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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 2:49 am 

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Right now it seems that the stronger personalities are all working on inventing the same thing, and everyone is running off in all directions, except those of us shy folks who are sitting on our hands for the moment.

We really need some official direction and tools, or this is going to turn into a cult of personality with no cavern functionality other than a lot of talk.

All I'm trying to say is, hold your horses until we know which direction the road is going. We've got fan sights gallore, what we really want is a real part in MOUL.

Just sayin.


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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 3:20 am 

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The second meeting of the day went rather well, much smoother then the first.

Over the next couple of days I will see about working up a KI mail of it's high points. :D


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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 4:02 am 

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MustardJeep wrote:
The second meeting of the day went rather well, much smoother then the first.

Over the next couple of days I will see about working up a KI mail of it's high points. :D

Very good idea Jeep. Do not forget to add where can people go to get involved (AoG and MOUL). Otherwise the average explorer will not know where to start.


"When you want your message out in the cavern, use the Guild of Messengers."

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 6:11 am 

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OK, Chatlog for the second meeting. First of two parts.

The first part features Reteltee and his every informative Q&A. This session went much more smoothly thanks to the Mods, Lfus and Zedra and the self-control of the 75+ explorers.

[spoiler](08/21 00:57:09) Chat.log started...
(08/21 00:57:18) R'nway: it already is all the way down
(08/21 00:57:24) Whilyam: Actually most lag is client lag.
(08/21 00:57:30) R'nway: where are bahro
(08/21 00:57:35) Whilyam: only the times when the game freezes are server lag
(08/21 00:57:39) R'nway: oh, just sounds
(08/21 00:57:45) White Rose: Havent been aroudn for awhile
(08/21 00:57:48) Sorceress: R'nway, do you know how much memory you have in your comp?
(08/21 00:57:52) R'nway: my RAM is pegged
(08/21 00:58:00) R'nway: 1 gig, but its pegged
(08/21 00:58:03) --=V4iLiN=--: \mmm
(08/21 00:58:13) NadeMinogue: they need to put more of the network traffic traffic to the client not as much to the server
(08/21 00:58:22) Sorceress: welp, there goes my idea of you buying more RAM
(08/21 00:58:30) Marein.: The server hardly causes any lag anymore
(08/21 00:58:35) Andy Legate: i only have 512mb.....I'm okay......wait! What's that smoke ?
(08/21 00:58:36) Whilyam: I have a gig too nd I'm fine.
(08/21 00:58:36) Marein.: Virtually all lag is clientside
(08/21 00:58:39) Explorer1: Shorah Reteltee!
(08/21 00:58:44) Shimmerillion: anelise, wht are you doing?
(08/21 00:58:45) Reteltee: Shorah :)
(08/21 00:58:48) Sorceress wootles
(08/21 00:58:48) Marein.: Even though you cant call it lag then
(08/21 00:58:49) NadeMinogue: ok people sit or we will all crash
(08/21 00:58:55) IBnetweasel: Welcome Reteltee and Montgomery
(08/21 00:59:03) Xavius hums "Where's Your Head At?"
(08/21 00:59:09) Explorer1: Shorah Montgomery!
(08/21 00:59:16) NadeMinogue: o new guild the guild of cones
(08/21 00:59:34) NadeMinogue: the CONES want REVENGE
(08/21 00:59:43) R'nway: revenge for what?
(08/21 00:59:50) Whilyam: Let's get this started.
(08/21 00:59:52) NadeMinogue: everything
(08/21 00:59:55) ZeroG: for being kicked repeatedly - what else?
(08/21 00:59:56) ABguy: 3 mins till meeting
(08/21 00:59:57) Reteltee: Is someone chatlogging?
(08/21 00:59:59) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/21 01:00:05) Frisky Badger: I am
(08/21 01:00:07) R'nway: i am now
(08/21 01:00:09) Andy Legate: i am for my little guild.
(08/21 01:00:10) Xavius: FAME_HOG!
(08/21 01:00:11) Sorceress: I am
(08/21 01:00:13) lfus: zedra is
(08/21 01:00:14) ZeroG: fortunately, Eddie is less vengeful
(08/21 01:00:16) Dakro: Yikes no need for a chatlog from me than
(08/21 01:00:21) Reteltee: Xcellent
(08/21 01:00:24) Ja'de: Yes
(08/21 01:00:28) R'nway: yes, but beware the killer tomatoes!
(08/21 01:00:28) Xavius gets up on the rooftops and snipes out Montgomery and Reteltee
(08/21 01:00:35) Frisky Badger: does eddie's cousin have a name yet?
(08/21 01:00:35) Anthony: Episode V: The Cones Strike Back!
(08/21 01:00:40) ~~meadow~~: reteltee, using the keyboard, i see...great!
(08/21 01:00:40) Xavius: My Father died in a Guid! >.<
(08/21 01:00:43) groath: so that means every thing i say will be in a chat log?
(08/21 01:00:44) NadeMinogue: im gonna start the Guild of Cones : the farce guild
(08/21 01:00:53) Xavius: Eddie's coisuin is Dusty!
(08/21 01:00:53) groath: HI MOM!
(08/21 01:00:54) Andy Legate Andy waves at Monty from the back
(08/21 01:00:58) groath: jk
(08/21 01:00:58) R'nway used his nija skills to knock out xavius before he could snipe them
(08/21 01:00:59) ZeroG: I'm logging, so yes
(08/21 01:00:59) Andy Legate waves hello
(08/21 01:01:00) From lfus: i am here
(08/21 01:01:06) Frisky Badger edits out groath's message
(08/21 01:01:14) Frisky Badger: :)
(08/21 01:01:14) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/21 01:01:16) Montgomery: HELLO KIREL!!!!!
(08/21 01:01:18) groath: shorah montgomery
(08/21 01:01:19) Xavius is addicted to morphine so R'nway has no effect..
(08/21 01:01:22) Dakro: Zedra is moderating too
(08/21 01:01:27) NadeMinogue: foot ball
(08/21 01:01:28) From Zedra: Lfus will be speaking the moderation and I will be taking the queue. Please remember to use Next when you're ready for the next question, ok?
(08/21 01:01:31) Mystchief: there will be a rising of the cones - it is written.....
(08/21 01:01:32) R'nway: what did that have to do with anything?
(08/21 01:01:39) Sorceress: reteltee you are very blue tonight
(08/21 01:01:43) To Zedra: got it
(08/21 01:01:45) Xavius hugs Monty
(08/21 01:01:48) From MustardJeep: Pre-guild leadership I think needs to stress that it should not be decided tonight....
(08/21 01:01:51) NadeMinogue: yes we will all make the cones levitate
(08/21 01:01:54) Reteltee: It's my favourite color
(08/21 01:01:59) To MustardJeep: agreed
(08/21 01:02:00) R'nway: i'm only here for about 10 minutes
(08/21 01:02:02) groath: ok people i think its time we start to stop chating as much
(08/21 01:02:03) Mystchief: onto our heads
(08/21 01:02:04) From Zedra: Can you tell Reteltee, please.
(08/21 01:02:06) Warren Weisstieg: Hey everyone
(08/21 01:02:14) Xavius woul hug Reteltee too but now it feels awkward
(08/21 01:02:21) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/21 01:02:24) To Zedra: will tell everyone during intros
(08/21 01:02:24) Reteltee: Lol, thx anyway xavious
(08/21 01:02:27) R'nway starts to stop
(08/21 01:02:31) Xavius: :P
(08/21 01:02:40) --=V4iLiN=--: ...
(08/21 01:02:42) Montgomery: Did I just get hugged?
(08/21 01:02:49) Scarlette: let me guess Red... Optimus Prime?? :D
(08/21 01:02:49) Xavius: Yesh.
(08/21 01:02:50) IBnetweasel: Lol
(08/21 01:02:50) Stephen C.: Yes
(08/21 01:02:51) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(08/21 01:02:54) Frisky Badger: aaaaaand, Go!
(08/21 01:02:55) groath: lol
(08/21 01:02:55) Mystchief: lucky
(08/21 01:02:56) ~~meadow~~: got lag??
(08/21 01:02:58) Montgomery: Thanks.
(08/21 01:02:59) R'nway stops starting to stop and actually stops
(08/21 01:03:04) ABguy: 1 min
(08/21 01:03:10) Scarlette: *Ret
(08/21 01:03:16) Montgomery: OK first thing -- if everyone will sit, the lag will be reduced.
(08/21 01:03:19) groath: woooooootttt montgomery!
(08/21 01:03:19) Frisky Badger: those lag mustaches are so hard to clean off
(08/21 01:03:20) Reteltee: reply Thx for moderating
(08/21 01:03:30) Reteltee: Oops
(08/21 01:03:40) Reteltee grins sheepishly
(08/21 01:03:41) From Relayer Corps: Do you run the AOG website?
(08/21 01:03:45) Andy Legate: Sit people sit
(08/21 01:03:56) To Relayer Corps: nope. Calam and Whilyam.
(08/21 01:03:57) Saavadro: Alt 7
(08/21 01:04:06) Andy Legate: cntl 7
(08/21 01:04:08) Whilyam: Alt F4!
(08/21 01:04:11) ZeroG: /sit
(08/21 01:04:15) --=V4iLiN=--: LOL
(08/21 01:04:16) Saavadro: right sry
(08/21 01:04:18) groath: montgomery wont say hi to me......
(08/21 01:04:19) Montgomery: A bit of business. Welcome everyone! Thanks for coming!
(08/21 01:04:20) NadeMinogue: no altF$ lol (dont really do it)
(08/21 01:04:20) Frisky Badger: ctrl-alt-delete
(08/21 01:04:22) Sonseeharay: looks at her watch
(08/21 01:04:30) Montgomery: Hi everyone -- including Groath.
(08/21 01:04:37) groath: yeah!
(08/21 01:04:39) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/21 01:04:52) R'nway: if my CPu temps goes over 60 C i'll be leaving with no warning
(08/21 01:04:55) Montgomery: This is my second one of these, so now I'm an expert. Heh.
(08/21 01:05:09) groath: ok........
(08/21 01:05:11) Montgomery: We have 2 moderators -- Ifus and Zedra.
(08/21 01:05:27) Zedra bows
(08/21 01:05:29) lfus bows
(08/21 01:05:32) Thend claps his hands
(08/21 01:05:32) groath claps his hands
(08/21 01:05:36) Kalypso claps her hands
(08/21 01:05:36) ABguy claps his hands
(08/21 01:05:39) J'anim Paedet claps his hands
(08/21 01:05:43) Sorceress claps her hands
(08/21 01:05:43) Reteltee: And we're quite grateful for their services
(08/21 01:05:43) IBnetweasel nods in lfus and zedra's direction
(08/21 01:05:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: thanks for moderating
(08/21 01:05:47) AnElise cheers
(08/21 01:05:50) Eedrah: Back
(08/21 01:05:52) R'nway nods
(08/21 01:05:54) groath: you guys rock!
(08/21 01:06:06) Eedrah: What hace I missed?
(08/21 01:06:12) Montgomery: Here's the process: Please PM Zedra the word "Question" and she will then announce who's turn it is to ask. Please have your question typed so when you are called you can just hit enter.
(08/21 01:06:13) R'nway: nothing yet
(08/21 01:06:21) Montgomery: Is that right, Zedra?
(08/21 01:06:43) Zedra: that is correct!
(08/21 01:06:59) Montgomery: And Ifus's job is?
(08/21 01:07:05) IBnetweasel pokes Woflie...wakeup!
(08/21 01:07:16) lfus: i will call the people names out
(08/21 01:07:27) lfus: when it is their turn
(08/21 01:07:55) Montgomery: Got it. Sitting reduces lag. ALso, please try to keep off-the-cuff coments to a minimum.
(08/21 01:08:00) Thend: (Please use /shout at all times for questions asked out loud, thanks)
(08/21 01:08:11) Montgomery: And forgive my rushed typing.
(08/21 01:08:19) NadeMinogue: please everyone sit
(08/21 01:08:26) Montgomery: OK -- Let's get started!
(08/21 01:08:57) Abjab: Question please Zedra
(08/21 01:09:15) Montgomery: I'm Montgomery -- obviously. I'm nobody special but I saw a need to get the ball rolling, and was delighted to discover that my ideas were met with approval by Reteltee. So here we are.
(08/21 01:09:16) lfus: Runway has the first question
(08/21 01:09:21) R'nway: Will the Guild of Maintainers be working mainly with the DRC to verify ages beign restored, or with the Guild of Writers to verify the explorer written ages?
(08/21 01:09:48) NadeMinogue: hopefully both
(08/21 01:09:49) Reteltee: Slight correction to Monty's statement; he is DEFINITELY special ;)
(08/21 01:10:00) Montgomery: R'nway, nobody knows that, yet. Let's hold questions for the moment and let me get the intros out of the way. Thank you.
(08/21 01:10:12) Montgomery blushes.
(08/21 01:10:14) R'nway: okay go ahead
(08/21 01:10:27) Reteltee gives Monty a big thumbs up
(08/21 01:11:04) From Relayer Corps: If you need me to represent the GOM again, i am willing since I did it earlier.
(08/21 01:11:05) Montgomery: OK, I asked for reps from all of the guilds and groups to be here -- you guys don't really have jobs here tonight, but I wanted eveyone to have a voice and a chance to hear what is discussed. So thanks for coming.
(08/21 01:11:16) To Relayer Corps: cool. thnaks
(08/21 01:11:27) From Relayer Corps: np
(08/21 01:11:38) Montgomery: Does anyone need me to explain why we're here?
(08/21 01:11:58) Shimmerillion: i'd like to hear what your goals for the evening are
(08/21 01:12:02) Rocky: please
(08/21 01:12:22) R'nway: I have just been informed taht it is time for me to go eat dinner, sorry i can't be here for the meeting, but thanks for putting it together
(08/21 01:12:42) Relayer Corps: bye R'nwat
(08/21 01:12:49) Stephen C.: Bye
(08/21 01:12:53) --=V4iLiN=--: yes tell us Why
(08/21 01:13:07) ZeroG: I would also like an explanation please :)
(08/21 01:13:33) Montgomery: OK -- quick and dirty. Before all of you very enthusiastic people run off in opposite directions, I thought it would be a good idea to try to establish some common goals and a common foundation for our structure. Thse are just my suggestions. I have no power to influence anybody.
(08/21 01:14:22) Montgomery: There is great opportunity for cooperation between and among the guilds and groups, and I want to make sure there is some structure that fosters that.
(08/21 01:14:28) Reteltee: Again, slight correction
(08/21 01:14:40) Reteltee: Monty has the power to influence ALL of us
(08/21 01:14:46) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/21 01:14:50) Reteltee: With his sound ideas
(08/21 01:14:57) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/21 01:14:59) IBnetweasel: lol
(08/21 01:15:07) Stephen C.: lol
(08/21 01:15:20) Andy Legate: he influenced me. that's for sure
(08/21 01:15:38) Reteltee: :) Sorry Monty, please continue
(08/21 01:15:46) Error: Don't know how to '/shout, Reteltee, thank you! That means a lot. But please be away I have no designs on Supreme Guild Poohba, or anything.'
(08/21 01:15:49) NadeMinogue: maby we should elect him king
(08/21 01:15:53) Montgomery: THank you!
(08/21 01:15:56) Warren Weisstieg: Stop, let him talk
(08/21 01:16:09) White Rose: if you let him talk we can get on with it
(08/21 01:16:20) ZeroG nods his head
(08/21 01:16:21) Relayer Corps nods her head
(08/21 01:16:29) Montgomery: That means a lot, Reteltee. But I have no designs on Great Poohp, or anything.
(08/21 01:16:37) --=V4iLiN=-- nods off
(08/21 01:16:38) Montgomery: *Poohpa.
(08/21 01:16:38) Reteltee: Lol
(08/21 01:16:45) Relayer Corps: poohba
(08/21 01:16:46) Reteltee: Poobah
(08/21 01:16:53) chuxter06: Poop
(08/21 01:16:55) Montgomery: Yeah, that.
(08/21 01:17:01) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/21 01:17:04) Barbarra: I like Poohp better
(08/21 01:17:06) Stephen C.: lol
(08/21 01:17:16) Montgomery: OK, then on to our Esteemed Guest of Honor -- Reteltee, the DRC Guild Advisor
(08/21 01:17:19) Robert The Rebuilder: Hey - let's keep this family friendly! ;-)
(08/21 01:17:27) --=V4iLiN=--: the grand pooba
(08/21 01:17:29) Whilyam: The Great Poohp..
(08/21 01:17:30) Warren Weisstieg: Yay!
(08/21 01:17:31) Relayer Corps claps her hands
(08/21 01:17:35) Sorceress claps her hands
(08/21 01:17:39) NadeMinogue: back to topic
(08/21 01:17:42) [Relayer] Kerryth claps her hands
(08/21 01:17:43) Dakro: Shhh
(08/21 01:17:47) Reteltee: Lol, please, you all are far too kind
(08/21 01:17:47) White Rose: will every please just stop interrupting
(08/21 01:17:47) chuxter06 laughs
(08/21 01:17:50) Whilyam claps her hands
(08/21 01:17:53) White Rose: Everyone
(08/21 01:17:59) Montgomery: Reteltee, as you know, I have compiled a list of questions many of the explorers have given me, to ask you to ask the DRC/Cyan.
(08/21 01:18:35) Reteltee: And I willingly take them to the DRC, and bring back word of their plans...insamuch as they are revealed to me
(08/21 01:18:43) Montgomery: I PMed them to you earlier today, on UO. But for everyone who wants to read them, they are in the Guild subforum on the MO:UL forums.
(08/21 01:19:08) Montgomery: With that, I hand the floor to Reteltee
(08/21 01:19:09) lfus: (please hold your comments until the end and also don't forget to pm Zedra with the word QUESTION)
(08/21 01:19:28) Reteltee: Well, thank you Monty, and thank you fellow Explorers for this amazing turnout
(08/21 01:20:23) Montgomery: Oh. This is meant to be a Q&A, so now's the time for quetions.
(08/21 01:20:27) Reteltee: In truth, after reading the questions which were relayed to me by Monty, I fear I've not many particularly satisfying answers
(08/21 01:20:39) Reteltee: But, that which I can answer, I will
(08/21 01:20:51) lfus: GMRgur has the first question
(08/21 01:20:57) GMRguru: Has the DRC had any further communication with Yeesha?
(08/21 01:21:13) lfus: (Groath will be next)
(08/21 01:21:26) Reteltee: Not that they have indicated to me; however the DRC may not be in a position to reveal that information at this time
(08/21 01:21:35) lfus: (Please have your questions pretyed in)
(08/21 01:21:58) groath: ok so do you think that if we get the guilds going agin that it will cause the drc to gain to much power over us?or the drc having to much power over the guilds?
(08/21 01:22:20) To Zedra: Question
(08/21 01:22:20) lfus: (Abjab will be next)
(08/21 01:22:41) Reteltee: Quite the opposite, I hope; I believe the Guilds will offer the Explorers the ability to counterpoint the DRC
(08/21 01:22:42) ZeroG: I'm sorry - did Reteltee respond? I'm not hearing him
(08/21 01:22:57) Abjab: We need more "Buddies"- like KI groups Lists for communications purposes , listed by Guilds please..can that be done ?
(08/21 01:22:58) Reteltee: Sorry, bear with me in my responses, I'm lagging up a storm
(08/21 01:23:00) Barbarra: nor me
(08/21 01:23:09) lfus: (pm Zedra with the word QUESTION to get your nane on the list)
(08/21 01:23:13) moirajane:
(08/21 01:23:33) lfus: (Sonsee is next)
(08/21 01:23:38) Thend: (Please use /shout for public talky talk)
(08/21 01:23:47) Reteltee: Sorry, the answer to the Guild/power question was No; the Guilds will hopefully serve as a check on the DRC's power
(08/21 01:24:12) Sonseeharay: didn't the elitism of the guilds lead to the downfall of Dni and how do you plan to keep that from happening again
(08/21 01:24:18) groath: thanks
(08/21 01:24:21) Reteltee: As for the Guild Buddy Lists or something of that kind; I believe it's possible, however I o not know iff it's likely
(08/21 01:24:41) lfus: (Mustard Jeep will be next)
(08/21 01:24:48) Reteltee: The Guilds of Uru will not function if we allow them to become elitist
(08/21 01:25:00) Reteltee: Please, understand this;
(08/21 01:25:07) Reteltee: WE are the Guilds
(08/21 01:25:20) Reteltee: WE will ultimately have to determine what form they take
(08/21 01:25:48) MustardJeep: Reteltee; Has the DRC told you anything that they don't want the newish guild/groups to be doing?
(08/21 01:25:58) Reteltee: and WE will bear the responsibility of making sure those who wish to be included are, while not impeding those who wish to remain apart from the Guilds
(08/21 01:26:21) lfus: (Thend will be next after Mustard jeep)
(08/21 01:27:01) Reteltee: Yes MJ; and the first thing they don't want us to do is to become a power-mad cabal of elitist consipirers who attempt to rule the Cavern ;)
(08/21 01:27:19) MustardJeep: well of course that.....:lol:
(08/21 01:27:52) Reteltee: The DRC's suggestion is that we remain flexible and loose, at this point
(08/21 01:28:03) Whilyam does a dance
(08/21 01:28:03) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 01:28:06) Thend: So, since the Guilds are not 'elitist', then one will not be excluded from joining one, or, say, join all 5 (or more) at the same time?
(08/21 01:28:07) lfus:
(08/21 01:28:33) lfus: ( after Thend Kalypso)
(08/21 01:28:46) From MustardJeep: It's going rather better then the afternoon meeting did.
(08/21 01:28:49) Reteltee: To my knowledge there will be nothing that prevents anyone from joining any Guild at any time; however, that does not necessarily mean one could belong to all five (or Eighteen for that matter) at once
(08/21 01:29:03) Thend nods his head
(08/21 01:29:06) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 01:29:08) Kalypso: Given that news distribution in the cavern is very limited, is the DRC willing to give the Guild of Messengers new tools (special place to post information[more than 5 slots in the imager] in the cavern) or ameliorations to the existing tools (Ki system... to reach to largest number of explorers as possible))
(08/21 01:29:41) lfus: (Ghaelen D'Lareh is next after Kalypson)
(08/21 01:29:50) Reteltee: Great question, and one I shall relay to the DRC. At this point, I do not know :(
(08/21 01:29:56) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 01:29:59) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I see quite a push by some explorers to move pre/proto- guild discussions off the MOUL forum, nearly to the point of "strongarming" others who think the MOUL forum is fine for right now. Since the guilds (other than GOG aren't in existence yet, do you have a suggestion for those of us concerned with the issues of "yet another forum" or neutrality?
(08/21 01:30:20) lfus: (Robert the Rebuilder is after Ghaelen)
(08/21 01:31:44) Reteltee: Not entirely sure I understand the question Ghaelen (sorry), but I THINK what you're getting at is something Marie has described as reinventing the wheel
(08/21 01:32:05) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, would you suggest we not reinvent it?
(08/21 01:32:26) NadeMinogue: i beleve the drc and cyan said there forums couldent handle what we require for forums and want us to have seprate forums
(08/21 01:32:34) Reteltee: The upshot is that the DRC has encouraged Guilders to use the resources currently available; however, that shouldn't precluude the developement of more should they be deemed by the Explorers as necessary and beneficial
(08/21 01:33:04) Reteltee: I would reccomend the Assembly of Guilds site as a start
(08/21 01:33:11) Thumbs up from Whilyam
(08/21 01:33:15) Whilyam: :P
(08/21 01:33:19) Ghaelen D'Lareh: thanks!
(08/21 01:33:29) Robert The Rebuilder: Good to see you again, Reteltee! If we happen to get the unofficial guilds up and running quite well, will the DRC simply make our system official, or are they still intent on presenting their own system?
(08/21 01:33:32) Reteltee: it's a currently existing resource, it's flexible, useful, and will keep the load off the dRC
(08/21 01:34:22) Reteltee: Good to see you too 'Bob' ;) I believe the DRC is willing to look closely at any system of management we Explorers develope
(08/21 01:34:43) lfus: (Montgomery is up next after Robert)
(08/21 01:34:49) Montgomery: Reteltee, is your job to advise the DRC, or to advise the explorers?
(08/21 01:34:54) Reteltee: And if we come up with something that works, I'm sure they'd have no problem, adapting it to their purposes
(08/21 01:35:05) Robert The Rebuilder starts to laugh
(08/21 01:35:17) Reteltee: Good question Monty; in truth, both
(08/21 01:35:29) Montgomery nods his head
(08/21 01:35:39) lfus: (Frishky Badger is next )
(08/21 01:35:42) Montgomery: Good to know.
(08/21 01:35:42) Reteltee: My responsibility (read: loyalty) is always, and vehemently to the Explorers
(08/21 01:36:02) Frisky Badger: along the lines of previous questions, will be getting any guidance from Cyan/DRC anytime soon?
(08/21 01:36:23) Reteltee: However, since the DRC is willing to listen, I feel the best way for me to serve the Explorers is by offering what advice I can to their cadre
(08/21 01:36:43) Reteltee: Will who be getting advice FB?
(08/21 01:36:54) Frisky Badger: the explorers
(08/21 01:37:02) lfus: (Dakro is next)
(08/21 01:37:13) Dakro: When the guilds start to take a more active role with the DRC and the restoration where will we find out about our current tasks and objectives? Also will there be a sign-up sheet for explorers to join guilds instead of just wearing a t-shirt, along with maybe Guild added to Ageplayers, buddies, and neighbors?
(08/21 01:37:22) Frisky Badger: with regards to how they envision the guilds working
(08/21 01:37:25) Reteltee: Depends on what you mean. In general...probably not that much
(08/21 01:38:00) Captainmack: kirel
(08/21 01:38:02) Reteltee: That was for FB
(08/21 01:38:26) Montgomery: Dakro, I have suggestions that answer your second question. Sorry, Reteltee.
(08/21 01:38:27) Reteltee: Dak; that information is forthcoming, but I don't know exactly when :(
(08/21 01:38:38) Reteltee: No prob Monty, please, go ahead
(08/21 01:39:06) Montgomery: After the Q&A is finished. It is actually a major topic for this meeting.
(08/21 01:39:12) lfus: ( Paradox is after Dakro)
(08/21 01:39:31) Reteltee: Great :); next?
(08/21 01:39:42) lfus: Paradox
(08/21 01:39:51) Paradox: I've been working recently with others to set up the Guild of Writers formed of various existing Age Creation groups. What do you say on this, is it a good initiative to take despite what Cyan has stated; or should we be waiting to hear from Cyan before we form Guilds and structures for those guilds? Also, as a note: The Guild of Writers will _not_ be using the Assembly of Guilds site. All GoW discussion is happening on MOUL's Guilds forum (until we have an official GoW forum)
(08/21 01:40:04) lfus: (Please have your questions pretyped)
(08/21 01:40:31) lfus: (White Rose is afrter Pardox)
(08/21 01:40:35) Barbarra: PM Zedra Question
(08/21 01:41:22) Reteltee: Ok; to your first point, I think it's a fine task to start working on developing ideas for what form the Guilds will take; however, as I've said, it's important to remeber we need to be flexible
(08/21 01:42:22) White Rose: Will the lag ever get fixed and what would happen to a guild that tried to rule the cavern and how would the DRC know about it
(08/21 01:42:24) Reteltee: To your second point; I think it's fine to use whatever forum you prefer for collating your discussion; my point about the AoG is that it's dedicated to the subject of the Guilds. But the MOUL site is fine too
(08/21 01:42:45) IBnetweasel: pop
(08/21 01:42:47) lfus: (Shimmermillion is after White Rose)
(08/21 01:42:47) Dalken Starbyne gasps
(08/21 01:42:58) Sorceress: uh-oh, pop
(08/21 01:43:06) Andy Legate: Reteltee; Will explore
(08/21 01:43:07) Relayer Corps: the bahro got him!
(08/21 01:43:19) Montgomery: Um.
(08/21 01:43:20) Andy Legate: monty, what did you do? : )
(08/21 01:43:21) Dragonia: poof
(08/21 01:43:31) Whilyam gasps
(08/21 01:43:31) Sorceress: Intermission?
(08/21 01:43:33) J'min: Q&A over?
(08/21 01:43:34) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/21 01:43:42) DaytonaKit: s/it
(08/21 01:43:42) Andy Legate: let's all ask MOnty the questions.
(08/21 01:43:42) [Relayer] Kerryth: He'll be back.
(08/21 01:43:44) Montgomery: I assume he will be back.
(08/21 01:43:46) Relayer Corps: I like intermission
(08/21 01:43:50) Whilyam: It was Biegalski! Reteltee shrunk in his awesomeness! :P
(08/21 01:43:55) Robert The Rebuilder: He revealed too much! Laxman linked him to a prison age!
(08/21 01:43:56) Sorceress: Hi Beigalski
(08/21 01:43:57) Relayer Corps: rofl
(08/21 01:44:05) d'ni everything passes popcorn and Twizzlers
(08/21 01:44:09) Explorer1: Can go the the bathroom now!
(08/21 01:44:12) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/21 01:44:17) IBnetweasel opens his mouth, closes his mouth, opens his mouth again...closes it again...and then snorts quizzically
(08/21 01:44:19) Relayer Corps: If you have to, nows the time
(08/21 01:44:20) Robert The Rebuilder: MOnty: what were the other agenda items?

(08/21 01:44:21) Sorceress eats a Cosmic Brownie
(08/21 01:44:24) Montgomery: After the Q&A I was planning to discuss some ideas about both pre-guild memberships, and leadership models.
(08/21 01:44:39) Stephen C.: Lol ib
(08/21 01:44:43) Warren Weisstieg: Ok, what kind of formalNice, Montgomery
(08/21 01:44:49) peni: pop. was 80 when i came back in
(08/21 01:44:49) Warren Weisstieg: Oops
(08/21 01:44:53) Relayer Corps: well, we have nothing better to do right now
(08/21 01:44:54) Montgomery: Also, ways to foster cooperation, and IC vOOC
(08/21 01:45:20) BrandyWynne Fluffs her feathers
(08/21 01:45:23) Relayer Corps: Hi peni!
(08/21 01:45:26) Montgomery: Is Pryftan here, tonight?
(08/21 01:45:26) NadeMinogue: guild counsil leaders
(08/21 01:45:27) Paradox: I'd like to take a moment while we're waiting to announce that the Guild of Writers will be hosting a meeting in the coming week. Look for an announcement on the MOUL Forums if you are interested.
(08/21 01:45:31) peni: hiya :)
(08/21 01:45:34) Andy Legate: hey, is there a PM command? Takes forever to PM Zedra and then try and click on Age chat.
(08/21 01:45:53) Nadnerb: yes, type /p name message
(08/21 01:45:55) Whilyam: It's /p
(08/21 01:45:56) Paradox: /p
(08/21 01:45:59) IBnetweasel: yes.../p Zedra question
(08/21 01:46:12) Andy Legate: Silly me, I was trying to type /pm DUH
(08/21 01:46:14) Ghaelen D'Lareh: now that we all have that one down pat
(08/21 01:46:17) IBnetweasel: the name is case sensitive...
(08/21 01:46:22) Ghaelen D'Lareh laughs
(08/21 01:46:23) Whilyam: Also, to revert to age players, click and drag on any name until your cursor leaves the list.
(08/21 01:46:35) Montgomery: Cool! Thanks for the new command. I didn't know that.
(08/21 01:46:49) Zedra: thanks IB
(08/21 01:46:53) From Reteltee in Reteltee's Relto: Sorry, crashed out
(08/21 01:46:54) Zedra: =:
(08/21 01:46:57) From Reteltee in Reteltee's Relto: On my way back
(08/21 01:46:58) ZeroG: Whilyam: I love you - I totally didn't know that
(08/21 01:47:06) Montgomery: Reteltee is in his Relto, on the way back.
(08/21 01:47:06) Relayer Corps: Let's discuss what you had in mind Montgomery. Until Reteltee gets back
(08/21 01:47:08) Whilyam blushes
(08/21 01:47:12) Relayer Corps: nvmd
(08/21 01:47:13) To Reteltee in Reteltee's Relto: NP
(08/21 01:47:15) Andy Legate: yah, you got 50 poeple in the room, linking in and out and the KI get's unbareable.
(08/21 01:47:28) Whilyam: Please, it's only a KI command! :P
(08/21 01:47:48) From MustardJeep: yes please, next topic
(08/21 01:47:59) Ghaelen D'Lareh watches everyone rush to group hug Whilyam
(08/21 01:48:06) Whilyam: Gah!
(08/21 01:48:07) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/21 01:48:20) Montgomery: Whilyam, can the AoG grant moderator priveliges to individuals on the AoG forums? And will they?
(08/21 01:48:23) Relayer Corps: Don't tempt me Ghaelen
(08/21 01:48:23) Whilyam is squished
(08/21 01:48:26) Andy Legate: just don't start calling Whilyam Muffincakes.
(08/21 01:48:27) From MustardJeep: "You can also reply to a pm by typing "/reply "
(08/21 01:48:33) [Relayer] Boomer takes a deep breath
(08/21 01:48:39) Whilyam: Andy, that's gondar's real name.
(08/21 01:48:45) NadeMinogue: nominated Maintainer Guild Counsil members: Montgemry , Warren , Jishin , Mustard Jeep
(08/21 01:48:46) Relayer Corps: how about pumpkincakes?
(08/21 01:48:46) Whilyam: Mont, what do you mean?
(08/21 01:48:48) Andy Legate: i know : )
(08/21 01:48:52) Reteltee: Sorry everyone; major crash
(08/21 01:48:53) Ghaelen D'Lareh falls over laughing
(08/21 01:48:58) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/21 01:49:03) Andy Legate: Wb Reteltee
(08/21 01:49:08) Stephen C.: Wb
(08/21 01:49:18) J'anim Paedet: And he's back!
(08/21 01:49:24) Reteltee: Forgive my rudeness, but I'm going to stay away from the auditorium and just shout my answers
(08/21 01:49:25) MustardJeep: Welcome Back reteltee.
(08/21 01:49:26) Rocky salutes
(08/21 01:49:26) Montgomery: So eventual leaders can grant memberships, edit posts, etc. in their own sub-forums.
(08/21 01:49:30) IBnetweasel: WB Reteltee
(08/21 01:49:46) Montgomery: Any more questions ofr Reteltee?
(08/21 01:49:51) DaytonaKit: and hungry!!!
(08/21 01:49:52) Reteltee: And hopefully that will solve the problem; if I suddenly disappear again, please accept my apologies
(08/21 01:49:59) Reteltee: I didn't get to answer White Rose
(08/21 01:50:04) White Rose: Will the lag ever get fixed and what would happen to a guild should they try to rule the cavern
(08/21 01:50:05) Nadnerb: shimmer was next, if I recall..
(08/21 01:50:09) Reteltee: You asked about lag and something else?
(08/21 01:50:15) lfus: Shimmermillion is after White Rose)
(08/21 01:50:30) R'nway: um, how would a guild rule the cavern?
(08/21 01:50:44) Reteltee: Please remember to /shout everything you want me to hear
(08/21 01:50:48) R'nway: i don't think that's even possible
(08/21 01:50:56) R'nway: PLEASE STOP KCIKING THE CONE
(08/21 01:50:59) Montgomery: Please stop messing with the cone!
(08/21 01:51:10) R'nway: cones cause major lag
(08/21 01:51:11) Sorceress has a cone-shaped bruise on her back
(08/21 01:51:15) Dakro: Yes please that was rude
(08/21 01:51:34) Swimmery4: what on earth is going on? where is everyone?
(08/21 01:51:36) White Rose: Can my question please get answered
(08/21 01:51:51) Reteltee: Sorry White Rose, please ask again
(08/21 01:52:03) Frisky Badger: be sure to use shout rose
(08/21 01:52:10) Reteltee: I don't know about lag; that's a Cyan tech issue, and I've no insight there
(08/21 01:52:12) IBnetweasel: Swimmery,,,you are experience the ghost bug...please relink or relog
(08/21 01:52:16) lfus: (Please rememeber to type /shout before your question)
(08/21 01:52:20) Swimmery4: thanks, brb
(08/21 01:52:23) Whilyam: In this period of mass hysteria, I'm going to have to leave. Shorah! And may Biegalski's awesomeness protect you!
(08/21 01:52:33) Swimmery4: sorry about the cone, thought i was alone
(08/21 01:52:44) R'nway: no, there are 77 people here
(08/21 01:52:51) Thend nods his head
(08/21 01:52:55) Swimmery4: youre all ghosts to me then
(08/21 01:52:55) R'nway: s'okay
(08/21 01:52:59) From StuartGrist: mister mongomery how guilds will there be?
(08/21 01:53:00) R'nway: sry 'bout my yelling
(08/21 01:53:00) Swimmery4: brb
(08/21 01:53:04) White Rose: will the lag ever get fixed and what would happen to a guild should it think it could be powerful enough to rule the cavenr
(08/21 01:53:21) Reteltee: The Guild would fail
(08/21 01:53:24) NadeMinogue: ???
(08/21 01:53:24) To StuartGrist: 5 official, as many others as people wnt
(08/21 01:53:36) lfus: Shimmermillion is next
(08/21 01:53:38) Reteltee: It would fail miserably
(08/21 01:53:38) Shimmerillion: You mentioned that we will ultimately have to determine what form the guilds take. What has the drc/cyan learned from the liason affair regarding the necessary cooperation between explorers influencing story/content and the "key holders" (drc/cyan)?
(08/21 01:53:59) lfus: (Andy Legate is after shimmermilion)
(08/21 01:54:04) White Rose: Will the lag ever get fixed sorry shimmer
(08/21 01:54:09) Reteltee: I have sincere assurances from the DRC that this will be NOTHING like the Liason fiasco
(08/21 01:54:52) Shimmerillion: yes but what are they concretely doing differently
(08/21 01:55:13) To Zedra: How many more questions? Should we wrap this up and move on?
(08/21 01:55:17) Shimmerillion: yes but what are they concretely doing differently
(08/21 01:55:20) Shimmerillion: (forgot shout)
(08/21 01:55:22) White Rose: Missed that with all the interruptions thanks
(08/21 01:55:43) Jacet Cyber: Is the lag happening because there are so many here
(08/21 01:55:45) From Zedra: we have possible 7 more in the queue
(08/21 01:55:50) From Zedra: shall we continue?
(08/21 01:56:00) Paradox: Lag is all client-side and caused by RAM, video cards, and CPU
(08/21 01:56:09) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/21 01:56:14) NadeMinogue: i wish
(08/21 01:56:14) Reteltee: Well, for one, giving the Explorers a much greater voice in how they impact the structure of the Cavern
(08/21 01:56:16) Paradox: Thus, it is not technically lag, but rather hardware limitations
(08/21 01:56:21) Error: (Can't find 'I'll' in any of the player lists.)
(08/21 01:56:36) To Zedra: I'll ask for 3 last questions
(08/21 01:56:42) Swimmery4: again, my apologies, thought i was by myself in some odd instance
(08/21 01:56:58) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 01:57:02) Andy Legate: Reteltee; Cate Alexander was quoted as saying to bring back the Guilds "just like the D'ni". Does this mean that the DRC plans to impliment the Guild system just as the D'ni ran it? Or will they allow us to correct mistakes that the D'ni made with the Guilds?
(08/21 01:57:07) From Zedra: okay we got the last three then
(08/21 01:57:19) Montgomery: 3more questions ofr Reteltee, plus thos already in the que. Let's not wear him out!
(08/21 01:57:27) Reteltee: Just like the D'ni should be taken in the context of "just like Ri'neref intended it"
(08/21 01:57:35) lfus: ((graoaht is after Andy Legate)
(08/21 01:57:40) Reteltee: Lol, thx Monty
(08/21 01:57:50) Frisky Badger: ooo that was a really good answer
(08/21 01:57:57) Anthony: Good
(08/21 01:58:04) Andy Legate: Thanks.
(08/21 01:58:05) --=V4iLiN=--: I would like to know if the DRC are going to open up the Guild Hall in the city, and provide the guilds some tools etc. I really think Cyan would want to keep everything within the game. so we gotta have in game Objects and tools we can use. Could this please be mentioned to 'The Powers that Be' for me ty
(08/21 01:58:06) Nadnerb: and could you please announce who will be asking next?

(08/21 01:58:06) Anthony: I like that answer
(08/21 01:58:20) Reteltee: Yes
(08/21 01:58:36) Reteltee: To both
(08/21 01:58:42) Sorceress: WoW!
(08/21 01:58:42) Reteltee: :)
(08/21 01:58:53) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 01:58:57) lfus: groath
(08/21 01:59:26) lfus: (Please have your questions pretyped in)
(08/21 01:59:49) lfus: (RElayer Corp is next afrter graoth)
(08/21 01:59:54) groath: do you now if in the near future if the guild area of the city will be re opened for the guilds?or if the maintaniers will have suits ready for them any time soon or will grenesh pardon my spelling be the HQ for the maintaniers?
(08/21 02:00:10) groath: sorry was cleaning houes
(08/21 02:00:22) Reteltee: The answer to all of the above is I do not know, sorry :(
(08/21 02:00:36) groath: ok ty
(08/21 02:00:38) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 02:00:42) Relayer Corps: Will any group joining a Guild retain it's autonomy and individuality? Or will they be completely absorbed into the guild?
(08/21 02:00:43) From Andy Legate: At least this is going better than Episode interviews.
(08/21 02:00:57) Reteltee: That depends entirely upon the desire of the group
(08/21 02:01:03) Relayer Corps: ty
(08/21 02:01:08) lfus: (Saavedro is after Relayer Corp)
(08/21 02:01:14) Saavadro: With all of this focus being put on the guild formations by the DRC, will it continue to work on restoring further areas of THIS cavern and translating more ancient D'ni texts? If not, will a seperate guild or guilds have to be formed to speed these areas up?
(08/21 02:01:14) Reteltee: And the Guild
(08/21 02:01:19) To Andy Legate: Yes. I am very pleased. Will make this chatlog very easy to read.
(08/21 02:01:54) Reteltee: The DRC will continue to restore as much of the Cavern as possible, while maintaining safety and security for all of the Explorers
(08/21 02:02:11) R'nway: wow, now thats a typical DRC answer
(08/21 02:02:23) Stephen C.: Lol
(08/21 02:02:27) Dragonia starts to laugh
(08/21 02:02:29) --=V4iLiN=--: gesh
(08/21 02:02:32) Reteltee: As to Guild involvement in that process I cannot say (in actuality, I am not allowed to say)
(08/21 02:02:33) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/21 02:02:34) Andy Legate laughs
(08/21 02:02:35) [Relayer] Kerryth: oooh
(08/21 02:02:37) Saavadro: i guess will see when that time comes
(08/21 02:02:40) lfus: (WarrenWeisstieg is after Saavedro)
(08/21 02:02:41) Saavadro: thx
(08/21 02:02:41) R'nway: now that's even more DRC
(08/21 02:02:46) Swimmery4 cant help but agree
(08/21 02:02:50) Reteltee: A good and fair question though
(08/21 02:02:55) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 02:02:56) R'nway: and well fielded
(08/21 02:03:10) lfus: WarrenWeistieg
(08/21 02:03:35) Warren Weisstieg: what kind of guild structure does the DRc have planned as far as Guild masters, all-guild council, ewtc. I know this will be broought up later, but just a question
(08/21 02:03:49) Scarlette: nope not much
(08/21 02:04:04) lfus: (V4iLin is after warren)
(08/21 02:04:54) lfus: (Barbarra is after Warren)
(08/21 02:05:07) Reteltee: ?
(08/21 02:05:11) R'nway: could the people who are walking around please have a seat, to minimisze lag?
(08/21 02:05:12) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 02:05:14) lfus: barbarra
(08/21 02:05:24) Andy Legate: warren, use /shout
(08/21 02:05:26) Warren Weisstieg: Oh sorry, I forgot to shout it
(08/21 02:05:29) IBnetweasel: did Reteltee hear warren's question? Warren...please /shout your question
(08/21 02:05:40) Reteltee: Ah
(08/21 02:05:49) Warren Weisstieg: what kind of guild structure is plannedalong the lines of Guild masters, councils, etc?
(08/21 02:05:56) Reteltee: Yes
(08/21 02:05:56) Warren Weisstieg: Sorry guys
(08/21 02:06:01) Reteltee: ;)
(08/21 02:06:07) lfus: (AB Guy is after Barbarra)
(08/21 02:06:35) Reteltee: There is a structure planned, and it will be in line with the original vision of Master Ri'neref
(08/21 02:06:50) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 02:06:54) R'nway makes a not to reseach taht
(08/21 02:06:57) R'nway: note
(08/21 02:07:01) lfus: Barbarra is next
(08/21 02:07:07) NadeMinogue: im sorry i have to go ill catch the rest of it on the forums
(08/21 02:07:11) --=V4iLiN=-- same here
(08/21 02:07:11) NadeMinogue: l8r
(08/21 02:07:14) R'nway: bye
(08/21 02:07:17) Yali: Now we're gettin' somewhere! Kudos Reteltee!
(08/21 02:07:19) R'nway: to both
(08/21 02:07:27) Reteltee: Why thank you :)
(08/21 02:07:50) Reteltee: Barb?
(08/21 02:07:56) Reteltee: Did you /shout?
(08/21 02:08:02) lfus: (AB Guy is next)
(08/21 02:08:31) IBnetweasel: shall we move on with Abguy?
(08/21 02:08:32) lfus: go ahead with your question AB
(08/21 02:08:35) ABguy: Reteltee: Where do new ideas and guilds fit into your vision for the way guilds will interact?
(08/21 02:08:51) lfus: (our last question will be from Thend)
(08/21 02:09:01) Reteltee: They're essential
(08/21 02:09:49) Reteltee: As I hope I've made clear (if not by eloquence, then at least by repition), my vision of the Guilds is US. The Explorers, the ones with the greatest stake in what happens here in our world
(08/21 02:10:11) Reteltee: So new ideas and lots of people are integral to that concept
(08/21 02:10:26) Reteltee: As for the interaction....well, that will become clearer in time
(08/21 02:10:31) R'nway: along taht note, what are the DRC's plans to incorporate explorer written ages?
(08/21 02:10:46) Reteltee: I don't know
(08/21 02:10:59) R'nway: thanks anyway
(08/21 02:11:06) Reteltee: No prob
(08/21 02:11:09) Reteltee: Thend?
(08/21 02:11:10) lfus: Thend
(08/21 02:11:11) Thend: D'ni structure according to Rineref - So, there WILL be an elected King of D'ni sometime 'in the future', eh?
(08/21 02:11:20) --=V4iLiN=--: that is where My request comes into play R'nway
(08/21 02:11:22) --=V4iLiN=--: lol
(08/21 02:11:32) Yali: I vote for Thend as King
(08/21 02:11:34) groath: a king!?
(08/21 02:11:39) Reteltee: Nope, at least, not that I know of. I am referring soley to the Guild structure
(08/21 02:11:41) groath: i say i want to be king
(08/21 02:11:43) Relayer Corps: I second that vote!
(08/21 02:11:43) Thend starts to laugh
(08/21 02:11:48) Montgomery: Sorry -- Host's Privelige! On last question: Reteltee, where is the best place for people to ask you these kinds of questions after this meeting?
(08/21 02:11:48) Andy Legate: Montgomery for King.
(08/21 02:12:04) Swimmery4 chants "Thend! Thend! Thend!"
(08/21 02:12:16) Reteltee: Well, you can always PM me on the Uru Obsession forums, or the Assembly of Guilds forums
(08/21 02:12:21) Scarlette starts to laugh
(08/21 02:12:22) From MustardJeep: Nice :)
(08/21 02:12:31) Nadnerb: wasn't Thend going to ask?
(08/21 02:12:33) groath says he wants to be king plzzzzzzz
(08/21 02:12:35) Reteltee: Also feel free to email me: [email protected]
(08/21 02:12:54) Reteltee: And always feel free to ping me in the Cavern
(08/21 02:12:54) Anthony: Oy, if we can't get behind one guy there won't be a king
(08/21 02:13:05) Montgomery: On behalf of everyone here and those reading this log, thank you Reteltee!
(08/21 02:13:09) groath: me......
(08/21 02:13:10) Relayer Corps: YEY!! No KING!
(08/21 02:13:12) Sorceress claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:15) LostOwl claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:15) Andy Legate: we'll never see Reteltee again, he'll be toobusy answering questions!
(08/21 02:13:15) Swimmery4 claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:16) Relayer Corps claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:17) Dakro claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:19) Kalypso claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:21) groath: THANK YOU!
(08/21 02:13:21) Sparrowhawk claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:21) gwynhwyvar claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:21) Mar'ith claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:23) J'anim Paedet claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:24) d'ni everything claps
(08/21 02:13:24) Mary26 claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:27) Andy Legate claps hands
(08/21 02:13:27) [Relayer] Kerryth claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:28) groath: you rock!
(08/21 02:13:29) BrandyWynne claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:29) Thend claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:30) Swimmery4 claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:30) cwjunior claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:30) Paradox: !chehv shehm Rehteltee
(08/21 02:13:30) Dragonia claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:30) Zedra claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:30) ABguy claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:31) groath claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:32) lfus claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:32) Stephen C. claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:35) MustardJeep cheers
(08/21 02:13:35) ~~meadow~~ claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:35) Resolute Guardian claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:36) R'nway claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:37) --=V4iLiN=-- claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:38) Saavadro: cev Sem, Reteltee!
(08/21 02:13:38) Dalken Starbyne claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:39) Dichromus claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:39) Frisky Badger: thanks for the time Reteltee
(08/21 02:13:40) Reteltee: I consider it my privelage to speak with and listen to my fellow Explorers
(08/21 02:13:41) SuperGram frowns at the idea of a king.....
(08/21 02:13:46) IBnetweasel: THank you Mont and Reteltee!
(08/21 02:13:48) Reteltee: Lol, thanks for having me everyone
(08/21 02:13:51) R'nway thanks you
(08/21 02:13:51) Swimmery4 is lost on the flooding purple text!
(08/21 02:13:59) Warren Weisstieg: Take care Reteltee
(08/21 02:14:02) d'ni everything agrees with SuperGram
(08/21 02:14:05) R'nway emotes
(08/21 02:14:08) Montgomery: don't leave yet, everyone. Ther is more.
(08/21 02:14:08) Reteltee: And thanks for your kindness and support
(08/21 02:14:08) Reteltee: I bid the fondest Shorah to you all
(08/21 02:14:09) groath: thanks to every one who helped
(08/21 02:14:20) ABguy: Thank you Zedra and Ifus!
(08/21 02:14:26) IBnetweasel: ooo more...yea!
(08/21 02:14:29) groath: thank you
(08/21 02:14:36) R'nway: yes indeed z and lfus
(08/21 02:14:36) Andy Legate: oh good! Refreashments?
(08/21 02:14:38) lfus: Yw AB
(08/21 02:14:39) d'ni everything: Tiki stop kissing the wall
(08/21 02:14:42) Relayer Corps: Bahro cookies
(08/21 02:14:48) Dalken Starbyne: Thank you EVERYONE, for hosting, moderating, and attending this meeting!
(08/21 02:14:58) Frisky Badger: we aren't done yet!
(08/21 02:15:02) Thend: A cartoon, a newsreel, then back to the show
(08/21 02:15:04) Swimmery4 passes refreshments out
(08/21 02:15:16) Montgomery: Reteltee was just the first item on the agenda!
(08/21 02:15:18) Relayer Corps: what's next on the agenda?
(08/21 02:15:19) --=V4iLiN=--: I Want to Make a few new Guild hoods , one hood for each of the shirts, I suggest
(08/21 02:15:21) Dalken Starbyne: Maybe not, Frisky, but I gotta go :P
(08/21 02:15:26) Paradox: Again, just a quick announcement, the GoW will be hosting a meeting in the coming week, look on the MOUL Guilds forum for more information :)
(08/21 02:15:28) Shimmerillion gets up to stretch
(08/21 02:15:36) Frisky Badger: those already exist Relayer
(08/21 02:15:50) Montgomery: 5 minute break for "personal business."
(08/21 02:15:53) groath is sad to say but the refreshments did not get pass him and every one beyownd him are wondering were they are....
(08/21 02:16:02) Relayer Corps: what already exist? I didn't say anything
(08/21 02:16:07) J'anim Paedet eyes the invisible cooler
(08/21 02:16:10) From Reteltee in Reteltee's Relto: If anyone didn't get my contact info and wants it, please feel free to give it out
(08/21 02:16:17) From Reteltee in Reteltee's Relto: Thanks again for having me
(08/21 02:16:19) R'nway asks groath to kindly take only one and save some for the others
(08/21 02:16:23) Relayer Corps: Except bahro cookies
(08/21 02:16:24) Frisky Badger: sorry that should have been directed at V4iLiN
(08/21 02:16:28) To Reteltee in Reteltee's Relto: will do! Thanks again. great job.
(08/21 02:16:30) Relayer Corps: Lol ok
(08/21 02:16:35) Saavadro: there is no Writers 'hood
(08/21 02:16:37) From Dalken Starbyne: I gotta go. WHere can I find a copy of the log once after the meeting is done?
(08/21 02:16:39) From Reteltee in Reteltee's Relto: Oh thank you! Always a pleasure
(08/21 02:16:39) Warren Weisstieg: Hey, I got to go, I'm represnting the Maintainers, but I think Montgomery can do that just as well
(08/21 02:16:45) Warren Weisstieg: good day everyone
(08/21 02:16:46) Swimmery4 links to the store to buy more stuff
(08/21 02:16:50) R'nway: farewell
(08/21 02:16:51) Relayer Corps: just want to make sure I wasn't being blamed for anything I didn't do again
(08/21 02:16:52) Montgomery: Well, Reteltee promised free beer. Anybody see where he put it?
(08/21 02:16:52) Frisky Badger: I'm pretty sure there is
(08/21 02:17:02) Shimmerillion: lol monty
(08/21 02:17:04) R'nway: where is the link to the store?
(08/21 02:17:05) MustardJeep burps
(08/21 02:17:09) --=V4iLiN=--: just so we can get orginised better in game , this forum stuff (out of game) IMO personly dislike
(08/21 02:17:11) R'nway: book or stone?
(08/21 02:17:26) d'ni everything passes popcorn and Twizzlers again
(08/21 02:17:37) Relayer Corps: what is with people and kissing the walls today?
(08/21 02:17:39) Shimmerillion: ooh popcorn
(08/21 02:17:41) groath: weres the free link to go to a rock concert at.......
(08/21 02:17:48) From Dalken Starbyne: Hello?
(08/21 02:17:48) Swimmery4 starts up a dozen coffee makers
(08/21 02:17:51) IBnetweasel: is the beer next tot he tub of wings from last meeting?
(08/21 02:17:52) --=V4iLiN=--: lol
(08/21 02:17:56) To Dalken Starbyne: Hi
(08/21 02:17:57) Sorceress sips her iced tea
(08/21 02:18:00) d'ni everything: I think they are looking for the link to the store
(08/21 02:18:02) --=V4iLiN=--: we need Mr Cloak
(08/21 02:18:05) Andy Legate: that Deem has been going in circles kissing the walls several times now.
(08/21 02:18:08) R'nway: lag makes it hard for people to turn, and hard for us to see i immediately when they do
(08/21 02:18:11) --=V4iLiN=--: lol
(08/21 02:18:17) From Dalken Starbyne: I gotta go, d'you know where I'll be able to find the log of this?
(08/21 02:18:22) Swimmery4: im sure the books in the nexus somewhere :)
(08/21 02:18:29) To Dalken Starbyne: on MOUL for sure.
(08/21 02:18:32) R'nway suspects deem has a slow connection, or a slow computer
(08/21 02:18:33) groath: so party at my jalak after this
(08/21 02:18:37) From Dalken Starbyne: Alright. Thanks
(08/21 02:18:37) J'min: It's a bug... The game thinks a key is being pressed or the mouse button
(08/21 02:18:46) peni: lol
(08/21 02:18:48) Mary26: Hurricane Deem is over I guess
(08/21 02:18:52) [Relayer] Kerryth: lol
(08/21 02:18:54) Thend: Hey! There's a lot of people here! I can announce something!
(08/21 02:18:58) Montgomery: OK, shall we continue?
(08/21 02:19:01) groath: montgomery want to come to my jalak after this and play some games?
(08/21 02:19:02) Saavadro: well its bedtime in NY so nice seein' yall!
(08/21 02:19:04) Deem: lollol
(08/21 02:19:05) R'nway shudders at the thought of what jalak would do with 70+ people in it
(08/21 02:19:08) d'ni everything squishes bug crawling by with heel of foot
(08/21 02:19:09) --=V4iLiN=--: lotta rubber banding goin on
(08/21 02:19:13) IBnetweasel: sounds good Monty...lets
(08/21 02:19:17) Kalypso: Reteltee talked earlier about Ri'neref vision of the Guilds. I check Mystlore but did not find what exactly was hisvision aside that he wasN,t grand Master on Gaternay...
(08/21 02:19:25) Montgomery: Sure, Groath.
(08/21 02:19:29) Swimmery4 adds raid to the shopping list, and makes sure to keep it away from the food
(08/21 02:19:33) groath: sweet
(08/21 02:19:38) Thend: Day of Dancing - September 3rd, 24 hours long, every DJ we can gather playing in the Cavern one after another, everywhere - Be there! ;D
(08/21 02:19:47) Kalypso: so anyone knows what was his vision?
(08/21 02:19:49) d'ni everything sprays Deet
(08/21 02:19:57) Frisky Badger: in short his vision for the Guilds was that they serve the community and not the other way around
(08/21 02:20:01) --=V4iLiN=--: ty for the nfo
(08/21 02:20:06) Kalypso: Thank you Frisky
(08/21 02:20:07) Thend nods his head
(08/21 02:20:08) R'nway: makes sense to me
(08/21 02:20:09) Montgomery: SOmeone will post a topic on MOUL about Ri'neref's vision, I'm sure.
(08/21 02:20:10) From Relayer Corps: are we continuing the meeting soon?
(08/21 02:20:22) To Relayer Corps: yes. now!
(08/21 02:20:24) SuperGram: I would agree with that concept
(08/21 02:20:27) From Relayer Corps: kk
(08/21 02:20:29) Sorceress: Ri'neref was very humble. he even refused to have a palace for him built until teh Guild Hall was finished being constructed.
(08/21 02:20:39) Montgomery: OK! Next topic.
(08/21 02:20:39) Relayer Corps: Let's get on with the meeting please
(08/21 02:20:50) Montgomery: Settle, people! Settle!
(08/21 02:20:55) R'nway: i think we were on a five minute break if i'm not mistaken
(08/21 02:20:57) peni nods her head
(08/21 02:21:03) d'ni everything: ehem
(08/21 02:21:09) Swimmery4 hands montgomery a whip to keep them in line
(08/21 02:21:10) R'nway: but i take it the break is over now
(08/21 02:21:12) BrandyWynne taps her foot
(08/21 02:21:14) Dichromus waves hello
(08/21 02:21:14) Nadnerb: and I think it's been 5 minutes..
(08/21 02:21:42) groath: ok
(08/21 02:21:47) Anthony: He held out even after the hall and the temple to Yahvo was built
(08/21 02:22:00) Scarlette: hey dak :)
(08/21 02:22:00) Montgomery: OK, I wanted to address the issue of what to du until the Guilds become official and there is something to actually join.
(08/21 02:22:08) Anthony: he prefered a simple house
(08/21 02:22:09) d'ni everything: oh dear-Almas - someone turn her this way
(08/21 02:22:18) R'nway: hey, it's deem again
(08/21 02:22:32) R'nway: ah, that's what i was wondering about
(08/21 02:22:33) --=V4iLiN=--: the Tomb of the great king lays benieth the guild Hall
(08/21 02:22:41) Montgomery: I think Deem is the Kirel house ghost ....
(08/21 02:22:44) Relayer Corps: what do you propose Montgomery?
(08/21 02:22:58) Deem: :) It feels like molasses.
(08/21 02:23:01) Anthony: yes a sign of the pride of the d'ni government over time
(08/21 02:23:41) Montgomery: I propose we establish 5 "pre-guilds" Basicall, just like wearing the shirts, but it is a way to collect names, KI#s and for people to communicate with fellow members.
(08/21 02:24:17) Montgomery: MustardJeep is already collecting names and s of people interested in the Maintainers.
(08/21 02:24:28) R'nway: could we establish official sites for each
(08/21 02:24:31) From groath: you get my invite?
(08/21 02:24:45) R'nway: i have seen that many guilds have had several people make redundant sites
(08/21 02:24:52) Sorceress: Are the 5 "pre-guilds" the same as the five announced by the DRC?
(08/21 02:24:54) Mary26: Cartographers have one at
(08/21 02:25:03) Error: Don't know how to '/shout, then if and when we decide to establish some leadership for making decisions, we can recruit or nominate from those pols, and those members would vote.'
(08/21 02:25:05) From Relayer Corps: The GOM has a thread up on AOG. Asking for council nominations
(08/21 02:25:06) moirajane: will you be taking questions after?
(08/21 02:25:11) R'nway: it would be good if we could standardized the guild sites on one pre guil
(08/21 02:25:11) R'nway: d
(08/21 02:25:18) Shimmerillion: i think it would help for each to have a site, because there is one location for information (rather than forum hopping)
(08/21 02:25:25) From groath: i will just have you use my relto book
(08/21 02:25:34) R'nway: yes, not all of us are members at all of the forums
(08/21 02:25:34) Montgomery: Sorry, my long coment was errored.
(08/21 02:25:44) [Relayer] Kerryth: Several news organizations have sites.
(08/21 02:25:52) From moirajane: will you be taking Q's?
(08/21 02:25:56) Swimmery4: Individual sites should be put off until after the pre-guild stages, imo
(08/21 02:26:11) R'nway: how will we communicate in teh mean-time, swimmery?
(08/21 02:26:11) Kalypso: That is the problem Kerryth
(08/21 02:26:12) [Relayer] Kerryth: What about existing ones?
(08/21 02:26:15) Montgomery: The ideas would be to join a pre-guild for one or more of the 5, just like wearing the shirt -- a way to show support.
(08/21 02:26:21) groath: mustard i am intrested in maitaniers ALOT!
(08/21 02:26:21) Montgomery: I'll take Qs.
(08/21 02:26:23) Shimmerillion: existing ones would stay in use
(08/21 02:26:26) tikibear (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 02:26:26) tikibear (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 02:26:27) Relayer Corps: We are also trying to get GOM council nominations on the AOG site
(08/21 02:26:37) Swimmery4: use the AoG forums for preguild
(08/21 02:26:48) From moirajane: now or after?
(08/21 02:26:48) R'nway: are you sure we should be forming councils already?
(08/21 02:26:51) Montgomery: It's a way to collect names and #s and comunicate with fellow members.
(08/21 02:27:00) R'nway: what are the maintainers maintaining at the moment?
(08/21 02:27:03) groath: hey mustared?
(08/21 02:27:05) Shimmerillion: i don't know ... forums are not user-friendly to everyone. you have to be a Forumite to be able to find information ... :P
(08/21 02:27:08) Stephen C.: Poor deem
(08/21 02:27:12) Montgomery: And the pre-guilds would be pols from which to nominate leaders.
(08/21 02:27:22) lfus: (PM Zedra with the work QUESTION to get in the que)
(08/21 02:27:29) Montgomery: *pools
(08/21 02:27:49) Montgomery: I'll take Qs in a second.
(08/21 02:27:51) groath: muastred?
(08/21 02:28:32) Shimmerillion: is there discussion allowed for each topic/question? or do you have to pm to speak?
(08/21 02:28:33) lfus: ( Please have your question pretyped)
(08/21 02:28:44) Relayer Corps: pm shimmer
(08/21 02:28:48) Shimmerillion: k
(08/21 02:28:49) Montgomery: As for leadership, I'm proposing a model of 5 elected members of equal status to be a council for each guild. No single GuildMasters!
(08/21 02:29:13) groath: mustardjeep can you put me down on that list for maintaners
(08/21 02:29:18) Swimmery4 agrees
(08/21 02:29:27) Relayer Corps nods her head
(08/21 02:29:33) groath: oh i want to be on the council!
(08/21 02:29:38) --=V4iLiN=--: yea I feel that there should be one central website that houses all the guilds forums or links to them
(08/21 02:29:39) groath: plz![/spoiler]

Montgomery - Maintainer Grand Master of Inspections (ret.)

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... And here is part II. Thanks again everyone for making this a great success.

(08/21 02:29:39) groath: plz!
(08/21 02:29:42) Montgomery: /Shout I'd suggest each person use the Mods to ask questions, but I won't go on to the next person until discussion is over for that question.
(08/21 02:29:48) R'nway: shimmer, from what i understand, we pm lfus with the word question, then we keep our question pre-typed until we are callled on so taht we can ask quickly
(08/21 02:30:21) Montgomery: OK. Who's first?
(08/21 02:30:21) R'nway: however, for discussion, i beleive we just speak up when we have something to say about the current topic, is that correct?
(08/21 02:30:21) Ghaelen D'Lareh (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 02:30:22) Godschild (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 02:30:32) BrandyWynne: and use '/shout'
(08/21 02:30:36) lfus: ( Please hold your comments until the end and don't forget to pm zedra with the word Question)
(08/21 02:30:42) R'nway: yes, the /shout is important
(08/21 02:30:50) IBnetweasel: pm Zedra with question...then have your ? pretyped (with /shout) and lfus will call on you when it is your turn
(08/21 02:30:56) Montgomery: We can try that R'nway, and see if it stays under control.
(08/21 02:30:56) lfus: Andy Legate
(08/21 02:31:01) Andy Legate: So Montgomery; you are suggesting that we set up a place simply as a place for people to go sign up just so they can show their interest in joining that guild? And you're recommending the Assembly of Guilds web site as a good starting point since it already houses a lot of guilds there?
(08/21 02:31:04) groath: edra can you move towards the fron so we can see you insted of scrolling the list of names
(08/21 02:31:17) lfus: ( Dichromus is after Andy)
(08/21 02:31:25) Montgomery: Andy -- exactly right.
(08/21 02:31:31) groath: my z does not want to works osme times
(08/21 02:31:42) R'nway: just type "/p Zedra question"
(08/21 02:31:44) Kalypso: Reteltee agreed that AOG was a good place to start
(08/21 02:31:54) groath: ok ty
(08/21 02:31:55) Andy Legate: ty
(08/21 02:31:58) IBnetweasel: to PM zedra with question just type "/p Zedra question"
(08/21 02:31:59) groath: sorry montgomery
(08/21 02:32:13) Montgomery: NP!
(08/21 02:32:23) MustardJeep: That is part of what I have been doing collecting KI numbers, next is tagging up with people wearing the shirts.
(08/21 02:32:44) Montgomery: Everyone did a fantastic job keeping order while Reteltee was here. Let's keep it up.
(08/21 02:32:55) From moirajane: Please say NEXT when you are ready for the next Q
(08/21 02:32:59) Montgomery: First questin?
(08/21 02:33:13) lfus: Dichromus is next
(08/21 02:33:13) Montgomery: NEXT
(08/21 02:33:17) Dichromus: In my experience, ruling by committee doesn't work. You need a leader even if it only the committee chairperson. What do you think?
(08/21 02:33:35) R'nway: that's an ecellent point
(08/21 02:33:36) lfus: (R'nway is after Dichromus)
(08/21 02:33:38) Montgomery: OK ... long answer.
(08/21 02:33:41) Shimmerillion: or an odd number (for vote)
(08/21 02:34:16) Montgomery: I'm afraid Cate will try to take over the guilds. So I want power decentralized in case she singles out leaders to sway to her side.
(08/21 02:34:32) Relayer Corps agrees
(08/21 02:34:46) SuperGram agrees
(08/21 02:34:51) Montgomery: It may be an irrational fear, but many signs point to it.
(08/21 02:35:00) Dichromus: that sounds like the road to confrontation
(08/21 02:35:03) Andy Legate nodds in agreement.
(08/21 02:35:10) Swimmery4: normally that would be paranoid, but in the case of Cate, i agree
(08/21 02:35:20) Mary26 agrees
(08/21 02:35:22) Montgomery: I just want to be prepared. And the pre-guilds is a way to test this model before the official guilds arrive.
(08/21 02:35:34) Shimmerillion: lol swim
(08/21 02:35:34) Dichromus: I see thanks
(08/21 02:35:36) lfus: ( Please hold all comments until the end...)
(08/21 02:35:50) Montgomery: Does that answer your question?
(08/21 02:36:01) Dichromus: ?shout yes thanks
(08/21 02:36:02) ComputerSage: Reteltee can always break ties or provide advice on any disagreements
(08/21 02:36:02) lfus: R'nway is up
(08/21 02:36:08) Dichromus: oops
(08/21 02:36:08) R'nway: Will the DRC be releasing documentation and age writing tools to the guild of writers anytime soon, or are we fairly useless right now?
(08/21 02:36:28) lfus: (V4iLin is after R'nway)
(08/21 02:36:48) Montgomery: I have no idea. Reteltee might be able to answer that, and I believe he has been asked to relay that question to Cyan.
(08/21 02:36:57) Shimmerillion: r'nway, you could also start planning ages - mapping out the land, concept art, creating jpuzzles, etc
(08/21 02:37:02) groath: also games mabye a question here or there but mostly games
(08/21 02:37:09) Montgomery: Next.
(08/21 02:37:11) Frisky Badger: it is possible to create Ages now, you just can't get them into Uru
(08/21 02:37:13) groath: ops rong chat sorry!
(08/21 02:37:21) lfus: V4iLin is up
(08/21 02:37:57) R'nway: taht's an excellent point, we can do teh initial planning for ages even thoughwe cannotbegin writing ages yet
(08/21 02:38:07) lfus: (please have you questions pretyped in)
(08/21 02:38:10) Montgomery: V4iLin?
(08/21 02:38:34) --=V4iLiN=--: I think making some new hoods, one for each shirt of the guilds would be the best way, of coarse you will have to join your guild hood. then it will be alot easer knowing who is all in your guild and who. alot easer later on in the game, if Cyan ever adds some tools etc for us to use. // and agrees with the assembly of guilds be alot easer to find your guild forum.
(08/21 02:38:39) R'nway: but we may make the whole thing and find out taht it is incompatible with whatevercyan ever gives us to work with
(08/21 02:38:55) lfus: AB Guy is after V4iLin)
(08/21 02:39:04) Frisky Badger: those hoods already exist
(08/21 02:39:12) R'nway: however, we may want to be in a 'hood with people from many guilds
(08/21 02:39:27) R'nway: surely in the days of the D'ni the maintainers did not all live in one hood
(08/21 02:39:45) R'nway: just as not all of our engineers on teh surface live in teh same area
(08/21 02:39:52) Montgomery: Actually, V, graydragon has mentioned that the word "guild" is being made a forbidden word for making hoods. There were about 5 Maintainers Guild hhods at one point. The Guild Pubs are coming in a couple f weeks.
(08/21 02:39:56) Mark_AF: mostly they did
(08/21 02:39:57) lfus: (Please hold all comments until the end... thanks)
(08/21 02:40:02) --=V4iLiN=--: Thats the catch to show you are serious about that guild
(08/21 02:40:09) R'nway: oh, there are guild pubs coming?
(08/21 02:40:14) Sorceress: As in the upcoming new episode?
(08/21 02:40:16) Shimmerillion: or there could be a weekly meeting for each guild in a regular hood. that way you catch all the non-OOCers
(08/21 02:40:24) Frisky Badger: actually Ifus, Montgomery said we could discuss questions
(08/21 02:40:50) Shimmerillion: (non forum hoppers) :P
(08/21 02:40:52) Swimmery4: we just have to stop discussing when we move to the next one
(08/21 02:40:52) --=V4iLiN=--: ahh good to know
(08/21 02:40:55) Montgomery: we can discuss if we stay on topic.
(08/21 02:41:04) Thend: Cate announced the Guild Pubs at the end of last DRC busy 'week'
(08/21 02:41:07) Montgomery: Anything else on hoods
(08/21 02:41:16) R'nway: oh, i didn't know that, thanks thend
(08/21 02:41:21) Thend: No further details
(08/21 02:41:24) Thend nods his head
(08/21 02:41:30) Montgomery: NEXT!
(08/21 02:41:33) ABguy: Montgomery: If it is true that we are to be the guilds, its not possible to conform to a ridgid stucture especially since the guilds will perform different functions. Don't you think to be truely flexible that all the guilds will need to discover their own structures instead of handing out a cookie cutter type style of leadership?
(08/21 02:41:40) groath: np
(08/21 02:42:09) lfus: (Andy Legate is after AB Guy)
(08/21 02:42:56) Montgomery: Excellent point, AB! I agree. I'm merely making a suggstion. And it is based on the way the Greeters are already doing things. But it is just a suggestion. If we do choose to share the same model, it will make many things easier for everyone.
(08/21 02:42:58) R'nway: for example, Writers make wish to organize more according to the software dev pipeline the eventually settle on
(08/21 02:43:07) cgreen:
(08/21 02:43:57) Montgomery: I agree the individual guilds and groups may need to do things their own way, and I don't mean to suggest otherwise.
(08/21 02:43:57) MustardJeep: none of the structure "stuff" is going to get decided tonight, it's just suggestions to get people thinking.
(08/21 02:44:01) Shimmerillion: in most organizations, the leaders are not the doers. they help facilitate the success of their doers. it seems like that would be the same, regardless
(08/21 02:44:32) [Relayer] Kerryth: That is not true of any organization I have Iver belonged to.
(08/21 02:44:41) From Zedra: There are only 2 more questions in the queue, fyi.
(08/21 02:44:43) Montgomery: Bottom line -- I just feel more comfortable with decentralized power in the Big 5.
(08/21 02:44:47) Shimmerillion: im thinking more of real world organizations
(08/21 02:44:51) R'nway: unfortunately, the leaders often mistake the purpose of the doers and theink the doerws are meant to help teh leader achieve success
(08/21 02:44:56) SuperGram: I disagree with Shimmerillin also
(08/21 02:45:02) To Zedra: TY!
(08/21 02:45:10) [Relayer] Kerryth: The real world is where we all live.
(08/21 02:45:11) IBnetweasel: I would like to talk a bit about the GoG as an example for other guilds if there is a chance...
(08/21 02:45:19) Shimmerillion: i'm not suggesting the leaders never did any of the doing
(08/21 02:45:19) d'ni everything: im just wondering how many guilds, corps and bevins one needs before we implode with organizations having seperate agendas
(08/21 02:45:36) R'nway: yes, that is a good point
(08/21 02:45:44) Montgomery: Sure, IB -- go ahead. You have the floor.
(08/21 02:45:47) --=V4iLiN=--: True
(08/21 02:45:51) Deem claps her hands
(08/21 02:45:58) ResEng A. Biegalski: Defiant Association of Hairstylists.
(08/21 02:45:59) IBnetweasel: is this OK with everyone if I talk a bit?
(08/21 02:46:03) ResEng A. Biegalski: Doh, sorry.
(08/21 02:46:07) Stephen C.: sure
(08/21 02:46:09) Sorceress starts to laugh
(08/21 02:46:11) MustardJeep: If it works right the "Big 5" can spearhead for smaller groups.
(08/21 02:46:11) Deem: Yes.
(08/21 02:46:14) R'nway: well, Mr. Beigalski
(08/21 02:46:16) Rocky: Yep
(08/21 02:46:17) Swimmery4: go ahead!
(08/21 02:46:19) R'nway: welcome rath3er
(08/21 02:46:28) ResEng A. Biegalski feels VERY silly now...
(08/21 02:46:37) Montgomery: Andy you're next after IB
(08/21 02:46:47) --=V4iLiN=--: shorah ResEng AB
(08/21 02:46:55) ~~meadow~~: hey weasel...:)
(08/21 02:46:58) From groath: still want to go to my jalak after this ?
(08/21 02:47:12) To groath: sure.
(08/21 02:47:30) Montgomery: IBnet?
(08/21 02:47:36) From groath: sounds good:)
(08/21 02:47:39) R'nway: ... ?
(08/21 02:47:46) IBnetweasel: I was just going to say that the GOG has been working at developing its structure and vision for a long time, setting up key principles, but leaving room for flexibility so that we can grow and adjust but still maintain a clear goal - helping explorers in the cavern
(08/21 02:48:28) Swimmery4: that is key
(08/21 02:48:36) Montgomery: And what has worked for the Greeters?
(08/21 02:48:48) IBnetweasel: we have a section up on our forum that talks about the GoG history our website is and on the home page there is a button at the left "about GoG" - here you can find out about the history of the guild and our vision
(08/21 02:49:19) Ja'de: Democracy--One vote per member
(08/21 02:49:30) Montgomery: Please stop running around
(08/21 02:49:45) StuartGrist: are special privliages to joining the guilds?
(08/21 02:49:47) From J'min: It a bug.. they can't help it
(08/21 02:49:53) Swimmery4: they cant help it, the games getting buggy under laggy conditions
(08/21 02:49:55) IBnetweasel: we have a structure that is fairly decentralized...we have a grandmaster, some moderators, and many members...but we all hold equal voice in dealing with issues and coming up with new ways to help our as they arise
(08/21 02:50:38) Montgomery: What unique power does the Grand Master hold?
(08/21 02:51:12) Nadnerb: none, I would hope.. they'd just be the most respected member
(08/21 02:51:16) SuperGram: To add to Montgomery's question the Grand Master position a lifetime one?
(08/21 02:51:20) J'min: Knowledge
(08/21 02:51:35) R'nway: i woudl certainly hope not
(08/21 02:51:59) R'nway: we should always keep in mind the sotry of guild master kadish
(08/21 02:52:08) Nadnerb: indeed. positions like grandmaster would hvae to be more sybolic than practical
(08/21 02:52:16) --=V4iLiN=--: it is he who makes the final desision
(08/21 02:52:17) Thend: Thanks. I just do it out of necessity now, frankly though
(08/21 02:52:23) IBnetweasel: Our grandmaster is Tijara and to tell you the truth I am not sure on what all she is responsible for, but I believe it is focused on keeping our website up and running
(08/21 02:52:23) Thend: oops lol
(08/21 02:52:38) Ja'de: In our case, the Grand Master owns and maintains the web site but does not have any special privleges.
(08/21 02:52:46) R'nway: aha
(08/21 02:52:50) Ja'de: Other than root
(08/21 02:52:51) Swimmery4: take that out of context thend, rofl
(08/21 02:52:57) R'nway roars with laughter
(08/21 02:52:59) --=V4iLiN=--: lol
(08/21 02:53:00) Error: (Can't find 'Hi' in any of the player lists.)
(08/21 02:53:06) pennylongstocking starts to laugh
(08/21 02:53:12) IBnetweasel: I would recommend everyone interested in helping structure the other guilds take a look at our history to help give you an idea of setting up a vision for the guild and also setting up a structure
(08/21 02:53:13) Thend looks around for a bit
(08/21 02:53:16) R'nway: i think i'd cal that a special priviledge
(08/21 02:53:32) Relayer Corps: IB, not to be rude, but I have to go. Bye everyone.
(08/21 02:53:34) R'nway: tahnks for the tip IB, i'll look into that
(08/21 02:53:36) Montgomery: Great suggestion IB, and thanks for the info.
(08/21 02:53:36) R'nway waves goodbye
(08/21 02:53:38) groath: waht is the web site for maintaners?
(08/21 02:53:53) Thend: Seeya RC
(08/21 02:53:57) peni: bye /relayer Corp
(08/21 02:53:57) Montgomery:
(08/21 02:54:10) d'ni everything claps for IB
(08/21 02:54:13) Montgomery: Andy, your question?
(08/21 02:54:13) groath: ty!
(08/21 02:54:15) IBnetweasel: I would like to stress that the guilds should be able to work together...there needs to be much collaboration between the guilds as we work to accomplish things...and I thin the GoG has a good structure set up to inspire collaboration
(08/21 02:54:17) Andy Legate: Monty; I"ve seen a lot of examples of people demanding "tools" and pretty much wanting to have the Guilds over night. Do you agree that this is something that should take time to form? That in the mean time everyone should be working towards figuring out who wants to be in a guild, how the guild should be structured, what they'd like to see in the guilds? That way, people don't feel "Worthless" or like it is not moving forward.
(08/21 02:54:26) --=V4iLiN=--: ok we got 2 website now
(08/21 02:54:27) Mark_AF: What about discipline? How do you manage guild members who will not conform?
(08/21 02:54:27) Deem claps her hands
(08/21 02:54:33) Nadnerb: yes, indeed. According to our history, group leaders are usually the people who get bashed by everyone who is not a leader, or in a simlar position.
(08/21 02:54:49) IBnetweasel: thank you...I'll let Monty have the floor now for more questions from people :)
(08/21 02:54:58) lfus: (cwjuinior is after Andy)
(08/21 02:55:02) R'nway: that is one of the inherent difficulties of government
(08/21 02:55:05) Swimmery4: As unideal as it is, there always has to be someone or some method to make the final decision or nothing gets done
(08/21 02:55:07) MustardJeep: Andy It is going to take time
(08/21 02:55:24) Montgomery: Thanks IB. Andy -- excellent comment. Yes! This is not a race, people. THe first one to form a guild doesn't win.
(08/21 02:55:31) R'nway laughs
(08/21 02:56:02) Swimmery4: I disagree, Greeters win hands down. :D
(08/21 02:56:19) R'nway: true, but didn't the DRC organize them?
(08/21 02:56:24) Stephen C.: lol swimmery
(08/21 02:56:31) Stephen C.: no
(08/21 02:56:32) groath points
(08/21 02:56:33) groath: OBJECTION!
(08/21 02:56:35) Li'al: absolutely not
(08/21 02:56:35) Montgomery: There is no reason to rush. This isn't a competition. And that's another reason for the councils -- to nt have people try too hard to be Supremem Leader
(08/21 02:56:36) Rocky: nO !!
(08/21 02:56:36) Mark_AF: I have the greatest respect for GoG.
(08/21 02:56:41) Swimmery4: Just joking lol
(08/21 02:56:42) R'nway roars with laughter
(08/21 02:56:42) MustardJeep: The DRC did not organize the Greeters
(08/21 02:56:47) R'nway: @ groath
(08/21 02:56:48) Andy Legate: there is also a waiting list to become a Greeter. Go look.
(08/21 02:56:54) IBnetweasel: the DRC did not organise the GoG...please check out our history on the website
(08/21 02:56:59) Mark_AF: I would like to hear how they deal with malcontents.
(08/21 02:57:08) Thend: I think the possible difference between this whol shebang and the Greeters, in my uninformed opinion, is that this setup of Guild structure is being imposed from outside, not generated naturally and internally like Greeters started as. Hence, things may develop differently here now
(08/21 02:57:08) R'nway: yes, i second that
(08/21 02:57:36) Thend: Myst 5 is pretty interesting, if nothing else, lotta Uru content and context
(08/21 02:57:40) Montgomery: Is there another question in the que for me? If so let's hear it, then we can go back to IB and the Greeters.
(08/21 02:57:40) Thend: oops lol
(08/21 02:57:41) Ja'de: No waiting list just an application
(08/21 02:57:46) groath: does any guild hold power over another ?
(08/21 02:57:51) Thend shuts up completely now
(08/21 02:57:58) Frisky Badger: no
(08/21 02:58:00) Swimmery4 is concerned about thend
(08/21 02:58:09) Thend is concerned about Thend
(08/21 02:58:14) Swimmery4: Lol
(08/21 02:58:14) lfus: cw junior is next
(08/21 02:58:19) cwjunior: If individuals are allawed to join multiple guild, what oversight or safegaurds could be in place to insure we don't end up with a small handfull of people controlling all the guilds?
(08/21 02:58:23) Montgomery: Shall we turn the floor back over to IB?
(08/21 02:58:33) R'nway: romer: jus tuse the stairs and walk up, you'll get there much quicker
(08/21 02:59:00) From lfus: I have one more person to ask a question first
(08/21 02:59:02) d'ni everything: a guild MOB?
(08/21 02:59:04) From lfus: After cw
(08/21 02:59:19) R'nway: i would suggest that people be allowed membership in multiple guilds, bu tleadership in only 1
(08/21 02:59:21) Montgomery: cwjunior -- Well, a nominating and voting processlike I suggested would help.
(08/21 02:59:21) Shimmerillion: i doubt any one explorer will be able to contribute enough to multiple guilds that each guild will elect him/her leader
(08/21 02:59:50) Montgomery: Agreed, Shimmerillion.
(08/21 02:59:56) Montgomery: Last question?
(08/21 03:00:03) Swimmery4: agreed Rnway
(08/21 03:00:06) lfus: (Shimmermillion has the last question after cw)
(08/21 03:00:19) d'ni everything shudders at the thought of conspiracy issues
(08/21 03:00:24) DaytonaKit: fun fun fun
(08/21 03:00:43) R'nway: okay, now remember, don't tell d'ni everything
(08/21 03:00:50) Shimmerillion: sorry, got caught off guard - just a sec
(08/21 03:00:51) d'ni everything: hee hee
(08/21 03:00:59) Montgomery: NP
(08/21 03:01:01) JulyForToday (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 03:01:12) --=V4iLiN=--: I just feel that as much as possible, is to try and keep this all with in the game, we gotta come up with some basic rules for ALL guilds to follow, so here is where the fun starts LOL
(08/21 03:01:18) d'ni everything pulls out my secret avie
(08/21 03:01:30) R'nway already knew about that one
(08/21 03:01:39) d'ni everything: doubt it
(08/21 03:01:46) R'nway has ears everywhere
(08/21 03:01:47) pennylongstocking me too
(08/21 03:02:00) d'ni everything: serious denial
(08/21 03:02:05) Swimmery4 covers d'ni everything's ears and goes "la la la la la la la la, you cant hear, la la la"
(08/21 03:02:07) Shimmerillion: i just wonder if we're all looking at this from the standpoint of the community. for example, why are guild masters in charge of websites? people who know how to organize content should be doing that work, while the leaders tell them what to write?
(08/21 03:02:08) R'nway: anway, sry, i'll stop with the side chat, sry
(08/21 03:02:20) Shimmerillion: does that make any sense?
(08/21 03:02:27) R'nway: yes it does
(08/21 03:02:30) Thend nods his head
(08/21 03:02:35) MustardJeep: sort of?
(08/21 03:02:43) Error: Don't know how to '/shoutThat sounds like a question for IB and the Greeters.'
(08/21 03:02:51) Shimmerillion: it goes back to what i said before, which i think was misunderstood ...
(08/21 03:02:57) Montgomery: That sounds like a question for IB and the Greeters
(08/21 03:02:57) Swimmery4: makes sense to me
(08/21 03:03:02) R'nway: the people who run the websites, should not necessarily be those generating the content to put on them
(08/21 03:03:06) Shimmerillion: that leaders should be able to see what the goal of the organization is and help make it happen
(08/21 03:03:10) groath: np
(08/21 03:03:13) Frisky Badger: leaders don't need to be rulers, they should be guides
(08/21 03:03:16) Shimmerillion: not have to do all the web updating themselves
(08/21 03:03:20) groath: ops rong chat..
(08/21 03:03:31) Frisky Badger: what if they like doing that stuff?
(08/21 03:03:39) R'nway: well, tehn they could do both
(08/21 03:03:41) Shimmerillion: if they are the best at it, then that's fine
(08/21 03:03:43) Montgomery: I think it has more to do with moderating the forums than webmastering the site
(08/21 03:03:54) Thend: Leaders don't get to DO what they 'like' lol
(08/21 03:03:55) Shimmerillion: but if there is someone esle who can organize the content better, code better, design better ...
(08/21 03:04:02) Shimmerillion: do you see what i'm getting at?
(08/21 03:04:09) R'nway: the admins and the mods often don't have a whole lot of overlap
(08/21 03:04:09) Shimmerillion: exactly, thend
(08/21 03:04:13) Andy Legate: Many times the reason the leaders are the website owners is because it may hae been their idea in the first place. That's why a lot are in Forum mode becasue then your memebers DO contribute.
(08/21 03:04:37) ABguy: The idea behind my guild is that it will work from the bottom up, in that the leaders work for their members.
(08/21 03:04:40) R'nway: excelletn point andy
(08/21 03:04:41) groath: ok my head hurts from to much info can we call this good ?
(08/21 03:04:42) Shimmerillion: point taken andy - but as long as we're dealing in "how it should be"
(08/21 03:04:44) SuperGram: I don't really relish the idea of exploration being carried out oon forums or websites
(08/21 03:04:53) R'nway: wait, which guild AB?
(08/21 03:05:09) SuperGram: I think it should be done in cavern with an active presence of the so called leaders.
(08/21 03:05:10) Andy Legate: i've got a great example of this.
(08/21 03:05:15) Swimmery4: I think it's perfectly fine for masters to be webmasters if they are skilled at it
(08/21 03:05:17) Frisky Badger: how is exploration being carried out on the forums?
(08/21 03:05:25) Shimmerillion: but a responsible leader should know when to keep power and when to delegate
(08/21 03:05:28) Montgomery: I only had one more topic. If anyone is interested. Or we can call it a night. Does anyone want to talk about IC v OOC and finding IC purposes for our guilds?
(08/21 03:05:30) Shimmerillion: even if it's something they like
(08/21 03:05:31) Frisky Badger: the forums are for discussion
(08/21 03:05:52) Swimmery4: good idea mont, lets go on
(08/21 03:06:03) Kalypso: Forums may be the best way to start the Guild.
(08/21 03:06:03) MustardJeep: the IC purpose is a simple one, trying to get Explorer's Exploring.....
(08/21 03:06:07) groath: call it a ngiht!
(08/21 03:06:09) R'nway: um, IC purposes of writers is to provide new ages and perhaps fulfill requests by the explorers, right?
(08/21 03:06:14) SuperGram nods her head
(08/21 03:06:19) Andy Legate: I just started up a small guild myself, the Guild of Astronomy, right now I lead it, but if I get enough people who are more knowledge able than me about Astonomy, they'll be the leaders in most of the ways.
(08/21 03:06:24) groath: actully that would be fun
(08/21 03:06:29) --=V4iLiN=--: I then suggest that anyone who wants to join a guild be able to , but it is only tempory until they can show their worthness, skill etc. // the guild leader is like the head teacher, they who know the most.
(08/21 03:06:40) R'nway: you spen a lot of time in minkata, andy?
(08/21 03:06:42) Thend: I am concerned that forums will be the focus, and as happens, much activity In-Cavern will be minimised because of it, which not to mention leaves out those who are not so forum-inclined and just like Uru, the genuine place and face-to-face, dynamic environment
(08/21 03:06:53) Shimmerillion: agreed, thend
(08/21 03:07:07) R'nway agrees with Thend
(08/21 03:07:09) Scarlette nods her head
(08/21 03:07:12) SuperGram: My idea exactly Thend
(08/21 03:07:13) Sorceress: agreed
(08/21 03:07:15) pennylongstocking nods her head
(08/21 03:07:19) Shimmerillion: but we still need a resource other than word of mouth, which is unfortunately all we have in cavern
(08/21 03:07:28) Andy Legate: I don't agree.
(08/21 03:07:36) Kalypso: The "weekly" meetings in the cavern(and not in the forums) is a good idea to incorporate Non-forums people
(08/21 03:07:37) Frisky Badger: but not everyone can be in cavern at the same time, the forums give EVERYONE a chance to voice their opinion
(08/21 03:07:41) groath: we have pictures in cavern
(08/21 03:07:41) Montgomery: OK, seems like people are getting bored and antsy. So I'l wrap up my part, and the discussion can continue as long as people want to discuss. Thank you all for coming and your ideas. And thank you Ifus and Zedra!
(08/21 03:07:41) Andy Legate: that limits things a bit. It should be both.
(08/21 03:07:48) IBnetweasel: I think that may be one potential difference between GoG and future guilds...the GoG is IC neutral and wishes to maintain that. We cannot work effectively to help explorers with some of the logistics of the game if we try to be IC.
(08/21 03:08:00) lfus: Your welcome Montgomery
(08/21 03:08:05) groath: thank you!
(08/21 03:08:07) Sorceress claps her hands
(08/21 03:08:09) Swimmery4: moul is already taking place too much outside the cavern, something needs to be done to get people back in the cavern
(08/21 03:08:11) Thend: Understood. Just something to be wary of
(08/21 03:08:11) d'ni everything claps her hands
(08/21 03:08:12) Mary26 claps her hands
(08/21 03:08:13) Mar'ith claps his hands
(08/21 03:08:17) R'nway: yes, many thanks to everyone who organized this meeting, it was very well-done
(08/21 03:08:17) Shimmerillion: thanks to all 3
(08/21 03:08:17) Scarlette claps her hands
(08/21 03:08:21) groath claps his hands
(08/21 03:08:22) d'ni everything pulls cotton out of ears
(08/21 03:08:22) ABguy: Thanks Monty, Zedra and Ifus for you hardwork!!!
(08/21 03:08:23) Thend claps his hands
(08/21 03:08:24) Swimmery4 claps his hands
(08/21 03:08:28) Zedra bows
(08/21 03:08:29) Stephen C. claps his hands
(08/21 03:08:30) groath claps his hands
(08/21 03:08:30) R'nway: i agree with swimmery
(08/21 03:08:30) lfus bows
(08/21 03:08:33) Kalypso claps her hands
(08/21 03:08:33) Sparrowhawk claps her hands
(08/21 03:08:35) peni claps her hands
(08/21 03:08:36) groath: wooooooooooootttt!
(08/21 03:08:37) cwjunior claps his hands
(08/21 03:08:44) R'nway cheers
(08/21 03:08:49) groath: hura!
(08/21 03:08:50) J'anim Paedet: Bravo!
(08/21 03:08:52) groath: hura!
(08/21 03:08:55) groath: hura!
(08/21 03:08:58) --=V4iLiN=--: YES Thend and thats why Cyan is trying very hard to provide us with some things like the Guild pubs.. we just gotta wait
(08/21 03:09:00) Swimmery4: thanks for organizing this!
(08/21 03:09:01) groath: hip hip!
(08/21 03:09:05) Thend nods his head
(08/21 03:09:20) J'anim Paedet: Yes indeed, thanks!
(08/21 03:09:20) Montgomery: I'm ging to wrap up the chatlog, now. So anyone who wants to continue discussing, please log it if you want to.
(08/21 03:09:22) groath: three cheers for all
(08/21 03:09:24) d'ni everything: Speach! oh wait we did that right?
(08/21 03:09:25) groath: hip hip!
(08/21 03:09:28) SuperGram: Yes Thank you Montgomery and those who helped organize this meeting
(08/21 03:09:30) Sorceress: Forums are a great supplement to the game. Many people read up on episode events whiel they're at work. But when I get home, I want to be in-game expereicing the excitement, not in the forums
(08/21 03:09:32) SuperGram claps her hands
(08/21 03:09:38) groath: hip hip!
(08/21 03:09:54) Romer Openfield: I just came back after 5 months. Action, please.
(08/21 03:10:02) IBnetweasel has been logging for
(08/21 03:10:08) Romer Openfield: Good meet
(08/21 03:10:14) IBnetweasel: welcome Rex
(08/21 03:10:16) ...Chat.log stopped.[/spoiler]

Montgomery - Maintainer Grand Master of Inspections (ret.)

Last edited by Montgomery on Wed Aug 22, 2007 11:07 pm, edited 2 times in total.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 1:10 pm 
Obduction Backer

Joined: Tue May 09, 2006 8:06 pm
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Location: Virginia, US
Barbarra wrote:
All I'm trying to say is, hold your horses until we know which direction the road is going. We've got fan sights gallore, what we really want is a real part in MOUL.

I hear you, Barbarra. It would have been great if the DRC/Cyan had presented some more substantial guidelines (other than those pamphlets in Kirel) for what they want the guilds to appear.

However, as GreyDragon mentioned in his post:
greydragon wrote:
Guilds will be months / years off.

So, is there any point in doing anything with the guilds in the meantime? Some of us think there is. We believe that we can at least try forming an unofficial interim guild system - if for nothing else other than an experiment - and see how it goes on our own. We can learn from this when the real deal comes by in "months/years". And in the meantime, it will give us something to do other than wait.

And personally, I'd like to see all interested parties take part in this unofficial guild system - even the "shy folks". ;-)

KI #: 1299

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 2:05 pm 

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Well just posted my preliminary KI Journal of the meetings Q&A section to the AoG forum at

it's at the bottom of the thread. I'll take any suggestions and fix the typo emoticons, but it will probably be after 8PM before I can get the KI mailing list setup to distribute it.


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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 2:30 pm 

Joined: Thu Aug 16, 2007 9:33 pm
Posts: 68
MustardJeep wrote:
Well just posted my preliminary KI Journal of the meetings Q&A section to the AoG forum at

it's at the bottom of the thread. I'll take any suggestions and fix the typo emoticons, but it will probably be after 8PM before I can get the KI mailing list setup to distribute it.

If you want Jeep I could send it to my 250 people. It would help to spread the message around in the cavern. Just send me the Ki mail(very well done BTW)

"When you want your message out in the cavern, use the Guild of Messengers."

Guild of Messengers Website: or

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 3:02 pm 

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Sounds good, but really anyone that wants to should feel free to grab a copy and pass it out.

The further IC news gets distributed in an IC way the better! :D


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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 3:45 pm 

Joined: Mon May 15, 2006 8:47 pm
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Great stuff, MJ. Thanks much for taking the time to do that. :D

Thanks also to all those involved in getting the meeting up and running. Sorry I couldn't make the second one.

Image Jishin's KI: 82165

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 6:39 pm 

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Kalypso You should have two KI journals full of the posting I made on the AoG forum.

Have Fun :D


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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 6:43 pm 

Joined: Thu Aug 16, 2007 9:33 pm
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MustardJeep wrote:
Kalypso You should have two KI journals full of the posting I made on the AoG forum.

Have Fun :D

I'm not sure I'm gonna have THAT much fun but if we want more information in the cavern we all have to contribute right? lol

"When you want your message out in the cavern, use the Guild of Messengers."

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 9:09 pm 

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OK, the chatlogs from both of the 8-20 meetings have been formatted. Hope it helps -- I did my best.

When I get the time in the next day or two I will try to pull out of the logs just the questions for Reteltee and his answers in paragraph format. Stay tuned!

Montgomery - Maintainer Grand Master of Inspections (ret.)

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 9:33 pm 

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Jeep as I said, I sent the first part to about 270 people. For the second part, people interested can ask me for it. I hope that people who did not attend the meeting but read the summary will get involved;)

"When you want your message out in the cavern, use the Guild of Messengers."

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