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PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 8:15 pm 
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09/09 20:00:08) Finn Dove: Reteltee, are you here?
(09/09 20:00:17) Reteltee: I am here
(09/09 20:00:22) Finn Dove: Where are you?
(09/09 20:00:49) ireenquench: Did you come back?
(09/09 20:00:55) Finn Dove: Oh there you are
(09/09 20:00:59) Finn Dove: i see you've picked a shirt!
(09/09 20:00:59) Reteltee: I did indeed :)
(09/09 20:01:08) BRS F: hallo ireen
(09/09 20:01:10) Reteltee: No, I'm not picking shirts
(09/09 20:01:11) Finn Dove: Got permisson to do so?
(09/09 20:01:18) ireenquench waves hello
(09/09 20:01:20) Locutus: Shorah!
(09/09 20:01:23) The Other OTHER Operation waves hello
(09/09 20:01:25) Locutus waves hello
(09/09 20:01:25) Reteltee: This is the only way I can get into the Guild Pubs :)
(09/09 20:01:34) Finn Dove: Yes, but that's still picking a shirt....
(09/09 20:01:35) Julja: shorah locutus
(09/09 20:01:36) Reteltee: Throughout today, I'll be wearing all 5
(09/09 20:01:39) The Other OTHER Operation: aha, another blueshirt
(09/09 20:01:42) BRS F: da iss er ja
(09/09 20:01:48) Finn Dove: But you're be left with one at the end
(09/09 20:02:04) Reteltee: Perhaps I'll change it every day ;)
(09/09 20:02:07) Finn Dove: Lol
(09/09 20:02:13) Ewilan: will we still be able to chage shirt ?
(09/09 20:02:15) The Other OTHER Operation: Good idea, otherwise they start to smell
(09/09 20:02:20) BRS F: ich geh mal vorraus
(09/09 20:02:24) ireenquench: Reteltee I have a question, that might be a little awkward sounding
(09/09 20:02:26) Reteltee: Actually, I suspect the shirt in my closet will represent whichever Guild asked me to come to their Pub last
(09/09 20:02:33) Finn Dove ponders the pile of dirty laundry about to form
(09/09 20:02:38) Reteltee: Go ahead ireen
(09/09 20:02:55) Reteltee: I hear you were a bit flummoxed by my cryptography yesterday
(09/09 20:03:05) Finn Dove smiles
(09/09 20:03:12) Reteltee: My apologies
(09/09 20:03:36) ireenquench: You seemed to have gleaned some information from the DRC about a possible endangerment of the Cavern... on the other hand you might be more theorizing... could you maybe clarify in which areas you are theorizing?
(09/09 20:03:58) ireenquench: I mean just like the rest of us?
(09/09 20:04:19) Reteltee: Well, it's all really jumbled together...I have gleaned info from the Don't Ruin the Cavern, but they've not confirmed or denied anything
(09/09 20:04:26) Finn Dove whispers to himself, "the cavern is stone"...
(09/09 20:04:39) Reteltee: Lol, yes Finn
(09/09 20:04:52) Reteltee: Very astute ;)
(09/09 20:04:56) Finn Dove: :-)
(09/09 20:05:00) Ewilan wants to ask a question...
(09/09 20:05:37) Reteltee: Hang on a sec...are there any Relayers here to mod?
(09/09 20:05:48) Reteltee: I have a feeling this could get crowded....;)
(09/09 20:06:05) The Other OTHER Operation: yes, Sumatria is here
(09/09 20:06:11) Ewilan: yeah
(09/09 20:06:19) The Other OTHER Operation: Whew!
(09/09 20:06:29) Reteltee: Sumatria, would you be willing to moderate questions?
(09/09 20:06:40) ireenquench: Jumbled, ok, see I alsways love to seperate facts from DRC info from individual explorers interpretation. Otherwise it's so difficult to think for me.
(09/09 20:06:46) Hordath wants to ask a question...
(09/09 20:06:52) Reteltee: I understand ireen
(09/09 20:07:02) Ewilan: do you know if guild members will ahe adventages in the future ?
(09/09 20:07:06) ireenquench shuts up and listens now
(09/09 20:07:16) Reteltee: Unfortunately, if I start separating facts from speculation, the DRC says bye-bye Reteltee
(09/09 20:07:22) KhyronJinn: Hi
(09/09 20:07:25) Andromeda Glyce: we're herd avatars at heart... see a crowd, join it.
(09/09 20:07:27) ireenquench laughs
(09/09 20:07:32) Songe: Lol
(09/09 20:07:34) [Relayer] Sumatria: i requested for a moderator for you
(09/09 20:07:36) Reteltee: Not sure I understand the question Ewil
(09/09 20:07:46) Reteltee: Thx Suma
(09/09 20:07:46) ireenquench: I like the DRC less and less if they make you do that.
(09/09 20:08:04) Reteltee: My loyalty is to the Explorers ireen
(09/09 20:08:12) Finn Dove thinks the DRC can only push Reteltee so far...
(09/09 20:08:13) Reteltee: Always
(09/09 20:08:20) Venenum_Absum: that is good to hear
(09/09 20:08:21) Ewilan: like, will the mainainer have acces to the age before other or such things
(09/09 20:08:35) [Relayer] Sumatria: a moderator is on the way
(09/09 20:08:36) Hordath wants to ask a question...
(09/09 20:08:38) ireenquench: I understand, but the DRC's tight grip on you makes no sense, especially if not guild building related.
(09/09 20:08:42) Reteltee: And I will NEVER make a choice to endanger, or through inaction cause harm to the Explorer Community
(09/09 20:09:24) Joy Electric: taking a cue from the laws of robotics?
(09/09 20:09:32) Reteltee: I'm not sure what forms the Guilds will take Ewil
(09/09 20:09:37) Mar'ith: lol
(09/09 20:09:39) Ewilan: ok
(09/09 20:09:47) Reteltee touches his nose to Joy's question
(09/09 20:09:53) Joy Electric: lol
(09/09 20:10:03) Reteltee: God bless Isaac Asimov
(09/09 20:10:08) Ewilan starts to laugh
(09/09 20:10:11) April Ryan: lol
(09/09 20:10:13) ianpare: lol
(09/09 20:10:14) Frollein Tach: lol
(09/09 20:10:14) Reteltee: Next question?
(09/09 20:10:15) Mar'ith: lol
(09/09 20:10:25) Maurus: Reteltoo!
(09/09 20:10:34) Maurus: So I see you've joined a guild after all.
(09/09 20:10:34) Hordath wants to ask a question...
(09/09 20:10:37) Maurus: loL!
(09/09 20:10:39) Joy Electric: Ret, is there a correlation between Cate's rush to get Ages out and the Bahro conflict/war?
(09/09 20:10:56) Reteltee: Good question Joy
(09/09 20:11:09) Reteltee: One I don't feel comfortable speculating on at this point
(09/09 20:11:28) Reteltee: I'd only be able to drop cryptic clues again, and I'd rather not irritate my fellow Explorers ;)
(09/09 20:11:50) Joy Electric: lol, np, I'm getting this much from your cryptic clues already
(09/09 20:11:51) ianpare: where is engberg
(09/09 20:11:55) ireenquench: LOL , its just me being confused and worried the DRC is up to something bad.
(09/09 20:12:13) Janine shares ireen's worries
(09/09 20:12:17) Finn Dove: reteltee, do you think that Cate truly believes this guild organization plan is a good thing? And if so, any idea what her reasoning is?
(09/09 20:12:17) Hordath wants to ask a question...
(09/09 20:12:17) Reteltee: I would HOPE that the DRC has absolutely nothing but good intentions for us Explorers
(09/09 20:12:32) Reteltee: But even I have come to wonder given the recent taste of things...
(09/09 20:12:37) The Noble Robot: hey all, what's happinin'?
(09/09 20:12:42) _Angie_: Komm mit
(09/09 20:12:54) Relayer Corps: guess i am
(09/09 20:12:58) Maurus: What do you mean Reteltee?
(09/09 20:13:07) _Coco_: ah da bist du ja
(09/09 20:13:13) Joy Electric: if anyone it's Cate, she wields the power of the DRC, and I think her actions whether intentional or not has caused this conflict
(09/09 20:13:42) Reteltee: I think Cate knows the Guilds are the inevitable future if the Restoration is to survive and thrive, Finn
(09/09 20:14:06) Finn Dove: could you expound on that a bit? Why is this the ONE way?
(09/09 20:14:22) Ewilan: but if not handelled the right way, can create a mess
(09/09 20:14:50) Bubba666: later this is LAME
(09/09 20:14:54) Reteltee: Because in this Cavern, the Guilds have been the only historical entity to prove they can ensure the survival of the civilzation hich inhabits it
(09/09 20:14:57) Joy Electric: would your Bahro conversations shed light on this?
(09/09 20:15:14) Hordath: Reteltee: the book of D ni fables ? exist it ?
(09/09 20:15:15) Finn Dove: But the d'ni died
(09/09 20:15:15) Reteltee: Joy, my Bahro conversation did nothing but disturb me
(09/09 20:15:32) ireenquench is shocked
(09/09 20:15:36) Reteltee: And while I know there are those who are researching the subject, at this point, I'm not really comfortable talking about it
(09/09 20:16:01) Sorceress: Was it really that bad?
(09/09 20:16:02) Songe: K
(09/09 20:16:07) Joy Electric: ok, I respect your wishes
(09/09 20:16:11) Reteltee: Not because it's secret, but because it's not sensible
(09/09 20:16:38) The Noble Robot: (That's an IC reason, is there and OOC reason?)
(09/09 20:16:38) Reteltee: Bad? I wouldn't begin to editorialize it. I'll just reiterate, it disturbed me greatly
(09/09 20:16:52) Sorceress: Okay...
(09/09 20:16:56) Reteltee: Lol, Noble Robot
(09/09 20:17:00) ireenquench: Was it scary? Did they tell you to shush? Most explorers share their experiences.
(09/09 20:17:03) The Noble Robot: ;-)
(09/09 20:17:11) SuperGram.: Hi everyone
(09/09 20:17:17) Finn Dove: hI SG!
(09/09 20:17:18) Sorceress: hi SG
(09/09 20:17:20) Reteltee: Yes, there's also an OOC reason, one which I am not at any liberty to elaborate upon
(09/09 20:17:25) Zdenia: hi sg
(09/09 20:17:27) Maurus: Wait, what exactly are you talking about Reteltee?
(09/09 20:17:30) The Noble Robot: okay, good to know, thanks :-)
(09/09 20:17:38) ireenquench: k ty
(09/09 20:17:45) Reteltee: The bahro who visited my Relto, Maurus
(09/09 20:17:51) Maurus: ahhh.
(09/09 20:17:54) Maurus nods his head
(09/09 20:19:14) April Ryan: ?
(09/09 20:19:17) Janine: Reteltee, you mentioned that Cate had been ignoring you and you were speaking more with Marie, how do Marie's vision of guilds differ from Cate's ..or do they?
(09/09 20:19:41) Altydwarber thinks that tok the speach of every one , it keeps so quiet
(09/09 20:19:41) Reteltee: Excellent question J9, if only I were allowed to answer it
(09/09 20:19:54) Janine: not allowed?
(09/09 20:20:03) Reteltee: Although, to be fair to Cate, I don't actually KNOW substantially what her vision of the Guilds is
(09/09 20:20:22) Finn Dove: Ahhh
(09/09 20:20:29) Reteltee: I only know what I have told her of far as I know, Marie and I are on the same page
(09/09 20:20:42) Frollein Tach: (we all do not really know this)
(09/09 20:20:59) Reteltee: But then, even though we're on the same page, it's entirely possible we're reading different Books
(09/09 20:21:12) Finn Dove: Well, there's plenty of them around...
(09/09 20:21:17) Songe raises an eyebrow
(09/09 20:21:51) Joy Electric: Ret, have you had the privledge of speaking to Yeesha?
(09/09 20:21:59) Craigmont: What is your vision for/of the guilds?
(09/09 20:22:58) Reteltee: Not to my knowledge Joy; Craig, that's a looong answer, and one I'm more than happy to answer...perhaps in a different venue/time?
(09/09 20:23:11) Maurus: Hey, retelree, with all the focus on the guilds and all, does the DRC have any plans on ever finally opening up the guild hall in northern Ae'Gura?
(09/09 20:23:21) ireenquench thinks it's time to move on to uncomfortable question with the DRC about the way they treat Reteltee and explorers, information flow regulation wise.
(09/09 20:23:37) Craigmont: maybe you already have, I'll look around.
(09/09 20:23:57) darkstar is inclined to agree with Ireen
(09/09 20:23:59) Reteltee: The Guild Hall is unfortunately in no shape to be opened at this point
(09/09 20:24:33) Maurus: Aha. That's a shame. It probably could have enhanced our whole guild thing
(09/09 20:24:41) Maurus: Plus opened up the city a bit more
(09/09 20:24:45) Joy Electric: exactly ireen, we're an open socitey who needs an open council that has open intelligence gathering methods without all the secrecy
(09/09 20:24:54) Reteltee: There has been no repair work done since the time of Atrus' breakthrough into the Great King's tomb
(09/09 20:25:37) Craigmont: RET, do you believer that there will be a time frame for choosing a guild to belong to or if a guild will be choosen for each exployer?
(09/09 20:25:38) Reteltee: Believe me ireen, Joy, I've told the DRC that I hate all this secrecy nonsense
(09/09 20:25:47) Andromeda Glyce: hasn't heard of a transparent gov't created by humans yet
(09/09 20:25:51) Joy Electric: which makes me wonder if we can shape the guilds into a competent ruling body that can't just surplant the DRC!
(09/09 20:26:25) Reteltee: I don't know Craig
(09/09 20:26:28) From Volki in Volki's Nexus: shorah
(09/09 20:26:37) Reteltee: Joy, I hope the Guilds will act as a counter-balance to the DRC
(09/09 20:26:44) Maurus: I wish we could transform the DLF into the official D'ni Guild of Linguists
(09/09 20:27:03) Reteltee: That may be possible at some point Maurus
(09/09 20:27:11) Reteltee: Bear in mind the Guild of greeters
(09/09 20:27:17) Reteltee: *Greeters
(09/09 20:27:21) Janine: Reteltee, just what hold does the DRC have on you, and who enforces it? Secrecy breeds mistrust.
(09/09 20:27:33) Ahda Mor perks up to listen
(09/09 20:27:42) Songe: Good question
(09/09 20:27:51) Maurus: i concur
(09/09 20:27:58) Marten: Hear Hear.
(09/09 20:28:02) ireenquench: i concur as well
(09/09 20:28:12) Anubis RG: and all good things come from hard labor by those unseen.
(09/09 20:28:12) The Other OTHER Operation nods his head
(09/09 20:28:17) Reteltee: 9, the DRC ofiicially hold nothing over me; however, if I am to serve the Explorers by bringing information, then I have no choice but to do it on the DRC's terms
(09/09 20:28:24) Altydwarber nods her head
(09/09 20:28:39) Mysthral: Have explorers without Guild shirts been assigned random Guild pubs then?
(09/09 20:28:50) Reteltee: But I do my best to balance that with transparency to the Explorers
(09/09 20:28:55) Reteltee: No Myst
(09/09 20:29:08) Reteltee: the only way to access a Guild Pub is with a shirt
(09/09 20:29:09) Craigmont: REt, so you are a member of the Guild of Messengers.
(09/09 20:29:16) Reteltee: No
(09/09 20:29:19) Mysthral: My other avi did?
(09/09 20:29:24) darkstar: Sounds horribly like the position the Liasons where placed in
(09/09 20:29:26) Marten: By his shirt, looks like Cartographers to me.
(09/09 20:29:28) Reteltee: I'm not a member of any Guild at this point
(09/09 20:29:32) Janine: artful dodge .... Who enforces those controls? You hint we must make choices and yet we have precious little information to choose with
(09/09 20:29:33) Mysthral: And I've seen many
(09/09 20:29:40) Reteltee: I am picking shirts so I can visit each Pub
(09/09 20:29:54) Frisky Badger: no one is a member really ;) except for the greeters
(09/09 20:30:02) Reteltee: Also true Frisky
(09/09 20:30:10) Mar'ith: Will there be a time when you can't change Guild Shirts?
(09/09 20:30:10) Finn Dove: Reteltee, do you think the Guilds will have independent power to act - independent of the DRC? Or do they take direction FROM the DRC?
(09/09 20:30:12) Reteltee: J9, it wasn't intended as a dodge
(09/09 20:30:13) Songe: go girl
(09/09 20:30:31) Reteltee: I don't know Marith, Finn
(09/09 20:30:46) Reteltee: I hope not the latter Finn
(09/09 20:30:51) Finn Dove: Thanks
(09/09 20:30:58) Reteltee: No problem
(09/09 20:31:17) Joy Electric: can the DRC really countermand a directive of a guild? that issue might come to a head someday...
(09/09 20:31:22) Ewilan: i hope fot the former either
(09/09 20:31:24) darkstar: If the Guilds are to have any 'poer' it will have to come from the DRC since they hold all the strings
(09/09 20:31:45) Reteltee: What darkstar says is, unfortunately, true
(09/09 20:32:04) Reteltee: The DRC at this point hold the cards as to what happens and doesn't in this Cavern
(09/09 20:32:20) Finn Dove ponders that bahro scream in this context
(09/09 20:32:37) Reteltee: Finn, you may have a point there
(09/09 20:32:44) Finn Dove: :-)
(09/09 20:32:50) Reteltee: However, THAT I can't elaborate upon
(09/09 20:32:55) darkstar: THe only 'power' if you want toi describe it as such is a negetive one not to act on a DRC directive
(09/09 20:33:13) Reteltee: Other than to say I think the DRC knows more about Escher's experiments than they're willing to let on
(09/09 20:33:21) Sorceress: !
(09/09 20:33:25) Reteltee: Note; speculation
(09/09 20:33:31) Finn Dove: who is Escher?
(09/09 20:33:31) Joy Electric: hopefully Dr. Watson if he comes can rectify that power imbalance
(09/09 20:33:33) Craigmont: Hopefully, if we exployers screeem loud enough, the DRC will listen.
(09/09 20:33:34) Sorceress: Still...
(09/09 20:33:42) Frisky Badger: well, since the DRC is here to restore the cavern, I would assume any directive from them would be to that end
(09/09 20:33:45) Reteltee: I pray Dr. Watson returns soon
(09/09 20:33:48) darkstar: Presumably after Sharpers visit they have first hand evidence
(09/09 20:33:57) Joy Electric: I pray he does too
(09/09 20:34:04) Maurus: me too
(09/09 20:34:07) GMRguru: I think everyone needs to find a place to sit down; it's starting to get quite crowded in here!
(09/09 20:34:08) Reteltee: However, what he'll say about the developements in his absence.....
(09/09 20:34:20) Sorceress: I hope more that Engberg comes back.
(09/09 20:34:38) Maurus: well, engberg tried to find watson.
(09/09 20:34:42) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in Blabbity's Bevin: R: However, what he'll say about the developments in his absense ...
(09/09 20:34:43) Frisky Badger: Retletee could you tell the DRC I'm willing to pay money to see Watson's first encounter with Cate? :)
(09/09 20:34:48) purple: down
(09/09 20:34:50) Reteltee: Lol
(09/09 20:34:52) ireenquench is just confused and worried .. so much vague stuff ... so little info to act upon... she feels bound and incapacitated
(09/09 20:34:52) Dakro starts to laugh
(09/09 20:34:54) Maurus: :P ME TOO
(09/09 20:34:58) Songe: Me too!
(09/09 20:35:01) darkstar: In the current situation I think Watsons input will be more helpful
(09/09 20:35:04) Mar'ith: lol
(09/09 20:35:06) Dakro: that's what I"m talkin' bout, DRC mortal kombat styel death match
(09/09 20:35:10) Maurus: I want to see watson be like...Um, Hi, im here to take my spot back
(09/09 20:35:27) Reteltee: ...I doubt Watson would take a place on this DRC
(09/09 20:35:32) Maurus imagines watson kicking Cate into a pit, screaming "THIS IS D'NI!!!"
(09/09 20:35:36) Reteltee: It is no longer the group he founded
(09/09 20:35:37) GMRguru: FATALITY!
(09/09 20:35:38) Sorceress starts to laugh
(09/09 20:35:50) Joy Electric: so true Ret
(09/09 20:35:56) Finn Dove ponders Cate's ability to thwart Watson's return...
(09/09 20:35:59) Dakro: Thre's five of them... and..... ALOT of us
(09/09 20:36:03) Maurus: Ah, yes, but with him back, what could he do...
(09/09 20:36:11) darkstar: To be honest I doubt if he'd be offered one to much of a loose cannon
(09/09 20:36:12) Maurus: he founded the DRC
(09/09 20:36:14) NadeMinogue: ha we can take them
(09/09 20:36:16) Joy Electric: start a resistance?
(09/09 20:36:19) Reteltee: Yeah, Dak; a lot of us who can't even TOUCH each other :P
(09/09 20:36:26) Sorceress: He's the only founder left still alive.
(09/09 20:36:33) Dakro: Hehehe true, but we could call on our cone brothers
(09/09 20:36:34) Maurus: exactly.
(09/09 20:36:34) Frisky Badger: that sounded...not that great
(09/09 20:36:41) Janine: Reteltee, if Watson were to return, would he seek to supplant Cate?
(09/09 20:36:44) Maurus: He's a great man
(09/09 20:36:47) Reteltee: Lol, coming from a guy named FRISKY?
(09/09 20:36:53) Frisky Badger: touche :)
(09/09 20:36:57) Dakro starts to laugh
(09/09 20:37:06) Reteltee: J9, if Watson returns, I doubt he'll touch the DRC with a ten foot pole
(09/09 20:37:08) NadeMinogue: lol
(09/09 20:37:49) Frisky Badger: what if he touched them with a wrecking ball, rather than a pole?
(09/09 20:37:53) NadeMinogue: do u mean support???
(09/09 20:37:55) Maurus: Oh, come on, do you guys think the DRC is THAT corrupted?
(09/09 20:37:59) Joy Electric: lol
(09/09 20:38:00) NadeMinogue: cate
(09/09 20:38:02) Reteltee: Lol FB....not Watson's style
(09/09 20:38:12) darkstar: We are missing an important factor, whatever we thuink of Cate she has the money. Its sad but true no money = no restoration
(09/09 20:38:18) Craigmont: If the DRC makes the cavern too inhospitable, then the exployers will take their gaming $$$ elsewhere.
(09/09 20:38:23) Frisky Badger: hmmm.....Chinese finger traps?
(09/09 20:38:32) NadeMinogue: haha
(09/09 20:38:53) Finn Dove: i still want to know where that money is coming from. Who is pulling Cate's strings?
(09/09 20:39:03) Reteltee: Indeed a good question Finn
(09/09 20:39:03) Maurus: or Watson could defect over to Subterranean Restorations : )
(09/09 20:39:08) Maurus: lol
(09/09 20:39:10) NadeMinogue: whell if we pool our resources together the explorers could we not curcumvent the DRC???
(09/09 20:39:12) Reteltee: And more to the point, what is THEIR agenda?
(09/09 20:39:19) Finn Dove: exactly
(09/09 20:39:26) Reteltee: After all, the bahro have powerful abilities
(09/09 20:39:30) Craigmont: or will quite coming to the cleft.
(09/09 20:39:40) Joy Electric: exactly Nade
(09/09 20:39:45) Finn Dove: immensely powerful
(09/09 20:39:48) Sorceress: We should try to find out more about her venture company, that miught be a start.
(09/09 20:39:51) Reteltee: We talk of war....what if the bahro abilities were used in a human war?
(09/09 20:39:58) Finn Dove: She wouldn't answer this morning when I asked her
(09/09 20:39:59) GMRguru: Who's up for a car wash fund raiser? ;P
(09/09 20:40:02) Frisky Badger: that's scary
(09/09 20:40:13) NadeMinogue: no ther should never be talk about war
(09/09 20:40:14) darkstar: Doesnt bear thinking about
(09/09 20:40:17) Sorceress: That's disgusting, actually.
(09/09 20:40:17) Songe: Lol guru
(09/09 20:40:43) Joy Electric: if they know of Esher's research they might already have that knowledge
(09/09 20:40:44) NadeMinogue: yes it is human nature
(09/09 20:40:50) ireenquench: Just asking for your personal interpretation... is Watson the "he" Phil has been talking about?
(09/09 20:40:54) April Ryan: how could we use the Bahro in a human war..I thought they were free?
(09/09 20:41:08) Reteltee: But who does the DRC give that information to?
(09/09 20:41:12) darkstar: We talking about covert |Department of Defence funding for the ultimate bioklogical weapon - \the \Bahro???
(09/09 20:41:15) Thend: /shout Cate sees money in the Cavern, dollar signs, arms and/or tech dealer has always been a distinct possibility for her
(09/09 20:41:15) James Leslie: The Bahro are probably just as scared of our warlike nature.
(09/09 20:41:19) Reteltee: If it turns out to be Haliburton, I'm gonna be pyst ;)
(09/09 20:41:23) The Other OTHER Operation: Just how bad IS the civil war on Noloben?
(09/09 20:41:27) Sorceress: Humans are "free" but still can be impressed into military service.
(09/09 20:41:38) Finn Dove: Lol rel!
(09/09 20:41:40) Maurus: oh noes
(09/09 20:41:41) NadeMinogue: ok now we are getting of topic we DO NOT want to start a WAR!!!!
(09/09 20:41:42) Maurus: not again
(09/09 20:41:44) Maurus: lol
(09/09 20:41:48) Maurus: that Haliburton
(09/09 20:41:49) Marten: Reteltee, I understand you feel that if you don't keep some secrets, the DRC will cut you off entirely. But wouldn't it be better for the explorers to take a stand - openness, or no information at all? You're playing a dangerous game, admitting you have secrets, dangling them before a hungry population.
(09/09 20:41:55) Joy Electric: there's already a war going on
(09/09 20:42:04) Joy Electric: one that Cate refuses to acknowledge
(09/09 20:42:07) Songe: Good question
(09/09 20:42:11) Reteltee: Are you saying you want to eat me Marten?
(09/09 20:42:16) GMRguru: That's how I roll, Songe; strange, random, and downright hilarious!
(09/09 20:42:18) Frisky Badger: rofl
(09/09 20:42:19) Reteltee: I don't think cannibalism is the way to go
(09/09 20:42:23) Thend starts to laugh
(09/09 20:42:23) Altydwarber: hear hear marten
(09/09 20:42:39) Joy Electric: Reteltte soup?
(09/09 20:42:48) Finn Dove: Hash more like
(09/09 20:43:01) Maurus: Good God, there are a lot of people in here O_o
(09/09 20:43:08) Ahda Mor: mmmm. you guys are making me hungry.
(09/09 20:43:14) anthroanne: shorah
(09/09 20:43:16) NadeMinogue: omg come on people if there is gonna be a war we will lose the cavers no more exploring mo more fun and games no more baroh!!!!!!!!
(09/09 20:43:21) darkstar: Thats a moot point5 we have have two sources for the War Sharpoer whos motives are suspect at best and Phrend who when last seen was babbling apparent nonsense
(09/09 20:43:32) paul147: Hi
(09/09 20:43:33) Marten: I'm saying that by withholding information you are supporting the status quo, the same status quo we've always faced... the DRC dribbles out little to no information to us.
(09/09 20:43:37) The Other OTHER Operation remembers a C ertain Monty Python sketch about a l;ifeboat
(09/09 20:43:39) darkstar: So in fact the 'War' may be a fiction
(09/09 20:43:50) From 4runner in 4runner's Relto: Reteltee in Kirel answering questions.
(09/09 20:44:03) Maurus: yeah whats up with phend? hes acting very...loopy...
(09/09 20:44:04) Reteltee: I don't know; Phend might not be crazy....and gravity might not be the force that holds us to the earth. It could be an undiscovered unnamed force with identical properties
(09/09 20:44:14) April Ryan: Yeesha said a war is coming..and sides will be chosen
(09/09 20:44:22) Joy Electric: that would make it gravity, lol
(09/09 20:44:22) Songe: Oh dear no answer
(09/09 20:44:33) From Lanen in (null) Kirel: i need to get on a relayer list
(09/09 20:44:37) Reteltee: Sorry Songe, did I miss a question?
(09/09 20:44:39) Joy Electric: April, you're in the wrong game!
(09/09 20:44:42) anthroanne: Reletee have you made an other announcement?
(09/09 20:44:45) The Other OTHER Operation: Then again, maybe Yeesha meant a war metaphorically...
(09/09 20:44:46) April Ryan: lol
(09/09 20:44:46) Songe: Yes martens's
(09/09 20:44:48) Reteltee: Where's my relayer mod?
(09/09 20:44:55) Reteltee: Lol
(09/09 20:45:04) Reteltee: Sorry marten, could you ask again?
(09/09 20:45:08) Frisky Badger: Here's the question: who would you believe if they told you there was a war? You don't believe Sharper, you don't believe Phil. If Atrus showed up would you believe him?
(09/09 20:45:15) Reteltee: Too much text, i too small a window
(09/09 20:45:23) Marten: Go with Frisky's Q while I retype.
(09/09 20:45:37) Reteltee: Did I say I don't believe Sharper or Phil?
(09/09 20:45:37) Frisky Badger: actually that was directed at you Marten
(09/09 20:45:42) Reteltee: Ah
(09/09 20:45:51) Lepton: Maybe a live debate between Atrus and Rand. :)
(09/09 20:45:56) Frisky Badger: and the others that think the same way
(09/09 20:45:58) Ewilan: lol
(09/09 20:46:06) NadeMinogue: haha
(09/09 20:46:11) Joy Electric: LOL, that would make phend seem sane!
(09/09 20:46:12) darkstar: Not saying I dont belive I'm saying we dont have any where enough information to make judgements and what we do have is suspect
(09/09 20:46:13) Marten: You're saying I don't believe Sharper? Very funny! I do believe Sharper.
(09/09 20:46:14) NadeMinogue: umm
(09/09 20:46:28) NadeMinogue: i thought atrus was rand
(09/09 20:46:28) Frisky Badger: whoops, I meant darkstar
(09/09 20:46:35) Frisky Badger sets down his flask
(09/09 20:46:35) GMRguru: I'm the most popular one! NO, I AM!
(09/09 20:46:38) Marten: I also belive Phil although I am very concerned about his mental state.
(09/09 20:46:39) darkstar: Np
(09/09 20:47:00) Maurus shrugs
(09/09 20:47:00) Maurus: he could have just been high
(09/09 20:47:05) The Other OTHER Operation: It's not so much I don't BELIEVBE Sharper, it's just that his point of view is a bit on the skewed side
(09/09 20:47:05) ireenquench: Me too, he seemed... autistic
(09/09 20:47:22) Finn Dove: At least he was colorful
(09/09 20:47:27) The Other OTHER Operation: lol
(09/09 20:47:27) Marten: Reteltee, my question: I don't like the status quo, where the DRC holds all the cards, as you say. What can we do to overcome that, to get more information?
(09/09 20:47:28) Sorceress: You don't think it's a fake Phil, do you?
(09/09 20:47:31) Frisky Badger: worst joke ever Finn :)
(09/09 20:47:31) Joy Electric: argh, bad pun!
(09/09 20:47:38) Altydwarber thinks that Phil has taken too many srooms
(09/09 20:47:38) Reteltee: I don't know Marten
(09/09 20:47:41) Finn Dove: :-)
(09/09 20:47:41) Maurus: Well, I mean, you know, he's the hippie type, right?
(09/09 20:47:48) Marten: Well, playing into their hands doesn't seem like the right answer to me.
(09/09 20:47:54) darkstar: I am concerned that we are formulating plans on the basis of what is at best rumour
(09/09 20:47:56) Maurus: WEould it really be uncommon for him to...experiment with...stuff?
(09/09 20:47:56) Reteltee: If/when I discover the answer, the Explorers will know immediately
(09/09 20:47:58) From Calumon in D'ni-Ae'gura': Nop
(09/09 20:48:06) Marten: Tolerating this dribble of information is acceptance.
(09/09 20:48:09) The Other OTHER Operation: I got the impression that Phil had been in a dark place, and so of course he was happy to see colors
(09/09 20:48:09) Frisky Badger: I dunno, some info from Reteltee is way better than no info from the DRC
(09/09 20:48:18) Marten: Is it Frisky?
(09/09 20:48:22) Reteltee: Why thank you Frisky
(09/09 20:48:22) Marten: Are you certain of that?
(09/09 20:48:23) Finn Dove: Yes
(09/09 20:48:26) Frisky Badger: you would rather know nothing?
(09/09 20:48:32) Sorceress: Yes
(09/09 20:48:36) Marten: Have you heard the saying, "Just enough information to be dangerous?"
(09/09 20:48:40) darkstar: Sometimes you have to take what your given or get nothing at all
(09/09 20:48:42) Frisky Badger: ok, then why are you here?
(09/09 20:48:53) Renyaloth: as knowing were your going is preferable to being lost
(09/09 20:48:54) The Other OTHER Operation: How about "half a loaf is better than none."
(09/09 20:48:55) Sorceress: i mean yes, i want to know at least something
(09/09 20:48:55) Reteltee: ?
(09/09 20:49:01) Thend: Reteltee, you inferred WE are responsible within any conflict here, and should stand by Yeesha and Phil and that the Ages were involved. It would seem the DRC are more directly responsible for the Ages than anyone here, not to mention Yeesha herself, who sent us on those quests, requests, whatever
(09/09 20:49:23) Trance.: Ohh great meeting at the link in space ;?
(09/09 20:49:27) GMRguru: PHIL JOINED THE RAINBOW COALIT... oh wait, never mind! ;P
(09/09 20:49:28) Joy Electric: if Cate shows up everybody look busy!
(09/09 20:49:30) Reteltee: Well, I trust Yeesha and Phil more than the DRC
(09/09 20:49:36) Thend: How then, does that translate to us needing to face this all?
(09/09 20:49:36) Songe: Hehe joy
(09/09 20:49:41) Reteltee: So far as I know, they aren't compromised by surface dwellers
(09/09 20:50:01) Reteltee: Thend, why are you so determined to cut-and-run my friend?
(09/09 20:50:13) Frisky Badger: good question!
(09/09 20:50:16) Thend: It's what I do, Reteltee ;)
(09/09 20:50:16) Joy Electric: he has pictures of cones to take!
(09/09 20:50:23) Reteltee: Lol
(09/09 20:50:30) Mar'ith: lol
(09/09 20:50:35) Reteltee: Well, I suggest staying till this thing is through, whatever the cost
(09/09 20:50:41) Thend: Just attempting to get to the bottom of things, for the benefit of the Cavern, as well as my own curiousity
(09/09 20:50:45) Finn Dove: $10 per month I think
(09/09 20:50:51) From 4runner in 4runner's Relto: They also have a website, but unfortunately I don't have the Url.
(09/09 20:50:51) Reteltee: I'm one of those who has to KNOW
(09/09 20:50:53) Joy Electric: lol
(09/09 20:51:00) Reteltee: if that knowledge comes at the cost of my life
(09/09 20:51:01) Marten: Now there's the right attitude.
(09/09 20:51:09) Sorceress: Agreed. I couldn't leave even if I wanted to.
(09/09 20:51:10) Marten: We want to know too!
(09/09 20:51:20) Songe: Hear hear
(09/09 20:51:33) GMRguru: can we all try to sit down? There's some SERIOUS lag in here!
(09/09 20:51:40) Reteltee: Death does not frighten me, so long as it is in the Cause or Pursuit of something great, as this grand adventure truly is
(09/09 20:51:41) Thend: I reserve accepting your perception that we need to risk death over this which is taking place
(09/09 20:51:41) Trance.: reteltee are you officially anything more than the guild guy?
(09/09 20:51:49) The Other OTHER Operation: What I think it all comes down to is: we want to know what direction we need to go in (figuratively)
(09/09 20:51:50) Thend: that is not what we came here for
(09/09 20:51:53) Reteltee: No trance
(09/09 20:51:53) Finn Dove hopes Reteltee doesn't end up following in Tremol's footsteps...
(09/09 20:51:56) Old Watashi: turn off chat and sound will help lag
(09/09 20:52:15) Reteltee: Not saying I'm going to do anything foolhardy
(09/09 20:52:17) Frisky Badger: we came to restore D'ni, hard to do that from the surface
(09/09 20:52:24) Trance.: Not doing this st the link ib point would have been better too
(09/09 20:52:47) Reteltee: Lol, I'm not at the link in point....I just came in to grab a shirt
(09/09 20:52:52) Finn Dove: thend, maybe it was and we just didn't know it
(09/09 20:52:55) Sorceress starts to laugh
(09/09 20:53:02) Altydwarber starts to laugh
(09/09 20:53:04) Reteltee: All these yahoos cornered me (j/k! I love you guys)
(09/09 20:53:08) Maurus: Reteltee I see you've decided to join a guild after all
(09/09 20:53:08) Erik: If you know something about the war, you just HAVE to share it. The war affects us all, not just you. If what you know can save us somehow...
(09/09 20:53:10) Thend: Finn, we should have been better informed then
(09/09 20:53:20) Reteltee: No, I'm not joining any Guilds!
(09/09 20:53:24) Thend: Lol Reteltee
(09/09 20:53:28) Maurus: even thought yesterday you...?
(09/09 20:53:28) Finn Dove: i think we can never know enough
(09/09 20:53:30) April Ryan agrees with Erik
(09/09 20:53:35) Marten: Hear hear. You can't say what we don't know won't hurt us. It might!
(09/09 20:53:43) Reteltee: I have to grab a shirt to get into a Pub, just like every Explorer :)
(09/09 20:53:45) Sorceress: Yeesha is powerful but not a god. Even she couldn't foresee everything.
(09/09 20:53:50) ireenquench: I want to be able to make mature judgements based on information, I need to grasp things myself. Otherwise I'm just cattle. And I don't like to moo.
(09/09 20:53:52) Frisky Badger: but knowing doesn't guarantee our safety either
(09/09 20:53:55) darkstar: well with any luck Cate or Sharper will show and we will all clear off and stalk them lol
(09/09 20:53:57) Trance.: Hmm enjoyin all this exta attention?
(09/09 20:54:04) Maurus: So, are you just going to pick your favorite color then
(09/09 20:54:04) Reteltee: but ireen, you moo so well ;)
(09/09 20:54:15) Reteltee: No, Maurus, I'll be picking each shirt
(09/09 20:54:16) Finn Dove: Ooooo
(09/09 20:54:17) The Other OTHER Operation: It's not so much the knowledge that's the problem, it's the MISUSE of knowledge we have to worry about!
(09/09 20:54:19) Maurus: aha
(09/09 20:54:19) Thend: Oh SNAP!
(09/09 20:54:22) tikibear: It's a moo t point.
(09/09 20:54:24) Joy Electric: we have to make judgements everyday without knowing all the relevant information
(09/09 20:54:29) Reteltee: Switching between them so as to visit the Pubs where I'm requested
(09/09 20:54:34) Maurus: well, you're going to end up with ONE, aren't you
(09/09 20:54:40) Songe: oh no tiki...
(09/09 20:54:43) Reteltee: Lol, no Maurus
(09/09 20:54:51) ireenquench practices moo and baaah sounds
(09/09 20:54:55) Reteltee: pate having to change every time I come into the Cavern
(09/09 20:54:58) Marten: BLEAT!
(09/09 20:55:03) Reteltee: *I anticipate
(09/09 20:55:04) The Other OTHER Operation: don't have a cow, ireen!
(09/09 20:55:06) darkstar: True but we usually have some idea of the possible outcomes we domt here at moment
(09/09 20:55:16) Maurus: What I mean, reteltee, is that you can't put a shirt BACK once you've taken it
(09/09 20:55:30) Marten: I don't want to be a cow, or a sheep. Like Ireen, like Erik, I want to make informed decisions.
(09/09 20:55:34) Reteltee: Lol, I know, but I won't be settling on one shirt
(09/09 20:55:39) The Other OTHER Operation: well, I think you should be able to switch shirts indefinitely
(09/09 20:55:52) Reteltee: I hope so other
(09/09 20:55:57) Maurus: but, i see what you mean...
(09/09 20:55:58) Sorceress: or wear them all on top of eachother
(09/09 20:56:01) The Other OTHER Operation: (TOOO is fine)
(09/09 20:56:02) Marten: Reteltee, just like you are looking at the guilds, you're evaluating them... we wish to evaluate things for ourselves.
(09/09 20:56:11) Thend nods his head
(09/09 20:56:14) Reteltee: Well, I hope this has been informational; I'm afraid I have to leave
(09/09 20:56:15) ireenquench: hear hear
(09/09 20:56:15) Janine nods her head
(09/09 20:56:16) Julian Bashir (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/09 20:56:21) Altydwarber nods her head
(09/09 20:56:24) Joy Electric: ttyl Ret
(09/09 20:56:26) Maurus: Oh, reteltee, one more question though
(09/09 20:56:29) Reteltee: I appreciate everyone's questions, and always feel free to contact me
(09/09 20:56:32) Eric Wolfe: have fun!
(09/09 20:56:32) Finn Dove: thanks Reteltee!
(09/09 20:56:37) The Other OTHER Operation claps his hands
(09/09 20:56:40) April Ryan thanks you very much!
(09/09 20:56:43) Janine: Reteltee, one last thinkg, will we be seeing Marie sometime?
(09/09 20:56:45) Sorceress: thanks Ret!
(09/09 20:56:47) From Dakro in The Cartographers' Pub: Bye Calumon
(09/09 20:56:48) janaba waves goodbye
(09/09 20:56:48) ireenquench: Thanks Reteltee, please pass our concerns on, if you get the chance
(09/09 20:56:48) Maurus: The guild pubs, were they originally used by the D'ni or did the DRC make them out of eother pubs?
(09/09 20:56:51) Reteltee: Hope so J9
(09/09 20:56:55) Altydwarber: thank you reteltee
(09/09 20:56:56) The Other OTHER Operation: thanks, Ret
(09/09 20:56:58) Erik: Everyone is sharing here in this situation. Douglas risked his life in Noloben to gain information. Phil came back, only to inform us and to help us for the war. And if you know something, you just have to share it with us. It's your explorer duty
(09/09 20:56:59) Thend: Thanks for stoppin by Ret. And please at least send me the Bahro KIpics if nothing else (at this point anyway)
(09/09 20:57:01) Reteltee: I pass along as much infop as I can to the DRC
(09/09 20:57:01) April Ryan claps her hands
(09/09 20:57:10) Reteltee: If you've expressed a concern here, it WILL make it to the DRC
(09/09 20:57:11) Maurus cheers
(09/09 20:57:15) Janine: Ret, please if you can, let her know some are thinking of her
(09/09 20:57:24) Marten: Oh, how about passing only as much to them as they pass to you.
(09/09 20:57:25) Thend: Give them our best wishes! (:P)
(09/09 20:57:27) Reteltee: shorah b'shemtee everyone
(09/09 20:57:33) The Other OTHER Operation claps his hands
(09/09 20:57:35) Renyaloth waves goodbye
(09/09 20:57:38) Janine: shorah b'shemtee
(09/09 20:57:38) Old Watashi: Tnks Ret for coming and the info
(09/09 20:57:39) Maurus: SHoraaaah!
(09/09 20:57:41) janaba bows
(09/09 20:57:42) Marten: Have a good day.

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So help me, he speaks just like the DRC. And the way he evaded Marten's question about secrets with silly humor about cannibalism leaves me completely distrustful. Nor did he answer the question of endangerment to the Cavern/URU Live or what his Bahro said. Or give a straight answer to Thend's direct question, in another chat log, about whether he had any relationship with Cyan before his appointment. It's very discouraging and, frankly, makes him pointless except as a source of information TO Cyan, er, the DRC, for which he was appointed and from which we will feel the effects down the road in terms of Guild development. I wouldn't be ready to waste time questioning at this point. As Marten said, it's just the status quo as far as that goes. If Reteltee has teasing little tidbits, he should be ready to be forthright - if he were "just like every Explorer." Otherwise, he's a story plant as far as I can see and we should be given awareness of that. Or he shouldn't be used for the purpose. The legitimate position of Guild Advisor will be undermined if it is used as plot device.

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JWPlatt wrote:
So help me, he speaks just like the DRC. And the way he evaded Marten's question about secrets with silly humor about cannibalism leaves me completely distrustful. Nor did he answer the question of endangerment to the Cavern/URU Live or what his Bahro said. Or give a straight answer to Thend's direct question, in another chat log, about whether he had any relationship with Cyan before his appointment. It's very discouraging and, frankly, makes him pointless except as a source of information TO Cyan, er, the DRC, for which he was appointed and from which we will feel the effects down the road in terms of Guild development. I wouldn't be ready to waste time questioning at this point. As Marten said, it's just the status quo as far as that goes. If Reteltee has teasing little tidbits, he should be ready to be forthright - if he were "just like every Explorer." Otherwise, he's a story plant as far as I can see and we should be given awareness of that. Or he shouldn't be used for the purpose. The legitimate position of Guild Advisor will be undermined if it is used as plot device.

Of course it was used as a plot device. The DRC had to give us someone we believe we can trust to provide information. If anybody on the DRC was giving us the same answers he is, we'd all be one giant posse with torches hunting down Cate and the rest of the gang. The way explorers (myself included) have been, uh, enthusiastically complaining about the lack of new areas and ages to explore, if Reteltee's responses (excuses) were coming from any DRC member, there would have been a major revolt months, er, episodes ago. In his defense, however, he has indicated on more than one occasion that he doesn't really have any status with the DRC when it comes to effecting change. It's my opinion that he speaks just like the DRC because they're telling him what to say.

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After Marten, Tai'lahr and myself met with Reteltee and J. D. Barnes this evening, both of whom kindly attended without pause, I'm inclined to agree and back off of how strongly I worded my previous post. Any way I look at it, the Cavern is likely to benefit and I think I protested too much. I'll just enjoy the mystery and see how things turn out. We need to live the story together; undivided.

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All your guild are belong to us

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JWPlatt wrote:
After Marten, Tai'lahr and myself met with Reteltee and J. D. Barnes this evening, both of whom kindly attended without pause

Will you be posting a chat log of that meeting?

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I'd be interested in that chatlog as well.
My personal take on Reteltee's words in the Cavern the last couple of days is that he seems bound two ways: by an OOC NDA thingy he has with Cyan (like instructions when to give out what information and what is confident) and additionally, IC, within the story, confidentiality agreements with the DRC (these must be much more strict than the real OOC ones, otherwise he wouldn't have spilt so much, his character seems to have been used as story device). I am not sure if this is due to difficulties related to communication Cyan-Reteltee or to Reteltee's inexperience walking the line of IC and OOC, but I see him struggling hard with that line and mixing it up sometimes. (I have difficulties telling when he speaks of the DRC as code word for Cyan and his OOC confidentiality and when he just speaks ICly of the DRC as characters)
For example, it makes no sense to privately show another player pictures of a Bahro encounter on Relto, first say thats confident, then agree that the conversation can go public, afterwards publicly acknowledge the fact of a Bahro encounter and agree on sharing KI pics and report later on and again the next day keeping quiet about it for apparently both IC and OOC reasons. To me that show's Reteltee is unsure as to which of his confidentiality agreements apply when and how far and when his "hint at the storyline" agreements would apply (since all of this is not related to his position as guild advisor at all).
While issues like this tend to bug me a lot, because to me transparency and sharing the game's lore and information freely among all players is extremely important, and I dislike confusion of IC and OOC (especially concerning the ties DRC-Cyan), I think it's also very important to keep the following in mind:
This is "just a game", Reteltee is bound by OOC agreements he just cant break, he seems to be trying hard and it might be necessary to just turn a blind eye once in a while towards these mush-ups. I don't hold Reteltee fully accountable as to his difficulties managing these problems. It's always been a big difficulty. Might have been with the liaisons, definitely was the case with the Calam, Thend, Sidney/Jazz incidents. It's just extremely hard to handle; Cyan can't ever comment on the inside aspects of it, nor can those involved. And would be a shame if this caused trouble again among players and/or hurt Reteltees position as guild advisor. Peace is important here.
That said, ICly it definitely increased my paranoia towards the DRC, and in game I might be back to asking them uncomfortable questions. ;)

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As requested:
[spoiler=Reteltee in the Revelations neighborhood](09/10 00:31:52) J.D. Barnes: Shorah Reteltee. It's nice to finally meet you.
(09/10 00:31:52) Reteltee extends his hand to Mr. Branes
(09/10 00:31:53) Marten: Wb, Reteltee.
(09/10 00:32:06) Reteltee: A pleasure to meet you as well J.D
(09/10 00:32:12) J.D. Barnes shakes hands with Reteltee.
(09/10 00:32:36) Reteltee: Did I miss anything good?
(09/10 00:32:53) JWPlatt: Just a little discussion about Sharper.
(09/10 00:32:55) J.D. Barnes: We were talking about Mr. Sharper.
(09/10 00:32:58) Reteltee: Ah
(09/10 00:33:22) Marten: I was explaining that while Douglas has always told the truth, his motives should still remain suspect.
(09/10 00:33:33) J.D. Barnes: He seems to think the Cavern is in immediate and grave danger. What's your opinion on that?
(09/10 00:33:41) Reteltee: Mine?
(09/10 00:33:49) J.D. Barnes nods his head
(09/10 00:33:54) Reteltee: I agree with him, though quite possibly for different reasons
(09/10 00:34:06) J.D. Barnes: Can you share those with us?
(09/10 00:34:32) Reteltee: Well, I'm not sure that his perception of the Bahro are at all accurate
(09/10 00:34:46) J.D. Barnes: How so?
(09/10 00:35:06) Reteltee: Their actions may not be the ones we have to fear
(09/10 00:35:31) J.D. Barnes: What particular actions should we fear, in your opinion?
(09/10 00:35:35) Reteltee: I feel the DRC (Cate especially) has done a lot more to endanger the Explorers than the Bahro, Wheely notwitstanding
(09/10 00:36:03) Marten: Will Cate's actions bring the Bahro war to the cavern?
(09/10 00:36:04) J.D. Barnes: That is interesting.
(09/10 00:36:16) Reteltee: Doesn't it seem that the DRC has been encouraging the factioning and fractioning of the Explorer community?
(09/10 00:36:33) Marten is a bit puzzled...
(09/10 00:36:41) Reteltee: Perhaps that's just my perception...but then, they've been using me to do it, in some part
(09/10 00:36:45) J.D. Barnes: Some would argue that it needs no help, such as the former Liaisons.
(09/10 00:37:06) Marten: I see the guilds as an opportunity for organization, rather than fracturing.
(09/10 00:37:11) Reteltee: Perhaps, but now there seems to be a different tone
(09/10 00:37:12) Tai'lahr: But, they were the real problem behind that issue, too!
(09/10 00:37:14) Reteltee: Marten, I agree
(09/10 00:37:15) Marten: Unless you mean fracturing along the guild lines themselves.
(09/10 00:37:24) Reteltee: I think the Guilds are our only hope of survival in this Cavern
(09/10 00:37:32) Marten: But the point of the guilds is to smooth the interaction between those groups.
(09/10 00:37:34) J.D. Barnes: Why is that? Specifically?
(09/10 00:37:48) JWPlatt: The Guilds will also be a source of great political turmoil.
(09/10 00:38:07) Reteltee: Because whatever is coming to this Cavern, only the Explorers as a unified group can withstand it...otherwise, I fear we are heading for the Second Fall
(09/10 00:38:36) Reteltee: I believe the Guilds could have saved D'ni, had they not been arrogant
(09/10 00:38:45) Reteltee: But they became proud and complacent
(09/10 00:38:57) Reteltee: I fear some Explorers may have followed the same path
(09/10 00:39:10) JWPlatt: Isn't that inevitable over long periods of time? All things fall.
(09/10 00:39:13) Reteltee: And I believe the Guilds may override that tendency, at least in the majority
(09/10 00:39:26) J.D. Barnes: It's diffuclt to defend against a pair of madmen with nothing to lose, no matter how organized you are.
(09/10 00:39:43) J.D. Barnes: How would these new Guilds be different?
(09/10 00:40:04) Reteltee: It wasn't just a pair though; Veovis and the Philosopher tapped into a resentment that lay deep within the underclasses of the D'ni
(09/10 00:40:32) Reteltee: And the heart of that resentment was the elitism of the Guilds
(09/10 00:40:42) Reteltee: The exclusion of those deemed "unworthy"
(09/10 00:41:19) J.D. Barnes: Elitism has existed in almost every known society over five people in the history of the world. How do the Guilds counter that?
(09/10 00:41:28) Tai'lahr: I can see how that very thing could happen with the new guilds.
(09/10 00:41:30) Reteltee: They don't, at least, not automatically
(09/10 00:41:41) JWPlatt: Would the Guild structure itself be responsible for its fate? Will it not repeat its own history?
(09/10 00:41:57) Reteltee: We have to make that choice as Explorers; the Guilds merely give us both the impetus, and the structure to do so
(09/10 00:42:31) Reteltee: I don't know that it will work; as I say, I simply believe it is our only chance
(09/10 00:43:02) Reteltee: But, the DRC is either blind to the truth, or is being willfully ignorant
(09/10 00:43:16) J.D. Barnes: Or have other goals.
(09/10 00:43:25) Reteltee: Indeed
(09/10 00:43:31) Reteltee: Which is a disturbing thought to me
(09/10 00:43:43) Reteltee: Which is why I pray ferverently for Watson's return
(09/10 00:44:00) JWPlatt: Is the DRC collectively behind and supporting the formation of the Guilds? Or just one or two people like Cate?
(09/10 00:44:02) Marten: I wish we had more information.
(09/10 00:44:12) Marten: Do you think Dr. Watson would be more forthcoming?
(09/10 00:44:14) Reteltee: So far as I know JW, it's the entire DRC
(09/10 00:44:25) Reteltee: I don't know Marten....he has been away a long time
(09/10 00:44:40) Reteltee: It may take time for him to reassociate himself with the happenings in the Cavern
(09/10 00:44:47) Marten: Earlier comments, I think you hinted you don't think the DRC would permit Watson to resume his position.
(09/10 00:44:57) J.D. Barnes: So you know definitively he is on his way?
(09/10 00:45:01) Reteltee: No Marten, I don't think Watson would take his old position
(09/10 00:45:16) Reteltee: I simply hold onto hope J.D.
(09/10 00:45:21) Tai'lahr: But, maybe he would work with the explorers in other ways.
(09/10 00:45:28) Reteltee: I certainly hope so Tai
(09/10 00:45:38) Marten: I would think that retaking his position would be the best way to steer the DRC away from disaster.
(09/10 00:45:52) J.D. Barnes: That may no longer be an option, Marten
(09/10 00:45:58) Reteltee: The DRC is no longer the organization he founded Marten
(09/10 00:46:01) Tai'lahr: Hmm, but that might be too logical for them, Marten.
(09/10 00:46:12) Reteltee: I don't think he would associate with this new Don't Ruin the Cavern
(09/10 00:46:18) Marten: I prefer not to dismiss options during the brainstorming phase.
(09/10 00:46:41) Reteltee: Our dismissing them will have no impact upon Watson's choice ;)
(09/10 00:47:08) Reteltee: He will do as he will do; I simply don't believe it's in his character to join with this new DRC
(09/10 00:47:24) JWPlatt: The positions and purpose of the DRC have not changed. Just the people. Though he may have changed.
(09/10 00:47:27) Marten: Another concern. Many new explorers know very little about Dr. Watson. They might not be keen to follow him.
(09/10 00:47:40) Tai'lahr: Unless he thought he could do more good that way - by working from within the council.
(09/10 00:47:50) Reteltee: Well, the same could be said of Phend
(09/10 00:48:13) Marten: But Phil was never a council member... only a worker for them. Who strayed, in a sense.
(09/10 00:48:16) Tai'lahr: Yes, and Phend isn't doing much to endear himself to new explorers.
(09/10 00:48:35) Marten: Phil spoke more sense on his initial return. I wonder if he got hit with a rock since then.
(09/10 00:48:57) JWPlatt smiles
(09/10 00:49:02) Reteltee: I think Phil is walking a line I wouldn't wish to tread
(09/10 00:49:20) Reteltee: As I said before...when you stare into the void, sometimes the void stares back
(09/10 00:49:32) Reteltee: I wouldn't want to see what Phil has seen
(09/10 00:49:45) Marten: I'd be willing to see what Phil has seen.
(09/10 00:49:47) J.D. Barnes: Reteltee, so you are worried that the DRC is fracturing the explorer community intentionally. And that this threatens our survival. Can you tell us more, Reteltee?
(09/10 00:49:53) Marten: I'm more concerned with what Douglas has seen.
(09/10 00:50:26) Reteltee: I wish I could J.D.
(09/10 00:50:32) Reteltee: I'm afraid I don't know more though
(09/10 00:50:39) Reteltee: Cate won't respond to me
(09/10 00:50:46) Reteltee: Marie is strictly Guild business
(09/10 00:50:56) Reteltee: And I've had no contact with any other DRC members
(09/10 00:51:34) Reteltee: And when I DO speak to Marie, she is quick to remind me that I am their Guild Advisor
(09/10 00:51:39) J.D. Barnes: hmm...
(09/10 00:51:50) JWPlatt: You're only directives are from Marie?
(09/10 00:51:51) Reteltee: As though my opinion or suggestions in other areas are of no consequence
(09/10 00:51:52) Marten scans over Douglas' comments from a short while ago.
(09/10 00:52:04) Reteltee: Not originally JW
(09/10 00:52:11) Reteltee: I originally had contact with both Cate and Marie
(09/10 00:52:20) Marten: May I ask, your opinion of Marie?
(09/10 00:52:20) Reteltee: but in the last few weeks....Cate's gone silent on me
(09/10 00:52:26) Reteltee: Marie is a dear
(09/10 00:52:38) Reteltee: Who is unfortunately in an awkward place and time
(09/10 00:52:44) Marten: She's always seemed like the nice one to me.
(09/10 00:52:49) Reteltee: But I think the world of her
(09/10 00:53:06) Reteltee: And I don't think she intends anything but the good of the Explorers
(09/10 00:53:09) J.D. Barnes: She was unsure of the new DRC structure at first. it seems she toes the line now.
(09/10 00:53:27) Reteltee: But nevertheless, she has acquiesced to Cate's leadership of the Council
(09/10 00:53:31) Marten: She certainly keeps her public appearances to a minimum.
(09/10 00:53:33) Tai'lahr: That doesn't sound quite right.
(09/10 00:53:45) Reteltee: What doesn't Tai?
(09/10 00:53:52) Tai'lahr: Something about that just doesn't feel quite right to me.
(09/10 00:54:03) Marten: Reteltee, do you think the DRC may fall apart? What if Marie left? If Watson and Engberg both returned and she joined them.
(09/10 00:54:04) Reteltee: About what?
(09/10 00:54:16) Reteltee: Now THAT would be something Marten
(09/10 00:54:18) Marten: It would be 3 vs 3 then wouldn't it?
(09/10 00:54:20) Tai'lahr: That Marie didn't agree with Cate taking control, but now she's suddenly gone quiet on the subject?
(09/10 00:54:33) JWPlatt: And your advisories, Reteltee, they only go through Marie?
(09/10 00:54:42) Reteltee: Currently, yes JW
(09/10 00:54:43) J.D. Barnes: Tai, none of it feels right. There are too many actions without discernable reasons.
(09/10 00:54:44) Marten: Laxman probably wouldn't know which side to be on. I get the feeling he cannot stand the politics.
(09/10 00:55:00) Marten: Tai: Quiet is safe.
(09/10 00:55:18) Tai'lahr: Ah, good point, Marten.
(09/10 00:55:33) Tai'lahr: Still, it bothers me.
(09/10 00:55:53) J.D. Barnes: We are missing some key pieces of information...
(09/10 00:56:00) Marten: Although you know my viewpoint, I'd rather be noisy and in danger.
(09/10 00:56:14) Reteltee: Lol
(09/10 00:56:18) Tai'lahr: Typical explorer attitude! lol
(09/10 00:56:27) Marten: Just as I prefer to stand my ground and not settle for small bits of information - demand it all.
(09/10 00:56:30) JWPlatt: We have no position to lose.
(09/10 00:56:56) J.D. Barnes: JW, very true. Well, all of us except Reteltee.
(09/10 00:56:59) JWPlatt: Well, most of us.
(09/10 00:57:02) JWPlatt: Yes
(09/10 00:57:05) J.D. Barnes: I don't envy your position.
(09/10 00:57:19) Reteltee: I hear that a lot J.D.
(09/10 00:57:25) Marten: The higher you go, the longer the fall.
(09/10 00:57:35) Reteltee: Like a blanket of ice, it is a cold comfort....but better than none at all
(09/10 00:57:53) Marten: Then the ice weasels come.
(09/10 00:58:03) Reteltee: the weasels aren't bad
(09/10 00:58:09) Reteltee: It's ice gnomes that freak me out
(09/10 00:58:12) Reteltee: Small hands
(09/10 00:58:17) Reteltee: Smell like cabbage
(09/10 00:58:23) Reteltee: Gnomeads you know
(09/10 00:58:24) Marten: Eww.
(09/10 00:58:28) Reteltee: *Gnome-ads
(09/10 00:58:33) J.D. Barnes: Is there anything else that you might be able to tell us, Reteltee? Anything might be useful, even if it seems unimportant.
(09/10 00:58:43) Tai'lahr: Scuse me? Have you been smoking what Phil has?
(09/10 00:58:52) Reteltee: I'm afraid not J.D.
(09/10 00:58:56) Reteltee: I don't smoke Tai
(09/10 00:58:58) Reteltee: ;)
(09/10 00:59:01) Tai'lahr: lol
(09/10 00:59:14) Marten: Something more than 'Phil is odd and the Bahro are evil, won't you get that into your thick skulls?" as Douglas said a short bit ago
(09/10 00:59:41) Tai'lahr: He really said that?
(09/10 00:59:41) Reteltee: Lol
(09/10 00:59:50) J.D. Barnes: Hrm. when you said you were being "Watched", do you think the DRC is watching your actions that closely, or did you mean something else?
(09/10 01:00:29) Reteltee: Yes
(09/10 01:00:38) Marten: Very Kosh of you, Reteltee.
(09/10 01:00:51) J.D. Barnes: Mind sharing that 'else' with us?
(09/10 01:00:57) Reteltee: I'd love to
(09/10 01:01:04) J.D. Barnes: But you can't?
(09/10 01:01:10) Reteltee touches his nose
(09/10 01:01:17) Reteltee: You're sharper than you look
(09/10 01:01:21) Reteltee: No offense
(09/10 01:01:21) JWPlatt: Reteltee, the reason I thought it would be interesting to have this discussion here tonight was to address some things that I felt were brushed aside earlier in other chats you've had...
(09/10 01:01:44) Reteltee: Yeah, I dug that earlier JW
(09/10 01:01:53) JWPlatt: In particular, Marten asked a question about secrecy which I was very interested in seeing the answer to...
(09/10 01:02:06) J.D. Barnes: I think he has been more forthcoming than before.
(09/10 01:02:32) Reteltee: I do what I can
(09/10 01:02:44) Reteltee: Having information can be a double-edged sword
(09/10 01:02:51) Reteltee: But one side may be sharper than the other
(09/10 01:03:09) J.D. Barnes raises an eyebrow.
(09/10 01:03:47) JWPlatt: And I was wondering if you would take the opportunity to give the issue Marten raised some serious consideration.
(09/10 01:03:47) Reteltee: What was Marten's question about secrecy?
(09/10 01:03:55) Reteltee: Sure thing
(09/10 01:04:31) Marten: Alright. Without the analogies, as you seem too fond of those...
(09/10 01:05:03) Reteltee: I only speak in myst-eries when I have to
(09/10 01:05:20) J.D. Barnes: myst-eries, eh?
(09/10 01:05:23) Tai'lahr rolls her eyes
(09/10 01:05:39) Marten: I'd like to better understand your position that if you don't keep some secrets, the DRC will cut you off entirely. Why is that better in the long term than making a stand for openness, forthrightness, honesty?
(09/10 01:05:41) Reteltee: As I've said before, the clues are least as much as I dare reveal
(09/10 01:06:14) Tai'lahr: Some people are saying that you're starting to act just like the DRC.
(09/10 01:06:16) Reteltee: Because if I made a stand, Cate would simply say "thanks for your services" and continue with the secrets and deception
(09/10 01:06:29) Marten: My feeling is that by being complicit with how they want to do things, you're an enabler.
(09/10 01:06:35) Reteltee: Perhaps
(09/10 01:06:39) Reteltee: I don't know
(09/10 01:06:46) Marten: I'd appreciate if you'd think about it.
(09/10 01:06:54) Reteltee: I didn't ask to be the DRC's In-Cavern whipping boy
(09/10 01:07:17) Reteltee: They could have made things easier by just painting a bullseye on my forhead and giving the Explorers guns
(09/10 01:07:40) Marten: True. But there's easy... and then there's right.
(09/10 01:07:42) Tai'lahr: You're right, and we should be grateful that you're not trying to run and hide from explorers and their questions.
(09/10 01:07:43) Reteltee: Not that I mind
(09/10 01:07:52) JWPlatt: That could be true. :) I have a specific question for you...
(09/10 01:07:54) Reteltee: Well, I believe in this community
(09/10 01:07:56) J.D. Barnes: ReteYou are a Liaison in truth if not in name, it seems.
(09/10 01:07:59) J.D. Barnes smirks.
(09/10 01:08:03) Reteltee: :P
(09/10 01:08:06) Marten: I am grateful. I hope you understand that I feel obligated to ask hard questions though.
(09/10 01:08:18) Reteltee: And I feel obligated to answer with all the honesty I can
(09/10 01:08:25) J.D. Barnes: I respect that Reteltee.
(09/10 01:08:35) Reteltee: And if I can't be honest, then I at least try to give enough to INFER the truth
(09/10 01:08:42) J.D. Barnes: I don't want you to think otherwise.
(09/10 01:08:44) Reteltee: (By I can't be honest, I mean forthright)
(09/10 01:08:50) Marten: JW working on your question?
(09/10 01:08:53) JWPlatt: I'm not fully aware of what happened between you and a Bahro on your Relto, but from what I gather, it spoke to you. Did I get that right?
(09/10 01:08:59) Reteltee: Yes
(09/10 01:09:06) JWPlatt: That's pretty awesome.
(09/10 01:09:09) Reteltee: No
(09/10 01:09:16) JWPlatt: Ok, or not. :)
(09/10 01:09:19) Reteltee: At least, I don't think so
(09/10 01:09:23) Marten: Not awesome because it wasn't meant to be?
(09/10 01:09:31) Reteltee: You think PHIL is disturbed?
(09/10 01:09:39) Reteltee: Yeah, you don't know the half of it
(09/10 01:09:52) JWPlatt: Now, if that would have happened to me, I'd want to tell everyone I knew, or at least a few close friends...
(09/10 01:09:58) J.D. Barnes: Do the details of that experience fall under the category if 'I cannot talk about it'?
(09/10 01:10:00) Reteltee: And that's the main reason why I've been....different
(09/10 01:10:10) Reteltee: Yes J.D
(09/10 01:10:11) Marten: I really only have one other question about that.
(09/10 01:10:20) Marten: Can you speculate on whether it was a good or bad bahro?
(09/10 01:10:29) Reteltee: I'm not sure there's any difference
(09/10 01:10:51) Reteltee: As someone once said, "Many of the truths we cling to depend entirely on our own point of view"
(09/10 01:10:53) JWPlatt: Were you saying you understood what it was telling you?
(09/10 01:10:55) Marten: Hmmm. That runs counter to what Phil said.
(09/10 01:11:15) Reteltee: Phil perceives things differently than I do
(09/10 01:11:21) Reteltee: I'm certain
(09/10 01:11:35) Reteltee: Perhaps he knows better than I
(09/10 01:11:42) Reteltee: I don't claim to know anything at all
(09/10 01:11:44) JWPlatt: Did you understand its message?
(09/10 01:11:48) Reteltee: At least, not about this
(09/10 01:12:01) Reteltee: JW; yes, and no
(09/10 01:12:17) Marten: While I agree with the "world is not black and white" aspect of what you say... I do think resorting to violence over diplomacy ties into a rather widely held believe of what is "evil."
(09/10 01:12:27) Marten: belief.
(09/10 01:12:51) Reteltee: Depends; generally we believe that creatures have a right to defend themselves; especially sentient ones
(09/10 01:12:59) Tai'lahr: Words are a powerful thing.
(09/10 01:13:05) Reteltee: We might think we're harmless
(09/10 01:13:10) Reteltee: The Bahro may not agree
(09/10 01:13:17) JWPlatt: I'm not asking you to reveal it if you don't want to, but as you described yourself as like "every other explorer," I think any other explorer would spread the message. My question is why won't you?
(09/10 01:13:17) J.D. Barnes: Do you agree?
(09/10 01:13:22) Tai'lahr: Do you think of the "Bahro" as creatures, Reteltee? As "Beast People"?
(09/10 01:13:42) Tai'lahr: Is that an accurate term for these sentient beings?
(09/10 01:13:45) Reteltee: Why won't I JW? Because I'm sharper than the average bear, and I know how to not get myself killed
(09/10 01:13:52) Marten: Of course we're not harmless. That doesn't, in my opinion, justify Wheely's death.
(09/10 01:13:56) Reteltee: I am a creature Tai
(09/10 01:14:11) JWPlatt: I just would not have that fear. Neither would any other explorer, as far as I know.
(09/10 01:14:11) Tai'lahr: Perhaps we should stop using the term the D'ni used to refer to slaves.
(09/10 01:14:12) Reteltee: I think we have the capacity to destroy JD
(09/10 01:14:24) J.D. Barnes: Killed? Who do you think would take that sort of action against you?
(09/10 01:14:29) Reteltee: If you know of something else to call them
(09/10 01:14:47) Tai'lahr: Vahkro - Linking People
(09/10 01:15:03) Reteltee: JD
(09/10 01:15:23) Reteltee: Have you played a Nintendo DS?
(09/10 01:15:30) Marten: We could go on for hours over past transgressions of the human race, the death we've brought to new places and worlds, intentionally and unintentionally.
(09/10 01:15:52) J.D. Barnes: No, I little too analog for such things.
(09/10 01:15:58) Marten: I'm not going to touch you, Reteltee.
(09/10 01:16:15) Reteltee: I don't fear you Marten, nor any other Explorer
(09/10 01:16:42) Marten was making a reference to the Nintendo DS marketing.
(09/10 01:16:50) Reteltee: Marketing?
(09/10 01:16:53) Reteltee: *sigh*
(09/10 01:16:56) Marten: The "touch me" slogan. :)
(09/10 01:17:04) Reteltee: If you think that's what it was, you're missing the point
(09/10 01:17:11) Reteltee: As I said, the clues are there
(09/10 01:17:22) Reteltee: He who has eyes, let him see

(09/10 01:17:28) JWPlatt: I hope you'll understand that the message from a Bahro sounds like a tease. Something the DRC or someone else with ulterior motives would use for manipulation. Because if it were so threatening, it would be smarter to not reveal you heard anything.
(09/10 01:17:33) Reteltee: For the pen is sharper than the sword
(09/10 01:17:49) Marten: Your comment was completely out of the blue. ('course, you're wearing blue.) What does playing a Nintendo DS have to do with anything here?
(09/10 01:18:05) J.D. Barnes frowns
(09/10 01:18:16) Reteltee: Nothing
(09/10 01:18:39) Reteltee: I was simply trying to answr JD's question
(09/10 01:18:54) Reteltee: About whom I fear
(09/10 01:19:07) J.D. Barnes: This merry-go-round is becoming tiresome. I think that we all here are in earnest about our loyalty to the explorers. And I think we are all adamant in our stances.
(09/10 01:19:23) Marten: Yes.
(09/10 01:19:27) Reteltee: Indeed
(09/10 01:19:46) JWPlatt: Reteltee, I'm hoping you saw my question above and consider how it looks.
(09/10 01:20:08) J.D. Barnes: Reteltee, once again, I'd like to say that I do believe that you are making the best decisions you can with what you know.
(09/10 01:20:14) Reteltee: I saw it JW; think of it like this. If anything happens to me, I want the Explorers to know it wasn't my choice
(09/10 01:20:21) Reteltee: Thank you JD
(09/10 01:20:27) J.D. Barnes: I bear you no ill will. I hope you haven't been to offended if my temper has gotten a bit short.
(09/10 01:20:42) Reteltee: Not at all; I hope you'll read this chatlog, and get what I was saying
(09/10 01:21:02) Marten: Hindsight may be 20/20, but we're not there yet.
(09/10 01:21:08) J.D. Barnes: I'm sharp. I know how to watch which way the wind blows.
(09/10 01:21:21) Reteltee: You're sharp....but he's sharper
(09/10 01:21:27) Marten: The wind is invisible; one must look for the clues.
(09/10 01:21:27) J.D. Barnes: Isn't he?
(09/10 01:21:28) JWPlatt: If we get it, the DRC will also. That should concern you as well.
(09/10 01:21:41) Reteltee: The DRC already knows where I stand
(09/10 01:21:53) Reteltee: If they let me get devoured by wolves then it will be on their head
(09/10 01:22:05) JWPlatt: Yes, but the clues you leave for us are meant to not reveal to them what you are telling us, it seems.
(09/10 01:22:20) Reteltee: The DRC doesn't have time for cryptography
(09/10 01:22:33) Reteltee: But then...some others do
(09/10 01:22:43) Reteltee: They might be quicker than the DRC
(09/10 01:22:57) JWPlatt: I find the DRC quite cryptic. :)
(09/10 01:23:00) Reteltee: But in the meatime, I will do what I can
(09/10 01:23:07) Marten: A final question from me. A separate topic.
(09/10 01:23:13) Reteltee: Sure
(09/10 01:23:26) J.D. Barnes: Reteltee, hmm... do be careful, though. We aren't always sharper than the DRC.
(09/10 01:23:45) Reteltee: No, but he is
(09/10 01:23:50) Reteltee: You be careful too
(09/10 01:24:00) J.D. Barnes: I'll watch out. Trust me.
(09/10 01:24:04) Marten: What do you know about the symbol found on the 2nd level of the structure where Wheely died, the same symbol that allegedly appeared in Negilahn carved into a tree, then disappeared?
(09/10 01:24:16) Reteltee: Nothing I'm afraid Marten
(09/10 01:24:39) Marten: I wonder if that symbol may yet be important.
(09/10 01:25:02) Tai'lahr: I'm sure it's very important, Marten.
(09/10 01:25:15) Marten: But is its importance relevant today, or in the past?
(09/10 01:27:12) Tai'lahr: Well...
(09/10 01:27:16) Reteltee: Well, thank you all for the conversation
(09/10 01:27:19) JWPlatt: Reteltee, I actually have one suggestion that goes along with your job description...
(09/10 01:27:26) Reteltee: I'm afraid I'm being called away to yet another meeting
(09/10 01:27:33) Marten: Thank you for your time.
(09/10 01:27:35) Reteltee: I wish you all a fond Shorah; yes JW?
(09/10 01:27:48) Marten: Thank you JW for organizing this.
(09/10 01:27:50) Tai'lahr: Yes, thank you for coming to our humble hood and talking with us.
(09/10 01:28:07) JWPlatt: You might want to mention that the DRC take a look at the Messengers' Guild tapestries and decide whether the Greeters' Guild symbol should be there. :)
(09/10 01:28:19) Reteltee: Lol
(09/10 01:28:33) Reteltee: Thanks for the heads up; I'll deliver that to the DRC
(09/10 01:28:33) J.D. Barnes: Shorah Reteltee. Thank you for your time. And please be safe. We'll Watch for you as much as we can.
(09/10 01:28:50) Reteltee: Thanks JD
(09/10 01:28:51) Tai'lahr: Shorah Reteltee.
(09/10 01:28:55) Reteltee: And thank you for having me
(09/10 01:28:56) JWPlatt: Reteltee, Mr. Barnes, thanks for coming. And feel free to make casual visits here anytime.
(09/10 01:29:00) Reteltee: Shorah b'shemtee
(09/10 01:29:12) Marten: They'll have to scold the guild of Tapestry Weavers.
(09/10 01:29:15) J.D. Barnes:'s Sharper
(09/10 01:29:16) Tai'lahr: And, thank you, too, Mr. Barnes
(09/10 01:29:26) Marten: Douglas is the evil one?
(09/10 01:29:36) J.D. Barnes: Reteltee is worried about Sharper somehow.
(09/10 01:29:55) J.D. Barnes: Notice how many times he mentioned 'sharper'
(09/10 01:30:05) Marten: I think that's fair given tonight's explosion.
(09/10 01:30:07) J.D. Barnes: "You're sharp, but he's sharper'
(09/10 01:30:12) JWPlatt: Hidden messages now? hehe.
(09/10 01:30:24) Tai'lahr: He did say that we should review the chatlog.
(09/10 01:30:29) J.D. Barnes: He's also been pointing us to the Watcher.
(09/10 01:30:56) J.D. Barnes: He's been saying it for days like it has a capital letter.
(09/10 01:31:30) Tai'lahr: And, he said that the explorers would have the time to look at the clues more than the DRC.
(09/10 01:31:53) Tai'lahr: What else did you catch, Mr. Barnes?
(09/10 01:32:18) JWPlatt: One explorer does not speak in riddles to other explorers. They speak in answers. Unless...
(09/10 01:33:14) J.D. Barnes: JW, I think he's genuinely trying to help in his way.
(09/10 01:33:56) J.D. Barnes: Hmm... I'm not sure his 'myst' joke was just a joke, But I'm less sure about that.
(09/10 01:34:27) J.D. Barnes: But I'm doubley-certain that he's been dropping hints whenever he has been talking.
(09/10 01:34:35) Marten: So... if Douglas is the one to fear... should we fear his spyroom?
(09/10 01:34:56) J.D. Barnes: Maybe Douglas has the key information.
(09/10 01:34:57) Marten: He said he'll be setting it back out.
(09/10 01:35:17) Marten: Douglas was insulting peoples' thick skulls.
(09/10 01:35:48) Marten: He's making it very hard to like him.
(09/10 01:35:51) J.D. Barnes: But I'd suggest that we each go over the recordings of Reteltee from the last few days and see what we can find.
(09/10 01:35:55) Tai'lahr: I need to go read that chatlog.
(09/10 01:36:03) JWPlatt: If he is concerned about offending the DRC, or other agents, by saying things he shouldn't, those who he is concerned about will see the hints as obvious and the consequences will be enacted anyway. Hence my suspicions.
(09/10 01:36:25) Marten: Yeah.
(09/10 01:36:49) J.D. Barnes: Bring in more explorers as well. You can't beat the Collective Detective.
(09/10 01:37:00) Marten: Also, he could be wrong.
(09/10 01:37:25) Marten: Is a Bahro in your Relto like A Little Bird Told Me ?
(09/10 01:37:37) J.D. Barnes: I'd suggest we don't use the DRC forums for communication, however.
(09/10 01:38:02) Marten: Anything posted there is underappreciated anyway.
(09/10 01:38:07) JWPlatt: What would you suggest?
(09/10 01:38:09) J.D. Barnes: I think he is making the assumption that the DRC won't pay too much attention. But no need to dangle it in front of their faces.
(09/10 01:38:10) Tai'lahr: Perhaps I'll just post this to the MOUL Guild thread.
(09/10 01:38:21) Tai'lahr: And, Marten can post to the Great Tree
(09/10 01:38:44) Marten: Brian's said before that Douglas can access the Great Tree forums, although we don't believe he has in a long time.
(09/10 01:38:56) Marten: Should that be a concern?
(09/10 01:39:24) Tai'lahr: It's doubtful that Mr. Sharper has the time or inclination to cruise the forums right now.
(09/10 01:39:29) J.D. Barnes: Hrm. I doubt it. I don't think Mr. Sharper or the DRC are particularly aware of the greater extent of the community.
(09/10 01:39:47) Marten: True. And he doesn't seem to be nearly on the same good terms with our group once enjoyed.
(09/10 01:39:56) Marten: Alright then.
(09/10 01:39:58) J.D. Barnes: That may be our most effective strength.
(09/10 01:40:28) JWPlatt: Would Ripley have consulted forums while she was after the aliens? Probably not. :)
(09/10 01:40:46) Marten: I still need to strip page chatter from Douglas' visit to the Pub out of this log. And it is late for me. I should go now.
(09/10 01:41:15) Marten: Goodnight and take care of yourselves.
(09/10 01:41:21) JWPlatt: Thanks for coming, Marten. And good night.
(09/10 01:41:24) Tai'lahr: Thank you for coming, Marten. You really added a lot to this conversation.
(09/10 01:41:27) Marten waves goodbye
(09/10 01:41:29) Tai'lahr: Good night.
(09/10 01:41:54) Tai'lahr: And, again, thank you, as well, Mr. Barnes.
(09/10 01:41:57) JWPlatt: Great to have you here too, Mr. Barnes.
(09/10 01:42:10) J.D. Barnes: My pleasure - this has been very enlightening.
(09/10 01:42:15) JWPlatt: Feel free to drop by and socialize.
(09/10 01:42:16) Tai'lahr: Yes, it has.
(09/10 01:42:53) Tai'lahr waves goodbye
(09/10 01:43:00) JWPlatt: Take care.
(09/10 01:43:32) JWPlatt: We forgot to put out the coffee.
(09/10 01:43:43) Tai'lahr: Oh, thanks, now you tell me!

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ireenquench wrote:
This is "just a game", Reteltee is bound by OOC agreements he just cant break, he seems to be trying hard and it might be necessary to just turn a blind eye once in a while towards these mush-ups.

After the meeting, the answers seemed fairly obvious in my mind. I came away from it satisfied that I'd rather respect the game and enjoy the experience than hack at it with my OOC pick.

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Sweet log! And I can see everything much sharper now. ;)
Thank you so much Tai'lahr.

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Reteltee in City after phend's visit
09/10 18:06:39) ireenquench: hiya ret
(09/10 18:06:43) EthanEver hears clanging and muffled voices
(09/10 18:06:46) Reteltee waves hello
(09/10 18:06:50) the Monk: where did Phil go?
(09/10 18:06:51) Reteltee: Hiya ireen
(09/10 18:06:51) Joy Electric: hiya Ret
(09/10 18:06:53) ireenquench: Phil was just here
(09/10 18:06:58) Reteltee: Hiya Joy
(09/10 18:07:01) Reteltee: So I hear
(09/10 18:07:12) leeloo: do you thin if we ^ress the colors in the right order in a hood ''HE'' will appear
(09/10 18:07:15) Reteltee: That Phil is crazy
(09/10 18:07:15) EthanEver is amazed!
(09/10 18:07:21) the Monk: Yeah but where did he go?
(09/10 18:07:24) ireenquench: He mentioned we should listen, but more than just hear, listen to "him", "he" is here.
(09/10 18:07:37) Zaphodi: Maybe we all need rainbow shirt. Or not.
(09/10 18:07:40) LucyCat: what did he say about a rock at the beginning?
(09/10 18:07:40) Joy Electric: and then you come, lol
(09/10 18:07:44) Reteltee: Lol
(09/10 18:07:49) Reteltee: I don't think I'm him
(09/10 18:07:52) ireenquench: And he has an issue with his bones not being there, hehe.
(09/10 18:07:57) Reteltee: I have bones
(09/10 18:08:01) Joy Electric: no gradiose calls to destiny?
(09/10 18:08:07) Reteltee: At least, I think I do
(09/10 18:08:15) leeloo starts to laugh
(09/10 18:08:18) LIRA breathes a sigh of relief
(09/10 18:08:22) Reteltee: I could be an amorphous blob held together by fliud-filled sacs
(09/10 18:08:38) Reteltee: But I don't think that's what I am
(09/10 18:08:42) LIRA: city!!!!!
(09/10 18:08:54) Reteltee: Lol
(09/10 18:08:58) Grieyls: Well you are blue... Oh wait
(09/10 18:09:01) Craig $$$$: Thanks
(09/10 18:09:15) ireenquench: I tend not to see mine but I k now they are there, maybe thats similar to hearing vs listening. Sorta like knowing / believing.
(09/10 18:09:24) Reteltee: No, all joking aside, I don't think I'm "him"
(09/10 18:09:35) Reteltee: Indeed ireen
(09/10 18:09:40) BellaRose cheers
(09/10 18:09:45) pennylongstocking cheers
(09/10 18:09:54) Grieyls: Who do you think "He" is then?
(09/10 18:10:18) Reteltee: Well, I was hoping Dr. Watson; but last time I checked, he had bones too
(09/10 18:10:42) ireenquench: No, Phil mentione he himself had no bones, phil
(09/10 18:10:48) Ti'chelle: I think Phil meant that he didn't have any "clues" to throw us.
(09/10 18:10:48) Reteltee: Oh
(09/10 18:10:57) Deledrius: heh
(09/10 18:11:04) Reteltee: I haven't yet read Phil's comments
(09/10 18:11:12) the Monk: I hope watson too though
(09/10 18:11:58) LucyCat: I think that's what he meant also, Ti'chelle
(09/10 18:11:58) Reteltee: Well
(09/10 18:11:58) Reteltee: He's right about the listening/hearing thing
(09/10 18:12:52) JasonAl yawns
(09/10 18:13:05) *Ken yawns
(09/10 18:13:05) ireenquench: How would you interpret that Reteltee?
(09/10 18:13:11) Ewilan does a dance
(09/10 18:13:11) Reteltee: However, today I have to very careful about what I I apologize if any of my answers are cryptic....or nonexistent
(09/10 18:13:23) Sam Byard: you been told more then
(09/10 18:13:27) Joy Electric: why today?
(09/10 18:13:44) Reteltee: When one is watched, one must watch what one says
(09/10 18:14:00) Mar'ith: who's watching you?
(09/10 18:14:01) peni: who is watching you?
(09/10 18:14:04) Reteltee: Of course, if I'm write, then the pen is sharper than the sword
(09/10 18:14:14) ireenquench: Oh I hope Cate isn't involved in that. She has ears.
(09/10 18:14:25) lor looks around warily
(09/10 18:14:26) EthanEver starts to laugh
(09/10 18:14:33) Ti'chelle: The Nexus knows all and sees all.
(09/10 18:14:33) Zaphodi: Who watcht the watchman?
(09/10 18:14:34) Old Man twitches
(09/10 18:14:50) Ewilan ponders. Maybe it's him
(09/10 18:14:53) Thend: Reteltee, the clues have always been here, haven't they?
(09/10 18:15:00) Reteltee: Yes Thend
(09/10 18:15:05) Thend nods his head
(09/10 18:15:09) Reteltee: He who has eyes, let him see
(09/10 18:15:20) Reteltee: Thend, you're sharper than I look
(09/10 18:15:28) Ti'chelle: Bible quotes now?
(09/10 18:15:28) Grieyls thinks he knows
(09/10 18:15:28) dcos groans
(09/10 18:15:32) Reteltee: Which is why I've always dug you
(09/10 18:15:34) BellaRose waves hello
(09/10 18:15:34) LIRA: lol,good one
(09/10 18:15:35) Deledrius: Lots of puns today, eh, reteltee?
(09/10 18:15:43) Thend snickers
(09/10 18:15:54) dcos: Quite obvious ones at that
(09/10 18:15:55) peni says DOH!
(09/10 18:15:59) Motu: whats the fuss all about... why is everyone here
(09/10 18:16:05) ireenquench: I am listening and looking, trying to see the bigger picture, trying to hear the entire tune, but its still fuzzy to me.
(09/10 18:16:06) Reteltee: I'm not allowed to play their I play with words instead
(09/10 18:16:24) MoonSail: what games?
(09/10 18:16:27) dcos: What stops you from playing their games?
(09/10 18:16:34) Reteltee: Morality
(09/10 18:16:38) Reteltee: Deceny
(09/10 18:16:40) LIRA: words are fine
(09/10 18:16:42) Reteltee: *Decency
(09/10 18:16:44) Reteltee: Loyalty
(09/10 18:17:07) Deledrius: To whom?
(09/10 18:17:13) Reteltee: You. The Explorers
(09/10 18:17:14) MoonSail: Games of deceptions youmean?
(09/10 18:17:17) Gismo: Deception
(09/10 18:17:19) LIRA: hi Leigh
(09/10 18:17:27) ireenquench: You like Marie, don't you, Reteltee? I like her.
(09/10 18:17:28) Ti'chelle: Who's games? The DRC?
(09/10 18:17:34) Sam Byard: they are playing the explorers then the DRC :)
(09/10 18:17:36) Reteltee: I do indeed ireen
(09/10 18:18:00) Zen6219: You're no longer an explorer like us. You stopped being that last episode.
(09/10 18:18:11) Eskait'son waves hello
(09/10 18:18:14) Reteltee: Ah Zen, those words make me sad
(09/10 18:18:20) Thend: It is a difficult situation
(09/10 18:18:22) dcos: Zen what the heek is an episode?
(09/10 18:18:36) Reteltee: I don't wish to be apart from you
(09/10 18:18:38) Zen6219: You can't even walk through this cavern without being mobbed.
(09/10 18:18:39) Eric Wolfe: dcos: It's like a fit or seizure.
(09/10 18:18:43) MoonSail: must be surfacee talk!
(09/10 18:18:47) Mucol: what is an episode?
(09/10 18:18:48) dcos: ah thanks eric
(09/10 18:18:48) Zen6219: That's not being like us.
(09/10 18:19:02) LucyCat: give him a break, Zen, he's caught in the middle.
(09/10 18:19:06) leeloo: but even if you dodn't want to in a way you are apart from us
(09/10 18:19:07) Reteltee: I'd like tot hink I simply have many friends and acquaintainces who wish to see how I'm doing, and ask of news
(09/10 18:19:10) Mar'ith: episode - another name for month?
(09/10 18:19:11) Thend: Zan, whose perception changed then if he is being mobbeed? ;)
(09/10 18:19:17) Ti'chelle: Who's games Reteltee? DRC? Or are we looking at an even bigger picture?
(09/10 18:19:20) leeloo: you know things we dodn't, you speak to us with enigma....
(09/10 18:19:22) Sam Byard: I never mob anyone :)
(09/10 18:19:27) Zen6219: Whose do you think Thend?
(09/10 18:19:30) Reteltee: The DRC may not be marching to their own rythm
(09/10 18:19:34) Sam Byard: i was mobbing phil
(09/10 18:19:39) Thend: Well, Zen, ours, frankly
(09/10 18:19:48) Grieyls: Tension in the ranks eh ;)
(09/10 18:19:55) Zendra: Shorah
(09/10 18:20:00) Thend: There is someone behind all this
(09/10 18:20:02) dcos: or an outside influence
(09/10 18:20:10) MoonSail: OVER the DRC maybe?
(09/10 18:20:11) Thend: Has been for at least months
(09/10 18:20:14) ireenquench: Marie has always been very forthcoming. I hope she would tell us if anything serious goes on within the DRC, if she can. Reteltee, do you think Marie has to watch her words as well?
(09/10 18:20:17) Zen6219: I didn't say anything to hurt Reteltee's feelings.
(09/10 18:20:28) Reteltee: I think Marie and I are paddling the same conoe
(09/10 18:20:37) Reteltee: *canoe
(09/10 18:20:42) Nico: i never knew that uru is in fact a soap...
(09/10 18:20:46) Thend: Marie sems uncomfortable too
(09/10 18:20:55) Reteltee: I just hope we're trying to go in the same direction
(09/10 18:21:01) Eric Wolfe: Nico: It is now... Welcome. :)
(09/10 18:21:04) ireenquench: Hm.. seems a shaky canoe. Tiny, too.
(09/10 18:21:12) Reteltee: Indeed ireen
(09/10 18:21:30) Reteltee: But it sin't the canoe that concerns me; it's who's watching us from the shore that makes me nervous
(09/10 18:21:57) MoonSail: OR who is steering?
(09/10 18:22:01) peni listens
(09/10 18:22:04) Thend: Cate is part of this
(09/10 18:22:05) Reteltee: But then, if you're hunting for clues, you won't find them in THAT statement
(09/10 18:22:11) Deledrius: The water flows where it wills
(09/10 18:22:12) Sam Byard: I take it you believe Cate isnt the top of the change
(09/10 18:22:14) ireenquench: Does the person on the shore have a big motor boat? lol
(09/10 18:22:15) Grieyls: Bugger
(09/10 18:22:28) Ti'chelle: Power and money.
(09/10 18:22:30) Sam Byard: *top of hte chain
(09/10 18:22:32) Reteltee: Cate has power
(09/10 18:22:41) dcos: but in your other statements there are clues
(09/10 18:22:43) peni: seems we can't find the clues anywhere!
(09/10 18:22:46) Sam Byard: someone has direct power over her though
(09/10 18:22:48) Joy Electric: is her power limited?
(09/10 18:22:49) dcos: are we talking about the obvious puns here?
(09/10 18:22:49) Reteltee: But some power comes from the barrell of a gun
(09/10 18:22:57) dcos groans
(09/10 18:23:07) ireenquench: I wonder what kind of power, if its just money, or else as well.
(09/10 18:23:09) Sam Byard: who is holding that
(09/10 18:23:14) Thend: Deal with the devil, I mean Jakooth
(09/10 18:23:16) Sam Byard: "him" ?
(09/10 18:23:29) Reteltee: Maybe
(09/10 18:23:32) Ti'chelle: World powers, who will be in control.
(09/10 18:23:33) Reteltee: Doubtful
(09/10 18:23:40) Emor D'ni Lap: "He" has a gun?
(09/10 18:23:55) EthanEver is getting dizzy with all this figure of speech
(09/10 18:24:01) BellaRose: lol
(09/10 18:24:03) LucyCat: lol
(09/10 18:24:06) Mar'ith: Sharper has a gun
(09/10 18:24:08) pennylongstocking starts to laugh
(09/10 18:24:14) Joy Electric: do you know if Cate has talked to "him" before?
(09/10 18:24:28) Lwaxana: there are many things more sinister than guns...
(09/10 18:24:29) Reteltee: I do not know
(09/10 18:24:32) From Scarlette in D'ni-Ae'gura: there ya go.. lol... now you're caught up :)
(09/10 18:24:42) dcos: Whats your favourite colour reteltee?
(09/10 18:24:46) Reteltee: Blue
(09/10 18:24:52) dcos: i hear colours are good
(09/10 18:24:56) ireenquench: I have been wondering... Why are the bahro gone now, at least from visibility. Why oes Cate claim she doesnt care about the Bahro war? Is the arrival of "him" tied to the Bahro staying invisible again?
(09/10 18:25:00) Emor D'ni Lap: and your "lucky number"???
(09/10 18:25:15) Scarlette: i have been wondering the same thing ireen
(09/10 18:25:23) Reteltee: I don't know ireen
(09/10 18:25:27) Zen6219: Cate doesn't even recognize there is a war.
(09/10 18:26:08) Joy Electric: Ret, how have we known "him" in the past? (cryptic answers are acceptable, lol)
(09/10 18:26:27) Reteltee: I don't know Joy; I don't fully know who "him" is
(09/10 18:26:37) ireenquench: The Bahro were all over the place. Now nothing. I feel they must have told you something important on relto. Do you think, one day, you can safely tell us about that? It's a pice in the puzzle.
(09/10 18:26:41) Eric Wolfe: More of the pronoun game? bah
(09/10 18:26:42) Nanouk: Burger King
(09/10 18:26:42) dcos: but you have a suspicion?
(09/10 18:26:46) leeloo: known hil doesn't mean we ever met him
(09/10 18:26:50) *Ken: Is He will come in Yeesha's opening statement "Him"
(09/10 18:26:59) Reteltee: Perhaps one day ireen
(09/10 18:26:59) leeloo: it could only just be that we heard a lot about him
(09/10 18:27:10) Thend: Reteltee, do you trust Watson? If so, why?
(09/10 18:27:15) Reteltee: Yes Thend
(09/10 18:27:24) Thend: Why exactly?
(09/10 18:27:25) Reteltee: Because he has not been touched by the corruption
(09/10 18:27:26) Sam Byard: hav you met Watson ?
(09/10 18:27:29) Reteltee: He's been away
(09/10 18:27:39) dcos: Odd thing to say, he is only human after all
(09/10 18:27:42) Reteltee: And he began this
(09/10 18:27:44) Darkling: i believe HE, in yeesha's statement is her enemy mentioned in myst V...
(09/10 18:27:44) Old Man: Corruption?
(09/10 18:27:49) MoonSail: Been or is?
(09/10 18:27:53) LIRA wonders what color Reteltee's shirt is?
(09/10 18:28:01) dcos: oh THE corruption, misread
(09/10 18:28:04) Eric Wolfe: Reteltee, as an explorer, how have you ascertained this much information when the rest of us have been unable to?
(09/10 18:28:16) Grieyls: Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely
(09/10 18:28:28) Reteltee: ERic; inferences from covnersations with the DRC
(09/10 18:28:37) Reteltee: And...a meeting with a Bahro
(09/10 18:28:42) Sam Byard: power corrupts, absolute power is pretty neat
(09/10 18:28:46) LIRA thinks it looks purple
(09/10 18:28:46) dcos: They communicated with you?
(09/10 18:28:51) Scarlette: what are we not hearing?!?!?!? My brain is going to 'splode trying to figure this out! lol
(09/10 18:28:51) Sam Byard: how often do you meet the bahro ?
(09/10 18:28:55) DaveRamos: you actually talked with a nahro
(09/10 18:28:56) Reteltee: No they, A Bahro
(09/10 18:28:57) Ewilan: I was thinking this one sam. lol
(09/10 18:28:57) Emor D'ni Lap: were you able to converse with the Bahro, Reteltee?
(09/10 18:29:05) Reteltee: No, I didn't talk
(09/10 18:29:06) Grieyls: Bet that was interesting
(09/10 18:29:13) Eric Wolfe: Perhaps you should disregard the DRC's warnings and just tell us what's going on. You know, as an explorer yourself. :)
(09/10 18:29:21) Reteltee: Interesting? That's an understatement
(09/10 18:29:26) Sam Byard: OOC: NDA eric
(09/10 18:29:32) leeloo: how were you able to converse with a bahro??? did you have a tbalet cos from all i know they don't speak our language
(09/10 18:29:33) Joy Electric: I think he would if we were in danger
(09/10 18:29:35) Grieyls: Well for want of a better word
(09/10 18:29:48) Reteltee: If I were to do so Eric, I would be exposing the Explorers to the same danger in which I find myself
(09/10 18:29:48) Zen6219 wonders why the Bahro haver never spoken to him.
(09/10 18:29:52) Joy Electric: they spoke "Noloben"
(09/10 18:29:59) Sam Byard: shout what danger ?
(09/10 18:30:03) Reteltee: As I told Thend; I won't make that kind of choice
(09/10 18:30:20) Reteltee: I refuse to knowingly endanger the Explorers
(09/10 18:30:21) dcos: Hmm so its dangerous knowledge then
(09/10 18:30:23) Eric Wolfe: I think maybe perhaps you may be in danger of not being take seriously. ;)
(09/10 18:30:33) Sam Byard: what about certain explorers :)
(09/10 18:30:33) Emor D'ni Lap: Reteltee, you feel you are between a rock and a hard place?
(09/10 18:30:42) Reteltee: Indeed Emor
(09/10 18:30:48) Joy Electric: where's the TNT?
(09/10 18:30:56) Old Man: Let me worry about my safety, please.
(09/10 18:31:01) dcos: So we are fine so long as we don't now whatever this is? Or will the danger come to us eventually regardless?
(09/10 18:31:08) Thend: Reteltee, we, unknowingly, have been corrupted as well. We are already in danger
(09/10 18:31:10) Reteltee: I don't know dcos
(09/10 18:31:24) Zen6219: I agree with Old Man. Let us each worry about our own safety and tell us what the Bahro said.
(09/10 18:31:34) leeloo wonders why her question was not answered ... is reteltee avoiding to answer it?
(09/10 18:31:35) togo: get a grip people it's only a game of DECEPTION
(09/10 18:31:37) Eric Wolfe: And what the DRC have said.
(09/10 18:31:38) Mar'ith: Wouldn't knowing allow us to prepare?
(09/10 18:31:49) Joy Electric: Sharper's scarred out of his mind, Phil's gone ga-ga
(09/10 18:31:52) Rheanna: I don`t like to be treated like that
(09/10 18:32:02) Reteltee: I trust the Explorers
(09/10 18:32:14) ireenquench: Currently we don't have enough pieces to know what to do. Anyone know what to do? Should we just leave if the cavern is crumbling?
(09/10 18:32:16) Grieyls cheers
(09/10 18:32:16) Grieyls: Yay for us
(09/10 18:32:16) Eric Wolfe: I'd like that to be a two-way trust.
(09/10 18:32:18) LIRA bows
(09/10 18:32:21) Rheanna: if you trust us, tell us what`s going on
(09/10 18:32:30) Reteltee: Eric, only you can determinew wither or not it is
(09/10 18:32:35) Emor D'ni Lap: then you are putting your faith in the ignorant...
(09/10 18:32:39) Zen6219: I'm starting to think it's not a matter of whether or not you trust us, but can we trust you?
(09/10 18:32:51) Reteltee: Yes Emor, faith in the ignorant....the uncorrupted
(09/10 18:33:04) Eric Wolfe: I do not trust you. I have always given what information I had, but you refuse to do the same.
(09/10 18:33:10) ornette: thanks, zen.
(09/10 18:33:13) Reteltee: Trust, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Only you can choose
(09/10 18:33:15) Deledrius: Is there anything useful we can get from you telling us that you can't tell us anything useful?
(09/10 18:33:17) Ti'chelle: Sounds like government red tape mentality to me. What we don't know won't hurt us.
(09/10 18:33:20) Rheanna: I never trust blind
(09/10 18:33:34) Zen6219: I choose to worry about my own safety. I'd like to know what the Bahro told you.
(09/10 18:33:42) Rheanna: me too
(09/10 18:33:42) ireenquench: But being knowing, having insight doesnt have to necessarily lead to corruption. We can chose.
(09/10 18:33:46) Joy Electric: file a FIA motion with the DRC, lol
(09/10 18:33:50) peni: no matter what they say, they don't say anything !
(09/10 18:33:52) Lwaxana: the ignorant will have a tough time figuring out what to do...
(09/10 18:33:59) Emor D'ni Lap: ha
(09/10 18:34:00) Neverest says there is a old saying that fools and little children are telling the trueth
(09/10 18:34:05) dcos: What advantage are you trying to give us with the cryptic comments?
(09/10 18:34:17) Grieyls: Well you know what they say... Ignorance is bliss
(09/10 18:34:18) dcos: Is that what your trying to do?
(09/10 18:34:22) Reteltee: The clues are there
(09/10 18:34:28) LucyCat: the ignorant get slaughtered!
(09/10 18:34:32) Reteltee: I've already said more than I thought I would
(09/10 18:34:34) Rheanna: like sheep led to slaughter
(09/10 18:34:43) Zen6219 sighs
(09/10 18:34:47) Marik Meydrek: anything happen yet!?
(09/10 18:35:06) lor: Cut him some slack for goodness sake
(09/10 18:35:10) Eric Wolfe: Ok, thanks for the non-information, then. You make an excellent advisor. :)
(09/10 18:35:16) Darkling: agreed!
(09/10 18:35:18) lor: Go find the clues
(09/10 18:35:20) Rheanna: no offence ment
(09/10 18:35:24) Rheanna: meant
(09/10 18:35:28) Ti'chelle: Sharper said this place is going to be destroyed. I hope we all get linked somewhere safe before hand.
(09/10 18:35:31) Zen6219: No offense meant by me.
(09/10 18:35:32) Lwaxana: like my school counselor...
(09/10 18:35:38) Reteltee: Eric, my role is to advise the DRC, which I have done to the best of my ability
(09/10 18:35:45) Zen6219: It's just getting beyond frustrating.
(09/10 18:35:46) Marik Meydrek mumbles about annoying server lag
(09/10 18:35:53) ireenquench: I think Reteltee is trying to help us see the bigger picture, unfortunately he sees more of it than us, so its a bit unfair to expect the same clairvoyance. I am trying so hard, but I fail.
(09/10 18:36:01) Reteltee: If I could give you advice it would be this; do not fear
(09/10 18:36:25) Grieyls: Who's afraid? Not me
(09/10 18:36:27) Reteltee: Fear should not hold sway over this Cavern and it's people
(09/10 18:36:27) lor: Thank you
(09/10 18:36:29) LucyCat: well, that's not what Sharper says!
(09/10 18:36:30) peni: i wouldn't know what to fear even if i wanted to
(09/10 18:36:41) Darkling: Reteltee dosnt need to give us any clue u do all kno.....
(09/10 18:36:47) Thend: Bahro sense that, I've considered, and react similarly
(09/10 18:36:47) Eric Wolfe: I think you mistake fear for annoyance. ;)
(09/10 18:36:47) Zen6219: If you go against the DRC, what's the worst that could happen?
(09/10 18:36:49) ireenquench: But the cavern is coming to an end according to Sharper? How not be afraid?
(09/10 18:36:50) Dani: I don't fear the Bahro, but what about the DRC?
(09/10 18:37:01) Nanouk: PHend told us "him" was coming and was here. Deduction: Him could be
(09/10 18:37:16) Grieyls: A end is but a new beginning
(09/10 18:37:16) Deledrius: I'm afraid of people talking in circles
(09/10 18:37:24) ireenquench laughs
(09/10 18:37:29) Rheanna: lol
(09/10 18:37:29) Craig $$$$: Are you just a distaction
(09/10 18:37:29) peni: lol
(09/10 18:37:30) Eric Wolfe: Lepton: It will become slightly clearer after the 15th.
(09/10 18:37:32) Reteltee: I can't keep up with all the questions/comments, sorry
(09/10 18:37:40) Sam Byard: Reteltee can you confirm whether or not you are HIM
(09/10 18:37:41) Lwaxana: we don't fear, we are a large group og people in search of clues so we can get on with the GAME!
(09/10 18:37:45) Dani: Maybe we should talk in sprials, then!
(09/10 18:37:49) Reteltee: My screen fills with text faster than I can read it
(09/10 18:37:50) Grieyls: Surprised you lasted this long
(09/10 18:37:50) Rheanna: poor Reteltee !
(09/10 18:37:54) Craig $$$$: The spark is gone
(09/10 18:38:03) Joy Electric: good!
(09/10 18:38:04) leeloo: him can't be reteltee as reteltee was already here when Phil was saying ''he'' was coming
(09/10 18:38:04) Deledrius: fascinating, craig
(09/10 18:38:06) Rheanna: cool, let`s go hunting
(09/10 18:38:07) lor: Woot!
(09/10 18:38:09) Reteltee: The clues are the game
(09/10 18:38:11) Zen6219: Maybe Reteltee himself doesn't know that he is "him."
(09/10 18:38:13) Craig $$$$: Disraction
(09/10 18:38:18) Reteltee: At least the one the DRC is playing
(09/10 18:38:19) Eric Wolfe: Rheanna: Poor Reteltee? He ws not required to take on this role..
(09/10 18:38:23) Nanouk: lol
(09/10 18:38:26) Thend nods his head
(09/10 18:38:33) Rheanna: yeah, perhaps they didn`t tell him ,_)
(09/10 18:38:33) Grieyls nods his head
(09/10 18:38:37) Darkling: even so, he dosnt need to tell us anything
(09/10 18:38:38) Joy Electric: we thought as much
(09/10 18:38:41) Darkling roles eyes
(09/10 18:38:41) Craig $$$$: He nows
(09/10 18:38:50) ChrisW: So Who do you Trust Reteltee?
(09/10 18:38:51) peni: i wish we were all playing the same game :(
(09/10 18:38:58) Reteltee: I trust the Explorers
(09/10 18:38:59) Craig $$$$: Me too
(09/10 18:39:05) Rheanna: sometimes we bite of more than we can chew.. maybe it happened to him
(09/10 18:39:13) Craig $$$$: Can we trust you
(09/10 18:39:16) Eric Wolfe: If you trust us, then give us the information.
(09/10 18:39:17) lor: Yes
(09/10 18:39:21) Lwaxana: he said the clues are the game, are we missing the clues???
(09/10 18:39:22) leeloo: But i am not sure all the Explorers trust you reteltee, no offence ....
(09/10 18:39:26) Craig $$$$: Ya
(09/10 18:39:28) Joy Electric: is the DRC mindful of the Game or are they ignorant of playing it (not Cate, just the DRC)?
(09/10 18:39:31) MoonSail: Maybe it's more one way for him: from explorers to DRC but not much infos the other way
(09/10 18:39:33) ireenquench: I think we should really try find out why the DRC has been so quiet about the whole Bahro stuff. I think KOdama might have some answers if he is willing to tell.
(09/10 18:39:36) Reteltee: You can trust this; I will never intentionally, or through inaction, allow the Explorers to come to harm
(09/10 18:39:37) Rheanna: I wish I could trust you
(09/10 18:39:38) LIRA: "he" has been here all along,hasn't he
(09/10 18:39:41) Zen6219: If you're still just an explorer, like us, has this stopped being fun for you?
(09/10 18:39:46) Trevor1013: I trust you
(09/10 18:39:48) Thend: In my opinion, as I've kinda been there, sympathize, but may play it differently, I believe Reteltee has been more forthcoming with us than any DRC, etc
(09/10 18:39:52) Marik Meydrek: so if nothing happening yet, why are we all gathered here!
(09/10 18:39:53) Darkling: why cant you trust him? i do
(09/10 18:39:53) dcos: how very Issac Assimov of you
(09/10 18:39:59) Dani: I trust him, and I understand why he can't be more forthcoming.
(09/10 18:40:01) Reteltee: Indeed dcos
(09/10 18:40:02) Eric Wolfe: I think we need to corner Phil and get the spyroom link from him. That way we can find out what they're doing ourselves.
(09/10 18:40:04) Thend: Uru is a Puzzle, remember those? Remember Myst?
(09/10 18:40:27) Ti'chelle: Sharper said he is releasing the spyroom.
(09/10 18:40:40) Eric Wolfe: this isn't puzzling, though, Thend. It's pure tedium.
(09/10 18:40:42) Reteltee: Excellent point Thend
(09/10 18:40:42) dcos: and the DRC said they dont use that room anymore
(09/10 18:40:51) Joy Electric: can we run interference on the shore?
(09/10 18:40:56) Lwaxana: yes, Thend but I find the clues are different
(09/10 18:41:00) lor: So puzzle it out
(09/10 18:41:05) dcos: reteltee is here
(09/10 18:41:09) Trevor1013: Have you met with Phil Reteltee
(09/10 18:41:12) Trevor1013: ?
(09/10 18:41:14) Ti'chelle: Yeh, the lights have not been on in that office up there in a while.
(09/10 18:41:19) Reteltee: No, I haven't
(09/10 18:41:27) Eric Wolfe: docs: We're discussing how much we DON'T care about how the DRC is handing things. ;)
(09/10 18:41:32) the Monk: folks, maybe its not a question of WHEN, but WHERE...
(09/10 18:41:35) Trevor1013: What do you make of him?
(09/10 18:41:42) Dani: If you did meet Phil, what questions would you ask him?
(09/10 18:41:46) Reteltee: Well, I thank you for your time Explorers.....I fear I must go
(09/10 18:41:57) Ti'chelle: Thanks Reteltee
(09/10 18:41:57) pennylongstocking waves goodbye
(09/10 18:41:57) marie: fear?
(09/10 18:41:58) Trevor1013: Keep up the good work!
(09/10 18:41:59) Joy Electric: ttyl Ret
(09/10 18:41:59) MoonSail: Bye Reteltee TY
(09/10 18:42:00) Rheanna: take care Reteltee
(09/10 18:42:02) Thend: Thank you Reteltee
(09/10 18:42:03) Trevor1013 salutes
(09/10 18:42:04) ireenquench: Thanks for the talk reteltee
(09/10 18:42:04) dcos: thanks Ret, see you later
(09/10 18:42:04) EthanEver salutes
(09/10 18:42:04) lor: Thank you for your patience
(09/10 18:42:05) samj waves goodbye
(09/10 18:42:05) Grieyls: See ya Reteltee, thanks for dropping by
(09/10 18:42:06) Eric Wolfe: Bye!
(09/10 18:42:06) Reteltee: Forgive me if I've not been able to live up to your expectations....I shall try harder
(09/10 18:42:06) Darkling: lol, thank you for putting up with everyone for so long :P
(09/10 18:42:07) Julian Bashir: Thank you Reteltee
(09/10 18:42:09) Mar'ith: Thanks
(09/10 18:42:10) LIRA bows
(09/10 18:42:12) Vivicus waves goodbye
(09/10 18:42:12) Grieyls waves goodbye
(09/10 18:42:18) Ewilan: take care
(09/10 18:42:18) Trevor1013 waves goodbye
(09/10 18:42:18) [Relayer] Sumatria waves hello
(09/10 18:42:19) Zen6219: Good day, Reteltee.
(09/10 18:42:19) lor: Take care
(09/10 18:42:19) ireenquench waves goodbye
(09/10 18:42:20) EthanEver wants you to call
(09/10 18:42:20) ChrisW: thank you reteltee
(09/10 18:42:21) Mar'ith waves goodbye
(09/10 18:42:22) dcos thanks you very much!
(09/10 18:42:24) LIRA waves goodbye
(09/10 18:42:25) leeloo waves goodbye
(09/10 18:42:26) BellaRose waves goodbye
(09/10 18:42:26) Uchee waves goodbye


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I think that it is important that reteltee used sharper than mightier.

Underground, the vast empire of D'ni limps back to life, even while evil brews in its darkness. Destruction is coming? Find a way? Make a home?

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