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PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 3:33 pm 

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Hey, here's a good one for you.... I am a member of the Slacker's forum!!! #161 Countryeastern, January 2006. I guess I joined and never went back.

LOL..some memory, eh?


Exercise your vision.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 3:44 pm 

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I guess I'll see where it goes. I had recently tried to start up something in Anthropology, but interest wasn't there and the material for something like that isn't there, either. Had a PM about including anthro info in another guild, but once again if the interest or material isn't there, no point. Obviously, the subject could fit in one of the guild structures, but...

I guess what I'm trying to say is that eventually it will all fall into place. Those 17,000 will (through trial and error, and lack of interest, guilds eating others ideas, etc.) eventually fall into less guilds. People who run them and keep them going, however, I'm sure they're good people wanting good things for Cyan, MOUL, and the community for the whole (especially if the do something elitest or wrong or anything too negative, this community will slice the leaders to shreds). :wink:

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2007 9:11 pm 

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This is really important to remember. Anything official is Cyan's call. Be careful about investing huge amounts of effort and energy into a Guild structure when it is possible that Cyan may decide it wants something completely different. That way lies the broken ruins of groups like the DRC Liaisons. It might be best to think of this period as an extended brainstorming period

So TRUE, I have also knoticed it seems like all the other guilds are tring to
cram them selfs into one of the 5 Guilds that have pubs.
This will never work IMO.

I'm sure they're good people wanting good things for Cyan, MOUL, and the community for the whole (especially if the do something elitest or wrong or anything too negative, this community will slice the leaders to shreds)

That is something that could start another great fall, think about it.
That someone who got sliced to shreds ( a very possible future viovus )
Please refer back to the first quote above.

Things are going to have to happen a lot faster and NOT take
YEARS! like Watson said. he meant IRL YEARS! and I really
don't think people are going to continue paying to stick around
for that to happen, asp if the way things are going now continue
into next season, and they will unless Cyan does a compleate
game recoding during the hyetus. MouL was not orignaly designed
to take at vantage of the 3D virtual world stuff ie; like, SecondLife, ActiveWorlds, I tend to think that
Cyan will take the aproach for the 3D age building.
because through this platform Cyan will be able to control
what gets added to the world (from designers summiting objects
for approval, Cyan could check them for copy write issuse and
content we wouldn't want someone making a huge palus and
placing it at the top of the great stairs can we? lol

The UU way of age creation will never work and too much of a protentual
of abuse and hacking game code and Cyan would never allow a fan made
age onto the main vault anyway, all of it will have to be on a separit
shard, and the learning curve would be way way too high for most,
and it will create elitest and Pride for those who can and it will
turn off those who can't, I see division and which would cause again
another ( Viovus or a terrist group ie; The judges of Yahvo ) eventualy.
I do realise that every society has a darkside and a lightside
But I'm thinking more on the Game dynamics and how this is going
to fit into the game as a whole.

There is so many other things besides 'Age creation' to worry about
as well. Yes I know writing ages is what kept the D'ni alive etc.
but think about all the small minor things and trinkets and gadgets,
clothing, dishes eating utincles, toys for the kids, cosmetics of all sorts,
tools of all sorts, pictures, weapons, wires, pets, radios, flies, bugs,
critters, celing fans all differant types of plants I could go on and on and on

I have this uncanny idea that the instances in all the bevins
of the city will be a sandbox, and the member of the bevin will
be able to change and modify their own city!!! Restore it. using
the Tools Cyan gives us, it will work very much like the way you
build in You click or have to turn on building mode and
all the objects will have small tags on them that you mouse over,
it will have a few options that you can do, pick up, drop, and can move
the object 10 meters in any direction from your avy to place the object.
Remember Jalak and the small window that opens up?
you also will have a new inventory drop down list from it and
2 sub menus 1 for the sky and ground and 1 for scripting ie; like
the scripting you type in will be added to the object much like the
way you put scri[ting on objects in SL and AW.

For me I can not see Cyan going the way of open source like UU.
simply because it will create too much risk for abuse compermising
game security, and getting sued for copywrite infringments. etc.
They already have way too much on their plate right now amd they
are behind a few 100 meals they still haven't even touched yet!

Caushous Optimisem turns into Caushous Pessemestem (spelling)

Cyan has to BE THE ONE to come out and lay down the basic Guild
structor and rules and tell us the Direction they are thinking of
and the basic goal we all ready know, to save our BeeeeeHindZ
from getting kicked from the bahro war ummm ok just HOW will
the guilds keep us from going PooF? There is NOWAY we can
1. learn the D'ni language
2. learn how to write in the special way to write a discriptive book.
3. learn how and what is needed to make the special Ink and paper.
4. learn just what we need to do or don't do, to write what type of age
to stop the Bahro war? (thats it! right there all we need to do is
write ages any age because it is 'taking what is freely givin by the
bahro, they are great now, we need to 'BALANCE' that out thru the
ART. which will cure the war.)

Then Cyan can Give us all the tools, objects etc. we need to camplish it.
Then let us go to town on the Guilds. or just the first part even.
but so far no word at all from Cyan on pratacly anything! Soooo IDK
guess Im back to where I started! ROFL talk your self around in
circles, the Journey circles, the circle of life! LMAO bahahahaaaA
We just DO NOT HAVE THE TIME, Destruction will come way before
any of this ever happens.. heheheroflhehehehohohhahaa :lol:

I will now go PooF now...

PooF! ;)

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