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PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 10:54 pm 

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That should read "..taught me how not to do things".

edit: and now it does. The magic of forums.

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 Post subject: Here some questions
PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:47 am 

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Hi PaladinOfKaos,

maybe 99,999% of explorers in the Cavern didn't care much about the closing of Plasmaclient because for them it was a "sunday afternoon passtime" to show off in public city but what about the 0,001% which include myself and few other explorers. We were quite a few that was using Plasmaclient as our main development tool. This was the most advanced way to play URU. I see this change negatively rather than positively. If I make a comparison between 2 concepts you will maybe understand it: the closing of Plasmaclient is at URU universe what would happened in real life if we were taking back to the 19th Century!

I learned quite late how to unleash the full power of this tool, mid-February of 2011. But I knew its power and now I know what we as a community will miss. Which bring me some questions about this new MOSS project and the past Plasmaclient project as well.

1) When you say on your website that Plasmaclient isn't support anymore, would it be more realistic to simply word it "Plasmaclient is closed"? I don't know but for me "isn't support anymore" means "you can use it but at your own risk!!!" rather than "Plasmaclient is closed for the better (... or the worse :cry: )"

2) Were you running Plasmaclient on an own private server? Some explorers in Cavern told me after I told them that I was using it intensively: "Yes we know that!" How come?!?!?! Is my name written on some sort of list somewhere over the Internet stating "The most notorious Plasmaclient users"?

I'm also asking that because I dont quite understand why your moving toward MOSS made the Plasmaclient obsolete? The only reason I see is that you will be using same stuff, same hardware for your MOSS project and therefore Plasmaclient had to be taken down.

3) With the way Plasmaclient ended, one day we had this magnificent tool, the other day we lost it, do we have to fear collectively about any upcoming MOSS server where we will hope for a leap forward but will end up going backward if you or any other informatician decide to close his project down?

I'm a little bitter and very sad about all this, I must say. I was expecting more from MOSS and for now I'm not convinced. It has been a difficult month (April) for many reasons which are not related to Plasmaclient but with URU universe and my place in it, this closing won't help me much to get back on the good side.

Anyway, I want to thank you for this tool you gave us for some months and also I want to thank especially Yootay who brought the nicest physic engine into Plasmaclient: Bullet. I was really happy to ride on high tides of I'm waiting desperately on the beach of MOULa for the next high tide to be able to surf again!!!

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