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PostPosted: Sat Jun 05, 2010 4:11 pm 
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Great post, Dudemom_2000! I'm definitely a kumquat too.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:53 am 

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I sit on the side lines now watching to see if MOUL, again does become open source enough for new content and story to become a reality for all to play. I keep hearing we are close to the new content being released. My own experiences with and in MOUL has left me doubtful to MOUL, again regaining the popularity of players it once had. A topic best left alone though.

I went into SL and There and a few others, but for me it was the lesser graphics I found in those otheres that just couldn't compared to those emmersive WOW Ages of Myst! No contest!

I liked that you just got dropped into it all without a hand book or help to those Uru puzzles of searching, testing and exploring blindly as to you fumbled along from age to age never knowing what you will find and figure out alone the way. It just worked for me. Those back stories you read along the way was just like ok well thats explains it a bit.
In the multi-player online version I tolerated other players who I at first I saw as invaders of MY AGES, but I learned to share them eventually.

My own background is that of playing through all the Myst games and even obsessively mapping them out in drawing as I played. I found drawing out the puzzles useful for solving them as I never used any of the available walkthoughs to cheat. That's just me though.

MOUL, again will not likely be a popular main stream game because of all the things mentioned in this thread. Lack of exploreable area or renewable new age content, lack of Cyan story and use for off shoots, etc.

The kind of players and people it attracts that stay are a rare kind of quirky bunch that will never march to the tune of the masses.

HOWEVER- Those that have stayed away and pop in from time to time will come flooding back into MOUL, again as soon as the word of NEW AGE content released gets posted!

I was surprized that Heek and Jalak got mentions without more to the Marker Quest games being made and played.

For myself, I found the politics for trying to grow the games available content without the ability to use all Cyan had given the community to much to over come. Sort of a Catch 22 / nobody wins situation. For MOUL,again to grow to the potential its premise provides us with has it bogged down from lack of Cyan licensing and their indecision to provide stated and defined lines to content and story use for new age creation. I know some say scratch all the old story cannon and start new, but I don't see the need to do that. I say let those new to URU be allowed to learn and be told of the old stuff as it will be new to them and write new unrelated stories if you like.

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