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PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2007 8:51 pm 

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Jishin wrote:
Nah, IC-ish is actually more what I was looking for, so it sounds like we're on the same page. Some discussion of what we'd do as IC Maintainers, and some actual IC discussion would be good too.

*thinks* How does next Tuesday suit everyone? Daytime meeting and evening meeting? We could get a little discussion going and some ideas ready before we hit the big guilds meeting.

I'm down with this.

Daytime -- I can only be there if it is between 1-3 pm cavern time, for an hour.

Evening -- I can only be there after 11:30 pm cavern time.

Montgomery - Maintainer Grand Master of Inspections (ret.)

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:49 pm 

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I can only make it to Tuesday if it is from 9:00 to 10:00 central time.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:50 pm 

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AM or PM, Bionickai?

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 1:46 am 

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OK, why don't we split the difference?

Men In Black's Bevin
Early meeting: Tuesday August 14, 1pm Cavern Time
Late meeting: Tuesday August 14, 8pm Cavern Time

I don't expect the meetings to be super-long. Just want to touch base with everyone, since we haven't done a huge amount of talking about possible IC ideas and issues.

Yeah, I know that it's really late for the east-coasters. I apologize, but if you wanted it earlier, you shoulda said something already. :wink: If you can't make either meeting and want to have input, please PM me and I'll bring up your ideas.

Everyone who is interested in the Guild of Maintainers is invited.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 3:20 am 

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That would be PM. Since the meeting is already scheduled, I'll just have to miss it, but hey it's fine. I'll catch up with the logs.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 3:22 am 

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I thought Cavern time was Central? It's not? My bad. /: I was trying to set it up so you could come.

I'll amend the meeting time. It would actually be better for more people an hour earlier, I'd think.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 12:33 pm 
Obduction Backer

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Cavern Time is currently Mountain Daylight Savings. New Mexico's timezone is... MDT. :)

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 3:30 pm 

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Well, glad that worked out. Can't wait to hear some ideas on this.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:30 pm 

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I'm working on an idea for a Bug Hunt Marker Mission.

Sort of a promotional Bug Trivia thing for the city. Well not Bug's exactly more like areas that the City model needs to have cleaned up a little. I'm still working on it, but I've had two people run it for me and they think it is sort of a interesting/fun trivia thing.

Once I've worked out the kinks I'll offer it to anyone interested.

Later. :D


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PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 12:53 am 

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This is the log of the Maintainers IC-planning meeting held this morning. I apologize for not posting it sooner -- I had to get back to work after checking out MJ's marker mission.

Quick summary of IC possibilities:

1) Examining and reporting on the stability of old Ages -- while bug-tracking OOC, we can write up and update information for the DPWR IC. We need to begin implementing the various Age teams.

2) Bug hunt marker missions, also "wicked tourist" marker missions. Crafting missions that demonstrate how an Age is currently unstable, or how an Age's stability has improved. Also possibly an "Uru retrospective" mission.

3) KI / Great Zero / Maintainer Beacons. The KI was initially created by the Maintainers. The Maintainer beacons in the Ages don't function with the Great Zero correctly. IC work on repairs, replacement, and recalibration might lead to new functionality for the KI and GZ. It might also be part of the Maintainers' duties to help keep the GZ calibrated. Getting extra missions added would be nice. It would be good if we could get Cyan's buy-in on this one and really start boosting this content.

4) Discussion of how to make GZ missions more 'fun' (since we've all done them lots) led to the idea of running a Maintainer Triathlon or something similar, once the Wall content is available. (Marker mission / wall mission / Jalak something, perhaps)

5) Discussion of IC complicated plots was delayed to the evening meeting in the hopes that Montgomery could join us. He has told me he can't, though, but MJ and I have permission to discuss some of his ideas. An important point is that the Maintainers will not push any plot that "would alter or set facts that Cyan might have to refute later". (Great quote, MJ.)

6) Maintainers and the DRC. Something we might need to discuss a little more thoroughly, but there's a general feeling that the Maintainers are their own entity, and while they want to work with the DRC, will not be pushed into doing things that violate their guild's principles.

[spoiler=Meeting Log](08/14 19:09:54) Jishin: Well, I guess it's just us.
(08/14 19:09:59) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/14 19:10:02) NadeMinogue: i guess
(08/14 19:10:06) Jishin shrugs helplessly.
(08/14 19:10:26) Jishin will check the forums and see if anyone has posted anything.
(08/14 19:10:43) NadeMinogue: k
(08/14 19:10:48) Jishin: Doesn't look like it.
(08/14 19:10:54) Jishin: Well, hmm.
(08/14 19:11:25) Jishin: All I wanted to do was get together and talk about things we could do IC, and things we didn't want to do IC, and maybe get some plot ideas started.
(08/14 19:11:37) NadeMinogue: ok
(08/14 19:11:40) NadeMinogue: hmm
(08/14 19:12:03) NadeMinogue: always the testing old ages
(08/14 19:12:22) Jishin nods
(08/14 19:12:33) NadeMinogue: mj is on
(08/14 19:12:36) Jishin: Yep, and that is something we can do pretty easily both IC and OOC, I think.
(08/14 19:12:44) NadeMinogue: yea
(08/14 19:12:46) Jishin: Oh, good.
(08/14 19:13:20) Jishin: MJ has some cool IC ideas that he's been working on with Montgomery, so I was hoping he'd make it.
(08/14 19:13:39) NadeMinogue: if he can find the bevin on the list
(08/14 19:13:48) Jishin: It should be easily findable by population at this point.
(08/14 19:14:10) NadeMinogue: it was pritty far down the list when i did that
(08/14 19:14:32) Jishin shrugs. It was about #11 out of 50 when I sorted.
(08/14 19:14:33) NadeMinogue: so not shure
(08/14 19:14:41) NadeMinogue: hmm
(08/14 19:14:47) Jishin: And that was when it was empty.
(08/14 19:14:51) Jishin: Hi MJ!
(08/14 19:15:01) Jishin waves hello
(08/14 19:15:01) MustardJeep: howdy
(08/14 19:15:02) NadeMinogue: hy
(08/14 19:15:07) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/14 19:15:41) Jishin: not much of a crowd today!
(08/14 19:15:49) NadeMinogue: yeaa lol
(08/14 19:15:54) Jishin is only standing here so she can see both your faces.
(08/14 19:16:03) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/14 19:16:05) MustardJeep: eh, still some time left, people like to be a little late
(08/14 19:16:10) Jishin: Mm.
(08/14 19:16:27) Jishin: So we really had just barely started talking about stuff when you showed up.
(08/14 19:16:43) Jishin: Mostly just about testing the old Ages, and we'd only touched on it.
(08/14 19:16:45) MustardJeep: Ok I'll bit about what?
(08/14 19:16:48) NadeMinogue: not much to say yet
(08/14 19:17:25) NadeMinogue: just testing old ages and we need to test the max of ages that would be fun
(08/14 19:17:28) Jishin: It seems to be relatively easy to do both IC and OOC -- go through an Age, look for problems, report them. We will need to figure out what sort of things we report IC, and to whom.
(08/14 19:18:03) MustardJeep: Montgomery may have a few ideas on the IC end, since that was rather a inspectorish aim
(08/14 19:18:13) Jishin nods. Yes. Weren't they doing reports?
(08/14 19:18:29) MustardJeep: for a while, episodes kinda squashed that
(08/14 19:18:39) MustardJeep: brb
(08/14 19:18:42) Jishin had thought Montgomery was going to be here ... I thought I scheduled it when he could attend.
(08/14 19:18:45) Jishin looks puzzled.
(08/14 19:19:11) MustardJeep: IC with the DPWR may be the way to go for IC reporting
(08/14 19:19:26) Jishin: That's the group that was working as archivists, right?
(08/14 19:19:30) NadeMinogue: DPWR???
(08/14 19:19:45) MustardJeep: think D'ni encyclopidia
(08/14 19:20:11) Jishin: Phone. BRB
(08/14 19:20:38) MustardJeep: every solid fact IC and OOC is trying to gather there, Almhanat only has that one requierment, No Fiction
(08/14 19:21:03) NadeMinogue: hmm
(08/14 19:21:19) MustardJeep: Ya know I am so glad that I got the Fantasy Island feed on my KI
(08/14 19:21:25) NadeMinogue: exactly what do you mean by no fiction
(08/14 19:21:50) MustardJeep: no making stuff up, it has to be based on the offical facts of the cavern
(08/14 19:22:14) MustardJeep: you can't go in ans say that kadish has been spotted walking around, things like that
(08/14 19:22:26) MustardJeep: and
(08/14 19:23:13) MustardJeep: Most of the info that people have pulled out of CC is in there
(08/14 19:23:42) MustardJeep: On of the only gripes is that there are not enough people updating it with the current age information
(08/14 19:23:55) NadeMinogue: hmm
(08/14 19:24:47) MustardJeep: it's a interesting read the address is
(08/14 19:26:09) Jishin is back. Sorry about that. (:
(08/14 19:26:32) Jishin reads the scrollback.
(08/14 19:26:34) MustardJeep: Oh please I know you were just sitting there reading the screen.... :P
(08/14 19:26:48) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/14 19:26:52) Jishin: Yeah, sure, while I'm planning my grandpa's birthday party with my grandma. (;
(08/14 19:26:59) MustardJeep: :D
(08/14 19:27:20) Jishin: So one of the things we can do IC is contribute reports to dwpr. Sounds good. (:
(08/14 19:27:38) MustardJeep: I was just telling nade about the DPWR
(08/14 19:27:49) Jishin nodsnods.
(08/14 19:28:26) MustardJeep: could be a good thing
(08/14 19:28:28) Jishin: And those are limited to factual reports, no fiction.
(08/14 19:29:14) MustardJeep: yes in deedy
(08/14 19:29:48) MustardJeep: That was part of why I was hoping that montgomery would show
(08/14 19:29:50) Jishin: OK. I think that's probably doable. We can get a link to their site and post about that on our forums, encourage people to submit reports. Maybe even hold little get-togethers where we go check a particular Age out for reporting?
(08/14 19:30:17) Jishin nods. I know you and Montgomery had some fiction-making in the works.
(08/14 19:30:46) MustardJeep: A little, but I need to pidgion hole him on that.......
(08/14 19:31:10) Jishin nods. Out of curiosity, can you tell me what that whole wanting-a-picture thing was about? Or do you know? Or is that secret?
(08/14 19:31:27) Jishin: I would have shown for that, but I was busy that night. I need more advance notice.
(08/14 19:31:39) MustardJeep: Picture thing?
(08/14 19:31:48) MustardJeep raises eye brow
(08/14 19:32:02) MustardJeep: wait you mean on the marker mission?
(08/14 19:32:04) Jishin: Montgomery posted last week Wednesday that he wanted some folks in Maintainer shirts to show up in ... Kirel? I think? for a picture.
(08/14 19:32:14) Jishin: No, not hte marker mission.
(08/14 19:32:31) MustardJeep: Oh that, no clue I was asleep. that was a very very long day
(08/14 19:32:36) Jishin: I thought it might have something to do with the thing you were both working on, but I guess not, if you don't know about it.
(08/14 19:32:48) MustardJeep snickers
(08/14 19:33:06) Jishin: Aaanyway. (:
(08/14 19:33:22) MustardJeep: I really don't care who runs with ideas just as long as they have fun doing it.
(08/14 19:33:29) Jishin: Fair enough. (:
(08/14 19:34:08) MustardJeep: So maybe the DPWR for IC reports keeping their entries current/updated
(08/14 19:34:17) Jishin: yes
(08/14 19:34:28) Jishin: What else can we do?
(08/14 19:35:32) MustardJeep: umm, that mission I passed you may be an idea
(08/14 19:35:45) NadeMinogue: ???
(08/14 19:35:50) Jishin nods. Yep. We should maybe clear that with Cyan, though.
(08/14 19:35:55) Jishin: Explain? (:
(08/14 19:36:08) MustardJeep: NadeMinogue, the basic idea behind the mission I passed Jishin is a Bug hunt marker mission
(08/14 19:36:22) NadeMinogue: o lol
(08/14 19:36:25) Jishin got it, but hasn't looked at it yet.
(08/14 19:36:55) MustardJeep: making a mission on active bugs is rather iffy, but things like the more wicked tourist missions are good
(08/14 19:37:13) Jishin has some nasty tourist missions. (: I'm working on for Kadish Tolesa now.
(08/14 19:37:14) MustardJeep: Also a Bug memorial mission
(08/14 19:37:24) NadeMinogue: hmm
(08/14 19:37:57) MustardJeep: Putting together a active bug hunt mission I saw a lot of bugs I forgot, that have just simply faded away
(08/14 19:39:14) Jishin: Sort of a 'the Age has gotten more stable, see where it was broken' kind of thing?
(08/14 19:39:37) MustardJeep: kinda, a uru retrospective marker mission
(08/14 19:39:48) Jishin: Sounds interesting. (:
(08/14 19:39:54) NadeMinogue: yea
(08/14 19:40:25) MustardJeep: It's a thought, and something that could be easily passed to people that want to see how Uru has gotten better.
(08/14 19:40:54) Jishin nods. Not that that will quell the naysayers ... hmm, though I wonder if Cyan would want something like that out there? "See all the spots we messed up!"
(08/14 19:41:01) Jishin laughs.
(08/14 19:41:16) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/14 19:41:32) MustardJeep thinks Cyanists are big boys and girls that will like people remembering their hard work.
(08/14 19:41:51) Jishin: I think it's a cool idea either way, so yeah. (:
(08/14 19:42:12) NadeMinogue: we still need to start making groups for testing ages
(08/14 19:42:24) Jishin: Yes. We can work that out on the forums, I think?
(08/14 19:42:31) MustardJeep: probably
(08/14 19:42:43) Jishin: Oh. I had an idea. Not sure where it's going, but maybe you guys can help.
(08/14 19:42:46) Jishin: The KI.
(08/14 19:42:50) MustardJeep: ick
(08/14 19:42:51) Jishin: The Maintainers created it.
(08/14 19:42:56) NadeMinogue: ???
(08/14 19:43:02) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/14 19:43:05) Jishin: They did. That's how they controlled access to the City.
(08/14 19:43:10) NadeMinogue: yea
(08/14 19:43:12) MustardJeep feels sink "knowing" where this is headed......
(08/14 19:43:23) NadeMinogue: what bout it
(08/14 19:43:34) Jishin: No no. I'm more just wondering, what can we do with that plot hook?
(08/14 19:43:49) NadeMinogue: nothing atm
(08/14 19:43:53) Jishin: One of the things I do regularly is go around and check the Maintainer beacons, to see if anything's changed.
(08/14 19:43:59) MustardJeep: oh weeeeel that is a different kettle of fish sorry. :D
(08/14 19:44:14) NadeMinogue: ???
(08/14 19:44:17) Jishin: The KI was originally supposed to provide GZ coordinates for the other Ages through the KI as well, I think?
(08/14 19:44:25) MustardJeep: Yes it was
(08/14 19:44:27) Jishin: (that was a horrible sentence construction, I apologize)
(08/14 19:44:37) NadeMinogue: the markers were the zero point
(08/14 19:44:44) MustardJeep: But like many things it is "out of calibration"
(08/14 19:45:00) Jishin: Perhaps we can, IC, work on improving the calibration for the other Ages, and see if we can IC repair/replace broken beacosn?
(08/14 19:45:05) Jishin: beacons
(08/14 19:45:12) NadeMinogue: hmm
(08/14 19:45:29) NadeMinogue: if only cyan would give us that much control
(08/14 19:45:31) Jishin: It would be cool if we got some cooperation from the DRC.
(08/14 19:45:34) MustardJeep: That could be a good hook/project
(08/14 19:45:53) MustardJeep: Catch is nailing the DRC down
(08/14 19:45:54) NadeMinogue: something for the future
(08/14 19:46:03) Jishin: We could spend time searching Minkata for its beacon. (;
(08/14 19:46:07) NadeMinogue: not gonna happen anytime soon
(08/14 19:46:24) NadeMinogue: hmm
(08/14 19:46:32) MustardJeep: It will make for a good longterm project
(08/14 19:46:33) Jishin: (It's probably out in the dust storm somewhere.)
(08/14 19:46:43) NadeMinogue: minkata
(08/14 19:46:52) NadeMinogue: is drc created though
(08/14 19:46:56) Jishin: No, it's not.
(08/14 19:46:59) NadeMinogue: ???
(08/14 19:47:13) Jishin: It's a Guild of Cartographers training Age, IIRC. Or Guild of Surveyors, I forget which.
(08/14 19:47:16) NadeMinogue: i would think the zero would be wher the cage is
(08/14 19:47:20) MustardJeep: Something like that is simple enough to extend that we may be able to weasle that out of the DRC around Cristmas maybe if we start begging now....
(08/14 19:47:29) Jishin grins. Yeah!
(08/14 19:47:47) NadeMinogue: cage has to be wher zero is sposed to be
(08/14 19:47:53) Jishin practices her Official Maintainer PuppyDog Eyes.
(08/14 19:48:15) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/14 19:48:21) MustardJeep mimics elmer fud "Here Reteltee, I have a nice juicy carrot..."
(08/14 19:48:24) Jishin: Well, if it is, it's not there, because I've been over every square inch of that cage. (:
(08/14 19:48:29) Jishin: ROTFL.
(08/14 19:48:50) NadeMinogue: i think maby it was built by the baroh???
(08/14 19:49:15) NadeMinogue: that y it could not have a marker
(08/14 19:49:20) MustardJeep: Those guys get into everything, but your probably right
(08/14 19:49:25) Jishin: Except that I don't think the Bahro write.
(08/14 19:49:31) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/14 19:49:39) NadeMinogue: look at all the caves
(08/14 19:49:47) NadeMinogue: and the stones
(08/14 19:49:49) Jishin: Yes, but not Write-write.
(08/14 19:49:56) Jishin: Anyway, we're drifting. (:
(08/14 19:50:04) NadeMinogue: the baroh dont need books to link
(08/14 19:50:04) MustardJeep: The D'ni stuff in the age means it was "Bahroed" by the Bahro, not made by them.
(08/14 19:50:16) NadeMinogue: ???
(08/14 19:50:26) NadeMinogue: hmm
(08/14 19:50:37) NadeMinogue: getting off topic
(08/14 19:50:41) MustardJeep: Flags, crates, compas tarp on the cage...
(08/14 19:51:33) Jishin: Dragging the topic back to the KI, perhaps we could also IC work on keeping the GZ calibrated. I know how much we all looove the old-school marker missions, but maybe we can figure out a fun IC something to do with them?
(08/14 19:51:48) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/14 19:52:16) NadeMinogue: hmm
(08/14 19:52:17) MustardJeep: Had an idea a while back of having more missions on the thing.
(08/14 19:52:25) Jishin: That would be eminently spiffy.
(08/14 19:52:42) NadeMinogue: make a marker mission of wher the original markers are
(08/14 19:52:55) MustardJeep: Cycle through at least a batch of five or six sets of missions, not just the one static set
(08/14 19:53:13) Jishin: That would be nice, and probably wouldn't be too hard to implement.
(08/14 19:53:32) NadeMinogue: re do the marker missions
(08/14 19:54:09) NadeMinogue: set markers wher the original ones where accessable from
(08/14 19:54:10) Jishin is getting vague nibblings about a Maintainer-styled triathlon. Trying to figure out what appropriate other events would be.
(08/14 19:54:51) Jishin: Probably the Wall, which we don't have.
(08/14 19:55:02) MustardJeep: say again?
(08/14 19:55:18) NadeMinogue: jalak
(08/14 19:55:22) MustardJeep: ah
(08/14 19:55:34) Jishin: Let's say we hold a Maintainer Triathlon. Competitors have to do three events. One marker mission, one wall climb, one Jalak something?
(08/14 19:55:40) NadeMinogue: could be implited to do it
(08/14 19:55:54) NadeMinogue: yes
(08/14 19:55:57) NadeMinogue: but
(08/14 19:55:59) MustardJeep: implited?
(08/14 19:56:03) Jishin: It's just a random thought, and it actually uses stuff we mostly-have available.
(08/14 19:56:08) NadeMinogue: we would need a way to lock jalak
(08/14 19:56:19) NadeMinogue: so
(08/14 19:56:27) NadeMinogue: the colums cant be changed
(08/14 19:56:37) NadeMinogue: or the objects removed
(08/14 19:56:38) MustardJeep: that's not that hard to do
(08/14 19:56:45) MustardJeep: locking the colums that is
(08/14 19:56:49) NadeMinogue: how
(08/14 19:57:12) MustardJeep: the load command is a mass move, it locks that colums while it is in progreess
(08/14 19:57:14) NadeMinogue: there is not a button so you can do it
(08/14 19:57:33) NadeMinogue: ???
(08/14 19:57:36) MustardJeep: just keep loading it
(08/14 19:57:49) MustardJeep: wht do you mean "???"
(08/14 19:57:52) MustardJeep: what
(08/14 19:57:57) Jishin: We could also have a specified Jalak with an owner in there who's there to arrange the layout.
(08/14 19:57:58) NadeMinogue: yes but it is a glitch not an actuall lock
(08/14 19:58:08) MustardJeep: so?
(08/14 19:58:24) NadeMinogue: and its not that easy to do
(08/14 19:58:29) Jishin: You know, a referee? So we don't have to worry about that part.
(08/14 19:58:51) MustardJeep: it's a inefficient implementation, but it will accomplish what we want, even if it is a side effect
(08/14 19:59:21) NadeMinogue: yes but if anyone links in to the age they can change everything
(08/14 19:59:43) NadeMinogue: or if u re link it fixes
(08/14 19:59:45) MustardJeep: The reff could be a good thing, now where to get a vollyball reff chair
(08/14 19:59:51) Jishin laughs.
(08/14 19:59:58) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/14 20:00:08) Jishin: The thing is that the Maintainers are supposed to be responsible enough not to cheat. Violation of the Code of Conduct.
(08/14 20:00:38) Jishin: And other players should generally be respectful, if they know there's a game going on and they're audience.
(08/14 20:00:42) NadeMinogue: yes but just one wrong press of a button and everything is reset
(08/14 20:01:01) NadeMinogue: and how would we know who did it
(08/14 20:01:04) MustardJeep: Only if you have that window open
(08/14 20:01:44) Jishin: We will have to expect people to be on good behavior. That's all we can do. Most of the folks around here are pretty good about that.
(08/14 20:01:48) MustardJeep: And if the reff keeps reseting it to the default field it's not that big a thing anyway.
(08/14 20:02:05) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/14 20:02:46) NadeMinogue: i guess
(08/14 20:02:51) MustardJeep: Are you running another of these things later in the day Jishin?
(08/14 20:02:53) Jishin: So, let's see. Where are we at? IC reports. IC KI/GZ/beacon maintenance, perhaps. IC marker mission stuff.
(08/14 20:03:05) Jishin: Yes, at 8PM Cavern Time, this evening.
(08/14 20:03:14) NadeMinogue: still would be nice to be able to lock the menu so only the owner can change things
(08/14 20:03:38) NadeMinogue: ok
(08/14 20:03:38) MustardJeep: Have you put in a feature request to that effect yet?
(08/14 20:03:46) NadeMinogue: yea
(08/14 20:04:03) Jishin: We haven't really touched on doing anything plot-based, nor have we discussed possible relationships with the DRC.
(08/14 20:04:37) MustardJeep: The DRC relationship I have a feeling is going to be prickly
(08/14 20:04:41) Jishin: But the former I know you want to discuss with Montgomery here, and the latter ... is tricky.
(08/14 20:04:52) Jishin nods.
(08/14 20:05:14) NadeMinogue: only thing we can hope for at this point is to have a relationship with the guild master guy
(08/14 20:05:38) MustardJeep: If cate goes creepy IC I seriously hope people have the guts to ignore the DRC
(08/14 20:06:01) Jishin agrees. I'd like to think that we're creating something that can stand on its own.
(08/14 20:06:10) NadeMinogue: yea
(08/14 20:06:35) MustardJeep: GD's "We want Guilds to be "Cool"" is on a sticky beside the monitor
(08/14 20:06:48) Jishin nodsnods. Yes.
(08/14 20:06:51) MustardJeep: helps when thinking of botched DRC groups
(08/14 20:07:22) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/14 20:07:23) Jishin: Every time I think of the guild, I think ... "how can I best serve the Cavern as a Maintainer?"
(08/14 20:07:45) Jishin: I try to focus on what we can do for people at large, rather than the dance of politics it could become.
(08/14 20:08:25) Jishin is very concerned about too much show and not enough substance, you know?
(08/14 20:09:11) MustardJeep: True that is a worry, we are going to have to watch of some IC that could blow up at short notice
(08/14 20:10:01) Jishin nods. That said, I do think that we can serve by playing IC.
(08/14 20:10:50) MustardJeep: That is something that I would dearly love to know; How far we are going to be allowed to take things IC.
(08/14 20:11:01) Jishin: It's just ... well, I don't want to be anyone's patsy, and I just have a feeling that if we're not careful, someone will play our guild for fools.
(08/14 20:11:50) MustardJeep: yes
(08/14 20:11:54) Jishin nods. I agree. There are people out there who advocate just going ahead and doing stuff anyway, but it seems silly to put in a lot of effort if it doesn't end up being permitted or is so far-fetched we aren't believed.
(08/14 20:13:03) MustardJeep: A lot of what the SR is doing are things that I know without a doubt that the GoW, would never be allowed to "Write"
(08/14 20:13:26) Jishin: I haven't really been keeping up with SR. Like what?
(08/14 20:13:28) MustardJeep: Or for that matter us to go off and explore/maintain
(08/14 20:14:27) MustardJeep: Some of their internal projects/ideas involve writing "their" history for areas of the cavern.
(08/14 20:14:36) Jishin raises an eyebrow.
(08/14 20:14:57) MustardJeep zips lip
(08/14 20:15:32) Jishin: Hmm.
(08/14 20:15:38) MustardJeep: Our assumed guildline is nothing that would alter or set facts that Cyan might have to refute later
(08/14 20:15:42) Jishin: I don't have a good comparison, I stopped doing DZS.
(08/14 20:15:50) Jishin nodsnods. That seems very reasonable.
(08/14 20:16:02) MustardJeep: they arn't really operating under that assumption
(08/14 20:16:11) Jishin: Do we have that written down somewhere? Because if we don't, we should.
(08/14 20:16:39) MustardJeep: It's written in a few places, but I don't know if it is written down specificly
(08/14 20:16:55) Jishin nods. We may want to write up a set of IC guidelines, then.
(08/14 20:17:19) Jishin: Shouldn't be too hard. "Play nice, and don't step on Cyan's toes."
(08/14 20:17:34) MustardJeep: I would love it if we could get some "scripts" pre-approved by Cyan
(08/14 20:17:51) Jishin agrees! That would be great. I don't know who we'd talk to about that, though.
(08/14 20:18:15) MustardJeep "Oh Reteltee....."
(08/14 20:18:20) Jishin: ROTFLOL.
(08/14 20:18:22) MustardJeep starts to laugh
(08/14 20:19:07) Jishin: OK. It sounds like we've got a start, and some stuff we can continue talking about. We want to save the plot-stuff for the next meeting assuming Montgomery can join us?
(08/14 20:19:27) MustardJeep: that is probably the best
(08/14 20:19:55) MustardJeep: If ya'll have the time want to run the bug mission?
(08/14 20:19:56) Jishin nods. In that case, are we at a good stopping point for now? It's been about an hour, and I think we've got enough stuff that we can share with the rest of the guild.
(08/14 20:20:02) Jishin: Sure!
(08/14 20:20:08) NadeMinogue: shure[/spoiler]

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I am going to try to make it, but I am away on business in Maine with a flaky internet connection. If not, I look forward to the chat log.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 3:41 am 

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Here is the meeting log from this evening's IC-planning meeting. It was a good conversation, and we got to link up with ABguy, who is hoping to start a Guild of Storytellers, which is intended to create IC storylines.

Mostly we went over what we discussed in the previous meeting (see the previous meeting's notes), and talked a little bit about IC storylines, but not extensively. There is some thought that we don't want to rush into creating a lot of IC storyline while we are not official.

There was some discussion as well about what possible issues we could run into in Cyan's storyline. This included the Cate Alexander Personal Army (no thanks, and we're not sure it's logistically sound anyway) and being called upon to defend the Cavern from attacking Bahro (possible, but we'd want to be in good communication with Cyan for that).

Finally, there was a small amount of discussion about getting some of the less plot-intensive IC activities started. We are starting to plan those now, so please head over to the Assembly of Guilds and join us there if you'd like to be involved!

[spoiler=Meeting Log]
(08/15 01:59:05) Chat.log started...
(08/15 01:59:08) Animate Rain says hey
(08/15 01:59:15) Frisky Badger waves hello
(08/15 01:59:19) MustardJeep: howdy
(08/15 01:59:46) Jishin: Looks like Warren will be her too.
(08/15 01:59:49) Jishin: here
(08/15 02:00:08) Jishin is glad for more people. Yay!
(08/15 02:00:09) MustardJeep: about another four minuits by my ki
(08/15 02:00:14) MustardJeep cheers
(08/15 02:00:41) Jishin: Hi Warren!
(08/15 02:00:43) Jishin waves hello
(08/15 02:00:47) Warren Weisstieg: Hey everyone, long time
(08/15 02:00:49) MustardJeep: good to see you
(08/15 02:01:07) Warren Weisstieg: How is everyone?
(08/15 02:01:12) Jishin is eating and will be slow to respond sometimes. I'm good! (:
(08/15 02:01:25) MustardJeep: I think we have enough here to play pin the tail on the ResEng, Who's got the lawn darts?
(08/15 02:01:36) Frisky Badger: rofl
(08/15 02:01:38) Jishin starts to laugh
(08/15 02:01:58) Warren Weisstieg: Hey, what did I miss at the meeting today?
(08/15 02:02:05) Jishin writes up a ticket: Error --laughing looks like you're doing the dying expletive.
(08/15 02:02:12) MustardJeep starts to laugh
(08/15 02:02:34) Jishin: Umm. Let's see. Talked a bit about doing IC reports on Ages and submitting to DPWR
(08/15 02:02:39) MustardJeep: odd I never looked at it that way before, Thanks for putting that image in my head
(08/15 02:02:52) Warren Weisstieg: Dpwr?
(08/15 02:02:53) Jishin: Talked about marker missions -- bug missions?
(08/15 02:03:17) MustardJeep: The DPWR is kinda a D'ni encyclopedia
(08/15 02:03:27) Warren Weisstieg: Ok
(08/15 02:03:44) Jishin: The marker mission idea is MJ's.
(08/15 02:03:44) MustardJeep: all the "known" and "Offical" facts fans have pried out of the games and Cyan
(08/15 02:04:24) MustardJeep: :roll:
(08/15 02:04:32) MustardJeep: I am a big fan of markers
(08/15 02:04:39) Frisky Badger: they smell good
(08/15 02:04:54) Jishin: Me too -- I like making the really tough touring missions. (:
(08/15 02:05:03) MustardJeep backs slowly away from the Badger
(08/15 02:05:09) Frisky Badger: lol
(08/15 02:05:29) Jishin: We talked a little about the KI and the GZ and Maintainer beacons.
(08/15 02:05:30) Animate Rain: I like them too - even if I'm not able to solve my own missions
(08/15 02:05:40) Jishin grins at Animate Rain. (:
(08/15 02:05:45) MustardJeep: something wrong with that
(08/15 02:06:02) MustardJeep: seriously, there's just something wrong with that....
(08/15 02:06:07) Jishin: The thought being that we could do some IC work on repairing and replacing the broken beacons, and try toget them calibrated.
(08/15 02:06:07) MustardJeep: :P
(08/15 02:06:22) Frisky Badger: that would be a neat idea
(08/15 02:06:25) Warren Weisstieg: Ok, let me get this straight, we're talking about things we can do with the story?
(08/15 02:06:26) Jishin had some trouble with a couple of her Eder Kemo markers the second time through. Got them eventually. (:
(08/15 02:06:30) MustardJeep: yes
(08/15 02:06:32) Jishin: Yes, that's the plan for today.
(08/15 02:06:42) Frisky Badger: Is the idea that we would then get coordinates in other Ages?
(08/15 02:07:05) Jishin: If we get some buy-in from Cyan, yeah. (:
(08/15 02:07:12) MustardJeep: Getting the calibration system extended into the other ages may be something that could "happen"
(08/15 02:07:43) Frisky Badger: I'd settle for extending it in THIS Age...still no coordinates in Descent or the Cleft
(08/15 02:07:47) Warren Weisstieg: And we could make the story with Cyan leading to implementing the system
(08/15 02:07:54) MustardJeep: as I said in the first meeting "if we start begging now we might get an answer by christmas"
(08/15 02:07:57) Jishin: Yeah. (:
(08/15 02:08:12) mtn'man: heya
(08/15 02:08:17) Jishin: I think it would be a cool story. HI mtn'man!
(08/15 02:08:23) Frisky Badger: Christmas isn't that far off
(08/15 02:08:35) Jishin brb, gotta deal with dishes.
(08/15 02:08:41) mtn'man: glad i made it, if I poof it is the connection here at the hotel
(08/15 02:08:57) MustardJeep: well tagging the calibration missions to the other ages shouldn't be that hard
(08/15 02:08:58) Frisky Badger: hah! That's dedication mtn'man
(08/15 02:09:07) ~~meadow~~: hey guys
(08/15 02:09:07) mtn'man: he he
(08/15 02:09:10) Frisky Badger: hey meadow
(08/15 02:09:16) Jishin is back. Dude, mtn'man, that's awesome. Shorah meadow!
(08/15 02:09:26) ~~meadow~~: shorah
(08/15 02:09:28) ~~meadow~~ bows
(08/15 02:09:43) Jishin: What else did we talk about ...
(08/15 02:09:49) MustardJeep: wait, why does the back of his shirt read property of motel 6?
(08/15 02:10:00) ~~meadow~~: lol
(08/15 02:10:02) mtn'man starts to laugh
(08/15 02:10:02) Jishin: Oh yeah. Some sort of 'maintainer games', leading off the idea of keeping the GZ calibrated.
(08/15 02:10:08) Jishin waves at ABguy.
(08/15 02:10:12) Frisky Badger: lol, Cate sold some advertising space apparently :)
(08/15 02:10:15) ABguy waves hello
(08/15 02:10:20) Jishin: Welcome!
(08/15 02:10:21) mtn'man waves hello
(08/15 02:10:29) Animate Rain waves hello
(08/15 02:10:50) Warren Weisstieg: Hey guys, I don't think I can stay anymore, I'm definately coing next week though representing the MAintainers
(08/15 02:10:53) ABguy: hi guys
(08/15 02:10:55) mtn'man: good old Cate, high speed wireless on the road for cavern access
(08/15 02:10:59) Jishin: Aww, OK. See you, Warren.
(08/15 02:11:05) MustardJeep: Ok warren
(08/15 02:11:27) MustardJeep: wow no link out noise
(08/15 02:11:37) Jishin: The first thought was some sort of 'triathlon', involving marker missions, the wall, and maybe a Jalak game. That's all open to discussion.
(08/15 02:11:40) MustardJeep: anyway maintainer games.....
(08/15 02:11:49) mtn'man: oh, i like that
(08/15 02:12:03) Jishin: We still gotta wait for the wall, though. (:
(08/15 02:12:14) Jishin: So if we want to do somethign now, it would be without it.
(08/15 02:12:16) mtn'man: could start with a biathalon
(08/15 02:12:21) Jishin: Yeah. (:
(08/15 02:12:47) Jishin: We tabled the serious IC-plot discussions for tonight, since neither MJ nor I had an OK from Montgomery to talk about them. We do now.
(08/15 02:12:59) MustardJeep: :D
(08/15 02:13:12) Jishin: We also talked a little about what the DRC might expect out of us, and what our stance was on that.
(08/15 02:13:38) Jishin: The general thought being that we are not Cate Alexander's personal army, if she asks. (:
(08/15 02:13:55) ABguy: having just linked in I gotta ask... What are you guys up too?
(08/15 02:14:07) Frisky Badger: I don't think we should worry about the DRC, we wouldn't be working FOR them, but with them
(08/15 02:14:10) Jishin: We are doing an In-Character planning discussion for the Guild of Maintainers. (:
(08/15 02:14:16) MustardJeep: I personally find that a repugnant thought, unless it is done carefully
(08/15 02:14:21) ABguy: Cool.
(08/15 02:14:47) Jishin: Meaning mostly that we are talking OOC about things we could do IC, and maybe getting to the actual IC later this evening or otherwise Very Soon.
(08/15 02:15:31) Frisky Badger: what do you find repugnant MJ?
(08/15 02:15:38) Frisky Badger: the army thing, or my comment?
(08/15 02:15:57) MustardJeep: One of the thoughts tharmy
(08/15 02:16:12) Jishin: So, to recap: 1) IC Age reports, 2) IC marker missions, 3) KI/GZ/beacon calibration, 4) maintainer games, 5) IC plots to be worked out tonight, 6) working WITH the DRC, not FOR them.
(08/15 02:16:13) MustardJeep: bah borked keyboard.....Army not your comment
(08/15 02:16:29) Frisky Badger: I agree, but it would be an interesting story line if she tried to turn us into that
(08/15 02:16:45) ABguy: I always kinda thought of the maintainers as police
(08/15 02:17:07) MustardJeep: better storyline as she's refused for the first time ever
(08/15 02:17:10) ABguy: Was I wrong in that?
(08/15 02:17:18) Frisky Badger: exactly MJ :)
(08/15 02:17:23) mtn'man starts to laugh
(08/15 02:17:29) ~~meadow~~: that would be clasic!
(08/15 02:17:38) Frisky Badger: not sure ABguy...some people agree, I personally don't think they were a police force
(08/15 02:17:53) MustardJeep: AB part of the maintainers were police, but it is a general feel that we don't want to do that
(08/15 02:18:11) Jishin: It's a discussion we've been having ongoing. They definitely did police the usage of linking books.
(08/15 02:18:24) MustardJeep: something or other about it being easy to abuse.....
(08/15 02:18:30) ABguy: Probably a good tought... You might attract the wrong kind of people.
(08/15 02:18:37) Jishin: They also examined Ages for safety, and Ages were not allowed to be accessed if they weren't safe.
(08/15 02:18:38) Frisky Badger: right, that I agree with...but I don't want to try and police the population in general
(08/15 02:19:16) ~~meadow~~: safety enforcers?
(08/15 02:19:19) mtn'man: keep in mind that this was in the D'ni Civilization. we are not going to copy it, but rather are just attempting to keep some of the history alive
(08/15 02:19:29) Jishin: I agree. Policing the populace of the Cavern would be problematic at best and cause real-life problems, possibly.
(08/15 02:19:43) mtn'man: we can revive the guild
(08/15 02:20:03) Frisky Badger: The Guilds worked for 10,000 years...I don't think we need to completely remodel them...just tweak them a bit
(08/15 02:20:04) mtn'man: we just don't have to do all of their duties since some don't apply the same way to human civilization
(08/15 02:20:07) Jishin: Meadow -- sort of. The idea we're running with, OOC, is that we'd help GoWriters test fan-created Ages, and IC, keep an eye on the Ages currently available.
(08/15 02:20:14) mtn'man: right Frisky
(08/15 02:20:42) ABguy: more or less beta testers
(08/15 02:20:52) ~~meadow~~: reprot changes that could create change?
(08/15 02:20:54) Jishin: More or less, with some frills and dressings and maybe a bit of storyline attach.
(08/15 02:20:57) Jishin: attached.
(08/15 02:21:04) ~~meadow~~: ok
(08/15 02:21:17) MustardJeep: A Idea that I came up with is IC we start moving into Garrison, the Maint pub, or where ever.
(08/15 02:21:48) MustardJeep: I approched the SR about it as it is something that they could help with to add more backing to the story
(08/15 02:22:17) MustardJeep: but basicly it would build up to the point of the GoW releasing it's first Fan age
(08/15 02:22:18) Jishin nods. It will kind of depend? Because the public Gahreesen is small, and otherwise we will need lots of invites. The pub is probably better, if/when it apepars.
(08/15 02:22:28) MustardJeep: so this is something small that could drag on for a long while
(08/15 02:23:00) Jishin: Ah ... so while they are writing, we can make up stories about "Aggh, not going back there again, giant pitcher plants with TEETH." Yes?
(08/15 02:23:08) Frisky Badger: keep in mind that no one is the official Guild yet, we shouldn't start any storyline stuff until that gets decided
(08/15 02:23:23) MustardJeep: bit's of the story would be people "sneeking" in and finding out things early yes
(08/15 02:23:54) MustardJeep: like I said very small and geared around the GoW's production table
(08/15 02:24:18) MustardJeep: but everyone likes sneeking a peek early
(08/15 02:24:20) Jishin nods at FB. Though it would help to show that we are active and ready to work, I think? There's a balancing act that needs doing.
(08/15 02:24:26) MustardJeep: so it could be fun
(08/15 02:24:41) Frisky Badger: yes, planning if fine...I just don't think we should necessarily act on it yet
(08/15 02:24:47) mtn'man: agree with MJ and Jishin
(08/15 02:25:00) Frisky Badger: is fine, rather
(08/15 02:25:22) mtn'man: those folks that band together and get organized will be the ones to form any guild, i think we are moving in the right direction
(08/15 02:25:33) ABguy: Work toward a common goal, thats the first step... I would work out a basic mission statement. Then start working out ways to make that mission reality.
(08/15 02:25:46) Jishin: We've got one in the works on the Assembly of Guilds forum, actually. (:
(08/15 02:26:01) Frisky Badger: I agree, but if we were to push a storyline now, half the cavern would say "You aren't the Guild of Maintainers yet"
(08/15 02:26:12) MustardJeep: true
(08/15 02:26:21) mtn'man: true FB, but we need to plan it out and we have plenty of time at least
(08/15 02:26:29) Frisky Badger: right
(08/15 02:26:47) MustardJeep: at the very least we need to get Reteltee to find us some IC answers
(08/15 02:26:49) ABguy: Well, even if you are not the Maintainers its a good idea to have some type of structure in place so that when it does happen there is something there.
(08/15 02:27:10) Jishin hates waiting. I'd like to go up to the DRC/Cyan and hand them our paperwork now and get things moving officially, but that won't happen until we get more confirmation of what they're looking for.
(08/15 02:27:29) mtn'man nods his head
(08/15 02:27:37) MustardJeep: If we can get a few more ideas developed before the next episode it can be passed to the DRC as a KI journal very easily
(08/15 02:27:38) Jishin: We actually have done a reasonable amount of paperwork already.
(08/15 02:27:51) mtn'man: i'm hoping we hear move before the next episode
(08/15 02:27:52) ABguy: If you merge into a bigger body, then you still have the work to contribute. But I would warn that right now waiting for someone else to do the work is probably not a good idea.
(08/15 02:27:57) Frisky Badger: I wonder if they are going to wait for the opening of the Guild Hall to announce the actual start of the Guilds
(08/15 02:28:02) Jishin nodsnods at MJ.
(08/15 02:28:37) MustardJeep rolls his eyes, and mutters probably
(08/15 02:28:43) Jishin nods at ABguy. We're a little bit stuck right now, as there's only so much information that we know they want. We're trying to move ahead but still stay flexible.
(08/15 02:29:10) ABguy: Then shoot for generic attainible goals.
(08/15 02:29:42) ABguy: That should allow you to remain flexible as well as organized.
(08/15 02:29:46) Jishin: Yep, that's pretty much what we've been working out. (: Today, I think, was discussion of the last of those, which was what we might do IC as well as OOC.
(08/15 02:30:17) ABguy: Sounds promising I think
(08/15 02:30:18) Jishin: We've done a lot of OOC discussion, but not as much about IC ways we can contribute.
(08/15 02:30:18) MustardJeep: :D Next the big multi group meeting where the fun gets really messy. :D
(08/15 02:30:36) ABguy: Yeah on the 20th
(08/15 02:30:47) ABguy: Thats going to be... interesting.
(08/15 02:30:51) Jishin is only going to be able to make the short meeting. (: So I'll leave the mess-making to you guys.
(08/15 02:31:05) Frisky Badger: Town Hall meetings....where the fun gets serious
(08/15 02:31:09) ABguy: I wonder how Im going to be recieved at that meeting :)
(08/15 02:31:12) mtn'man hopes he gets to go home by then
(08/15 02:31:34) MustardJeep: Currently I am building a marker mission to highlight some of the few remaining goof ups in the city, kinda a this is what happens if you don't mind the details thing.
(08/15 02:31:41) Jishin looks quizzically at ABguy. Wh would you be received strangely?
(08/15 02:31:46) mtn'man: bring it on ABguy, you've had some good ideas tonight
(08/15 02:31:47) Animate Rain: I hope I will be awake
(08/15 02:32:00) ABguy: well... Im wanting to start my own guild
(08/15 02:32:08) Jishin: That's cool. (: What kind?
(08/15 02:32:10) mtn'man: ahh
(08/15 02:32:13) MustardJeep: :D doing what?
(08/15 02:32:16) ABguy: Storytellers guild
(08/15 02:32:21) mtn'man: oh, very nice
(08/15 02:32:26) MustardJeep: kewl
(08/15 02:32:32) Jishin: What would it cover?
(08/15 02:32:46) Frisky Badger: just start it...not like you need DRC, or anyone's, approval
(08/15 02:33:02) ABguy: Well... it would tell stories which are more explorer focused as a general guideline
(08/15 02:33:02) mtn'man: true FB
(08/15 02:33:23) Jishin nodsnods. So it would be a ground for IC story development?
(08/15 02:33:37) ABguy: Correct, with one major restriction
(08/15 02:33:52) ABguy: It cannot interfere with the developer storyline
(08/15 02:33:53) MustardJeep: "The Adventures of Bob A'gobo"
(08/15 02:34:02) ~~meadow~~: brb
(08/15 02:34:09) Jishin: Right, that makes total sense.
(08/15 02:34:36) ABguy: Well for example, a story about a explorer who finds old D'ni letters in a burnt out light in Bevin
(08/15 02:34:41) MustardJeep: I really don't think you will have much to worry about
(08/15 02:35:08) ABguy: I hope so. I chose Guild mainly because it was a little more authentic
(08/15 02:35:11) ABguy: :)
(08/15 02:35:25) mtn'man: hey No'ga
(08/15 02:35:34) MustardJeep: A question ABguy, have you checked out the Subterainean restoration?
(08/15 02:35:38) Jishin: I wonder if we could possibly work hand-in-hand. I know that Montgomery and MJ have some ideas for some storylines involving the Maintainers, and also not involving the Maintainers.
(08/15 02:35:44) MustardJeep: sorry for the spelling
(08/15 02:35:46) Jishin: Hi, No'ga.
(08/15 02:35:47) ABguy: Never heard of it MJ
(08/15 02:35:49) No'ga: sorry about that everyone I had it in my head that it was wednesday not tuesday for the meeting
(08/15 02:36:05) Jishin: Heh, that's OK, so did Montgomery, so he's not making it. No worries. (:
(08/15 02:36:21) MustardJeep: they are doing something like you seem to want, I'll pass your KI on to montgomery
(08/15 02:36:40) ABguy: heh, I have Mont on my Buddy list already lol
(08/15 02:36:59) MustardJeep: cool give hime a ring he can explain them better
(08/15 02:37:06) Jishin: Would this be a good time to talk a little about the plots you and Montgomery came up with, MJ?
(08/15 02:37:22) ABguy: Sure, we have a website already :)
(08/15 02:37:40) Jishin: And bear in mind -- this is strictly off the record. I know that this kind of stuff should remain mostly secret. So please do not go spreading it around the cavern, OK, folks?
(08/15 02:37:53) MustardJeep: Montgomery made it sound like the plots we discussed were further along then they really were
(08/15 02:37:54) ABguy: No problem
(08/15 02:37:55) Jishin will be taking it out of the chat log, though any of you can request it from me later.

(Cut for a small amount of IC storyline discussion that might be worth keeping private for now.)

(08/15 02:52:28) No'ga: do we have a plan just in case Cyan wants us to be a police like force and a good way to come to a compromise?
(08/15 02:52:34) Jishin has this horrible urge to create mountains of IC paperwork for anone borrowing my maintainer tools. (:
(08/15 02:53:03) mtn'man: he he Jishin. No'ga, I just don't see that happening
(08/15 02:53:05) Frisky Badger: I'm not sure how we could even police the cavern
(08/15 02:53:09) MustardJeep: borrow steal bahroed it's all the same really
(08/15 02:53:14) Frisky Badger: not like we can actually do anything
(08/15 02:53:23) mtn'man: that's the key FB
(08/15 02:53:29) Frisky Badger tries to remove No'ga from the hood by force
(08/15 02:53:34) MustardJeep: That is a part of why I feel that us policing things IC is bad
(08/15 02:53:36) Frisky Badger: notice you are still here :)
(08/15 02:54:03) Jishin: Yes. The trick is to avoid people talking threateningly, which I think is the most 'policing' you can do.
(08/15 02:54:10) No'ga: true but Im saying IC I guess more of a get out of it plan thats all I wanted in the first place is that we know what we will do
(08/15 02:54:13) Frisky Badger: besides, the ResEngs police the cavern as far as bad behavior goes
(08/15 02:54:24) mtn'man looks for the "/kicks shin" emote
(08/15 02:54:41) mtn'man: dang, can't even kick you FB
(08/15 02:54:50) Jishin: "Please back away from the cones. No, really. Please back away from the c... *sigh* well, don't say I didn't warn you."
(08/15 02:54:57) No'ga: cause I wouldnt doubt that DRC will try to pull that out on us
(08/15 02:55:17) MustardJeep: @No'ga that is why I have been spit balling things with Montgomery, once we findout a few more things we can tailor it
(08/15 02:55:45) No'ga: good good just trying to be ready for any scenario
(08/15 02:56:10) MustardJeep: personally I would love to see the story twist as cate gets snubbed by the Guilds....
(08/15 02:56:13) Jishin: I think it might just be simplest, if we are asked to do that, to lay it on the line for the DRC. "We don't feel comfortable doing that, and you folks know yourselves how hard it is to keep an explorer from doing anything."
(08/15 02:56:17) MustardJeep has a happy daydream
(08/15 02:56:23) Jishin laughs.
(08/15 02:57:14) groath: Shorah
(08/15 02:57:19) MustardJeep: I am all for IC but I have hade more then enough practice at being a escape goat, I'm here in Uru for fun.
(08/15 02:57:23) mtn'man: greetts groath
(08/15 02:57:27) Jishin: My concern about the police force actualyl stems from the idea that we might be asked to protect the Cavern from the Bahro.
(08/15 02:57:40) No'ga: Shorah nice hat :)
(08/15 02:57:47) Jishin: Welcome, groath!
(08/15 02:57:54) groath: Thanks you too
(08/15 02:58:02) mtn'man: actually, that might be an interesting IC thing
(08/15 02:58:16) MustardJeep: If it is walking around in snake print shirts I am all for it, but how would you get a plaid scale pattern?
(08/15 02:58:19) mtn'man: since it would be coordinated with Cyan most likely
(08/15 02:58:21) Jishin: It might be, but we run into similar problems. How do we do it?
(08/15 02:58:46) Jishin: If it's coordinated with Cyan, it might work out OK, but it could still be a problem if things aren't communicated well.
(08/15 02:58:50) groath: What are we discussing?
(08/15 02:58:55) Jishin: (We come in peace, shoot to kill. *groan*)
(08/15 02:59:20) Jishin: We have been discussing various possibilities for the Guild of Maintainers, In Character.
(08/15 02:59:24) MustardJeep: Remember that at the moment Uru is a bit of a text-based adventure game when it comes to the action. So any of the fun stuff will be stage left and behind the curtian
(08/15 02:59:27) groath: Oh cool
(08/15 02:59:50) groath: I figured we were used to check ages not be police?
(08/15 02:59:59) MustardJeep starts to laugh
(08/15 02:59:59) Jishin nods at MJ -- yes, though there are visible Bahro now, so that might make a difference.
(08/15 03:00:05) Jishin cheers groath.
(08/15 03:00:14) groath nods his head
(08/15 03:00:36) groath: It could but if there is no war there is no need for use as police
(08/15 03:00:43) Jishin: We are now in the worst-case scenario planning. What if Cate Alexander tries to use us as her personal army? What if we have to defend the Cavern from the Bahro?
(08/15 03:00:55) MustardJeep nudges the Bahro muffin basket a little further behind his back.
(08/15 03:00:59) groath: I say get a cone and run!
(08/15 03:01:07) Jishin laughs at MJ.
(08/15 03:01:28) ABguy: If it comes to it I say your goal should be to protect the cavern, and or more importantly the explorers
(08/15 03:01:30) mtn'man: i do think that would be Cyan storyline
(08/15 03:01:34) No'ga: cause we either can accept it and see what Cyan has planned or say no way and see what they have planned I think this is another way we effect the outcome hopefully
(08/15 03:01:36) MustardJeep: There's not that much that we can do
(08/15 03:01:38) Jishin: Anybody else have any worst-case scenarios?
(08/15 03:02:13) groath: Well the cavern caves in but thats... another ..idea i have.....
(08/15 03:02:28) Jishin: It would probably be Cyan storyline. Working with them would probably work out OK. I'm just not currently in the mood to be hated by the rest of the Cavern for accidentally shooting a good bahro, or whatever. (:
(08/15 03:02:32) MustardJeep: you may want to talk to Phil about that one.
(08/15 03:02:34) ABguy: if the cavern faces destruction... what will you guys do?
(08/15 03:02:53) groath: I would go to the cleft
(08/15 03:03:07) groath: It on earth right
(08/15 03:03:10) MustardJeep: OOC not much, IC direct people to the linking stations if their relto books are caput
(08/15 03:03:17) ABguy: or more importantly, if a malevolent force should appear, what would the maintainers job?
(08/15 03:03:22) Jishin: OOC? No game mechanics. IC ... yeah, what MJ said.
(08/15 03:03:49) Jishin: Tht kind of depends on what the malevolent force is capable of.
(08/15 03:03:54) No'ga: I would probably do what they did during the fall direct people to stable ages to wait it out
(08/15 03:03:56) Jishin: Welcome, wonderwoman.
(08/15 03:04:12) groath: I figure it would be to supply a safe spot for people to link to safty
(08/15 03:04:20) MustardJeep: "Destruction is coming" delayed six months due to the CG budget being tapped out.........
(08/15 03:04:34) groath: Lol
(08/15 03:04:37) groath: Probly
(08/15 03:04:42) No'ga: "find a way" look for the people in Pink
(08/15 03:04:47) MustardJeep: so I really don't think it is going to be spectacular stuff anytime soon
(08/15 03:04:53) groath: So any one want to go mess aorund in jalak
(08/15 03:04:56) Jishin: I think what ABguy is getting at is -- what do you do when the rest of the people are safe, but the Cavern might not be?
(08/15 03:05:08) ABguy: right
(08/15 03:05:09) Jishin: But correct me if I'm wrong.
(08/15 03:05:17) No'ga nods his head
(08/15 03:05:17) No'ga: Jalak is good
(08/15 03:05:18) MustardJeep: Now that is a thought
(08/15 03:05:23) groath: Wait are you a guy ?
(08/15 03:05:27) mtn'man: we are actually having a meeting
(08/15 03:05:38) Jishin: My general thought is, gather intelligence, then determine what to do, and do it.
(08/15 03:05:44) mtn'man: tis ok
(08/15 03:05:53) MustardJeep: ABguy, if you come up with some ideas to that end I would love to hear them
(08/15 03:06:02) No'ga: yep I would like to know where the emegency equipment is
(08/15 03:06:09) groath: Yah
(08/15 03:06:11) Jishin: Behind that locked door in Kirel.
(08/15 03:06:15) MustardJeep: hardhats are on takota rooftop
(08/15 03:06:15) groath: Is it under the foutian!
(08/15 03:06:17) Jishin snuck in there the other day. (;
(08/15 03:06:24) groath: Lol
(08/15 03:06:28) ABguy: Sure... if it happens I will try to direct you from the safety of my Relto :)
(08/15 03:06:37) MustardJeep: :P
(08/15 03:06:44) No'ga: :P
(08/15 03:06:47) groath: ............
(08/15 03:06:52) MustardJeep: ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
(08/15 03:06:54) Jishin laughs. That's right, you're an explorer, you stay safe. Us crazy Maintainers will go deal with Kadish and his army of bad bahro.
(08/15 03:07:00) groath: I would get people to the cleft
(08/15 03:07:06) mtn'man: bring em on
(08/15 03:07:17) ABguy: I actually have a story that relates to a maintainer
(08/15 03:07:25) MustardJeep: cool
(08/15 03:07:25) groath: Go ahead
(08/15 03:07:29) Jishin: Do tell. (:
(08/15 03:07:45) ABguy: perhaps a little later, its kinda long
(08/15 03:07:54) No'ga waves hello
(08/15 03:07:54) Jishin: OK.
(08/15 03:07:55) MustardJeep: Would you mind posting it in detail over at the AoG later?
(08/15 03:08:01) groath: I do figure the drc would put the maintainers suits back for only the maintaniers
(08/15 03:08:12) groath: In case of ecmergency
(08/15 03:08:20) ABguy: Sure, if I can figure out what AoG is :)
(08/15 03:08:20) Frisky Badger: well, they would be needed on the Wall I think
(08/15 03:08:31) Jishin: I'm sure everyone will get to wear them on the Wall. Whether or not we get tot ake them home is a totally different question.
(08/15 03:08:34) groath: Ture...
(08/15 03:08:40) MustardJeep: Nah we get the suit mark two, and the grate bug should be fixed in the wall room
(08/15 03:08:58) groath: Nothing we are talking
(08/15 03:09:11) groath: The wall was so cool
(08/15 03:09:13) Jishin has the sound off, so if anyone is using text, I can't hear you.
(08/15 03:09:16) mtn'man: i do hope they give us the suits at some point, like guild of greeters shirts
(08/15 03:09:24) Jishin: not text, voice chat. Jeez.
(08/15 03:09:40) ABguy remembers that if you tie wonder woman up she looses her powers... atleast in the comic books.
(08/15 03:09:47) Jishin facepalms.
(08/15 03:09:55) groath says DOH!
(08/15 03:09:57) Animate Rain: I have sounds on but I don't hear you (just the fountain)
(08/15 03:10:05) Jishin: Anyway ... so does anyone else have some more IC ideas?
(08/15 03:10:16) groath: I think i am good
(08/15 03:10:22) groath: Any one want to go to jalak
(08/15 03:10:25) MustardJeep: I'm tapped out for the moment
(08/15 03:10:32) ABguy hasnt thought that far ahead
(08/15 03:10:35) groath: Oh hey !
(08/15 03:10:42) MustardJeep: Jalak sounds good i fit is a quick game
(08/15 03:10:49) groath: Why is the alternet vualt and the real vult in the same age!
(08/15 03:10:51) Jishin: Jalak eats me. /:
(08/15 03:10:58) groath: In kadish
(08/15 03:11:07) Jishin: I have a long theory about Kadish.
(08/15 03:11:07) groath: It is
(08/15 03:11:19) groath says DOH!
(08/15 03:11:20) Jishin: Which all starts with the idea that he's much much sneakier than he was given credit for.
(08/15 03:11:21) MustardJeep: They are not by some theory just in two very very similar ages
(08/15 03:11:28) ABguy: I also have a ghost story about Kadish
(08/15 03:11:53) groath: No me and a frined prved the alternet vult and the one in the main age are in the same age
(08/15 03:12:01) groath: proved*
(08/15 03:12:01) MustardJeep: ABguy you have so got to meet up with some of the other story people
(08/15 03:12:08) groath: Yah
(08/15 03:12:20) Jishin: OK, so I htink we're at the point where we can generally wrap up for now. Would anyone like to get started on some of the less IC-intensive IC ideas? Like preparing to work on the various Ages and maybe setting up some events?
(08/15 03:12:21) groath: So who wants to go to jalak
(08/15 03:12:22) ABguy: Lol sounds like we'd have a blast
(08/15 03:12:47) Jishin: We can plan most of this on the AoG forums, I'm just looking for volunteers to help, 'cause it is some work.
(08/15 03:13:11) MustardJeep: I'm already working on my mission I hope to have it ready to distribute by the big meeting on the 20th
(08/15 03:13:11) groath: I am great at geting partys going peopel find my funny
(08/15 03:13:17) Frisky Badger: I'll pitch in where I can
(08/15 03:13:23) groath: Same here
(08/15 03:13:31) No'ga: ok bye
(08/15 03:13:39) Jishin nods at groath. OK. Are you on AoG?
(08/15 03:13:42) mtn'man: boring, love it
(08/15 03:13:58) ABguy: Lol... well we found another way to defeat wonder woman....
(08/15 03:14:00) groath: AoG...
(08/15 03:14:05) mtn'man: lol
(08/15 03:14:05) Jishin: Assembly of Guilds?
(08/15 03:14:05) Frisky Badger: lol
(08/15 03:14:05) No'ga: dont think WW knew it was a meeting
(08/15 03:14:10) groath: Lol
(08/15 03:14:18) groath: No i am not and i should be
(08/15 03:14:21) Jishin: Most of the maintainer stuff is going on there.
(08/15 03:14:25) Jishin: (Right?)
(08/15 03:14:30) MustardJeep: yes
(08/15 03:14:33) No'ga: looks right
(08/15 03:14:38) MustardJeep: brb
(08/15 03:14:53) MustardJeep: back, and yep
(08/15 03:14:56) groath: Ok so say yes if you want to go to my jalak
(08/15 03:15:03) mtn'man: i can't believe i have not been disconnected yet
(08/15 03:15:16) Jishin: Cool. Good deal. All right, let's break, and I'll post chatlog and stuff and hopefully we can get some of this stuff going.
(08/15 03:15:25) Jishin: Thanks for coming, ABguy. (:
(08/15 03:15:26) MustardJeep: sure either issue a bunch of invites or be willing to share
(08/15 03:15:26) No'ga: shorah Curty
(08/15 03:15:30) Player added.
(08/15 03:15:37) Jishin: Greetings, Curty. (:
(08/15 03:15:46) No'ga: groath > yes
(08/15 03:15:51) ABguy: Np thanks for having me
(08/15 03:15:53) Jishin: I need to head off, so while I'd like to come, I really can't. But thanks for the invite, groath.
(08/15 03:15:55) Curty: Excuse me
(08/15 03:15:56) Curty: Hi:)
(08/15 03:15:57) mtn'man: i am probably going to drop pellets and then hit email
(08/15 03:16:07) mtn'man: hey Curty
(08/15 03:16:13) Curty: Hey
(08/15 03:16:16) groath: I will give you one if you change your mind
(08/15 03:16:22) Jishin: We're just breaking up the Guild of Maintainers meeting, Curty. Were you here for that?
(08/15 03:16:24) mtn'man: ok
(08/15 03:16:30) Curty: Does anybody know how to log in the IRC Uru chat?
(08/15 03:16:41) Jishin shakes her head. Sorry, didn't even know it existed.
(08/15 03:16:49) Curty: No but im interested in that too
(08/15 03:16:53) ABguy: yes type /startlog
(08/15 03:17:00) No'ga: I think its client based in IRC
(08/15 03:17:02) ABguy: Then type /endlog
(08/15 03:17:02) MustardJeep: should just be choose your fav IRC program and put in the channel info
(08/15 03:17:13) No'ga: mine has a logging menu
(08/15 03:17:20) Jishin: Well, we're pretty much done, but there will be a chatlog posted to MOUL forums and the Assembly of Guilds forums.
(08/15 03:17:31) Jishin: We talked about a bunch of things we could do In Character tonight.
(08/15 03:17:33) Curty: mustard it wont let me safe the channle and such
(08/15 03:17:39) groath: I can put it on UO fourms
(08/15 03:17:40) MustardJeep: I got to run, Thanks for the meeting Jishin
(08/15 03:17:50) Jishin: Sure, MJ. Thanks for coming!
(08/15 03:17:50) Curty: i don't know why there a better version of Xchat2?
(08/15 03:17:52) mtn'man: poofed
(08/15 03:18:18) No'ga: I use HydraIRC and MIRC
(08/15 03:18:19) Curty: So was this about beta testing...
(08/15 03:18:28) mtn'man: i just use mIRC
(08/15 03:18:30) groath: Ok i think i got every one who wanted to go
(08/15 03:18:36) Jishin: Yes and no. We expect that will be part of the Maintainer duties.
(08/15 03:18:43) Frisky Badger: well I need to call it a night....nice meeting you all. I look forward to working on this more :)
(08/15 03:18:46) Frisky Badger waves goodbye
(08/15 03:18:46) Curty: R they free clients?
(08/15 03:18:50) mtn'man: see ya
(08/15 03:18:53) groath: Bye
(08/15 03:18:58) Jishin: But we are also talking about things that we can do that do not include testing, like IC creating marker missions and holding events.
(08/15 03:18:58) Frisky Badger (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/15 03:19:04) mtn'man: mIRC has a nag screen, but it is basically free
(08/15 03:19:05) groath: Ok i gave out the invites
(08/15 03:19:23) groath: You will need them for some of the games i play
(08/15 03:19:24) Jishin: And possibly doing some IC storyline and roleplay once we are more established.
(08/15 03:19:27) ABguy: I also think I will head out for the evening... so many hoods to drop in on. Take it easy guys
(08/15 03:19:32) Jishin: You too!
(08/15 03:19:34) Error: Don't know how to '/waves'
(08/15 03:19:36) Jishin waves hello
(08/15 03:19:39) Jishin waves goodbye
(08/15 03:19:39) mtn'man: good stuff ABguy
(08/15 03:19:39) Curty: Ok let me check
(08/15 03:19:41) groath: C yah
(08/15 03:19:42) mtn'man: glad you came by
(08/15 03:19:47) No'ga: well Im going to head out also nice to meet everyone and see what is going on
(08/15 03:19:56) Jishin: Same here. Nice meeting you too.
(08/15 03:19:58) groath: Well c yah all at jalak
(08/15 03:20:02) mtn'man: dittos
(08/15 03:20:23) mtn'man: sorry Kalypso, looks like we are all heading out
(08/15 03:20:24) Jishin also needs to go. Curty, there will be all the details posted in the Guilds forum, in the Maintainer thread, on the Myst Online: Uru Live forums.
(08/15 03:20:39) mtn'man: great work today Jishin
(08/15 03:20:40) Kalypso: Could I take 3 minutes of your timeOk. Maybe an other time. Have a nice trip ;)
(08/15 03:20:41) Jishin:
(08/15 03:20:44) mtn'man: thanks for the summaries
(08/15 03:20:45) Jishin: Thanks, mtn'man. (:
(08/15 03:20:55) Jishin: What do you need, Kalypso?
(08/15 03:21:01) Jishin can stay just a tad longer.
(08/15 03:21:02) mtn'man: sure Kalypso
(08/15 03:21:05) mtn'man: whats up
(08/15 03:21:25) Kalypso: Well I,m doing a quick survey on Uru. 3 simple questions
(08/15 03:21:31) mtn'man: shoot
(08/15 03:21:32) Jishin listens.
(08/15 03:22:58) ...Chat.log stopped.

Image Jishin's KI: 82165

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 6:41 am 

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Great job, Jishin and everyone. Sorry I missed it.

Some excellent ideas in there. I started having a few more IC ideas, but then I thought it is probably a bad idea to start running with them until we have a better idea of what we are doing. Among the long list of things we need to accomplish is earning the respect and cooperation of the rest of the community. And if we start playing games with their heads and making stuff up, that will become diffidult.

But I definitely want to keep this conversation going.

Montgomery - Maintainer Grand Master of Inspections (ret.)

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 12:03 pm 

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It really was a great meeting, and Montgomery I told ABguy to get a hold of you to talk about SR. He's very interested in anything having to do with Explorer oriented IC story.

Now for the little bit that I thought was a given that suprised a few people in the meeting.

We are working at the speed of the episodes for IC things. Which means three weeks of planning versus one week of chasing the DRC to pass over a KI journal filled with three weeks worth of plans and ideas for them to read.

That alone is going to keep this projext moving at the proper pace, one week out of four we may get the chance to contact the DRC for a few IC permissions to do things. Of course you also have to figure that it will be the next episode before we would get a reply; maybe.....


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PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 8:41 pm 

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it is awesome to see that we are getting things planned for an IC role. We seem to have agreed on many points of the new Guild structure. We still have the all-guild meeting to go to figure some things out in relation to other guilds. Thankfully we're getting thinds figured out. I hope next weeks meeting will help close some issues so that we may finalize our present situation. Then we'll be doing some big stuff next episode.

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