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PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 1:25 am 

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Nick White visited my hood twice today. He talked about the ADM, RR, said he may attend the Town Hall meeting on 28 April and that he had been working on a new Age - not Minkata!

Below is an edited chatlog.

[spoiler](04/20 23:08:12) Chat.log started...
(04/20 23:08:18) Nick White: Haven't seen you for weeks.
(04/20 23:08:20) Jazz: Awww. Poor Kerm
(04/20 23:08:20) Andrew Eldred: Gone wading in Tetsonot already?
(04/20 23:08:26) Jazz: Where have you been?
(04/20 23:08:26) Kermit D Frog: guess I can stay for a little longer :)
(04/20 23:08:35) Jazz: We all missed you
(04/20 23:08:54) Nick White: What's going on?
(04/20 23:08:59) Jazz: Lots of things
(04/20 23:08:59) Nick White: Tell me the latest cavern news.
(04/20 23:09:08) Kermit D Frog: hiho Nick :) so, Tetsonot eh?
(04/20 23:09:18) Kermit D Frog: feels like home to me
(04/20 23:09:24) Jazz roars with laughter
(04/20 23:09:29) Jazz: Not in that water Kerm
(04/20 23:09:30) Nick White: The humidity is good for your skin.
(04/20 23:09:31) Kermit D Frog: bit chilly tho
(04/20 23:09:40) Andrew Eldred: Wait, shouldn't someone tell Nick about the ADM and RR...
(04/20 23:09:43) Jazz: Not too sure about the sparks
(04/20 23:09:48) Jazz nods her head
(04/20 23:09:51) Andrew Eldred: And by someone, I mean the person most qualified. Jazz?
(04/20 23:09:59) Jazz: OK
(04/20 23:09:59) Nick White: Do tell.
(04/20 23:10:14) Jazz: There seems to be some dissent in the Cavern lately
(04/20 23:10:41) Jazz: There is a group formed who are not happy with the DRC
(04/20 23:10:42) Kermit D Frog: I have a first hand account of the ADM members and what they say
(04/20 23:11:11) Jazz: They seem to be growing more powerful
(04/20 23:11:12) Nick White: What's this group? Haven't even heard about it.
(04/20 23:11:15) Jazz: Their numbers are growing
(04/20 23:11:28) Jazz: They are calling themselves the 'Anti-DRC Movement'
(04/20 23:11:28) Nick White: The Anti-DRC Movement?
(04/20 23:11:29) Andrew Eldred: Yeah, that's what happens when you haven't been in cavern in weeks. Revolutions start.
(04/20 23:11:38) Jazz nods her head
(04/20 23:11:46) Nick White: So what are they doing?
(04/20 23:11:57) Jazz: They are using words like 'force' and harassment
(04/20 23:12:03) Jazz: It's worrying
(04/20 23:12:05) Nick White: And is the girl who had the anti-drc hood a while back doing this?
(04/20 23:12:10) Jazz nods her head
(04/20 23:12:20) Nick White: Sydney?
(04/20 23:12:22) Andrew Eldred: Yeah, Nick, you might know her.
(04/20 23:12:25) Andrew Eldred laughs
(04/20 23:12:30) Kermit D Frog: simply put, one moment they're saying it's all about the explorers, and then when asked about something like having guilds, Sydney Austin is all like "not if I have anything to say about it". But when I ask her what if the explorers want it, shes silent
(04/20 23:12:51) Nick White: She's harmless.
(04/20 23:12:58) Jazz: Not so sure about that
(04/20 23:13:04) Kermit D Frog: she doesnt think so
(04/20 23:13:07) Jazz: She seems to have quite a following now
(04/20 23:13:22) Jazz: We are forming our own affiliation
(04/20 23:13:29) Jazz: Hi DM
(04/20 23:13:35) Nick White: The AADRM
(04/20 23:13:39) Dudemom_2000: hi Jazz
(04/20 23:13:40) Jazz: Noooo
(04/20 23:13:48) Jazz: No. Not anti ADM
(04/20 23:13:49) Jazz starts to laugh
(04/20 23:14:00) Jazz: We have called ourselves the Restoration Realists
(04/20 23:14:08) Nick White: I heard the AAADM was forming as well.
(04/20 23:14:08) Kermit D Frog: she honestly believes the DRC are covering up things. but she has no solid proof. she's a sensationalist - a dangerous thing in this place of rumours and hear-say
(04/20 23:14:18) Nick White: Hmm...
(04/20 23:14:33) Jazz: We all know the DRC are not perfect . . . sorry Nick
(04/20 23:14:34) Kermit D Frog: and the professor Matt...
(04/20 23:14:46) Jazz: But there are ways and there are better ways
(04/20 23:14:46) Nick White: All of them except myself of course.
(04/20 23:14:51) Nick White: Alright.
(04/20 23:14:52) Jazz: Of course! lol
(04/20 23:15:04) Nick White: So what is the RR doing?
(04/20 23:15:09) Dudemom_2000: Well, I think the DRC should be able to visit the cavern without getting mobbed or harassed and be able to give out information
(04/20 23:15:17) Jazz: We realise that things can be improved, but we are trying to do that in a peaceful way
(04/20 23:15:24) Kermit D Frog: the ADM talk of giving the DRC a chance to change their ways, but they seriously have problems with the DRC before giving them that chance. The ADM have already made their mind up
(04/20 23:15:26) Jazz: That is exactly one of our aims DM
(04/20 23:15:41) Jazz: So that members of the DRC will come and visit us more often
(04/20 23:15:49) Nick White: Alright.
(04/20 23:15:50) Jazz: If they feel they will not be mobbed or harassed
(04/20 23:16:00) Jazz: We would like to build up a better relationship
(04/20 23:16:03) Sumatria: shorah
(04/20 23:16:05) Dudemom_2000 nods her head
(04/20 23:16:13) Dudemom_2000: shorah Sumatria
(04/20 23:16:17) Andrew Eldred: Wait. Why don't we just -ask- Nick why he/they haven't been around?
(04/20 23:16:18) Nick White: I'm all for relationships.
(04/20 23:16:22) Bob Mackey: Shorah
(04/20 23:16:28) Andrew Eldred: Yeah, we know Nick.
(04/20 23:16:28) Dudemom_2000: lol
(04/20 23:16:54) Jazz: I fear Sydney and her group are more than just rhetoric and bluff
(04/20 23:17:11) Nick White: Alright, well... I guess I'll have to talk to her and see what's up.
(04/20 23:17:21) Jazz: OK. But be careful, Nick
(04/20 23:17:34) Nick White: Always....
(04/20 23:17:36) Jazz: Don't fall for her charms
(04/20 23:17:59) Nick White: Will do.
(04/20 23:18:03) Jazz: Will do?
(04/20 23:18:08) Jazz starts to laugh
(04/20 23:18:26) vid wants to ask a question...
(04/20 23:18:30) Andrew Eldred: What other news in the cavern?
(04/20 23:18:31) Dudemom_2000: that was a happy Bahro
(04/20 23:18:37) Jazz: If you see the purple hard hat on explorers, you know they are affiliated with the Restoration Realists
(04/20 23:18:40) Andrew Eldred: Oh yeah, i was named Heek Champion of the Universe.
(04/20 23:18:47) Dudemom_2000 claps her hands
(04/20 23:18:51) Nick White: Nice work.
(04/20 23:18:55) Dudemom_2000: good Andrew!
(04/20 23:18:58) Nick White: I did like the purple hair better.
(04/20 23:19:02) vid: Mr White... I'm sorry to interrupt... but may I ask a very serious question?
(04/20 23:19:24) Nick White: Yes, Vid. As long as it is very serious.
(04/20 23:19:28) Jazz: lol
(04/20 23:19:31) Nick White: I mean very. Not just a little.
(04/20 23:19:32) vid: It's VERY serious.
(04/20 23:19:35) Andrew Eldred suppresses a giggle. This is -serious-!
(04/20 23:19:41) Nick White: Ok.
(04/20 23:19:49) Nick White: Then, by all means, you must ask it.
(04/20 23:19:59) vid: Tetsonot was placed in the museum today... is it DRC approved? Early reports are that it's very... potentially dangerous.
(04/20 23:20:04) Andros: Nick, i have a questuion regarding the pod age. we know the name of some parts of the age but do we know the name of the age as a whole?
(04/20 23:20:22) Nick White: The Age is DRC approved.
(04/20 23:20:32) vid blinks
(04/20 23:20:33) Andrew Eldred: But is the pod?
(04/20 23:20:33) Dudemom_2000: We should let Nick answer the first question and then go onto the next question
(04/20 23:20:42) vid: Well, I'm scared as fiery abyss. But thank you very much.
(04/20 23:20:46) Nick White: The DRC put the Book out.
(04/20 23:21:07) Jazz: Is it safe there?
(04/20 23:21:13) Jared: I'm concerned about the DRC's judgement then
(04/20 23:21:14) Nick White: I hope so.
(04/20 23:21:17) Sumatria: The pod seems to be unstable though
(04/20 23:21:28) Andrew Eldred whispers to Nick.
(04/20 23:23:00) Nick White: So what else is going on?
(04/20 23:23:16) slider: Someone broke the new pod
(04/20 23:23:26) Dudemom_2000: You missed one of the greatest Pod Parties ever, Nick
(04/20 23:23:32) Andrew Eldred: Ah, I expected a Gira trip.
(04/20 23:23:42) Nick White: Bummer, I love Pod Parties.
(04/20 23:23:43) Andrew Eldred: Uhm, why doesn't someone ask how GZ calibration is going?
(04/20 23:23:59) Nadnerb: why don't you?
(04/20 23:23:59) vid: DM... the sequel might be on saturday :)
(04/20 23:24:10) Dudemom_2000: hurray!!!!
(04/20 23:24:21) Jazz: Awww. I can't come on Saturday

…… (04/20 23:25:36) Andros: Did he say anything good?
(04/20 23:26:01) Jazz: At least he answered my request for him to come in and see us
(04/20 23:26:09) Dudemom_2000 nods her head
(04/20 23:26:15) rivenraft: he's in the city
(04/20 23:26:15) Andros: Thanks jazz for asking ;)
(04/20 23:26:19) Dudemom_2000: that was nice of him

…… (04/20 23:26:52) Jazz: It's nice to have lots of visitors
(04/20 23:26:54) Andrew Eldred: It's like... a population!
(04/20 23:27:07) Jazz: Check out the imager while you're here
(04/20 23:27:16) Jazz: Lots of info there
(04/20 23:27:57) Andrew Eldred: Just for the record, that was pretty nicely civilized.

…..(04/20 23:28:27) Dudemom_2000: I am glad he stopped by. It bodes well at least for him in keeping dialogue open between the explorers and the DRC
(04/20 23:28:45) Jazz: Yes. And he didn't get mobbed too badly this time
(04/20 23:28:59) Jazz: So thank you everyone
(04/20 23:29:13) vid: I'm glad he answered the question about the pod... feel a little safer now...
(04/20 23:29:14) Melcabral: shorah all
(04/20 23:29:20) Dudemom_2000: Well if we can come to some sort of order when the DRC show up and then we can ask our questions
(04/20 23:29:24) Jazz: I just think everyone was so surprised to see him, that they didn't have anything to ask! lol
(04/20 23:29:30) Janine: I'm glad you feel safe vid
(04/20 23:29:36) vid: Whoa... hey Janine!
(04/20 23:29:39) Andros: Did thend released part 2 and 3 of the creation the internet?
(04/20 23:29:43) Janine: I don't feel safe in that pod
(04/20 23:29:45) Dudemom_2000: I don't.....that place creeps me out....

…..(04/20 23:29:51) Dudemom_2000 shivers
(04/20 23:29:56) vid: I don't feel safe in MOST of the pods...
(04/20 23:30:01) Jazz: hehe
(04/20 23:30:03) Janine: lol agreed
(04/20 23:30:12) vid: but.. I feel a little better now knowing that it's not Yeesha messing around with us
(04/20 23:30:16) j'aiefel: feels great..if you are a salamander
(04/20 23:30:17) Dudemom_2000: plus my feet are wet and clammy
(04/20 23:30:24) Jazz: Eeeeuuuw
(04/20 23:30:29) Dudemom_2000: I needed a beer after going there.....
(04/20 23:30:34) Kermit D Frog: bugger. just got back. anyway, just so you know, after being at the ADM meeting yesterday I saw 3 things. They've got it in for the DRC. They'd rather see people get fired from the DRC than the DRC change as they are. And they have no care for PR - they are snippy and at worst rude to even little me. and I'm just a frogman.

….(04/20 23:42:17) Dudemom_2000: Well, when the DRC come to visit can we set up some guidelines of etiquette?
(04/20 23:42:42) Jazz: That's an excellent idea DM. Post that in our Suggestion Box
(04/20 23:42:45) Nichola: yeah.. like act normal
(04/20 23:42:55) Jazz:
(04/20 23:43:00) Nichola: the Barho agrees
(04/20 23:43:04) Dudemom_2000: you know like raise your hand and then have someone call each one in turn to ask their question and let the DRC answer if they want to
(04/20 23:43:20) Jazz: We have the facility now
(04/20 23:43:23) Jazz wants to ask a question...
(04/20 23:43:25) Dudemom_2000: ok. I will

…..(04/20 23:45:25) Jazz: I wanted to ask him about the Town Hall meeting
(04/20 23:45:51) Jazz: If a member of the DRC would attend
(04/20 23:45:55) Dudemom_2000: I have not kept up....Is there going to be one scheduled?
(04/20 23:46:01) Jazz: 28th April
(04/20 23:46:05) Dudemom_2000: ooh

….(04/20 23:46:20) Jazz: lol. It's all on the uruguild forum
…..(04/20 23:46:29) Dudemom_2000: ok. I will check there

(04/20 23:49:30) Kermit D Frog: now we just have to figure out a way to save the ADM from themselves ;)
(04/20 23:49:54) Bukwheet: I didn't know that was possible
(04/20 23:50:16) Kermit D Frog: I always like to believe theres... possibilities :)
(04/20 23:50:38) Jazz: If there are enough of us who believe in the RR, they will naturally fade away
(04/20 23:51:11) Andrew Eldred: Agreed.

Nick left and then returned later

…..(04/21 00:04:21) Jazz: Did you talk to Sydney?
(04/21 00:04:28) Nichola: lol.. if you are serious.. let me know.. I even have the photos to prove it
(04/21 00:04:29) Andrew Eldred: Hey Nick, how's the GZ calibration going?
(04/21 00:04:31) Nick White: I did.
(04/21 00:04:39) Nick White: Pretty good from what I understand.
(04/21 00:04:50) Nichola: oh jeez...
(04/21 00:04:50) Jazz: We've all been doing our bit for it
(04/21 00:04:59) Andrew Eldred: Jazz, sorry I cut off your question there.
(04/21 00:05:01) Nick White: Laxman is happy.
(04/21 00:05:09) Jazz: Phew
(04/21 00:05:11) Andrew Eldred: So, how'd the talk go?
(04/21 00:05:16) Nick White: Good.
(04/21 00:05:17) Jazz: I'd hate to see him unhappy. lol
(04/21 00:05:25) Nichola is sitting down for "Nick White" hour
(04/21 00:05:31) Andrew Eldred: ... A man of many words.
(04/21 00:05:32) Time: Ooo, It's the famous Nick White. Pleased to meet you.
(04/21 00:05:35) Time bows
(04/21 00:05:35) Nichola: :-)
(04/21 00:05:45) Jazz: What did she have to say?
(04/21 00:05:46) Nick White: Same Time.
(04/21 00:06:01) Nick White: Told me about her little group. Wants to meet with Cate.
(04/21 00:06:11) Nick White: Don't trust the DRC - secrets, lies, Watson....
(04/21 00:06:17) Nick White: Blah, blah, blah.
(04/21 00:06:19) Time: DocOlanA wanted me to ask you if you had any more documents for the SoDK to distribute when we finish the creation story in 2 weeks.
(04/21 00:06:23) Jazz: Hmmm. that's what she's been saying
(04/21 00:06:27) Nick White: You bet Time.
(04/21 00:06:36) Time: Awesome. ^_^
(04/21 00:06:39) Nick White: Just give me Time.
(04/21 00:06:44) Gondar: Hi all..
(04/21 00:06:45) Jazz starts to laugh
(04/21 00:06:49) Andrew Eldred: On D'ni philosophy? Because I asked so long ago...
(04/21 00:06:51) Time: Will do. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear it.
(04/21 00:06:59) Nick White: When it' s Time I'll give them to you.
(04/21 00:07:06) Jazz groans
(04/21 00:07:12) Andrew Eldred: Haha
(04/21 00:07:18) Time: Sounds like a plan. Thanks again for the first one. It's been a very interesting read. ^_^
(04/21 00:07:20) Nick White: Time will tell everyone else.
(04/21 00:07:23) Jazz: Jokes aren't getting better
(04/21 00:07:36) Nick White: Give me Time.
(04/21 00:07:44) Time laughs
(04/21 00:07:45) Nick White: Time knows all.
(04/21 00:07:49) Jazz: Will Cate meet with her, do you think?
(04/21 00:07:49) Nick White: Alright.
(04/21 00:07:53) Nick White: No.
(04/21 00:07:56) Jazz: Good
(04/21 00:07:57) Bukwheet: I don't think Time flies, though
(04/21 00:08:05) Jazz groans again
(04/21 00:08:07) Gondar: But fruit does.
(04/21 00:08:12) Jazz slaps Gondar
(04/21 00:08:15) Time: I've flown once or twice. ^_^
(04/21 00:08:18) Gondar: Ow!
(04/21 00:08:27) Nick White: And boy your arms hurt...
(04/21 00:08:29) Andrew Eldred: Did you tell her Cate wouldn't?
(04/21 00:08:31) Gondar laughs
(04/21 00:08:32) Nick White: Yeah.
(04/21 00:08:41) Andrew Eldred: And her response?
(04/21 00:08:59) Nick White: Well I told her Cate doesn't meet with every little group that comes along.
(04/21 00:09:12) Jazz: I bet she liked that . . . not
(04/21 00:09:24) Andrew Eldred: But she has a professor! From ... some university!
(04/21 00:09:30) Andrew Eldred employs sarcasm.
(04/21 00:09:50) Jazz: I believe they will try and get their own way by any means
(04/21 00:10:04) Nick White: Well, I like Sydney. She has reasons to be upset but I'm not worried about her group.
(04/21 00:10:08) Time: We talking about the Anti DRC movement people?
(04/21 00:10:13) Jazz: Yes, Time
(04/21 00:10:13) Nick White: Yeah.
(04/21 00:10:23) Nick White: Time is ticking.
(04/21 00:10:30) Jazz moves away from Time
(04/21 00:10:31) Andrew Eldred: Time has come for that discussion.
(04/21 00:10:32) Time: Ah, I met some fo them last night. They didn't really seem like a pitchforks and torches bunch.
(04/21 00:10:34) Gondar: I figure it'll blow over one way or another. They work themselves up, and then lose interest and move on to another crusade.
(04/21 00:10:50) Nick White: Yeah, that's what I figure.
(04/21 00:10:53) Jazz: We are trying to stymie their progress
(04/21 00:11:01) Nichola: Syd.. think she has you wrapped around her finger.. there Nick.. sorry to say
(04/21 00:11:10) Time: When i asked them about their stance they just wanted a bit more openness as far as I could tell.
(04/21 00:11:12) Nick White: I'm staying out of the politics.
(04/21 00:11:17) Nichola: me too
(04/21 00:11:18) Gondar: Smart move.
(04/21 00:11:18) Andrew Eldred: Uh-huh.
(04/21 00:11:27) Time: A wise decision, if I do say so myself. ^_^
(04/21 00:11:29) Nick White: No one has me wrapped. Not even Jazz.
(04/21 00:11:31) Jazz: Will we be seeing more of you now?
(04/21 00:11:42) Nichola: hmm.. lol
(04/21 00:11:43) Jazz: lol. Never thought I did
(04/21 00:11:46) Andrew Eldred: Yeah, why the long silence?
(04/21 00:11:49) Gondar: Nick White: Unwrapped
(04/21 00:11:53) Nick White: Does Heaven ever show up anymore?
(04/21 00:12:02) Jazz: Not often
(04/21 00:12:08) Nick White: Been away on the surface and then I was pretty busy down here.
(04/21 00:12:10) Nick White: New Age and all.
(04/21 00:12:11) Nichola: not often at all..
(04/21 00:12:15) Andrew Eldred: I haven't seen her often, though Sil and I were planning a marker mission get-together sometime.
(04/21 00:12:20) Nadnerb: she was on at the SoDK meeting...

…..(04/21 00:12:40) Jazz: Nick, would it be possible for you to attend the Town Hall meeting?
(04/21 00:12:47) Nick White: It might be possible.
(04/21 00:12:51) Jazz cheers
(04/21 00:12:57) Jazz: Thank you
(04/21 00:13:04) Jazz: Everyone will be very pleased
(04/21 00:13:04) Andrew Eldred: Carl, did Marie show up to the welcoming?
(04/21 00:13:07) Nick White: Anything for you Jazz - you know that.
(04/21 00:13:12) Andrew Eldred: I'm sorry I had to miss it.
(04/21 00:13:13) Jazz blushes
(04/21 00:13:31) Cautious Optimism: Shorah
(04/21 00:13:34) Jazz: It's at 9.00 p.m. Cavern time on 28 April. D'ni Network hood
(04/21 00:13:37) Nichola: hmm.. maybe you are a nice guy after all Nick.. Time will tell
(04/21 00:13:45) Jazz: Speak up Time
(04/21 00:13:46) Nick White: Time? Am I?
(04/21 00:13:48) Time: I think he is.
(04/21 00:13:52) Nichola: Time?? got anything to say?
(04/21 00:13:52) Time shrugs
(04/21 00:13:55) Nick White: There it is. Time has spoken.
(04/21 00:14:00) Jazz: Oh dear!
(04/21 00:14:03) Gondar: I think everyone would ask the questions I wondered so saves me asking now and bugging poor Nick.
(04/21 00:14:04) Nichola laughs
(04/21 00:14:04) Carl Palmner: Shorah all!
(04/21 00:14:14) Jazz: Hi Carl
(04/21 00:14:17) Nick White: So, before I go there is a new Age.
(04/21 00:14:20) Nick White: Besides Minkata.
(04/21 00:14:20) Andrew Eldred: Shorah Carl!
(04/21 00:14:25) Andrew Eldred: Oh?
(04/21 00:14:26) Nick White: Another new one.
(04/21 00:14:27) Gondar: Ooooh?
(04/21 00:14:30) Andrew Eldred is suddenly interested.
(04/21 00:14:33) Andrew Eldred: Can I name it?
(04/21 00:14:34) Nick White: And I'll talk to you all later.
(04/21 00:14:35) Nichola: yeah.. got some great photos.. with the lights on!
(04/21 00:14:37) Thanatos: Yes, I've been there. What is wrong with it???
(04/21 00:14:37) Nick White: Have a good one.
(04/21 00:14:39) Nadnerb is suddenly interested
(04/21 00:14:46) Nichola: bye
(04/21 00:14:46) Time: Yup, I just came from there... Hit my shins alot trying to find ym way around. >_<
(04/21 00:14:46) Jazz: Can't uyou talk now?
(04/21 00:14:46) Nick White (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(04/21 00:14:49) Andrew Eldred: What a tease.
(04/21 00:14:53) Carl Palmner: lol. Just when I show up. Oh well.

…..(04/21 00:14:54) Jazz: Awwwwwww
(04/21 00:14:59) Jazz: See what you did Carl?
(04/21 00:15:00) Nadnerb: oh, that was well done.
(04/21 00:15:01) Carl Palmner: What'd he say?
(04/21 00:15:04) Gondar: Don't think he means the pod
(04/21 00:15:11) Gondar: I think he means another new age
(04/21 00:15:14) Thanatos: Really?
(04/21 00:15:15) Jazz: But hey. He agreed to go to the Town Hall meeting!!!!!
(04/21 00:15:16) Nadnerb: he said, "there is a new age" and linked out.
(04/21 00:15:21) Dudemom_2000: yeah, I don't think he meant the pod
(04/21 00:15:23) Gondar: Well, think about it..
(04/21 00:15:40) Thanatos: Oh yes, right.
(04/21 00:15:40) Thanatos: Of course.
(04/21 00:15:43) Thanatos: But which one?
(04/21 00:15:50) Carl Palmner: Did he say why he hasnt been around lately?
(04/21 00:15:51) Jazz: I don't think any of the DRC have ever attended one before. Despite being asked
(04/21 00:16:03) Carl Palmner: What TH Meeting Jazz?
(04/21 00:16:07) Gondar: He said a new age, besides another one also unreleased.
(04/21 00:16:07) Time: he said he was on the surface, and then busy with the new age.
(04/21 00:16:09) Jazz: On 28 April
(04/21 00:16:10) Nichola: Kudos to you Jazz for asking !
(04/21 00:16:21) Gondar: Oh, and the DRC did back before the great linking..
(04/21 00:16:23) Jazz: It just goes to prove what I have been saying
(04/21 00:16:34) Jazz: If you ask politely, you are more likely to get what you want
(04/21 00:16:42) Gondar: Heck, it was in the middle of one when the link happened.
(04/21 00:16:52) Bukwheet: Yeah, none of this pressuring stuff
(04/21 00:16:53) Nichola: what?!?! treat people like they are really people.. and you will get a good response?
(04/21 00:16:55) Nadnerb: yeah... quite right.
(04/21 00:17:08) Andrew Eldred: Carl, did Marie come to that welcoming party?
(04/21 00:17:09) Carl Palmner: Whats the TH for? Sorry, I'm a bit late...
(04/21 00:17:14) Gondar: Wait, you mean the DRC *aren't* just answer machines?!
(04/21 00:17:18) Carl Palmner: No, she didn't Andrew :(
(04/21 00:17:18) Jazz: lol
(04/21 00:17:19) Nichola: lol
(04/21 00:17:24) Andrew Eldred: Argh.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 1:37 am 

Joined: Fri Jul 28, 2006 1:32 pm
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Location: Melbourne, Australia
I do not fear the Anti-DRC Movement, they seem harmless at the moment.

LOL, the Anti-Anti-DRC Movement and the Anti-Anti-Anti-DRC Movement. Nick is quite a character, making all those jokes. Especially the Time jokes, OMG I cracked up reading that part of the conversation.

Thanks for the log.

R.I.P. Opheria Family - Lost in the Cavern That Will Never Be

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 Post subject: Nice Jazz...
PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 1:50 am 

Joined: Thu Jan 18, 2007 4:49 pm
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Location: Wyoming
Looks like will be with us in the Town Hall meeting... nice work Jazz!

kewl... 8)

your buddy in the zone, earthwiz

Earthwizard - KI # 01555592 - The Ageless Explorer's Hood
D'ni Digest | AoG | Guild of Cartographers

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 1:54 am 

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(04/20 23:18:40) Andrew Eldred: Oh yeah, i was named Heek Champion of the Universe.

I did not expect this to go over uncontested. Guess it's official now! :wink:

One day soon, someone will say something witty in Uru, and I'll put it here. Just you wait.

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 Post subject: Re: Nice Jazz...
PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 2:07 am 

Joined: Tue Mar 20, 2007 1:07 pm
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earthwizard wrote:
Looks like will be with us in the Town Hall meeting... nice work Jazz!

kewl... 8)

your buddy in the zone, earthwiz

Just a shame I won't be able to be there :cry:

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 Post subject: bummer..
PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 2:27 am 

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Oh... we have two meetings... one on morn and one in eve: are you gone to the whole day?

we'll miss you... make sure you have some RR people there...

Eleri and Gadren will be making a summary for the event, but anyone can do a chat log for it too...


Earthwizard - KI # 01555592 - The Ageless Explorer's Hood
D'ni Digest | AoG | Guild of Cartographers

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 3:19 am 

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I, the annoyed-but-consenting wearer of a purple hat, totally volunteer to be an RR representative at the Town Hall meeting.

Jazz, please shoot me down.

Edit: I immediately withdraw this proposal. On the 28th, I'm moving out of this apartment, and won't be available.

One day soon, someone will say something witty in Uru, and I'll put it here. Just you wait.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 4:42 am 
Obduction Backer

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Good grief, Nick!

Nick White: We've started work on restoring a new Age...
Explorers: Oh yeah??? What is it called?? What's it like???
Nick White: Ok bye! Vweep!
Nick White runs off.


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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 2:10 pm 

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Too bad he did not answer my question about the real name of the pod/zik age. I really wanted to know.


"When you want your message out in the cavern, use the Guild of Messengers."

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 8:26 pm 

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What should be remembered from this event:
If you choose to name your avatar "Time", brace yourselves for bad puns.

Guild of Writers

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 9:05 pm 
Obduction Backer

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Yeah, if Time hadn't been there, Nick could have avoided those puns and made more timeless jokes.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 9:09 pm 
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Which reminds me....

That modern icon, Forrest Gump, was intellectually challenged, but nevertheless worked very hard to maximize his potential, such as it was. The protagonist of this story, Rosemary, was very similar to Forrest in many respects. She worked very hard, she studied hard, and she greatly hated being less smart than the other children. Generally, this made her work even harder, but at times she became discouraged. One day she asked her favorite teacher if she really would someday become smarter if she continued to work very hard.
The encouragement came, ... "You will be partially sage, Rosemary, in time."

/me runs and hides.. :lol:

Ki #782729

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