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 Post subject: GoW meeting Chat log
PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 3:07 am 

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(02/17 14:57:07) Chat.log started...
(02/17 14:57:15) Lontahv: All the others did too kato.
(02/17 14:57:22) Kato: Ahh k good :)
(02/17 14:57:26) Grogyan: i crashed upon entering
(02/17 14:57:31) Atheni33 nods
(02/17 14:57:38) Grogyan: But im back and logging again
(02/17 14:57:41) Serinde: Shorah. I'm just a GoW supporter, here to listen. And I crashed too. :)
(02/17 14:57:47) Kato: Yes shorah all :)
(02/17 14:57:53) Godot: please do not use voice chat
(02/17 14:57:59) Lontahv: can someone put the Ahra-pahts images on the imager. My KI looks borked
(02/17 14:58:01) Grogyan: Or run about
(02/17 14:58:13) Kato: I'll do it if you send them my way, Lontahv.
(02/17 14:58:39) kyashii: back
(02/17 14:58:52) kyashii: did I midd anything
(02/17 14:58:53) kyashii: ?
(02/17 14:58:57) kyashii: *mis
(02/17 14:59:01) kyashii: *miss
(02/17 14:59:03) Godot: you missed the crash
(02/17 14:59:07) Herohtar: Crashed out...
(02/17 14:59:09) kyashii: same
(02/17 14:59:12) Kato: nope :)
(02/17 14:59:17) kyashii: awesome
(02/17 14:59:20) kyashii: chat log is on
(02/17 14:59:21) Tinuviel: not only me then that crashed?
(02/17 14:59:29) Herohtar: Apparently not
(02/17 14:59:29) kyashii: no one voice chat so we can get everything
(02/17 14:59:33) Serinde: many people crashed
(02/17 14:59:38) Kato: Someone is logging, correct?
(02/17 14:59:42) Grogyan: i am
(02/17 15:00:12) Nah'dneb: I am as well
(02/17 15:01:18) Kato: Alright, great.
(02/17 15:01:27) kyashii: me
(02/17 15:01:30) Church99: Did I miss the meeting?
(02/17 15:01:30) kyashii: too
(02/17 15:01:32) Clean&Sober: Is there another pic of this at the guild of writers I won't be able to read it in the pic.
(02/17 15:01:33) kyashii: no
(02/17 15:01:41) Zrax: so am I, while we're at it :P
(02/17 15:01:44) Kato: Well I am Kato--Guild Councilor of Forum Management and Whatever Needs to be Done at the Time (as we all are ;)) and thanks everyone for coming :)
(02/17 15:02:09) kyashii: what is this meeting about tonight?
(02/17 15:02:14) kyashii: :)
(02/17 15:02:59) Kato: I have nothing in particular to talk about except to report that things are going relatively great, as great as they can go in URU's time of crisis, and I just wanted to give anyone else who wanted to say something a chance to as well.
(02/17 15:03:55) Kato: Of course, if you haven't already heard, the GoW is 110% committed to supporting URU and MYST far beyond this incarnation's incapacitation. We will continue building our Ages for the Plasama engine for as long as humany possible. :)
(02/17 15:04:18) Grogyan nods his head
(02/17 15:04:20) Clean&Sober: i will go to the guild of writers site to catch up, I'm new to the guild, but a do like to wirte ask anybody who gets an email from me.
(02/17 15:04:39) kyashii: indeed
(02/17 15:05:00) Topher: Has there been much work done on the "Showcase Age?" That thread seems dead on the forum. It seems that now would be an optimal time to push that project to the front burner.
(02/17 15:05:14) Topher: To show that we mean business.
(02/17 15:05:24) Grogyan: I thought Ahra Pahta was the show case Age
(02/17 15:05:28) Simon_Bitdiddle: Doesn't Arha Pahts count as a showcase Age?
(02/17 15:05:42) Nah'dneb: I think it ought to
(02/17 15:05:45) Nah'dneb: if it doesn't now
(02/17 15:05:47) Kato: Not that I can recall, but if you wish to continue development on that, my only advice is to post there and get it started again.
(02/17 15:05:48) Atheni33: I agree!
(02/17 15:06:09) Kato: And yes, Ahra Pahts is shaping up to be an outstanding example of what we can do.
(02/17 15:06:23) Kato: If anyone wants to speak, please just let me know, otherwise I'll just continue "yammering" ;)
(02/17 15:06:28) Topher: Point taken
(02/17 15:06:42) Atheni33: It definately set the bar for fan created ages
(02/17 15:06:52) Lontahv: But I do have an er... issue with AhraPahts
(02/17 15:07:17) Whilyam: Aside from lack of restrooms?
(02/17 15:07:24) Godot: lol
(02/17 15:07:27) Zrax: lol
(02/17 15:07:28) kyashii: rofl
(02/17 15:07:30) Lontahv: It's hard to make it look designed and whole because it's so big
(02/17 15:07:30) Grogyan: Good point
(02/17 15:07:41) kyashii: restrooms?
(02/17 15:07:44) Grogyan: yes
(02/17 15:07:48) kyashii: lol
(02/17 15:07:55) Godot: we rest in the link
(02/17 15:08:07) Kato: Indeed that is a good point. But, if you would like to continue development on another Age that you think would better be a showcase of our talents--by all means go ahead.
(02/17 15:08:13) Whilyam: Yeah, as of now, the city looks a bit empty
(02/17 15:08:31) Church99: I have a basic question.
(02/17 15:08:39) Kato: We have a forum just for that, the "Showcase Age" forum.
(02/17 15:08:41) Church99: perhaps it should wait for the end
(02/17 15:08:43) Kato: Yes, Church?
(02/17 15:09:07) Kato: No, go ahead, I really have no gameplan here. :P
(02/17 15:09:19) Church99: i have joined the GoC. but if I have an idea for an age, it has been suggested that I post the idea. Is that the correct way to proceed?
(02/17 15:09:30) To Kato: Yes
(02/17 15:09:33) Grogyan: yes
(02/17 15:09:52) Church99: How do I offer to map an age?
(02/17 15:09:52) Kato: Indeed it is. We encourage people from all Guilds to participate.
(02/17 15:10:24) Topher: Often times, posted ideas don't go anywhere unless the idea generator sticks with it and actively generates concept art, maps, etc
(02/17 15:10:36) Topher: As a cartographer, however, that shouldn't be a problem for you
(02/17 15:10:47) Grogyan: The plugin is shaping up quite well now, just need animations
(02/17 15:10:56) Church99: i also have a description of my age, with hand drawn maps and drawings of machines and small details ect...
(02/17 15:11:06) Kato: Indeed. It is suggested that idea creators learn Blender in some capacity.
(02/17 15:11:09) Kato: Excellent!
(02/17 15:11:11) Church99: do I post that as well and just hope that a writer picks it up?
(02/17 15:11:19) Kato: Animations MAY be coming soon.
(02/17 15:11:41) Atheni33: awesome
(02/17 15:11:56) Grogyan: We can already do contitional objects
(02/17 15:12:00) kyashii: I'm a Writer making textures & maps for various ages, should I post them on the Writers forums, or somewhere else?
(02/17 15:12:09) Church99: I have just started downloading Blender (thanks Grogyan) do you have ot have URU on the computer to run Blender?
(02/17 15:12:10) Kato: But, er, don't take my word for it. It's in Lontahv's hands at the moment, heheh.
(02/17 15:12:11) Simon_Bitdiddle: Any news on getting physics to work?
(02/17 15:12:31) Kato: No, Church. Blender can be used independent of URU, but you will need URU:CC to test your Ages with.
(02/17 15:12:40) Kato: Define physics, Simon?
(02/17 15:12:40) Godot: I would think physics will require programming
(02/17 15:12:57) Church99: I see! thanks!
(02/17 15:13:08) Church99 sits down now.
(02/17 15:13:48) Kato: Physical objects have been working for as long as I can remember, but exaclty what kind of physics do you mean?
(02/17 15:14:07) kyashii: hey writers, I'm making textures and age designs/ideas, should I post them on the GoW forums, or somewhere else? Where should I post them?
(02/17 15:14:10) Simon_Bitdiddle: I mean in the sense that we can create dynamic structures like kinetic sculpture.
(02/17 15:14:37) Grogyan: Yes post your textures on the forum, or point to where they are
(02/17 15:14:42) Kato: GoW forums.
(02/17 15:14:44) kyashii says okay
(02/17 15:14:46) kyashii: thx
(02/17 15:14:52) Kato: We will be glad to help you get started with that kind of stuff :)
(02/17 15:15:02) Godot: you might be able to define your animations in Blender
(02/17 15:15:07) kyashii: Yeah, I just bought photoshop, which is what Cyan uses
(02/17 15:15:15) Godot: it they are relitivly simple
(02/17 15:15:18) Grogyan: Simon do you mean an animated mesh interacting with a static object?
(02/17 15:15:28) kyashii: once I figure out blender, I'll work with that too
(02/17 15:15:30) Simon_Bitdiddle: I'm not looking to do defined animations.
(02/17 15:15:56) Lontahv: I crashed off
(02/17 15:16:04) Whilyam: I crashed on
(02/17 15:16:06) Grogyan: I'm not sure what you mean then
(02/17 15:16:13) Grogyan: we already have physics
(02/17 15:16:20) Grogyan: physical objects
(02/17 15:16:21) Godot: gravity works
(02/17 15:16:24) Grogyan: kickable objects
(02/17 15:16:35) Lontahv: But to contiue from where I left off...
(02/17 15:16:40) Tinuviel: do you know of an easy sulotion for blender and ATI grafics card? I'm having trouble with Blender getting slower and slower
(02/17 15:16:41) Simon_Bitdiddle: Can you make pivotable objects or dynamically control mass and velocity?
(02/17 15:16:59) Grogyan: That would come from the animations integration
(02/17 15:17:08) Grogyan: Blender has bones and armatures
(02/17 15:17:14) Grogyan: that will help greatly
(02/17 15:17:24) Grogyan: with physical objects
(02/17 15:17:28) Godot: you can probably simulate that using Blender animations
(02/17 15:17:32) Kato: Tinuviel: AFAIK there are no inherent problems with Blender and ATI cards, but I suggest updating your drivers and posting a more detailed description of your problem on the forums.
(02/17 15:18:15) Lontahv: About the showcase age... I think that it should be our head quarters an training ages that should set an example.
(02/17 15:18:29) Godot: do some Python if there is more complexity
(02/17 15:18:39) Tinuviel: I have seen others having problems at And hane tried that solution Not helped so far. Have not tried latest driver though
(02/17 15:18:40) Grogyan: I believe Ahra Pahts should be the show case
(02/17 15:19:10) Kato: You HAVE posted on our forums, Tinuviel?
(02/17 15:19:17) Grogyan: At the mo, I want to see how RtR managed to get a functioning puzzle
(02/17 15:19:20) Lontahv: It's made not really by writers and it's not designed by writers it's a community thing
(02/17 15:19:46) Tinuviel: not about this:-) just wanted to know if you knew more about it than what I have already read:-)
(02/17 15:20:10) Kato: :) I don't. But if the problem exists, I'm sure there's someone on GoW who can help you with it :)
(02/17 15:20:21) Tinuviel: thanks I'll post
(02/17 15:20:53) Kato: So, does anyone else have any questions? Comments? Does anyone want the floor? :)
(02/17 15:21:18) Grogyan: Nadnerb has done some really great modeling
(02/17 15:21:39) Herohtar: Sure, I like the floor; I'll take it -- it'll look great in my house
(02/17 15:21:45) Grogyan: and i'm still learning
(02/17 15:21:53) Atheni33: I have a question Kato
(02/17 15:22:02) Nah'dneb wakes up
(02/17 15:22:07) Nah'dneb: somone said my name.. >.>
(02/17 15:22:11) Grogyan: :)
(02/17 15:22:19) Kato: :) Indeed he has Grogyan--he is also a talented lighter and material editor :)
(02/17 15:22:21) Godot: in your dreams Nah lol
(02/17 15:22:23) Kato: Yes, Atheni?
(02/17 15:22:41) Atheni33: For those who are working shell in Ahra Pahts do you want progress reports
(02/17 15:22:50) Grogyan: I've got to understand things like glass
(02/17 15:23:01) Atheni33: Is there a time frame you need the shells completed
(02/17 15:23:02) Grogyan: and applying textures properly
(02/17 15:23:31) Grogyan: Nadnerb seems to take it all in his stride so easily
(02/17 15:23:35) Lontahv: I think that there should be a concept compition and then the finalists there should make a sample of what there age will look like, and the maintainers should be the judges
(02/17 15:23:36) Godot: there are good video tutorials, available in the Blender help
(02/17 15:23:49) Kato: AFAIK there is not, but Aloys is in charge of AP, you should send him a PM or email :)
(02/17 15:23:54) Grogyan: Hey, now thats a good idea
(02/17 15:23:58) Grogyan: a competition
(02/17 15:23:59) Atheni33: Ok thanks
(02/17 15:24:13) Grogyan: thats a really good way to get people motivated
(02/17 15:24:16) Nah'dneb: well, I have contact with the developers, so I often understand new features before they're even released.. >.>
(02/17 15:24:38) Grogyan: I'm gonna wait Nad for the next plugin realease
(02/17 15:24:41) Atheni33: That was what I was thinking Grogyan..If I don't set goals I tend to procrastinate
(02/17 15:24:47) Grogyan: to get the avatar shows workin
(02/17 15:24:58) Grogyan: me too Athenii
(02/17 15:24:58) Kato: Dox informs me that Ahra Pahts version 1 is coming soon and that shells are needed ASAP, but there is no deadline and shells can be submitted after v1 of course.
(02/17 15:25:06) Godot: make a schedule for yourself to keep on track
(02/17 15:25:13) Nah'dneb: anyway, it's true that we should have deadlines, but the thing is.. there's no real problem if you miss them. :P
(02/17 15:25:21) Lontahv: I think that should be how we figure out the showcase age. It should be the best of the best, and I don't see that in ahrapahts
(02/17 15:25:35) Nah'dneb: and in this business, missed deadlines are.. well.. amazingly common
(02/17 15:25:39) Godot: we have a lot to learn still
(02/17 15:25:40) Nah'dneb: even among the professionals
(02/17 15:25:41) Grogyan: I can't do my shell until Animations are working
(02/17 15:25:41) Nah'dneb: :P
(02/17 15:25:53) Godot: the deadline is a motivational tool
(02/17 15:26:00) Atheni33 agrees
(02/17 15:26:04) Grogyan: same with any age concept I come up with
(02/17 15:26:39) Godot: try simplifying to get something working so you don't get stalled
(02/17 15:26:42) Grogyan: But for the moment, a competition every few months?
(02/17 15:26:52) Grogyan: should be a great motivational tool
(02/17 15:26:55) Uhuru (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(02/17 15:27:04) Nah'dneb: the one thing I would warn against is coming up with overly ambitious ages too quickly..
(02/17 15:27:14) Kato: Well, hopefully we will have animations soon, but there is no timeframe for them. We are looking to bring on Lontahv to work on those.
(02/17 15:27:21) Grogyan: I kmnow
(02/17 15:27:32) Grogyan: so I am working on a simpler one
(02/17 15:27:41) Godot: think about what the player can actually see and interact with, you might find it possable to greatly simplify the age
(02/17 15:27:54) Nah'dneb: if you hit a snag, or need a plugin feature we don't have, then it will lose momentum..
(02/17 15:27:59) Grogyan: but it still needs animations
(02/17 15:28:10) Grogyan: or animateable objects
(02/17 15:28:27) Nah'dneb: the best thing to do would be to make simple ages.. and take all your really big ideas and file them somewhere safe..
(02/17 15:28:28) Lontahv bows
(02/17 15:28:40) Nah'dneb: later, when you have the time, you can pull those out
(02/17 15:28:46) Kato: But we are all too ambitious to do that, right Nad? :D
(02/17 15:28:47) Godot: or make simple ages that are test cases for your big age
(02/17 15:28:48) Grogyan: My current one is codenamed Volma
(02/17 15:28:49) Nah'dneb: and probably make something great out of them.
(02/17 15:28:58) Lontahv: I'll be proud to work on a team with the plugin people. :D
(02/17 15:28:59) Grogyan: and its based on the volcano Ruapahu
(02/17 15:29:13) Nah'dneb: Pride, however, was the downfall of D'ni
(02/17 15:29:15) Nah'dneb: >..
(02/17 15:29:17) Grogyan: and an underground temple
(02/17 15:29:26) Godot: hubris will do you in
(02/17 15:29:27) Lontahv: <.<
(02/17 15:29:34) Lontahv: >.>
(02/17 15:29:51) Lontahv: Pride.. I thought it was cookies. ; )
(02/17 15:30:03) Godot: no that was the indegestion
(02/17 15:30:03) Grogyan: mmmmmmmm cookie
(02/17 15:30:04) Nah'dneb: no, there's a pride of lions outside those curtains
(02/17 15:30:15) Nah'dneb: the same pride that ate D'ni
(02/17 15:30:17) Nah'dneb: >.>
(02/17 15:30:20) Topher: you're thinking of the donuts, lontahv
(02/17 15:30:38) Lontahv: I must be thinking of them Topher. ; )
(02/17 15:30:44) Godot: mkae achievable gaols, baby steps
(02/17 15:30:45) Topher: someone forgot to bring the donuts, and the cavern came tumbling down.
(02/17 15:30:56) Grogyan: I have modelled a fram for an electric generator
(02/17 15:31:10) Grogyan: so the puzzle is working with blender
(02/17 15:31:18) Lontahv: We have yet to find the doughnut age.
(02/17 15:31:30) Godot: is there a starbucks age?
(02/17 15:31:38) Grogyan: particles aren;' supported yet either
(02/17 15:31:48) Grogyan: so we can't have an Age with falling donuts
(02/17 15:32:00) Kato: XD I want an Age with falling donuts.
(02/17 15:32:02) Topher: that would be sweet
(02/17 15:32:04) Godot: we have rain, that is falling stuff
(02/17 15:32:09) Nah'dneb: well, we could have an age shortly after the donutfall
(02/17 15:32:10) kyashii: Falling cones!!!!!1
(02/17 15:32:17) Nah'dneb: with donuts piled everywhere..
(02/17 15:32:23) kyashii nods his head
(02/17 15:32:25) Grogyan: and cookies
(02/17 15:32:27) kyashii: that would be so awesome
(02/17 15:32:27) Nah'dneb: and paths shoveled through the donuts..
(02/17 15:32:27) Lontahv nods his head
(02/17 15:32:29) Godot: sticky mess
(02/17 15:32:34) Kato: So, is anyone else interested in discussing anything relatively serious? ;)
(02/17 15:32:35) Church99 sighs heavilly and giggles.
(02/17 15:32:52) Nah'dneb: well, seriousness is bad for the gallbladder. >.>
(02/17 15:32:53) Church99: I would like to know what the best way to start working with Blender would be.
(02/17 15:33:00) Grogyan: Age design without animations or particles
(02/17 15:33:04) Topher: noob to pro tutorials
(02/17 15:33:07) Godot: start by setting easy to achieve goals and build from threre
(02/17 15:33:09) Church99: Tutorials or books,
(02/17 15:33:11) Lontahv tells himself he must try to be serious
(02/17 15:33:16) Topher: linked from the GOW wiki
(02/17 15:33:18) Kato: Download it, install it, and visit our wiki for info on installing the plugin.
(02/17 15:33:23) Godot: there is a Blender book
(02/17 15:33:25) Nah'dneb: the noob to pro tutorials are a good way to learn the basics of hte lbneder interface
(02/17 15:33:30) kyashii: I as well, I got lost trying to even figure out what the heck I was doing, it is so hard
(02/17 15:33:30) Church99: I'll try that again.
(02/17 15:33:33) Godot: available from Amazon
(02/17 15:33:34) Nah'dneb: but they're not geared toward the same kind of work we're doing here
(02/17 15:33:41) Atheni33: I am going through the book Essential Blender its excellent
(02/17 15:33:46) Nah'dneb: we do a different kind of modeling and do many things in a different way
(02/17 15:33:54) Nah'dneb: we aim for low poly models..
(02/17 15:33:55) Kato: The Blender book is great. I have the old 2.2 edition and am looking forward to getting the newest one soon. :)
(02/17 15:34:02) Nah'dneb: and raytracing effects are not available
(02/17 15:34:05) Atheni33: I also think there are video tutorials someone posted about on the forum
(02/17 15:34:14) Godot: but if you learn to use the tools you will discover how to use your new knowledge
(02/17 15:34:16) Grogyan: me goes to look up book
(02/17 15:34:17) Lontahv: What about baking Nad?
(02/17 15:34:19) Church99: excellent.
(02/17 15:34:32) Church99: is blender used for mapping as well?
(02/17 15:34:36) Nah'dneb: Baking is good, but only in conjunction with a knowledge of how you have to set up your materials.
(02/17 15:34:38) Godot: I would think
(02/17 15:34:40) Nah'dneb: for use in plasma
(02/17 15:34:51) Kato: For someone used to rendering, baking is great :)
(02/17 15:34:56) Godot: you would create a landscape using a Zmap
(02/17 15:34:57) Nah'dneb: indeed.
(02/17 15:35:09) Kato: I worked on two prederendered games over the course of three years, so baking is good for me XD
(02/17 15:35:10) Church99: Zmap for maps. ok
(02/17 15:35:16) Nah'dneb: just remember we also need to economize on textures
(02/17 15:35:38) Nah'dneb: if you bake everything at 1280x1280 you're oging to kill some graphics cards..
(02/17 15:35:40) Godot: Z maps are displacement in the the up direction
(02/17 15:36:00) Church99: I have no idea what that means.
(02/17 15:36:06) Godot: to define landscape heights
(02/17 15:36:15) Kato: Not necessarily, I use all 1024^2 textures and have yet to come across a problem. Of course, that is only on SftSoK dev PCs--who knows what the Ages will be like on regular PCs :P
(02/17 15:36:28) Godot: 3D graphics define abjects in X,Y and Z directions
(02/17 15:36:37) Nah'dneb: Kato > I mean, a lot of textures...
(02/17 15:36:38) Godot: Z is up
(02/17 15:36:39) Grogyan: My comp can handle pretty much anything now
(02/17 15:36:45) Atheni33: Thats good information Nah'dneb..maybe there should be a 'what not do do thread on the forum'
(02/17 15:36:48) Church99: ok, got it
(02/17 15:36:53) Grogyan: 8800 GTS 512 guad core CPU
(02/17 15:37:04) Grogyan: quad cor CPU
(02/17 15:37:06) Nah'dneb: Btw, I'm Nadnerb, but this is my GoW avvie
(02/17 15:37:15) Kato: Yeah, I am seeing an increasing number of people with higher end comps in our computers--and I like it :)
(02/17 15:37:18) Zrax: Technically, if you're talking about the Graphics API itself, Z is towards you, but most games define it as up ;)
(02/17 15:37:22) Kato: *communities
(02/17 15:37:33) From Ace in Ace's Relto: Oi, mates
(02/17 15:37:42) Godot: in Blender Z is up, in Java 3D Z Y is up
(02/17 15:37:43) Grogyan: I'll post the idea about comptitions right now
(02/17 15:37:44) From Dr. CrisGer in A Beginner's Bevin: Oi Comrade!!
(02/17 15:37:49) From Church99 in The Writers' Pub: Hiya Ace!!
(02/17 15:37:52) To Neighbors: Hey there
(02/17 15:38:11) Godot: I have been doing work in Java 3D Y is up
(02/17 15:38:16) From Ace in Ace's Relto: Hey, 3 for 3. That's pretty good :)
(02/17 15:38:24) Herohtar: Java is broken
(02/17 15:38:27) From Dr. CrisGer in A Beginner's Bevin: Ace can i go over the parade route and proceedures tonight with you, take about five the hood?
(02/17 15:38:37) Nah'dneb: ...
(02/17 15:38:39) Godot: but it can be transfoormed to change the diaxis directions
(02/17 15:38:42) Nah'dneb: what's that supposed to mean?
(02/17 15:38:43) Kato: Yes, it makes sense because in math X and Y are 2D and when you get on Z you are in 3D--just like in Blender :)
(02/17 15:38:44) From Ace in Ace's Relto: Sure Doc
(02/17 15:38:57) Zrax: OpenGL and DirectX define Y as up too, like I say ;)
(02/17 15:39:05) Nah'dneb: because the screen is XY space
(02/17 15:39:07) From Dr. CrisGer in A Beginner's Bevin: excellent let me know what is a good time for you
(02/17 15:39:19) Godot: in any case a Zmap is an elevation map
(02/17 15:39:31) Nah'dneb: I would call that a displacement map..
(02/17 15:39:39) Godot: same difference
(02/17 15:39:46) Nah'dneb: however, it really doesn't matter what you call things, as long as people know what you mean..
(02/17 15:39:58) Godot: thus the conversation
(02/17 15:39:59) Nah'dneb: which is why pictures are important in tutorials. >.>
(02/17 15:40:34) From Church99 in The Writers' Pub: How do most people include pictures?
(02/17 15:40:36) Nah'dneb: in the past, age building has been mostly done by the people actually building the tools, or directly involved in them..
(02/17 15:40:39) Godot: Blender has a set of good tutorials in the help menu
(02/17 15:40:40) From Church99 in The Writers' Pub: crap!
(02/17 15:40:42) From Church99 in The Writers' Pub: sorry
(02/17 15:40:48) From Dr. CrisGer in A Beginner's Bevin: :)
(02/17 15:40:53) From Ace in Amber Horizon's Bevin: no worries
(02/17 15:40:55) Church99: How do most people include pictures?
(02/17 15:40:59) Nah'dneb: recently, however, we've been pushing towards more 'ease of use' for whoever may come in with an age idea..
(02/17 15:41:04) From Dr. CrisGer in A Beginner's Bevin: i will be right over Ace
(02/17 15:41:11) Grogyan: back
(02/17 15:41:15) Nah'dneb: you can upload them to the wiki..
(02/17 15:41:19) Grogyan: suggestio is now on the forum
(02/17 15:41:24) Nah'dneb: the "upload" link on the left corner
(02/17 15:41:28) Godot: Blender is a powerfull tool that does many things that I had to program in the past
(02/17 15:41:55) Church99: yeah I can't seem to get help on the wiki. it keeps saying that I am trying ot acess something only available to people on the forum even though I am logged in
(02/17 15:42:17) Grogyan: you need to log on for the wiki
(02/17 15:42:18) Grogyan: also
(02/17 15:42:24) Nah'dneb: true..
(02/17 15:42:26) Grogyan: with the same login as the forum
(02/17 15:42:29) Grogyan: to edit it
(02/17 15:43:01) Grogyan: if you want help on it
(02/17 15:43:06) Grogyan: just ask on the forums
(02/17 15:43:50) Church99: I think that I"ll do that because right now it's not making sence
(02/17 15:44:06) Church99: and it's driving me crazy...
(02/17 15:45:04) Kato: Anything else to be discussed? :)
(02/17 15:45:31) Nah'dneb: I can't think of anything.
(02/17 15:45:45) Nah'dneb: it seems that we've been having pretty good guild discussion in the forums all this time
(02/17 15:45:51) Nah'dneb: so it doesn't leave much to talk about here..
(02/17 15:45:53) Kato: We have :)
(02/17 15:45:57) Grogyan: to wrap up, I have posted Atheni33's idea about a competition
(02/17 15:46:02) Grogyan: on the forum so
(02/17 15:46:03) Kato: Excellent.
(02/17 15:46:06) Nah'dneb: :)
(02/17 15:46:11) Grogyan: if you want to to
(02/17 15:46:12) Atheni33: :)
(02/17 15:46:15) Grogyan: add your ideas for
(02/17 15:46:26) Grogyan: and we can execute those for the competition
(02/17 15:46:35) Topher: Yes, responses on the forum have been quick and helpful, so thanks to everyone for that
(02/17 15:46:48) Kato: As a bit of personal promotion--I encourage anyone interested in working on an epic Writers project which has been in development for three years and has a high potential of going somewhere to post on the SftSoK forums :)
(02/17 15:46:49) Topher: although that is to be expected from the myst community
(02/17 15:47:11) Godot: a good place to look for progect managment ideas might be the Half Life forums
(02/17 15:47:43) Godot: they have a very active dev community and many post mortems on succeesfula nd failed projects
(02/17 15:47:59) Nah'dneb: true..
(02/17 15:48:09) Nah'dneb: valve really encourages modding..
(02/17 15:48:13) Kato: Yes, but they also have an amazing amount of failed projects.
(02/17 15:48:19) Nah'dneb: much more so than cyan..
(02/17 15:48:26) Godot: and post mortems on why they failed
(02/17 15:48:27) Nah'dneb: they even provide actual tools. o.o
(02/17 15:48:31) Grogyan: cyan needed to think more about modding
(02/17 15:48:37) Grogyan: for when MOUL came back
(02/17 15:48:46) Grogyan: it would have "sealed the deal?
(02/17 15:48:47) Nah'dneb: so it's not surprising that they have such a active modding community
(02/17 15:49:02) Godot: a It seems to me that a mode team should be 3 or 4 people with different skills
(02/17 15:49:06) Nah'dneb: kato : failed projects are not neccesarily a bad thing
(02/17 15:49:12) Nah'dneb: it shows somone tried something.
(02/17 15:49:24) Godot: if you learn from their mistakes
(02/17 15:49:26) Nah'dneb: it provides lessons for those who don't want to fail..
(02/17 15:49:34) Kato: But anyone can try something. It takes dedication to DO something. :)
(02/17 15:49:55) Godot: and learn from the success as well
(02/17 15:50:03) Nah'dneb: and besides, there are some rather amazing mods that come out of the pack
(02/17 15:50:05) kyashii: indeed, which is why we must never give up
(02/17 15:50:25) Godot: the more people try the more success will be achieved
(02/17 15:50:31) Kato: some mods get over-managed, some get under-managed, some get tied up in beauracracy, most never get past weapon renders--that's the moral of it all :P
(02/17 15:50:43) kyashii: even if we do make a mistake, IT'S OKAY. That's how we get wiser
(02/17 15:51:13) Godot: good judgment is the result of exercising bad judgment
(02/17 15:51:19) Lontahv: I have to go.
(02/17 15:51:29) Kato: Goodbye Lontahv :)
(02/17 15:51:29) Nah'dneb: cya lon
(02/17 15:51:31) Nah'dneb salutes
(02/17 15:51:31) Lontahv: Bye
(02/17 15:51:35) Atheni33 waves hello
(02/17 15:51:35) Atheni33: bye
(02/17 15:51:36) Godot: shorah Lon
(02/17 15:51:45) kyashii salutes
(02/17 15:52:27) Grogyan: bye
(02/17 15:52:38) Church99: Am I like the only girl here?
(02/17 15:52:47) kyashii: by the way, what are some ways we can advertise the GoW for videos on you-tube and stuff like that?
(02/17 15:52:48) Atheni33:
(02/17 15:52:57) Church99: Ah good!
(02/17 15:53:00) Nah'dneb: heh
(02/17 15:53:07) Godot: put the links on the forum?
(02/17 15:53:13) kyashii: how will we do that after the plug is pulled?
(02/17 15:53:34) Kato: Of course, Kyashii :)
(02/17 15:53:37) Nah'dneb: there are, in fact, videos of fan ages on youtube..
(02/17 15:53:37) Godot: I expect the forums will stay around
(02/17 15:53:50) kyashii: we need to find away to do it untill we get Uru Live back later on, but how
(02/17 15:53:58) Church99: there's lots of videos for all kinds of Mystand Uru on You Tube
(02/17 15:53:59) Nah'dneb: in fact, posting videos of the ages seems to have been the best thing that's happened to the GoW that we didn't actually do
(02/17 15:54:43) Nah'dneb wonders if he killed the convo
(02/17 15:54:53) Grogyan: no no
(02/17 15:54:56) Grogyan: not at all
(02/17 15:55:00) Atheni33: I know! When Camp Bravo was posted on the creative forum people went crazy
(02/17 15:55:00) Nah'dneb: >.>
(02/17 15:55:01) Godot: no one is leaving
(02/17 15:55:07) Grogyan: I've uploaded the one made by Trylon
(02/17 15:55:33) Grogyan: search for either grogyan or gow
(02/17 15:55:40) kyashii: In any case, I'll do what I can, I must leave for now. See ya guys later ;)(
(02/17 15:55:53) Grogyan: see ya kyashii
(02/17 15:55:54) Godot: shorah kyashii
(02/17 15:55:55) Atheni33 waves hello
(02/17 15:55:55) Atheni33: bye
(02/17 15:55:57) kyashii salutes
(02/17 15:56:03) kyashii: Shorah'Bshemtee
(02/17 15:56:06) Nah'dneb tips his hat at Zrax
(02/17 15:56:10) Church99: Shorah!
(02/17 15:56:15) Nah'dneb: g'day to ya
(02/17 15:56:31) Zrax tips his hair at Nad :P
(02/17 15:56:35) Nah'dneb: :o
(02/17 15:56:38) Grogyan: lol
(02/17 15:56:39) Godot: lol
(02/17 15:56:49) Nah'dneb: it's a WIG! o.o
(02/17 15:56:55) Godot: tupee
(02/17 15:56:56) Grogyan: a tupae
(02/17 15:56:58) Nah'dneb: he's an impostor!
(02/17 15:57:00) Zrax: :\
(02/17 15:57:04) Grogyan: get him!
(02/17 15:57:05) Kato: shorah
(02/17 15:57:08) Grogyan: lol
(02/17 15:57:09) Zrax: eek!
(02/17 15:57:18) Godot: it is a hamster
(02/17 15:57:32) Zrax puts his hair away
(02/17 15:57:38) Church99: Well, I have gotten on to the wiki site!
(02/17 15:57:47) Grogyan: ya
(02/17 15:57:49) Grogyan: and?
(02/17 15:57:52) Church99 says "Yea me!"
(02/17 15:58:00) Church99: And I have alot of learning ot do!
(02/17 15:58:06) Grogyan: yup
(02/17 15:58:09) Atheni33: me too Church!
(02/17 15:58:12) Godot: we all have a lot of learning to do
(02/17 15:58:18) Ja'run: oh my
(02/17 15:58:18) Grogyan: me too
(02/17 15:58:22) Church99: I now have acess to some of the tutorials. so I's a start!
(02/17 15:58:28) Church99 laughs
(02/17 15:58:34) Church99: thatnks for the sympathy guys!
(02/17 15:58:42) Grogyan: I wrote one about modeling a ladder using beziers
(02/17 15:58:46) Church99: and gal~!
(02/17 15:58:51) Godot: you have taken the first steps in a long jurney
(02/17 15:58:53) Kato: :) NP
(02/17 15:59:11) Grogyan: I wrote it with the newbiw in mind
(02/17 15:59:46) Nah'dneb: New Bi Writers? >.>
(02/17 15:59:58) Church99: well, its'still sort of taken for granted that I know alot of things that I don't.
(02/17 16:00:06) Church99: what does ty mean?
(02/17 16:00:09) Grogyan: true
(02/17 16:00:11) Nah'dneb: Thank You
(02/17 16:00:14) Reelah: Thank you
(02/17 16:00:22) Church99: oh! thx
(02/17 16:00:32) Topher: don't you mean, ty?
(02/17 16:00:42) Nah'dneb: lol
(02/17 16:00:45) Reelah: :)
(02/17 16:00:48) Church99: no! I'm not going ot give you guys that too!
(02/17 16:00:55) Atheni33: I am thankful there are so many folk willing to help those like myself who don't know anything about age creation
(02/17 16:01:02) Church99: I have to stick up for myself!
(02/17 16:01:23) Grogyan: You can catch up with me on Monday night Church
(02/17 16:01:29) Church99: Well, obviousally I'm at the very begining. They seem to be putting up with me fairly well so far!
(02/17 16:01:30) Kato: I have to go guys.
(02/17 16:01:37) Kato: Anyone want to say anything in closing?
(02/17 16:01:38) Grogyan: if there is anything you don't understand
(02/17 16:01:38) Church99: ok Grog, I'll be here
(02/17 16:01:48) Church99: thanks for your patience?
(02/17 16:01:50) Grogyan: Just
(02/17 16:01:51) Grogyan: that
(02/17 16:01:58) Godot: not a problem Church
(02/17 16:02:00) Grogyan: keep watching the furums
(02/17 16:02:01) Church99: thanks for everything Kato!
(02/17 16:02:02) Grogyan: for updates
(02/17 16:02:08) Church99: Rodger!
(02/17 16:02:09) Grogyan: or for general info
(02/17 16:02:11) Church99 salutes
(02/17 16:02:13) Topher: yes, thanks kato for being our fearless leader
(02/17 16:02:18) Reelah waves goodbye
(02/17 16:02:20) Kato: XD No problem guys :)
(02/17 16:02:20) Grogyan claps his hands
(02/17 16:02:20) Atheni33: Thanks Kato
(02/17 16:02:26) Godot claps his hands
(02/17 16:02:26) Church99 claps her hands
(02/17 16:02:28) Kato: Hope to see you ALL in the forums :)
(02/17 16:02:28) Zrax: Yep, Thanks Kato!
(02/17 16:02:28) Atheni33 claps her hands
(02/17 16:02:31) Zrax claps his hands
(02/17 16:02:31) Kato waves hello
(02/17 16:02:33) Grogyan: thanks Kato
(02/17 16:02:35) Grogyan claps his hands
(02/17 16:02:35) Kato waves goodbye
(02/17 16:02:41) Godot salutes
(02/17 16:02:45) Kato: Shorah all and thanks for coming :)
(02/17 16:02:50) Grogyan bows
(02/17 16:02:52) Godot: shorah all
(02/17 16:03:04) Grogyan: Thats a wrap?
(02/17 16:03:04) Godot (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(02/17 16:03:10) Nah'dneb: guess so
(02/17 16:03:13) Atheni33: :)
(02/17 16:03:16) From Church99: Grog I will try to catch up with you on Monday.
(02/17 16:03:17) Nah'dneb salutes
(02/17 16:03:23) Nah'dneb: see you all on the fourms
(02/17 16:03:23) Topher: Shorah all
(02/17 16:03:28) To Church99: I will be there
(02/17 16:03:28) Atheni33: Alright then...back to work
(02/17 16:03:30) Nah'dneb: and, even, the forums
(02/17 16:03:34) From Church99: that will give me a day or so to get some decent wuestions . thanks!!
(02/17 16:03:35) Atheni33: good night everyone
(02/17 16:03:41) Church99: nite!
(02/17 16:03:42) Reelah: Gnight
(02/17 16:03:47) To Church99: Thats what friends aare for
(02/17 16:03:49) Atheni33 waves hello
(02/17 16:03:49) Atheni33: goodbye
(02/17 16:03:53) Grogyan waves goodbye
(02/17 16:03:53)
(02/17 16:03:54) Zrax: peace

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