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 Post subject: Town Hall Metting
PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 2:54 pm 

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There is a Town Hall Meeting scheduled for November 28, 20:00 KI time. J.D. Barnes will be discussing hid latest project. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 12:18 am 

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May I ask where this meeting is? :)

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 1:02 am 

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Guild of Greeters hood, if I recall correctly.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 1:07 am 

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the DRC forum lists it as being in the D'ni Network hood. see this post from J. D. Barnes himself:

As a note, there will be an in-cavern discussion on this project will be on November 28th at 8:00pm (20:00) KI time in the D'ni Network neighborhood.

I'm looking forward to hearing your comments and ideas.

original context is here

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 1:16 am 

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Ty horatio252. I can't believe I forgot to put the place. Sorry. :oops:

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 1:26 pm 

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Darn it! Yesterday was the 28th, missed another community meeting... :cry:

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 3:58 pm 

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Yeah I missed it also but that is due to the fact that I kept getting Error 6 when the screen was loading. I'm looking forward to know what happened during the meeting though.


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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 5:05 pm 
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[spoiler=The undedited Chatlog thanks to Nynaveve of GoMaS](11/28 19:01:49) Chat.log started...
(11/28 19:03:14) J.D. Barnes: While we wait, does anyone have anything they'd like to discuss or mention?
(11/28 19:03:40) J.D. Barnes: Here's your chance to make an announcement while people are listening.
(11/28 19:03:42) J.D. Barnes smiles.
(11/28 19:04:01) Nynaveve: How about a shameless plug for the GoMa? ;)
(11/28 19:04:13) Andy Legate: Yes, that would be good : 0
(11/28 19:04:21) Techno420: What's GoMa?
(11/28 19:04:21) J.D. Barnes: Shameless plugs are welcome before and after the town hall.
(11/28 19:04:28) J.D. Barnes: So, go at it.
(11/28 19:04:32) J.D. Barnes winks.
(11/28 19:05:16) REBEL Rene' gives a shameless plug for the REBEL Hood
(11/28 19:05:38) Techno420 unplugs a shameless plug
(11/28 19:05:44) Nynaveve: GoMa is the Guild of Maintainer's Supporters, Techno
(11/28 19:05:46) Rivkah smiles
(11/28 19:05:54) Techno420: ah
(11/28 19:06:01) REBEL Rene': lol Techno!
(11/28 19:06:39) Techno420: GoMaSu
(11/28 19:07:07) Andy Legate: Just in case people in here don't know, MOUL will be shut down for a week, starting at 12:30 am PST on Dec. 3rd
(11/28 19:07:07) Frisky Badger: I think that's D'ni for "cool"
(11/28 19:07:14) Andy Legate: and will last for a week.
(11/28 19:07:18) Nynaveve: lol FB
(11/28 19:07:32) Techno420 gives a shameless plug for Tamyma's Bevin
(11/28 19:07:42) Rivkah: MOUL the forum? or the cavern?
(11/28 19:07:44) Techno420 Tayma
(11/28 19:07:48) Andy Legate: The Cavern
(11/28 19:07:56) Rivkah: whew!
(11/28 19:07:59) Nynaveve: Servers are being moved. :(
(11/28 19:07:59) Frisky Badger: It's moving to a new data center
(11/28 19:08:08) Andy Legate: They are moving the servers according to Greydragon.
(11/28 19:08:11) OnslaughtQ gives shameless plug for GoW
(11/28 19:08:28) Nynaveve: GoW are our buds! Yay GoW!
(11/28 19:08:30) Amlydd: I can live with out the cavern, but not the forum :0
(11/28 19:08:31) Techno420 gives shameless plug for Kadish
(11/28 19:08:33) Simon_Bitdiddle: Writers Write Without Shame... or erasers. :(
(11/28 19:08:42) J.D. Barnes: It's almost time to start, so this is the last call for blowing your own horn.
(11/28 19:08:57) Frisky Badger blows his nose
(11/28 19:09:05) Techno420 gives a shameless plug ro Uru: Ages Beyond Myst
(11/28 19:09:10) Nynaveve: Close enough FB
(11/28 19:10:08) Techno420: does someone have a headlight out?
(11/28 19:10:45) J.D. Barnes: Ah, I think that it's time and I am ready to begin. How does that sound?
(11/28 19:10:54) Nynaveve: Fantastic.
(11/28 19:11:00) OnslaughtQ nods with approval
(11/28 19:11:12) J.D. Barnes nods his head
(11/28 19:11:18) Simon_Bitdiddle cues the fanfare!
(11/28 19:11:46) J.D. Barnes: I am not sure fanfare is necessary, Mr. Bitdiddle. Certainly not for me.
(11/28 19:12:07) Moiety Jean sneaks in quietly
(11/28 19:12:37) J.D. Barnes: So, just to go over the structure of this particular Town Hall, I'll start off with a bit of a lecture period, and then we'll have a question and answer section.
(11/28 19:12:58) J.D. Barnes: Hmm. I think I may be showing my roots in academia there, but oh well...
(11/28 19:13:31) Moiety Jean looks pleased
(11/28 19:13:46) Simon_Bitdiddle: Will this be on the test?
(11/28 19:13:51) J.D. Barnes: Anyway, if you have questions besides clarifications, I ask that you hold them to the end. We can get the boring part out of the way more quickly that way.
(11/28 19:14:01) Simon_Bitdiddle hushes.
(11/28 19:14:02) J.D. Barnes: A test just for you, Mr. Bitdiddle.
(11/28 19:14:09) Eleri: oh, man, I haven't studied for my final...
(11/28 19:14:24) J.D. Barnes smiles.
(11/28 19:14:34) J.D. Barnes: So, let me begin by introducing myself
(11/28 19:15:12) J.D. Barnes: My name is J.D. Barnes, and I'm an independent researcher doing various work here in D'ni.
(11/28 19:15:47) J.D. Barnes: My focus is anthropology, but I am finding that D'ni is requiring me to expand into all sorts of new areas, being the sort of place that it is.
(11/28 19:16:36) J.D. Barnes: And to head off a common question, I am not a member of the DRC, nor do they have me in their employ.
(11/28 19:17:04) J.D. Barnes: However, they are aware of my activities and have even cooperated with me on a rare occasion.
(11/28 19:17:21) J.D. Barnes: Thus proving that nothing is truly impossible.
(11/28 19:17:23) J.D. Barnes smiles.
(11/28 19:18:14) J.D. Barnes: But the purpose of this meeting it to discuss a project that I'
(11/28 19:18:31) J.D. Barnes: er, I'll be asking for assistance from my fellow explorers.
(11/28 19:19:05) J.D. Barnes: Recently, I was approached by a young explorer with a trunk full of documents and an interesting story.
(11/28 19:20:04) J.D. Barnes: He told me that he'd discovered the restoration efforts while researching the contents of the trunk, which he inherited from his ancestor.
(11/28 19:21:56) J.D. Barnes: This ancestor, one Domasio Lara, was a prospector from Mexico who, in the late 1800s, got lost in a series of caves in New Mexico and there he discovered a devistated 'Caverna del Oro' under the earth.
(11/28 19:22:05) J.D. Barnes: I'm sure you can see where this is going.
(11/28 19:22:47) J.D. Barnes: Mr. Lara thought he'd discovered the ancient city of El Dorado, and gathered what he could find as proff and came back to the surface.
(11/28 19:23:43) J.D. Barnes: However, he couldn't convince anyone to believe him, and never managed to find his way back. He left the documents to his descendants.
(11/28 19:24:18) J.D. Barnes: Now, the documents which I have acquired are allegedly the same documents.
(11/28 19:24:43) Moiety Jean: "allegedly?"
(11/28 19:25:07) Simon_Bitdiddle: In what regards, Mr. Barnes?
(11/28 19:25:18) J.D. Barnes: Well, I do find the situation somewhat dubious, Jean.
(11/28 19:25:23) Moiety Jean nods her head
(11/28 19:25:59) J.D. Barnes: It seems to me that the restoration is ripe for forgeries and hoexes. In fact, I managed to expose one such hoax sevweral months ago.
(11/28 19:26:49) J.D. Barnes: So, I am not willing to accept the authenticity of these documents until they are thoroughly examined. Which is what I intend to do.
(11/28 19:27:05) Moiety Jean: That sounds reasonable.
(11/28 19:27:20) Simon_Bitdiddle: Depending on the criteria you're using to assure authenticity.
(11/28 19:27:43) J.D. Barnes: Ah yes, there are a number of ways to investigate that.
(11/28 19:28:14) J.D. Barnes: My first step is to restore the documents in order to catalogue and record the information they provide.
(11/28 19:28:57) J.D. Barnes: Once taht is done, I can move on to contacting those with the skills and resources to provide chemical analysis of the documents themselves.
(11/28 19:30:06) J.D. Barnes: Now, this comes to the real point of this meeting, which is based on the fact that there is more than one person can do here. So I am asking my fellow explorers to assist me in the restoration of these documents.
(11/28 19:30:38) J.D. Barnes: We have quite a diverse set of skills and talents among ourselves, and I hope to tap into that.
(11/28 19:31:41) J.D. Barnes: So, taking a page, as it were, from organizations like the DRC and Subterranean Restorations, I am conducting this project as a restoration project.
(11/28 19:31:41) Moiety Jean wants to ask a question...
(11/28 19:32:07) J.D. Barnes: I think I'm past the point of lecture. So Jean, what's your question?
(11/28 19:33:17) Moiety Jean: Oh, sorry, was worried I was asking too soon there. When you have some restored documents in hand, do you plan to show them to the DRC to get their analysis?
(11/28 19:34:02) J.D. Barnes: I hope to show all of the work this projects generates to the DRC at some point. When and if that is feasable depends on their resources and what they are willing to take on.
(11/28 19:34:29) Simon_Bitdiddle wants to ask a question...
(11/28 19:34:30) Nynaveve has a question as well.
(11/28 19:34:37) J.D. Barnes: Simon?
(11/28 19:35:03) Simon_Bitdiddle: Is there any indication as to what the subject of these documents relate to?
(11/28 19:36:47) J.D. Barnes: I haven't been able to catalogue the entirely of the collection thus far. However, besides Mr. Lara's own notes and some of his personal correspondence, there seems to be a diverse assortment. There are illustrations, things that seem to be descriptions of Ages, historical accoutns or stories, even some personal correspondence.
(11/28 19:37:36) From DeeV8: What's all this about?
(11/28 19:37:39) Simon_Bitdiddle: If I might ask, what languages are these documents in?
(11/28 19:37:43) Moiety Jean would like to ask another question, after Nynaveve
(11/28 19:38:13) J.D. Barnes: There are documents in D'ni. Mr. Lara's notes are in a combination of English and Spanish.
(11/28 19:38:20) To DeeV8: Its a Town Hall. JD Barnes has come across a large number of documents purported to be D'ni in origin, and would like explorer's help in translating them.
(11/28 19:38:27) J.D. Barnes: Nynaveve, what's your question?
(11/28 19:39:00) Nynaveve: This is regarding the time period the documents were gathered by Mr. Laras. If it was roughly the late 1800
(11/28 19:39:21) Nynaveve: oops, 1800's, then according to my reading, that would place it within a century of the fall, of D'ni, correct?
(11/28 19:40:38) J.D. Barnes: The Fall was approximately 1825, it I remember correctly. Mr. Lara's 'expedition' seems to have happend around 1890
(11/28 19:41:04) Nynaveve: Ok, thank you for the clarification.
(11/28 19:41:31) Moiety Jean: So Mr. Lara collected the documents after the Cavern was abandoned?
(11/28 19:41:47) J.D. Barnes: I was able to find a marriage record from 1893 for a Domasio Lara. So that would confirm the time period at the very least.
(11/28 19:42:41) J.D. Barnes: Jean, yes. Several decades after the Fall. He describes the cavern as 'deathly quiet' and having a ''sickly gold'' color
(11/28 19:42:49) Amlydd has question about timeline
(11/28 19:43:15) J.D. Barnes: Was that your question, Jean? Or were you waiting with another?
(11/28 19:43:28) Moiety Jean: Oh, I had another, actually.
(11/28 19:43:42) J.D. Barnes: Well, let's have that, and then I'll hear yours, Amlydd.
(11/28 19:44:37) Moiety Jean: I was going to ask whether Mr. Lara had managed to find his way to very many places in the cavern, whether his documents were collected from a wide range of the city and islands..
(11/28 19:44:58) Moiety Jean: and if evidence suggests he'd been to any other ages..
(11/28 19:45:51) OnslaughtQ: I have a question I'd like to ask after Amlydd
(11/28 19:46:29) J.D. Barnes: I've found nothing so far that suggests he visited any other Ages. As for where in the Cavern he visited, his notes do not say. Unfortunately, he was not as meticuous about such things as someone like Atrus.
(11/28 19:46:41) J.D. Barnes: Amlydd?
(11/28 19:47:35) Amlydd: in regards ot the time line, when does Lara's visit fall relative to Atrus brief attempt to restore D'ni
(11/28 19:47:53) Amlydd: before abandoning it and writting releshan
(11/28 19:49:35) Techno420 waves goodbye
(11/28 19:49:36) J.D. Barnes: As I understand it, Mr. Lara's alleged visit would have come not long after the remaining D'ni moved to Releeshan.
(11/28 19:49:55) Amlydd: okay, thank you
(11/28 19:50:16) J.D. Barnes: OnslaughtQ?
(11/28 19:50:55) OnslaughtQ: since that is when this supposed visit happened, this may notfg/shoutsdg
(11/28 19:51:04) OnslaughtQ: sorry, technical problem
(11/28 19:51:16) OnslaughtQ: does any of his documents mention Gehn?
(11/28 19:52:20) Alant Sunir has a question.
(11/28 19:53:33) J.D. Barnes: I've not seen any mention of Gehn, but I have not gone through all of the documents yet. Mr. Lara doesn't mention meeting any people in D'ni, however.
(11/28 19:53:42) J.D. Barnes: Alant?
(11/28 19:53:48) Alant Sunir: I think it goes without saying that most of us are interested. How should we go about obtaining these documents from you?
(11/28 19:53:48) OnslaughtQ: thank you
(11/28 19:54:23) Alant Sunir: I imagine many are being stored in some place where they won't deteriorate any further.
(11/28 19:55:48) J.D. Barnes: Ah yes, good question, Alant. I can arrange that information will get to you. In general, this restoration project will work just as the DRC stained-glass projects have. I am happy to help anyone decide what documents they would like to focus on, however. And we can go from there.
(11/28 19:57:26) J.D. Barnes: I'd like to take a quick tangent here and address the fact that I know a number of explorers are very interested in this project. But I do have some warnings to add.
(11/28 19:58:32) J.D. Barnes: I make no claims as to the authenticity of these documents. We may very well be dealing with a well-done hoax, or a mix of authentic and forgery, such as at the French site of Glozel.
(11/28 19:59:15) Alant Sunir: So some of what we restore may turn out to be useless? I imagine the DRC will be helping us determine that once we restore things.
(11/28 19:59:26) Simon_Bitdiddle mutters, "Or how easily documents can be selectively restored..."
(11/28 19:59:32) J.D. Barnes: While I encourage your enthusiasm, and am enthused myself, I would hate for anyone to feel as if they wasted their time on these restorations if they do turn out to be forgeries.
(11/28 20:00:10) Moiety Jean: I'm willing to work on them anyway. Everything can be a good learning experience.
(11/28 20:00:25) OnslaughtQ: The same applies for me as well.
(11/28 20:00:39) J.D. Barnes: I quite agree, Jean. I think debunking them is as valuable as authenticating them.
(11/28 20:00:51) Tan-lee Yakima: It's even possible that the documents may lead us in unexpected directions...
(11/28 20:01:02) J.D. Barnes: Certainly, Tan-lee.
(11/28 20:01:06) Tan-lee Yakima nods her head
(11/28 20:01:31) Moiety Jean: Oh! Is there a limit to the number of each documents a single person should try to take on?
(11/28 20:01:33) Alant Sunir: Oh, absolutely, I only mean 'useless' in terms of helping us understand the D'Ni.
(11/28 20:01:58) Simon_Bitdiddle: If I might ask an additional question?
(11/28 20:02:02) J.D. Barnes: I will also note the possibility that we may not be able to definitively authenticate or disprove these documents or a subset of them. That is an unfortunate but not uncommon situation in this sort of business.
(11/28 20:02:20) J.D. Barnes: Jean, feel free to take on as much as you feel you can handle.
(11/28 20:02:25) J.D. Barnes: Simon, go ahead.
(11/28 20:02:44) Simon_Bitdiddle: Have the Guild of Linguists been informed of the D'ni portions of this find?
(11/28 20:03:38) J.D. Barnes: Well, if you mean the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship, I'd hoped to see some of them at this meeting. I do know they are very busy in their work with Dr. Watson at the moment, however.
(11/28 20:04:26) Simon_Bitdiddle: Understandable, but I would think Dr. Watson would be enthralled at the possibility of additional information and D'ni linguistic samplings.
(11/28 20:05:13) J.D. Barnes: I hope to get his input as well as I can. I'm hoping to work with as many groups as possible.
(11/28 20:06:24) Nynaveve: This project seems to have arrived at a perfect time. With the DRC gone indefinately searching for funding, several of the explorers are looking for ways to occupy their time while they wait.
(11/28 20:06:30) Moiety Jean: J.D., do you have a particular deadline we should try to finish our restorations before? With the coming month full of holiday preparations for many on the surface, we may need a generous time frame.
(11/28 20:06:45) Atheni33 nods
(11/28 20:06:47) J.D. Barnes: I think that Dr. Watson may ultimately hold the key to determining the authencity of the Lara documents. However, we'll see if he can spare the time on a possible forgery when he has so much definitive sources to work on.
(11/28 20:07:09) J.D. Barnes: Jean, I have no definite time frame on this project. This work takes as long as it needs to.
(11/28 20:07:27) J.D. Barnes: I hope to release restorations on a regular basis as they are available, however.
(11/28 20:08:16) Moiety Jean: I like that idea. Seeing some of the restored documents may inspire others to lend a hand. Do you have a place that you will be displaying all the documents you've received back?
(11/28 20:09:13) J.D. Barnes: I am discussing releasing them through Guild of Messenger affliates at the moment. I may need some Internet space to archive them as well.
(11/28 20:09:40) J.D. Barnes: Eleri, do you think the D'ni Network might be able to provide some space and web design expertise?
(11/28 20:09:54) Moiety Jean: Having a concise place to display them would undoubtedly help your own cataloguing efforts
(11/28 20:10:00) Eleri: Certainly! Just let me know what and where
(11/28 20:10:03) J.D. Barnes nods his head
(11/28 20:10:55) J.D. Barnes: Well, that's settled then. Hopefully, the Guild of Messengers will then distribute them from that archive.
(11/28 20:11:13) Moiety Jean: Well, I'm excited to see what turns up! If they are found to be genuine, there's a wealth of information there.
(11/28 20:11:28) J.D. Barnes: Either way, i think that we have a lot to learn from them.
(11/28 20:11:52) J.D. Barnes: As a note, if you have any questions about the project, you can send me a private message on the DRC forums.
(11/28 20:12:16) Moiety Jean: Thank you very much for inviting us to participate.
(11/28 20:12:19) J.D. Barnes: And if you are unsure of where to focus your restoration efforts, I'm happy to discuss that with you.
(11/28 20:12:32) Tan-lee Yakima: Thank you, Mr. Barnes.
(11/28 20:12:33) OnslaughtQ: Thank you Mr. Barnes
(11/28 20:12:37) Moiety Jean claps her hands
(11/28 20:12:38) DedHed claps his hands
(11/28 20:12:39) groath: Thanks
(11/28 20:12:40) J.D. Barnes: Well, as I said, there is too much here to keep to myself.
(11/28 20:12:40) Atheni33 claps her hands
(11/28 20:12:44) Tan-lee Yakima claps her hands
(11/28 20:12:48) Eleri claps her hands
(11/28 20:12:49) dolmen claps his hands
(11/28 20:12:50) OnslaughtQ claps his hands
(11/28 20:13:07) Amlydd nods in approval
(11/28 20:13:19) J.D. Barnes: Thank you for your time.
(11/28 20:13:23) Eleri: This should be an exciting thing for the whole cavern.
(11/28 20:13:23) BIG thumbs up from groath
(11/28 20:13:29) DedHed: Mr. Barnes, before you leave, mind if I get a quick photo of you for the mystlore wiki?
(11/28 20:13:33) J.D. Barnes: Are there any more questions or comments?
(11/28 20:14:01) J.D. Barnes: Ded, if you wish. I'm not sure I'm the most photogenic of subjects, however.
(11/28 20:14:08) DedHed: HA!
(11/28 20:14:13) Moiety Jean: Say cheese, J.D.!
(11/28 20:14:19) Atheni33: :)
(11/28 20:14:21) groath: I got a small question but its tottaly off topic
(11/28 20:14:28) J.D. Barnes: groath, feel free.
(11/28 20:14:38) DedHed: *PHOOOOSH*
(11/28 20:14:39) groath: Well is there going to be a holliday party?
(11/28 20:14:41) DedHed: Thank you!
(11/28 20:14:44) Atheni33 laughs
(11/28 20:14:47) groath: :)
(11/28 20:14:49) J.D. Barnes laughs
(11/28 20:14:50) Moiety Jean cringes
(11/28 20:14:57) Moiety Jean: bright flash, there
(11/28 20:14:57) J.D. Barnes: If you bring the egg nog, I'll be there.
(11/28 20:15:08) groath: Ok!
(11/28 20:15:10) Alant Sunir: I imagine even if the DRC is still up top we'll be partying down here.
(11/28 20:15:30) J.D. Barnes: I think that D'ni will always go on, no matter what happens to the restoration.
(11/28 20:15:36) J.D. Barnes: Part of its charm, really.
(11/28 20:15:41) Tan-lee Yakima nods her head
(11/28 20:15:41) groath: I put somthing on the fourms for it so look there for what i am planning
(11/28 20:15:46) Nynaveve: I agree, Mr. Barnes.
(11/28 20:16:17) J.D. Barnes: I suggest you publicize through the Guild of Messengers as well
(11/28 20:16:25) groath: Oh good idea
(11/28 20:16:50) groath: I just wondering who brings the tree?
(11/28 20:16:54) Moiety Jean: I should probably get back to the surface to check on Brian.
(11/28 20:17:02) J.D. Barnes nods to Jean.
(11/28 20:17:09) Cycreim: Seeya Jean!
(11/28 20:17:10) J.D. Barnes: Say hello to Mr. Fioca for me.
(11/28 20:17:36) Alant Sunir: Well, it looks like I have some things to work over myself. Mr. Barnes, I'll be sure to contact you as soon as I have anything.
(11/28 20:17:54) J.D. Barnes: Please do. And feel free to contact me if you need anything.
(11/28 20:18:05) Alant Sunir: I'm no linguist, so it may be a while.
(11/28 20:18:08) Moiety Jean: I will do! Thanks, J.D. I'm glad I could be here. Seems a little difficult to run into you randomly in the cavern as of late.
(11/28 20:18:36) Alant Sunir: Folks, good luck with your work.
(11/28 20:18:43) groath: Oh btw there going to be running matninace so the uru will be down for a week
(11/28 20:18:45) J.D. Barnes: Well, I have been trying to follow up on several projects. This, Ms. Reed's documentary, other projects.
(11/28 20:18:59) Atheni33 waves goodbye
(11/28 20:19:00) Tan-lee Yakima: could I ask an off-topic question?
(11/28 20:19:13) J.D. Barnes: Tan-lee, of course.
(11/28 20:19:16) Moiety Jean: Busy fellow! But it's great that you're staying so involved.
(11/28 20:19:22) J.D. Barnes: I think we have passed the formal section of the evening.
(11/28 20:19:32) Rivkah raises her hand
(11/28 20:19:33) groath: I concur
(11/28 20:19:38) groath: :)
(11/28 20:19:40) Tan-lee Yakima: I was wondering: do you have any idea why we're still hearing bahro in the Cavern, especially if yeesha supposedly took them with her?
(11/28 20:19:44) Moiety Jean: Now is the time on Sprockets ven ve dance.
(11/28 20:20:10) J.D. Barnes: I suspect that there may still be Bahro around. Maybe as a sort of 'rear guard'.
(11/28 20:20:18) Tan-lee Yakima: okay, thank you.
(11/28 20:20:35) groath: probly just here in case any do show up
(11/28 20:20:40) Hilz: I'd imagine the same. Or, alternatively, if the theory that we've been seeing children up close is right, those could easily be children we hear.
(11/28 20:20:49) J.D. Barnes: That's just my guess though. With the Bahro, I wonder if 'going away' has that much meaning when they can link back at a moments notice.
(11/28 20:20:50) Tan-lee Yakima nods her head
(11/28 20:21:01) J.D. Barnes: Hilz, that's an interesting thought.
(11/28 20:21:29) groath: The ones with yeesha do smae larger then the other ones
(11/28 20:21:34) groath: Seam*
(11/28 20:21:34) Moiety Jean: Good night everyone! Very good to see you all.
(11/28 20:21:41) groath: Night!
(11/28 20:21:46) Hilz: A sort of.. safe area for their children to stay, seeing as they're trying to keep the war away from here as is.
(11/28 20:21:51) J.D. Barnes: Ah Cycreim, I just noticed that you were here. Good work on your mural, by the way.
(11/28 20:22:03) Cycreim: Thanks!
(11/28 20:22:08) groath: Yep!
(11/28 20:22:12) Cycreim: Sorry I couldn't be here earlier...
(11/28 20:22:14) groath claps his hands
(11/28 20:22:21) J.D. Barnes: Hilz, that would be an interesting situation. It'd mean the Bahro felt this was a very safe place.
(11/28 20:22:30) Moiety Jean: Oh, yes! I was pretty jazzed for you to see your image on the page of that MOUL site. ^_^
(11/28 20:22:33) Rivkah: you may have mentioned this after I crashed out, but I was wondering what you were hoping to include in your semiweekly updates you mentioned in your initial announcement of your find?
(11/28 20:22:55) Moiety Jean waves goodbye
(11/28 20:23:03) Cycreim: I might try my hand at restoring some of those artifacts too.
(11/28 20:23:33) J.D. Barnes: Rivkah, I hope to include excerpts from the restoration of these documents. Maybe with a little commentary of my own added as needed.
(11/28 20:23:35) groath: I am very good with michanal objects or hands on stuff
(11/28 20:23:57) Rivkah nods
(11/28 20:24:05) Rivkah: Thank you.
(11/28 20:24:18) J.D. Barnes: My pleasure.
(11/28 20:24:58) J.D. Barnes: Well, I think it is time for me to retire for the evening, unless anyone has anything they'd like to discuss further?
(11/28 20:25:51) Amlydd waves goodbye to J D Barnes
(11/28 20:25:58) groath: I think i am good
(11/28 20:26:03) J.D. Barnes waves goodbye
(11/28 20:26:06) Rivkah: Thank you for sharing!
(11/28 20:26:06) Tan-lee Yakima: Good night, everyone.
(11/28 20:26:09) Tan-lee Yakima waves goodbye
(11/28 20:26:15) Tobyas: Good bye
(11/28 20:26:18) Nynaveve: Have a great evening, J.D., and thanks for holding this meeting.
(11/28 20:26:22) Hilz: Goodnight Mr. Barnes, thank you for your time.
(11/28 20:26:23) J.D. Barnes: As I said, feel free to contact me via the DRC forums. And I hope to be in cavern more often.
(11/28 20:26:41) J.D. Barnes: Feel free to tap me any time you have something you want to discuss.
(11/28 20:26:55) groath: will do thanks
(11/28 20:27:01) Nicolas Cain: ... Looks like I caught the tail end of something important.
(11/28 20:27:08) ...Chat.log stopped.[/spoiler]

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KI #10086594 (Hilz)

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