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 Post subject: Guild of Writers Meeting
PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 7:36 pm 

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What: Town hall or brainstorm regarding the Guild of Writers
Where: Kirel Auditorium
When: Sunday August 26th at 12pm PST, 3pm EST
Who: Anyone who's interested in being a part of or helping to create the Guild of Writers and available at that time!
Why: Because it's time to take action :)

It will be hosted by Paradox and I, and I hope that all of the community's prominent Writers will be able to make it. PM me if you have a problem with the time or date.

Also PM me or Paradox or just post here if you have anything to say of course. This has been cross-posted at UO.


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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 8:33 pm 
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Sounds good, Kato. I'll try to be there.

What's the agenda for the meeting? It would save us much time if we can start with the suggestions made in the current GoW thread and at the previous GoW meeting.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 2:21 am 

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Ok, Sunday the 26th is more open for me.

Please let us know as soon as you know the exact time.

I can drop by anytime from 10am through 12pm cavern time, barring time out for dinner.

Thank you,

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 10:46 am 

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I'm interested, but since I really don't have any modeling skills, I'd more on the side of storyline and testing. I am also good at organizing people, as a founding Guild Master of the Guild of Greeters I was responsible for helping to establish guildlines and training procedures that remain successfully in effect to this day.
Having newly returned to the Cavern thanks to a new computer that could get past the AGEIA problem, I am no longer interested in titles or honors. Playing, having fun, and exploring new wonders are my priorities now. If I can share some of my experience helping to establish a new Guild, that would be cool.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 10:34 pm 
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If input on the time is being taken from people considering to go, it would work better for me later in the day (say, 6:00 KI time).

It'd probably be good to get reteltee to come (as you are trying for, of course. I'm just agreeing :P )


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PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 4:27 pm 

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I am, naturally, very interested in attending this!
Actually, the 26th works better for me as well, although I understand completely that much of the timing has to do with Reteltee and consequent availability.
At any rate, I'm very glad this is finally coming about, and hope I can provide any help you may need!

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 5:53 pm 

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Hey everyone, glad to see some interest in the Guild of Writers :)

We tentatively have the meeting scheduled for 12 KI Time, on Sunday August 26th. Please wait for Kato to post a confirmation, but we're looking towards 12-ish.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 5:57 pm 

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12 MDT is a bit too early for me. 13 MDT (21 CEST) is fine.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 4:22 pm 

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LaReh wrote:
I'm interested, but since I really don't have any modeling skills, I'd more on the side of storyline and testing. I am also good at organizing people, as a founding Guild Master of the Guild of Greeters I was responsible for helping to establish guildlines and training procedures that remain successfully in effect to this day.
Having newly returned to the Cavern thanks to a new computer that could get past the AGEIA problem, I am no longer interested in titles or honors. Playing, having fun, and exploring new wonders are my priorities now. If I can share some of my experience helping to establish a new Guild, that would be cool.
As Writing communities around here (such as Age Builders and GoAC) have always been, I am sure that any Guild of Writers that arises will be about more than just modeling and texturing--but about stories, ideas, and sounds, too. You are welcome to attend no matter what your skill. :)

Other news: It seems like 12pm PST (3pm EST) is a good time. Does anyone have any objections to that time?


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PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 6:16 pm 

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Darn, I won't be able to make it. There will be a transcript, right?

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 7:10 pm 

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I probably won't be able to make it, but I'm interested too.

Guild of Writers

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 11:16 pm 
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I'll be trying to make it. Whether or not life lets me is another question.


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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 8:32 pm 

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Wonderful meeting! Glad I came!

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 9:31 pm 

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The meeting went spectacularly. I'll let the log speak for itself. :D[spoiler](08/26 15:02:53) Chat.log started...
(08/26 15:03:13) Kato: (I'm logging this, but I'm not sure how reliable I am so I'd appreciate it if someone else did too :))
(08/26 15:03:17) ian1: Hola, Aloha, Hello, Shorah, Etc.
(08/26 15:03:24) Inanna: I am logging as well
(08/26 15:03:35) J'anim Paedet: As am I
(08/26 15:03:42) Metaigahn: Me too
(08/26 15:03:48) From Calumon in Calumon's Nexus: ???
(08/26 15:03:52) belford: Logs for everyone!
(08/26 15:03:59) Inanna: ample coverage
(08/26 15:04:07) Saavadro: is Paradox coming?
(08/26 15:04:10) Kato: Yes, shorah everyone. (Thank you Inanna). I'm Kato, co-founder and current admin at the Guild of Age Crafters. This of course is Reteltee. Paradox won't be able to make it.
(08/26 15:04:16) ian1: I'm probably the only one not logging.
(08/26 15:04:24) Reteltee waves hello
(08/26 15:04:30) Kato waves hello
(08/26 15:04:32) Seanathon waves hello
(08/26 15:04:33) J'anim Paedet waves hello
(08/26 15:04:35) ian1 waves hello
(08/26 15:04:40) Ozwell Spencer waves hello
(08/26 15:04:41) LaReh waves hello
(08/26 15:04:45) Metaigahn: Shorah
(08/26 15:04:46) Mar'ith waves hello
(08/26 15:04:48) belford waves
(08/26 15:04:50) Inanna: is Age Crafters the same as Writers?
(08/26 15:04:56) Kato: Yes.
(08/26 15:05:03) Kato: And, fundamentally, same as Age Builders :P
(08/26 15:05:18) J'anim Paedet: Yay!
(08/26 15:05:23) Kato: (Even though we came before them--but that's another story ;))
(08/26 15:06:06) Kato: Anyway--good to see...such an astoundingly low number of people. :( Perhaps I should've announced the time sooner.
(08/26 15:06:45) Kato: But yeah--thank you all for coming.
(08/26 15:07:02) Kato: I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this (never done this before) so bear with me please.
(08/26 15:07:38) Inanna is always patient
(08/26 15:08:11) Kato: There is quite a bit of debate in the community about how a Guild is start--and none of us really know, because it's never been done before.
(08/26 15:09:22) ian1: I have a few ideas for the guild of writers. The guild could make several ages at once, each age being worked on by a different team assigned to it. Do you think this structure will work, or will the whole guild work on one age at a time?
(08/26 15:09:22) Kato: Some of us, perhaps for a reason, think that Cyan input is needed to start a Guild. Others (and I belong to this group) believe that Cyan wants us to set them up ourselves, and that they will come to us later. Of course--there are numerous problems with this approach--but it's one that I believe in. Does anyone else here belong to that camp?
(08/26 15:09:54) Reteltee: Yep
(08/26 15:10:00) Mar'ith nods his head
(08/26 15:10:01) J'anim Paedet: I do
(08/26 15:10:03) Ozwell Spencer: Yes
(08/26 15:10:05) Saavadro: here
(08/26 15:10:08) Seanathon: I also believe they're waiting to see how we go about the process. So yes
(08/26 15:10:08) Metaigahn: yes
(08/26 15:10:15) Kato: I think that's a brilliant idea ian! Very effectice. I think people should be able to work on whatever they want with teams or alone and that we shouldn't force projects on anyone.
(08/26 15:10:16) Krillis (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/26 15:10:19) Inanna has not yet formed an opinion
(08/26 15:10:23) LaReh: back in the day, we set up the GOG and Cyan basically said we did okay.
(08/26 15:10:24) ian1: I think
(08/26 15:10:25) belford: I have no doubt that players can set up anything they want, even if it winds up not being called "a Guild of Uru" in the end
(08/26 15:10:35) Kato: Oh wow that's a larger number of people than I expected.
(08/26 15:11:16) belford: the more practical question is, how much support does Cyan give to importing and offering built Ages in the framework of Uru Live.
(08/26 15:11:47) LaReh: Time will tell on that
(08/26 15:11:56) Seanathon: Simply, we don't know... yet
(08/26 15:11:59) Kato: So, just curious, we already know a lot about how we're going to do things once the Guild is established. But what we don't know is how we're going to get that established in the first place. Does anyone have any ideas on where we should go from here? Please raise your hand.
(08/26 15:12:44) Inanna wants to ask a question...
(08/26 15:12:49) Saavadro: If we aren't gonna use the AoG forum, we should get ours set up ASAP
(08/26 15:12:52) Frisky Badger: ot
(08/26 15:12:52) Kato: Yes, Inanna.
(08/26 15:13:07) ian1: How do I raise my hand?
(08/26 15:13:10) Inanna: Is Age Building a matter of literary or technical skill?
(08/26 15:13:12) Error: Don't know how to '/raisehand'
(08/26 15:13:24) Inanna: type /askquestion
(08/26 15:13:32) Ozwell Spencer wants to ask a question...
(08/26 15:13:34) Kato: Er, hm, I don't remember how to raise hand XD...oh, thank you Inanna.
(08/26 15:13:34) ian1: I think both, but we'll leave that up to kato.
(08/26 15:13:40) From Reteltee: Do you actually need me here?
(08/26 15:13:42) Inanna: thank you
(08/26 15:13:49) From Reteltee: I only ask cause I don't want to be a distraction
(08/26 15:13:50) Kato: Let me answer Inanna's first and then I'll get ot you Ozwell.
(08/26 15:13:58) Ozwell Spencer nods his head
(08/26 15:14:18) To Reteltee: Oh you're not...we might need you in a bit. But if you have something better to do--by all means, we can make a list of questions and get it to you later.
(08/26 15:14:25) From Reteltee: Ok
(08/26 15:14:30) From Reteltee: Not better, just other :)
(08/26 15:14:31) Kato: It is a matter of all skills, Inanna.
(08/26 15:14:32) From Reteltee: Shorah
(08/26 15:14:42) Reteltee: Shorah everyone, I must leave.
(08/26 15:14:42) To Reteltee: Shorah :)
(08/26 15:14:51) Kato: Yes thank you for being here--oh he's gone.
(08/26 15:15:05) J'anim Paedet waves belatedly
(08/26 15:15:08) Inanna: so there is a technical learning skill here as well as the imaginative literary description
(08/26 15:15:10) ian1: I personally would like to be on the conceptual design team, for I have a lot of ideas, but no technical skill.
(08/26 15:15:13) Kato: If anyone has any questions for Reteltee (I thought we may come to some later), let me know and I'll put them in a list to get them to him.
(08/26 15:16:02) Inanna also lacks the techie stuff but is a good writer
(08/26 15:16:07) Kato: Yes Inanna. Writing Ages involves several things: modeling, texturing, creating story, concept art, sound, programming, and I'm sure there's some I forgot.
(08/26 15:16:17) ian1: BRB
(08/26 15:16:32) Kato: I think that any Guild that arises will gladly take people of all skillsets just as communities like AB and GoAC have always done.
(08/26 15:16:39) Kato: *Guild of Writers
(08/26 15:17:11) Kato: Did that answer your question?
(08/26 15:17:52) Inanna thanks you
(08/26 15:17:57) Kato: Great :) Ozwell?
(08/26 15:18:08) ian1: I'm back
(08/26 15:18:15) Kato: Welcoem back :)
(08/26 15:18:20) Ozwell Spencer: Yes, about how to implement the Guild structure...
(08/26 15:18:47) Ozwell Spencer: Perhaps we could delegate various tasks to certain people...
(08/26 15:19:01) From Nvr2old3 in Uru Obsession's Bevin: zoom zoom
(08/26 15:19:21) GMRguru: was it just me, or did anyone else just hear a loud crash-like noise?
(08/26 15:19:25) Ozwell Spencer: Such as one person's job may be getting the guidelines out into the public.
(08/26 15:19:39) Ozwell Spencer: For example*
(08/26 15:19:52) ian1: That'll probably be for the messengers.
(08/26 15:20:23) J'anim Paedet wants to ask a question...
(08/26 15:20:31) Kato: I, personally, think that there should be three levels: Supporter/Unregistered, this person wears the Guild shirt here and posts as a guest on the forum we have. Then there's: Registered/Guildsman. This person is registered at the forums (has agreed to our rules) and as such as access to all of our information that isn't designated for the second tier: Guild Masters/Staff. These people (probably 5 or some other odd number like 3) run the board and the Guild.
(08/26 15:20:33) J'anim Paedet: (after Ozwell)
(08/26 15:21:02) Kato: *third tier
(08/26 15:21:07) Error: Don't know how to '/autoshout'
(08/26 15:21:09) belford wants to ask a question...
(08/26 15:21:17) Ozwell Spencer: That seems reasonable, and structured well.
(08/26 15:21:33) Kato: Thank you. Does anyone else agree with this structure, for now of course?
(08/26 15:21:44) Mar'ith: yes
(08/26 15:21:47) Metaigahn: yes
(08/26 15:21:47) Seanathon: I think it works well for our bare bones structure we're starting with.
(08/26 15:21:48) ian1: I think
(08/26 15:21:54) ian1 wants to ask a question...
(08/26 15:21:56) Kato: Excellent! :D
(08/26 15:22:05) J'anim Paedet: Sure, i agree
(08/26 15:22:11) LaReh: Yes but I have a statement to make after the 2 questions are done
(08/26 15:22:33) Kato: J'anim's next (then Belford, then ian, then LaReh). J'anim?
(08/26 15:23:07) J'anim Paedet: I think the thing we lack the most at this stage is a solid hub to work out from, where everyone with all sorts of different skills can congregate and develop further ideas
(08/26 15:23:35) J'anim Paedet: BEcause of the many different skillsets coming into this, we're bound to have vastly differeing opinnions on how to run
(08/26 15:23:51) J'anim Paedet: (sorry, spelling)
(08/26 15:24:01) J'anim Paedet: Have we yet agreed on a location?
(08/26 15:24:08) Kato: I agree with this. And I think that that needs to come in the form of a forum. I think that this forum would've been started sooner--if it hadn't been for seeds of doubt of acceptance ;) But now...this meeting has been reassuring, to say the least. :)
(08/26 15:24:25) Mar'ith wants to ask a question...
(08/26 15:24:39) J'anim Paedet: Indeed
(08/26 15:25:24) ian1: I am wondering how the Writers guild will work with the other guilds. I mean, I know the maintainers guild will probably visit and test our ages for us, although I'm not sure about the other guilds.
(08/26 15:25:37) Kato: We haven't agreed on a location--but I personally think it's irrelevant, unless you're wanting to use AoG.
(08/26 15:25:53) Kato: Is all of that a good answer for you J'anim? :)
(08/26 15:26:04) J'anim Paedet: But of course :)
(08/26 15:26:48) Kato: Great :) Now ian--I think all the Guilds can work together. For example, the Messengers could disseminate information about our Ages or our meetings. The Maintainers of course would test them. The Greeters could...ah...hold opening parties :D
(08/26 15:27:20) Seanathon: And the cartographers are easy enough to please.
(08/26 15:27:38) Kato: Oh yes of course, the Cartographers would map our Ages (sorry, mind went blank on the other Guilds for a second there).
(08/26 15:27:52) ian1: Cartographers will make maps, but I'm not sure exactly when. Won't we already make maps in conceptual developement?
(08/26 15:28:24) Saavadro: IC maps to say the least
(08/26 15:28:26) kyashii wants to ask a question...
(08/26 15:28:37) Kato: Some people make maps as part of their workflow, I personally don't--but I think that Cartographers would make PROFESSIONAL, standardized maps, which both groups could proudly display.
(08/26 15:29:05) Kato: Added you to the queue, kyashii.
(08/26 15:29:24) Kato: Is that good for you ian?
(08/26 15:29:42) ian1: Although won't the maps be spoilery? I mean, we have had many ages that we don't have maps for.
(08/26 15:30:16) Kato: True, true. But--well, not all of our Ages will have puzzles, correct? And also, maps are informative and such...
(08/26 15:30:23) Saavadro: well, some ages have puzzles, but others are just garden ages
(08/26 15:30:29) Metaigahn: some maps can be of limited detail for early display....
(08/26 15:30:38) ian1: That'll work. :)
(08/26 15:31:19) Kato: Good idea. For example: we could have SEEKRIT AREAS OMG which are story-related and not part of the regularly dispalyed Age--slave caves in Teledahn, for example.
(08/26 15:31:34) ian1: Maybe we could even have maps that are worked into the age as clues to a puzzle (like the reziksehv map)
(08/26 15:31:41) Kato: Yes good idea!
(08/26 15:31:45) Metaigahn: yes
(08/26 15:31:57) J'anim Paedet nods thoughtfully
(08/26 15:32:29) Kato: Alright--ooh, sorry, I just realized that we completely skipped over Belford in the queue. Belford, your question?
(08/26 15:32:29) ian1: :)
(08/26 15:32:34) belford: ok
(08/26 15:32:54) belford: earlier you talked about joining and getting access to guild information...
(08/26 15:33:20) belford: what information are you expecting to provide, and what is safeguarded by not offering it to everybody?
(08/26 15:34:50) Kato: For example, information on our projects. This is just an example: GoAC for the last few years has been working on a game called Search for the Springs of Kehlbet (SftSoK). People must join the team to get access to information--spoilers, NDAs, and such. However, of course, the teams will be communicating with each other too-I'm not suggesting anything elitist or any requirements other than agreeing to the rules and nondisclosure to access this information.
(08/26 15:35:35) ian1 wants to ask a question...
(08/26 15:35:38) J'anim Paedet: (great project, by the way :))
(08/26 15:35:39) LaReh: That sounds reasoable
(08/26 15:35:41) belford: ok, that makes perfect sense (I really expect lots of teams and individuals, with varying degrees of secrecy, as desired)
(08/26 15:35:59) Kato: I have a quick question--does anyone here think we should use the Assembly of Guilds forums?
(08/26 15:36:07) belford: but tool documentation, examples, stuff like that would be public?
(08/26 15:36:11) Kato: (Thank you J'anim, and ian, you've been added back into the queue :))
(08/26 15:36:17) Saavadro: until we have ur own
(08/26 15:36:19) LaReh: If it's a quick fix, sure
(08/26 15:36:22) Seanathon: I have no preference on location, but we do need a forum.
(08/26 15:36:41) Metaigahn: i think we should have at least a presence at AoG, wherever else we may be
(08/26 15:36:45) Saavadro: we need a big space when we get going, but for now AoG will do
(08/26 15:36:52) J'anim Paedet: As a final location, I'd rather not
(08/26 15:37:07) Inanna: I think using the AoG forum is fine
(08/26 15:37:08) Kato: Well--what if a big space is already available and ready, and a quick fix is not needed?
(08/26 15:37:21) Kato: Theoretically of course :D
(08/26 15:37:25) Inanna: we have so many forums online now, why make another?
(08/26 15:37:44) Frisky Badger: Can I make a suggestion about your forum?
(08/26 15:37:56) Ozwell Spencer: To make a formalized place Inanna ;)
(08/26 15:38:02) Saavadro: i feel we should have a centralized "official" forum for the guild
(08/26 15:38:15) ian1: How will we release them to the public? Will there be a special nexus list of player created ages, and maybe a writers guild hall with pedistals for all the newly created ages? Maybe the older ones in the guild hall will removed from the guild hall and placed in the nexus to make room for newer ones in the guild hall?
(08/26 15:38:30) Kato: Because we want to be distinctive, to have an identity all our own, to not succumb to other rules, as Ozwell said to be formalized, and as Saavadro said to be centralized.
(08/26 15:38:40) Kato: Basically :)
(08/26 15:38:54) Inanna wants to ask a question...
(08/26 15:39:01) Kato: Ian can you save that for a bit? you're at the end of the queue at the moment
(08/26 15:39:02) petfam (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/26 15:39:10) ian1: Oh. Sorry
(08/26 15:39:21) Kato: it's fine (and Inanna you've been added)
(08/26 15:39:38) Kato: Okay sorry I got a little off there, Belford, was there any concerns of yours that I didn't answer?
(08/26 15:39:47) ian1: Sometimes I get a little too excited to ask.
(08/26 15:39:52) Kato: :)
(08/26 15:40:10) belford: just the bit about documentation and examples
(08/26 15:40:31) belford: I wouldn't want to see people ahve to go through a gauntlet to reach those.
(08/26 15:41:06) Kato: First of all I'm not sure about that (I'll adress it in a second), secondly there is no "gauntlet." It's ticking an "I agree" box to make a forum account. ;)
(08/26 15:41:29) belford: when it comes to documentation, even that is a gauntlet. You want Google to see it.
(08/26 15:42:16) Kato: True I suppose, but think about this: we want people to participate in Age Writing through us, to become affiliated with us and to work with us.
(08/26 15:42:44) belford: mmm..,...
(08/26 15:43:02) J'anim Paedet: Not that we should force them, of course
(08/26 15:43:10) belford: I fear the self-justifying set of rules
(08/26 15:43:11) Kato: We don't want people to release Ages without us, correct? So I wouldn't even...I'm really not sure on this point, I'm kinda on the fence.
(08/26 15:43:28) Inanna: are the skills of the GoW to be exclusive to guild or will they be shared readily with interested parties in the bevins?
(08/26 15:43:55) Ozwell Spencer: Perhaps making general documentation public, while having more substatial documents private?
(08/26 15:44:10) From Calumon in Uru Obsession's Bevin: Quiet!
(08/26 15:44:12) Ozwell Spencer: substantial*
(08/26 15:44:17) Kato: That would make sense Ozwell, but of course we would need to define where to draw a line.
(08/26 15:44:29) belford: This question could probably eat the rest of the afternoon -- I'm willing to take it to the forums, as soon as we have forums, and move on. More motivation to start the forums. :)
(08/26 15:44:49) Kato: Heh, right. Okay...LaReh, your announcement?
(08/26 15:45:02) LaReh: Thank you just a suggestion
(08/26 15:45:08) LaReh: About structure
(08/26 15:45:19) LaReh: We need structure, the levela re good
(08/26 15:45:37) From Calumon in Calumon's Nexus: realy quiet
(08/26 15:45:40) LaReh: But we ned to establish time linits on service in the top positions
(08/26 15:45:45) From Di Gama in Di Gama's Jalak: hi
(08/26 15:45:49) LaReh: Thats how GOG got into trouble
(08/26 15:46:21) LaReh: Structured turnover in the GM spots would help allay jealousies, etc.
(08/26 15:46:53) LaReh: Perhaps a vote, after things are up and running and then yearly or so
(08/26 15:47:11) Kato: That would make a certain amount of sense...but nearly no organization on the Internet does that (look at UO, look at AB, look at GoAC, look at any big forum and you'll find that they have their staff and when their staff leaves, they replace them).
(08/26 15:47:12) From Calumon in Calumon's Nexus: Well im off to kadish
(08/26 15:47:17) LaReh: Important to keep everyone involved and satisfied with their role, etc.
(08/26 15:47:40) Kato: Perhaps it could be a yearly thing.
(08/26 15:48:06) LaReh: All I know is that nine GMs left GOG and never went back, me included
(08/26 15:48:11) GMRguru: everyone should be able to visit the Ages, but only members should be able to make ages. There should also be a group of people that members would send their prospective Ages to, where they would be tested for bugs and such before being released for public access.
(08/26 15:48:36) Kato: Thank you GMR, yes, that sounds exactly like what we all want.
(08/26 15:48:59) belford: (not quite all)
(08/26 15:49:04) GMRguru: no prob' :D
(08/26 15:49:12) Kato: Your suggestion has been taken into consideration, LaReh. We'll discuss that point more once we're up and running?
(08/26 15:49:16) ian1: Maintainers, of course
(08/26 15:49:21) LaReh: Ok thanks for listning, all he ideas sound great btw
(08/26 15:49:23) LaReh thanks you
(08/26 15:49:25) Kato: (right ian)
(08/26 15:49:32) Kato: :) Alright now Mar'ith?
(08/26 15:49:35) Mar'ith: I would suggest (and apologies if this sounds really obvious) that once people register on the forum, they should introduce themselves and mention their skills (and skill level) so we can get an idea of who can do what and how best to organise writing an age. Also...
(08/26 15:50:05) Mar'ith: if we find (for example) we don't have enough texture artists we could then do a recruitment drive.
(08/26 15:50:31) Kato: Makes sense. We did that all the time on SftSoK (until interest died XD).
(08/26 15:50:35) J'anim Paedet: Good points all
(08/26 15:50:41) Metaigahn: Agreed
(08/26 15:50:47) LaReh: Yes, super
(08/26 15:50:55) Seanathon: Definitely.
(08/26 15:50:56) Kato: *pictures Uncle Sam poster* "I want YOU for the Guild of Writers Texture Staff!"
(08/26 15:50:59) Inanna: If only GoW members can participate in age writing, does that mean we have to choose between a home bevin and the guild?
(08/26 15:51:10) Mar'ith: Thanks
(08/26 15:51:34) Ozwell Spencer: Not if this Pub thing turns out the way people think it will... ;)
(08/26 15:51:34) ian1: We will have guild pubs.
(08/26 15:51:43) Saavadro: that depends on how Cyan will set up ages being put in game
(08/26 15:51:53) LaReh: Separate from bevins, yes
(08/26 15:52:00) Kato: No I don't think Bevins will be involved, we all have obligations or preferences. For example--I'm UO staff, I can't leave the UO Bevin. I will probably make the GoW Bevin avatar but beyond that I can't even join it.
(08/26 15:52:29) Inanna: thank you
(08/26 15:52:42) Metaigahn: I think the pubs are so we don't have to leave our bevins to join...perhaps
(08/26 15:52:48) LaReh: it will be a pub like watchers pub, not a bevin
(08/26 15:52:49) Kato: Yeah.
(08/26 15:52:54) Kato: Okay, kyashii?
(08/26 15:53:23) Seanathon: I don't see him around anymore.
(08/26 15:53:48) Kato: :( Oh well. I'll put him back in the queue if he comes back. ian?
(08/26 15:54:25) ian1: Yeah. My question was, where will the public go to link to our ages. I have a few ideas, but I would like to hear yours first.
(08/26 15:55:02) Kato: I would imagine the Nexus or Library.
(08/26 15:55:19) belford: only Cyan knows
(08/26 15:55:34) Kato: Or another place in the City, or somewhere in the Bevin.
(08/26 15:55:59) From Calumon in Calumon's Jalak: Lol
(08/26 15:56:01) Metaigahn: or really in any other Age....even...
(08/26 15:56:04) Inanna thinks behind the door we cannot open
(08/26 15:56:12) From Calumon in Calumon's Jalak: I just had stuff fly into the air
(08/26 15:56:24) Kato: Which door would that be, Inanna? In the museum?
(08/26 15:56:30) belford: (I'd like to imagine that there will be more Ages available, eventually, than will fit in the Library -- even if a lot of them are small examples, one-room gardens, or demos. That implies a Nexus.)
(08/26 15:56:38) ian1: Yeah. My idea is that we would have a guild hall where there would be several pedistals for books. When we ran out of room, the old ones would be sent to the nexus for access there.
(08/26 15:56:45) Inanna: In the bvin beside the water garden
(08/26 15:56:52) Kato: Maybe we will have our own "Fan Nexus" much as the Maintainers had?
(08/26 15:57:28) ian1: I think the new ones should be on display on pedistals while the older ones are in the nexus
(08/26 15:57:33) Kato: But part of the fun is finding them :D
(08/26 15:57:37) Kato: Yeah.
(08/26 15:57:47) Kato: (sorry for that, hit space accidentally XD)
(08/26 15:57:58) Seanathon: I just thought you got excited.
(08/26 15:58:08) Ozwell Spencer: Perhaps a Writer's Nexus for the majority, while ones that are voted on as the best of the month may get pedistals?
(08/26 15:58:10) Kato: LOL well I am excited! This is a great meeting! :D
(08/26 15:58:25) ian1: Although, for the nexus, we will need to have a search function, so we can type in the name of tyhe age we want instead of scrolling down endlessly.
(08/26 15:58:29) J'anim Paedet agrees
(08/26 15:58:41) Kato: I agree too, ian.
(08/26 15:58:42) Seanathon: I like the idea of new (or maybe just showcased/favorite) ages being on display.
(08/26 15:58:48) Kato: Yeah.
(08/26 15:59:28) Kato: I think we should have a wiki where people can go to find out more about our members and our Ages and projects, including where they are located and being able to vote on a favorite of the month. And then like the five favorites of the month will go on display.
(08/26 15:59:30) J'anim Paedet: Yes, it's a good idea
(08/26 15:59:39) belford: new *and* top-rated on display are both good
(08/26 15:59:43) ian1: I have to go for lunch. I think I might rejoin the meeting later.
(08/26 15:59:49) ian1: If its still going on.
(08/26 15:59:54) ian1 waves goodbye
(08/26 15:59:58) Kato: Okay ian--if not, look for the chatlogs on UO and MOUL. Shorah.
(08/26 16:00:01) Kato waves goodbye
(08/26 16:00:04) Warren Weisstieg: How would people vote on it if they haven't seen it, or would they vote off of screens
(08/26 16:00:17) J'anim Paedet: see you ian... he's gone
(08/26 16:00:31) Kato: Ehm...good point. Well, we could simply assume that they have seen it? :P
(08/26 16:00:40) Warren Weisstieg: Hehe
(08/26 16:00:56) Ozwell Spencer: I would assume you can visit it...if the person wants theirs to be on display..
(08/26 16:01:11) Warren Weisstieg: You guys have already talked about a fan nexus, right?
(08/26 16:01:24) Kato: Yeah I just mentioned that a few lines up, I think it's a great idea.
(08/26 16:01:39) LaReh: If Cyan approves
(08/26 16:01:39) Inanna: what isa fan nexus?
(08/26 16:01:42) Warren Weisstieg: Kind of like every age will be accessed to but the ages people like will be on a special display?
(08/26 16:02:08) Warren Weisstieg: Yeah, that'd be a good idea
(08/26 16:02:19) D'ean: i think the Nexus should track the ages pupularity.
(08/26 16:02:23) J'anim Paedet: Perhaps elected to a spot of honor every month or so
(08/26 16:02:26) Kato: Does anyone here know how owns I couldn't find them.
(08/26 16:02:30) D'ean: popularity*
(08/26 16:02:32) Warren Weisstieg: Maybe we could have our own library age and in it would be a nexus also
(08/26 16:03:05) J'anim Paedet: Hmm... I remember when it came out...
(08/26 16:03:09) Kato: Ah, the library Age was a dream that I partially worked on back with the VofD. Never went anywhere, but I still have the fully functioning Age file. :D
(08/26 16:03:32) Kato: I *think* Paradox owns it, I'll have to ask him though.
(08/26 16:03:48) Ozwell Spencer: Maybe make the Library Age our Main Headquarters as well?
(08/26 16:04:06) Ozwell Spencer: An Administration Age
(08/26 16:04:11) Kato: I would think our main headquarters would be the Guild Hall?
(08/26 16:04:13) aatmoeder (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/26 16:04:21) Warren Weisstieg: Either that or fan ages could go in a library in the City Proper once we get to that
(08/26 16:04:40) J'anim Paedet: ... one day...
(08/26 16:04:55) Ozwell Spencer: Public Headquarters would be the Guild Hall...
(08/26 16:05:10) Inanna: is Cyan planning to open the Guild Hall soon/
(08/26 16:05:23) Kato: I don't think so but are we planning to release Ages soon? :P
(08/26 16:05:29) LaReh: And the GoW Pub which will come before the Guild Hall
(08/26 16:06:14) J'anim Paedet: Unless the GoW pub is part of the Guild Hall...
(08/26 16:06:14) LaReh: Our age books could also be on pedastals in the GoW Pub
(08/26 16:06:16) Mar'ith: Maybe Cyan will put in a large bookcase in the GoW Pub :)
(08/26 16:06:50) Kato: Yeah, all good ideas.
(08/26 16:07:53) LaReh: Ok folks, I need to go, keep up the good ideas
(08/26 16:08:05) Kato: Okay, shorah LaReh and thanks for coming.
(08/26 16:08:06) LaReh: See you on the forum
(08/26 16:08:07) J'anim Paedet: Bye then, LaReh!
(08/26 16:08:08) From Dogwood in D'ni-Ae'gura: Where is everyone hiding at ?
(08/26 16:08:09) aatmoeder waves hello
(08/26 16:08:11) Kato: Inanna, your question?
(08/26 16:08:11) Ozwell Spencer: Bye
(08/26 16:08:12) Seanathon: Seeya
(08/26 16:08:14) Kato waves goodbye
(08/26 16:08:23) Inanna: already asked and answered, thank you
(08/26 16:08:36) Kato: Oh really how did I miss that XD
(08/26 16:08:43) Kato: Okay any more questions or anything?
(08/26 16:08:46) From Inanna: I have a great interest in age creation but I can not leave my bevin
(08/26 16:09:08) To Inanna: Understood. Neither can I. We will definitely not require you to join any Bevin that is created.
(08/26 16:09:10) From Andy Legate in Zack Legate's Minkata: I'm helping my son do Minkata
(08/26 16:09:18) From Inanna: I will be happy to work with GoW as long as I stay in Myss Terries
(08/26 16:09:23) belford: what is your nexty action item? :)
(08/26 16:09:33) From Inanna: you have made things much more clear now
(08/26 16:09:40) From Dogwood in Dogwood's Nexus: Thats a good age :)
(08/26 16:09:48) From Calumon in Steve0504bu's(2) Kadish: im showing my kadish missison
(08/26 16:09:53) Kato: "Action item?" Nice term! :D COMING SOON THE NEW ACTION ITEM DELUXE! :P
(08/26 16:10:19) Kato: Anyway, I have none really. I think this meeting has cleared up a lot our questions, it's certainly cleared up a heck of a lot of mine.
(08/26 16:10:41) belford: seriously, is there a next thing? Forum? wiki?
(08/26 16:10:42) From Calumon in Steve0504bu's(2) Kadish: see thjem now?
(08/26 16:10:45) From Calumon in Steve0504bu's(2) Kadish: oopes
(08/26 16:11:03) Kato: I do have one question: Let's say, theoretically, that tomorrow there appeared a link to a GoW forum. Would you go? Would you be accepting of it?
(08/26 16:11:22) From Calumon in Steve0504bu's(2) Kadish: im on a new pole.... i never thought i would be here
(08/26 16:11:25) Mar'ith: yes
(08/26 16:11:26) Ozwell Spencer: If it is official
(08/26 16:11:26) Seanathon: Theoretically... I'd give it a chance.
(08/26 16:11:30) Metaigahn: yes
(08/26 16:11:35) J'anim Paedet: Well, I would
(08/26 16:11:44) From Calumon in Steve0504bu's(2) Kadish: im under the path way
(08/26 16:11:44) Kato: Ozwell says "if it is official." What do you mean by this?
(08/26 16:11:45) belford: better than waiting and doing nothing.
(08/26 16:11:50) Inanna nods her head
(08/26 16:11:54) Kato: EXACTLY Belford!
(08/26 16:12:15) Ozwell Spencer: As in, by the this group...not some of the faux groups out there.
(08/26 16:12:55) Seanathon: Guild of Writers (tm)
(08/26 16:12:58) Kato: Right...of respected Age Writers or Writing enthusiasts who know what they're doing. :)
(08/26 16:13:13) Ozwell Spencer: Yes
(08/26 16:13:21) From AwakingGenesis in Uru Obsession's Bevin: Shorah Neighbors!
(08/26 16:13:28) From Calumon in Steve0504bu's(2) Kadish: im under the pole
(08/26 16:13:35) From Dogwood in Dogwood's Nexus: Has anyone seen Wolfette lately
(08/26 16:13:36) From Calumon in Steve0504bu's(2) Kadish: i mead the path way
(08/26 16:13:44) From AwakingGenesis in Uru Obsession's Bevin: Can Anyone help be with a Tsogal run?
(08/26 16:14:03) Warren Weisstieg: I need to get to an interview on Uru Radio, does anyone know samsbase's ki number?
(08/26 16:14:03) Kato: Well then I suppose that is the next "action item." Get us a forum. I say shamelessly: look for an announcement this week. ;)
(08/26 16:14:21) Ozwell Spencer nods his head
(08/26 16:14:32) belford: cool
(08/26 16:14:33) J'anim Paedet is excited
(08/26 16:14:36) Kato: Mm sorry Warren, I just looked, I don't have it.
(08/26 16:14:39) Mar'ith: great :)
(08/26 16:14:54) Warren Weisstieg: thanks man, too bad the bevin isn't on the list
(08/26 16:14:57) Kato: To be 100% clear: any more question?
(08/26 16:15:11) Kato: *questions blech can't type today :P
(08/26 16:15:19) Mar'ith shakes his head
(08/26 16:15:24) S3035: do we have an official website as of yet? As in a website we all agree on.
(08/26 16:15:42) S3035: sorry, came in a few minutes ago, not sure if its been said
(08/26 16:16:04) Saavadro: MOUL?
(08/26 16:16:11) Saavadro: right now?
(08/26 16:16:21) Saavadro: or back to AoG?
(08/26 16:16:36) Kato: Not right now.
(08/26 16:16:41) Kato: But as I just said: working on it/
(08/26 16:16:46) Kato: Obviously, that's the first step.
(08/26 16:17:02) S3035: if you're taking suggestions, google groups might work
(08/26 16:17:06) Kato: I'm not sure that everyone will agree with it, no. But something needs to be done, so it's going to be done. In the coming week. :)
(08/26 16:17:09) From AwakingGenesis in Uru Obsession's Bevin: Anyone else? Tsogal run?
(08/26 16:17:22) From AwakingGenesis in Uru Obsession's Bevin: Pleeeeeeeeeeease?
(08/26 16:17:34) From Migo in Ercana: Where? UO?
(08/26 16:17:48) From Calumon in Steve0504bu's(2) Kadish: man this is cool
(08/26 16:17:49) From Dogwood in Uru Obsession's Bevin: Yes UO
(08/26 16:17:50) Metaigahn: good -- a starting place
(08/26 16:18:07) From Migo in ErcanaCitySilo: be there in a sec
(08/26 16:18:12) Kato: Exactly.
(08/26 16:18:24) From Calumon in Steve0504bu's(2) Kadish: on a pole i never thought id be on
(08/26 16:18:48) From Calumon in Steve0504bu's(2) Kadish: :)
(08/26 16:19:15) Seanathon: And in the meantime, we should just watch UO and MOUL for announcements and discussions?
(08/26 16:19:16) Ozwell Spencer: Will there be more meetings before the Guild Pub release?
(08/26 16:19:28) Kato: Thanks everybody for coming, this has been wonderful. I'll put the log on UO and MOUL. And once again: look for an announcement this week.
(08/26 16:19:33) Kato: I certainly hope so.
(08/26 16:19:49) From Calumon in Steve0504bu's(2) Kadish: anyone want a pic?
(08/26 16:19:52) From Migo in Uru Obsession's Bevin: Shorah!!
(08/26 16:20:03) Mar'ith: Thanks for organising this Kato
(08/26 16:20:09) From ireenquench in Thend's Bevin: shorah Migo!!!!
(08/26 16:20:09) From Migo in Uru Obsession's Bevin: Who needs a door? :-)
(08/26 16:20:09) belford: thank for orgnaizing.
(08/26 16:20:17) Kato:, it's so close (if we believe that the pub's coming out first week of next month), how about we plan one for soon after it's released?
(08/26 16:20:17) From Calumon in Steve0504bu's(2) Kadish: pic anyone? realy cool!
(08/26 16:20:18) radriffs (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/26 16:20:19) belford: (la la, spelling)
(08/26 16:20:19) Seanathon: Yeah. It definitely helped my understanding of the situation.
(08/26 16:20:33) Ozwell Spencer: Yes, this has been very informative
(08/26 16:20:41) Kato: You're welcome guys. And I hope in a good way, Sean and Ozwell?
(08/26 16:20:41) J'anim Paedet: In the pub itself?
(08/26 16:20:46) Metaigahn: yes -- thank you
(08/26 16:20:53) Kato: Yes, J'anim.
(08/26 16:20:54) April Ryan (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/26 16:20:54) Ozwell Spencer: That seems like it would work Kato
(08/26 16:20:56) Seanathon: Very good in my case.
(08/26 16:20:57) Metaigahn: maybe our next meeting will be IN the pub....?
(08/26 16:21:01) J'anim Paedet: Sounds good
(08/26 16:21:05) Kato: Right! Great!
(08/26 16:21:06) Inanna (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/26 16:21:16) J'anim Paedet: and thanks for hosting this, Kato! It's been a pleasure as always
(08/26 16:21:17) Seanathon: Ooh... now I'm excited. PUB MEET
(08/26 16:21:17) Mar'ith: Good idea to meet in the Pub (assuming it does come out soon)
(08/26 16:21:18) Kato: Hold on, let me get a picture.
(08/26 16:21:36) From Migo in Uru Obsession's Bevin: My fellow neighbors, calling all intrepid exploreres, we could use a quick hand in Tsogal. Please
(08/26 16:22:10) Kato: Alright great, I've got one.
(08/26 16:22:20) Saavadro: sw33t
(08/26 16:22:35) Kato: Thanks again guys for coming, hope to see you all again in the Guild pub :D
(08/26 16:22:37) Kato: Shorah!
(08/26 16:22:39) Kato waves goodbye
(08/26 16:22:40) Seanathon claps his hands
(08/26 16:22:44) D'ean: Shorah
(08/26 16:22:44) Mar'ith waves goodbye
(08/26 16:22:47) Ozwell Spencer claps his hands
(08/26 16:22:47) D'ean waves goodbye
(08/26 16:22:47) J'anim Paedet claps his hands
(08/26 16:22:49) S3035 claps his hands
(08/26 16:22:49) From Andy Legate in Zack Legate's Minkata: Sorry, I'm helping someone with Minkata, else I'd come.
(08/26 16:22:50) Saavadro claps his hands
(08/26 16:22:50) Mar'ith claps his hands
(08/26 16:22:50) Seanathon waves goodbye
(08/26 16:22:55) Metaigahn: Shorah
(08/26 16:22:55) J'anim Paedet: Bravo!
(08/26 16:22:57) Kato bows
(08/26 16:22:57)
(08/26 16:22:59) Metaigahn claps his hands
(08/26 16:23:00) S3035 waves goodbye
(08/26 16:23:12) Saavadro: shorah b'shemtee
(08/26 16:23:38) ...Chat.log stopped.[/spoiler]Also, a picture! Thanks to all who came and I hope all who didn't come can read the log. That picture was taken in the last few minutes, a lot of people had left already.

Chat Log Download
Picture Download


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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 9:55 pm 
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Thanks for posting the chat log, Kato. Regrettably, something came up which I could not avoid, and I missed the meeting.

It looks like folks are quite eager to participate in an unofficial Guild of Writers in the interim - and that's very encouraging.

But one thing that puzzled me was your comments regarding the announcement of a Guild of Writer's forum. The community is still defining what an unofficial Guild of Writers site would require, which would be much more than just a forum. If you look at the last meeting's chat log and the ongoing discussion thread here, people have cited that they want at least the following resources available on an unofficial Guild of Writer's site:

- Forum (phpBB, in particular)
- Wiki
- Issue Tracking software
- Source Control software (svn)
- FTP storage (for art resources and ages)
- Round-the-clock server admin staff

This list of requirements is all we have so far. We have yet to nominate sites, let alone vote on one.

So, I recommend holding off from making any announcement until we get through the site selection process.

KI #: 1299

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