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PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 6:02 am 
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Cavern Manners: How to Act Like a Person When You Are Not One
A Discussion Seminar
Saturday December 15th at 15:00 KI time in K'veer

Everyone learned good manners growing up, but what are "good manners" when you are in the cavern? When do you say hi or wave to another explorer and when can you run past them? How should you behave at public meetings? How and when should you use age chat, buddy chat, hood chat and PM? What things do you apologize for to other explorers?

Come join us for a discussion in K'veer on Saturday Dec. 15th at 15:00 KI time hosted the Society of Anthropologists, Psychologists and Sociologists. There will be no lectures or presentations, just these and more questions with plenty of discussion. We will use a format that gives everyone a chance to speak while everyone else listens.

Questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Kerryth, Horatio252, or Monkeyboy either in the cavern or on the major forums.

This is the first in what we hope will be a continuing series of discussions about evolving social interaction in MOUL. We're interested in your observations and thoughts about this growing community and how it's working.

Possible future topics:
- Authority, Leadership and Power
- Collective Effort - is it sustainable?

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 4:28 pm 

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It would be cool to have both IC and OOC versions of this discussion. How to act and relate in-character to other IC explorers, etc.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 9:17 pm 
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You're right. One of the reasons we're starting with this topic is that it can be discussed from both perspectives, so it kind of depends on who attends. Also, there are aspects that apply either way. The intent is not proscriptive, but investigative: that is, not to tell people how they should behave, but to ask them, how do you behave? What behavior have you observed? What seems polite? What seems awkward? What kind of behavior do you expect from other people in the Cavern?

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 11:00 pm 

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I'd think it would also be a great primer for anyone looking to play IC -- how to stay in character, where to find others, how to think IC -- like remembering to wear your hardhat when going into the pub, or wear shorts if you'll be wading in water. Good luck with your great concept.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 3:16 am 
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I hope someone will be able to post a chatlog of this event as I may be out of town that weekend. This sounds like an interesting discussion of which I am also curious.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:09 am 

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LostOwl wrote:
I hope someone will be able to post a chatlog of this event as I may be out of town that weekend. This sounds like an interesting discussion of which I am also curious.

Glad you're interested, too bad you'll be gone! We will post a chatlog here when the event is done.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 1:41 pm 

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I'll be interested in attending if I can.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 4:31 pm 
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Great suggestion, Romer. If the discussion doesn't go that direction this time, we can tag it for a future topic.

Dot, I'm glad you can come.

We'll be posting some questions here in the next day or two to get people started thinking about what they might want to comment on and what they've observed.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 7:37 pm 
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(It's been two days, so I hope I don't get in trouble for double posting. :) )

Here are some relevant questions posed by Horatio252 in the related thread in the Assembly of Guilds forum:

    - What are things that you apologize to other players for?
    - What are things you wish other players would apologize for?
    - What are the appropriate behaviors when visiting public neighborhood?
    - When do you need to say hi to someone and when do you run past them?
    - When you visit public neighborhoods and there are people there, must you greet them? only if they are the owners?
    - When can you age chat with one player and when should you do it over PM?
    - How do you avoid butting in to a conversation when people could be PMing?
    - How do you behave appropriately at public meetings?
    - Must you sit at public meetings? Must you worry about blocking people's view of the speaker?
    - Is walking in late to a public meeting as big a deal in cavern as in real life? Is it just as rude to walk down front and grab a seat after the meeting has started?
    - How do you ask questions at a public meeting?
    - Is "/me" really less obtrusive than just saying you have a question
    - Is "/me" really less obtrusive in general or is it just another way to get attention that looks more subtle than talking?
    - Is it okay to PM someone else during a public meeting? Is it okay to PM the speaker?
    - What constitutes buddy list stalking? Is it okay to have total strangers on your buddy list (people whose names you know but have never spoken to (aside from DRC characters))?
    - What is and is not appropriate to discuss on buddy chat? on neighborhood chat? (I know this has been discussed to great length over at MO:UL but it falls under this topic)
    - How important is hood membership? Is having a personal hood anti-social? ( I say that knowing that Monkeyboy and Kerryth both have personal hoods)
    - Should you only stand on or in things in the cavern which you would stand on or in in real life (i.e. running up the center of the great stairs or standing in the hood fountain)?

Here are some more from me:
    - What actions do you perceive as inconsiderate in the game?
    - In what situations have you felt uncertain about how to interact with people?
    - Are the expectations for behavior different in different areas (public Ae'gura vs. public neighborhood, for instance)?
    - What do you expect of people who come to your neighborhood?
    - What do you expect of strangers you encounter in Ae'gura? Are the expectations different in different parts of the City?

Please feel free to address one of these issues when it is your turn to speak at the forum on Saturday, or come up with additional questions for the group.

Oh, and *bump*. :wink:

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2007 3:05 pm 

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:!: Today :!:

I look forward to our discussion

Guild of Archivists

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2007 11:40 pm 
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We had an amazing turnout! Thank you to all who attended. I learned a lot - about what is expected behavior in the cavern.

Here is a log. Be warned, it is long. :)

(12/15 21:59:03) Chat.log started...
(12/15 21:59:13) Al'Kaera: We can all do the typing if need be but a chat log is excellent.
(12/15 21:59:19) LaReh: that window is awesoneme
(12/15 21:59:24) Kerryth: Are people here for the Uru Life discussion?
(12/15 21:59:31) LaReh: lousy non typing fingers
(12/15 21:59:33) Al'Kaera: Uh duh!
(12/15 21:59:36) hakvir: shorah
(12/15 21:59:36) Tai'lahr: I am.
(12/15 21:59:40) Maggot: hi
(12/15 21:59:42) Kerryth: Good. :)
(12/15 21:59:47) Dot: Yes, coming along
(12/15 21:59:47) Skydiver peni: yes
(12/15 21:59:58) hakvir: where is the meeting?
(12/15 22:00:01) Kerryth: Let's sit in a circle, OK?
(12/15 22:00:10) Maggot: dont know
(12/15 22:00:11) Itiseye Mee: Hiya Monkeyboy
(12/15 22:00:14) Skydiver peni: ok
(12/15 22:00:16) Maggot: !
(12/15 22:00:17) Monkeyboy: hello
(12/15 22:00:18) Kerryth: We're up in the round room. Library?
(12/15 22:00:19) skydiver Ravenraft: ok
(12/15 22:00:24) Dot: I think it's in the room with the Myst book
(12/15 22:00:25) hakvir: where is the meeting?
(12/15 22:00:27) Christopher910: startlog
(12/15 22:00:36) Kerryth: Round room, up the stairs!
(12/15 22:00:38) Al'Kaera: Ever widening circles. Sitting may be a problem. Can't see who people are.
(12/15 22:00:39) Tai'lahr: Atrus' prison.
(12/15 22:00:50) Kerryth: Would you rather stand?
(12/15 22:00:51) Monkeyboy: gotta turn of music
(12/15 22:00:55) Ivy: yes I agree that sitting is a bad idea
(12/15 22:00:56) From hakvir: where is the meeting?
(12/15 22:01:06) e'telka waves hello
(12/15 22:01:10) Tai'lahr: Yes, until the KI issue is resolved, standing is better.
(12/15 22:01:12) Al'Kaera: Depends on how people get aknowledged to speak
(12/15 22:01:23) Monkeyboy: better
(12/15 22:01:24) To hakvir: We are up in Atrus' prison room
(12/15 22:02:03) Kerryth: Here's the way we'd like it to work.
(12/15 22:02:23) Kerryth: I have the list of questions on my KI, to get you started.
(12/15 22:02:43) Kerryth: I'll send it out. You can address one or pose your own.
(12/15 22:02:48) skydiver Ravenraft: manner's are very good to have the small fork to the left is for the cavare
(12/15 22:03:03) Skydiver peni: poke
(12/15 22:03:05) Maggot: i dont use a fork
(12/15 22:03:07) Kerryth: We'll go around the circle, and each person will get to speak - no comments at that time.
(12/15 22:03:10) Monkeyboy: someone brought Caviar?
(12/15 22:03:34) skydiver Ravenraft: i did help ur self
(12/15 22:03:36) Kerryth: You can talk about whichever aspect of cavern behavior (good manners/bad manners) most interests you.
(12/15 22:03:56) Kerryth: When everybody who wants to has had a turn, we'll just go on to informal chat about it.
(12/15 22:04:13) Kerryth: Please PM me if you want the KI list.
(12/15 22:04:30) Tai'lahr: Is it the same as the one on the forum? I printed that one out.
(12/15 22:04:39) Dot: I did too
(12/15 22:04:40) Kerryth: Yes it is the same, pretty much.
(12/15 22:04:43) From skydiver Ravenraft: i like one plz
(12/15 22:05:06) Itiseye Mee: I wrote them out earlier Kerryth Cheers
(12/15 22:05:20) Kerryth: Anybody else?
(12/15 22:05:24) Al'Kaera: I have the forum page up, good to go, thanks
(12/15 22:05:39) Kerryth: Super! Well, if you want them, let me know.
(12/15 22:05:41) Ivy: I do too
(12/15 22:05:49) Tai'lahr: I'm impressed by the preparedness here.
(12/15 22:05:55) Kerryth: Thanks!
(12/15 22:06:08) Monkeyboy: She worked hard on this.
(12/15 22:06:19) Dot: Yes, it's an interesting subject, and timely too
(12/15 22:06:21) Kerryth: Join the circle folks. We're going to go around and take turns.
(12/15 22:07:00) Kerryth: Please hold your comments on what somebody else says until it's you're turn. When you've finished what you were going to say, say "next"
(12/15 22:07:07) Al'Kaera: We still in a circle?
(12/15 22:07:11) Al'Kaera looks around for a bit
(12/15 22:07:29) Kerryth: Go ahead and fill in the gaps.
(12/15 22:08:29) Kerryth: I'll start with the reason I wanted to discuss this subject. I'm still nto sure what to do when I arrive in a place where people are. Do I greet everyone? Can I just run off and do what I came for? What is the expectation?
(12/15 22:08:46) Kerryth: I don't know. I want to hear what people think about behavior here.
(12/15 22:08:57) Kerryth: So, who is to my left? You're next.
(12/15 22:09:05) Kerryth: Maggot?
(12/15 22:09:11) Maggot: i guess so
(12/15 22:09:25) Kerryth: Go ahead.
(12/15 22:09:32) [ Auto Shout Enabled ]
(12/15 22:09:36) Maggot: my only "complaint" is people that wont respond when u ask something
(12/15 22:09:47) Maggot: its like they have secrets
(12/15 22:10:16) Maggot: you can say hello and no one says a word
(12/15 22:10:30) Maggot: thats my only problem
(12/15 22:10:37) Maggot: so far
(12/15 22:10:46) Maggot: nexdt
(12/15 22:10:50) Maggot: or next
(12/15 22:11:02) Kerryth: Kneb?
(12/15 22:11:54) Kerryth: Skydiver Kneb, you're next. You can pass if you want
(12/15 22:11:59) Al'Kaera: Anyone who doesn't have a comment can just say next to move it on
(12/15 22:12:05) Kerryth: Yes.
(12/15 22:12:43) Kerryth: Perhaps pretyping would be good too.
(12/15 22:12:56) Itiseye Mee: When on the surface we don't talk to people we don't know
(12/15 22:13:02) To Skydiver Kneb: Do you have a comment, Kneb?
(12/15 22:13:15) Itiseye Mee: So trying to get around this is a problem for me
(12/15 22:13:34) Kerryth: Well, Ravenraft do you want to comment?
(12/15 22:13:47) Itiseye Mee: Down here it is diffrent
(12/15 22:13:47) skydiver Ravenraft: yes thank yuo
(12/15 22:13:53) skydiver Ravenraft: you
(12/15 22:14:10) Skydiver Kneb: sorry
(12/15 22:14:21) skydiver Ravenraft: i have no plb with pp runing around ona quest
(12/15 22:14:35) skydiver Ravenraft: im happy for them
(12/15 22:14:47) Skydiver Kneb: I was talkining in neighborhood cha
(12/15 22:14:48) skydiver Ravenraft: there enjoying the game
(12/15 22:15:08) skydiver Ravenraft: if they want to stop and say hi
(12/15 22:15:19) Skydiver Kneb: I'm a slow typer
(12/15 22:15:32) skydiver Ravenraft: then u can take the time to make qa new friend
(12/15 22:15:47) skydiver Ravenraft: next
(12/15 22:15:51) To Christopher910: Kneb?
(12/15 22:15:53) Skydiver peni: when i link into a large group i usually say "shorah all" . then greet friends one by one
(12/15 22:15:55) To Christopher910: sorry
(12/15 22:16:07) Skydiver peni: that works well for me
(12/15 22:16:13) Skydiver peni: next
(12/15 22:16:27) Skydiver Branman82: I have no complaints to give, i love the community down here.........
(12/15 22:16:43) Skydiver Branman82: but I would like to appologize to anyone who thinks that I may have ignored them
(12/15 22:16:59) Skydiver Branman82: I try to offer my help whenever someone needs it
(12/15 22:17:26) Skydiver Branman82: if you see me around and need help, just come find me, if I have the time to talk or have fun, im willing
(12/15 22:17:27) Christopher910: I am a slow typer too
(12/15 22:17:54) Skydiver Branman82: I think a lot of people don't realize or forget that they can use /autoshout as well
(12/15 22:18:09) Skydiver Branman82: if you come in city and say hi without it, sometimes no one hears you
(12/15 22:18:23) Skydiver Branman82: I try and make it habbit to always turn it on
(12/15 22:18:26) Skydiver Branman82: next
(12/15 22:18:31) Skydiver Kneb: I really want to meet more people and be at help
(12/15 22:18:34) Kerryth: Ivy?
(12/15 22:18:43) Ivy: when I arrive in a place I usually say shorah... if I am just running through then I usually say so, except maybe if on a timed quest
(12/15 22:18:45) Skydiver Branman82: same here kneb
(12/15 22:19:18) Ivy: if people come in where I am I try to say hi as well
(12/15 22:19:31) Ivy: next
(12/15 22:19:33) Tamias: I like to say hello and then listen to the conversation for a bit before deciding what to do. I like it when people say hello, and then go on or stay and talk.
(12/15 22:19:40) Skydiver Kneb: sometimes it works, sometimes not
(12/15 22:20:10) Tamias: I try to say hello to everyone as they arrive in a neighborhood where I am with friends.
(12/15 22:20:12) Tamias: next
(12/15 22:20:16) Itiseye Mee: Sorry for being out of turn earlier. Eager beaver Next
(12/15 22:20:33) To Skydiver Kneb: Dot?
(12/15 22:20:47) To Skydiver Kneb: Sorry! We'll come back to you, Kneb
(12/15 22:20:53) Kerryth: dot?
(12/15 22:20:54) Dot: In the hood, we try to say shorah to people by name when they link in
(12/15 22:21:37) Dot: If we're having a meeting, it seems that one or two of us keep a special eye on the KI lists and welcome them in age player chat
(12/15 22:22:06) Skydiver Kneb: I usually not use name, maybe that's srange for a swede
(12/15 22:22:11) Dot: If the meeting is being chatlogged, I sometimes use pm chat to say shorah to individuals
(12/15 22:22:39) tachzusamm: Shorah
(12/15 22:22:44) Dot: I like to use the name, because it shows the other person that 'I see you, this is for you specially'
(12/15 22:22:53) Skydiver peni nods her head
(12/15 22:22:55) Drakeee: shorah b'shehmtee
(12/15 22:22:55) Skydiver Kneb: if I use a name it means something serious
(12/15 22:23:03) Dot: And if people are lonely, that can mean a lot to them
(12/15 22:23:07) Dot: next
(12/15 22:23:14) Itiseye Mee: next
(12/15 22:23:16) Kerryth: Itiseye Mee?
(12/15 22:23:18) Kerryth: OK
(12/15 22:23:26) Kerryth: Christopher?
(12/15 22:24:08) Christopher910: I am wondering what is meeting about?
(12/15 22:24:25) Christopher910: yea
(12/15 22:24:36) Kerryth: It is a forum about good manners/bad manners in the Cavern. A listening session. It's your turn if you ave a comment.
(12/15 22:25:26) Kerryth: If not you can say "next"
(12/15 22:27:15) To Christopher910: Do you want to comment, Christopher? If' you're typing, go ahead.
(12/15 22:27:46) Kerryth: We can come back. Horatio?
(12/15 22:27:52) Horatio252: I am curious about behavior at public meetings. Must people sit? is slash saying something better than just saying it. It actually seems a nice way of asking for a turn ot speak, but I have seen it used poorly
(12/15 22:27:58) Skydiver Kneb: sorry I can't read you anymore
(12/15 22:28:07) [ Auto Shout Disabled ]
(12/15 22:28:11) [ Auto Shout Enabled ]
(12/15 22:28:23) Ivy: maybe we need to use autoshout?
(12/15 22:28:26) Kerryth: (better use /autoshout, everybody)
(12/15 22:28:29) Horatio252: like someone once came inot a meeting late and went slash me comes in a fins a seat in the back
(12/15 22:28:57) Horatio252: I asked about proer behavior in public meetings
(12/15 22:29:14) Horatio252: some people use slash in a way in way that bring attneiton to thm
(12/15 22:29:22) Horatio252: instead of avoiding it
(12/15 22:29:38) Drakeee: there is a lot of people here
(12/15 22:29:40) Horatio252: like the example of the person who slah found a seat quiety
(12/15 22:29:48) Altydwarber: shorah all
(12/15 22:30:02) Horatio252: it works well for asking ofr a turn ot speak
(12/15 22:30:15) To Altydwarber: Shorah, Altydwarber.
(12/15 22:30:26) Horatio252: but not otherwwise IMO
(12/15 22:30:30) Horatio252: next
(12/15 22:30:32) To Altydwarber: We're going around the circle.
(12/15 22:30:34) Telmora: next
(12/15 22:30:47) Monkeyboy: oh no!
(12/15 22:30:49) Ivy: yes Drakeee, we are discussing howwe behave in the cavern
(12/15 22:30:50) Kerryth: Monkeyboy?
(12/15 22:31:04) Drakeee: ok that is a good topic
(12/15 22:31:04) Kerryth: If you haven't had a turn, we'll get back to you.
(12/15 22:31:06) Monkeyboy: yea my chat went away hold on
(12/15 22:31:24) Kerryth: please use autoshout.
(12/15 22:31:51) Ivy: shorah Whilyam, Alty, anyone else who just arrived
(12/15 22:31:52) Monkeyboy: Sometimes when people says hello to me, I"ll answer back then there is silence...
(12/15 22:32:25) Monkeyboy: never know if it is an acknowledgement that we are both here or there is more...
(12/15 22:32:58) Monkeyboy: usually I"ll wait for a couple of secs. then continue on what I'm doing
(12/15 22:33:21) Monkeyboy: so I apologize to anyone who wanted to have a conversation
(12/15 22:33:32) Monkeyboy: but there may have been Ki bugs
(12/15 22:33:38) Monkeyboy: Also
(12/15 22:33:49) hakvir: It seems more and more rare that ppl are in cavern without "a reason" which makes it hard for new ppl or those who have not made partic
(12/15 22:33:55) hakvir: sorry
(12/15 22:34:07) Monkeyboy: One thing I think we all have trouble with...
(12/15 22:34:21) Monkeyboy: is behaviour during story week
(12/15 22:34:51) Monkeyboy: when is a good time to ask a DRC member a ?
(12/15 22:35:04) To Lydiamalia: Shorah, Lydiamalia! We're going around the circle and we'll go back to the people who came later.
(12/15 22:35:13) Monkeyboy: Do you just onslaught them then they pick and choose?
(12/15 22:35:27) Monkeyboy: Or do we wait for a moderator?
(12/15 22:35:30) Drakeee: sorry about that my age players list is retarded
(12/15 22:35:41) Savanah"MM": what goes on
(12/15 22:35:52) Monkeyboy: I know we all have questions we want answered
(12/15 22:35:54) Solita: sure
(12/15 22:36:22) Savanah"MM": why didnt anyone tell me of this
(12/15 22:36:29) Kerryth: For those who came in later, we're going around the circle. We'll catch you after we get around.
(12/15 22:36:30) Monkeyboy: And I have been guilty of spontaneously shouting out a question, (got it answered too)
(12/15 22:36:32) Savanah"MM": lol
(12/15 22:36:55) Monkeyboy: Next,
(12/15 22:37:06) Kerryth: Tai'lahr?
(12/15 22:37:28) Savanah"MM": ok now it does
(12/15 22:37:38) Tai'lahr: This is all very interesting. I agree with Horatio about the excess /me usage during public meetings...
(12/15 22:37:56) Savanah"MM": br
(12/15 22:38:00) Savanah"MM": brb
(12/15 22:38:05) Maggot: one more thing which i think is sad is there is a lady who asks out loud if anyone needs help - appaently some people dont like her doing that which I think is very poor behavior
(12/15 22:38:20) Maggot: sorry for interupting
(12/15 22:38:25) Tai'lahr: Next
(12/15 22:38:41) Kerryth: Savannah?
(12/15 22:38:59) Kerryth: When she comes back.
(12/15 22:39:04) Kerryth: A;
(12/15 22:39:11) Kerryth: Al'Kaera?
(12/15 22:39:22) Al'Kaera: Depends on where I aqm
(12/15 22:39:26) Al'Kaera: am
(12/15 22:39:51) Al'Kaera: In the Guild bevins and other large named ones , I say shorah or hello
(12/15 22:40:12) Savanah"MM": im back
(12/15 22:40:12) Al'Kaera: Friendly owned bevins I do the same.
(12/15 22:40:36) To Savanah"MM": We skipped you but we'll come back to you.
(12/15 22:40:40) Al'Kaera: New places iI wait a sec to see if anyonne notices the arrival, then I say hello
(12/15 22:40:49) Skydiver Kneb: Ahnonnay is called the annoying age, but it forces people to communicate
(12/15 22:41:00) Al'Kaera: Sometimes they don't notice 8-_))
(12/15 22:41:29) Al'Kaera: I'd like to add that we all come from the surface and we bring our manners with us...
(12/15 22:41:57) Al'Kaera: Some who are here in the cavern try to raise the standard and
(12/15 22:42:13) Skydiver Kneb: It's not easy in the beginning of contact
(12/15 22:42:16) Al'Kaera: that in itself could teach us all something.
(12/15 22:42:31) Skydiver Narbada: hi there
(12/15 22:42:42) Skydiver Kneb: hi
(12/15 22:42:51) To Skydiver Narbada: Hello, Narbada. You're welcome to join us.
(12/15 22:42:58) Savanah"MM" is checking something out
(12/15 22:42:59) Al'Kaera: The only 'gripe' I have is when someone comes to a place with a group that is chatting..
(12/15 22:43:04) Danny Cochran: Hallo
(12/15 22:43:37) Al'Kaera: And they are on voice chat only and won;t stop and respect the others who don't want to listen.
(12/15 22:43:48) To Danny Cochran: Hi, Danny! We're going around the circle in this forum. Please join the circle if you want a turn.
(12/15 22:43:48) Al'Kaera: next.
(12/15 22:44:11) Kerryth: Savannah?
(12/15 22:44:14) Savanah"MM": yes
(12/15 22:44:19) Kerryth: Do you want a turn?
(12/15 22:44:28) Savanah"MM": yes
(12/15 22:44:33) Kerryth: Go ahead then
(12/15 22:44:34) Savanah"MM": but may i ask
(12/15 22:44:48) Savanah"MM": what are we supposed to be talking about
(12/15 22:44:54) Savanah"MM": whats the subject
(12/15 22:45:09) Kerryth: Behavior in the cavern. What do you expect? What is polite, what is not polite?
(12/15 22:45:41) Savanah"MM": well what is polite i think is when someone acctully says hello in the cavern
(12/15 22:46:02) Savanah"MM": you should always say hello or shorah
(12/15 22:46:21) Savanah"MM": because when u dont well thats not polite
(12/15 22:46:27) To Savanah"MM": And when you are finished with your comments, say "next"
(12/15 22:47:06) Savanah"MM": and the other thing is with the greeters
(12/15 22:47:21) Savanah"MM": once i was at the gog bevin and someone very rude came
(12/15 22:47:34) Skydiver Kneb: this is special, do you say hello to everyone in real life?
(12/15 22:48:16) Savanah"MM": and that person that came to the greeters bevin was so mean to the greeters
(12/15 22:48:23) Savanah"MM": i couldnt belive it
(12/15 22:48:48) Savanah"MM": its like he thought the greeters were supposed to do everything
(12/15 22:48:49) Altydwarber: as a matter of fact I do yes, i live in a small place and we know each other
(12/15 22:49:16) Travis Gorby: what was there name
(12/15 22:49:32) Savanah"MM": do u mean the guy who was rude
(12/15 22:49:41) Savanah"MM": if u do i forgot
(12/15 22:49:42) Travis Gorby: Yes
(12/15 22:49:50) Travis Gorby: Oh
(12/15 22:49:51) Savanah"MM": i dont remeber his name
(12/15 22:49:59) Savanah"MM": it was two moths ago
(12/15 22:50:05) Savanah"MM": but he let mad
(12/15 22:50:06) Ivy: no need to tell it, I'm sure he was reported
(12/15 22:50:06) Travis Gorby: Oh
(12/15 22:50:14) Savanah"MM": but that guy was so rude
(12/15 22:50:17) Kerryth: For those who came late, we're going around the circle. Please holdyour comments and questions until it's your turn.
(12/15 22:50:20) Savanah"MM": i couldnt belive it
(12/15 22:50:22) Kerryth: Thx
(12/15 22:50:34) Savanah"MM": hes probaly gone from uru now
(12/15 22:50:41) Savanah"MM": next.
(12/15 22:50:42) Skydiver Kneb: fine ,I live in a big city and wouldn't dare to say hello to everyone
(12/15 22:50:47) Kerryth: Hakvir?
(12/15 22:50:51) hakvir: It is difficult for new ppl or those who have not made a particular connection (friend,good bevin) to "break into" the culture of the cavern. It is very rare that ppl are here without something to do.
(12/15 22:51:11) Skydiver peni: ok
(12/15 22:51:17) Skydiver peni: oops
(12/15 22:51:23) hakvir: Even visiting with friends is doing something.
(12/15 22:51:52) hakvir: And when we add the differences in cultures around the world, ppl can get lost.
(12/15 22:52:23) Skydiver Kneb: sure
(12/15 22:52:31) hakvir: I get sad when someone comes in and tries to be friendly and are not responded to.
(12/15 22:53:01) hakvir: I dont like everyone and i know everyone doesnt like me, but i am hoping to build this community..
(12/15 22:53:27) hakvir: and when someone walks away feeling invisible, i dont know that they would come back.
(12/15 22:53:58) hakvir: I am a very shy person and it took me a while to get comfortable with this culture of the cavern
(12/15 22:54:08) Skydiver Kneb: It may not be in purpose
(12/15 22:54:13) Maggot: this isnt a big city - this is like a community and ppl have similar goals in uru and shouldnt be shutting other ppl out
(12/15 22:54:24) hakvir: i realize that we all bring our manners and our ways of doing things down here with us,
(12/15 22:54:40) Savanah"MM": well most people in the cavern are nice
(12/15 22:54:45) Tai'lahr reminds everyone this is listening time, not discussion time.
(12/15 22:55:02) To Tai'lahr: Thank you!
(12/15 22:55:06) hakvir: but this cavern has a culture that is unique and a combination of all the cultures represented by the ppl in the cavern
(12/15 22:55:10) Skydiver Kneb: your'r right Maggot
(12/15 22:55:21) Savanah"MM": sorry
(12/15 22:55:38) hakvir: there must be some way that we could find to help ppl become more comfortable.
(12/15 22:55:52) hakvir: one way that i try to be now, is, even if i am busy
(12/15 22:56:04) hakvir: i try to put what i am doing on hold,
(12/15 22:56:25) hakvir: and help the new person or shy person to do or understnad what
(12/15 22:56:28) hakvir: they need.
(12/15 22:56:47) Skydiver Kneb: it takes some time
(12/15 22:57:01) Skydiver Kneb: to adapt
(12/15 22:57:03) hakvir: sometimes, it is hard for new/shy ppl to step out and understand what you are doing when the culture
(12/15 22:57:11) hakvir: here is so different.
(12/15 22:57:19) To hakvir: Don't forget "next" when you are finished. Thanks.
(12/15 22:57:23) hakvir: thank you., next
(12/15 22:57:41) Kerryth: We've gone around but skipped people. These are the names I have.
(12/15 22:58:06) Kerryth: Krakee, Lydiamalia, Altydwarber, Whilyam, Dr. Richardson, Travis Gorby
(12/15 22:58:13) Gboss: shorah all
(12/15 22:58:18) Kerryth: I know I missed some. Would one of you like to speak?
(12/15 22:58:34) Kerryth: Skydiver Kneb, we missed you too, sort of.
(12/15 22:58:38) Kerryth: Want to go next?
(12/15 22:58:48) Kerryth: And Danny! Sorry.
(12/15 22:58:50) Skydiver Kneb: k
(12/15 22:59:27) Kerryth: Kneb?
(12/15 22:59:45) Skydiver Kneb: I have nothing more to say right now
(12/15 22:59:50) Kerryth: Danny?
(12/15 22:59:51) Savanah"MM" waits for the bahro
(12/15 23:00:00) Danny Cochran: Go were
(12/15 23:00:12) Skydiver Narbada has a question
(12/15 23:00:15) Kerryth: Do you have a comment for the forum, Danny Cochran?
(12/15 23:00:30) Danny Cochran: No
(12/15 23:00:49) Kerryth: OK
(12/15 23:00:54) Kerryth: Altydwarber?
(12/15 23:01:10) Altydwarber: well I heard a lot of things already
(12/15 23:01:40) Altydwarber: but I like to say hi to all that come in and like it when they greet back
(12/15 23:01:42) Altydwarber: and
(12/15 23:02:07) Altydwarber: I don't have much problemshere
(12/15 23:02:36) Altydwarber: I understand that some people sometimes are busy so i move on and go elsewhere
(12/15 23:02:43) Skydiver Kneb: piece of cake
(12/15 23:02:49) Altydwarber: next
(12/15 23:02:59) Kerryth: Lydiamalia?
(12/15 23:03:05) Telmora: From what I've seen, the greatest divide between groups in the cavern is age. We have more children and young teens in this community than there were a year ago. As of now I don't know any realistic way bridge this gap in maturity. However, if any of you can follow up on this with any ideas that would great.
(12/15 23:03:14) Lydiamalia: I have nothing to add atm
(12/15 23:03:29) Kerryth: OK. Let's see. Skydiver narbada
(12/15 23:03:33) Telmora: Oops did I skip someone?
(12/15 23:03:45) Kerryth: No problem. I'm skipping down my written list. lol
(12/15 23:03:51) Telmora: his the enter button on accident, sorry
(12/15 23:04:04) Kerryth: Narbad?
(12/15 23:04:11) Kerryth: Narbada. sorry
(12/15 23:04:23) Skydiver Narbada: i find most greeters helpful and friendly. sometimes newcomers do get ignored, however, if it is busy
(12/15 23:04:38) Skydiver Narbada: they keep repeating their query
(12/15 23:05:10) Skydiver Narbada: I try pming them but the newer folks are leary of a stranger talking to then directly and it often does not get a response
(12/15 23:05:28) Savanah"MM" is checking something out
(12/15 23:05:38) Skydiver Narbada: i like helping people because so many people have helped me
(12/15 23:05:58) Skydiver Narbada: i am not shy asking for help or offering it
(12/15 23:06:06) Skydiver Narbada: thx
(12/15 23:06:14) Kerryth: Next?
(12/15 23:06:20) Kerryth: Is Drakeee still here?
(12/15 23:06:21) Telmora (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(12/15 23:06:30) Kerryth: Travis Gorby?
(12/15 23:06:30) Ivy: no I dont think so
(12/15 23:06:31) Savanah"MM": nope he left
(12/15 23:07:04) Kerryth: Dr. Richardson, do you want to comment?
(12/15 23:07:16) Dr. Richardson: I think it is important for all of us in the Cavern to consider the multi-cultural nature of our society here, and also that the technology we use to communicate is not comfortable to all. Patience, understanding, and a willingness to co-operate benefits us all.
(12/15 23:07:33) Tai'lahr nods her head
(12/15 23:08:30) Al'Kaera agrees, patience, especially patience.
(12/15 23:08:53) To Dr. Richardson: If you are finished with your comment, say "next" please
(12/15 23:08:54) Dr. Richardson: Essentially, URU is what we make it.
(12/15 23:09:18) Dr. Richardson: Thank you.Next.
(12/15 23:09:21) Altydwarber: very true
(12/15 23:09:28) Skydiver Kneb: patience is the key word
(12/15 23:09:29) Kerryth: Is there anyone else we missed?
(12/15 23:09:58) Danny Cochran: Is here in Relto
(12/15 23:10:30) Kerryth: Let's open it up to a more informal discussion then, for those who would like to stick around.
(12/15 23:10:36) Kerryth: I heard some common themes
(12/15 23:10:47) Kerryth: People like to be greeted. They like to be acknowledged.
(12/15 23:10:58) Kerryth: Even if it is just for a moment.
(12/15 23:11:11) Kerryth: Greeting someone is not considered an intrusion.
(12/15 23:11:11) Danny Cochran: Drakeee
(12/15 23:11:30) Kerryth: Thanks, Danny!
(12/15 23:12:27) Kerryth: Also, we belong to many different cultures, and have different expectations.
(12/15 23:12:37) Danny Cochran: I saw Drakeee in Relto
(12/15 23:12:56) Tamias: I think someone mentioned different behavior when arriving at a meeting than when arriving at an informal gathering
(12/15 23:12:59) From hakvir: i have to go but i am going to leave avi here because i am chatlogging. thanks for the meeting.
(12/15 23:13:12) To hakvir: thank you for coming!
(12/15 23:13:28) Tamias: Meetings using text chat are hard enough without social interruptions, no matter how well intentioned
(12/15 23:13:28) Ivy: that's a good point Tamias
(12/15 23:13:39) Kerryth: True. There's a lag.
(12/15 23:14:07) Kerryth: What can seem inconsiderate is not always meant to be, or even very often.
(12/15 23:14:10) Dot: Also, it makes the text chat difficult to follow
(12/15 23:14:30) Danny Cochran: do you want him in K'veer?
(12/15 23:14:44) Kerryth: No, Danny. That's OK.
(12/15 23:15:02) Dot: Unless he wants to come here :-)
(12/15 23:15:09) Kerryth: Yes. :-)
(12/15 23:15:21) Savanah"MM": guess hwat
(12/15 23:15:23) Savanah"MM": what
(12/15 23:15:55) Savanah"MM": the other day i found randy millers KI number
(12/15 23:16:29) Tai'lahr sighs
(12/15 23:16:35) Kerryth: I have a question for all of you.
(12/15 23:16:40) Savanah"MM": what
(12/15 23:16:40) Skydiver Narbada sighs
(12/15 23:16:44) Savanah"MM": sorry i did that
(12/15 23:16:48) Kerryth: Do you try to respect "personal space" in the cavern?
(12/15 23:16:55) Ivy: yes
(12/15 23:16:56) Kerryth: That is, not run through other people?
(12/15 23:16:59) Dot: Yes
(12/15 23:17:02) Lydiamalia: yes
(12/15 23:17:02) Tamias: yes
(12/15 23:17:04) Kerryth: Why?
(12/15 23:17:07) Altydwarber: yes
(12/15 23:17:10) Horatio252 nods
(12/15 23:17:11) Kerryth: :-)
(12/15 23:17:13) Savanah"MM": yes
(12/15 23:17:19) Itiseye Mee: Like waliking through someone?
(12/15 23:17:21) Tai'lahr: Yes - except with close friends. :)
(12/15 23:17:21) Skydiver Narbada: if i can avoid it
(12/15 23:17:22) Dot: I think the natural response of standing in a circle indicates that
(12/15 23:17:26) Ivy: it just seems rude to run through someone
(12/15 23:17:28) Tamias: in fact most of us leave more personal space here than in RL
(12/15 23:17:35) Tamias: look at us here :)
(12/15 23:17:40) Kerryth: Do you apologize when you do it?
(12/15 23:17:43) Savanah"MM": so right now im sending him pics of cool stuff ive found in uru
(12/15 23:17:44) Tamias: ys
(12/15 23:17:45) Altydwarber: yes
(12/15 23:17:46) Itiseye Mee: No
(12/15 23:17:51) Lydiamalia: sometimes
(12/15 23:17:52) Dot: Yes, I noticed that in a RL meeting with hood mates
(12/15 23:17:55) Ivy: sometimes :)
(12/15 23:18:00) Savanah"MM": what i found that is a secret
(12/15 23:18:02) Skydiver Narbada: not if im running somewhere
(12/15 23:18:05) Tai'lahr: Yes, sometimes
(12/15 23:18:15) Kerryth: Sometimes you can't help it.
(12/15 23:18:17) Ivy: it can be an accident
(12/15 23:18:20) Skydiver Narbada: right
(12/15 23:18:25) Dot: lag
(12/15 23:18:28) Itiseye Mee: Sorry Horatio for walking through you at my relto
(12/15 23:18:31) Kerryth: I don't apologize then. But I wonder, should I?
(12/15 23:18:37) Ivy: yes lag can cause it to happen
(12/15 23:18:38) Altydwarber: true but even then I say sorry
(12/15 23:18:40) Tai'lahr: Sometimes lag makes it look like it happens to some ppl, but others don't see it.
(12/15 23:18:42) Skydiver Narbada: often too late
(12/15 23:18:54) Kerryth: True.
(12/15 23:18:54) Skydiver Narbada: they are gone
(12/15 23:19:22) Dot: Similar thing happens at link-in spots
(12/15 23:19:31) Skydiver peni: sometimes it is the only way to get from point A to point B if they are just standing there
(12/15 23:19:37) Skydiver Narbada: but skydivers like to crowd together in tight spots
(12/15 23:19:39) Skydiver peni: they may be chatting
(12/15 23:19:40) skydiver Ravenraft: if u walk throiught some one u have to give them a stick of bublegun
(12/15 23:19:46) Kerryth: lol
(12/15 23:19:47) Ivy: during the last episode we had a realyer in our hood... someone arrived and stood or sat right in the middle of the relayer avie
(12/15 23:19:51) Ivy: relayer
(12/15 23:19:57) Tamias: turned around, I have had people run through me repeatedly and I don't like that
(12/15 23:20:04) Ivy: I found that very rude
(12/15 23:20:09) Skydiver peni: nor do I
(12/15 23:20:23) Kerryth: What do you do?
(12/15 23:20:29) Dr. Richardson: I must go, but not without thanking Kerryth for doing an excellent job of hosting this discussion, and all those here for attending. You all make a difference in the development of our society, and it is encouraging. Shorah all.
(12/15 23:20:41) Ivy waves goodbye
(12/15 23:20:42) Skydiver Narbada: i second that
(12/15 23:20:42) Kerryth: Thank you, Dr. Richardson.
(12/15 23:20:44) Tamias: Shorah, DR
(12/15 23:20:46) Lydiamalia waves goodbye
(12/15 23:20:46) Al'Kaera: Shorah Doc
(12/15 23:20:48) Itiseye Mee: I try to give to utmost space for ppl as in RL
(12/15 23:20:49) Savanah"MM": bye
(12/15 23:20:49) Altydwarber: shorah dr richardson
(12/15 23:20:56) Dot: Shorah Dr
(12/15 23:21:13) Savanah"MM": im finnally done with sending some pics to randy miller
(12/15 23:21:19) Tamias: I leave if the person will not stop after being asked to do so
(12/15 23:21:25) Savanah"MM": i still cant belive i found his KI number
(12/15 23:21:35) Lydiamalia: sigh
(12/15 23:21:40) Skydiver Narbada: sigh
(12/15 23:21:43) Kerryth: That's one thing about Uru. You can avoid things.
(12/15 23:21:43) Savanah"MM": what is it
(12/15 23:21:54) Savanah"MM": sorry that im talking
(12/15 23:22:05) Savanah"MM": unless u guys want his ki number
(12/15 23:22:08) Kerryth: You can put people on Ignore and if they run through you it doesn't do you any harm.
(12/15 23:22:24) Skydiver Narbada: really
(12/15 23:22:26) Dot: Alternatively, you can relto out
(12/15 23:22:39) Tai'lahr: Oh, yeah, we can put someone on ignore... thanks for that timely reminder. :)
(12/15 23:22:43) Dot: if it's a group situation you're unhappy with
(12/15 23:22:46) Kerryth: General question. How often do you Relto out of a social situation?
(12/15 23:22:56) Skydiver Narbada: but does that stop the runnung through
(12/15 23:22:59) Al'Kaera: Interrupting chat is not nice either, and when it happens, what is said to the person. or is it nicer to them to act like it isn't going on
(12/15 23:23:08) Horatio252: I try to walk out of sight before reltoing
(12/15 23:23:23) Kerryth: I do too. It seems more polite.
(12/15 23:23:30) Altydwarber: yes me too
(12/15 23:23:31) Itiseye Mee: as i
(12/15 23:23:33) Kerryth: Do you say anything before you go?
(12/15 23:23:37) Tamias: same here, I walk away first or say goodbye
(12/15 23:23:37) Ivy: I normally say goodbye before I relto out
(12/15 23:23:40) Dot: I usually say 'excuse me, I need to move on'
(12/15 23:23:46) Altydwarber: most of the times yes
(12/15 23:23:48) Dot: or something like that
(12/15 23:24:02) Kerryth: What if it is a big crowd?
(12/15 23:24:03) Al'Kaera: I let 'em know where I'm going and say the byes and go.
(12/15 23:24:04) Ivy: unless it is bery busy, like a meeting
(12/15 23:24:13) Tamias: right, Ivy
(12/15 23:24:15) Lydiamalia nods her head
(12/15 23:24:16) Skydiver Kneb: now I can read you again
(12/15 23:24:20) Savanah"MM": ok i will tell u guys
(12/15 23:24:32) Savanah"MM": it is
(12/15 23:24:51) Savanah"MM": sorry people
(12/15 23:25:02) Savanah"MM": im leaving now
(12/15 23:25:02) Kerryth: We had some questions about using the Buddy List.
(12/15 23:25:14) Itiseye Mee: Bye Savanah
(12/15 23:25:19) Kerryth: So long, Savannah!
(12/15 23:25:23) Altydwarber: bye savannah
(12/15 23:25:25) Lydiamalia waves goodbye
(12/15 23:25:30) Skydiver Kneb: bye
(12/15 23:25:34) Monkeyboy: Thanks Kerryth, for this great Idea. Unforunately I got to run, so I'll so bye now!
(12/15 23:25:37) Skydiver Narbada: se ya
(12/15 23:25:37) Ivy: too late
(12/15 23:25:46) Ivy: bye MonkeyBoy
(12/15 23:25:48) Kerryth: We've been going more than an hour.
(12/15 23:25:49) Itiseye Mee: Bye
(12/15 23:25:51) Altydwarber: bye monkeyboy
(12/15 23:25:54) Monkeyboy: bye
(12/15 23:25:55) Kerryth: See you, Monkeyboy!
(12/15 23:26:00) Lydiamalia: Bye
(12/15 23:26:03) Skydiver Narbada: bye
(12/15 23:26:06) Squalls: Heyas
(12/15 23:26:07) Dot: Bye
(12/15 23:26:14) Kerryth: I have to leave too in a minute, but I'd like to thank everyone for coming.
(12/15 23:26:19) jclay101: Bye all
(12/15 23:26:30) Tamias: thank you for hosting, Kerryth
(12/15 23:26:31) Lydiamalia: Thank you Kerryth
(12/15 23:26:34) Dot: Thanks for organising this
(12/15 23:26:34) Skydiver peni: i like hearing what people have to say about these things
(12/15 23:26:35) Skydiver Narbada: thanks Kerryth for an informative meeting
(12/15 23:26:35) Kerryth: The Society of Anthropologists, Psychologists and Sociologists...
(12/15 23:26:44) Altydwarber: thank you kerryth
(12/15 23:26:47) Kerryth: will do this again, if htere is interest..
(12/15 23:26:50) Skydiver peni: thank you for the opportunity
(12/15 23:26:52) Al'Kaera: Then you need to have another of these every now and then.
(12/15 23:27:06) Dot: I'd be interested --
(12/15 23:27:09) Skydiver Narbada: this was a great location
(12/15 23:27:14) Skydiver Kneb: I guess I'm going too, this was educating,thannks
(12/15 23:27:15) Kerryth: Special thanks to Horatio, who really pushed me to get this going.
(12/15 23:27:19) Itiseye Mee: Thank you Kerryth and Horatio. I have learnt alot tonight from you all thanks
(12/15 23:27:23) Kerryth: and kept me from backing out.
(12/15 23:27:24) Al'Kaera: Yes and great idea, and you did a fine job Kerryth.
(12/15 23:27:28) Ivy: ty Kerryth
(12/15 23:27:29) Skydiver Narbada: me too, bye everyone, shorah
(12/15 23:27:32) Lydiamalia claps her hands
(12/15 23:27:34) Kerryth: Thank you.
(12/15 23:27:38) Skydiver peni claps her hands
(12/15 23:27:41) Skydiver Narbada claps her hands
(12/15 23:27:42) Tai'lahr claps her hands
(12/15 23:27:43) skydiver Ravenraft: my manner 's are better now tks
(12/15 23:27:43) Maggot: it was interesting Kerryth, thanks
(12/15 23:27:43) Kerryth: We'll announce the next one in the forums.
(12/15 23:27:45) Skydiver Kneb: shorah
(12/15 23:27:46) Al'Kaera thanks you very much!
(12/15 23:27:46) Altydwarber claps her hands
(12/15 23:27:54) Kerryth: I learned a lot.
(12/15 23:28:05) Maggot: shout I gotta go, have fun ppl, bye
(12/15 23:28:06) Horatio252: let us know what you want ot discuss
(12/15 23:28:07) Tai'lahr: As did I.
(12/15 23:28:13) Lydiamalia: Shorah and bye all
(12/15 23:28:16) Lydiamalia waves goodbye
(12/15 23:28:17) Altydwarber: bye maggot
(12/15 23:28:20) Kerryth: Yes, please give us requests.
(12/15 23:28:31) Kerryth: Now I have to go. Shorah!
(12/15 23:28:32) Lydiamalia (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(12/15 23:28:32) Al'Kaera: turn your autoshout off if you need to everyone
(12/15 23:28:33) Dot: Thought you made some good points about meetings
(12/15 23:28:41) Ivy: bye Kerryth!
(12/15 23:29:38) [ Auto Shout Disabled ]
(12/15 23:29:43) ...Chat.log stopped.

Feel free to continue the discussion on this thread!

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Sorry for being a bit late with this but with christmas and all but it is still relevant.
For all of my fellow explorers who either don't have the time or just don't like to wade through Chat logs then I have extracted the main points. (I am one who doesn't like to.)

On the 15th December 2007 SAPS (Society of Anthropologists, Psychologists and Sociologists) held their first discussion in K’veer hosted by Kerryth. Approximately 25 explorers attended, which turned out to be a good cross section of the community.

The Discussion started with the subject of greeting fellow explorers.

“I'm still not sure what to do when I arrive in a place where people are. Do I greet everyone?”
“Can I just run off and do what I came for?”
“What is the expectation?”
“This is special, do you say hello to everyone in real life?”

These initial questions pointed out the following differences:
Some explorers live in small towns or villages where greeting and socialising with people is considered normal practice whilst others live in big cities where social interaction, outside the personal network, is less common.
One thing was clear, that the unique nature of the cavern attracts a broad spectrum of explorers from all ages and backgrounds, which brings different customs and expectations, and that we all bring our own customs and manners with us to the cavern.

The comment that I like the best (from the discussion) and thought was very apt regarding greeting people was from Dot “I like to use the name, because it shows the other person that I see you, this is for you specially.”
Do I see you? That rings a bell. Mmmmm

The discussion itself raised other valid points:
People in general like to be acknowledged in some small way, even if it is just for a moment. Well nobody likes to be ignored do they?
Maturity and manners make the cavern a pleasant place to be.

Also regarding personal space. It seemed that we give each other more room than we would have done on the surface.

Quote from Dr. Richardson during the discussion which sums things up nicely:
I think it is important for all of us in the Cavern to consider the multi-cultural nature of our society here and also that the technology we use to communicate is not comfortable to all. Patience, understanding and a willingness to co-operate benefits us all.
You all make a difference in the development of our society, and it is encouraging. Shorah

After all, our words are our only tools in the cavern, and it is up to us, the community to use them wisely.

Take care

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Thanks, Szark!

We'll try to have another discussion in the next few weeks. Please let us know which of the following interests you:
1. Continue the discussion of general behavior, good and bad, in Cavern life.
2. Pursue the branch-off topic of player age, which has led to an excellent discussion in this forum
3. Move on to talk about a new, but related, topic. "Leadership and Authority in Uru" has been proposed. This could be generalized to discussion of group activity in general: how it works in a non-material culture like Uru, and how it doesn't work.

What say you? :)

Explorer at large


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I hope I can be included in this vote (being a SAPS member and all) but I would like to see #3 discussed. I'm very curious what people think of what Authority is in the Cavern and who or what Possess that Authority.

So, /raisehand "#3! #3!"

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