13th of October. But I'm leaving that decision to the majority of those who attend the meeting tomorrow.

I honestly have no idea how many people will attend, so it may or may not fill up the pub. Just hope it doesn't break my 'puter though. ;)

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 9:16 pm 

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Here is a chat log of the meeting:

[spoiler=1st Guild System Meeting]
(09/29 16:05:42) Chat.log started...
(09/29 16:05:55) JulyForToday: and I'm assuming to stop it you put stoplog, right?
(09/29 16:05:56) Dovahn (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:06:06) Jenine: yep!
(09/29 16:06:19) JulyForToday: very intuitive :)
(09/29 16:06:27) Jenine: some times
(09/29 16:06:37) Metaigahn: Shorah
(09/29 16:07:10) Jenine: hi metaigahn
(09/29 16:07:25) JulyForToday: Okay
(09/29 16:07:51) JulyForToday: It's 1400ki time, so lets see who we have here.
(09/29 16:08:15) JulyForToday: If you'd be so kind as to say which guild your a member of, i'd be greatly obliged :)
(09/29 16:08:16) Nyami (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:08:47) Metaigahn: I support the Guild of Writers
(09/29 16:08:48) Jenine: just interested explorer here
(09/29 16:09:02) Aiden: Guild of Cartographers, here.
(09/29 16:09:13) retief: I'm with the Cartographers too.
(09/29 16:09:14) JulyForToday: Come again? not sure who was using voice chat
(09/29 16:09:24) Grey: Helloooo
(09/29 16:09:33) Grey: Anyone up for a delin run?
(09/29 16:09:58) JulyForToday: We're having a meeting at the moment. Once it's over I'm sure some people would like to help in Delin
(09/29 16:10:08) Grey: Ah sorry
(09/29 16:10:22) Grey: Well whenever then
(09/29 16:10:53) Dovahn: I'm with the Guild of Writers (sorry it took a moment)
(09/29 16:10:58) Warren Weisstieg: Guild of MAintainers Pre-Group
(09/29 16:11:12) ChaosSong: gow also here
(09/29 16:11:48) Warren Weisstieg: mind you Guild of MA-intainers
(09/29 16:11:50) JulyForToday: Alright. We've got some GoW, GoMa, and GoC members.
(09/29 16:11:54) JulyForToday: mm..
(09/29 16:12:08) JulyForToday: anyone from the GoG or GoMe?
(09/29 16:12:38) Dovahn: I think GoG is already set-up enough to not need to attend *personal opinion*
(09/29 16:12:48) Dovahn: I mean, they know what they're doing.
(09/29 16:13:24) Warren Weisstieg: But they can provide insight, that's the thing
(09/29 16:13:26) Aiden: Well, aside from "official" status, the GoC is similarly all "set up" but it's still good for us to be here.
(09/29 16:13:26) JulyForToday: True... but I don't see how having them here can help
(09/29 16:13:28) Belou (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:13:29) JulyForToday: can hurt**
(09/29 16:13:58) Dovahn: Oh, certainly. But upon seeing the meeting announcement, they may have thought it was only for the somewhat-unorganized guilds.
(09/29 16:14:09) Dovahn: And Aiden, I see what you're saying.
(09/29 16:14:36) ChaosSong: could it be that GoMe didn't hear the news?
(09/29 16:14:42) JulyForToday: The big thing I would like to establish about this meeting is that it's not about internal guild operation. We're here to talk about how the different Guilds will communicate and function with each other.
(09/29 16:14:51) Metaigahn: My understanding was part of the agenda was about interaction between the guilds (correct me if wrong), which should be of interest to all, even the GoG, in my opinion
(09/29 16:15:08) JulyForToday: It's possible. Quite honestly I think that I should have done a better job of getting the word out there on this meeting.
(09/29 16:15:21) Dovahn: It's definitely of interest to everyone.
(09/29 16:15:34) Jenine: Hard to do with out having good guild structures
(09/29 16:15:58) JulyForToday: First point, I'd like to schedual a second meeting of this nature. I'd like some opinions as to when it should be held, and where.
(09/29 16:16:20) Metaigahn: Kirel was mentioned in the forums, as a possilbity for a second meeting
(09/29 16:16:37) JulyForToday: Yes, I thought that was a good idea (dont know why I didnt think of it before!)
(09/29 16:16:38) Belou (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:16:40) R'tina: oh yeh lota more room
(09/29 16:16:47) Jenine: Could also send out a KI mail to all interested
(09/29 16:16:55) Aiden: I'm not particular as far as location is concerned, but weekends are probably your best bet for time.
(09/29 16:17:08) JulyForToday: Thats another good idea. One reason you'd want the GoMe here for sure.. heh
(09/29 16:17:08) Belou (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:17:29) JulyForToday: Yeah. I was thinking the 6th or 11th as I said on the forum.
(09/29 16:17:30) Belou (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:17:36) Warren Weisstieg: Another big things is time accessability for both Eurpean and American players
(09/29 16:17:56) Metaigahn: Maybe post announcements in the forums, in each of the different Guilds' threads, to make sure everyone knows
(09/29 16:18:07) ChaosSong: that's a tough nut to crack WW
(09/29 16:18:18) JulyForToday: That would be why we're here at 1400KI time... I figured 8pm was good for UK players ( as opposed to 2 in the morning or something)
(09/29 16:18:18) Belou (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:18:20) Jenine: Ask those on the forums to mail the KI mail to their guild buddies
(09/29 16:19:15) JulyForToday: For today, since I called the meeting, I'll of course be the moderator, but if everyone wants a new moderator, or some form of official meeting moderator for next time, be my guests :)
(09/29 16:19:15) Belou (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:20:17) JulyForToday: Well.. we will get to that again at the end of the meeting. The big thing we are all thinking of at the moment is how this system is organized.
(09/29 16:20:17) Belou (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:20:32) R'tina: yes
(09/29 16:21:03) JulyForToday: The original D'ni Guild system was composed of 18 different Guilds, and right now we have 5. And of course we want to avoid any mistakes the D'ni made with their Guilds. :)
(09/29 16:21:35) Dovahn: Just out of curiosity, has anyone heard of SIMSOC? (I swear this is on topic)
(09/29 16:21:41) JulyForToday: nope...
(09/29 16:21:45) R'tina: huh
(09/29 16:21:55) R'tina: whats that
(09/29 16:22:07) Dovahn: It's basically a simulation game where people take different roles in society...
(09/29 16:22:07) Metaigahn: "simultated society"?? or something?
(09/29 16:22:18) Metaigahn: hm
(09/29 16:22:23) ChaosSong: many Guilds of the D'ni would have no function in this setting, what would a Guild of Chemists do?
(09/29 16:22:39) Dovahn: You can be a part of the working class or a political party...
(09/29 16:22:49) Yudin: make the water undrinkable?
(09/29 16:22:54) Dovahn: But the players basically set up their own government and protocol system...
(09/29 16:22:56) Metaigahn: enhance the pellets?.....
(09/29 16:22:57) JulyForToday: It's been proposed by some that there should be a Guild of Guilds. This clearly shows that there does need to be some sort of central backbone to the whole system. The question is, what will that be for us? Although I don't support of Guild of Guilds
(09/29 16:23:23) Dovahn: I thought this had a lot to do with what we were trying to do.
(09/29 16:23:31) Jenine: Think the five can do- have to get more to cooporate in a group
(09/29 16:23:50) Aiden: I don't know that we need any kind of overseeing body. The Guilds that are being restored for the moment have very clear responsibilities and ways to work together.
(09/29 16:23:50) JulyForToday: One thing that seems to be causing confusion (particularly in GoW and GoMe) is the IC vs OOC distinction
(09/29 16:24:22) Jenine: maybe
(09/29 16:24:26) Dovahn: Though we don't need an overseeing body, we might need a collaboration group.
(09/29 16:24:54) JulyForToday: basically, somes have both IC and OOC functions, while others don't (like the GoC doesn't really need to go OOC that much)
(09/29 16:24:58) R'tina: yes something to allow communication between groups
(09/29 16:24:58) Jenine: Been trying the neutral group idea on forums - not to popular
(09/29 16:25:12) Aiden: Well, we should ask ourselves, what would a collaboration group do that members of the Guilds working under direction of their guild masters or on their own initiative could not do?
(09/29 16:25:45) JulyForToday: Well, the original Dni system was based on the Guilds being set up as a hierachy and the tops of the major 5 guilds made the big decisions. Not that I advocate a hierachy
(09/29 16:26:01) Jenine: hierachy is a big issue
(09/29 16:26:04) Dovahn: It would just make it easier. Instead of one person trying to find another person whom they think is in a guild, there are five people (or more, whatever) that people know that they can go to for communication.
(09/29 16:26:11) Dovahn: (That was for Aiden's question)
(09/29 16:26:55) Aiden: Right, but it would be more along the lines of each guild appointing a liason or liason team to coordinate, rather than an independant organization.
(09/29 16:27:06) JulyForToday: The big thing is, when I as a GoW member want to talk to GoMa members about things, how do I do that? Or how do we decide as a group whether a new guild should be formed?
(09/29 16:27:08) Dovahn: Yes. That is a simple way to do it.
(09/29 16:27:37) JulyForToday: More or less.. Your talking about having a sort of assembly of representatives
(09/29 16:27:40) Jenine: liasons are the answer but the guilds are not orgaized enough yet
(09/29 16:27:46) Dovahn: Right.
(09/29 16:27:59) Aiden: Well, that organization will come with time.
(09/29 16:28:00) Metaigahn: I like the idea of guild liaisons -- point people that can be approached
(09/29 16:28:07) JulyForToday: mm
(09/29 16:28:12) ChaosSong: it seems to me that GoMe is logical to fill a collaboration role, both intra-guild and between guilds and other players
(09/29 16:28:16) R'tina: goma is talking about haveing a rep department
(09/29 16:28:24) ChaosSong: perhaps a GoME ambassidor to every guild
(09/29 16:28:33) Dovahn: Chaos, that's another good point.
(09/29 16:28:37) Aiden: Makes sense. Too bad the Messengers aren't here.
(09/29 16:28:42) Metaigahn: yes
(09/29 16:28:43) ChaosSong: aye :(
(09/29 16:28:43) Jenine: some will have intersts in more than one guild
(09/29 16:29:11) JulyForToday: Thats the other thing... We need to define in a very concrete way what each Guild should be doing. Some may interpret the various guilds to have different, and sometimes overlapping functions
(09/29 16:29:13) Warren Weisstieg: Well, the Guild of Maintainers have been talking about having a Communications Department that would contain an inter-guild sub-department
(09/29 16:29:29) Aiden: In my opinion, that will lead to an easy and unguided sort of collaberaton, Jenine.
(09/29 16:29:31) Dovahn: JFT, I think we leave that up to the guilds themselves.
(09/29 16:29:49) Jenine: Aiden- yes
(09/29 16:30:01) Jenine: need more time to organize each other
(09/29 16:30:31) Aiden: It seems the Guilds chosen have some pretty clear overlap, and I'm more than certain that was intentional.
(09/29 16:30:36) JulyForToday: I remember reading somewhere that another guild wants to put together an Age list of sorts. That's been something I've been wanting to do in the GoW for a while now.. (its something each guild can use)
(09/29 16:30:57) Aiden: We have one on the GoC website.
(09/29 16:31:10) Jenine: Started for all guild infor
(09/29 16:31:20) Jenine: information*
(09/29 16:31:33) JulyForToday: what I have in mind is a very comprehensive age list..
(09/29 16:31:51) Warren Weisstieg: similar to the Book of Commentaries idea?
(09/29 16:32:04) JulyForToday: ive heard of that, but Im not sure what it is
(09/29 16:32:15) Dovahn: I think it's similar to that.
(09/29 16:32:30) Jenine: or will the guilds work like the DRC? Close to the vest
(09/29 16:32:44) Warren Weisstieg: It may become a database of ages, where Maintainers, Cartographers, and Writers would be able to contribute to the database
(09/29 16:32:48) JulyForToday: Ah. So you see? We are all thinking of similar ideas. But I wasn't sure who else was doing the same thing
(09/29 16:32:54) Dovahn: I'm afraid I have to go now. Shorah, everyone.
(09/29 16:33:02) Aiden: We can't really speculate on what the guilds will or will not be.
(09/29 16:33:08) Warren Weisstieg: there's more to it than that
(09/29 16:33:09) JulyForToday: Shorah Dovahn, thanks for joining us :)
(09/29 16:33:14) Warren Weisstieg: goodbye
(09/29 16:33:18) Jenine: gbye
(09/29 16:34:17) Jenine: July- you need to give the guilds a reason to get together and discuss these beginning steps rather than by themselves
(09/29 16:34:37) Aiden: I think one thing we need to be watchful for is redundancy. There's a lot of people doing a lot of the same things. They should be collaberating rather than starting seperate projects.
(09/29 16:34:38) JulyForToday: How do you mean?
(09/29 16:34:53) JulyForToday: Aiden> thats exactly what Im talking abou
(09/29 16:34:59) JulyForToday: about*
(09/29 16:35:02) Jenine: The ones really interested are focused on their own guild
(09/29 16:35:33) Metaigahn: reason -- perhaps it would be helpful to focus collaboration, like the flow of Age creation through testing and mapping, etc
(09/29 16:35:36) R'tina: shorah
(09/29 16:36:17) Jenine: without being sure what cyan has to offer- we can only gather and discuss
(09/29 16:36:40) JulyForToday: Part of the problem is not just redundancy, but also 'reinventing the wheel' People are debating memberships, and how that will all work. Why struggle with every aspect of putting a guild together when you can use already tried methods from guilds already working, like GoG
(09/29 16:36:49) Aiden: I'm not even talking in respect to Guilds with that comment. The AoG is but one of a few organizations attempting to coordinate the efforts of the Guilds. Why are there so many organizations attempting to get rid of redundancy?
(09/29 16:37:07) Jksn: okay.
(09/29 16:37:16) ChaosSong: I
(09/29 16:37:20) Jenine: trying to shoehorn too many established groups into one. can
(09/29 16:37:33) Warren Weisstieg: JFT the problem with that is that systems used by some guilds must work differently in another guild due to job differences
(09/29 16:37:39) Jenine: Sorry can't communicate with each other let alone others
(09/29 16:38:07) JulyForToday: That is one thing I'd like to see happen. The new GoW forum is up, and there is already talk of how to start a guild-wide project. I'd love to see the GoW make /something/ and then have the GoMa run through it
(09/29 16:38:14) Aiden: True. It will be different for guilds that produce, like the GoC and the GoW than it will for other guilds which are more service oriented like GoMe and such
(09/29 16:38:20) Jenine: Looking at too big a picture. Need to get explorers together first
(09/29 16:38:37) JulyForToday: Warren> well of course. But there is no reasons some things, some ideas cant be reused
(09/29 16:38:48) Warren Weisstieg: Yeah of course
(09/29 16:38:58) Warren Weisstieg: I'm going to go, take care everyone
(09/29 16:39:03) Warren Weisstieg: NIce meeting you all
(09/29 16:39:03) Jenine: Ideas are always good- I'm full of them :)
(09/29 16:39:15) JulyForToday: Shorah Warren. Thanks for partcipating :)
(09/29 16:40:11) r'Tayrtahn: Take care Warren
(09/29 16:40:14) JulyForToday: Well, this meeting is coming to a sort of inconclusive ending I guess. Everyone in every guild is holding their breath for Cyan's input, and waiting to see how the guilds themselves will form
(09/29 16:40:30) Jenine: What about a personal approach- go to the emerging leaders and ask
(09/29 16:40:58) ChaosSong: I have scheduled a brainstorming meeting to try to get the writers doing the work that can be done without Cyan tools
(09/29 16:41:02) JulyForToday: The big problem is that so many people have ideas on how they want things, and then we end up with many splinter groups
(09/29 16:41:20) Jenine: Use your connections to pull them together
(09/29 16:41:23) JulyForToday: I posted about that on the GoW forum Chaos :)
(09/29 16:41:33) Brainz: if it hasnt been said already, it seems to me there needs to be a leader of all the guilds, maybe a king?
(09/29 16:41:35) ChaosSong: yes it's been recieved well
(09/29 16:41:38) JulyForToday: For now that's more or less what we have to do Jenine
(09/29 16:41:46) Aiden: Well, I'm available as the current head of the GoC for meetings with the other groups. I don't know if the GoW or GoMa or GoMe have clear leaders yet, but if they do then we should all be getting together at some point.
(09/29 16:42:05) JulyForToday: Brainz> I've seen that before... but mostly everyone likes to have the democracy and voting around here
(09/29 16:42:09) Jenine: Always willing to help
(09/29 16:42:12) JulyForToday: including me.. :)
(09/29 16:42:21) Brainz: ok, a prime minister then?
(09/29 16:42:26) ChaosSong: heh
(09/29 16:42:45) JulyForToday: Aiden> so GoC officially has you as a Grand Master?
(09/29 16:42:48) Metaigahn: Perhaps approach Reteltee, as well...
(09/29 16:43:04) Jenine: Reteltee is always willing to help
(09/29 16:43:05) Brainz: please excuse my ignorance as i dont get invloved much
(09/29 16:43:05) JulyForToday: Again.. I don't know too much about what is going on in other guilds, which is what inspired this meeting in the first place
(09/29 16:43:07) Aiden: Once again, central leadership is probably not necessary when each of the 5 guilds will have their own leadership. It'd be a king of 5 people...
(09/29 16:43:14) r'Tayrtahn: /NEIGHBORS Is that enough, or do you want more?
(09/29 16:43:21) r'Tayrtahn: oops, sry
(09/29 16:43:28) Aiden: JFT> Yes, I am as Official a leader as we have.
(09/29 16:43:37) JulyForToday: Aiden> thats what the D'ni originally had.. :)
(09/29 16:43:40) R'tina: i can tell you the goma is waiting for the next epi to come and go and then they are gonn a hold elections for temporary leaders
(09/29 16:44:02) Aiden: Well, the guilds were larger and the civilization numbered in the millions. We're not talking about nearly as many people.
(09/29 16:44:07) r'Tayrtahn: hehehe, no they didn't
(09/29 16:44:13) JulyForToday: Although I don't mind the idea of bringing back the old system almost verbatim... just without the 'pride' part
(09/29 16:44:19) Leonardo: hi :)
(09/29 16:44:28) R'tina: hi
(09/29 16:44:31) R'tina: leo
(09/29 16:44:51) JulyForToday: r'Tayrtahn> what do you mean?
(09/29 16:44:56) Leonardo: what up?
(09/29 16:45:02) Leonardo: *what's*
(09/29 16:45:13) r'Tayrtahn: ry. That was a meant as a PM to another explorer.
(09/29 16:45:18) r'Tayrtahn: *sry
(09/29 16:45:19) JulyForToday: ah
(09/29 16:45:22) Aiden: I may be Grand Master, but I think a key part of how I run the Guild and how the other Guilds should keep in mind: I'm not the boss of anyone. My decision is never the final word, and I don't get to say who is and is not a cartographer. That's an important destinction imho.
(09/29 16:45:23) R'tina: their having an all guilds meeting
(09/29 16:45:56) ChaosSong: yes a leader is a good thing a monarch is a bad thing
(09/29 16:46:02) JulyForToday: Aiden> agreed.
(09/29 16:46:03) Leonardo: ah...I think I forgot this
(09/29 16:46:03) Aiden: Exactly.
(09/29 16:46:09) R'tina: hu\i
(09/29 16:46:16) Jenine: Aiden- it is. others aren't seeing it quite that way
(09/29 16:46:25) Jenine: guilds i mean
(09/29 16:46:34) ariana r: hi peeps
(09/29 16:46:47) Leonardo: well I tryed to put this idea out to the Maintainers
(09/29 16:46:59) JulyForToday: Im not sure how much definitive leaders will appear in the other guilds though. Especially say the GoW with so many people interested in it
(09/29 16:47:04) r'Tayrtahn: Shorah Ariana
(09/29 16:47:22) Jenine: will be a slow evolution
(09/29 16:47:41) JulyForToday: Thats for sure :)
(09/29 16:48:10) Aiden: Well, I need to move on. This was educational, and I hope we can have more meetings like this where we share ideas and hear what others are doing.
(09/29 16:48:15) JulyForToday: But I think it would be great if there were representatives from each guild that could come together and meeting sort of like we are meeting now
(09/29 16:48:16) ariana r (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:48:23) Aiden: Agreed.
(09/29 16:48:30) Jenine: keep trying
(09/29 16:48:32) Metaigahn: yes
(09/29 16:48:37) Leonardo nods his head
(09/29 16:48:40) Aiden: If you want to keep me on tap for that, JFT, I'll make myself available.
(09/29 16:48:56) JulyForToday: Okay... before another word is spoken, should we scheduel the next meeting for the 11th of october?
(09/29 16:48:56) ariana r (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:49:06) Aiden: Suits me.
(09/29 16:49:17) JulyForToday: Thank you Aiden very much for your presence :)
(09/29 16:49:17) ariana r (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:49:21) r'Tayrtahn: That's fine
(09/29 16:49:44) Metaigahn: What time on the 11th?
(09/29 16:50:00) JulyForToday: 1400 KI time like today. I'll post a message on the MOUL forum.
(09/29 16:50:00) ariana r (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:50:10) Jenine: please post again on forums
(09/29 16:50:18) JulyForToday: Of course it would be much appreciated if everyone got the word out about it.
(09/29 16:50:18) ariana r (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:50:38) Metaigahn: hm, sorry the 11th is a Thursday and at that time I'm busy at my work on the surface...
(09/29 16:50:53) R'tina: same here
(09/29 16:51:06) JulyForToday: Is it a thursday?.. *checks calendar*
(09/29 16:51:14) Metaigahn: but perhaps others can...
(09/29 16:51:18) JulyForToday: hrm... thought that was the saturday 2 weeks from now
(09/29 16:51:26) Metaigahn: Yes, the 13th is Saturday
(09/29 16:51:27) r'Tayrtahn: Yes, it's a Thursday
(09/29 16:51:30) R'tina: the 13th
(09/29 16:51:40) ChaosSong: 13th is better for me too
(09/29 16:51:45) JulyForToday: Oh my. my mistake... We should have it on the 13th
(09/29 16:51:46) r'Tayrtahn: Make it the 13th, then?
(09/29 16:51:51) r'Tayrtahn: k
(09/29 16:51:52) JulyForToday: thats what I was thinking of
(09/29 16:51:55) Metaigahn: and me, on the 13th
(09/29 16:52:05) JulyForToday: Okay.. saturday oct 13th 1400KI time
(09/29 16:52:20) Jenine: in kirel?
(09/29 16:52:37) JulyForToday: Yes. This time we can have it in Kirel :)
(09/29 16:52:44) R'tina: sounds good a lot of people ought to be able to make it
(09/29 16:52:46) ChaosSong: I must be off will check boards etc for next meeting
(09/29 16:52:47) Metaigahn: good...
(09/29 16:53:02) JulyForToday: Alright. Thankyou everyone for coming! Meeting ajourned :)
(09/29 16:53:02) R'tina: hi
(09/29 16:53:02) ariana r (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:53:09) ChaosSong waves goodbye
(09/29 16:53:15) lisilee: hi
(09/29 16:53:15) Leonardo waves goodbye
(09/29 16:53:15) Jenine: Thanks for having this meeting
(09/29 16:53:16) Error: Don't know how to '/goodbye'
(09/29 16:53:22) Metaigahn: Thank you JFT
(09/29 16:53:36) Metaigahn: Bye, everyone
(09/29 16:53:37) JulyForToday: Your more then welcome :) We all want the best for the community!
(09/29 16:53:37) ariana r (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:53:37) R'tina (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:53:45) r'Tayrtahn: Takle care everyone. Thanks JFT for moderating!
(09/29 16:53:52) Brainz: sorry i gate crashed, i didnt realise it was a meeting
(09/29 16:54:08) JulyForToday: Thats alright :)
(09/29 16:54:08) ariana r (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:54:23) r'Tayrtahn: Ya'll have a blessed day
(09/29 16:54:29) r'Tayrtahn waves goodbye
(09/29 16:54:30) JulyForToday: Im personally itching to get back to my writing :D
(09/29 16:54:30) ariana r (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:54:34) JulyForToday waves hello
(09/29 16:54:34)
(09/29 16:54:35) Jenine: JFD always willing to help or chat...
(09/29 16:54:47) JulyForToday: hrm... need to memorize the emotes :)
(09/29 16:54:47) ariana r (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:54:47) Jenine: See ya later
(09/29 16:54:51) JulyForToday: thanks :)
(09/29 16:54:51) r'Tayrtahn (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:54:51) ariana r (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/29 16:55:01) ...Chat.log stopped.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 1:10 am 

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I'm sorry that I forgot about the meeting. You would have had a GoMe supporter.
Here is some thoughts on the meeting(thanks for the chatlog):
- I see that GoMe members could fill a lot of positions in the cavern(News makers, news reporters, relayers) and yes, I'm sure that some people would be interested in helping the communication between the Guilds. However the only thing I worry about is that Guild A would have to go through the GoMe in order to reach Guild B. Maybe the middle man will not create an additional delay but maybe it could delay information. I'm sure a proper structure could solve the problem.
- I personally wish that the GoMe could do all it can in order to get the word out for the next meeting. I'll try to do my part in the next two weeks but organizing other GoMe supporters would be better.


"When you want your message out in the cavern, use the Guild of Messengers."

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