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PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 10:30 pm 

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Your right Ja'de; Reteltee is an Advisor.

By the varied whim of the DRC he got placed in the position by asking the right questions at the right time. But from the small comments that have surfaced in the chatlogs he might as well be called Liaison.

At the moment he's a messenger between the Explorer's and the DRC, or at least seems to be. It's going to take the efforts of the Explorers in general, and the Explorers actively trying to build the guilds support before he might have some fun. He's got good IC Ideas, and after reading his older posts I have to say some of them are fairly interesting ones.

Personally I would love to see him direct at least part of his efforts into the "Guild of Messengers". The D'mala Liaisons were burned for lack of support, and more then a few of the news groups have failed because DRC contact is spotty at best.


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PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 11:05 pm 

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Well, he may 'only' be an advisor on the project but that still makes him the most significant explorer of all of us as far as getting ideas across to Cyan is concerned, which makes his presence very significant.

Appreciated it is the best you can do, Montgomery. Just a shame, is all.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 4:25 am 

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I'm going to try and make it to both meetings, perhaps acting at least partially as a representative for the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship for the 2 pm meeting.

Some thoughts about D'ni Guilds:

The 18 major D'ni guilds, more than anything else, show what the D'ni culture before the Fall was like. The fact that the D'ni had separate guilds for Book-makers, Ink-makers, and Writers tells us that the D'ni thought that these activities were each important enough to merit their own individual guilds. On the other hand, before 2488 DE, there was but one guild for all kinds of art, the Guild of Fine Arts (which was later separated into many minor guilds). The D'ni Guilds tell us what activities the D'ni thought were important and necessary for their society to survive.

We, the Explorers, the New D'ni, have different ideas of what activities are important. This is evidenced by the fact that we have a (now official and DRC-backed) Guild of Greeters, which the D'ni did not have. Similarly, we have the D'ni Zoological Society, when there appears to be no equivalent in the D'ni guilds.

Really, the point of this is that I don't want the explorers or the DRC to become too wed to the idea of matching our Guilds with the D'ni Guilds on a one-to-one basis. (For instance, what would the Guild of Ink-makers do? Presumably make ink for the Writers in an IC sense, but in an OOC sense, what does that even mean?)

Rehchoortahn, KI # 06966008

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 4:45 am 
Obduction Backer

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But the Guild of Greeter has been Cyan backed for years and only recently recognized by the DRC. Since the service we provide is primarily OOC, I find it difficult to see how an IC Advisor fits. This is my personal opinion.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 6:36 am 

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I certainly think the topic of exactly what role Reteltee will play is an important one. I'm not sure even he knows, at this point. But my first question is exactly who is he meant to advise? The DRC, or us? This is a key point.

I've had a number of productive conversations with many groups of explorers in the last few days, some of them who have been around since the original Prologue. And these discussions of the history of of the D'ni Guilds, the Kings, and the High Council, have been enlightening. I believe I undersand that there was for a while a balance enjoyed between the power of the King and the combined power of the Guilds. And when there was no longer a King, the guilds created the High Council -- the Five.

Consider Cate Alexander's comments:

(08/03 06:12:40) Yellowdog: Cate, as a Greeter, I am wondering what your vision of the guild is? Where we fit into the BIG picture?
(08/03 06:13:23) Cate Alexander: My vision is the Guild of Greeters meeting with the other Guilds in the Guild Hall on the Island running the affairs of this cavern as the Guilds used to run the affairs of D'ni.
(08/03 06:14:05) Cate Alexander: I personally hope to see the Guilds restored to their ancient beauty... some day.

Ominous, to say the least, in light of Yeesha's predictions, and Cate's recent quiet power grab in the DRC, where she swiftly went from zero to 2 votes out of 5.

I think whatever we do, we must at least acknowledge the possibility of ... pressure from Cate. Given that she has placed a hand-picked "advisor" in our midst. And above all, we must stick together.

I've been toying with the idea of forming some sort of deliberative body representing all guilds and major groups. Call it a Guild Council if you like. NOT TO RULE! NOT TO "RUN THE AFFAIRS" OF ANYONE. But to make decisions. This will take a lot of thought and probably some trial and error to find a fair representative balance. But off the top of my head I'm thinking of something along these lines:

Two elected or appointed representatives from each of the five DRC-sanctioned guilds, and one representative from each of the other major groups calling themselves guilds or societies or whatever -- after some effort has been made to place those pre-existing groups/guilds under the umbrella of those guilds with which they wish to be affiliated (in other words the Inspectors would be represented by the Maintainers and not have their own vote, but the Zoological Society would have it's own vote). Which pre-existing "non-Big 5" groups are given a vote should be somehow limited or defined, or possibly decided by a vote of the ten Guild representatives. Unanimous or not I don't know. But there would need to be some way to prevent a) somebody gaining a vote on the council simply by claiming he/she is the Guild of X, and b) any of the major guilds from unfairly gaining "extra" votes from groups who should be under their umbrella.

The purpose of this council would be to fairly represent the interest of the Guilds-as-a-whole as an explorer entity, and also to fairly represent the interested of each individual group or guild within the whole.

These elected or appointed representative WOULD NOT be "Guildmasters." They would not -- or should not -- have any special power within the guild. They are chosen representatives who's job is to represent the interest of the explorers in the guilds who appointed them as decisions are made that affect the Guilds.

The built-in issue we face as a global community is that meetings are going to be problematic at best, as any time of the day or night is bound to be inconvenient to somebody, and timezones are a poor criteria for participation or lack of it in these matters. Forums may be the best way for discussion among such a group. However this provides two distinct advantages: 1) slow and thoughtful decision-making, and 2) perfect record-keeping. I'm imagining a special Council forum where anyone can read the comments posted by the council-members, but only voting members can post. And on the same board, a system where individuals can post comments, suggestions, requests, questions or objections to their representatives, either publicly or privately. And those appointed as representatives can be removed by some means to be determined, perhaps by each group being represented according to their own criteria.

Obviously, the details are going to take some major effort to iron out. And the All-Guild Meeting on the 20th is not the place to delve into such minutiae. But the CONCEPT of such a council can and should certainly be discussed.

Montgomery - Maintainer Grand Master of Inspections (ret.)

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 7:26 pm 

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The three sentences that you quoted Montgomery are the reason I think any real work needs to be done OOC. IC the "DRC" have a rather bad track record when it comes to following through with groups they formed.

There is a rather large rant on this subject but the short version; I'm in it to do things the Explorer way.


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PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 3:36 pm 

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Hey Montgomery,

Stupid question. Has anyone formally invited the DRC and/or Cyan to attend this meeting? If not, perhaps we ought to? Or was the intent to have it be purely the guilds?

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 5:13 pm 

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Jishin wrote:
Hey Montgomery,

Stupid question. Has anyone formally invited the DRC and/or Cyan to attend this meeting? If not, perhaps we ought to? Or was the intent to have it be purely the guilds?

Yes, but perhaps not formally.

A week or so ago I asked to have my account name changed in here to reflect the name I use everywhere else, and my avatar in the cavern. I created "Crimson_Bard" here before the cavern was opened to explorers. The board admin said graydragon had to do it, so I PMed him with the reqest, and added a PS that he was invited to attend the All-Guild Meeting. He replied that he had fixed my name, but made no mention of the meeting.

Do we want to cook up a quicky "official" invitation and PM him with it?

Montgomery - Maintainer Grand Master of Inspections (ret.)

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 7:21 pm 

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I think it would be a nice gesture at the very least. :D And maybe we will get lucky and some official-types will show.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 7:45 pm 

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Jishin wrote:
I think it would be a nice gesture at the very least. :D And maybe we will get lucky and some official-types will show.

Well, I PMed Reteltee over at UO, where he posts, and asked him to extend my formal invitation to the DRC/Cyan. So that's done.

I could send another one to GD, here, but I don't want to be a nag.

Montgomery - Maintainer Grand Master of Inspections (ret.)

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 10:14 pm 

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I don't think they care for you being a nag. You aren't spamming them and you have good itnentions that they know you do.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 11:49 pm 

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Just bumping this up to remind everyone. :D

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 4:07 pm 
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Montgomery, I saw just now that you had placed Veralun and I with the Messengers "representatives" in the second "agenda" post of this thread. While we support the idea of a future Guild of Messengers, it would be presumptuous on our part to act like or even be labeled as "representatives" of an (as of yet) non-existent entity. We will be at the meeting to listen and contribute to the discussion, but as CCN members interested in cooperating with others of like mind. If you can, we'd like you to place us on the list in the same way as you have place the other independent organizations.

Thanks, and thanks for organizing this!

We are the shapers and the caretakers of this metaverse. How we honor ourselves and others largely determines what we bring into being.

A story: De Landria

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 9:28 pm 

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Well this was a complete waste of time ignoring the other Guild discussions.

Lets go through the meeting shall we?

1.TCT's offer of the creation of a Forum (not website) I was the one who made the offer, TCT runs off of my server and we could accommodate another domain/server, Miles from TCT bought the domain about 9 months ago. After discussing things internally we at TCT decided it would be unwise to create the forum unless everyone approved and so I contacted everyone, when one group was against the idea I stated in a thread I was unwilling to go forward and implement it and dropped it. So what’s the first thing we discuss "The creation of a website" Ghaelen was there to reregister CCN's vote against such an action at this time.

2. Committee of representatives, you notice in this thread ... 0&start=45 (one of only three on this forum about the Guild of Messengers) I've posted it on the other threads as well. A list of the interested parties is here ... 15&start=0 . CCN have again given disapproval regarding this idea as they feel its hasty. I'll reiterate what I have said previously I feel a "council" or "committee made up of all the groups posted in the second link with one representative for each group and have the council/committee open if another group makes itself known so things are fair, then decisions can be made.

The rest wasn't really relevant although Thends question about what groups want to get out of a guild is interesting. The only real news was the constant push for people to use the AOG forums.

Why am I saying this? I asking if anyone does choose to take the floor to be upto speed on the forums


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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 10:57 pm 

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Here's the raw log for the 2pm meeting.

Thanks to moirajane and Zedra for all of their Moderating! I'm sorry to say I was no help and actually made their job harder. I'll do better this evening.

(08/20 20:00:03) CAGrayWolf: Shorah Montgomery
(08/20 20:00:03) Whilyam: ...
(08/20 20:00:14) Kato: Yes shorah Montgomery.
(08/20 20:00:21) Ghaelen D'Lareh: shorah Montgomery, thanks for organizing this
(08/20 20:00:22) Montgomery: OK ... who's got the boom box?
(08/20 20:00:22) Thend: Seriously, stop that so they can get on with the meeting or I warn you I'll dance!
(08/20 20:00:22) CAGrayWolf: Please turn the musib OFF.
(08/20 20:00:31) kyashii: Turn the music OFF, it makes people crash in big numbers
(08/20 20:00:45) Paradox: !shorah Montgomery
(08/20 20:01:01) kyashii: To the meeting room!!!!!
(08/20 20:01:08) J'anim Paedet: Hello there Montgomery!
(08/20 20:01:18) From Ravenclaw in Ercana: howdy boss... anything going on lately
(08/20 20:01:26) TCT Stellaflora puts an invisable water cooler in the Auditaurim corridor.
(08/20 20:01:41) Kato gets a cup of water...thanks, Stella.
(08/20 20:01:47) To Ravenclaw in Ercana: -- just the All-Guild Meeting in Kirel right now. Come on by.
(08/20 20:01:53) Whilyam puts an invisible bathtub full of chicken wings next to it
(08/20 20:02:04) J'anim Paedet invisably helps himself
(08/20 20:02:14) Kato picks up a wing
(08/20 20:02:16) Ghaelen D'Lareh laughs and says "yay, food and water!"
(08/20 20:02:35) From Ravenclaw in Ercana: oh ya forgot aout that was toing tonight bue might be busy so I will
(08/20 20:02:36) Thend considers getting some water but, knowing him, would probably end up soaking himself somehow, so just grabs a chicken wing and thanks everybody
(08/20 20:02:37) Whilyam: Speech, speech!
(08/20 20:02:38) TCT Stellaflora puts a vegitarian option on the other side of the chicken wings
(08/20 20:02:42) Montgomery: OK, are we ready to start?
(08/20 20:02:45) MustardJeep places "Food Station" sign over the food written in invisable ink.
(08/20 20:02:47) kyashii cheers
(08/20 20:02:49) Kato: I think so.
(08/20 20:02:52) Animate Rain takes all the wings
(08/20 20:03:04) AtionSong: Where is everyone?
(08/20 20:03:07) CAGrayWolf: Yeah ... let's get this party ... ummm ... meeting started right.
(08/20 20:03:08) Anthony: lets go please
(08/20 20:03:12) Thend looks around for a bit
(08/20 20:03:12) DaytonaKit: auditorium
(08/20 20:03:15) Montgomery: I need a second to scroll through my laggy Age List to see who's here. Stand by.
(08/20 20:03:19) TCT Stellaflora thinks AR will be sick eating a bathtub full of invisable wings
(08/20 20:03:26) Whilyam: You have 57 minutes... Begin!
(08/20 20:03:33) Dalken Starbyne: XD
(08/20 20:03:36) kyashii: do not type /look
(08/20 20:03:39) Paradox: Monty > click on someone near you, it should scroll the list up to the top
(08/20 20:03:43) Thend: Help Montgomery out. Everyone who is here, say 'Squee!'
(08/20 20:03:59) Dalken Starbyne: Squee!
(08/20 20:03:59) kyashii: SQUEE!
(08/20 20:04:00) TCT Stellaflora: Before this meeting starts, is it OK if I walk about occasionaly to take picture for The Archiver?
(08/20 20:04:00) Whilyam: All events at this meeting occur in real time...
(08/20 20:04:02) DaytonaKit: squee
(08/20 20:04:02) MustardJeep: Squee!
(08/20 20:04:02) CAGrayWolf: Squee!
(08/20 20:04:05) melodilynn: and if you're not here, what should you say?
(08/20 20:04:06) Kato: ...I tend to say "Squee!" regardless of who I'm helping :D
(08/20 20:04:07) Animate Rain: Squee!
(08/20 20:04:08) From moirajane: when will q"s be?
(08/20 20:04:14) TCT Stellaflora: Squee!
(08/20 20:04:17) DaytonaKit: Quees!
(08/20 20:04:19) Montgomery: Lynnutte?
(08/20 20:04:25) Ian A. Pertwee: Squee!
(08/20 20:04:26) Garymuc: me ghost
(08/20 20:04:26) Thend: SQUEE!
(08/20 20:04:27) Whilyam: 56:44 ... 56: 43 ... 56:42
(08/20 20:04:27) Andros: Squee!
(08/20 20:04:27) Javier: Squee!
(08/20 20:04:30) J'anim Paedet: squee!
(08/20 20:04:32) kyashii: SQUEE!!!!
(08/20 20:04:40) To moirajane: did you get the KI-mail I just sent?
(08/20 20:04:43) Sparrowhawk: squee
(08/20 20:04:44) From moirajane: yes
(08/20 20:04:51) [Relayer] Kerryth: Squee?
(08/20 20:04:58) Anthony: the news waits for no man so let get going
(08/20 20:04:58) Thend: Suqee.
(08/20 20:05:02) From TCT Stellaflora: Is it OK if I occasionaly wander about taking pictures for "The Archiver"?
(08/20 20:05:17) Montgomery: OK! Welcome. Thank you all for coming. 'll appologize in advance for the shortness of this meeting -- my lunch hour.
(08/20 20:05:21) Aura: Squee
(08/20 20:05:25) DaytonaKit scrolls through the list of age players and chuckles at some of the names
(08/20 20:05:26) To TCT Stellaflora: sure!
(08/20 20:05:33) From TCT Stellaflora: Thanks :)
(08/20 20:05:39) Thend takes offense
(08/20 20:05:47) Uli: Hi Lalune, lange nicht mehr gesehen
(08/20 20:05:52) Garymuc feels guildy
(08/20 20:05:54) Montgomery: I'd like to introduce moirajane, our Moderator.
(08/20 20:06:00) Hordath: hi altyd
(08/20 20:06:00) TCT Stellaflora wonders what Thend would want with a fence in D'ni
(08/20 20:06:00) kyashii claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:03) Thend claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:07) kyashii claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:10) [Relayer] Kerryth claps her hands
(08/20 20:06:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh waves at moirajane
(08/20 20:06:17) Aura claps her hands
(08/20 20:06:17) Sparrowhawk claps her hands
(08/20 20:06:17) Leonardo claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:19) J'anim Paedet claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:21) Dalken Starbyne claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:22) Kato claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:22) Animate Rain claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:23) Javier claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:26) Stephen C. claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:27) Ian A. Pertwee claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:29) Zirrus claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:30) moirajane: hello everyone
(08/20 20:06:31) Altydwarber: shorah all
(08/20 20:06:32) Garymuc bows
(08/20 20:06:34) Montgomery: In a bit I'll start discussions, so she will be a huge help in making that flow smoothly.
(08/20 20:06:34) TCT Stellaflora claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:37) DaytonaKit wabes.
(08/20 20:06:38) melodilynn apologizes in advance for stepping on people due to lag
(08/20 20:06:41) IBnetweasel gives a thumbs up to moira
(08/20 20:06:59) Montgomery: Thanks to all of the reps who came to represent their guilds/groups. I won't waste time singling them out.
(08/20 20:07:03) From Zedra: MJ and I will be sharing the moderating duties, and we are coordinating on skype.
(08/20 20:07:14) Montgomery: Is Pryftan here?
(08/20 20:07:26) From Zedra: do you want MJ to announce how to ask questions?
(08/20 20:07:37) Thend: Dunno. Ask the guy in charge ;)
(08/20 20:07:40) Montgomery: Oh -- Zedra is allso Moderating. So thank you both.
(08/20 20:07:50) Zedra bows
(08/20 20:07:55) Montgomery: Would the Mods please explain how you would like us to do this?
(08/20 20:08:00) MustardJeep: Doesn't "look" like it.....
(08/20 20:08:08) Garymuc claps his hands
(08/20 20:08:08) Whilyam: Pryftan is not here
(08/20 20:08:24) melodilynn takes a stroll through her age players list
(08/20 20:08:26) moirajane: Would everyone please pm Zedra with the word question
(08/20 20:08:45) moirajane: she will put you on a first come /first served list
(08/20 20:08:55) Whilyam: I will when I have a question ;)
(08/20 20:09:01) Swimmery4: Now, even if we dont have a question?
(08/20 20:09:01) moirajane: also please have your questions pre-typed
(08/20 20:09:37) Garymuc doesn't know what his question will be, yet
(08/20 20:09:50) Montgomery: OK. COol. I think this will work.
(08/20 20:10:01) From Anthony: what are we group reps going to end up doing
(08/20 20:10:03) moirajane: (remember to put /shout before your question)
(08/20 20:10:10) Montgomery: Does anyone have any questions about why we are here? Did you all read the topic?
(08/20 20:10:24) AtionSong: a brief summary would be nice
(08/20 20:10:31) CAGrayWolf: It helps to have all attending move closer to the stage.
(08/20 20:10:34) To Anthony: asnwer questions if any, and make suggestions if you have any.
(08/20 20:10:45) Swimmery4: What AtionSong said
(08/20 20:11:06) Swimmery4: OW OW OW lol
(08/20 20:11:12) Relayer Corps: Lol
(08/20 20:11:21) Ghaelen D'Lareh nudges Thend
(08/20 20:11:22) Montgomery: OK, basically I had a conversation with Reteltee about finding a way to promote cooperation between and among all guilds and groups. He agreed.
(08/20 20:11:22) From TCT Stellaflora: Should Zebda satand next to you to make clinking on Zebda easyer?
(08/20 20:11:26) melodilynn obediently takes a front row seat
(08/20 20:11:31) Thend nudges back lol
(08/20 20:12:08) Montgomery: I also have some ideas about leadership and the future of the guilds.
(08/20 20:12:08) Swimmery4: Getting cozy in here :)
(08/20 20:12:26) Montgomery: OK, I'l just sart.
(08/20 20:12:50) moirajane: (When you HAVE a question, please PM Zedra with the word Question)
(08/20 20:12:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: can everyone sit, please?
(08/20 20:13:07) Montgomery: Sonce the main 5 guilds don't really exist (except the Greeters), I was thinking we could form what I'm calling "pre-guilds"
(08/20 20:13:08) WeebaccaJr kneels down...
(08/20 20:13:30) Montgomery: It would be the same as wearing the t-shirt -- a way to show support
(08/20 20:13:34) melodilynn: someone is playing with their mic
(08/20 20:13:46) Veralun: brockmaster bitte setz Dich
(08/20 20:13:46) Thend: It's the cones melodi
(08/20 20:13:48) Swimmery4: No, i think thats a cone
(08/20 20:13:55) melodilynn: oh
(08/20 20:13:56) melodilynn: sorry
(08/20 20:14:08) TCT Stellaflora: The Bahro agrees
(08/20 20:14:09) Swimmery4: Dont apologize :)
(08/20 20:14:11) Montgomery: Also a wayto communicate to the group -- a list of interested members and ther KIs
(08/20 20:14:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: it's a conelody
(08/20 20:14:26) Garymuc: cones should be better educated
(08/20 20:14:35) AtionSong: are you going to collect KI number just here now, or in a forum
(08/20 20:14:53) NadeMinogue: forum hopefully
(08/20 20:15:03) Montgomery: There is no actual Guild to join, and no responsibilities or requirements. But we could all join these pre-guilds and feel like we're a part of something. And participate in the formation of the guilds.
(08/20 20:15:03) Thend: (Please PM Zedra with the word QUESTION if you have a question, thx)
(08/20 20:15:58) Montgomery: I'll leave collecting KIs and names to the guilds themselves. I'm nobody special, just a guy with a lot of ideas. MustardJeep came up with this idea, and is doing it for the Maintainers.
(08/20 20:16:41) Montgomery: I also have some ideas about leadership.
(08/20 20:16:58) Montgomery: Let me give a quick historical background. If I may.
(08/20 20:17:26) Whilyam: Whew... windy here...
(08/20 20:17:27) Swimmery4: Ok, thats a mic :)
(08/20 20:17:33) TCT Stellaflora covers hi ears
(08/20 20:17:34) melodilynn: yes, that's a mic!
(08/20 20:17:44) Whilyam: that's a cone
(08/20 20:17:45) Sti 'in: Oww my ears
(08/20 20:17:50) mookiethefourth: Owchie
(08/20 20:17:56) Swimmery4: The sky is up and the floor is down
(08/20 20:17:59) Montgomery: As I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong) the D'ni had a King and the Guilds. Andpower was balanced between them. Then when there was no King, the Guilds formed "The 5" and that's when things fell apart.
(08/20 20:18:07) Jishin: Can we get this show on the road? (:
(08/20 20:18:14) melodilynn: we are trying to
(08/20 20:18:35) Whilyam: Things fell apart even with the Kings when they became too prideful.
(08/20 20:18:45) Anthony: y
(08/20 20:18:54) Whilyam: The Guilds were only the last form of pride that killed D'ni.
(08/20 20:19:00) Ian A. Pertwee: (I think things went quite well with the five, but then I don't think of the D'ni as so terrible and wicked as most)
(08/20 20:19:01) Montgomery: True, Whilyam. BUt the power vacuum excellerated it.
(08/20 20:19:01) From Dalken Starbyne: King Kerath formed the basis of "The 5" system when he stepped down as King.
(08/20 20:19:01) Anthony: ya but never quit as bad
(08/20 20:19:19) melodilynn: too many bosses
(08/20 20:19:25) Whilyam: Perhaps, but that doesn't mean it couldn't have happened with a king.
(08/20 20:19:33) From Dalken Starbyne: :)
(08/20 20:19:35) Whilyam: See Jolatha.
(08/20 20:19:39) Whilyam: And Me'erta.
(08/20 20:19:46) Whilyam: Shomat, etc.
(08/20 20:20:00) Montgomery: Here's my point. A lot of signs point to Ahlsendar returning. And Cate has made a power grab of the DRC, and said she wants the guilds to run the affairs of the cavern.
(08/20 20:20:08) Anthony: the guilds countered Jolatha
(08/20 20:20:14) Anthony: and Me'etra
(08/20 20:20:14) Whilyam nods his head
(08/20 20:20:30) Veralun: sorry guys but is this a meeting to talk about the pro's or contra's from a Guild or are we here for soemthing else?
(08/20 20:20:44) From Relayer Corps: Do you want people to hold their comments till you are done?
(08/20 20:20:50) Altydwarber: let just go on and no discussion between
(08/20 20:20:52) NadeMinogue: but i thought that was the point of the guilds
(08/20 20:21:08) NadeMinogue: so the majority could be heard
(08/20 20:21:09) Montgomery: There will be a 3-way power struggle. The guilds lead by us would balance the King. But do you think Cate will simply step aside? I fear she may try to grab Guild power.
(08/20 20:21:19) melodilynn: just let montgomery finish
(08/20 20:21:21) Swimmery4: lets let montgomery say what he has to say w/o interruption, pardoning this one
(08/20 20:21:43) Montgomery: Thank you.
(08/20 20:21:45) From moirajane: Should I ask people to hold Q's until the end?
(08/20 20:22:15) Montgomery: SO, I suggest we don't let individuals run any of the "official " guilds. We use commitees instead. The way the Greeters already do.
(08/20 20:22:16) Paradox: I don't think taht we can say for sure that there will be a struggle, and I think it's needless at this point to presume
(08/20 20:22:28) To moirajane: yes, p-lease
(08/20 20:22:40) Whilyam: I agree.
(08/20 20:22:49) melodilynn agrees with the committee leadership idea
(08/20 20:22:52) From moirajane: You have 40 minutes
(08/20 20:22:54) J'anim Paedet agrees
(08/20 20:23:09) Whilyam: Ultimately the DRC will make a decision on how and who will run the guilds.
(08/20 20:23:15) Montgomery: perhaps, Paradox. But committee leadership is better for many reasons. ANd if we dn't prepare for what seems obvious to me, what will happen when it is too late?
(08/20 20:23:22) Whilyam: They will likely do this based on the work they have done.
(08/20 20:23:26) moirajane: (please hold all questions until the end--thanks)
(08/20 20:23:34) Swimmery4: The best cure is prevention
(08/20 20:23:42) Paradox: I'm not speaking against committee leadership. I agree on the points there :)
(08/20 20:24:29) KL/\RREN: Wenn ja, versuch mal auf 800 mal 600 zu stellen und dann nach kirel zu kommen.
(08/20 20:24:33) KL/\RREN: sorry
(08/20 20:24:35) NadeMinogue: yes so do most of us that way the majority will be represented
(08/20 20:24:37) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/20 20:24:47) Montgomery: My idea in a nutshell: an elected council of 5 or a larger odd number, nominated and elected by the memberships of each guild. ANY member can call for a vote of no confidence at any time.
(08/20 20:25:22) Montgomery: All 5 are equal.
(08/20 20:25:22) From Relayer Corps: Star Wars all over again. lol
(08/20 20:25:44) Whilyam: I like that. No one really has absolute power.
(08/20 20:25:51) From Relayer Corps: Sorry. i had to say it.
(08/20 20:25:52) AtionSong: Would elections occur on a regular basis, or would members be elected until they choose to step down?
(08/20 20:25:54) Kato: Yes, good idea.
(08/20 20:26:04) Montgomery: Details can be worked out later. There has been a lot of discussion on this in the Maintainers thread on the MOUL forum, if you want to read them.
(08/20 20:26:05) J'anim Paedet nods
(08/20 20:26:17) moirajane: (Please hold your questions until the end)
(08/20 20:26:23) Whilyam: Now to begin the voting on voting jokes...
(08/20 20:26:29) Montgomery: Details, AtionSong. Up to the members.
(08/20 20:26:35) Montgomery: I'll take questions, now.
(08/20 20:26:41) adox: No offense intended, but I don't think other guilds will take kindly to you "enforcing" a structure on them
(08/20 20:26:50) moirajane: Starvogen is first
(08/20 20:26:54) melodilynn was thinking the same thing
(08/20 20:26:58) Whilyam: Yes, let's form these groups and then work out the details.. it will avoid the issues with the liaisions.
(08/20 20:27:00) Swimmery4: It's just a suggested structure, paradox
(08/20 20:27:04) Relayer Corps: What would be the purpose of having pre-guilds if they don't do anything?
(08/20 20:27:05) moirajane: Kato is after Star
(08/20 20:27:09) Relayer Corps: sorry
(08/20 20:27:18) Relayer Corps: habit
(08/20 20:27:23) Montgomery: Starvogen?
(08/20 20:27:26) moirajane: Kato you're up
(08/20 20:27:35) Kato: Thanks.
(08/20 20:27:53) Kato: Sorry, I don't have mine typed, I didn't think it would go to me so fast, give me a second please.
(08/20 20:27:54) moirajane: Kato is next
(08/20 20:28:31) Montgomery: NP -- After I leave, please feel free to continue the discussions. I'll go AFK and continue to log.
(08/20 20:28:57) moirajane: (Relayer Corps is up after Kato)
(08/20 20:29:02) Swimmery4: in the future, for everyone who wants to ask something, have it pre-typed for when you're called
(08/20 20:29:24) moirajane: thanks Swimmery :)
(08/20 20:29:25) Kato: A lot of us I'm sure (I know me and my group have) have been wanting to start guilds and may or may not be far into this process--but we're confused about if we'll be accepted by the community, or by the DRC. We fear being rejected. Personaly, I think whoever claims to start the Guild first should be in charge of it.
(08/20 20:29:54) Whilyam: Pre-guild.
(08/20 20:30:12) Whilyam: The DRC will start the genuine guilds.
(08/20 20:30:13) Montgomery: Good point, Kato. THe problem, is, it isn't a race, and just being first hardly makes you the best.
(08/20 20:30:25) moirajane: RElayer Corps you're up
(08/20 20:30:26) Katee: click your mouse Mookie the button is stuck down
(08/20 20:30:29) Relayer Corps: What would be the purpose of having pre-guilds if they don't do anything?
(08/20 20:30:35) mookiethefourth: Oh thx
(08/20 20:31:02) mookiethefourth does a dance
(08/20 20:31:16) Kato: Obviously, Montgomery. But-did the DRC start the Greeters? It was my understanding that they were first founded by explorers, then supported byt the DRC, and are now the only official guild. Is this assumption wrong?
(08/20 20:31:26) Stephen C.: No
(08/20 20:31:28) Montgomery: 1) so they can communicate with each other outside the cavern. 2) a group from which to nominate leaders. 3) a group to do the voting. 4) a group to discuss ideas/make decisions.
(08/20 20:31:38) moirajane: (Please PM Zedra with your questions and then heve them Pre typed)
(08/20 20:31:48) mookiethefourth: Is cate here
(08/20 20:32:00) Swimmery4: No, no DRC members are here
(08/20 20:32:08) Relayer Corps: does that mean the groups making up the guild would loose thier independance?
(08/20 20:32:18) Montgomery: Kato -- my understanding is that the Greeters were not consulted when the DRC chose to make then one of the 5. THey are still unsure if they want to be "official."
(08/20 20:32:42) Kato: Exactly. So why shouldn't we be able to start Guilds without the DRC's approval?
(08/20 20:32:50) CAGrayWolf: Mont ... not true. GoG was consulted and accepted.
(08/20 20:33:02) From Zedra: Please say Next when you're finished answering the question, please?
(08/20 20:33:11) Whilyam: Because the DRC is the one making the Guilds. Whatever anyone else makes will not be the DRC's guilds.
(08/20 20:33:13) Stevecrox: The GoG isn't worried about being offical but that the DRC may try to force them to work differently
(08/20 20:33:16) CAGrayWolf: That is ... we were consulted by Vyan ... not DRC
(08/20 20:33:29) Kato: I hope someone is logging this BTW?
(08/20 20:33:33) CAGrayWolf: Correct Steve
(08/20 20:33:34) moirajane: (did you ask your question?
(08/20 20:33:36) Montgomery: According to graydragon -- there is no guarantee that what we come up with will be accepted in the end. But Cyan would like us to creae the groundwork.
(08/20 20:33:41) Swimmery4: I think mont is logging
(08/20 20:33:59) CAGrayWolf: I'm also logging
(08/20 20:34:05) Relayer Corps: Would the groups making up the pre-guilds loose their independance?
(08/20 20:34:17) Kato: Good. Exactly, Montgomery. So, why whouldn't we start the Guilds now and then be accepted by the DRC later?
(08/20 20:34:27) LucyCat: Has the DRC imposed any requirements on the GOG so far?
(08/20 20:34:28) Kato: Will Reteltee be at the 7PM meeting?
(08/20 20:34:38) Montgomery: No way to know. Perhaps Reteltee can say -- he'll be at the 7pm meetng.
(08/20 20:34:42) melodilynn: what happened to being moderated?
(08/20 20:34:49) melodilynn: and sending questions to Zedra?
(08/20 20:34:51) Kato: Well, I've already consulted Reteltee on this issue.
(08/20 20:34:55) mookiethefourth: Yikes
(08/20 20:35:01) Montgomery: LucyCat -- not that I know of. But I think the DRC changed their official guild color without consulting them.
(08/20 20:35:12) moirajane: Ation Song is up
(08/20 20:35:13) CAGrayWolf: The DRC have never contacted the GoG to my knowledge.
(08/20 20:35:18) Swimmery4: We're still on a question i believe, i think we're open discussing each question
(08/20 20:35:27) mookiethefourth needs a moment to breathe!
(08/20 20:35:29) From Relayer Corps: You will need to support the moderation process if it is to work here.
(08/20 20:35:31) From moirajane: please say next when you are ready for the questions
(08/20 20:35:33) AtionSong: Okay, this is less a question and mroe of a new topic, but here goes
(08/20 20:35:41) Whilyam: ...
(08/20 20:35:43) [Relayer] Kerryth: Please answer Relayer Corps' question.
(08/20 20:35:50) To moirajane: sorry guys!
(08/20 20:35:51) Whilyam: Have your question Pre-Typed.
(08/20 20:35:54) Montgomery: Next question.
(08/20 20:36:01) Relayer Corps: I typed it twice!
(08/20 20:36:04) melodilynn: yes, RC's question got passed over.
(08/20 20:36:05) Zedra: (PLease just pm me the word "Question" and I will put your name in a queue that MoiraJane will then call.)
(08/20 20:36:07) Montgomery: I'm new at this -- sorry if I'm not helping the Mods.
(08/20 20:36:16) moirajane: OK RC is up
(08/20 20:36:28) moirajane: we are new at this too
(08/20 20:36:35) NadeMinogue: it will be both its really up to the guilds i suppose
(08/20 20:36:35) Relayer Corps: Will the groups making up the pre-guilds loose their independance?
(08/20 20:37:11) moirajane: RC could you ask again?
(08/20 20:37:13) Stevecrox: sure;ly thats up to the groups
(08/20 20:37:15) Montgomery: RC, no way of knowing what Cyan will decide. I feel and Reteltee agrees that if there is strng explorer agreement, Cyan will adopt it.
(08/20 20:37:24) Relayer Corps: ty
(08/20 20:37:52) Swimmery4: Next question was asking if membership will be open or closed
(08/20 20:38:12) lor: wow
(08/20 20:38:13) Montgomery: So, if we all strongly agree, for example, that a 5-person council should lead each guild, Cyan is more likely to not iimpose something else.
(08/20 20:38:13) AtionSong: Do people feel that/shout whether people think it should be or not
(08/20 20:38:23) Kato: What did he ask? I can't hear him for some reason. PM it to me please.
(08/20 20:38:24) Reeka: Jo ich glaub mir fallen auch die Augen zu ...N8
(08/20 20:38:41) moirajane: (Kyashii is up next)
(08/20 20:38:46) Montgomery: Membership would be open, I presume.
(08/20 20:39:06) Montgomery: Kyashii?
(08/20 20:39:11) AtionSong: Well, it makes sense for groups like GoG, but what about guilds that involve some sort of skill?
(08/20 20:39:14) Whilyam: Open with more experienced members teaching less experienced. I hope.
(08/20 20:39:19) mookiethefourth salutes
(08/20 20:39:23) mookiethefourth salutes
(08/20 20:39:27) NadeMinogue: 7 or 9 commity members would be an optio n too but more than 9 might be pushing it
(08/20 20:39:35) Whilyam grabs mookie and throws him off the balcony
(08/20 20:39:44) Swimmery4 thanks Whilyam
(08/20 20:39:44) Relayer Corps helps
(08/20 20:39:52) mookiethefourth: Thank you
(08/20 20:40:11) Montgomery: Next question? Or should I go to the next topic?
(08/20 20:40:19) moirajane: (Paradox is up next)
(08/20 20:40:20) Swimmery4 is being constantly reminded this is a game
(08/20 20:40:21) Paradox: "being the first doesn't make you the best"... I don't know... I'm actively working to establish a Guild of Writers, Kato can agree that I've been working with existing groups to try to get the best outcome possible. Now you come here and tell me that I'm doing it wrong and that I should be following your view and waiting for the DRC. The Greeters were all explorer organized; I imagine that other groups can handle that as well.
(08/20 20:40:38) Paradox: Are you saying that our efforts are in vain?
(08/20 20:40:52) moirajane: (THend you are after Paradox)
(08/20 20:40:54) Katee: hear hear!
(08/20 20:41:01) Kato: Yes, Paradox and I and several others have both been working hard on that front.
(08/20 20:41:07) Whilyam: I think that we should form groups, but not call them guilds. The DRC is creating the guilds.
(08/20 20:41:11) Montgomery: Paradox. Absolutely not. Not at all. I'm just here to offer suggestions to as many people as will listen.
(08/20 20:41:11) Kato: *have all been working...
(08/20 20:41:15) NadeMinogue: no the guild of writers would be an exception to that
(08/20 20:41:39) melodilynn: I would think that people would join the guilds where their talents are most suited
(08/20 20:41:45) Montgomery: But should I just assume dictatorial leadership of the Maintainers, because I tried to start that guild back in March?
(08/20 20:41:49) NadeMinogue: gow needs to be all are equil
(08/20 20:41:49) melodilynn: I can't program, so therefor I don't go to the guild of writers
(08/20 20:41:49) AtionSong: Well, I feel like if Cyan already had a system in place, they would have said SOMETHING about it. From their point of view, if we've already come up with a system, it's easier to implement than to create a new one.
(08/20 20:42:01) Whilyam: If we go starting up guilds that appear official we'll have needless confusion when official ones arise.
(08/20 20:42:06) Swimmery4: Mont has said he's giving suggestions, not forcing policy down guilds' throats
(08/20 20:42:14) moirajane: Thend your turn
(08/20 20:42:16) Thend: So, does this leave out anyone not interested in joining the specific 5 Guilds that have been announced by the DRC? Only those can participate? (Btw, isn't a King elected (I personally wouldn't observe the authority of a self-appointed King) - we institute the Guilds as per 'Lexie's instruction to recreate D'ni, we should have to elect a King of D'ni eventually, too, huh? lol)
(08/20 20:42:45) melodilynn refuses to consider electing a king of D'ni
(08/20 20:42:54) Montgomery: Thend, I hope not. That's one of the questions being asked of Reteltee to pass to Cyan.
(08/20 20:42:55) Dani: Oh, won't Lexie be King?
(08/20 20:42:56) moirajane: (TCT Stellaflora is up next)
(08/20 20:42:57) Kato: Agreed, melo.
(08/20 20:43:00) Whilyam: Everyone knows Vort is the Emperor of all D'ni.
(08/20 20:43:00) Relayer Corps refuses to elect Cate anything
(08/20 20:43:01) NadeMinogue: same no king
(08/20 20:43:12) TCT Stellaflora: Not sure if this has been answered already, but will the pre-guilds be including the various existing organisations that fit into the Guild catagory whilst maintainaing their indeviduality? Such as The Cavern Today and the Age Builder forums?
(08/20 20:43:24) Swimmery4: Unless Lexie's had an operation, i dont think she can be king :D
(08/20 20:43:33) Thend: She'd find a way lol
(08/20 20:43:37) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/20 20:43:37) Paradox: lol
(08/20 20:43:43) Whilyam: King Lexie! .. Ai!
(08/20 20:43:46) NadeMinogue: ok were getting off topic
(08/20 20:43:51) Relayer Corps: way off topic
(08/20 20:43:53) Whilyam: Badly..
(08/20 20:43:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh would like people with so many comments to hold just a few of them so more questions can be answered
(08/20 20:44:42) Montgomery: I don't suggest anyone looses anything in joining a pre-guild. It's like putting on a blue t-shirt. But who belongs under which umbrella needs to be decided, and I'm suggesting a pre-guild would be the group to make those decisions.
(08/20 20:44:52) moirajane: (Lucy Cat is up next
(08/20 20:45:06) LucyCat: Is there one place we can go to see what these new guilds are doing? or the people trying to form the new guilds are doing?
(08/20 20:45:17) From moirajane: that is the last person on the list
(08/20 20:45:21) NadeMinogue: the forums are a start
(08/20 20:45:37) LucyCat: which forums though - there are so many
(08/20 20:45:42) From moirajane: also you have 15 minutes
(08/20 20:45:45) Jishin: The MOUL forums.
(08/20 20:45:48) NadeMinogue: 2 in particular come to mind
(08/20 20:45:50) Swimmery4: I would say start with the MOUL ones
(08/20 20:46:01) NadeMinogue: MOUL and AOG
(08/20 20:46:09) CAGrayWolf: Shouldn't Monty be answering these questions?
(08/20 20:46:11) Montgomery: LC - yes! There is a Guilds sub-forum on the MO:UL forums. Also there is a subfrum for each of the "big 5" on the Assembly of Guilds.
(08/20 20:46:14) Relayer Corps: yes
(08/20 20:46:20) TCT Stellaflora: AOG?
(08/20 20:46:30) Montgomery: Yes, TCT
(08/20 20:46:40) Montgomery: OK, before I run out of time.....
(08/20 20:46:41) George (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/20 20:47:35) Montgomery: I'm announcing a call for nominations for the Maintainer Council (pre-guild) on te AoG forum. No hurry -- we won't vote for awhile. Just getting the call rolling.
(08/20 20:47:48) Montgomery: *ball.
(08/20 20:48:10) NadeMinogue: 3 i can think of
(08/20 20:48:22) NadeMinogue: u montgumry
(08/20 20:48:23) From Stephen C.: jus letting you know that greydragon approached us to ask us for a diffrent color for the support shirt do to the fact cyan blue was already taken
(08/20 20:48:28) NadeMinogue: Warren
(08/20 20:48:32) NadeMinogue: and MJ
(08/20 20:48:39) Montgomery: Also, there was some talk about the Messengers forming a council to decide on the possible use of the site offered by TCT
(08/20 20:48:44) Leonardo: i would add Jishin Nade :)
(08/20 20:48:51) Jishin grins wryly.
(08/20 20:49:02) NadeMinogue: yes i guess jisin too
(08/20 20:49:07) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/20 20:49:12) Jishin: I totally missed the question, only heard Nade's answer. I'm not getting much here.
(08/20 20:49:16) Montgomery: Please -- let's nominate later -- not here.
(08/20 20:49:29) CAGrayWolf: Why were those names listed and for what was being answered?
(08/20 20:49:42) Jishin: I have no idea, CA.
(08/20 20:49:43) Montgomery: Is there anyone here from the Messengers that wants to take the floor and discuss this?
(08/20 20:49:48) Stevecrox: one group didn't want the domain activated yet so I haven't done so
(08/20 20:49:53) Jishin: I'm missing a lot/ /:
(08/20 20:49:55) melodilynn: RC is here
(08/20 20:50:01) Relayer Corps: Discuss using the website?
(08/20 20:50:08) Anthony: I'm here from TCT too
(08/20 20:50:10) melodilynn: if you want messengers, she should be the one
(08/20 20:50:20) Thend nods his head
(08/20 20:50:27) Montgomery: I'll yield the floor, then. Thank you all!
(08/20 20:50:38) Thend thanks you very much!
(08/20 20:50:41) Relayer Corps: ok
(08/20 20:50:42) Zirrus claps his hands
(08/20 20:50:48) LucyCat: Thanks Montgomery
(08/20 20:50:48) moirajane: thank you Montgomery
(08/20 20:50:49) Relayer Corps: Thanks Montgomery
(08/20 20:50:50) Dani claps her hands
(08/20 20:50:52) Leonardo claps his hands
(08/20 20:50:53) Kato: clap
(08/20 20:50:53) J'anim Paedet claps his hands
(08/20 20:50:55) karandara thanks you
(08/20 20:50:55) Kato claps his hands
(08/20 20:50:57) Dalken Starbyne claps his hands
(08/20 20:50:59) Aura claps her hands
(08/20 20:51:00) Zedra claps her hands
(08/20 20:51:01) Animate Rain claps his hands
(08/20 20:51:03) AtionSong: /clap
(08/20 20:51:09) IBnetweasel: yes...thank you Montgomery
(08/20 20:51:14) cwjunior claps his hands
(08/20 20:51:14) From Jishin: I didn't hear you talk at all. ):
(08/20 20:51:19) Kato: Can I have everyone's attention for a moment or does someone else want to speak?
(08/20 20:51:21) Relayer Corps: Ok.
(08/20 20:51:29) From Jishin: were you not shouting?
(08/20 20:51:30) To Jishin: are you outside?
(08/20 20:51:33) Dakro: I think DRC is up now Kato
(08/20 20:51:36) Relayer Corps: This will be for those interested int the Guild of Messengers
(08/20 20:51:37) Dakro: I mean RC
(08/20 20:51:45) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/20 20:51:53) To Jishin: I didn;t know I had too. Sorry!
(08/20 20:51:55) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/20 20:51:58) Kato: Sorry then. Please let me know when I can have the floor. :)
(08/20 20:52:00) Relayer Corps: There was an offer to start up a website for the GOM.
(08/20 20:52:18) moirajane: (Please pm Zedra if you have any questions for RC)
(08/20 20:52:20) NadeMinogue: umm
(08/20 20:52:23) Kato: And er...I apparently can't hear RC, so someone PM me when I can come up please.
(08/20 20:52:24) Relayer Corps: I would like to have a vote on whether we should start this up now, or wait
(08/20 20:52:26) Swimmery4: Dont think thers voice going on
(08/20 20:52:28) Swimmery4: Oops
(08/20 20:52:32) Relayer Corps: I'll come closer
(08/20 20:52:34) Kato: Start what?
(08/20 20:52:35) NadeMinogue: GOMESS
(08/20 20:52:46) Anthony: the GoM website
(08/20 20:52:50) Relayer Corps: Start up a GOM website
(08/20 20:52:52) NadeMinogue: not to confuse with GOMAIN
(08/20 20:52:52) Stevecrox: yes its not happening yet, I control the domain and was offering the server I am not willing to do it unless all the interested groups in Gom are ok with it one is not
(08/20 20:53:09) Relayer Corps: Can you hear me now?
(08/20 20:53:16) Andros: I vote for yes. The sooner we'll have something semi-official the better
(08/20 20:53:31) Relayer Corps: Voting for a GOM website to be started up asap
(08/20 20:53:43) Stevecrox: It was felt if a few people from TCT like myself had control of the forum we would abuse the power so we're stuck in the MOUL forums
(08/20 20:53:55) To Zedra: Question for RC
(08/20 20:54:12) Relayer Corps: I think it's a good idea as long as all news groups have access to it
(08/20 20:54:27) Swimmery4: I dont think you would be abusing power unless you deleted posts only for alternate points of view
(08/20 20:54:28) Relayer Corps: possibly having their own sections
(08/20 20:54:45) From Zedra: gotcha
(08/20 20:54:51) Relayer Corps: any votes against starting the web site?
(08/20 20:54:58) Stevecrox: well Ghaelen is the CCN representative if shes ok with it I'll set it up tonight
(08/20 20:54:58) Stevecrox: if not I won't
(08/20 20:55:07) CAGrayWolf: Personally, I would like to see all this either stay on Moul or on AOG ... keeps it all certral ... without "yet one more forum to read"
(08/20 20:55:13) Relayer Corps: ty for asking her
(08/20 20:55:15) melodilynn agrees with the idea of each news source having their own section
(08/20 20:55:34) Anthony: TCT approves of course
(08/20 20:55:47) Swimmery4: I agree, I think pre-guild talk should stay on the MOUL or AOG forums, then move over to individual ones
(08/20 20:55:54) Relayer Corps: oops
(08/20 20:55:58) Swimmery4: When we have guilds
(08/20 20:56:00) Relayer Corps: sorry thend
(08/20 20:56:02) Ghaelen D'Lareh: sorry, my key was stuck
(08/20 20:56:21) Stephen C.: Bye all
(08/20 20:56:23) Thend: lol np
(08/20 20:56:24) Montgomery: Perhaps instead of making a decision here, it would be better to form a committee to discuss it? Or announce a discussion on the forum?
(08/20 20:56:32) NadeMinogue wants to ask a question...
(08/20 20:56:34) Relayer Corps: If anyone can convince MOUL to create a section for each individual guild, then I'm all for it
(08/20 20:56:47) Relayer Corps: Good point Mont
(08/20 20:57:00) Swimmery4: Great idea Relayer
(08/20 20:57:02) CAGrayWolf: RC ... Alahmnat has already stated the the Moul forums can't handle that.
(08/20 20:57:13) Sti 'in: hoi, ik zit naast je :P
(08/20 20:57:18) Sti 'in: oops
(08/20 20:57:19) Montgomery: RC - they won't. The other issue is goving Mod priveliges to guild leaders. MOUL won't. So AoG is a better choice for that reason/
(08/20 20:57:26) Relayer Corps: then, we're stuck as to having on the MOUL site
(08/20 20:57:26) Thend: (If you have a question, PM Zedra with the word QUESTION, thanks)
(08/20 20:58:03) moirajane: Nade is up next
(08/20 20:58:05) Relayer Corps: we have no choice but to keep our individual sites, or creat a new one for all of us
(08/20 20:58:08) CAGrayWolf: Why not use AoG ... it's is already set up and ready to go ... and supplies the requested needs.
(08/20 20:58:27) Swimmery4: In that case, AOG looks like the best solution
(08/20 20:58:32) Relayer Corps: I like using AOG personally.
(08/20 20:58:44) Relayer Corps: i think we shopuld create a council to discuss this
(08/20 20:59:26) NadeMinogue: ok Relayer Corps question
(08/20 20:59:32) Relayer Corps: I would like to see nominations posted on the AOG site
(08/20 20:59:57) moirajane: (Please PM Zedra with the word Question and you will put on a first come first served list-thx)
(08/20 21:00:12) moirajane: Kerryth is up next
(08/20 21:00:14) [Relayer] Kerryth: Why not let the discussion be open to any one who wants to participate?
(08/20 21:00:16) Relayer Corps: I would also like to see the same number of reps from each group interested in joining
(08/20 21:00:25) Montgomery: Sorry to interrupt. I need to go AFK now. Thank you all again for your coments and for coming. Please continue. ALso, if you can, please come to the 7pm meeting, which will be longer. Reteltee will also be there.
(08/20 21:00:33) Relayer Corps: Thanks Montgomery
(08/20 21:00:40) NadeMinogue: is your group gonna be the base for the guild of messengers
(08/20 21:00:48) From MustardJeep: Check your AoG PM's later ok.....
(08/20 21:00:57) Relayer Corps: What do you mean base?
(08/20 21:01:00) Anthony: Yes I think that should be a requirement only one vote pergroup
(08/20 21:01:26) NadeMinogue: are u the base meaning are u gonna start the messengers
(08/20 21:01:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: Sorry this reply is so late in coming. Thank you Steve, and RC, but I think any vote here is premature. We don't know what the GOM will be, and figuring that out is what the MOUL Guild Forum is for.
(08/20 21:01:43) Relayer Corps: I will help, but I won't be the only one
(08/20 21:01:44) Anthony: infact I think each media group should get one spot on the council
(08/20 21:01:47) NadeMinogue: or has someone else started it already
(08/20 21:02:03) Relayer Corps: I agree Anthony
(08/20 21:02:09) [Relayer] Kerryth: Why not let the discussion be open to anyone who is interested?
(08/20 21:02:09) CAGrayWolf: Agreed Anthony
(08/20 21:02:20) Ghaelen D'Lareh agrees with Kerryth
(08/20 21:02:23) melodilynn: yes, and a representative of each group should help form the guild
(08/20 21:02:30) Relayer Corps: I think the discussion should be open, but...
(08/20 21:02:44) Relayer Corps: if you get too many people involved, nothing gets done
(08/20 21:03:00) [Relayer] Kerryth: I don't think that will be a problem. Honestly.
(08/20 21:03:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: let's not start excluding groups that haven't formed yet. We do have time to let things take shape in their own time.
(08/20 21:03:11) moirajane: (DeAn is up next)
(08/20 21:03:17) [Relayer] DeAn: would each group have an "internal discussion" section on AoG or would the whole forum be open for any registered forum member.
(08/20 21:03:31) CAGrayWolf: I would say ... let each group that is interested appoint their own rep ... who would in turn become a member of the GoM (etc) committee.
(08/20 21:03:45) Relayer Corps: Ghaelen, I don't want to excluse anyone
(08/20 21:03:52) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I know
(08/20 21:03:58) NadeMinogue: hmm i like that idea
(08/20 21:04:00) moirajane: (Please pm Zedra with the word question if you would like to be put in the line)
(08/20 21:04:13) Relayer Corps: please pm the Moderator
(08/20 21:04:17) Stevecrox: thats what TCT wants
(08/20 21:04:19) Relayer Corps: I can't follow all the questions
(08/20 21:04:37) moirajane: Kato is up next
(08/20 21:04:39) Relayer Corps: What question was I on?
(08/20 21:04:54) [Relayer] DeAn: was my question answered?
(08/20 21:04:54) NadeMinogue: mine
(08/20 21:04:58) Relayer Corps: Kato?
(08/20 21:04:59) NadeMinogue: hmm
(08/20 21:05:02) Relayer Corps: Sorry nade
(08/20 21:05:09) Relayer Corps: what was the question?
(08/20 21:05:16) [Relayer] DeAn: whose?
(08/20 21:05:21) Relayer Corps: Nade's
(08/20 21:05:25) Relayer Corps: then Kato
(08/20 21:05:35) NadeMinogue: are u the one who will start the guild or is there already a start in place
(08/20 21:06:01) [Relayer] DeAn: will each guild have an "internal discussion" area on the
(08/20 21:06:03) [Relayer] DeAn: sorry
(08/20 21:06:05) Stevecrox: we need to set up a Guild of Messengers
(08/20 21:06:11) Relayer Corps: We, meaning the news groups that are already formed are in the process of it.
(08/20 21:06:35) NadeMinogue: ok thx
(08/20 21:06:40) Relayer Corps: np.
(08/20 21:06:41) Relayer Corps: Kato
(08/20 21:06:45) Kato: My announcement will only take about 30 seconds--I don't want to steal your limelight but I have to leave soon, and it's superquick--do you mind?
(08/20 21:06:55) Relayer Corps: Please DO!
(08/20 21:07:03) Kato: Thank you very much.
(08/20 21:08:13) Kato: Okay everybody--one week from now, Monday the 27th, there will be a meeting in this place regarding the Guild of Writers, hosted by Paradox and I. Further details will be posted tomorrow on UO and the MOUL forums. That's all. :)
(08/20 21:08:30) Thend thanks you very much!
(08/20 21:08:38) Ghaelen D'Lareh says thank you for the info
(08/20 21:08:42) Kato: I hope to have Reteltee attend. I hope to have it on Monday, but I will have a definite date tomorrow.
(08/20 21:08:50) J'anim Paedet: Thanks, Kato
(08/20 21:09:14) Kato: Thank you all for your time and thank you Relayer for giving me the stage for a moment :)
(08/20 21:09:15) Relayer Corps: Ty kato
(08/20 21:09:28) Dalken Starbyne thanks you
(08/20 21:09:36) Relayer Corps: DeAn had a question I had not gotten to
(08/20 21:09:36) Kato: Shorah everybody :)
(08/20 21:09:38) Kato waves goodbye
(08/20 21:09:43) Relayer Corps: could you please ask it again?
(08/20 21:09:49) Relayer Corps: Bye Kato
(08/20 21:09:51) [Relayer] DeAn: ok. coming
(08/20 21:09:55) Relayer Corps: ty
(08/20 21:09:58) [Relayer] DeAn: on the AoG forum......
(08/20 21:10:15) [Relayer] DeAn: will each guild have an "internal discussion" section or will the forum be open to any forum member
(08/20 21:10:38) Relayer Corps: Is TCT running that site?
(08/20 21:10:56) moirajane: (Please PM Zedra if you would like ti be added to the list)
(08/20 21:10:59) Relayer Corps: or CCN?
(08/20 21:11:00) Stevecrox: which site?
(08/20 21:11:04) Relayer Corps: AOG
(08/20 21:11:15) Stevecrox: neighter
(08/20 21:11:26) Stevecrox: its run by a third party
(08/20 21:11:31) Relayer Corps: ok, who is running that site? This would be a question for them
(08/20 21:11:39) Relayer Corps: I have no idea DeAn
(08/20 21:11:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: CCN has CCN
(08/20 21:11:56) [Relayer] DeAn: k
(08/20 21:11:58) Relayer Corps: I need to find out who is running the site and ask them.
(08/20 21:12:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I don't know who manages the AOG
(08/20 21:12:06) Anthony: the AoG?
(08/20 21:12:14) Relayer Corps: Does anyone else have any questions?
(08/20 21:12:22) Stevecrox: I';m guessing the AoG is run by Calam
(08/20 21:12:23) Relayer Corps: Assembly of guilds
(08/20 21:12:23) Leonardo: as far as I know Calam runs that site
(08/20 21:12:25) moirajane: no one is on the list
(08/20 21:12:26) Andros: Isn't it Montgomery? Who is running the AOG
(08/20 21:12:41) Relayer Corps: I will find out and ask.
(08/20 21:12:47) [Relayer] DeAn: ok
(08/20 21:12:50) Relayer Corps: Ok. Anyone else want the floor?
(08/20 21:13:08) Dakro wants to ask a question...
(08/20 21:13:08) Thend: I kinda have a question
(08/20 21:13:14) Relayer Corps: Yes Thend?
(08/20 21:13:23) Relayer Corps: I kinda have an answer
(08/20 21:13:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, I think it is Montgomery who runs the AOG
(08/20 21:13:52) Relayer Corps: ty Ghaelen
(08/20 21:14:04) moirajane: Dakro had a question RC
(08/20 21:14:07) Thend: Relayer Corps, and any other Messengery Guildish groups, what do you see yourselves 'getting' out of being 'officially' Guilded? What is the benefit? You all already work well on your own
(08/20 21:14:59) Relayer Corps: I see as possibly getting a better understand of what each of us do, how we work, and how we all might help one another out.
(08/20 21:15:05) TCT Stellaflora is hoping for a Guild Cloak
(08/20 21:15:09) Relayer Corps: More contact with each other
(08/20 21:15:14) Stevecrox: easy recognition TCT has a constantly following but it didn't grow with the cavern growth
(08/20 21:15:36) Thend: Interesting, thanks
(08/20 21:15:38) moirajane: (Dakro is up next)
(08/20 21:15:39) Stevecrox: mostly because people haven't heard of it, by becoming offical we hope to increase awareness
(08/20 21:15:49) Relayer Corps: Dakro?
(08/20 21:15:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh boy, Thend, you said a mouthful there. Learning how better to help the community
(08/20 21:15:58) Relayer Corps: Exactly Stave
(08/20 21:16:00) Dakro: Would you ever consider merging the relayers and the GOM?
(08/20 21:16:01) Anthony: I see it as possible way to get info easier out of the cavern and into the cavern more deeply
(08/20 21:16:02) Relayer Corps: Steve
(08/20 21:16:14) From R'nway in R'nway's Teledahn: does anyone have any good marker quests for teledahn?
(08/20 21:16:15) Relayer Corps: That depends.
(08/20 21:16:25) Dakro: on what?
(08/20 21:16:45) Montgomery: Popping in for one comment -- I don't run AoG, I only support it. It is run by Calam and Whilyam (I think equally). It was started by Earthwizard who is no longer involved. Carry on.
(08/20 21:16:48) Ghaelen D'Lareh: exchanging resources and avie-power so as not to duplicate work
(08/20 21:16:50) Relayer Corps: We, as relayers, want to see which direction the GOM is headed and if that is the direction we want to go
(08/20 21:17:07) moirajane: Saavadro is up next
(08/20 21:17:12) Relayer Corps: This is still in the infancy stage
(08/20 21:17:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: showing the community itself and what things it is doing, etc
(08/20 21:17:25) Relayer Corps: Saavadro?
(08/20 21:18:22) moirajane: (Please have your question pre-typed)
(08/20 21:18:32) 5TheStranger5: tnx Kat
(08/20 21:18:54) Relayer Corps: in age players chat please
(08/20 21:20:02) Relayer Corps: Saavadro whants to know what officail "guilding" would entail
(08/20 21:20:13) moirajane: (If there are anymore questions, please PM Zedra with thw word Question)
(08/20 21:20:22) Relayer Corps: That is something the council would have to discuss and vote on
(08/20 21:20:39) Relayer Corps: any more?
(08/20 21:20:48) moirajane: thats it RC
(08/20 21:20:56) Relayer Corps: YEY!!!
(08/20 21:21:02) Dalken Starbyne: XD
(08/20 21:21:05) Relayer Corps: Thank you everyone. the floor is open
(08/20 21:21:05) [Relayer] Kerryth cheers
(08/20 21:21:06) TCT Stellaflora claps his hands
(08/20 21:21:06) Zedra roars with laughter
(08/20 21:21:09) peni claps her hands
(08/20 21:21:12) Thend claps his hands
(08/20 21:21:12) moirajane claps her hands
(08/20 21:21:12) Zedra claps her hands
(08/20 21:21:12) Sparrowhawk claps her hands
(08/20 21:21:13) Dakro claps his hands
(08/20 21:21:14) Ghaelen D'Lareh: thank you RC
(08/20 21:21:15) Dalken Starbyne: Thanks, RC
(08/20 21:21:16) J'anim Paedet claps his hands
(08/20 21:21:17) cwjunior claps his hands
(08/20 21:21:19) Ian A. Pertwee claps his hands
(08/20 21:21:24) Stevecrox: ty RC
(08/20 21:21:24) Dalken Starbyne claps his hands
(08/20 21:21:25) Relayer Corps bows
(08/20 21:21:28) Andros: Just to be sure, anyone who would like to be part of the GOM has to go to the AOG?
(08/20 21:21:46) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I don't think that is what was said here Andros
(08/20 21:22:03) NadeMinogue says stop!
(08/20 21:22:39) CAGrayWolf: I believe we are still trying to determine the best place that would be easiily assecible and central ... if this is even what the majority would like.
(08/20 21:23:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: agreed, since there isn't a GOM yet, only still discussions
(08/20 21:23:14) Relayer Corps: Some day, I'm gonna get mel back for that. lol
(08/20 21:23:18) Relayer Corps: oops
(08/20 21:23:21) melodilynn: LOL
(08/20 21:23:27) Relayer Corps: Yes.
(08/20 21:23:29) moirajane: Would anyone else like to take the stage?
(08/20 21:23:30) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/20 21:23:33) melodilynn whistles and looks around innocently
(08/20 21:23:37) TCT Stellaflora: Are there more speakers or is it just discussion now?
(08/20 21:23:43) Relayer Corps: I think AOG is perfect for that because they have a section just for GOM
(08/20 21:23:54) Relayer Corps: I think it's discussion time
(08/20 21:24:01) CAGrayWolf: Does anyone have questions for the GoG?
(08/20 21:24:01) NadeMinogue: there will be a longer meating at 7pm
(08/20 21:24:20) TCT Stellaflora: that one's a bit late for me
(08/20 21:24:31) Relayer Corps: And thank you for putting up with me everyone. i was not expecting to get dragged up on stage.
(08/20 21:24:36) NadeMinogue: it will be on the forums
(08/20 21:24:36) J'anim Paedet: A 'meating?' Oh dear...
(08/20 21:24:43) moirajane: Thanks everone for coming
(08/20 21:24:45) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/20 21:24:47) TCT Stellaflora: You did very wellRC
(08/20 21:24:49) Ghaelen D'Lareh: really RC? well, you did wonderfuly
(08/20 21:24:54) Ghaelen D'Lareh: +l
(08/20 21:24:54) melodilynn thinks RC did a great job!
(08/20 21:24:55) Andros claps his hands
(08/20 21:24:55) Thend: Thanks to the Mods for modding :)
(08/20 21:24:55) Relayer Corps: ty Ghaelen
(08/20 21:25:00) NadeMinogue claps his hands
(08/20 21:25:01) Relayer Corps: rofl
(08/20 21:25:01) J'anim Paedet: Yes, bravo!
(08/20 21:25:03) Relayer Corps: Modeling
(08/20 21:25:04) moirajane bows
(08/20 21:25:05) Zedra bows
(08/20 21:25:07) Relayer Corps: woo hoo
(08/20 21:25:15) melodilynn: yes, great moderating!
(08/20 21:25:17) Thend claps his hands
(08/20 21:25:18) TCT Stellaflora: Who wants to discuss over a game of Heek?
(08/20 21:25:22) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/20 21:25:27) Relayer Corps: I like heek
(08/20 21:25:28) NadeMinogue: no heek here
(08/20 21:25:34) TCT Stellaflora: Bother, I fogot
(08/20 21:26:02) TCT Stellaflora is sorta bummed...
(08/20 21:26:19) Ghaelen D'Lareh pats Stellaflora on the back
(08/20 21:26:29) TCT Stellaflora thanks Gahelen
(08/20 21:26:31) NadeMinogue: any of the other guilds being formed
(08/20 21:26:37) peni gives hima cookie
(08/20 21:26:40) NadeMinogue: of the big 5
(08/20 21:26:53) TCT Stellaflora: Hmmm, nice cookie :D
(08/20 21:26:58) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/20 21:26:59) TCT Stellaflora grins
(08/20 21:27:02) Dakro: Yikes the cones were spying on us the whole time
(08/20 21:27:03) Dakro cringes
(08/20 21:27:10) NadeMinogue: guess not
(08/20 21:27:17) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh, get those Kirel Baked Treats on the tables while they are still there!
(08/20 21:27:17) TCT Stellaflora: Just this one bothersome cone
(08/20 21:27:18) Dakro: With their evil plans, they probally wanted a guild of cones
(08/20 21:27:26) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/20 21:27:32) NadeMinogue: the farce guild
(08/20 21:27:37) Dakro starts to laugh
(08/20 21:27:40) NadeMinogue: GOC
(08/20 21:27:59) NadeMinogue: GOC : The Farce Guild
(08/20 21:28:23) NadeMinogue: just for fun
(08/20 21:28:37) Dakro: I'm sure the DRC would approve that in a hurry
(08/20 21:28:41) TCT Stellaflora fills a glass of water at the invisable water cooler
(08/20 21:28:45) Dakro: Nick White being the guildmaster
(08/20 21:28:57) NadeMinogue: making art and comics about the lives of URU Dwellers
(08/20 21:29:31) TCT Stellaflora takes a slice of brocoli quiche from the Vegitarian snack table
(08/20 21:29:42) NadeMinogue: and the OBBESSIVE WAITING FOR AGES!!!!
(08/20 21:29:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oooh, yummy
(08/20 21:30:12) Dakro: Hopefully they will replace our pink shirts with fasionable metal suits :D
(08/20 21:30:17) NadeMinogue: OBESSIVE WAITING FOR AGES FOR AGES!!!
(08/20 21:30:35) NadeMinogue: hahaha
(08/20 21:30:36) peni: a long time!
(08/20 21:30:55) TCT Stellaflora: I think the Support shirts are meant to be lighter versions of the Guild colours
(08/20 21:30:55) NadeMinogue: yes join the Guild of CONES TODAY!!!
(08/20 21:31:10) Dakro: That sounds like something slider would be promoting
(08/20 21:31:16) TCT Stellaflora: Would the Guild of Cones support shirt be orange?
(08/20 21:31:17) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/20 21:31:22) Ghaelen D'Lareh: may the Farce of the Cones be with you, always
(08/20 21:31:25) NadeMinogue: ???
(08/20 21:31:27) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/20 21:31:31) J'anim Paedet: Try moving the slider
(08/20 21:31:33) NadeMinogue: id join
(08/20 21:32:13) NadeMinogue: our purpouse is to mess with people and randomly launch cones
(08/20 21:32:34) TCT Stellaflora: Would the Guild get a ballistic cone launcher?
(08/20 21:32:42) NadeMinogue: sometimes firemarbles all the way accross an age
(08/20 21:32:44) Ghaelen D'Lareh: first task of the guild, to build a cone launcher
(08/20 21:32:48) ...Chat.log stopped.[/spoiler]

Montgomery - Maintainer Grand Master of Inspections (ret.)

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