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PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 11:31 pm 

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Cate made a few stops in a few bevins today.

Thanakar has the first log in The Meeting Place bevin so i'll let him post that.
These are unedited logs.

She made her second stop in the ADM Bevin.
[spoiler](04/26 16:16:23) Chat.log started...
(04/26 16:16:30) Ethan Hunt: All we are asking is that the DRC be more open with us.
(04/26 16:16:46) To Thend: Shes in the ADM hood
(04/26 16:16:49) Sydney Austin: we do need to talk more
(04/26 16:16:51) Cate Alexander: I understand wanting us to be more open. That's different than saying that we are keeping secrets.
(04/26 16:17:00) From Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: cat fight?
(04/26 16:17:09) To Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: dunno yet.
(04/26 16:17:09) Ethan Hunt: When posts to the DRC website are deleted for no other reason than our name, are we not expected to be suspicious?
(04/26 16:17:13) To Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: logging
(04/26 16:17:19) Sydney Austin: i still think you are hiding something serious about the animals
(04/26 16:17:19) From Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: thanks
(04/26 16:17:34) Ethan Hunt: And why was Tetsonot released?
(04/26 16:17:36) Sydney Austin: is it out of embarsement?
(04/26 16:17:51) Ethan Hunt: That place is a deathtrap.
(04/26 16:17:52) Cate Alexander: I honestly do not know what posts were deleted. I will look into it though.
(04/26 16:18:03) Ethan Hunt: We would appreciate that.
(04/26 16:18:11) Cate Alexander: I understand the appearnce of Tetsonot being dangerous but I assure you it has passed tests.
(04/26 16:18:23) Olivia Whitefield wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:18:23) Ethan Hunt: Cate, it leaks!
(04/26 16:18:25) Sumatria: what tests did it pass?
(04/26 16:18:29) Cate Alexander: Yes.
(04/26 16:18:51) Ethan Hunt: Does that not concern anyone?
(04/26 16:18:58) Cate Alexander: Olivia?
(04/26 16:19:11) OldGuy: if cate says it passes - good enough for me
(04/26 16:19:22) Olivia Whitefield: Well, this is the question I asked a bit back...
(04/26 16:19:28) Sydney Austin: why are they being rushed?
(04/26 16:19:41) Olivia Whitefield: Does the DRC still have the Age 233 book of Gehn's?
(04/26 16:19:53) Olivia Whitefield: It was mentioned that Dr.Watson and the old DRC...
(04/26 16:20:01) Olivia Whitefield: had found it on an expedition to the City
(04/26 16:20:06) To Thend: To all heading to see cate please hold questions to a minimum. Dont' want her getting swamped again
(04/26 16:20:06) From Thend (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(04/26 16:20:21) Olivia Whitefield: This coming from CyanWorlds, a company close the the DRC, no?
(04/26 16:20:21) Cate Alexander: I haven't sen it.
(04/26 16:20:32) Dr. Vide Hel: shorah
(04/26 16:20:34) Xavius: Wow, you epople are bigger stalkers than me.
(04/26 16:20:42) Xavius: -.^
(04/26 16:20:42) Cate Alexander: Why is what being rushed?
(04/26 16:20:48) Kolian: It's the -second- most populated Bevin
(04/26 16:20:49) Sydney Austin: the pods
(04/26 16:20:55) Xavius: It is?
(04/26 16:20:55) Kolian: Most people are probably busy crashing the Meeting Place
(04/26 16:20:59) Xavius: Since bloody when?
(04/26 16:21:00) Xavius: o.0
(04/26 16:21:15) Jolinda Sacristan Kee: Xavius, please moderate youor language.
(04/26 16:21:27) Cate Alexander: They were not rushed. They were hurried at a safe pace.
(04/26 16:21:27) From Xavius in Anti D R C Movement's Bevin: Has anyone else notice Cat5e and Sydney have incannily similar avatars?
(04/26 16:21:39) Sydney Austin: why hurried
(04/26 16:21:55) Xavius: Bloody is only a swear word in the United Kingdom and Austraalia.
(04/26 16:21:56) Kolian chuckles
(04/26 16:21:57) Xavius: In Australia its more of a minor.
(04/26 16:21:57) Overdrive wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:22:01) OldGuy: right answer cate!
(04/26 16:22:07) From D'Ara in D'Ara's Nexus: Is that a private bevin? I'ts not on the list
(04/26 16:22:10) Dakro: I think everyone should at least thank Cate for funding this whole thing
(04/26 16:22:16) Sydney Austin: how are you going to profit on the cavern, just curious
(04/26 16:22:17) Olivia Whitefield: UK people must have problems when they get bloody noses....
(04/26 16:22:22) From Xavius in Anti D R C Movement's Bevin: AKA Anti DRC Movement's bevin
(04/26 16:22:25) Cate Alexander: We are trying to release new Areas.
(04/26 16:22:27) Tofer wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:22:33) Cate Alexander: I think that's what everyone wants.
(04/26 16:22:33) Thend: Hello all, Hello 'Lexie'
(04/26 16:22:37) From Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: it must have went private
(04/26 16:22:37) Olivia Whitefield nods her head
(04/26 16:22:41) Kolian: Only until you give it to us
(04/26 16:22:44) Frisky Badger: maybe they were rushed because certain groups won't stop whining?
(04/26 16:22:44) Xavius sighs at thend.
(04/26 16:22:45) Cyrix: yes Cate it is what most want
(04/26 16:22:48) Ethan Hunt: But one that offers nothing, like Tetsonot is not productive.
(04/26 16:22:54) Dakro wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:22:56) Cate Alexander: Profiting is not our goal. A successful restoration is.
(04/26 16:23:11) Cyrix: tetsonot has possibilites
(04/26 16:23:17) Sydney Austin: then why would any one invest in it?
(04/26 16:23:17) Ethan Hunt: lol Yeah
(04/26 16:23:19) Ethan Hunt: Right
(04/26 16:23:20) Cyrix: it is still a mystery
(04/26 16:23:21) Frisky Badger: Just because we solved all of the pod mysteries doesn't mean it is unproductive
(04/26 16:23:24) Overdrive: Are there any plans to upgrade the conditions of Tetsonot? Making it fully functional?
(04/26 16:23:26) From D'Ara in D'Ara's Nexus: darn
(04/26 16:23:34) Frisky Badger: sorry, *haven't solved
(04/26 16:23:37) Xavius dance
(04/26 16:23:40) Xavius does a dance
(04/26 16:23:45) Olivia Whitefield does a dance
(04/26 16:23:53) Sydney Austin: what does your company all do
(04/26 16:23:54) Xavius: It wasn't a trend.
(04/26 16:23:55) Curty: Hi Cate:)
(04/26 16:23:56) Xavius: o.0
(04/26 16:24:00) Jolinda Sacristan Kee rolls her eyes
(04/26 16:24:01) Curty waves hello
(04/26 16:24:03) Cate Alexander: I'm not sure I need to go into the entire DRC Business plan for the restoration effort but we are working to gain support and financing.
(04/26 16:24:04) Sydney Austin: and does your company have a website
(04/26 16:24:10) Ethan Hunt: All companies invest to make a profit Cate.
(04/26 16:24:14) Xavius: Yes, they do.
(04/26 16:24:16) Xavius: o.0
(04/26 16:24:20) Kolian: ...You POST on their website
(04/26 16:24:21) Ethan Hunt: Yours is different?
(04/26 16:24:21) Xavius: Ah, interfering.
(04/26 16:24:22) Cate Alexander: Profits come in various forms.
(04/26 16:24:24) Xavius: Riight..
(04/26 16:24:26) Dakro: Thank you Cate. For funding all this.
(04/26 16:24:32) Cyrix: but is the drc a company technically
(04/26 16:24:34) Sydney Austin: that is the drc's website
(04/26 16:24:41) Sydney Austin: not cate's company
(04/26 16:24:41) Thend: Cate, ow do you expect to make money from Uru?
(04/26 16:24:42) From Xavius in Anti D R C Movement's Bevin: I still say they look too identical for it to be a conincidence.
(04/26 16:24:44) Cate Alexander: People don't pay 3 million dollars for a Super Bowl ad to profit, although profits come from the people who see it.
(04/26 16:24:46) Kolian: Oh, right
(04/26 16:24:48) Kolian: The other guys
(04/26 16:24:53) From Xavius in Anti D R C Movement's Bevin: NPC or sister?
(04/26 16:25:01) From Xavius in Anti D R C Movement's Bevin: It would be a cool plot twist if Syndey was her sister.
(04/26 16:25:04) Overdrive: Interesting
(04/26 16:25:05) Jolinda Sacristan Kee (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(04/26 16:25:08) Ethan Hunt: So you are investing in URU to sell us something?
(04/26 16:25:14) Kolian: So what sort of Bud Light commercials can we expect to see down here?
(04/26 16:25:18) From Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: fantasizing again Xavius?
(04/26 16:25:18) Sydney Austin: yes they do cate its a ROI
(04/26 16:25:18) Kolian: It's d'licious?
(04/26 16:25:19) Carl Palmner starts to laugh
(04/26 16:25:27) Thend: Cate, where do Uru's profits lie for you?
(04/26 16:25:31) Curty: Cate is a smart business Woman
(04/26 16:25:33) Xavius: Magic Fridge = Magic nexus
(04/26 16:25:35) Xavius: Eh, eh?
(04/26 16:25:40) Olivia Whitefield: D'nitos
(04/26 16:25:45) Cate Alexander: I think what everyone wants is a thriving city with new Ages and areas being opened on a consistent and frequent basis?
(04/26 16:25:49) Xavius: Ah, got to it first.
(04/26 16:25:51) Thend nods his head
(04/26 16:25:52) Olivia Whitefield: and D'nisani water.
(04/26 16:25:55) Olivia Whitefield nods her head
(04/26 16:25:55) OldGuy: YES!
(04/26 16:25:56) meadow: yes yes!!
(04/26 16:25:56) Cate Alexander: That's what we are trying to do and exploring a variety of options to do that.
(04/26 16:26:01) Sydney Austin: not unsafely cate
(04/26 16:26:02) Kolian: Specifically, a much MORE consistent and much MORE frequent basis
(04/26 16:26:03) Cate Alexander: We have not settled on any yet.
(04/26 16:26:06) Ethan Hunt: yes, we do. But we do want them safe.
(04/26 16:26:09) meadow: you're doing great cate!
(04/26 16:26:09) Cate Alexander: Agreed.
(04/26 16:26:10) Thend: But how does that pay YOUR bills?
(04/26 16:26:11) Cate Alexander: Of course.
(04/26 16:26:14) Xavius: I'd go with unsafely.
(04/26 16:26:14) Jolinda Sacristan Kee: DO we want to make jokes or do we want to hear what is being said?
(04/26 16:26:16) Sydney Austin: and the recent pods look dangerous
(04/26 16:26:19) Olivia Whitefield: But what do you hope to get as a "return" on your investment?
(04/26 16:26:22) Xavius: new Ages, if they're unsafe, oh well.
(04/26 16:26:25) Xavius: It's a new Age.
(04/26 16:26:26) Cate Alexander: I have already admitted they look dangerous.
(04/26 16:26:27) Sydney Austin: thats when people die
(04/26 16:26:33) Cate Alexander: Has anyone died?
(04/26 16:26:35) Xavius: But we have Relto Books.
(04/26 16:26:36) Sydney Austin: like watson wrote about
(04/26 16:26:40) Xavius poses framatically.
(04/26 16:26:45) Thend: In the past, folks have croaked
(04/26 16:26:51) Ethan Hunt: Yes.
(04/26 16:26:54) Xavius: Though that fall down through the ledges and pillars of Descent's pit hurt.
(04/26 16:27:04) Xavius: Mmm..
(04/26 16:27:04) Sydney Austin: they look dangerous?
(04/26 16:27:04) Curty: Cate Well we be able to explore the Great Shaft soon?
(04/26 16:27:04) Sydney Austin: they are
(04/26 16:27:11) Kolian: I'm not sure you can protect people from throwing themselves off of cliffs
(04/26 16:27:16) Sumatria: the Relto books are only good for those dangers we can see and have time to react to
(04/26 16:27:16) Cate Alexander: I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree.
(04/26 16:27:24) Ethan Hunt: we can do that.
(04/26 16:27:29) Sydney Austin: do you want the blood of explorers on you
(04/26 16:27:32) Xavius: The onlt one I can imagine are a few D'ni and Phil.
(04/26 16:27:34) Cate Alexander: I'll trust the methods we have for approving safety measures and you can trst looks.
(04/26 16:27:38) Thend: Kolian, or jumping off ledges for Markers like Laxman asked us to do?
(04/26 16:27:43) Sienna: I think Sydney agrees to be disagreeable.
(04/26 16:27:43) Xavius: and I've heard specualtion Phil went into hiding.
(04/26 16:27:47) Xavius: didn't they never find his body?
(04/26 16:27:48) Eleri: especially when people view their relto books as a sort of magic bungee cord, and not an emergency device
(04/26 16:27:48) Kolian: Laxman's a loose cannon
(04/26 16:27:51) Curty: it is very dangerous but still important to the history no?
(04/26 16:27:52) Sydney Austin: i can trst looks
(04/26 16:27:58) Kolian: He's a whiskey drinking cowboy..
(04/26 16:27:58) Sydney Austin: then it looks dangous
(04/26 16:28:01) Kolian: Or something..
(04/26 16:28:01) Cate Alexander: Yes you can.
(04/26 16:28:06) Xavius: Is Laxman french?
(04/26 16:28:10) Olivia Whitefield starts to laugh
(04/26 16:28:11) Cate Alexander: Do you visit the pods?
(04/26 16:28:18) Olivia Whitefield: Laxman's from the U.K.
(04/26 16:28:19) Xavius: cause, the word laxative was frenh, and he sorta looks french.
(04/26 16:28:26) Cate Alexander: He is not French.
(04/26 16:28:26) Xavius: not that he;s a laxative, ofcoutrse!
(04/26 16:28:34) Olivia Whitefield: He served in the Royal Navy.
(04/26 16:28:35) Cate Alexander: Sydney do you vist the pods?
(04/26 16:28:36) Xavius: that's niot the insinuation..
(04/26 16:28:37) Thend: Cate, I'm still interested - how do YOU make a profit off Uru?
(04/26 16:28:41) Sydney Austin: the first i did, i dare not go the other two
(04/26 16:28:41) Curty: We hope to walk out of those pods soon
(04/26 16:28:45) Ethan Hunt: I visit all the pods, except for Tetsonot. Once was enough there.
(04/26 16:28:46) Sydney Austin: and i don't anymore
(04/26 16:28:48) Cate Alexander: Good.
(04/26 16:28:50) Sydney Austin: visit any
(04/26 16:28:55) Cate Alexander: Then you don't have to worry about it.
(04/26 16:28:55) Carl Palmner: There's 4 Sydney.
(04/26 16:29:04) Frisky Badger: lol
(04/26 16:29:05) Carl Palmner starts to laugh
(04/26 16:29:07) Sydney Austin: i don't but other still go
(04/26 16:29:08) meadow: hehe
(04/26 16:29:10) Xavius: i still stop by Payiferen to catch Rex there.
(04/26 16:29:10) Cate Alexander: Everyone can make a decision on their own. If the pods seem to dangerous to them, they don't have to go.
(04/26 16:29:15) Xavius: or Payifurwin-whatever.
(04/26 16:29:19) Olivia Whitefield wants to ask one last question
(04/26 16:29:27) Bluto: the pods are dangerous?
(04/26 16:29:29) Guenevere2: We try to help new people with the pods
(04/26 16:29:31) Kolian: Has anybody asked about the tissue samples yet, by the way?
(04/26 16:29:31) Cate Alexander: Yes Olivia?
(04/26 16:29:33) Sydney Austin: i thought the DRC was into saftey
(04/26 16:29:38) Sydney Austin: whats going on here?
(04/26 16:29:44) Thend wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:29:45) Sydney Austin: change of tune
(04/26 16:29:48) Olivia Whitefield: Would the DRC be willing to help an independant group assist in finding Phil?
(04/26 16:29:50) Cate Alexander: We are. And we have said they are safe. We can't worry about people who don't think they are even though we have said they are.
(04/26 16:29:51) Overdrive: No the pods are safe. They've passed the engineers structural integrity tests.
(04/26 16:29:56) Olivia Whitefield: or finding his remains?
(04/26 16:30:00) Curty: yeah at least we are able to visit the cavern again
(04/26 16:30:04) Cate Alexander: No. Phil has been gone for years.
(04/26 16:30:05) Xavius: honestly, Testonot doesn't seem dangerous, despite the fact its probably a hundred feet or so undersea, the emergency lights are on, and its leaking - okaty, not helping.
(04/26 16:30:11) Cate Alexander: I'm not sure I see the point in that.
(04/26 16:30:17) Xavius: but considering, it's just really creepy with the scary lights is all.
(04/26 16:30:21) Ethan Hunt: submarines with structural integrity, don't leak.
(04/26 16:30:24) Olivia Whitefield: Well personal details on Phil might help
(04/26 16:30:25) Curty: those years were hard without it agreed?
(04/26 16:30:36) Xavius: i'd imagine at the moment, that may be all the power the DRC are capable. of.
(04/26 16:30:39) Xavius: in a good way,.
(04/26 16:30:41) Cate Alexander: Again, no one is forcing you to visit the pods.
(04/26 16:30:43) Sydney Austin: do you want to kill off the explorers?
(04/26 16:30:48) Cate Alexander: Yes.
(04/26 16:30:49) Olivia Whitefield laughs
(04/26 16:30:53) Sydney Austin: yes?
(04/26 16:30:55) Cate Alexander: Good grief. What kind of question is that?
(04/26 16:30:55) Carl Palmner starts to laugh
(04/26 16:30:56) Frisky Badger: Probably a few of them
(04/26 16:30:56) Olivia Whitefield roars with laughter
(04/26 16:30:57) Bluto: gee and i am sitting in the comfort of my home when i play this game, who wuda thunk anddanger here
(04/26 16:30:57) Xavius: Kill offing, that's a bit creepy.
(04/26 16:31:02) Olivia Whitefield: I love it.
(04/26 16:31:03) Xavius: o.0
(04/26 16:31:04) Curty: Cate , how are those city interior areas coming along?
(04/26 16:31:04) Overdrive: Actually submarines with structural integrity do leak
(04/26 16:31:06) Sumatria: what? yes, you do want to kill us off....?
(04/26 16:31:07) Carl Palmner: Sorry, the timing there was hilarious.
(04/26 16:31:08) Xavius: yet I lie saying it.
(04/26 16:31:12) Sydney Austin: whoa
(04/26 16:31:22) Olivia Whitefield: She's joking, fool!
(04/26 16:31:26) Kolian: I dunno
(04/26 16:31:26) Carl Palmner: She was saying yes to something else.
(04/26 16:31:26) Guenevere2: cate is funny
(04/26 16:31:29) Sienna: Can you make this Bevin collapse on Sydney, Cate? I'd pay.
(04/26 16:31:33) Kolian: Let's quote her out of context and try to get her sued!
(04/26 16:31:35) Olivia Whitefield wipes tears from her eyes.
(04/26 16:31:35) Frisky Badger: Lololol
(04/26 16:31:43) Carl Palmner: LOL
(04/26 16:31:43) meadow: lol
(04/26 16:31:43) Frisky Badger: Rofl
(04/26 16:31:43) Sumatria: Sienna, that is not nice!
(04/26 16:31:47) Xavius: I could say something nice about Cate, but its disturbing, so won't.
(04/26 16:31:51) Xavius: And it's not a bad thing.
(04/26 16:31:53) Curty: Guys please lets be respectful
(04/26 16:31:54) Sydney Austin: i can panic link sienna
(04/26 16:31:55) Ethan Hunt: not to the extent of 3 feet of water in the bottom they don't
(04/26 16:31:56) Xavius: It's just wierd.
(04/26 16:31:59) Sienna: Nice also costs extra.
(04/26 16:32:20) Curty: I am very happy Cate is in charge
(04/26 16:32:21) Xavius: R-E-S-P-E-K, Respek!
(04/26 16:32:21) Cate Alexander: I suppose we are done here?
(04/26 16:32:28) Overdrive: Three feet of water is up to my belly button. I think its far less than that.
(04/26 16:32:29) Sydney Austin: you might be
(04/26 16:32:32) Kolian: Tissue samples from Negilahn?
(04/26 16:32:33) Cate Alexander: Does anyone have any questions other than whether or not I want you all to die?
(04/26 16:32:34) Julian Lapis: Gordon Bennet, its the sodding People's Front of Judea
(04/26 16:32:37) Frisky Badger: thanks for the time cate
(04/26 16:32:39) Curty: no Cate
(04/26 16:32:46) Tofer wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:32:46) Guenevere2: may I ask one question
(04/26 16:32:46) Olivia Whitefield: Do you want me to die?
(04/26 16:32:47) Frisky Badger: and for funding the DRC
(04/26 16:32:51) Bluto: die? i am ready, i love dying
(04/26 16:32:51) From Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: what is going on?
(04/26 16:32:51) Thend wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:32:53) Xavius: I wanna die!
(04/26 16:32:57) Curty: Guen has something Cate?
(04/26 16:32:59) Julian Lapis: What's going on here?
(04/26 16:33:04) To Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: lots of jokeing around.
(04/26 16:33:05) Guenevere2: is Desent going to open soon?
(04/26 16:33:06) Sydney Austin: do you want the explorers here cate?
(04/26 16:33:08) Xavius: If it involves tickling or bursting from pie consumption.
(04/26 16:33:12) Kolian: Tsk tsk
(04/26 16:33:13) From Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: joking? wtf?
(04/26 16:33:16) ...Chat.log stopped.

And a trip to the Canadians Bevin:

MORAL OF THE STORY. DO WHAT THE CANADIANS DO... it was so much more pleasant with people waiting to ask questions.
[spoiler](04/26 16:44:03) Chat.log started...
(04/26 16:44:05) Cyrix: not always about the big stuff
(04/26 16:44:05) Curty: Hey Pet!~
(04/26 16:44:11) Cyrix: but the balance will be hard to strike
(04/26 16:44:15) meadow: shorah petfam
(04/26 16:44:19) Frisky Badger: did anyone read that post from RAWA?
(04/26 16:44:20) To Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: bingo. Canadian bevin
(04/26 16:44:32) Cyrix: welcome to canadians all
(04/26 16:44:40) meadow: thank you
(04/26 16:44:42) From Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: it is good she is getting otu to see all the explorers
(04/26 16:44:47) Frisky Badger: about how we are a small piece of a slightly larger piece of a slightly larger piece, etc.
(04/26 16:45:49) Sienna: So, Cate, seeing as how you're in Canadian's Bevin, I assume you'd like to discuss the NHL Playoffs.
(04/26 16:45:57) Cyrix: go flames go
(04/26 16:45:58) Frisky Badger: Lol
(04/26 16:46:02) Zedra: lol Sienna!
(04/26 16:46:08) Frisky Badger: Canucks got beat silly
(04/26 16:46:17) Sienna: Do the Rangers have a chance?
(04/26 16:46:35) Sienna: What are the odds they go 4-4 in the playoffs?
(04/26 16:46:42) OldGuy: and who will win in world snooker....
(04/26 16:46:46) Olivia Whitefield starts to laugh
(04/26 16:46:56) Sienna: Canadian, OldGuy! Not British!
(04/26 16:47:12) Sienna: Separate countries now! Sheesh!
(04/26 16:47:21) Cyrix: anyone got any timbits?
(04/26 16:47:22) From Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: hopefully she is not getting mobbed
(04/26 16:47:34) OldGuy: i know what I know.... (yes this is an international game?)
(04/26 16:47:36) Cyrix: neken we need some stix too
(04/26 16:47:37) To Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: seems fairly quiet, she's busy wtih her ki
(04/26 16:47:38) Olivia Whitefield: Timbits?
(04/26 16:47:42) Cyrix: lol
(04/26 16:47:49) OldGuy: Beer for cate?
(04/26 16:47:50) Cyrix: they are a kind of mini donut
(04/26 16:47:52) Sienna: But this is the Canadian embassy to the Cavern!
(04/26 16:47:52) From Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: no questions being asked? you just hovering?
(04/26 16:47:53) Olivia Whitefield: as in small chunks of Tim? No. Not me.
(04/26 16:47:58) Zedra passes out coffee and timbits to all.
(04/26 16:48:05) Cate Alexander: Sorry.
(04/26 16:48:06) To Thanakar in The Meeting Place's(1) Bevin: right now yea. oh, she's back
(04/26 16:48:11) Frisky Badger: it's ok
(04/26 16:48:16) Olivia Whitefield: We forgive you.
(04/26 16:48:23) Frisky Badger: and then some
(04/26 16:48:24) Cate Alexander: I have time for three questions.
(04/26 16:48:28) Cyrix: do you have anything you would like to just say cate?
(04/26 16:48:34) Curty: yes
(04/26 16:48:35) Thend: Cate, can I ask you a question?
(04/26 16:48:44) Thend: How do YOU make money off of Uru?
(04/26 16:48:45) Frisky Badger: dang, do those count as questions
(04/26 16:48:46) Sienna: That's one, Thend.
(04/26 16:48:46) Cate Alexander: Thend first.
(04/26 16:48:53) Cate Alexander: Off of URU?
(04/26 16:48:58) Olivia Whitefield: the Restoration.
(04/26 16:49:03) Thend: From the Restoration of Uru
(04/26 16:49:11) Cate Alexander: My company will profit from its investment if the restoration succeeds. If it doesn't my company will not profit.
(04/26 16:49:15) Cate Alexander: Two more.
(04/26 16:49:17) Sienna: He means the Restoration! Ha-ha! We're all in character here...
(04/26 16:49:18) Thend: How?
(04/26 16:49:27) Frisky Badger: Hey don't hog all the questions
(04/26 16:49:32) Zedra: Hi Cate! I would like to ask a question
(04/26 16:49:39) Cyrix: yes this is her bevin
(04/26 16:49:40) Cate Alexander: Yes? Zedra.
(04/26 16:49:47) Overdrive: Thend. Probably a percentage cut for management.
(04/26 16:49:47) Curty: i really would like to hear what your plans are Miss
(04/26 16:49:54) Thend: Sorry, I thought it was a follow-up, not a seperate question
(04/26 16:49:59) Zedra: Are you a philanthropist?
(04/26 16:50:07) Cate Alexander: I'd rather not go into specfics Thend.
(04/26 16:50:26) Zedra: It seems that the research and exploration done here, could benefit many.
(04/26 16:50:27) Curty wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:50:34) Sienna wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:50:45) Cate Alexander: I donate but that's not my profession.
(04/26 16:50:51) Cate Alexander: If that's what you mean.
(04/26 16:51:00) Zedra: not completely
(04/26 16:51:00) Cate Alexander: And one more.
(04/26 16:51:07) Cyrix: curty
(04/26 16:51:07) Cate Alexander: Sorry, what did you mean then?
(04/26 16:51:09) Curty: cate?
(04/26 16:51:19) Cate Alexander: Wait I'd like to answer Zedra's.
(04/26 16:51:25) Cyrix: hang on curty
(04/26 16:51:27) Zedra: much research and exploration is done solely for the benefit of mankind
(04/26 16:51:32) From Thanakar: OMIGOD..polite people!
(04/26 16:51:33) Olivia Whitefield: Nice and orderly here. :)
(04/26 16:51:36) Cyrix: lol
(04/26 16:51:37) Cate Alexander: Right.
(04/26 16:51:42) Cate Alexander: It's very nice.
(04/26 16:51:47) To Thanakar: what? we're canadians. What do you expect :)
(04/26 16:51:51) Zedra: I thought that perhaps that may be your goal here, too.
(04/26 16:51:59) From Thanakar: eh?
(04/26 16:52:06) To Thanakar: lol
(04/26 16:52:07) Frisky Badger: My parents were right, manners do count for something :o
(04/26 16:52:11) DEATH SPOON: Whoa quite a crowd!
(04/26 16:52:14) Cate Alexander: Ah... my goal is a sucessful restoration - one that doesn't get cut shirt - that would surely be part of a success.
(04/26 16:52:22) Olivia Whitefield: They count for three questions, Badger.
(04/26 16:52:22) Cate Alexander: Alright, and curty.
(04/26 16:52:26) Curty: When will more of the City interior be realeased?
(04/26 16:52:28) Zedra: it sure would, Cate.
(04/26 16:52:32) meadow: well were here to support you guys
(04/26 16:52:41) Frisky Badger: No...they count for 3 answers
(04/26 16:52:46) Cate Alexander: We are hoping for the Watcher's Pub within a couple of months.
(04/26 16:52:46) Curty: thank you Cate Dear:)
(04/26 16:52:51) Overdrive: oooh
(04/26 16:52:53) Olivia Whitefield claps her hands
(04/26 16:52:53) Overdrive: neat
(04/26 16:52:54) Sienna: I'm glad Cate's getting softballs now. She deserves them after what Sydney and Ethan were doing.
(04/26 16:52:56) Frisky Badger: we could all just shout questions, but this way they get answered :)
(04/26 16:53:00) Cate Alexander: How about another?
(04/26 16:53:00) DEATH SPOON: Hello everyone
(04/26 16:53:00) Olivia Whitefield claps his hands
(04/26 16:53:04) Cate Alexander: Since this is so nice.
(04/26 16:53:07) DEATH SPOON waves hello
(04/26 16:53:10) Cyrix: I think sienna had one
(04/26 16:53:11) Sienna wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:53:12) Thend 's question was a softball? lol
(04/26 16:53:15) Frisky Badger: Yay
(04/26 16:53:16) Cate Alexander: Sienna.
(04/26 16:53:20) Curty: desent......
(04/26 16:53:21) Neken: Hi Spoon
(04/26 16:53:25) meadow: Is it possible for guys to shut down the anti drc bevin
(04/26 16:53:27) Cate Alexander: First, get some clothes on Sienna.
(04/26 16:53:34) Cyrix: lol
(04/26 16:53:34) Olivia Whitefield: Yeah.
(04/26 16:53:34) Frisky Badger: Lol
(04/26 16:53:34) Overdrive laughs
(04/26 16:53:40) Neken: hehehe
(04/26 16:53:41) Olivia Whitefield: I was wondering why she was naked.
(04/26 16:53:41) DEATH SPOON: Hi Neken
(04/26 16:53:45) Sienna: Do the Bahro figure into the DRC's plans for the Restoration, or are they too unpredictable?
(04/26 16:53:52) Frisky Badger: Good question
(04/26 16:53:54) Sienna: Hey! This is pale pink!
(04/26 16:54:02) petfam: great ?
(04/26 16:54:05) Sienna: Stupid dim lighting...
(04/26 16:54:09) Cate Alexander: Too unpredictable. They figure only in the sense of hoping they don't ruin our plans.
(04/26 16:54:22) Cyrix: I found that out the hard way to sienna :)
(04/26 16:54:22) Cate Alexander: Or I should say, we have to take into account what they might do.
(04/26 16:54:24) Cate Alexander: From time to time.
(04/26 16:54:30) Olivia Whitefield: Have they?
(04/26 16:54:32) Curty: thank you Cate
(04/26 16:54:40) meadow: have they messed up any of your plans so far
(04/26 16:54:41) From Thanakar: has she mentioned any ages other then ahnony, er'cana or minkata?
(04/26 16:54:43) Cate Alexander: They have "added" to all of our Ages.
(04/26 16:54:44) petfam: yes thank you cate
(04/26 16:54:45) Curty: We appriciate this talk with us
(04/26 16:54:47) Cate Alexander: I think that's obvious.
(04/26 16:54:47) Frisky Badger: thank you Cate....DRC rules!
(04/26 16:54:49) To Thanakar: Watchers pub
(04/26 16:54:50) Olivia Whitefield: Yeah.
(04/26 16:54:52) Olivia Whitefield thanks you
(04/26 16:54:53) Cate Alexander: Well, one more.
(04/26 16:54:57) To Thanakar: one sec
(04/26 16:54:58) Frisky Badger: awesome
(04/26 16:54:59) Olivia Whitefield wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:55:01) Cate Alexander: Such a pleasant group.
(04/26 16:55:02) Zedra wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:55:04) ogy: hi
(04/26 16:55:06) Frisky Badger give Cate a cookie
(04/26 16:55:07) From Thanakar: I saw that one, but I meant sooner, betwene now and thos?
(04/26 16:55:12) Cyrix: we try cate :)
(04/26 16:55:14) Cate Alexander: Olivia...
(04/26 16:55:14) petfam: rofl firdky
(04/26 16:55:18) Zedra: thank you Cate
(04/26 16:55:21) To Thanakar: no
(04/26 16:55:31) Olivia Whitefield: I've always wondered what the Tokotah Buildings were used for?
(04/26 16:55:34) Thanakar wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:55:38) meadow: Are there any plans to open up communication better to the explorers
(04/26 16:55:40) Cate Alexander: Before I answer.
(04/26 16:55:47) Cate Alexander: I did want to make sure that everyone heard about Nick.
(04/26 16:55:48) ogy: Can you guys help me in Eder Tsogal ?
(04/26 16:55:53) Frisky Badger: ???
(04/26 16:55:54) Olivia Whitefield: Nick?
(04/26 16:55:55) petfam: ??nick
(04/26 16:55:57) Cate Alexander: He has been suspended for one or two weeks from cavern interaction.
(04/26 16:55:58) meadow: what happened to nick?
(04/26 16:55:58) DEATH SPOON: Nick?
(04/26 16:56:03) Zedra: I saw something fall from the roof of the cavern the other day. Has anyone else reported anything?
(04/26 16:56:06) Frisky Badger: Really......
(04/26 16:56:07) Olivia Whitefield: Ooh. Ouch.
(04/26 16:56:08) Sienna: Did Heaven stab him in a jealous rage?
(04/26 16:56:12) meadow: For what reason
(04/26 16:56:20) From Thend in Canadian's Bevin: Nick suspended for one to two weeks from Cavern interaction
(04/26 16:56:28) Cate Alexander: Fraternization with explorers is explicitly against company policy.
(04/26 16:56:35) Olivia Whitefield: I bet!
(04/26 16:56:36) To Thend: Yeah. Fraternization
(04/26 16:56:38) Cate Alexander: We've had numerous reports.
(04/26 16:56:40) Cyrix: has to be I would think
(04/26 16:56:48) From Thend in Canadian's Bevin: Fratenization with Explorers against company policy
(04/26 16:56:54) From Thanakar in Canadian's Bevin: ncie big chunk of that convo from the TMP log
(04/26 16:56:54) meadow: he can thang out with us if hes off duty
(04/26 16:57:12) Thanakar wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:57:14) Overdrive has a question regarding corporate policy.
(04/26 16:57:18) Curty: We apologize for all the rudness earlier from many other explores, it is a privilage to be down here not a right.
(04/26 16:57:23) Sienna: Heaven seduced him! I'll vouch for it!
(04/26 16:57:36) Thanakar: I big to differ on that Curty, but we'll leave that discussion for another time
(04/26 16:57:40) Cate Alexander: I've talked with Nick. He understands.
(04/26 16:57:53) meadow: I'm sorry if i got him in trouble
(04/26 16:57:57) Thend repsectfully agrees with Than
(04/26 16:57:57) Curty: Especially since we lost funding the first time.
(04/26 16:58:11) From Foxylass in Uru Obsession's Bevin: Shorah Folks :)
(04/26 16:58:20) Noel Questa: Does that mean that you will be only on a professional basic now with all the exploreres?
(04/26 16:58:23) Thanakar: Cate, you mentioned several ages earlier, Er'cana, Ahnonay , Minkata, but can teh explorers expect to see any age open before those are ready?
(04/26 16:58:36) Curty: Sweet!
(04/26 16:58:48) Cate Alexander: Okay, two more.
(04/26 16:58:52) Overdrive wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:58:54) Olivia Whitefield wants to ask a question...
(04/26 16:58:55) meadow: i like her
(04/26 16:58:57) Frisky Badger: Cate is awesome
(04/26 16:58:59) Cate Alexander: Oh wait, Takota.
(04/26 16:59:00) Olivia Whitefield: I had one before
(04/26 16:59:03) Olivia Whitefield: Yeah.
(04/26 16:59:06) Olivia Whitefield: Sorry.
(04/26 16:59:16) Olivia Whitefield: What were the Tokotah used for?
(04/26 16:59:20) Frisky Badger: Don't just shout your questions guys....we're better than that.
(04/26 16:59:29) DEATH SPOON: I agree with Frisky
(04/26 16:59:40) Olivia Whitefield: (and is it common to misspell it Tokotah? I hear it was like that on the map too)
(04/26 16:59:48) Olivia Whitefield: (Takotah*)
(04/26 16:59:55) Cate Alexander: I believe they wre a living space at, at least, one time.
(04/26 17:00:04) Cate Alexander: It's hard to tell, There are differing opinions there.
(04/26 17:00:16) Cate Alexander: Could have been upper class apartments.
(04/26 17:00:33) Cate Alexander: And one more.
(04/26 17:00:40) From Thanakar: oh well..I tried
(04/26 17:00:50) Overdrive wants to ask a question...
(04/26 17:00:51) Olivia Whitefield: Cool.
(04/26 17:00:55) Cate Alexander: Overdrive.
(04/26 17:00:58) Zedra: How do you like your coffee, Cate?
(04/26 17:01:02) From Thanakar: I see no adm here so I wonder if cate told them that they had their say and to not interfere anymore
(04/26 17:01:02) Zedra: lol
(04/26 17:01:06) Cate Alexander: Cream and sugar.
(04/26 17:01:10) Roland of Gilead waves hello
(04/26 17:01:16) Krazzed_1 waves hello
(04/26 17:01:19) DEATH SPOON: Me too
(04/26 17:01:21) Cyrix: send someone to tims zed
(04/26 17:01:25) DEATH SPOON says hey
(04/26 17:01:33) Cate Alexander: Overdrive.
(04/26 17:01:36) Overdrive: Do you expect any additional ages or areas to be opened before minkata, or the others?
(04/26 17:01:42) Zedra: you go Cyrix, i can't move!
(04/26 17:01:43) KalTan: Ms. Alexander, will there be an anouncement before starting the machines of great Zero?
(04/26 17:01:45) Overdrive: You mentioned several ages
(04/26 17:02:04) Cate Alexander: Minkata is our focus and should be the next major addition to speak of.
(04/26 17:02:18) Cate Alexander: Yes KalTan.
(04/26 17:02:20) Overdrive: Fantastic
(04/26 17:02:24) Dakro claps his hands
(04/26 17:02:25) Frisky Badger: Cool
(04/26 17:02:26) petfam: thanks cate
(04/26 17:02:28) From Thanakar: thank you!
(04/26 17:02:30) KalTan: I think many peopple want to be there when its going to start spining
(04/26 17:02:30) To Thanakar: :)
(04/26 17:02:33) Frisky Badger claps his hands
(04/26 17:02:37) DEATH SPOON thanks you
(04/26 17:02:37) Cate Alexander: Well it truly has been a pleasure.
(04/26 17:02:38) Zedra claps her hands
(04/26 17:02:40) Cate Alexander: Thank you all.
(04/26 17:02:43) DEATH SPOON claps his hands
(04/26 17:02:46) From Thanakar: and she said minkata next month
(04/26 17:02:47) Frisky Badger: Thank you so much Cate, for everything!
(04/26 17:02:48) petfam: thank you
(04/26 17:02:48) KalTan: thanks to you
(04/26 17:02:48) Krazzed_1 thanks you
(04/26 17:02:48) Zedra thanks you very much!
(04/26 17:02:49) OldGuy claps his hands
(04/26 17:02:50) Overdrive claps his hands
(04/26 17:02:50) Shonda claps her hands
(04/26 17:02:50) KalTan claps his hands
(04/26 17:02:50) Cate Alexander: Have a great day.
(04/26 17:02:50) Noel Questa: Thank you for answering our questions in person Cate. It is very kind of you to come and visit with us
(04/26 17:02:53) Sienna thanks you very much!
(04/26 17:02:54) DEATH SPOON: Thank you!!
(04/26 17:02:55) From Thanakar: should be soon then
(04/26 17:02:55) Neken: Come back any time
(04/26 17:02:55) petfam: you 2
(04/26 17:02:56) Cyrix: thanks for the visit
(04/26 17:02:56) Krazzed_1 claps his hands
(04/26 17:02:58) OldGuy: Come back anytime!
(04/26 17:03:00) Frisky Badger: You too Cate
(04/26 17:03:00) DEATH SPOON cheers
(04/26 17:03:02) meadow claps her hands
(04/26 17:03:02) To Thanakar: yeah
(04/26 17:03:04) Shonda cheers
(04/26 17:03:04) Cyrix hands cate her coffee
(04/26 17:03:07) Thanakar thinks Cate is a looker
(04/26 17:03:07) Dakro claps his hands
(04/26 17:03:08) Cyrix: lol
(04/26 17:03:09) ...Chat.log stopped.

Named a few ages in the works. First out is Minkata. Expect it next month sometime.
Nick is on probation for fraternization
ADM addressed - (See TMP log below, and the ADM log)
Addressed some concerns about Tetsonot.
Addressed some questions about Decent and Dr. Watson

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This was before, in The Meeting Place' Bevin (mentioned above):

[spoiler=log](04/26 23:31:39) Chat.log started...
(04/26 23:31:42) ireenquench: Hi Cate
(04/26 23:31:50) ireenquench: How are you?
(04/26 23:31:51) D'Lanor waves hello
(04/26 23:31:52) Ivy: how's things, Cate?
(04/26 23:31:57) darkstar: Can we help you?
(04/26 23:32:07) Thanakar: totally unexpected suprise
(04/26 23:32:14) Cate Alexander: Did I interuppt?
(04/26 23:32:21) D'Lanor: not at all
(04/26 23:32:23) Thanakar: not at all
(04/26 23:32:29) D'Lanor: echo...
(04/26 23:32:29) Cate Alexander: Ah good.
(04/26 23:32:32) Cate Alexander: Things are fine.
(04/26 23:32:35) darkstar: not at all
(04/26 23:32:37) Thanakar: We were just discussing the water in Ahnonay
(04/26 23:32:47) ireenquench: Not really, we were pondering the significance of instances, the status of ahnonay and the meaning of watsons journal
(04/26 23:32:58) Cate Alexander: Sounds interesting.
(04/26 23:33:05) Ivy: and possible future swimming :)
(04/26 23:33:05) ireenquench: Have you read watsons journal cate?
(04/26 23:33:10) Cate Alexander: I have.
(04/26 23:33:19) darkstar: just an average evening in the bevin really lol
(04/26 23:33:25) ireenquench: Whats your take on him calling himself the storyteller?
(04/26 23:34:03) Cate Alexander: I don't know the state of mind that Watson was in when he wrote.
(04/26 23:34:12) Cate Alexander: I don't mean that in a derogatory manner either.
(04/26 23:34:14) Thanakar: How is the restoration project coming along Cate?
(04/26 23:34:35) Cate Alexander: Just to say, he may have experienced things that caused him to write or to believe such things.
(04/26 23:34:44) Cate Alexander: The restoration is coming slowly.
(04/26 23:35:06) Cate Alexander: I had hoped for a more rapid pace, to be honest.
(04/26 23:35:09) Thanakar: he surely beleived in what he wrote
(04/26 23:35:20) Desert Eagle wants to ask a question...
(04/26 23:35:23) darkstar: We have been wondering if Watson is still in the cavern further down the Great Shaft
(04/26 23:35:37) Cate Alexander: I suppose he could be although I would highly doubt it.
(04/26 23:35:48) Desert Eagle: will we ever be able to see ANYTHING out of the windows of Tetsonot?
(04/26 23:35:57) ireenquench: Or in the desert. New Mexico. Lost. ;)
(04/26 23:36:06) D'Lanor: if he was he didn't have a KI
(04/26 23:36:34) Carl Palmner: That would be a LONG time to stay in the Shaft.
(04/26 23:36:37) Cate Alexander: Very.
(04/26 23:36:41) darkstar: Can you confirm what Nick said about there being other links to the Pod Age?
(04/26 23:36:43) Sydney Austin: hello cate
(04/26 23:36:46) ireenquench: What's keeping the DRC from a faster pace if you had been hoping for it?
(04/26 23:36:50) Cate Alexander: Yes.
(04/26 23:36:52) Cate Alexander: Hello.
(04/26 23:37:00) Cate Alexander: Manpower.
(04/26 23:37:02) Cate Alexander: Funding.
(04/26 23:37:05) Sydney Austin: i was wondering if you were ready to talk to me
(04/26 23:37:10) Carl Palmner: (Justin use text so it can log :) )
(04/26 23:37:13) Cate Alexander: Ready to talk about what?
(04/26 23:37:18) Overdrive groans
(04/26 23:37:19) OldGuy: You have lots of volunteers here!
(04/26 23:37:21) Thanakar: Carl, could you back up some please
(04/26 23:37:25) ireenquench: Ah, well ya just gotta ask explorers to help, Cate , many want to.
(04/26 23:37:27) Thanakar: thanks
(04/26 23:37:27) Sydney Austin: why you are keeping secrets from the explorers
(04/26 23:37:37) Carl Palmner: SOrry
(04/26 23:37:40) Cate Alexander: Secrets?
(04/26 23:37:42) Sydney Austin: about the animals in the pod areas
(04/26 23:37:46) Cate Alexander: Oh, you must be the one Nick mentioned.
(04/26 23:37:50) Sydney Austin: yes
(04/26 23:38:00) Sydney Austin: i am with anti-drc movement
(04/26 23:38:01) Cate Alexander: By the way, Nick has been placed on probation by the DRC.
(04/26 23:38:03) Carl Palmner is a bit nervous now...
(04/26 23:38:07) Carl Palmner: !!!
(04/26 23:38:08) Sydney Austin: why
(04/26 23:38:08) Cate Alexander: He won't be in the cavern for a week or two.
(04/26 23:38:09) Ivy: oh really?
(04/26 23:38:10) Carl Palmner: Why?!!
(04/26 23:38:11) ireenquench is amazed!
(04/26 23:38:14) Overdrive: o.O
(04/26 23:38:16) Carl Palmner: What happened?
(04/26 23:38:22) darkstar: Loose mouth
(04/26 23:38:24) Sydney Austin: so why the cover up cate?
(04/26 23:38:25) Cate Alexander: Fraternization with explorers. Strictly prohibied.
(04/26 23:38:28) Justin: nooooo
(04/26 23:38:32) ireenquench: Interesting.
(04/26 23:38:38) Sydney Austin: in his off time
(04/26 23:38:39) Cate Alexander: We have had a good talk with him.
(04/26 23:38:42) Carl Palmner: You're fraternizing with us right now, aren't you?
(04/26 23:38:47) darkstar: I assume thats meant to be a joke Cate
(04/26 23:38:54) Thanakar: Cate, what is the DRC's reaction to the opening of the Descent?
(04/26 23:38:54) Cate Alexander: Regardless, he will be focusing on other tasks in the meantime.
(04/26 23:38:54) Justin: or is it... fraternization with THE ENEMY!
(04/26 23:38:55) ireenquench: Fraternization as in... not being professional?
(04/26 23:39:05) OldGuy: How can we help Cate?
(04/26 23:39:07) Cate Alexander: lots of questions here.
(04/26 23:39:12) Cate Alexander: I'll try to answer them all.
(04/26 23:39:27) Justin: it's an honor to finnaly meet u cate
(04/26 23:39:28) Cate Alexander: First, no need to go into details with Nick. We've had complaints. We looked into it.
(04/26 23:39:29) Carl Palmner: You've got to be kidding--he's in trouble for talking to explorers?
(04/26 23:39:33) darkstar: or are we talking about the more amourous encounters
(04/26 23:39:34) Sydney Austin: Cate why won't you tell us what you are hiding about the animals, i have a source form the DRC saying you are
(04/26 23:39:39) Cate Alexander: He broke company policy. Enough said.
(04/26 23:39:56) Cate Alexander: Animals. We are not hiding information, at least not to the extent that you would think Sydney.
(04/26 23:40:03) Carl Palmner: Uhhh, let me reword what Sydney just said...
(04/26 23:40:03) Overdrive: Flirting on the job. I can respect that decision.
(04/26 23:40:06) Justin cries
(04/26 23:40:06) Justin: poor Nick
(04/26 23:40:07) Cate Alexander: We have a variety of theories and we are not sharing them all with you.
(04/26 23:40:14) Thanakar: not to the extent?
(04/26 23:40:16) Carl Palmner: (Even though I'm not with the ADM) Has anything new been learned about the animals?
(04/26 23:40:16) Sydney Austin: then tell to what extent you are hiding
(04/26 23:40:18) Thanakar: then what are you hiding?
(04/26 23:40:20) Ethan Hunt: They why has there only been on expedition to Negilahn?
(04/26 23:40:20) Cate Alexander: And we won't.
(04/26 23:40:34) ireenquench: For what reasons? We are soooo curious ;)
(04/26 23:40:35) Sydney Austin: why not what do you have to hide
(04/26 23:40:38) Cate Alexander: We have theories about lots of things that we don't share with everyone.
(04/26 23:40:45) Carl Palmner: What's the status of the investigation? I know Rils has been trying to get in touch with Sharper again, and failing.
(04/26 23:40:56) Cate Alexander: Have you not seen the reaction to the rumors of cavern collapses?
(04/26 23:40:59) Sydney Austin: i think you have more than theories CATe
(04/26 23:41:03) Sydney Austin: give me a break
(04/26 23:41:10) Thanakar: what cavern collapse?
(04/26 23:41:11) Sydney Austin: do you think we are stupid
(04/26 23:41:14) Justin: rumors are great
(04/26 23:41:23) Sumatria: Collapses? when? where?
(04/26 23:41:26) Kelm: yes Cate i hope there has been no injurys
(04/26 23:41:26) Sydney Austin: no spill it
(04/26 23:41:32) Sydney Austin: *now spill it
(04/26 23:41:32) Carl Palmner: Ok, but what exactly is being done to investigate the animal thing right now?
(04/26 23:41:33) Cate Alexander: I think you personally are fairly arrogant and naive, maybe not stupid,.
(04/26 23:41:34) Overdrive: ... exactly. Rumors. Mostly unfounded.
(04/26 23:41:36) Jimbo: Hi all
(04/26 23:41:36) darkstar: Just rumours
(04/26 23:41:45) Thanakar: Cate, what do you mean cavern collapse, what collapse?
(04/26 23:41:48) Justin gasps
(04/26 23:41:49) Carl Palmner: Sydney, let's not get hostile.
(04/26 23:41:52) Sydney Austin: same to you Cate
(04/26 23:41:52) OldGuy: Well done Cate
(04/26 23:41:53) Ethan Hunt: I also think that this news of collapses are a smoke screen.
(04/26 23:41:58) Cate Alexander: Explorers on the whole I don't find stupid at all.
(04/26 23:42:01) Sydney Austin: why not carl
(04/26 23:42:09) darkstar: Thats the point shes making there have'nt been any
(04/26 23:42:10) Sydney Austin: i am tired of being lied to
(04/26 23:42:10) Cate Alexander: I think they are very smart which is why most find you and your antics fairly old and worn out.
(04/26 23:42:11) Jimbo: now,now girls
(04/26 23:42:23) Sydney Austin: Cate gosh darnit what do you know
(04/26 23:42:29) Carl Palmner: Cate, Sydney, cmon, lets work together here...
(04/26 23:42:29) Sydney Austin: animals are dying
(04/26 23:42:32) Ethan Hunt: And I think you are a bit arrogant Cate.
(04/26 23:42:33) Noel Questa: gee get more answers with honey then vinager.
(04/26 23:42:42) Kelm: Cate please tell us more about the collaspes
(04/26 23:42:43) Sydney Austin: tired of being nice
(04/26 23:42:46) Carl Palmner seconds what Noel said.
(04/26 23:42:48) Cate Alexander: Now as far as the animals dying, we do not know.
(04/26 23:42:51) Cate Alexander: That is the truth.
(04/26 23:42:52) darkstar: Sydney back off et someone else ask some questions
(04/26 23:42:53) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/26 23:42:56) Cate Alexander: We do not know what is killing them.
(04/26 23:42:56) Thanakar: Sydney, please, Cate, what do yo mean by a cavern collapse? where?
(04/26 23:43:01) ireenquench: Uhm Sydney, can't you just listen to Cate for a while, we don't get to see her that often.
(04/26 23:43:06) Carl Palmner: Cate--what's being done to find out? Where's Sharper?
(04/26 23:43:11) Cate Alexander: I can tell you that one time or a hundred although I dont' think it will matter much to people like Sydney.
(04/26 23:43:14) Carl Palmner seconds ireen too.
(04/26 23:43:19) Jimbo: dont u think they just ate something
(04/26 23:43:22) Justin: do u reely say "Have a great Day"?
(04/26 23:43:25) Cate Alexander: Sharper was on the surface for a while and has returned.
(04/26 23:43:31) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/26 23:43:31) Cate Alexander: He is doing more investigation.
(04/26 23:43:43) Ethan Hunt: Investigation in to what?
(04/26 23:43:46) darkstar: of the Pods or elsewhere
(04/26 23:43:47) Carl Palmner: Good! Does that mean he's exploring the Age again?
(04/26 23:43:48) Cate Alexander: The creatures.
(04/26 23:43:51) Cate Alexander: Yes.
(04/26 23:43:57) Sydney Austin: my source said you are hiding some serious about the animals
(04/26 23:43:57) darkstar: Good
(04/26 23:44:02) Cate Alexander: Your source?
(04/26 23:44:02) Carl Palmner: Excellent
(04/26 23:44:07) Sydney Austin: yes cate
(04/26 23:44:08) Justin: any expanation regarding tetsnot?
(04/26 23:44:10) Cate Alexander: And who would your source be?
(04/26 23:44:13) Sydney Austin: an employee of yours
(04/26 23:44:17) Thanakar: It is good sharper has returned and has returned toteh investigation
(04/26 23:44:26) Overdrive: I'm sorry, I arrived a little late, what can you comment about the discovery of Dr. Watson's journal?
(04/26 23:44:26) Carl Palmner: Sydney, you're going to get someone in trouble here...
(04/26 23:44:31) D'Lanor: an employee on probation perhaps?
(04/26 23:44:31) Sydney Austin: why would he risk their job if it wasn't important
(04/26 23:44:35) Cate Alexander: He's already in trouble.
(04/26 23:44:44) Carl Palmner sighs.
(04/26 23:44:48) Justin covers his mouth
(04/26 23:45:03) Sydney Austin: well what is the big cover up
(04/26 23:45:09) ireenquench has lots of thoughts rushing through her head
(04/26 23:45:10) Cate Alexander: There is no big cover up.
(04/26 23:45:14) darkstar: Remind me not to tell you anything in confidence Sydney
(04/26 23:45:15) Thanakar: Cate, which part of the cavern collapsed?
(04/26 23:45:16) Ethan Hunt: So you are saying that the source is lying?
(04/26 23:45:17) Carl Palmner falls silent and listens for a bit.
(04/26 23:45:17) Sydney Austin: so he is in trouble now
(04/26 23:45:25) Justin: how will us knowing the secret hurt anyone?
(04/26 23:45:31) Cate Alexander: There is no secret.
(04/26 23:45:42) Justin: are YOU pouching the animals?
(04/26 23:45:42) Ethan Hunt: So the source is lying then?
(04/26 23:45:45) Sydney Austin: Cate give me a break
(04/26 23:45:58) darkstar: I seriously doubt the DRC know enough to be covering anything up when it comes to the Pods
(04/26 23:46:03) Sydney Austin: i am already starting a strike on calibration of the GZ
(04/26 23:46:11) Noel Questa wants to ask a question...
(04/26 23:46:12) Cate Alexander: Nick knows that there is information that we discuss that we do not discuss with the public.
(04/26 23:46:17) Sydney Austin: and won't stop till i get answers
(04/26 23:46:17) Overdrive: Sydney you're only hurtying yourself if you do that.
(04/26 23:46:22) Kelm: Sydney you give us abreak and let Cate try and talk to us
(04/26 23:46:24) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/26 23:46:25) Cate Alexander: I think you took his words and misconstrued them a bit.
(04/26 23:46:28) Carl Palmner seconds overdrive
(04/26 23:46:40) Justin: hmmmmm
(04/26 23:46:43) Cate Alexander: And Nick agrees. I'm sure he has learned to keep his mouth shut when he does return.
(04/26 23:46:43) Ethan Hunt: I don't think so.
(04/26 23:46:46) Jimbo: so there are secrets
(04/26 23:46:49) Noel Questa: Why is Sydney on such a kick about the animals?...I thought this was covered...and covered several times now
(04/26 23:46:50) Carl Palmner: Cate--will Sharper be visiting us to tell us anything about what he learns?
(04/26 23:46:53) Cate Alexander: No, there are no secrets.
(04/26 23:46:57) Cate Alexander: Yes.
(04/26 23:47:00) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/26 23:47:05) Carl Palmner: Glad to hear that.
(04/26 23:47:05) Cate Alexander: Thank you Noel.
(04/26 23:47:11) Sydney Austin: forced to keep his mouth shut
(04/26 23:47:15) Cate Alexander: I thought it was just me.
(04/26 23:47:22) Jimbo: u just sai u discussed things NOT in public
(04/26 23:47:30) Noel Questa: No she seems to be stuck in a rut
(04/26 23:47:31) Carl Palmner: Cate, do you think you could answer a few questions about Tetsonot for the explorers?
(04/26 23:47:40) Cate Alexander: As every organization does.
(04/26 23:47:44) Sydney Austin: i'm not buying it Cate
(04/26 23:47:44) Carl Palmner: I know everyone is curious about how to get the Pord working correctly.
(04/26 23:47:47) darkstar: More like told to show more discretion about who he talks to
(04/26 23:47:50) Justin: ya: why was it released it seems dangerous
(04/26 23:47:57) Jimbo: so they all have secrets?
(04/26 23:48:00) Cate Alexander: We deal with a wide variety of issues and decisions every day that we do not share every detail...
(04/26 23:48:12) Sydney Austin: this is a big deal
(04/26 23:48:13) Carl Palmner would really like to get off the animal topic now before Cate gets offended and leaves.
(04/26 23:48:19) Jimbo: ok if u say so
(04/26 23:48:21) Ivy nods her head
(04/26 23:48:22) Sydney Austin: the animal are dying and missing
(04/26 23:48:27) darkstar: Normal business practice nothing sinister
(04/26 23:48:30) Sydney Austin: and being shredded
(04/26 23:48:30) Cate Alexander: Yes, they are.
(04/26 23:48:33) Overdrive: It does seem a little rough around the edges in terms of creature comforts - Tetsonot that is.
(04/26 23:48:33) Cate Alexander: Yes.
(04/26 23:48:38) Noel Questa: Cate, I would like to say thank you for all the wonderful new areas you have allowed to be open recently.
(04/26 23:48:40) Sydney Austin: and i think you know why
(04/26 23:48:43) Cate Alexander: It passed our tests.
(04/26 23:48:51) Jairden: How?
(04/26 23:48:54) Thanakar: Cate, what is your reaction to the opening of the Descent?
(04/26 23:49:05) Cate Alexander: It's on the edge but I have been assured it is structurally sound.
(04/26 23:49:09) Jimbo: Cate, can I buy u a cup of coffee?
(04/26 23:49:10) Justin: wat do u think about explorers Jumping off cliffs to get the Markers? the DRC encourages the calibration
(04/26 23:49:11) darkstar: But Sydney they where doing that before the DRC discovered them you can't lay that at there door
(04/26 23:49:11) Desert Eagle: since people want to change the subject here - could you say anything about the new age other than minkata that was recently discovered
(04/26 23:49:17) Noel Questa: It has been fun to learn about the new pods...Do you think we might get more info on them?
(04/26 23:49:18) Sumatria: What tests did Testonot pass?
(04/26 23:49:19) Sydney Austin: it been how many weeks since you told us anything about the animals
(04/26 23:49:23) Cate Alexander: The "opening" of the Descent is out of our hands.
(04/26 23:49:23) K'laamas: Sydney> Unless you can present to the Explorers evidence that the DRC are hiding something, we have no reason to believe you.
(04/26 23:49:26) OldGuy: and when will the lifts be open?
(04/26 23:49:32) Carl Palmner: Oooooo! Yeah, what Eagle said! Tell us about the new Age!
(04/26 23:49:48) Justin cheers
(04/26 23:49:48) Justin: yay! yeesha rocks
(04/26 23:49:49) Sydney Austin: The strike will continue and grow
(04/26 23:49:52) Overdrive: so what are your recommendations about the Descent? Should we not go there?
(04/26 23:50:00) darkstar: Or to disbelive for that matter
(04/26 23:50:05) Ethan Hunt: Cate, why would you want to delete critical posts from the forum when they could foster a better PR relationship between the explorers and the DRC?
(04/26 23:50:07) Cate Alexander: Best of luck to you Sydney. It would seem the crowd here would rather talk about something else though.
(04/26 23:50:17) Noel Questa nods her head
(04/26 23:50:18) Jairden: or another interesting question, have you been there?
(04/26 23:50:18) Thanakar: does the DRC even have the area at the base of the shaft on their schedule?
(04/26 23:50:19) OldGuy: YES
(04/26 23:50:19) Granelda would like to give Cate a hug when she is finished if I may ....... I ve hugged over 400 people so far in D'ni
(04/26 23:50:25) Desert Eagle: yeah, what carl said! tell us about the new age! ...whoops, sorry, I already said that...
(04/26 23:50:26) Carl Palmner: Yeah--like the new Age! :D
(04/26 23:50:35) Noel Questa: We are sick of Sydneys broken record
(04/26 23:50:38) Ivy: new age YAY
(04/26 23:50:41) Carl Palmner: Yeah, what eagle said, do what carl said!
(04/26 23:50:42) OldGuy wants a hug as well
(04/26 23:50:43) Sydney Austin: why cate i am not done
(04/26 23:50:44) darkstar: bears repeating lol
(04/26 23:50:45) Carl Palmner starts to laugh
(04/26 23:50:49) Cate Alexander: The new Age is fairly small but very interesting.
(04/26 23:50:54) Sydney Austin: this isn't over
(04/26 23:50:59) Ethan Hunt: Cate, did you hear my question?
(04/26 23:51:00) Jimbo: no,no Cate please feel at home here
(04/26 23:51:03) Justin: and dangerous
(04/26 23:51:04) Desert Eagle: any details? does it have a name?
(04/26 23:51:04) Sumatria: I actually would like to hear about the results of the research done so far dealing the brutal killings of the animals
(04/26 23:51:06) Overdrive: yes Sydney. It is.
(04/26 23:51:09) Cate Alexander: We may fast track it. No idea what it's use was originally but we're still looking into it.
(04/26 23:51:12) darkstar: Sydney you are done give someone else a chance
(04/26 23:51:16) Noel Questa: Well we be getting more info on the new pods Cate?
(04/26 23:51:22) Geron: sydney, thare are other questions to be answered, please
(04/26 23:51:25) Carl Palmner: What's it like ,Cate? Desert? OCean? Crhystal Mazes? Floating Islands?
(04/26 23:51:26) Kelm: Cate could you now explain to us about the collapses
(04/26 23:51:32) Cate Alexander: What kind of information regarding the pods?
(04/26 23:51:40) Cate Alexander: There are no collapses..
(04/26 23:51:41) Ethan Hunt: Sheep
(04/26 23:51:48) Ethan Hunt: Nothing but sheep.
(04/26 23:51:50) Sydney Austin: we had a big protest the other night I have a lot of support to get these answers you are hiding Cate
(04/26 23:51:57) Kelm: so they are just romours then?
(04/26 23:52:02) ireenquench: Cate, I've always wanted to know... in comparison to Watson (since you have read his journal)..whats your goal in the restoration? How/ in what way do you see D'nis story told?
(04/26 23:52:04) Cate Alexander: The area we are looking at consists of large rock formations.
(04/26 23:52:05) Jimbo: collapses sounds iteresting
(04/26 23:52:17) Andrew Yosso: I never heard of that sydney cant have been that big
(04/26 23:52:25) Cate Alexander: I hate to say more as it is very early on and it may not come to pass.
(04/26 23:52:31) Desert Eagle: large rock formations... Todelmer, anyone?
(04/26 23:52:35) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/26 23:52:39) Noel Questa: Well how the holes got in t window in Payferin...and how the clay pads on the floor got there...stuff like that about the pods
(04/26 23:52:46) Carl Palmner: What about Minkata, Cate? Any info on that?
(04/26 23:52:50) CoyoteCreed: Oh, god. It's the Anti-DRC Movement.
(04/26 23:52:57) Cate Alexander: My goal is for the restoration to be just that... a restoration of this cavern and associated Ages.
(04/26 23:53:04) Sumatria: Cate if the collapses are just rumors why did you even bring them up?
(04/26 23:53:14) Cate Alexander: One that does not fail.
(04/26 23:53:16) darkstar: n its Sydney and a lot of curious explorers
(04/26 23:53:19) Justin: do u care about the D'ni culture cate?
(04/26 23:53:28) Carl Palmner: She only brought up the collapses to illustrate the panic that a rumor can cause, thats all guys.
(04/26 23:53:43) Cate Alexander: I brought them up to show how people react to rumors and why we try not to spread them.
(04/26 23:53:46) Ethan Hunt: Why are you avoiding my question Cate.
(04/26 23:53:48) Noel Questa: do you know if the Bahro doors were in Tsogal and Delin when they were first restored?
(04/26 23:54:03) Jolinda Sacristan Kee: And it's happening again.
(04/26 23:54:07) Cate Alexander: Which is why we try to just share facts, including about animals Sydney.
(04/26 23:54:07) darkstar: And a good object lesson in how rumours get legs
(04/26 23:54:08) Sumatria: Carl the questiond was directed to Cate, not you
(04/26 23:54:16) Carl Palmner: lol, its ok Than :)
(04/26 23:54:20) Cate Alexander: There are rumors that we do not share. There is information that we do not share.
(04/26 23:54:21) Sumatria: Please let her answer her the questions
(04/26 23:54:22) Ethan Hunt: And what facts have you shared?
(04/26 23:54:24) Ethan Hunt: None!
(04/26 23:54:25) Cate Alexander: I'm sorry.
(04/26 23:54:28) ireenquench likes facts.
(04/26 23:54:30) Desert Eagle: ethan - she isn't avoinding any questions... people are asking too many questions
(04/26 23:54:35) CoyoteCreed: Stuff it, Ethan.
(04/26 23:54:35) Kelm: hows the progress with minkata?
(04/26 23:54:36) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/26 23:54:38) Carl Palmner: As usual
(04/26 23:54:39) Justin: waht is your opinion on yeesha Cate?
(04/26 23:54:45) Jimbo: do u take bribes, Cate?
(04/26 23:54:46) Ethan Hunt: No, I won't!
(04/26 23:54:52) Carl Palmner seconds what Kelm said.
(04/26 23:54:56) oldgreybear: startlog
(04/26 23:54:58) Cate Alexander: My opinion on Yeesha is that she is a very mysterious woman.
(04/26 23:54:58) Ethan Hunt: I have just as much right to my questions as anyone.
(04/26 23:54:59) Carl Palmner is seconding a lot today...
(04/26 23:55:07) Carl Palmner snorts.
(04/26 23:55:07) Cate Alexander: Out of my control.
(04/26 23:55:14) CoyoteCreed: But not the right to harass people.
(04/26 23:55:15) Justin: over 100 years old too!
(04/26 23:55:15) D'Lanor: and the anti-DRC movement has already asked more than their share of questions
(04/26 23:55:20) Carl Palmner: A very selfish, conniving, untrustworthy woman, rather.
(04/26 23:55:25) Error: Must be text only
(04/26 23:55:25) Carl Palmner: Not you, Cate--Yeesha, I mean.
(04/26 23:55:29) Thanakar: I'd not go that far Carl :P
(04/26 23:55:39) Jairden: Carl, that depends on your point of veiw.
(04/26 23:55:39) Sydney Austin: Cate I have no choice but to bring you down now
(04/26 23:55:43) Justin: Carl!!!! how can u say that about YEESHA!!!
(04/26 23:55:44) Ethan Hunt: Really. And what answers did we get except for the smokescreen of another age.
(04/26 23:55:45) darkstar: Ethan you are a visitor in this bevin please respect other peoples right to ask questions and to get an answer
(04/26 23:55:45) Sydney Austin: and the DRC
(04/26 23:55:47) Noel Questa: Were the bahro doors in Delin and Tsogal when they were first restored?
(04/26 23:55:50) Jimbo: now u ar unfair, Carl
(04/26 23:55:53) Thanakar: bring them down?
(04/26 23:55:56) Andrew Yosso: good luck sydney lol
(04/26 23:56:00) Carl Palmner: I would. But that's beyond the scope of this conversation, I think.
(04/26 23:56:05) Kelm: Minkata the fast track seems to have slowed down why?
(04/26 23:56:05) Sydney Austin: I will spend all my time to this cause
(04/26 23:56:06) Carl Palmner shrugs
(04/26 23:56:08) darkstar: The sane goes for you Sydney
(04/26 23:56:11) Cate Alexander: Carl, you seem very hostile.
(04/26 23:56:13) ireenquench: Speaking of facts, is there anything that can be done about the DRC site being more complete , with facts about ages etc?
(04/26 23:56:20) Cate Alexander: What's the problem? What answers are we not giving you?
(04/26 23:56:21) Thanakar chuckles
(04/26 23:56:22) Carl Palmner: Towards Yeesha, I guess I am.
(04/26 23:56:33) Justin: Noooooooo
(04/26 23:56:37) ireenquench: I am sure explorer historians would help with that.
(04/26 23:56:37) Justin: yeesha is awesome
(04/26 23:56:45) Cate Alexander: Ah...
(04/26 23:56:45) Ethan Hunt: I asked why important posts that could help the PR image of the DRC were deleted?
(04/26 23:56:47) Carl Palmner: Anyway, Yeesha's neither here nor there--tell us about Minkata! :D
(04/26 23:56:53) Ethan Hunt: What do you fear in those posts?
(04/26 23:56:55) Thanakar: Cate, has laxman mentioned anything about the calibration effort?
(04/26 23:57:01) CoyoteCreed: Cate, don't bother reasoning with the Anti-DRC movement. They've proven not just irrational, but counterproductive in their methods.
(04/26 23:57:07) Cate Alexander: I'm not aware of deleted posts?
(04/26 23:57:10) Kelm: Er'Cana Ovens how the progress on those?
(04/26 23:57:19) Cate Alexander: coming along nicely.
(04/26 23:57:22) Ethan Hunt: Why not? Everyone else is.
(04/26 23:57:25) Carl Palmner: Cate, what's the square root of pi?
(04/26 23:57:25) Sydney Austin: You are hiding why the animals are dying and I don't really think you care if they do.
(04/26 23:57:27) Ivy: tgreat!
(04/26 23:57:28) Cate Alexander: Er'Cana should be up for release after Minkata.
(04/26 23:57:35) Carl Palmner: Sorry, couldn't resist...
(04/26 23:57:35) Thanakar cheers
(04/26 23:57:38) Overdrive: lol
(04/26 23:57:39) Carl Palmner cheers
(04/26 23:57:40) Ivy: excellent news
(04/26 23:57:40) Jimbo: u used the word control before, Cate. Thats what gives an ol' anarchist the chills
(04/26 23:57:45) Lensy cheers
(04/26 23:57:48) Carl Palmner: How soon will we see Minkata? And what's it like?
(04/26 23:57:50) Kelm: when will Minkata be relaesed?
(04/26 23:57:52) Thanakar: Did laxman mention how far along we are with calibrating the Great Zero?
(04/26 23:57:57) Cate Alexander: Next month.
(04/26 23:58:01) Carl Palmner cheers
(04/26 23:58:01) Melcabral: ya know...we all have the capability of raising our hands to ask a question...
(04/26 23:58:02) Andrew Yosso cheers
(04/26 23:58:05) Cate Alexander: I can't get any more specific than that right now.
(04/26 23:58:05) Lensy cheers
(04/26 23:58:05) Justin cheers
(04/26 23:58:06) Yali: Yay!
(04/26 23:58:12) Overdrive wants to ask a question...
(04/26 23:58:14) Carl Palmner: Can you tell us anything about the Age itself?
(04/26 23:58:17) Kelm: yay
(04/26 23:58:18) ireenquench: That IS fast track, wow.
(04/26 23:58:19) Jolinda Sacristan Kee: Try herding cats, Melcabral. :)
(04/26 23:58:21) Carl Palmner is excited for new Ages.
(04/26 23:58:23) Cate Alexander: We are coming along nicely wth the GZ. I have not heard specific reports.
(04/26 23:58:26) Melcabral: lol
(04/26 23:58:31) Cate Alexander: About what that means but Laxman seems pleased.
(04/26 23:58:34) Melcabral: even reporters do it sometimes
(04/26 23:58:39) Dylan: All of you are behaving like animals.....asking a question is one thing....but this....its like being back in elementry school..
(04/26 23:58:42) darkstar: Sydney unless you are a qualified ecologist you not in much of a position to comment on that for all any of us now it could part of the ages natural cycle
(04/26 23:58:50) Sydney Austin: The DRC has been nothing but deceptive
(04/26 23:58:55) Kelm: so how long after minkata will we seeER'Cana
(04/26 23:59:02) Melcabral: )even in elementary school we raised our hands ;
(04/26 23:59:03) Carl Palmner seconds what Dylan said...then again, Carl is being just as bad as everyone else :)
(04/26 23:59:05) Overdrive: Cate, will Laxman be down here to discuss some of the coordiate anomallies some of us have been experienceing lately?
(04/26 23:59:07) ireenquench: Sydney pleeeease.
(04/26 23:59:12) Lensy: Geez sydney give it a rest
(04/26 23:59:12) CoyoteCreed: And the Anti-DRC has been nothing but belligerent.
(04/26 23:59:20) Carl Palmner finally shuts up and just listens again.
(04/26 23:59:20) Andrew Yosso cheers
(04/26 23:59:22) Olivia Whitefield: Quite a throng
(04/26 23:59:29) Olivia Whitefield: Mind if I join in?
(04/26 23:59:30) Ethan Hunt: And the DRC has been nothing but arrogant.
(04/26 23:59:31) Noel Questa: How is the poison water in Ahonney doing? any closer to being cured?
(04/26 23:59:39) Ivy: please do Olivia
(04/26 23:59:42) CoyoteCreed: Pot, meet, kettle, Ethan.
(04/26 23:59:44) Cate Alexander: Ahnonay is back on schedule.
(04/26 23:59:49) Cate Alexander: We just met to discuss it today.
(04/26 23:59:51) Noel Questa cheers
(04/26 23:59:52) Thanakar: woot
(04/26 23:59:54) Ivy: welcome to TMP hood
(04/26 23:59:54) Overdrive claps his hands
(04/26 23:59:55) Carl Palmner laughs at Coyote and nods.
(04/27 00:00:04) Noel Questa: That is awesome news Cate
(04/27 00:00:04) Justin: OMG!!!! Cate has a relto book!!!!!
(04/27 00:00:05) Carl Palmner cheers
(04/27 00:00:06) Cate Alexander: There are plenty of issues but we are looking for an approval a few months from now.
(04/27 00:00:18) Carl Palmner: So do you and I, Justin--what of it?
(04/27 00:00:25) Sydney Austin: CAn we have a privite talk Cate?
(04/27 00:00:32) Justin: i thought the DRC was agenst yeesha
(04/27 00:00:32) Yali: I have a question that might seem a bit odd. Has the DRC found the Age of Tay (Catherine's Age)?
(04/27 00:00:37) Thanakar: how soon can the explorers expect a DRC approved age?
(04/27 00:00:44) darkstar: Sydney and Ethan unless you start respecting other peoples right to br heard and stop trying to monopolise Cates attention i am going to ask you to leave this bevin
(04/27 00:00:48) Olivia Whitefield: What about Kirel, Cate? I hear it's a single neighborhood. Is it? Or is it a style of hood?
(04/27 00:01:15) Cate Alexander: Kirel is a single hood.
(04/27 00:01:17) Carl Palmner: Heh, Cate--would you like us to slow down a bit?
(04/27 00:01:22) Ethan Hunt: I think when you look at the chat logs, you will find that we are only a small part of who has been heard.
(04/27 00:01:24) Olivia Whitefield thanks you very much!
(04/27 00:01:33) Cate Alexander: I'm not aware of the Age of Tay.
(04/27 00:01:46) Overdrive: you could always ask a ResEng to remove them if they're being too disruptive.
(04/27 00:01:47) Justin: can we go into the Auditorium?
(04/27 00:01:50) Granelda would like to thank Cate for the great job she has been doing
(04/27 00:01:53) CoyoteCreed: Not for a tiresome lack of trying.
(04/27 00:02:03) Kelm: so CATE it will be Minkata the ER'Cana Then Ahnonay
(04/27 00:02:08) Ethan Hunt: And I wonder why.
(04/27 00:02:12) Justin thanks Cate
(04/27 00:02:18) Cate Alexander: Depends Kelm. There are other possibilities.
(04/27 00:02:21) Ethan Hunt: Just the easy questions today I guess.
(04/27 00:02:21) Carl Palmner: Sorry Cate, I know I asked this before, didn't see an answer--can you tell us anything about what Minkata is actually like?
(04/27 00:02:26) Thanakar: with a fast track before that?
(04/27 00:02:35) Jimbo hugs Gran
(04/27 00:02:42) Cate Alexander: Minkata is very large.
(04/27 00:02:43) CoyoteCreed: Certainly not the paranoid ones.
(04/27 00:02:50) Olivia Whitefield: Cate, there's evidence the DRC found Gehn's Age 233 back when Dr. Watson was with you guys. Is this true? It was mentioned on the Riven soundtrack provided by Cyan Worlds.
(04/27 00:02:50) Yali: Awesome!!
(04/27 00:02:53) Granelda gives Jimbo a nice friendly hug
(04/27 00:02:54) Cate Alexander: Fairly empty but interesting.
(04/27 00:02:55) Justin: oo
(04/27 00:02:55) Carl Palmner cheers
(04/27 00:02:56) Justin: Large is good!!!!
(04/27 00:02:58) Ivy: large, that sounds good
(04/27 00:02:59) Jimbo: thanks Granelda
(04/27 00:03:00) Justin hugs cate
(04/27 00:03:03) Andrew Yosso claps his hands
(04/27 00:03:06) Corbin22: YO!
(04/27 00:03:08) Pituka cheers
(04/27 00:03:14) Carl Palmner: Don't get too excited, folks--she also said it's fairly empty :)
(04/27 00:03:15) Ethan Hunt: If they were just paranoid, there wouldn't be a problem answering them.
(04/27 00:03:15) Justin cheers
(04/27 00:03:21) Jimbo: Cate u wanna a hug?
(04/27 00:03:25) darkstar: now where did i put that football
(04/27 00:03:26) Lensy claps her hands
(04/27 00:03:27) Yali: :yeathat: Olivia
(04/27 00:03:28) Carl Palmner: Ethan, give it a rest man.
(04/27 00:03:28) Cate Alexander: No thank you.
(04/27 00:03:33) Overdrive: wow. Can you elaborate on what Minkata was used for?
(04/27 00:03:37) Kelm: will the DRC be working more on the Decent now its open?
(04/27 00:03:38) Jimbo: ok,
(04/27 00:03:41) CoyoteCreed: They also wouldn't be worth answering
(04/27 00:03:45) Granelda: awww
(04/27 00:03:45) Thanakar: sounds like dune buggy heaven
(04/27 00:04:00) Carl Palmner thinks he would hate to be a DRC member and have to answer ten questions at once, lol
(04/27 00:04:04) ireenquench: Cate, is there anything explorers can do to help the restoration? There are so many ideas floating around, is there a way of getting together with the DRC too cooperate and join efforts? For example in areas more related to history, anthropology etc.
(04/27 00:04:04) Corbin22 wants to ask a question...
(04/27 00:04:08) Carl Palmner: Uh...hi Xavius.
(04/27 00:04:12) Jimbo: But if u want later I'm ready to hug u
(04/27 00:04:19) Geron: No voice chat please
(04/27 00:04:20) Granelda: no
(04/27 00:04:20) Xavius: What, did you miss me?
(04/27 00:04:23) Xavius: :P
(04/27 00:04:27) Xavius: -.-
(04/27 00:04:28) Carl Palmner: lol
(04/27 00:04:31) darkstar: Ethan you are in the Meeting Place hood and our prime rule is RESPECT others either start doing it or leave
(04/27 00:04:31) Corbin22 wants to ask a question...
(04/27 00:04:35) Cate Alexander: We are looking into ideas that would take advantage of the explorers willingness to help but those have issues themselves.
(04/27 00:04:44) Xavius: What'd Ethan do?
(04/27 00:04:46) Xavius: @[email protected]
(04/27 00:04:51) Xavius: I want to know it ALL!
(04/27 00:04:55) Olivia Whitefield wants to ask a question...
(04/27 00:04:56) Carl Palmner: hahaha.
(04/27 00:04:58) OldGuy: Dear Cate, when will the descent lifts be open?
(04/27 00:05:00) Carl Palmner: There will be logs Xav.
(04/27 00:05:09) Sumatria observes others are not being respectful to the ADM members as well...
(04/27 00:05:10) Kelm: how the GZ power progressing?
(04/27 00:05:13) Corbin22: What is this about?!?!
(04/27 00:05:20) Yali: I'd like Olivia's original question to be answered
(04/27 00:05:21) Xavius: What fun are lifts?
(04/27 00:05:22) CoyoteCreed: I'll leave if they do.
(04/27 00:05:27) ireenquench: Explores have issues? Awww , I didn't know that;) Honestly, not all have issues, most are quite cool.
(04/27 00:05:29) Xavius: Pssh.
(04/27 00:05:31) Ethan Hunt: Yes, and I respect that. But it is a bit hypocritical when people insult me and my beliefs in my hood as well as the forums, and expect more.
(04/27 00:05:36) darkstar: Sydbey and Ethan where monopolising Cates attention and not letting others ask questions
(04/27 00:05:41) Andrew Yosso nods his head
(04/27 00:05:57) Ethan Hunt: And who's questions were being answered?
(04/27 00:06:00) Ethan Hunt: Not ours.
(04/27 00:06:04) Sumatria: darkstar that is not true
(04/27 00:06:04) Xavius: I buy Tokotah Alley and Sharper's teledahn office.
(04/27 00:06:08) Carl Palmner: (Sigh) Can we forget about arguing over the ADM and just have everyone be peaceful here?
(04/27 00:06:18) D'Lanor: just not the answer you wanted to hear
(04/27 00:06:30) Ethan Hunt: No, there were no answers.
(04/27 00:06:33) darkstar: PLease
(04/27 00:06:35) Xavius: Honestly, i think there's so many people here its absoultely impossible to answer barely ANY questions.
(04/27 00:06:38) Carl Palmner: You can't Xavius--you're in jail. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.
(04/27 00:06:47) Andrew Yosso starts to laugh
(04/27 00:06:48) Carl Palmner: Yeah ditto what Xav just said
(04/27 00:06:52) Thanakar: Cate, what can the explorers hope to explorer next whiel the bigger ages are being restored?
(04/27 00:06:52) Xavius: This is the biggest DRC gathering I've seen since Sharper came back.
(04/27 00:06:59) Cate Alexander: It seems this group has gotten too large to accomplish anything.
(04/27 00:07:00) Olivia Whitefield wants to ask a question...
(04/27 00:07:01) Carl Palmner: Thanks for answering my questions Cate--I know you're being hounded.
(04/27 00:07:03) Cate Alexander: Good talking to you all.
(04/27 00:07:07) Xavius: I was in Jail for an hour once..
(04/27 00:07:09) darkstar: could we give Cate some room please
(04/27 00:07:10) Carl Palmner: Thanks Cate!
(04/27 00:07:10) Overdrive: Cate, what will your reaction be should Dr. Watson make an unexpected appearance.
(04/27 00:07:11) Cate Alexander: I will be moving along.
(04/27 00:07:17) Andrew Yosso: thanks cate
(04/27 00:07:20) Ivy: bye Cat ty for chatting
(04/27 00:07:21) Kelm: ok Cate thank you
(04/27 00:07:21) Olivia Whitefield thanks you
(04/27 00:07:21) Lensy: thanks cate
(04/27 00:07:25) Justin: we could go in mnthe Auditorium!
(04/27 00:07:27) Geron: Thanks for your visit Cate.
(04/27 00:07:28) Jimbo: Thx Cate
(04/27 00:07:28) Carl Palmner: Keep up the good work!
(04/27 00:07:30) ireenquench: Thanks for being so patient cate
(04/27 00:07:30) Xavius waves farewell
(04/27 00:07:30) Ethan Hunt (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(04/27 00:07:34) Andrew Yosso: bye
(04/27 00:07:37) Corbin22: Is Shapre comining here?!
(04/27 00:07:37) D'Lanor: bye Cate
(04/27 00:07:42) K'laamas: What'd I miss in the last 10 minutes? I was occupied w/Surface-business.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 11:40 pm 

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Oh excellent. Thanks :)

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 11:46 pm 

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Yeah, I was there (Olivia) and I have to say today was awesome. Plenty of time for questions answered nicely. Not the savage, feeding frenzy, every man for himself, don't get your concerns taken seriously unless you date the guy, sessions Nick had. ... And we see what happened to him.

Very nice. :)

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 12:00 am 

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I basically posted this over at UO as well, but I have to say that session in the Canadian's Bevin is absolutely one of the most civil and pleasant chats with Cate I've ever seen. At any time. Absolutely awesome. :mrgreen:

Now if only they could all be like that.

I do think the first chatlog is rather damaging to the ADM. I haven't even been keeping up with all of it but by the end I wanted Sydney to just be quiet. (Sorry, Sydney; 'tis nothing personal...) It'll be interesting to see what comes from this.

I still love my umbrella! :D

Sosiqui in Cavern

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 12:19 am 

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I think both the first and the third post were damaging to the ADM. Everyone wanted to talk about other things, and Sydney kept on interupting and was repeatingly rude to the Cate. "I have no choice but to bring you down, and the DRC"? What the heek is that? It's a wonder the Cyan actor didn't just give up and take off. Sydney, you've taken this too far.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 12:21 am 

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I loved this exchange:

Sydney: "Do you want to kill off explorers?"
Cate: "Yes"
bit later
Cate: "Really, what kind of a question is that?"

*clears throat*


Sorry... carry on...

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 12:51 am 

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Well, after I said the DRC were mobbed whenever they came into the cavern, I was told by one of the ADM that the DRC were NOT mobbed when they came into the cavern....well, hmmmmm....guess I was right....(see chatlogs for evidence.....)

The Canadians showed how it should be done (kudos to the Canadian Bevin!) and what I have said before....let's establish some etiquette to deal with these situations. Quickly establish one person to moderate and keep track of those who use "ask question" and then allow them to ask their questions in turn. All others respect that and let the DRC member answer or at least say, "I can't comment right now...." and again, RESPECT that answer! Then the next person gets to ask their question. It is just common courtesy for all of us and the DRC. I just don't understand how hard this seems to be for people.... After all we weren't raised by wolves.....or were we?

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 12:59 am 
Obduction Backer

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I just had a twisted thought: What if the actor playing Cate is the same one playing Sydney? Now THAT would be a plot twist! The Cate/Sydney "discussion" would take on a whole new prespective, like the scene in Lord of the Rings where Gollumn argues with his own reflection about whether or not to kill Frodo.

"The master won't tell us what's killing the animals, precioussssssss! We hates the DRC!!"
"No, no. The DRC is nice to us. It gives us yummy fish to eat. Minkata is coming soon!"
"They keeps secrets from us, precious, secrets!"
"Master wouldn't betray us! The DRC protects us from that nasty one... Nick!"

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 1:00 am 

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After all we weren't raised by wolves.....or were we?

I'm not a part of the DZS to find the most succulent and meaty creatures from the Ages. HONEST! :mrgreen:

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 1:11 am 

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sideshow118 wrote:
I just had a twisted thought: What if the actor playing Cate is the same one playing Sydney?"

If that's the case, the actor is truly talented. They type very differently.

Also, I'm pretty sure Sydney's played by a real player and Cate's run by a Cyan person. Funny thought, though. :)

Gregory Weir
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 1:43 am 

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Seems Cate is like most explorers, level-headed and reasonable (the sort of people that find games like Myst & Uru interesting).
What chance does a deliberately reactionary group such as the ADM have against such rational minds.

Cheers for the fun, but I have to wonder if Cate wouldn't have just showed up eventually anyway - ADM or not. She certainly didn't seem to be there just to speak to Sydney. I wonder how many people have been sending Cate polite and reasoned KI-mails to further their Uru story?

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 5:44 am 

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Speaking for the Restoration Realists, I feel totally vindicated. I don't care if Cate ever hears of the RR or me, but if the community as a whole embraces what we suggest (much of the community already does by nature) and treats the DRC with respect and shows their appreciation, communications will inevitably improve.

Cate has visited the Cavern four times that I know of, and on two of those occasions she was assaulted by people who complained and demanded answers. Let's hope her experiences in Canadian's hood will stick with her ....

Thank you -- you know who you are.

Montgomery - Maintainer Grand Master of Inspections (ret.)

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 9:26 am 

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I think these logs prove that:

1. using a nice etiquette like the Canadain Bevin gets more answers then everyone yelling at once! ; and

2. the ADM and in perticular Sydney did nothing to promote the image of the explorers or the story other than to upset and rile other explorers up.

Well done to the Canadian Bevin, thankyou for such an enjoyable discussion

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 12:19 pm 

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I beleive it is Zedra that came up with the idea for the Canadian's Bevin. :lol: :idea: :lol:

She could become a Great Great Greeter because I personnally know how welcoming and caring she is.

From another canadian,
A.W. (B)

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