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PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2007 5:26 am 

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Since the main focus of the meetings today were informative rather then Brain Storming or Q&A I will give a summary of the material that we had prepared and work on getting formatted Logs a little later.

<Hope you enjoy the Raw Logs for now>

With the close of Deception the Supporters of the Maintainers Guild ([GoMa] Pre-Group for short) have had only a single month since the Supporter Shirts release to work on the building blocks of our Guild. These include our Mission Statement, Code of Conduct, Group Structure as the largest general categories that we are trying to define and grow into.

Frisky Badger came up with the best mission statement so far.
"To Protect and Serve the Community, throughout the Cavern and Ages."

Like most mission statements this one is vague on purpose. We are not the Maintainers We are Supporters; what we do now may end up in very different places then the Maintainers Guild will go. All of our eventual projects and goals however are wrapped up in this one simple sentence.

The course of our discussions have already been changed many times not the least by Cyan reminding all of us about the IC side to Guilds, but perhaps most importantly by our fellow Explorers who are lending their Support to building the Guild of Writers. The GoW already has some fairly firm ideas of what they would need out of the Guild of Maintainers as far as Fan created Ages go. I will speak more on that in a moment while covering the Structure our group is discussing.

The Code of Conduct that we Supporters are going to try to follow will be a important part of building our Guild. The real responsibilities OOC with the Guild of Writers and the hinted at IC ones to our fellow Explorers are impressive Jishin best described the Code of Conduct in this excerpt from the first meetings log.
(09/13 18:46:19) Jishin: Let me explain the idea behind the code of conduct. We have an important job given to us by Cyan/the DRC/etc
(09/13 18:46:38 ) Jishin: It is valuable to make sure that everyone is on the same page with regards to being professional.
(09/13 18:46:57) Jishin: The code of conduct consists of five parts:
(09/13 18:47:22) Jishin: Responsibility -- Maintainers are expected to be responsible for their actions and their duties.
(09/13 18:47:30) Jishin: (I'm summarizing, though it's pretty short)
(09/13 18:47:48 ) Jishin: Interpersonal Communication -- Maintainers are expected to communicate and 'play well' with others.
(09/13 18:48:22) Jishin: Discretion - Maintainers are expected to remain discrete about things we are asked to keep quiet about. This is mostly about not talking about big bugs or spoiling the Writers hard work.
(09/13 18:48:59) Jishin: Excellence - Maintainers are expected to strive for excellence in all that they do, holding themselves and their work to the highest standards.
(09/13 18:49:19) Jishin: Service -- Maintainers are expected to place the needs of the Cavern before the desires of the individual.

All of this leads to our group structure that we hope to fill and see grow into the beginning of the Real Maintainers Guild. I am just going to make a brief summary of AnElise's work on the structure; The discussion behind this is many pages long. Below is the rough outline of the group....

The Structure would consist of 5 Departments:

1) Communications Dept:
A) Inter-Communications – Information channeled into and out of the Guild. i.e. press conferences, Q & A’s, meetings. Also, special projects associated with other guilds, members.
B) Intra-Communication - Information between departments/Sub-Guilds/Members. i.e., KI announcements, information vital to complete projects, submission details, etc.

2) Human Resources Dept: Responsible for applications/interview process, recruiting, new member briefings and managing existing members (complaints, team assignments, transfers, etc)

3) Creativity Dept: For IC Purposes. Responsible for single or group activities: training/classes, IC role playing, member functions to enhance our research and/or explorations, etc.

4) Submissions Dept: There would be no real “Security” Department as we have not been given objectives as yet. It has also been largely agreed upon that the name “security” may not fit their actual purpose. Therefore, may not apply as a primary department, even then. The Submissions Department may. Therefore, the Submissions Dept. will be deemed as a primary department.

OOC - Submissions – For OOC purposes. They will test fan-created content. It's also largely dependent on Cyan and the Guild of Writers, so until they're ready, this department will remain inactive.

5) Sub-Guild Departments: These Sub-Guild would be entities in and of itself. Dictated by its self, but associated under the GoMa to assist in the overall Goals of the GoMa, which is to complete projects.

Submissions is where the brunt of everyone's assumptions for the Maintainers are and is the one section we can't do anything with yet. The bare bones facts behind Submissions are real responsibilities. Trademarked and Copyrighted material can't be in Fan Ages without permission of their creators. So we would be weeding out Cyans Intellectual Property, and weeding out everyone else's that does not have permission to be there.

That is perhaps the largest thing the GoW sees the Maintainers doing outside of the actual Bug Testing of the Ages.

The Sub-Guild Department is perhaps mis-named for now, it is not just groups that choose to be allied with the Maintainers or their Supporters. It would be any Guild or Group that chooses to work with us on a project. All of these departments would have multiple people working under a "Department Head" so things would stay moving more or less in the same directions across the group.

The [GoMa] Supporters are already thinking about projects that we would like to do, and yes all of them are just barely beginning so if you want to join in the discussion there is little to have to catch up on.

One of the projects that we are discussing is the "Books of Commentary" that in D'ni went along with all the descriptive books. This is not a small project as it would pull in new information from all the Ages and Areas we have access to in Uru, as well as pulling from the work of countless other Groups. Think of it like when you were a brand new Explorer knowing nothing of Uru or Myst. Each Book would be written in the style of your IC explorations in the Age, covering every topic a Explorer can find a way to study IC.

It's going to start small with plants, animals, the Mechanisms of the Puzzles (NO SPOILERS just information). But we hope to have some way to start to collecting the information we need by the Season Finale. Figure there might be a few people at loose ends we might tempt into the project during the season break. :wink:

Cyan only knows how busy we will be once that too short break is over.

and finally here are the RAW logs

Meeting One (2hr long)
(09/13 17:49:59) Chat.log started...
(09/13 17:50:27) MustardJeep: If you follow the big speech rule then yeah it ended with watson in blabbitys hood
(09/13 17:50:45) Iketep: it appears that way. I think one thing limiting Cyan right now is the rights problems with Ubisoft which evidentally teminate at the end of the year
(09/13 17:50:52) Jishin: Hiya folks! (:
(09/13 17:50:55) Jishin waves hello
(09/13 17:50:58) MustardJeep: Hey Jishin
(09/13 17:51:02) Iketep: hi Jishin
(09/13 17:51:02) MustardJeep waves hello
(09/13 17:51:11) 4runner waves hello
(09/13 17:51:18) 4runner: Hi Jishin
(09/13 17:51:29) Jishin: How is everyone? What're we talking about? (:
(09/13 17:51:38) MustardJeep: killing time
(09/13 17:51:54) 4runner: Not much yet. Just waiting for more to show up.
(09/13 17:51:55) Iketep: no much right now just waiting to see who shows up
(09/13 17:52:01) Jishin nods her head
(09/13 17:52:21) Jishin: It will probably be quiet for this meeting since it's for the European folks, and we don't seem to get quite as many for that.
(09/13 17:52:35) Jishin moves slighly so that the light is not right over the KIchat.
(09/13 17:52:45) MustardJeep: Oh jishin I translated helodwyn's message on the imager seems we have none english explorers interested in things
(09/13 17:53:03) MustardJeep: not that that is much of a suprise
(09/13 17:53:04) Jishin: Oh, EXCELLENT! ..... Wait, how're we going to manage that. Hmmm.
(09/13 17:53:09) Jishin ponders this.
(09/13 17:53:14) Iketep: well the later meeting is right at dinner time for us in the West of US
(09/13 17:53:23) MustardJeep: babel fish for the moment translators when we can recruit some
(09/13 17:53:29) Jishin: Tell me about it. (; Fortunately I normally eat at 6 instead of 5. (;
(09/13 17:53:50) 4runner: I am on east coast and this is a better time for ne.
(09/13 17:53:55) Iketep: eat isn't the problem, its making it
(09/13 17:54:05) Jishin: I am sure we'll rotate meeting schedules on a regular basis.
(09/13 17:54:30) Iketep: i see we still have people with their lights on the KI still on, but not all.
(09/13 17:54:42) Jishin: We've had meetings at 7KI, 8KI, and 10KI, if I recall correctly, at previous times.
(09/13 17:54:51) Jishin: Shorah!
(09/13 17:54:58) CyberAlyMan: shorah
(09/13 17:55:00) 4runner: Hi Cyber
(09/13 17:55:07) Iketep: hi Cyber
(09/13 17:55:14) Jishin: Hmm. Iketep, your KI light is on for me, but no one else's is.
(09/13 17:55:18) MustardJeep: howdy CyberAlyMan
(09/13 17:55:26) CyberAlyMan: I was under the impression that there would be a meeting here
(09/13 17:55:29) Jishin: Shorah AnElise!
(09/13 17:55:31) AnElise says hey
(09/13 17:55:37) Jishin: There is. We're just waiting for people to show up.
(09/13 17:55:37) Iketep: oh, I didn't know that and the light on 4runner is on for me
(09/13 17:55:38) 4runner: Shorah
(09/13 17:55:40) AnElise: howsit goin'?
(09/13 17:55:42) MustardJeep: there will be just in a nother few minuits
(09/13 17:55:46) CyberAlyMan: ah cool
(09/13 17:55:54) CyberAlyMan: should I be wearing the shirt?
(09/13 17:56:00) MustardJeep: noon meetings tend to be smaller for some reason....
(09/13 17:56:00) Jishin: Nah, we're just being excessive. (:
(09/13 17:56:22) 4runner: That is up to you.
(09/13 17:56:50) MustardJeep: no shirt requierments just felt like it I am usually plaid
(09/13 17:56:50) CyberAlyMan: howdy diddles
(09/13 17:56:51) Jishin: Hiya Ben!
(09/13 17:56:52) 4runner: Shorah Ben
(09/13 17:56:59) Iketep: hello Ben
(09/13 17:57:05) CyberAlyMan: I like to keep it green
(09/13 17:57:07) Jishin: Same same -- I really like the backpack, but I was in the mood o wear this.
(09/13 17:57:09) Ben Dixon: Shorah everyone
(09/13 17:57:14) CyberAlyMan: green is the ultimate colour
(09/13 17:57:27) CyberAlyMan: unless you want to be a minstainer
(09/13 17:57:31) MustardJeep: I've got a green that is almost emerald
(09/13 17:57:32) CyberAlyMan: instead of a greeter
(09/13 17:57:41) Jishin: Nah, you can still wear green. Green's good. We're not picky.
(09/13 17:57:47) CyberAlyMan: good good good good good
(09/13 17:57:48) Jishin: Hiya Dot!
(09/13 17:57:55) 4runner: Hi Dot
(09/13 17:57:57) Dot: Hi there!
(09/13 17:57:58) Iketep: hello Dot
(09/13 17:58:00) Ben Dixon: Hey, how do you turn on the caht log?
(09/13 17:58:05) MustardJeep: five minuits
(09/13 17:58:08) Jishin: Type /startlog
(09/13 17:58:09) Ben Dixon: caht = chat
(09/13 17:58:10) Dot: Thank you for all the work you've been doing
(09/13 17:58:17) Dot: It looks really good
(09/13 17:58:31) Ben Dixon: thanks
(09/13 17:58:36) Jishin: Oh, really? I'm glad! Thank you! (:
(09/13 17:58:45) MustardJeep: This is a fun project
(09/13 17:58:54) Jishin nods her head
(09/13 17:59:14) MustardJeep: by the by Jishin your kahlo project is going to be nuts :D
(09/13 17:59:31) Jishin: LOL. It sounds like it, doesn't it? I wonder how many groups we can get involved in it.
(09/13 17:59:46) Jishin: I was thinking about pitching the idea to SR at the *very* least. (:
(09/13 17:59:49) 4runner: Hi Jamn
(09/13 17:59:53) Jishin: Hiya Jamm!
(09/13 17:59:56) Jamn: hi all
(09/13 18:00:02) From AnElise: By the way, what does BoC stand for?
(09/13 18:00:10) MustardJeep: Three groups off the top of my head <Us, Everyone else, and Cyan>
(09/13 18:00:14) Iketep: mustardJeep how do ou sit and keep it in first person?
(09/13 18:00:17) Jishin: LOL. Indeed.
(09/13 18:00:19) MustardJeep: Book of commentary
(09/13 18:00:29) Jishin: BoC is going to be nuts as well.
(09/13 18:00:38) Jishin: I don't think you can, Iketep. /:
(09/13 18:00:39) MustardJeep: there used to be a button
(09/13 18:00:48) CyberAlyMan: Boards Of Canada?
(09/13 18:00:50) From AnElise: cool, I like that thread!
(09/13 18:00:50) MustardJeep: atleast back in uu
(09/13 18:00:50) Dot: Yes, on the spanner one
(09/13 18:00:51) 4runner: You can't.
(09/13 18:01:04) Dot: It's under andvanced I think
(09/13 18:01:10) CyberAlyMan: Big on Columbia?
(09/13 18:01:11) Jishin: Books of Commentary. A project we thought up to bring user-generated information to th Cavern.
(09/13 18:01:14) Iketep: that's what I found out. If I sit it goes to third person and I cannot see you.
(09/13 18:01:15) CyberAlyMan: OOOOH
(09/13 18:01:27) CyberAlyMan: riight
(09/13 18:01:29) CyberAlyMan: I see
(09/13 18:01:31) CyberAlyMan: indeed
(09/13 18:01:33) CyberAlyMan: kk
(09/13 18:01:33) MustardJeep: three minuits
(09/13 18:01:34) CyberAlyMan: awesome
(09/13 18:01:36) Jishin: Which will also be super-huge, because we want to involve *everyone* who wants. (:
(09/13 18:01:58) MustardJeep: just the start however is basic :P
(09/13 18:01:58) 4runner: You can still pan to a certain extent with right mouse button.
(09/13 18:02:04) AnElise: I wont be able to make it to tonights meeting, they changed my schedule : (
(09/13 18:02:06) Jishin: Well, yeah.
(09/13 18:02:11) Error: Don't know how to '/sad'
(09/13 18:02:13) <sniffle> MustardJeep is sad
(09/13 18:02:15) Jishin: Awww, bummer. I'm glad you can still make this one. (:
(09/13 18:02:26) AnElise: : )
(09/13 18:02:33) 4runner: Hi AnElise
(09/13 18:02:49) Dot: Yes, thanks for doing two times -- it helps for us Europeans
(09/13 18:02:51) AnElise: Hey 4runner
(09/13 18:03:05) CyberAlyMan: true indeed
(09/13 18:03:17) Jishin: Yeah, we want to get as many people involved as possible ... anyne know how the time works out for those Down Under?
(09/13 18:03:28) MustardJeep: Well with a whole two minuits left everyone want to just get started?
(09/13 18:03:30) Dot: !2 hours from UK
(09/13 18:03:38) Dot: 12
(09/13 18:03:46) AnElise: they are 16 hrs ahead of mtn time
(09/13 18:03:55) Jishin: Hiya Mystheal! Welcome!
(09/13 18:04:01) Jishin: Mm, OK.
(09/13 18:04:03) CyberAlyMan: hold on, people still arriving
(09/13 18:04:04) Mysthral: Shorah\!
(09/13 18:04:05) MustardJeep: ok maybe not...LoL
(09/13 18:04:08) rebus: shorah all
(09/13 18:04:17) MustardJeep: Welcome to the meeting
(09/13 18:04:22) Jishin: Mysthral, I can type. (: Hiya rebus! Welcome. (:
(09/13 18:04:28) rebus: ty:)
(09/13 18:04:31) Iketep: yes I think Syndey is GMT +16 and Perth is GMT +13
(09/13 18:04:37) 4runner: Hi rebus and Mystthral
(09/13 18:04:51) Jishin: Shorah Ewilan! Welcome!
(09/13 18:05:08) Ewilan: shorah
(09/13 18:05:10) 4runner: He Ewilan
(09/13 18:05:11) Player added.
(09/13 18:05:19) AnElise: HIEwilan
(09/13 18:05:19) Player added.
(09/13 18:05:26) Jishin notes that drinks and cookies are upstairs for those who need snackage. (;
(09/13 18:05:32) Player added.
(09/13 18:05:36) CyberAlyMan: go time?
(09/13 18:05:40) Player added.
(09/13 18:05:46) Player added.
(09/13 18:05:52) Jishin: I think we can get started. Yes?
(09/13 18:05:58) MustardJeep: Sure
(09/13 18:05:59) AnElise: please!
(09/13 18:06:08) rebus: yep:)
(09/13 18:06:09) 4runner: Might as well
(09/13 18:06:09) MustardJeep waits a second for the
(09/13 18:06:13) MustardJeep: yep
(09/13 18:06:18) MustardJeep: knew it
(09/13 18:06:19) MustardJeep starts to laugh
(09/13 18:06:20) Jishin: Shorah Rheanna! We're just getting started. (:
(09/13 18:06:21) AnElise: Hey Rheanna!
(09/13 18:06:26) Rheanna: Shorah
(09/13 18:06:29) 4runner: Hi Rheanna
(09/13 18:06:30) MustardJeep: welcom
(09/13 18:06:52) Jishin: Shorah Neimad! We're just getting started. (;
(09/13 18:06:53) AnElise: HI Neimad
(09/13 18:07:00) Neimad: shorah
(09/13 18:07:07) 4runner: Shorah
(09/13 18:07:10) MustardJeep: Ok might as well start with the intro
(09/13 18:07:32) AnElise: they must think it strange that everyone is gathered around them when they link in...hehehe
(09/13 18:07:41) Jishin: It's a big welcome party. (:
(09/13 18:07:49) rebus: )
(09/13 18:07:49) AnElise: ;}
(09/13 18:07:49) MustardJeep: for the last month there has been a group of people over at the AoG forum working on rough draft versions of some of the basic things the Guild will eventually need
(09/13 18:07:56) CyberAlyMan: ah, we were expecting you
(09/13 18:08:11) Mysthral: 822727
(09/13 18:08:15) Mysthral: sorry
(09/13 18:08:23) AnElise: : )
(09/13 18:08:33) MustardJeep: This includes a mission statment, general structure, code of conduct, and multiple projects to keep us busy while thigs unfold
(09/13 18:08:54) CyberAlyMan: ah, we were expecting you
(09/13 18:09:01) AnElise: Welcome Tanzanite
(09/13 18:09:07) Jishin: Welcome, Tanzanite! (:
(09/13 18:09:12) Tanzanite: shorah everyone
(09/13 18:09:16) Neimad: shorah tanzanite
(09/13 18:09:20) rebus: Hi
(09/13 18:09:22) 4runner: Welcome tanzanite
(09/13 18:09:40) MustardJeep: After a lot of back and forth a mission statement for the support group was more or less Written
(09/13 18:10:04) MustardJeep: "To Protect and Serve the Community, throughout the Cavern and Ages"
(09/13 18:10:24) MustardJeep: It's vauge and in no was the final version, but is something to work with
(09/13 18:10:36) Ewilan: souds good to me
(09/13 18:10:43) CyberAlyMan: it works
(09/13 18:10:50) Tanzanite: sounds good
(09/13 18:10:51) Dot: Yes, like it
(09/13 18:10:55) Jishin can't say much, she helped write it. *hides*
(09/13 18:11:04) Tanzanite: lol
(09/13 18:11:09) AnElise: ; }, I like it!
(09/13 18:11:11) MustardJeep: The general idea behind it is that we are not the Maintainers we are onlyy the Support group for the guild
(09/13 18:11:12) Ben Dixon: Most mission statements are vauge
(09/13 18:11:13) Neimad: sounds true to the original guild, well done
(09/13 18:11:14) Rheanna: Good work Jishin
(09/13 18:11:34) rebus: Agree
(09/13 18:11:49) MustardJeep: When eventually officalness happens it can be reworked to meet any standards that we would be given at that point
(09/13 18:12:13) Jishin: Yes, that was part of the idea about keeping things vague for now. (: So we could be flexible.
(09/13 18:12:30) MustardJeep: A lot of things however are hidden in the vague mission statement
(09/13 18:12:31) Dot: Wouldn't the standards be codified in an extra document?
(09/13 18:12:52) MustardJeep: Say again?
(09/13 18:13:10) Dot: Sorry, shouldn't have interrupted
(09/13 18:13:24) Dot: I think the mission statement is a good one
(09/13 18:13:25) Jishin: No, it's cool. I'm not sure I understand what you're asking, though.
(09/13 18:13:34) MustardJeep: sorry no I was in windowed mode to copy the statement I really couldn't read what you said
(09/13 18:13:57) Dot: 'meet any standard that we would be given at that point'
(09/13 18:14:13) MustardJeep: Do you mean the things Cyan will requier of us should be in a seperate document?
(09/13 18:14:16) Dot: The standards could be dealt with in an additional document
(09/13 18:14:18) Dot: Yes
(09/13 18:14:29) Dot: they could be,
(09/13 18:14:48) Dot: not necessarily should be
(09/13 18:14:57) MustardJeep: Agreed, mission statements are usually just a short one liner that sort of covers everything under the sun
(09/13 18:15:05) Jishin: Yes, that's a possibility. It will depend on whether what we have is good enough, or needs further addressing .... I think that is kind of 'wait and see'?
(09/13 18:15:05) Dot nods her head
(09/13 18:15:32) AnElise: well, said, MJ!
(09/13 18:15:33) CyberAlyMan: nice and vauge
(09/13 18:15:36) 4runner: This is going to take time and we have to go with the flow.
(09/13 18:15:54) MustardJeep: Have any of you seen the posts about things like feering the maintainers as police?
(09/13 18:16:11) Jishin facepalms. That is SO not cool.
(09/13 18:16:16) 4runner: We are not police.
(09/13 18:16:22) Dot: I really would not want that
(09/13 18:16:36) Dot: protect and serve...
(09/13 18:16:40) Ewilan: didn't we clearly stated this anyway ?
(09/13 18:16:40) MustardJeep: That's the thing we are sorta but it looks like it will be OOC not IC
(09/13 18:16:42) 4runner: We are here to help to keep explorers safe.
(09/13 18:16:42) Tanzanite: we can't worry about it
(09/13 18:16:45) Jishin: I agree -- we are not police.
(09/13 18:16:50) Tanzanite: there is alot of anti guild feelings
(09/13 18:16:54) rebus: good boy:)
(09/13 18:17:10) rebus: sorry!
(09/13 18:17:20) MustardJeep: One of the things that everyone assumes is that all this is to start a Fan Run Age creation system
(09/13 18:17:23) Jishin: Tanzanite -- yes. It is my hope that by being welcoming and helping involve other that we can disperse some of that.
(09/13 18:17:40) Tanzanite: mine as well
(09/13 18:17:45) CyberAlyMan: that'd be awesome
(09/13 18:17:54) MustardJeep: The maintainers have a very police seeming role in this along side the GoW (Guild of Writers)
(09/13 18:18:10) CyberAlyMan: preach it brother
(09/13 18:18:17) AnElise: AMEN!
(09/13 18:18:18) Jishin: I wouldn't call it police. It's more like security guard.
(09/13 18:18:33) Jishin: (And we all know how much respect *they* get. q: (: )
(09/13 18:18:37) Ewilan: i'm not so the guilds are a good idea. i'm afraid it turn into elitist then; But then, like waston said, it's up to us
(09/13 18:18:43) MustardJeep: In one of the first meetings held after the shirts were released Bob the Rebuilder told us some of what the GoW thinks will happen from what they were told
(09/13 18:19:18) Jishin nods at Ewilan. I understand your fears. I think if we work together to explicitly keep it open and friendly, that will not happen. But it will take effort on all counts.
(09/13 18:19:39) AnElise: I agree
(09/13 18:19:55) MustardJeep: The really real responcability of the Maintainers in a Age creation system would be to keep out Trademarked or copyrighted materials that do not have their creators approval to be used in the Age and then used by Cyan
(09/13 18:19:56) Dot: me too, and it's important that it is consistent
(09/13 18:20:21) Jishin: MJ -- that was in addition to other testing duties, if I recall correctly.
(09/13 18:20:31) MustardJeep: That is the limit of what we currently assume the "police" thing is.
(09/13 18:20:51) Dot: Could we use a different term then?
(09/13 18:20:55) MustardJeep: Yes Jishin you are right that would be happeneing at the same time as the testing of ages
(09/13 18:21:08) Dot: Vet?
(09/13 18:21:08) Tanzanite: age inspectors?
(09/13 18:21:17) MustardJeep: Sure, I was just using it to be clear
(09/13 18:21:20) Jishin: I would really like to use a term that isn't "police". It scares people.
(09/13 18:21:20) Ewilan: but i guess the only age we test will be the fan made one
(09/13 18:21:34) CyberAlyMan: checker up-ers
(09/13 18:21:36) 4runner: I agree
(09/13 18:21:40) Jishin: That is probably the case, Ewilan. The Rehearsal Testers take care of Cyan's side.
(09/13 18:21:40) Dot: But from what Watson was saying, that is important
(09/13 18:21:51) AnElise: Cyner. LOL
(09/13 18:22:05) Ewilan: before they are eventually subitedd to cyan, approved, push to releshan and so on
(09/13 18:22:09) Jishin: Actually, from what Watson was saying, it seems to me that it's huge. Did fan-created Ages not just become the entire focus of the Bahro storyline?
(09/13 18:22:20) MustardJeep: This would be done so Cyan dosn't get in trouble when "bob age builder" includes the theme from starwars and lucas arts finds out....
(09/13 18:22:37) CyberAlyMan: heh
(09/13 18:22:44) From Jishin: Now, now, Robert would never do that. *ducks*
(09/13 18:22:46) Ewilan: yeah. need to be "ic complient" , and bug free
(09/13 18:22:57) To Jishin: that came out wrong
(09/13 18:22:57) AnElise: yes
(09/13 18:23:06) MustardJeep: yep
(09/13 18:23:11) Dot: Can I suggest that that might require different people with different skills
(09/13 18:23:15) Ben Dixon: and familly friendly
(09/13 18:23:20) Jishin nods at Dot. I agree.
(09/13 18:23:32) Jishin: Shorah, velvetam!
(09/13 18:23:34) Dot: For example, I wouldn't be able to check for other games stuff appearing
(09/13 18:23:38) velvetam: Shorah
(09/13 18:23:39) MustardJeep: It is a very big project, and one that will not even begin until the GoW is ready
(09/13 18:23:41) AnElise: Welcome
(09/13 18:24:00) 4runner: Welcome
(09/13 18:24:08) velvetam: Ty
(09/13 18:24:10) MustardJeep: Currently all the Fan ages (and there are a lot of them) are all Complete Chronicals based
(09/13 18:24:35) MustardJeep: just a sec while I pull up the structure
(09/13 18:24:39) Jishin: Right. The code base has changed significantly since then.
(09/13 18:24:53) Ewilan: anyway, they have to wait until cyan provide the tools
(09/13 18:25:07) Dot: Proof of concept?
(09/13 18:25:15) Jishin: We're not sure if Cyan will be providing the tools, or if the Writers will need to do that as well. /:
(09/13 18:25:18) AnElise: If im not mistaken, the tools are already available...
(09/13 18:25:40) Jishin: They do have some things already available, but meshing them with MOUL might get tricky. I doin't know.
(09/13 18:25:42) Iketep: then as cyan has done the code will have to be rewritten.
(09/13 18:25:47) Ewilan: well, age need to be tested, that requiers some kind of age client at least
(09/13 18:26:05) MustardJeep: The tools for CC are available yes but not any tools to transfer content into a MO:UL compatible form
(09/13 18:26:24) AnElise: ahhh...
(09/13 18:26:28) Ewilan: ot test the content in a moul compatible client
(09/13 18:26:45) MustardJeep: We barrowed heavily from the Guild of Greeters structure while setting this draft up
(09/13 18:26:47) Ewilan: and as cyan as to redo everyting, same will hold true for the GOW
(09/13 18:27:18) MustardJeep: we are discussing five main departments to the "Guild"
(09/13 18:27:24) CyberAlyMan: how annoying is that
(09/13 18:27:33) CyberAlyMan: I mean the compatibility issue
(09/13 18:27:39) CyberAlyMan: *cough*
(09/13 18:27:39) Ewilan: yeah
(09/13 18:27:56) Ewilan: so, the 5 departments
(09/13 18:28:00) MustardJeep: Communications - this would be inside the group to coordinate the different projects that we are working on makeing sure it is all headed in the same way
(09/13 18:28:31) MustardJeep: and outside the guild passing messages to others when we need help on something or are requested to help on something
(09/13 18:28:46) MustardJeep: more on this later when I get to our current project ideas
(09/13 18:28:53) Ben Dixon: GoM could handle that
(09/13 18:29:05) MustardJeep: for a large part yes
(09/13 18:29:11) Ben Dixon: Messagagesd
(09/13 18:29:11) Jishin: This is more -- we use this section to contact GoMessengers.
(09/13 18:29:20) MustardJeep: on the talking to other groups a lot of it will be working with the GoM
(09/13 18:29:30) Jishin: And it handles internal communications when necessary, like getting out meeting information. (;
(09/13 18:29:49) Dot: I guess it also needs specialist knowledge for the interrrnal stuff
(09/13 18:29:51) CyberAlyMan: what kind of people are actually going to join the messengers or cartographers?
(09/13 18:29:52) MustardJeep: if it will ever be allowed to remain on the imager.
(09/13 18:29:53) MustardJeep starts to laugh
(09/13 18:30:08) Jishin giggles at MJ. I only reposted the meeting stuff three times, that's all.
(09/13 18:30:14) MustardJeep: the next department is titled Creativity
(09/13 18:30:47) Jishin: Cyber: Cartographers is actually already in existence. Messengers is being made upof many many in-cavern entities, I believe.
(09/13 18:30:58) MustardJeep: they will come up with ideas for training bug hunters, IC roles, of all sorts, and be a kind of brainstorming section
(09/13 18:31:02) CyberAlyMan: oh ok
(09/13 18:31:09) CyberAlyMan: I didn't wanna insult anybody
(09/13 18:31:13) CyberAlyMan: lik
(09/13 18:31:13) MustardJeep: currently we are all contributing to this section as a idea strikes
(09/13 18:31:20) CyberAlyMan: who actually wants to be a cartographer
(09/13 18:31:26) CyberAlyMan: or something
(09/13 18:31:35) Dot: I do in other avie form
(09/13 18:31:37) Jishin: It's cool. No worries.
(09/13 18:32:10) Jishin: Creativity has a lot of projects in idea-form right now. I hope we have time to talk about them later.
(09/13 18:32:22) AnElise: : )
(09/13 18:32:25) MustardJeep: Nah, from what we are guessing Maintainer will be a Jack of All Trades Guild
(09/13 18:32:37) Ewilan: a what ?
(09/13 18:32:43) MustardJeep: a lot of little projects that sorta spill into other groups areas
(09/13 18:32:43) Dot nods her head
(09/13 18:32:53) velvetam: can any one tell me what our job will be , sence i just got here a few minutes ago ? :)
(09/13 18:33:16) MustardJeep: Jack of All Trades, or does a little bit of everything as it relates to a project
(09/13 18:33:19) Ben Dixon: We have to be carefull not to step on toes
(09/13 18:33:27) CyberAlyMan: sounds alright, you get a mix
(09/13 18:33:30) Jishin: We are going to have lots of jobs and wear lots of hats, but one of the most important things we will be doing is helping test fan-created Ages, velvetam.
(09/13 18:33:47) Jishin nods at Ben. Yes.
(09/13 18:33:54) velvetam: That will be fun
(09/13 18:34:13) MustardJeep: That is the main thing, everything else is aimed at getting ready for that or our IC presence in the Cavern
(09/13 18:34:55) MustardJeep: The HR department is just what it seems records keeping for the Guild, availability, and so on
(09/13 18:34:56) AnElise: That is the point!
(09/13 18:35:14) MustardJeep: recruiting, application process
(09/13 18:35:15) Jishin: Ah, I was going to ask about that. Are we putting Records under HR?
(09/13 18:35:16) MustardJeep: ect
(09/13 18:35:40) Jishin: Because it seems that it might be separate, when it comes down to doing Age commentary.
(09/13 18:35:46) MustardJeep: We will all be recruiting, it's just HR is the department it most closely falls under
(09/13 18:35:57) Jishin: Fair enough, just wanted to ask.
(09/13 18:36:08) Iketep kneels down...
(09/13 18:36:18) AnElise: Keeping track of who is doing what, I should think...
(09/13 18:36:36) MustardJeep: The last section is Submissions
(09/13 18:36:57) MustardJeep: this one is more involved so bare with me as I type
(09/13 18:37:21) From Jishin: Actually, didn't we also have a sub-guilds section, or did that get subsumed into one of the other four?
(09/13 18:37:35) CyberAlyMan: i'm bare and i'm with you
(09/13 18:37:42) To Jishin: yes getting to that
(09/13 18:37:43) velvetam: If this is to be our home shouldn't we get these curtains opened up lol
(09/13 18:37:46) Jishin: Please, not in front of the children. (;
(09/13 18:37:49) MustardJeep: sorry just a sec
(09/13 18:38:17) MustardJeep: submission is largly OOC and non-functional at the moment
(09/13 18:38:19) AnElise: not if Cyber is bare...
(09/13 18:38:29) CyberAlyMan: hahahaha
(09/13 18:38:35) MustardJeep: This section will handle the testing of Ages that are submitted for us to work on
(09/13 18:39:10) velvetam: i hope we will get one soom
(09/13 18:39:20) MustardJeep: it more the likly will service the GoW mostly, but independant submissions of Ages are always possible
(09/13 18:39:50) MustardJeep: This is a big discussion I would recommend you talk the time to do some reading over at the AoG forum
(09/13 18:40:08) MustardJeep: I doubt I could cover it all in this meeting
(09/13 18:40:22) Iketep: i wouldn't expect any age from anyone prior to the first part of next year.
(09/13 18:40:29) MustardJeep: there is a lot of discussion over testing styles and procedure, all of which is up in the air
(09/13 18:40:53) Jishin: Iketep = when I asked the Writers how fast they could potentially get us something, the number was about 5 months.
(09/13 18:40:57) MustardJeep: I miss spoke earlier the final department is the sub-guild department
(09/13 18:41:01) Jishin: And that was given the go-ahead immediately.
(09/13 18:41:30) 4runner: Could I ask a question, do I need to be a rejistered member of the AoG forum.
(09/13 18:41:31) Jishin: So probably middle of next year, I'd think?
(09/13 18:41:33) AnElise: I was going to say that MJ...thnx
(09/13 18:41:37) MustardJeep: sub-guilds is not exactly what the name implys
(09/13 18:41:40) CyberAlyMan: OH
(09/13 18:41:41) Jishin: 4runner -- it would help.
(09/13 18:41:43) CyberAlyMan: I get it now
(09/13 18:41:52) 4runner: Ok
(09/13 18:41:57) CyberAlyMan: and when I say that, I mean te name makes more sense
(09/13 18:42:03) CyberAlyMan: hahah
(09/13 18:42:16) MustardJeep: it is not just groups allied with the Maintainers it is every group that is willing to work with us on a project
(09/13 18:42:48) Jishin: Shorah Leo!
(09/13 18:42:50) Leonardo: sorry guys...i'm very late
(09/13 18:42:56) AnElise: Welcome, Leonardo!
(09/13 18:42:59) MustardJeep: currently we have a project that hopefully will involve TG and the technologists to a great extent
(09/13 18:42:59) CyberAlyMan: true that
(09/13 18:43:05) Ewilan: and grils lol :)
(09/13 18:43:13) AnElise: In the cornor....
(09/13 18:43:13) Jishin: Nah, it's cool. We've been over the mission statement and we're covering the last section of the possible guild structure now.
(09/13 18:43:24) Leonardo: ah ok
(09/13 18:43:48) MustardJeep: this would just be the section that handles all the interactions with outside groups once they decide they want to work with us for what ever reason
(09/13 18:44:30) MustardJeep: Now that the bulk of the dull stuff is out of the way anyone want to here what projects we are thinking about?
(09/13 18:44:41) Jishin: MJ -- did we want to talk about the Code of Conduct?
(09/13 18:44:45) Jishin: (speaking of dry stuff)
(09/13 18:44:48) CyberAlyMan: der
(09/13 18:45:02) MustardJeep: you want to handle?
(09/13 18:45:04) AnElise: hehehe
(09/13 18:45:06) MustardJeep: brb
(09/13 18:45:13) Jishin: I can, but give me a moment to pull it up.
(09/13 18:45:39) CyberAlyMan: PULL
(09/13 18:45:41) CyberAlyMan: PUL
(09/13 18:45:46) CyberAlyMan: PUUUUUULLLLLL\it up
(09/13 18:45:58) Jishin: OK, now that I can look at it ...
(09/13 18:46:00) AnElise: Cyber, please get dressed....
(09/13 18:46:02) MustardJeep: back
(09/13 18:46:09) CyberAlyMan: I don't wanna I don't wanna!
(09/13 18:46:19) Jishin: Let me explain the idea behind the code of conduct. We have an important job given to us by Cyan/the DRC/etc
(09/13 18:46:24) MustardJeep: glad there is no webcam feature
(09/13 18:46:27) AnElise: lol
(09/13 18:46:38) Jishin: It is valuable to make sure that everyone is on the same page with regards to being professional.
(09/13 18:46:57) Jishin: The code of conduct consists of five parts:
(09/13 18:47:22) Jishin: Responsibility -- Maintainers are expected to be responsible for their actions and their duties.
(09/13 18:47:30) Jishin: (I'm summarizing, though it's pretty short)
(09/13 18:47:45) AnElise: its all good!
(09/13 18:47:48) Jishin: Interpersonal Communication -- Maintainers are expected to communicate and 'play well' with others.
(09/13 18:48:22) Jishin: Discretion - Maintainers are expected to remain discrete about things we are asked to keep quiet about. This is mostly about not talking about big bugs or spoiling the Writers hard work.
(09/13 18:48:59) Jishin: Excellence - Maintainers are expected to strive for excellence in all that they do, holding themselves and their work to the highest standards.
(09/13 18:49:19) Jishin: Service -- Maintainers are expected to place the needs of the Cavern before the desires of the individual.
(09/13 18:49:41) AnElise: Well done, Jishin!
(09/13 18:49:45) Jishin: Thank you. (:
(09/13 18:49:52) MustardJeep bows
(09/13 18:49:58) AnElise claps her hands
(09/13 18:50:01) Leonardo: It's very well done, I agree with all the points
(09/13 18:50:04) Ben Dixon: sounds reasonable
(09/13 18:50:07) Jishin: This is a shorthand version. There's a slightly longer version on in the Maintainers forum.
(09/13 18:50:12) Iketep: indeed because the write isn't a corporate entity but a person who has put his heart into the age he/she has written. Discretion is very important
(09/13 18:50:27) Jishin: Iketep -- exactly.
(09/13 18:50:37) CyberAlyMan: oh man my cat's got a mouse's head
(09/13 18:50:44) CyberAlyMan: you know what I mean
(09/13 18:50:45) MustardJeep: It's a lot of real responsability
(09/13 18:50:54) AnElise: OK, GROSSS!!
(09/13 18:51:01) MustardJeep: something that suprises people
(09/13 18:51:13) Jishin agrees with AnElise. Poor mousie.
(09/13 18:51:16) Leonardo: should we talk about what to do if someone breaks those rules?
(09/13 18:51:31) Ben Dixon: good cat!
(09/13 18:51:35) Jishin: I think not yet? I don't really want t oget into that kind of discussion right now. /:
(09/13 18:51:41) Dot: I'd prefer not
(09/13 18:51:43) Leonardo nods his head
(09/13 18:51:48) Dot: Keep to the positive
(09/13 18:51:49) AnElise: is this the right time for that?
(09/13 18:51:54) MustardJeep: maybe but later once Cyan ways the "offical" wand
(09/13 18:51:59) Ewilan: yeah, have but be dealt with case by case anyway
(09/13 18:52:03) Jishin: My general thought is that we'd at some point need to put in a system of warnings and eventual dismissal. But I really think it's premature, we haven't had any problems.
(09/13 18:52:22) Ewilan nods her head
(09/13 18:52:24) CyberAlyMan: nor has the pope, but he made 56million rules just this evening
(09/13 18:52:26) Jishin: And pretty much everyone we've had has been very mature about everything. I don't *want* to have to do that.
(09/13 18:52:28) Dot: and that could lead to elitism and police thoughts
(09/13 18:52:33) AnElise: definitely something to discuss down the road...
(09/13 18:52:53) MustardJeep: yeah
(09/13 18:52:53) Leonardo nods his head
(09/13 18:52:53) Iketep: iC is more dangerous than OOC and in other games I have seen Guilds get out of hand IC.
(09/13 18:53:04) MustardJeep: speaking of which
(09/13 18:53:07) MustardJeep: :twisted:
(09/13 18:53:12) Jishin: Iketep -- I agree with you on that. I have been in games similar to that.
(09/13 18:53:37) CyberAlyMan: how many games that you know have a cavern
(09/13 18:53:53) MustardJeep: For the moment I do not think we need to worry about it Cyan can just not make a group offical and they are squashed
(09/13 18:54:43) 4runner: We have a long road ahead of us with many winding ways.
(09/13 18:54:46) Iketep: true we need the final guidelines from Cyan
(09/13 18:55:07) MustardJeep: till then we have several projects to keep ourselves busy with
(09/13 18:55:22) AnElise: yes, do tell, : )
(09/13 18:55:25) MustardJeep: The Books of Commentary
(09/13 18:55:26) Jishin: Yeah, let's talk about the fun stuff. (:
(09/13 18:56:06) MustardJeep: this is a really big project, and possible going to be the single longest running.
(09/13 18:56:28) MustardJeep: there are many sites out there with Age info on them
(09/13 18:56:56) Dot: ?synthesise it?
(09/13 18:57:02) MustardJeep: this would be taking that but with a IC spin like the "original" version of the commentaries done way back when
(09/13 18:57:25) Jishin: Dot -- something like that.
(09/13 18:57:26) MustardJeep: details about plants, animals, technology
(09/13 18:57:37) Dot: :) Like it!
(09/13 18:57:48) MustardJeep: all done like a explorer going in knowing nothing and taking notes
(09/13 18:58:14) MustardJeep: study the ring puzzle in kadish, the dam in er'cana
(09/13 18:58:25) MustardJeep: the mushrooms phil has been smoking
(09/13 18:58:29) Jishin: (but NO spoilers)
(09/13 18:58:35) AnElise: hehehe
(09/13 18:58:36) Leonardo starts to laugh
(09/13 18:58:40) MustardJeep: Yes NO SPOILERS
(09/13 18:58:49) AnElise: lol
(09/13 18:58:49) Dot: That will take a lot of skill
(09/13 18:58:59) CyberAlyMan: ah spolers, the key to dis-satisfaction
(09/13 18:58:59) AnElise: OK that was some funny stuff, MJ!
(09/13 18:59:04) MustardJeep: Exactly this is not a small project
(09/13 18:59:16) Dot: It will be a group project
(09/13 18:59:22) Jishin: Yes. This is part of why it's a really big project -- we want to involve pretty much anyone keeping any kind of records like that.
(09/13 18:59:24) Dot: each age
(09/13 18:59:31) MustardJeep: it will pull in almost every group in the forums and out
(09/13 18:59:35) CyberAlyMan: oh great I need to bring some shopping in, i'll be back in a bit I guess
(09/13 18:59:50) Jishin: Even GoArtists could contribute with art history and so forth.
(09/13 18:59:56) MustardJeep: no worries we can't cone you cones
(09/13 19:00:28) AnElise: but we can COWD around him before he gets back,,,( :
(09/13 19:00:33) Jishin laughs.
(09/13 19:00:34) velvetam: When are we gonna start?
(09/13 19:00:56) MustardJeep: Umm four weeks ago or now take your pick
(09/13 19:01:06) MustardJeep: hehehe
(09/13 19:01:10) Jishin: The really big part of the idea, though ... *looks at MJ* I don't wanna take it away from you. Tell them what we want to do with it. (:
(09/13 19:01:23) AnElise: I know its been in discussion on the AoG, right?
(09/13 19:01:27) MustardJeep: yes
(09/13 19:01:30) Jishin nods at AnElise
(09/13 19:01:36) MustardJeep: take it Jishin I do not mind
(09/13 19:01:42) Ben Dixon: It wouild be nice to have these books available in game.. eventually.
(09/13 19:01:48) Jishin: We would like to package it all and deliver it to Cyan for inclusion in the Cavern.
(09/13 19:01:56) AnElise cheers
(09/13 19:02:04) Jishin: Welcome, august rose!
(09/13 19:02:06) AnElise does a dance
(09/13 19:02:10) Leonardo: welcome august rose
(09/13 19:02:18) MustardJeep: That is the end plan Dixon but we want them to be really really good to boost their chances of being added to MO:UL
(09/13 19:02:23) Jishin smiles. (: Big scary project. What you do think?
(09/13 19:02:27) AnElise: oh, sorry, let me sit back down!
(09/13 19:02:35) Ben Dixon nods his head
(09/13 19:02:40) Dot: Can I offer my skills as an editor?
(09/13 19:02:43) MustardJeep: yes
(09/13 19:02:44) Jishin: Of course!
(09/13 19:02:46) Ewilan: sounds intersting
(09/13 19:03:02) AnElise: Would be glad to have you!
(09/13 19:03:10) Jishin: I really want this to be a collaborative effort with everyone, though. I can see lots of people going "Why are the Maintainers in charge of this?"
(09/13 19:03:23) MustardJeep: figure we will start trying to get the records department this will grow out of built during this break along with a few other things
(09/13 19:03:27) Jishin: And I don't want that. I want to get everyone on-board as a collaboration.
(09/13 19:03:36) Dot: Yes, I agree
(09/13 19:04:02) Jishin: And that, I think, is actually going to be the hardest part.
(09/13 19:04:18) AnElise: It will take a collaberation to make it, not anly fun, but detailed and AWESOME!
(09/13 19:04:39) Jishin: Indeed! And the other organizations have soooo much there already. It would be great to move their hard work into the Cavern.
(09/13 19:04:45) MustardJeep: Remember we are keeping it IC so there is a catch
(09/13 19:05:00) Dot: Editing in the KI??? NOOOOO
(09/13 19:05:09) Jishin: I see this as sort of something we're 'sponsoring', but that the other orgs would all very muc hbe in charge of their own material.
(09/13 19:05:10) MustardJeep: this will just be for ages and areas that we can access in MO:UL
(09/13 19:05:23) Jishin rotfl at Dot. (:
(09/13 19:05:40) Leonardo: I was thinking..maybe when the GoW will be up and running we could ask them an "achive age" for this huge project
(09/13 19:06:01) Dot: That sounds like a good idea, Leonardo
(09/13 19:06:02) Ben Dixon: Good idea!
(09/13 19:06:05) Jishin ponders Leo's suggestion. That's interesting!
(09/13 19:06:17) velvetam: Yes great idea
(09/13 19:06:20) Jishin: That would be really cool. (:
(09/13 19:06:25) Leonardo nods his head
(09/13 19:06:36) AnElise: Leonardo...that makes sense to me...
(09/13 19:06:43) Jishin: And of course, writer notes on anything they create -- heh, there could be notes on the archive age *in* the archive age.
(09/13 19:06:53) Jishin: Hello unicorn!
(09/13 19:06:55) Ewilan: lol
(09/13 19:06:59) AnElise: SWEET!
(09/13 19:07:01) MustardJeep: and then the universe would implode
(09/13 19:07:06) Jishin giggles.
(09/13 19:07:15) AnElise: hehehe
(09/13 19:07:25) Leonardo: yep Jishin of course, that's an Age and needs its Book of Commentary. lol
(09/13 19:07:35) CyberAlyMan: back
(09/13 19:07:37) MustardJeep: if you are in the book you never want to read the ending it leads to maddness
(09/13 19:07:42) unicorn: hi....whoa..that was strange
(09/13 19:07:53) MustardJeep: How so?
(09/13 19:08:01) unicorn: Are you waiting for someone fantastic to arrive?
(09/13 19:08:08) unicorn: Conjuring up "HIM"
(09/13 19:08:17) Jishin: Nah. We're having a meeting! Welcome.
(09/13 19:08:24) MustardJeep: nope it just kinda happened around the linkin point
(09/13 19:08:25) unicorn: Oh, so sorry...
(09/13 19:08:31) Jishin: No no, stick around. (:
(09/13 19:08:33) AnElise: Shorah, Unicorn!
(09/13 19:08:43) MustardJeep files another protest with the DRC for better seating in the pub
(09/13 19:08:45) unicorn: Gladly..what's the meeting
(09/13 19:08:54) MustardJeep: Maintainers Guild Supporters
(09/13 19:09:00) AnElise: I'll sign that petition!
(09/13 19:09:02) MustardJeep: what we have been up to
(09/13 19:09:03) Jishin: We're talking about lots of various things with regards to ... yes, what MJ said.
(09/13 19:09:25) unicorn: well, that's why I picked the pink shirt
(09/13 19:09:32) Jishin: I agree, we could use better seating in here. (:
(09/13 19:09:37) MustardJeep: That was a very basic outline for the BoC project
(09/13 19:09:39) AnElise: its not pink...
(09/13 19:09:44) AnElise: is it?
(09/13 19:09:45) Ewilan: everywhere in the carvern
(09/13 19:09:56) Jishin: A lot of the things we discussed are over on in the Maintainers forum.
(09/13 19:10:01) Leonardo: isn't it burgundy..the color
(09/13 19:10:04) CyberAlyMan: I tink it pink
(09/13 19:10:09) 4runner: I think it depends on your monitor.
(09/13 19:10:09) MustardJeep: I use gamma ray correction to turn mine maroon
(09/13 19:10:10) Ewilan: i wanna sit on the imager :
(09/13 19:10:12) unicorn: salmon?
(09/13 19:10:13) CyberAlyMan: dat wat I tink
(09/13 19:10:26) Jishin: We went over the rough drafts of the mission statement, code of conduct, and guild organization. It's all very rough right now.
(09/13 19:10:32) velvetam: Hot pink i think
(09/13 19:10:34) AnElise begins to laugh
(09/13 19:10:40) Jishin: Now we're talking about fun stuff. (: Like the Books of Commentary project.
(09/13 19:10:44) MustardJeep: anyway Jishin you want to tell them you current idea about the Kahlo pub?
(09/13 19:10:49) unicorn: Are your findings going to be listed on the imager?
(09/13 19:10:56) CyberAlyMan: shiny
(09/13 19:11:01) Dot: Need more than an imager for that
(09/13 19:11:06) Jishin looks at MJ. Can you put them up? my KI ate them.
(09/13 19:11:15) MustardJeep: sure later
(09/13 19:11:20) Jishin: Anyway, the Kahlo Pub project. (:
(09/13 19:11:24) MustardJeep: most don't fit on it
(09/13 19:11:39) Jishin: We are the supporters of the Maintainers, right? Well, I was kinda thinking .... some areas around here need some maintenance. (:
(09/13 19:11:40) MustardJeep: have to condense them a bit
(09/13 19:12:12) AnElise: Shouldn't the imager show things that we have set so far, like the Code of Conduct and the Mission Statement?
(09/13 19:12:13) Jishin: It would be cool to set up some IC work that resulted in some actual maintenance being done on the Cavern.
(09/13 19:12:39) velvetam: I agree with anelise
(09/13 19:12:45) unicorn: anelise...that's what I thought...for those who aren't here.
(09/13 19:12:47) Iketep: shorah to all, I am afraid I must leave. Thanks for the information.
(09/13 19:12:48) MustardJeep: Yes actual Explorer Run activities that leave a effect in the cavern
(09/13 19:13:00) Jishin: Shorah, [email protected]! Thanks for coming!
(09/13 19:13:03) MustardJeep: aside from kicked cones that is
(09/13 19:13:03) AnElise: It was nice having you>>
(09/13 19:13:23) Jishin: So we have been talking about it, and discussing what to do.
(09/13 19:13:29) 4runner: The trouble is people keep adding things to imager, wiping out important info.
(09/13 19:13:31) Dot: and.....
(09/13 19:13:44) MustardJeep: Guys hush let Jishin talk
(09/13 19:13:48) Jishin: The idea would be that we would host some events, and submit some requests to Cyan about getting the Kahlo pub fixed up.
(09/13 19:14:00) AnElise: Yeah, I noticed that...(cough...Poseidon...cough, cough)!
(09/13 19:14:09) Jishin: The response MJ got from a ResEng was very positive
(09/13 19:14:15) Dot: What sort of events?
(09/13 19:14:20) Jishin: Small things might definitely be possible.
(09/13 19:14:31) Jishin: I had thought about hosting a "clean up the pub" day with party to follow.
(09/13 19:14:38) CyberAlyMan: i've got something that you won believe, it seems that I will have to leave, it was nice, I came and said hello, and i'm i'm going back down below. I may see you on the forums, and if that's the case, cool. If I don't then m,aybe I won't come arond town anymore because town is like, for people who are in and by the traditional stasndards that is not me anyway I must go now and leave you to your ramblings bye bye bye
(09/13 19:15:02) Jishin: Uh ... ok?
(09/13 19:15:08) Jishin: Shorah, Sorrow!
(09/13 19:15:18) Ewilan: sound good Jishin
(09/13 19:15:23) MustardJeep: The idea that I asked Drechsel about was about reparing/upgrading the lighting in the Kahlo pub
(09/13 19:15:40) Jishin: Right. Dreschel suggested that we make it more of a formal business proposal
(09/13 19:15:40) unicorn: Change that bulb?
(09/13 19:15:41) MustardJeep: anyway the chatlog is in the clean up the pub thread on the AoG
(09/13 19:15:43) Jishin: and make it very visible.
(09/13 19:16:01) Sorrow: Hello I guess i'm late lol. apt complex got struck by lightning and lost power
(09/13 19:16:03) Jishin: Spread the information around the cavern and the forums, organize it, make it public, and see what happens.
(09/13 19:16:08) Jishin: It's cool, no worries.
(09/13 19:16:14) Error: Please enter a player ID or current Age player name.
(09/13 19:16:15) velvetam: does that included removing the rubble
(09/13 19:16:22) Error: Player has already been added
(09/13 19:16:33) Jishin: We would like it to, but right now, I think that might be beyond the scope Cyan can handle with the rest of their load.
(09/13 19:16:34) MustardJeep: some not all of the rubble maybe
(09/13 19:16:41) Jishin: I am thinking that we can do a little bit at a time.
(09/13 19:16:55) velvetam: So we could venture to other parts of the pub
(09/13 19:17:01) MustardJeep: The first step would be replace lamps
(09/13 19:17:04) Dot: We'll need to be careful in that area, with the memorial nearby
(09/13 19:17:07) Ewilan: no idea how much work it wouls be for cyan
(09/13 19:17:24) Jishin: Yes, exactly, we will need to be very respectful of the memorial.
(09/13 19:17:43) Jishin: We were thinking that we could have a contest to design the new lamps, perhaps. (:
(09/13 19:17:50) MustardJeep: The ResEng seemed to think the scope of the project was do-able and incouraged us to plan it out like a business proposal
(09/13 19:18:01) Jishin: Right, and submit it to the appropriate parties.
(09/13 19:18:22) MustardJeep: Like everything else this would not be a small or fast project
(09/13 19:18:35) Dot: Excellent!
(09/13 19:18:37) Leonardo: welcome Yew
(09/13 19:18:37) Jishin: Shorah, SeryousYew.
(09/13 19:18:45) Player added.
(09/13 19:18:55) SeryousYew: Shorah
(09/13 19:19:12) MustardJeep: The contest idea to make the lamp shades would be the first real Guild backed project
(09/13 19:19:13) Jishin: Shorah Javier!
(09/13 19:19:13) unicorn: Rebuild steps down from great stairs...doable?!!
(09/13 19:19:14) Leonardo: Shorah Javier
(09/13 19:19:22) 4runner: Sorry folks, have to leave, catch you on the forum.
(09/13 19:19:23) Player added.
(09/13 19:19:24) Jishin: unicorn -- that would be awesome. (:
(09/13 19:19:26) Javier: shorah...
(09/13 19:19:29) Jishin: Thanks for coming, 4runner!
(09/13 19:19:31) Javier: I missed the meeting
(09/13 19:19:38) Leonardo: bye bye 4runner
(09/13 19:19:41) MustardJeep: nope it is still runnign javier
(09/13 19:19:43) Jishin: I am thinking we might need to rebuild the stairs before we can clear the rubble.
(09/13 19:19:52) Javier: ah.. ok
(09/13 19:19:54) 4runner: I will be in contact. Thanks for the info. Bye
(09/13 19:19:56) Javier: not too many people...
(09/13 19:19:56) Jishin: The further-back rubble, in any case.
(09/13 19:19:56) unicorn: and all
(09/13 19:20:02) Jishin: You missed some of them. 9:
(09/13 19:20:05) MustardJeep: so will we 4Runner
(09/13 19:20:07) Jishin: (:
(09/13 19:20:07) Dot: True, so we can kick the rubble up
(09/13 19:20:16) unicorn: Ta 4Runner
(09/13 19:20:28) MustardJeep: Everyone ready for a OOC moment?
(09/13 19:20:29) Javier: sorry.. but that relto page in the imager.. exists?
(09/13 19:20:33) Jishin: Yes.
(09/13 19:20:40) Sorrow: yep
(09/13 19:20:42) Leonardo: yes it exists
(09/13 19:20:43) Jishin saw it mentioned on the MOUL forums earlier.
(09/13 19:20:45) unicorn: Yes to both
(09/13 19:20:53) Javier: well.. I will try to find it...
(09/13 19:20:53) Dot: Always happy for OOC moments
(09/13 19:20:55) Jishin: Go ahead, MJ. (:
(09/13 19:20:58) Leonardo: and, yes MJ
(09/13 19:21:01) MustardJeep: here are some facts about the pub and takota from CC
(09/13 19:21:16) MustardJeep: There is no more to the pub except maybe one room
(09/13 19:21:33) MustardJeep: the front door is one foot in fromthe cliff
(09/13 19:21:42) Sorrow: hhmm
(09/13 19:21:58) MustardJeep: and the other side room across from where we get into the pub is under takota ally
(09/13 19:22:06) Javier: sorry to interrupt.. but is there anything important we are discussing... I dont want to miss anything...
(09/13 19:22:09) Jishin: The front door being the one by the memorial?
(09/13 19:22:12) MustardJeep: there is very limited space
(09/13 19:22:17) Jishin recaps for Javier:
(09/13 19:22:23) MustardJeep: no the one with the blinking light
(09/13 19:22:41) unicorn: That door leads to where?
(09/13 19:22:50) Dot: So there was a cave in?
(09/13 19:22:52) unicorn: I.e. where is entrance
(09/13 19:22:52) Jishin: We've already discussed the 'dry' stuff -- mission statement, code of conduct, and guild structure. It's all on in the Maintainers forum (:
(09/13 19:23:01) MustardJeep: while it is slightly possible Cyan may enlarge the pub I can not see it happeneing any time soon
(09/13 19:23:08) AnElise: its bad enough I have to miss the 6 oclock meeting...argh
(09/13 19:23:10) Javier: thanks Jishin.. I will visit it
(09/13 19:23:13) MustardJeep: that would be a major remodel/addition to add anything
(09/13 19:23:32) unicorn: Maybe imager working there?
(09/13 19:23:37) Jishin: We are now discussing the 'fun' stuff, like the Books of Commentary (also in that forum, but hiding in the Guild of Archivists thread , we need to fix tthat)
(09/13 19:23:40) MustardJeep: That is a possibility
(09/13 19:23:48) Jishin: and now talking about the possibilitiy of helping restore the Kahlo pub.
(09/13 19:24:05) Javier: how are we going to retore that...?
(09/13 19:24:08) MustardJeep: Imagers would be maybe step two of restoring the pub
(09/13 19:24:15) Javier: can we do it?
(09/13 19:24:20) Dot: Better lighting and things
(09/13 19:24:21) MustardJeep: Putting them to use as the long awaited news system in the cavern
(09/13 19:24:42) Jishin: Which we have gotten a tentative OK on, but will require lots of work on our part. We are told that we can present a business plan and get people involved in trying to set up small things, like repairing lighting and so forth.
(09/13 19:24:57) velvetam: Well theres lots of place i would love to see restored
(09/13 19:24:59) Leonardo thinks its an interesting idea; the imagers as the news system
(09/13 19:25:04) Javier: it would be great...
(09/13 19:25:08) Jishin: I agree, there are many many places I'd like to see restored as well.
(09/13 19:25:14) Javier: it is a good thing to feel like you finally can do something
(09/13 19:25:16) MustardJeep: if we have enough support from the Expolerer community and the plan is good enough it is possible
(09/13 19:25:23) Javier: that is why I have joined this guild
(09/13 19:25:34) Jishin cheers Javier.
(09/13 19:25:34) unicorn: Would be idea to limit who can add to some of the imagers...or all info.could be lost
(09/13 19:25:40) unicorn: Or each imager to different guild
(09/13 19:25:44) velvetam: Should we all just take a stroll around take notes and later come back here and compare
(09/13 19:25:55) MustardJeep: this is one of those things that would say shut down the Pub the length of a Break because "we" would be doing it
(09/13 19:26:00) Ewilan: we sould hve the writers have a look at it. they might be able to sheed a light on what hard / esay for cyan
(09/13 19:26:06) Jishin: Thats' definitely a possibility ... once we achieve one, perhaps we can achieve another.
(09/13 19:26:22) Jishin: I still think we should take it cautiously, and work our best at achieving the first step.
(09/13 19:26:25) Player added.
(09/13 19:26:27) Jishin: Shorah, Zola!
(09/13 19:26:32) MustardJeep: Hi Xola
(09/13 19:26:35) Javier: and I think there is a lot to explore in the cavern.. but we dont have access to it
(09/13 19:26:37) MustardJeep coughs
(09/13 19:26:37) unicorn: Need to make list of priorities then
(09/13 19:26:44) Zola: Hello all
(09/13 19:26:48) AnElise: welcome Zola
(09/13 19:26:50) unicorn: hi Zola
(09/13 19:26:51) MustardJeep: zola
(09/13 19:27:00) Javier: that way we would know where to start and .. hi zola
(09/13 19:27:02) Jishin: Yes, there are lots of things we need to do. A priority list would help.
(09/13 19:27:18) Zola: thank you I'm a bit behind
(09/13 19:27:26) MustardJeep: The fact that a reseng said it seemed doable and a good "idea" is our starting point
(09/13 19:27:27) Jishin: Would you like a recap?
(09/13 19:27:36) Zola: I'm not sure as to what's happening
(09/13 19:27:48) MustardJeep wants his recap with chocolate sprinkles
(09/13 19:27:48) Jishin: We are currently holding a meeting of the Maintainer Supporters
(09/13 19:28:01) Zola: No thank you I'll try to catch up
(09/13 19:28:10) Dot: Would you excuse me please? I need to move on.
(09/13 19:28:12) Ben Dixon mmmmm sprinkles
(09/13 19:28:12) AnElise: double latte with mine, please
(09/13 19:28:14) unicorn loves anything that adds grins to faces
(09/13 19:28:18) Jishin: Sure. Take care, Dot!
(09/13 19:28:20) MustardJeep: the log will be formatted and posted to the mo:ul board later
(09/13 19:28:27) Dot: Thank you very much for all this. It really is excellent
(09/13 19:28:37) AnElise: ok, bye Dot!
(09/13 19:28:40) Jishin: Much of our work in progress is already on in the Maintainers forum. (:
(09/13 19:28:42) Dot: I'm looking forward to helping if I can
(09/13 19:28:50) Jishin: We're glad to have you, Dot. (:
(09/13 19:28:58) AnElise: I second that!
(09/13 19:28:58) MustardJeep: The thought of actually getting to restore something is kinda mind blowing isn't it?
(09/13 19:29:00) Javier: when do you think we will be able to start?
(09/13 19:29:05) Jishin: It is AWESOME.
(09/13 19:29:10) Jishin: Javier: right now!
(09/13 19:29:13) Dot waves goodbye
(09/13 19:29:15) Javier: right now?
(09/13 19:29:17) Javier: how?
(09/13 19:29:20) Jishin: But a lot of that will be planning.
(09/13 19:29:37) unicorn: Yes...makes an ownership level to the city...;-)
(09/13 19:29:52) MustardJeep: the planning is probably going to run the length of the break
(09/13 19:29:58) Jishin: We can do planning right now. We can contact other guilds about the BoC and start structring that now. We can start creating a proposal for the pub right now.
(09/13 19:30:07) Jishin: But it will all take time.
(09/13 19:30:07) Javier: are we gonna have the tools to work during the break?
(09/13 19:30:16) unicorn: If we start right now...fixing could happen during break
(09/13 19:30:19) MustardJeep: BYOT
(09/13 19:30:22) velvetam: How about we take notes as to what we would like to see fixed or restored bring that list back to say mustard and have mustard compare see what we all agree on and pick the most important of them all
(09/13 19:30:37) Javier: there is something I need to understand...
(09/13 19:30:49) Javier: our role as a guid is to fix things and explore them?
(09/13 19:30:49) MustardJeep: no way I am not taking sole responsibility for that
(09/13 19:30:55) MustardJeep: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(09/13 19:30:59) Jishin: velvetam - concurrence on what t o restore is fine. maybe we can make a poll?
(09/13 19:31:00) Javier: because I love that
(09/13 19:31:09) unicorn: What about adding lists to forum?
(09/13 19:31:16) MustardJeep: probably
(09/13 19:31:22) Jishin: Javier -- yes. It is also to help test the Ages for the Guild of Writers.
(09/13 19:31:33) Javier: then we have a lot to do...
(09/13 19:31:41) AnElise: yes we do
(09/13 19:31:43) Jishin: Because according to Dr Watson, we really are going to get to do fan Ages.
(09/13 19:31:47) unicorn smiles and agrees
(09/13 19:31:57) Javier: fan ages?
(09/13 19:31:57) MustardJeep: The nudge we were given on the Kahlo pub idea also sorta greenlights a Idea I had a while back
(09/13 19:32:02) Sorrow: That's awesome!
(09/13 19:32:15) Jishin: The Guild of Writers is going to be able to create Ages that will end up here in MOUL.
(09/13 19:32:17) Javier: it is necesary to clean that
(09/13 19:32:20) Sorrow: I'm glad the GoW is going to have a huge role like that
(09/13 19:32:34) Javier: can't think what we can find there...
(09/13 19:32:35) MustardJeep: Something to think about
(09/13 19:32:35) Jishin: Same! I am thrilled! It is going to be so cool!
(09/13 19:32:53) MustardJeep: The kahlo pub follows the idea of Maintainers
(09/13 19:32:57) From Jishin: that would kick so much tushie.
(09/13 19:33:06) velvetam: We are like one big happy family working togeather for one big goal :)
(09/13 19:33:07) Jishin: Welcome, helodwyn!
(09/13 19:33:08) To Jishin: :D:D:D:D:D:D
(09/13 19:33:27) MustardJeep: Did you get my message Helodwyn?
(09/13 19:33:31) Jishin: velvet -- yeah, that's the idea. We can't do any of this alone. (:
(09/13 19:33:38) AnElise: Shorah, Helodwyn!
(09/13 19:33:45) helodwyn: Yes MustardJeep
(09/13 19:33:46) Javier: and... sorry if you have talked about this.. but how will we do ti..
(09/13 19:33:47) Javier: it
(09/13 19:33:53) helodwyn: Shoah all
(09/13 19:34:01) Javier: everyone will have its ow job
(09/13 19:34:03) Jishin: Define 'it' a little better, Javier?
(09/13 19:34:15) Javier: or will work in groups...
(09/13 19:34:17) MustardJeep: I think everyone has seen areas in the ages with a locked door, or dreams about what is around that next corner
(09/13 19:34:38) Javier: I always dreamt about restoring the library


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