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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 2:56 pm 

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Leaving last weeks guild D'ni tree metaphor... I have another.

Since we are all fans of puzzles lets take another look at an important side story from the last episode. Mr. Laxman did make a statement that there had been a marked decline in the amount of pellets being fed to the lake. We can take that as a flat statement of our declining interest in continuing to make the trip to Ercana because we do not "see" any visual signs of improvement.... and many lost interest.

While some of us diligently found just the right combination to produce the perfect numbers from our production- others chose to experiment further and find different combinations that spoke of their individual tastes. Others went to the extreme and enjoyed exploding pellets while others said we should not feed the lake at all- it will harm the algae! But no matter which kind of pellet we are dropping it does something to the lake.

There is a striking similarity to how we have approached the feeding of the lake to our formation of guilds. Some have forged ahead with the perfect recipe, some are striking off on their own, not willing to commit to the norm, some are just not discussing anything, while others are exploding into the conversations and then going "poof" when they are challenged.

No matter which pellet or which guild - we need more ideas to fill the pool of Guilds! Those of us who are steadfast and consistent are needed to assure steady progress in the mission but the other categories- while they may not be as reliable- they are interesting parts of the mix. A majority of us need drop pellets in the lake, no matter what the recipe, in order to achieve our goals- whether it is building guilds or lighting the lake. And we simply need more explorers to come up with a recipe, start the machine, leave it to cook and drop pellets. And do it over and over again.

It is very important for us to participate and keep our eyes on the Guild pond, even if it is not making any visual impact, and continue to see if we can help make the cavern a little brighter, (of course, in more ways than one :wink: )

By the way- just what will we see when the cavern is made brighter? Just a pile of old stones or a brighter, richer place to explore...

"Always consider the Whole, Atrus. Always look at the interrelatedness of things and remember the 'whole' of one thing is always just a part of something else, something larger." wisely spoken by Anna- "The Book of Atrus"

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 9:34 pm 

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I know for myself it is not lack of interest in continuing to make pellets but there is and has been a problem with my Er'cana from the start. Right now, I drop pellets and they still register as good, but my numbers are jumping all over the place. On one trip they went from 2459 to 3283 to 5964 to 2438 to 3328. Until this has been addressed, I will not continue to drop pellets. And yeas I have submitted several tickets.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 11:20 pm 

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Mostly Jenine was simply making a play on words. Comparing working on dropping pellets to the building of Guilds.

I know you said that you've submitted tickets, but have you also tried inviting someone else to your Er'cana to take a look at your oven settings? The sliders can be......touchy at best.

As for myself:

I've stopped dropping pellets for now. As I've stated else where on here, at first it was loads of fun, trying to figure out the right recipe. Then of course there was the point factor, especially once we were able to post them at the Neighborhoods. It felt like a race and was fun.
Then we had the Enviromentalists going on and on about how we were hurting the lake, so it became less fun.
Then Laxman first states that everything is all right, and then the following episode states that spikes in either direction is not good.
That killed the fun completely for me.
Making sure that I log on each day to drop X amount of pellets (X being a moderate amount) was no longer amusing, it became like work. Work that was no longer fun.
I come to MOUL to have fun and escape the drudgery of work. Not give myself more of the same virtually. :roll:

As far as the guilds go: I've been helping to do my part.
I attend meetings with the Pre-Maintainers. I've made suggestions, put forth ideas, and even helped get communication going between them and the GoW.
I've had several people that want to make some star maps for the GoC and went and talked to them.

I do not have enough time to attend the meetings of each and every group that is trying to form their guilds. While I'm cheering them on and hope everyone does the best that they can (and more importantly, the hard work that they are doing should be fun and remain FUN), I'm also not going to expect to be dazzled with tons and tons of progress and things put on display.

It seems to me that there have been many postings over here that seem to have the same theme:

"Hello? I'm not seeing anything going on? Have the guilds given up? Come on guys, DO something so I can see progress!"

Progress on a good day is going to be slow at best. Apparently, Cyan/DRC wanted it that way. Cate even said: "Baby Steps."
There have been many, many things going on since the announcement of the first guilds with the Pre-Maintainers:

Started discussions on a multitude of subjects.
Has held several meetings to discuss things and get ideas.
Working on a web site that encompasses a multitude of things.
Started a Wiki for the Book of Commentary project.
Did a feature request and talked to ResEngs about a project.
Started dialogs with the GoW about inspecting Fan Ages.
Taken over the "Maintaining" of the Uru Library Manager.
Started to explore and look at some Fan Ages.

As for the other guilds:

My wife applied for, was interviewed, and accepted into the Guild of Greeters. She's been working on what they call Mentoring, and has logged in as often as she can to be at the Greeter's neighborhood to learn, help, and suggest.
The Greeters have a very well established forum and area for people to talk at. They welcome anyone to come and just say hi to them.

The Guild of Cartographers:

They have their own forum located here at Uru Obsession:

Guild Of Cartographers and of course discuss things there. When I approached them with the Star Map idea from my own small Astronomy Guild, they were very warm with their welcome of it.

The Guild of Writers:

They have created their very own forum to discuss things. It can be found here: Guild Of Writers .
They have a very nice forum, which I joined (no you don't have to be a Writer to join) so that I could talk to them about the Maintainers. I was greeted warmly, and they were very open to the idea of the Pre-Maintainers looking at Fan Ages that they are practicing on. They have TONS of stuff that they are talking about.
All one has to do is go there and look.

The Guild of Messengers:

They seemed to have a bumpy start. But they do have places that they are discussing things. I have not been paying much attention to what is going on with them, but I'm sure that they are not standing idle.

If you look, you see some threads of discussion here. But many of the Pre-Guilds (as I'll call them for now) have their own places of discussion that they use:

Maintainers: Assembly of Guilds
Writers: Writers Forum
Cartographers: Cartographers Forum
Greeters: Greeters Home
Messengers: I don't know as I'm not tracking them right now, but I'm sure they have places that they are talking in.

Just because you do not see a whole bunch of discussion going on here, does not mean that it's not going on. It happens all over the place. In the places I've mentioned above and in the Cavern itself.

So if you are wondering what is going on, check the above places out. I'm sure you see a LOT of things going on.


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PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 11:26 pm 
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GoMe's interested parties, like all others, have lives to lead outside of D'ni so that keeps our pace slow.

I haven't checked in on the latest GoMe discussion at because I've been too busy with other things. But, interested persons did have a nice discussion in the Messengers Guild Pub a few weeks ago.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2007 2:48 am 

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I think another thing with the GoMe, perhaps moreso than the other Guilds, is that many of the interested people in a GoMe are already involved with uru related initiatives that suck up a lot of time. I mean, as of late, I've had less time to devote to URU for various reasons, and so most of my uru time has gone to The Archiver. I'm sure others have had similar problems too. In conjunction with Marten's point, it makes it hard to keep up with all the discussions and developments. Maybe that'll change during the hiatus, who knows? :)

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