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PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 6:03 am 

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Greetings, fellow explorers.

As a service to the community (and until someone else from GoMe has a chance to step in), I've volunteered to record the Press Conference Chat Log, here. I'll be posting an update about every five minutes or so, so that those who cannot make the chat have the opportunity to follow along. I'm saving a couple of extra posts to make room for the logs since we don't know how long the conference will last.

In addition to the chatlog, Dagda will be a live voice reading of the chat as it progresses on TeamSpeak at this address..., starting at 8:45am PDT.

If you're unable to make the conference and have questions that you don't see being answered, it's been suggested that you ask them - in this thread to keep it clean and easy.

Stand by for the good news ...


(BTW ... I doubt I'll have a chance to format the log at first ... thanks for understanding!!)

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 6:05 am 

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Posts: 120
Location: San Diego, CA
8:59 LadeeRelayer officially starts the log for the MOUL forum (leaving out, where possible, admin phrases)
9:01 <Marten>:Everyone quiet please so we can begin.

9:01 <Chogon>:Hi all. This is certainly crazy times again. But this time it is going to be a lot different. Now that Cyan has the rights back to put MystOnline online again, we are going to try to make a go of it by ourselves (meaning self publishing). With that comes less constraints but also more responsibility. When we re-open the cavern it will not be with a big marketing bang but more of a grass roots event where we will start slowly and with the help

9:01 <Chogon>:We are starting with a very small team with some big (albeit not clearly defined yet) ideas. We will start with just getting what we had at the end of MOUL up and going so we can get people in the cavern as soon as possible. Then we will start working on the roadmap which I'm positive will change as time goes on. We will probably add more items, change items and may even have to remove items. But the ultimate goal is to have a vibrant engaged
9:03 <Herohtar>:Both of Chogon's messages were cut off
9:03 <Tahg>:ya, the first after "help
9:03 <Chogon>:Ah, it was vibrant engatged MystOnline community.
9:03 <Nynaveve>:Ty, Chogon
9:03 <SuperGram>:pleasen stop chatting...It makes it difficult to see important stuff
9:03 <Race>:The followinf msg picks up where the last left off i think
9:03 <Greypiffle>:jyust type smaller chuncks Cghogon
9:03 <Marten>:I've asked Chogon to repaste in smaller pieces.
9:03 <mtn-man>:thank you
9:04 <Chogon>:Ok, here goes again.... (sorry)
9:04 <Greypiffle>:np

9:04 <Chogon>:Hi all. This is certainly crazy times again. But this time it is going to be a lot different. Now that Cyan has the rights back to put MystOnline online again, we are going to try to make a go of it by ourselves (meaning self publishing).
9:04 <Chogon>:With that comes less constraints but also more responsibility.
9:04 <Chogon>:When we re-open the cavern it will not be with a big marketing bang but more of a grass roots event where we will start slowly and with the help of the fans build MystOnline into something even more special than it was in the past.
9:05 <Chogon>:We are starting with a very small team with some big (albeit not clearly defined yet) ideas.
9:05 <Chogon>:We will start with just getting what we had at the end of MOUL up and going so we can get people in the cavern as soon as possible.
9:05 <Chogon>:Then we will start working on the roadmap which I'm positive will change as time goes on.
9:05 <Chogon>:We will probably add more items, change items and may even have to remove items. But the ultimate goal is to have a vibrant engaged MystOnline community.
9:07 <ametist>:Yeayy!
9:07 <Marten>:OK. Chogon is ready for questions. We're going to try an open discussion format here first; comments here and there are OK, but let's try not to flood the chat with too many jokes and such.
9:07 <StarCat79_ktania>:o.o
9:07 <Robert_The_Rebuilder>:I have a question
9:07 <Jamey>:may I start?
9:07 <Hitana>:*raises hand*
9:07 <Whilyam>:I have a question too
9:07 <CC>:[Dhelayan] me too :)
9:07 <Poseidon>:put me in line if we are begining a queque
9:07 <Marten>:Tweek actually beat you all with a PM that he had a question; he goes first, then Robert, then Jamey...
9:07 <Atheni33>:*raises hand*
9:07 Leonor raises hand
9:08 <Mari>:I have a short question
9:08 Colin_Brennan gets in line.
9:08 <Jen>:jen raises hand
9:08 <Jamey>:alrighty
9:08 Greypiffle raises hand
9:08 <nita>:i have a question also
9:08 <Veralun>:raises hand
9:08 Trevor1017 raises hand
9:08 <Guest_87155>:and I
9:08 <Zadok>:wow
9:08 <CC>:[Nadnerb] *is representing those who are not here, and thus, has many, many questions*
9:08 *** Jockel joined #cyanchat
9:08 <SCGreyWolf>:Tweek?
9:08 <Marten>:OK. Let's begin with Tweek's
9:08 <melodilynn>:same here, but no questions from my group yet
9:08 <CC>:[Novah @work] I don't have a question! : D >.>
9:09 <CC>:[wandering_nomad] Let's keep the tide down and only have people who are asking questions talk... >.< *realises the hypocracy of what he just said*
9:09 <Tweek>:Will the First Month Shirt be back when the Cavern opens, seeming Avatar progress has been deleted?
9:09 <TomahnaGuy>:Hi everyone
9:10 <Chogon>:Good question. I'm not sure about that but it sounds like that would be a good idea.
9:10 <Chogon>:next
9:10 <Marten>:Robert
9:10 <Robert_The_Rebuilder>:To support scripting for the ages, will you also release the Python API (including source to the various x*.py files) with the 3DSMax Plugin?
9:10 <rTayrtahn>:I have some questions as well.
9:10 <Guest_14895>:apophis question----- is can uk fans link when site restarts with cyan ??????????
9:11 <Chogon>:We haven't completed the details of how some of that will work. Obviously, you will have to have some kind of Python API.
9:11 <Chogon>:And possibly also some of the Python code that is in the game. But like I said, not sure how that is going to happen, I just know that it will.
9:11 <Chogon>:next
9:11 <CC>:[Nadnerb] robert: clarify, just what you mean by the python api? documentation? chogon: does such documentation exist?
9:12 SCGreyWolf raises his hand.
9:12 <Jen>:who is next in queue?
9:12 <Marten>:Jamey is next
9:12 <Jamey>:Ok hee is mine: I do have one question Chogon, I know that a lot of new ages are going to be added to MORE. Will all the age files and data be stored on Cyan Servers or our Computers? Because all that data on our individual computers will take up a lot of space..
9:12 Tofer raises his hand
9:12 <chucker>:guys, instead of asking directly, please let Marten decide who's next up.
9:12 <Jamey>:I know that when MOUL was on gametap, we had the files in our program files
9:13 <Jamey>:will that happen again?
9:13 <Marten>:(I've got a list of about 20 in queue now)
9:13 <Jamey>:or will it be different?
9:13 <Chogon>:Good question (again). We are not certain how the testing of UCC ages will happen but I think it will be with local copies (not on the servers).
9:13 <Kero>:Kero asks to be added to the queue please
9:14 <Marten>:Rdy for next Chogon?
9:14 <Chogon>:But once an UCC age is approved and moved to the Cyan servers, then it will be download to all. But as you can see, there might be too much data eventially
9:14 <CC>:[wandering_nomad] Can you chalk me up for a question too, Martypoo?
9:15 <Jamey>:right, storage space which some of our individual computers may not be able to handle, it builds up
9:15 <Chogon>:So, we will have to have some way of breaking that up in the future (we always knew that day would come) so the downloads can be smaller
9:15 <Alahmnat>:... Martypoo?
9:15 <CC>:[Novah @work] calling him a cute name won't bump you up in the queue, nomad : p
9:15 <Chogon>:next
<Hitana>:which countries will have access to the new Myst Online? will there be ResEngs again? If not, who would take care of that?
9:16 <Chogon>:We hope to have the entire globe have access to MORE, meaning all countries!
9:16 <CC>:[The stranger] yay
9:16 <Atheni33>:cheer
9:16 <ametist>:Thankyou!:)
9:16 Alahmnat wants his lamp-helmet back if the ResEngs are going to be back ;)
9:16 <Ishtar>:yey!
9:16 <Eschaton>:^.^
9:16 <Tichelle>:Woot!
9:16 <Trevor1017>:Hooray!
9:16 <Gadren>:what are we cheering about?
9:16 <Atheni33>:brillant
9:16 <Guest_43208Della>:Yahooooo
9:16 <Whilyam>:The globe thanks you XD
9:16 <Atheni33>:were going global
9:16 <MustardJeep>:Glass of water for the stranger
9:16 <Marten>:That is indeed good news. Let's keep the cheer to the end please.
9:16 <SCGreyWolf>:Gadren: Internation access.
9:16 <Chogon>:The ResEngs is a problem that we will have to solve before we re-open the cavern. Not sure how that will be staffed yet
9:17 <Erik>:All countries will have access to MORE
9:17 <TigerTails>:Right, quiten down people.
9:17 <CC>:[The stranger] haha
9:17 <Chogon>:next
9:17 <Marten>:Whilyam is next
9:17 <Whilyam>:When do you anticipate the servers coming back online?
9:18 <Guest_14895>:chogon thank you reff to all countrys apophis
9:18 <Chogon>:I was waiting for that question...heh. As soon as we can. There is just Randy (not Rand) and I working on bring it back up. We want to do it as soon as possible.
9:18 <Hitana>:*raises hand again* (if i may ask more questions ^^)
9:18 Kato cheers
9:19 <CC>:[The stranger] good
9:19 Jamey would like to be added into the question listy again plz
9:19 PiperDriver raises hand
9:19 <Chogon>:It is possible that it could be in months (ducks head).
9:19 <Chogon>:next
9:19 <Marten>:dhelyan is next.
9:19 <CC>:[Dhelayan] my question is, will MORE also run on the Mac again?
9:20 <Nynaveve>:lol chogon. :)
9:20 <Chogon>:We will be working with TransGaming to make that happen. All indications so far is yes
9:20 <Chogon>:next
9:20 <Rik>:marten: I have a question
9:20 <Marten>:Nadnerb
9:20 <Marten>:*keeps adding names to queue*
9:21 <CC>:[Nadnerb] Will Cyan, or would Cyan like to, accept competent fan code submissions for features, rewrites,
9:21 <Nadnerb>:and bugfixes in the server or client code as it did in Until Uru? e.g. The KI is a popular
9:21 <Nadnerb>:candidate for improvement.
9:21 <Nadnerb>:cyanchat just banned me for that line
9:21 <Nadnerb>:could I get access back?
9:21 <Nadnerb>:>.>
9:21 <CC>:[Novah @work] Nadnerb> That was two questions. : p
9:21 <CC>:[Tweek] :P
9:21 <Chogon>:Ha ha (Stupid CyanChat, who wrote that anyhow)
9:21 <Nadnerb>:it's what somone wrote on the forum as one question
9:22 <Narym>:lol
9:22 <CC>:[Lehsa] *huggles Nisan*
9:22 <Jamey>:lol
9:22 <Nadnerb>:I'm just copying
9:22 <CC>:[Lehsa] *noogies the rest ;P*
9:22 <Marten>:*rofl*
9:22 <Tahg>:Nad>getting access back =P
9:22 <Danear>:*is noogied*
9:22 <CC>:[Lehsa] DAN :D
9:22 <CC>:[Lehsa] *pounces*
9:22 <Dachannien>:Nadnerb: I think "could I get access back" was your second question ;)
9:22 <Chogon>:The short answer is yes. But I think that that will have to be more of a directed from Cyan effort like the D'mala shard updates were.
9:23 <Chogon>:next
9:23 <Marten>:Poseidon is up
9:23 <Zadok>:whoa, Danear, it's been quite a while
9:23 <Poseidon>:with gametap gone.. how will we be able to download and update the new game... same as before... or via some new method? also.. will the users be able to create patches for the game.. version 9 had some serious problems and limitations when uru went down
9:23 <TomahnaGuy>:ooh good q ^^
9:23 <TomahnaGuy>:ooh good q ^^
9:23 <Tahg>:I never used GT :\
9:24 <CC>:[Tweek] ditto
9:24 <SCGreyWolf>:tritto (for MOUL at least)
9:24 Dachannien suggests BitTorrent
9:24 <Chogon>:All of the download of MORE will be done through the patcher (which you could have done even when on GameTap)
9:24 <Lynnutte>:lol
9:25 <Chogon>:All of the patches will come from Cyan. (but the origin of the patch may come from user content).
9:25 <Chogon>:next
9:25 <Marten>:Next is Atheni.
9:25 <Atheni33>:How involved is Cyan going to be with the guilds?
9:26 <Chogon>:We hope that the Guilds and Cyan will like partners in this new adventure. So, there will lots of involvment in both directions.
9:26 <Chogon>:next
9:26 <Marten>:Leonor
9:27 <Leonor>:A small matter... Can MOUL oldbies have their calendar sparklies turned on in their Relto when MORE is up?

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 6:06 am 

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9:27 <Chogon>:Hmmm, part of the problem will be identifying who are the oldies. Something we'll have to think about.
9:27 <Chogon>:next
9:28 <Marten>:Next, Mari
9:28 <Lynnutte>:I'm an oldie but a goodie
9:28 <melodilynn>:Everyone knows that, Lynn... LOL
9:28 <LIRA>:me too;)
9:28 <Mari>:Will there be a beta team needed or will the Guild of Maintainers take care of all of that?
9:28 <Guest_14895>: apophis says nut
9:29 <Lynnutte>:lol
9:29 <Chogon>:The beta testing and the Guild of Maintainers are two seperate functions (one is tesing the servers and the other testing new content).
9:29 <Poseidon>:toss me in line again... i have another question
9:30 <Lynnutte>:me three
9:30 <Chogon>:We will have to have some kind of beta testing... but it might be small and quick this time since (theoritically) not much has changed at the start.
9:30 <Chogon>:next
9:30 <Marten>:Colin_Brennan is next
9:30 <Colin_Brennan>:Hi Chogon. :D If you could pick one part of MORE and flaunt that to the entire gaming community to get them to play MORE, what part are you choosing to flaunt and why?
9:31 <LIRA>:Where have you been?
9:31 <Nynaveve>:Oh a true interview question. :D
9:31 <LIRA>:oops,sorry
9:31 <SCGreyWolf>:(You forgot Leonor)
9:31 <Tahg>:no he didn't
9:31 <Tahg>:Leonor asked a q
9:31 <SCGreyWolf>:Oops
9:31 <LIRA>:snap
9:32 <SCGreyWolf>:Was looking in order of hands. ;)
9:32 <Chogon>:Hmmm, that is a tough question. It would be easy to say you have to see the whole thing... ummm, I would have to say one of the fan events like the parades or one of the plays.
9:32 <Chogon>:next
9:32 <Zadok>:brb
9:32 <Marten>:Next up, Tweek
9:32 <Tweek>:Cyan said they won't be adding content at the start, however the Minkata spark is pretty bugged to the point where it stops everyone getting a full set of Calendar Roses, would this be something that would be fixed at all or not?
9:33 SuperGram pulls out St. Pat's hat
9:34 <Chogon>:Hopefully, we can fix some of those intrusive bugs. It may not happen at the start but sometime after.
9:34 <Chogon>:next
9:34 <Marten>:Next, Jen
9:34 <belford>:(I raise my hand)
9:34 <Jen>:When we get an account, can we have multiple users or will it be one user per account? With gametap, 1 account had up to 5 users, and each user could have multiple avatars. Will that change?
9:35 <ghaelen>:and the play A Cavern Christmas Carol
9:35 <ametist>:I have a question, please put me in line
9:35 <Chogon>:It will be one user per account with (was it?) 5 avatars. That is the way we are going to start. It might change in the future? Don't know.
9:35 <Chogon>:next
9:36 <Greypiffle>:To help support functionality, will we be allowed to ue the 3DS Plugins to create plugins for our favorite 3D application?
s as well as the binaries. That way some could write their own tools.
9:36 <Chogon>:next
9:37 <Greypiffle>:cool - thanks!!!
9:37 <Marten>:Nita
9:37 <nita>:will there be a need for testers for the game, if so, how and when do we sign up?
9:37 <Deledrius>:very cool
9:37 <amonre>:oh
9:37 <amonre>:wtf
9:38 <amonre>:hi all
9:38 <chucker>:shh!
9:38 <Amanda>:amonre: It's the Q/A, shh
9:38 <Chogon>:The initial testing of the servers will need some testers. We haven't got far enough to have a sign up sheet yet. It will be posted on if/when it happens.
9:38 <Chogon>:next
9:38 <Marten>:Veralun
9:38 <Veralun>:What can the international community do to promote MORE in their area/country?
9:38 <Veralun>:Will there be a promotion from Cyan's side or can fans help with that?
9:39 <Zadok>:backness
9:39 <CC>:[Marten] 10 ahead of you
9:40 <Chogon>:Promoting MORE is good. You just have to be careful about being a spammer or grabbing too much of the marketing wheel.
9:40 <CC>:[Marten] (eleri)
9:40 <Atheni33>:*raises hand*
9:40 <Chogon>:I'm not sure what the international communtiy can do specifically yet... but I'm sure y'all will have great ideas.
9:40 <Chogon>:next
9:40 <Marten>:Nadnerb
9:40 <Nadnerb>:A lot of focus is going to be on the GoW, but does Cyan see a place for outside Fan creations turning back around if their developers want and reentering Uru in MORE?Will you first open the servers and then work on a structure for UCC, or will you open the servers after you have nailed down how UCC will be handled?
9:40 <Nyrphame>:*raises hand*
9:41 <Emily>:--Raises hand--
9:41 <Jamey>:*raises hand to be put in line*
9:41 <Alahmnat>:Marten: please tack me onto the bottom of your obscenely long list of interrogators
9:41 <Nadnerb>:(sorry about the double-questions, but people like to post that way on forums)
9:41 <Nadnerb>::)
9:42 <Erik>:(Those two questions were posted separately... and I can know, I wrote the second :P)
9:42 <Marten>:(32 qs in question beyond this point)
9:42 <Nadnerb>:oh
9:42 <Nadnerb>:rats
9:42 <Nadnerb>:(sorry about the double questions, my copy and paste is flawed)
9:42 <Nadnerb>::)
9:42 <MustardJeep>:And I wrote the first :D
9:42 <Marten>:er... questions in queue
9:42 <lizardtattoo>:UCC=user created content, but what is GoW?
9:42 <Nynaveve>:Guild of Writers
9:43 <Chogon>:I'm not sure what the first question is asking...? The second question: we will restart the servers pretty much where we left them in MOUL so that people can get back into the cavern as soon as possible.
9:43 <Chogon>:Then we will work on the roadmap and the including the things needed for user created content.
9:44 <Marten>:I'd like to give MustardJeep an opportunity to clarify his question, then continue with the queue.
9:44 <Chogon>:ok
9:44 <Marten>:MustardJeep?
9:45 <Lynnutte>:Kerryth, look at the top of the chat and click the other tab.
9:45 <Ruby>:Server sooner than later? Is there anywhere to leave our $25.00?
9:45 <MustardJeep>:Some fun things like Ages of ilathid and a few other project coming back into uru instead of standalone like they are now
9:45 <CC>:[Dhelayan] *wants to ask a question too :)*
9:45 <melodilynn>:Gran wants pellets. :)
9:46 <Chogon>:Oh, right. Yes, that is why we need to release the plugins for MORE so that the old ages that were standalone can be brought forward.
9:46 <Jahmen>:Ages of ilathid? It came out in stand alone where please?
9:46 <CC>:[Novah @work] Ages of Ilathid is still in production
9:46 Mari needs pelets for her coffee
9:46 <Chogon>:There might have to be some kind of conversion tool written by a fan(?) to help bring them forward
9:46 <Jahmen>:K thanx
9:47 <CC>:[Novah @work] far as I know they still plan to release it as stand-alone. : ) But I've been inactive so I cant' really answer that
9:47 <Whilyam>:Ages of Ilathid is a more complex game, I think
9:47 <Chogon>:next
9:47 <Marten>:Trevor is next.
9:47 <Whilyam>:I don't think it can be turned into an Uru age
9:47 <Trevor1017>:If, after some time, enough users sign up to turn MORE into a profitable game, maybe with the eventual release of the Myst Movie, would you consider making it an official part of your company again? e.g. Regular ages, story, items, upgrades, etc.?
9:48 Whilyam wishes to be added to the question list
9:48 <Tahg>:people, can you please not use color? It blends in with the server messages
9:48 <Chogon>:Well, MORE is an official part of Cyan. But I see what you are asking... yes, in the grand scheme it would be nice for Cyan to be able to create more content, stories and more.
9:49 <Chogon>:next
9:49 <Marten>:Guest_87155 is next
9:49 <Trevor1017>:Yeah, lol sorry! Trying to find the best way to word that!
9:49 <Guest_87155>:It is assumed that one of the ultimate goals of MORE is to eventually see a profitable gaming world emerge. Cyan and Gametap obviously have an agreement on how that would be handled between them. This leaves a broader question still open…
9:49 <Guest_87155>:Have you considered how copyright will be handled regarding any fan-created intellectual property that eventually makes its way onto the main Cyan server specifically regarding who will own this work and what mechanism will be in place to codify that ownership?
9:49 <Selee_Tayoy>:I have a question
9:50 <Trevor1017>:You can ad me to the long que again, lol!
9:50 <Marten>:*keeps adding folks to queue* :)
9:50 <ghaelen>:*raises her hand to be added to the que
9:50 <Marten>:At some point I'm sure Chogon will need to go, I'll collect questions from that point and forward them on in hopes of getting more answers.
9:51 <Simon_Bitdiddle>:Bah, it's not like he's got a few servers to put back up or anything...
9:51 Lynnutte raises her hand
9:51 <Chogon>:Good question. Not sure I have the answer. It MORE become big enough that attracts a publisher that would really help MORE, then that would have to be determine with that agreement...
9:52 <Chogon>:but that is really hypothetical and that is not really our plan (even though plans can change) to have a publisher pick it up later.
9:52 <Chogon>:next
9:52 <Marten>:rTayrtahn
9:53 <rTayrtahn>:Will Kadish's helmet be offered once again? Also, there seems to have been other bonus clothing items that were offered in the beginning of last year that were never offered again. Will those be available as well?
9:53 <Liandra>:i also have a question Marten
9:53 <CC>:[Dagda] sorry to chime in, but for those who have been trying to connect to the TeamSpeak side, a few spots opened up, and we're trying to get the server limit raised.
9:54 <Chogon>:We will have to look at all those kind of things when we re-open the cavern. It sounds like they should be available again.
9:54 <melodilynn>:And those who are able to go to SL can go there, where the chat is being relayed
9:54 <Chogon>:next
9:54 <Marten>:Next, Hitana
9:54 <Hitana>:having your little staff; where exactly do you need help we players could possibly provide? and would you just give away the tools needed for that help?
9:54 <LadeeRelayer>:* * * Courtesy Notice * * * A Chatlog of this session is available at
9:54 <Lynnutte>:we are also relaying on
9:55 <ghaelen>:yay for the Relayers!
9:55 <mtn-man>:indeed
9:55 <Chogon>:We having completely sorted that out yet. But joining the guilds is a start because that is where we are going to ask for help first.
9:56 <Chogon>:Sorry.. I meant "We haven't completely sorted that out yet."
9:56 <Chogon>:next
9:56 <Marten>:Simon_Bitdiddle
9:56 <Simon_Bitdiddle>:Will the Guildmasters be our representatives to Cyan for flow of information or will there be clearly defined Cyanist responsibilities for various aspects of canon and policies?
9:58 <Chogon>:Cyan will still be responsibile for things like canon and policies and how things should come together. We will take input from the guilds but on the big things, Cyan will make the decisions.
9:58 granelda wonders if i'm on the list please
9:58 <melodilynn>:It's a long, long list, Gran
9:58 SCGreyWolf wonders the same... :)
9:58 <Chogon>:But also we hope that information doesn't have to go through guildmasters but flow from fans also.
9:58 <Chogon>:next
9:58 <Marten>:Yes, you're both on the list
9:59 <Marten>:Next ix Tomahnaguy
9:59 <TomahnaGuy>:What is your position on storyline related content from Cyan's part? I know you guys have said that Cyan content is still "pie in the sky" but what is your stance on continuing the storyline?
9:59 <Lynnutte>:In case you missed it, I have a question too.
9:59 <Marten>:I have you on the list twice lynnutte
10:00 <Lynnutte>:ty
10:00 <SCGreyWolf>:pie...
10:00 <TomahnaGuy>:in the sky :)
10:00 <Chogon>:we definitenly want to continue the storyline. There will be story guidelines post by Cyan that for the user created content to stay away from so that we can continue.
10:00 <Liandra>:TomahanaGuy beat me to my question. I don' t have one now. *sigh*
10:00 Gadren has a question too :)
10:00 <CC>:[Eleri] oooo
10:00 <Chogon>:next
10:00 <Erik>:cool
10:00 <Marten>:Next is PIperdriver
10:01 <PiperDriver>:Will Cyan engage some of us who have server space and bandwidth to host clustered portions of the server code? And if so, how do we get on the list of volunteers?
10:01 <TomahnaGuy>:thats good, thanks :
10:02 <Ace>:Marten, please place me in the queue for a question
10:02 <Chogon>:Yes. But not immediately, we will have to change some stuff on the server side. But there will have to be a registration of those servers
10:02 <PiperDriver>:Cool, thanks.
10:02 <PiperDriver>:And whatever we can do to help, just ask.
10:02 <Chogon>:because we would not want to have any host jumping in. So, you will have to have a static ip because we will restict it just them (sorry for getting technical)
10:03 <PiperDriver>:Yep. Have all that.
10:03 <Chogon>:next
10:03 <Marten>:Next is SCGreyWolf
10:03 <SCGreyWolf>:First, congratulations on getting y'alls baby back. Q: Is there a possibility of adding outside assistance for the Plasma engine to the roadmap, or does Cyan prefer to keep that to themselves? Some of us would love to help. (All rights would be retained by Cyan, of course.)
10:04 <Chogon>:You are right, it is not on the roadmap. However, I can see that we could use some help but it would a closely directed by Cyan operation.
10:04 <SCGreyWolf>:Thanks! :)
10:04 <Chogon>:In other words, you would almost have to be an intern employee, kind of like Tweek and Denis.
10:05 <Chogon>:next
10:05 <chucker>:(Denis == amonre)
10:05 <Chogon>:right, thanks chucker
10:05 <Whilyam>:(Tweek == that shadow in the corner)
10:05 <chucker>:just pointing out that he's around. :)
10:05 <Kato>:I'm sure we'd all love the opportunity to be intern employees, heh
10:05 <Marten>:Next is a question from Tofer who had to leave: Front end servers: Windows or Linux?
10:06 <SCGreyWolf>:That creates another question, but I'm out of line now. :)
10:06 <Nadnerb>:or both? >.>
10:06 IanWatson raises his hand
10:06 <Chogon>:Currently, the front end servers are Windows. That doesn't mean that in the future that couldn't change.
10:06 <Chogon>:next
10:06 <Marten>:Next is Erik
10:06 <Erik>:Aside from user-made Ages would users also be able to create content like notebooks in existing Ages? (Like a journal in your Relto that others can read)
10:08 <Chogon>:The roadmap and most of the discussions have been about age creation... but there is a lot more things that user created content can be. Such as clothing, emotes, and more objects in your relto or neighborhood
10:08 <Leonor>:Cool! :D
10:08 <Chogon>:next
10:08 <Marten>:lontahv is next
10:08 <Lontahv>:Chogon> When Fan-Created-Ages are allowed will you "legalize" pyprp... if you know what I mean. Because I've grown very used to Blender and comfortable with adding features to PyPrp and would like to continue.
10:08 melodilynn still wants that patio furniture for her relto :)
10:09 <Nadnerb>:(ie, you have no legal way to create content, but we accept that it exists o.O)
10:09 <Simon_Bitdiddle>:I still want an Ikea Age.
10:09 <Race>:lol melo
10:09 <Chogon>:Yes. PuPrp will be one of the tools. When the source for the plugin get released then the authors of PyPrp can modify it to include more things.
10:09 <Atheni33>:lol
10:09 <Chogon>:and be compatible with MORE.
10:10 <Collin>:*raises hand*
10:10 <Marten>:I'm posting the current queue here. If you've asked to be on the queue and don't see yourself on the list, let me know.
10:10 <Chogon>:next
10:10 <TomahnaGuy>:oohs
10:10 <Kato>:good old PuPrp :)
10:10 <Marten>:Next is Kero
10:10 <Kero>:Will we be starting logicaly at the Cleft like we did in Prologue or start in Relto scratching our heads wondering how the heek we got there?

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 6:06 am 

Joined: Sun May 13, 2007 6:10 pm
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Location: San Diego, CA
10:10 <Nadnerb>:(vote for cleft)
10:10 <SCGreyWolf>:+1
10:10 <TomahnaGuy>:-1
10:10 <Nadnerb>::(
10:11 <Zuben>:+1 cleft
10:11 <Tailahr>:+1
10:11 <Kato>:+1 cleft
10:11 <Veralun>:just wipe the coffe from that keyboard than it work again
10:11 <Drake>:Cleft
10:11 <TomahnaGuy>:aw, wot, I liked relto :D
10:11 <Whilyam>:+1 Cleft
10:11 <Trevor1017>:Cleft!
10:11 <Marten>:shh folks :)
10:11 <CC>:[Eleri] ssshhhh
10:11 <Trylon>:+1 Cleft
10:11 <RicKy>:+1 cleft
10:11 <melodilynn>:I want Cleft!
10:11 <Jamey>:+1 cleft
10:11 <TomahnaGuy>:fine, cleft :P
10:11 *** boblishman joined #cyanchat
10:11 <Ishtar>:+1
10:11 <Chogon>:When we re-open the cavern it will be just like it was in MOUL, you will start out in Relto. Whether that changes in the future... don't know.
10:11 <Animate_Rain>:+1 relto
10:11 <belford>:chill
10:11 <Helodwyn>:+1 cleft
10:11 <JennyH>:+1
10:11 <Dachannien>:sorry Chogon, the fans have spoken ;)
10:11 <JennyH>:cleft
10:11 *** ametist quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
10:11 <Chogon>:ahh, the clefties
10:11 <Nadnerb>:hehe
10:11 <Simon_Bitdiddle>:Quiet.
10:11 <Betara>:Let's just Get there
10:11 <TomahnaGuy>:lol
10:11 <Narym>:starting point discussion for the forums, guys
10:12 <Zuben>:true dat, Betara
10:12 <Altydwarber>:let just get MORE
10:12 <Whilyam>:Getting there is half the fun :P
10:12 <Chogon>:next
10:12 <CC>:[Jane] what Betara said!
10:12 <Greypiffle>:let's get back on track
10:12 <Tichelle>:Someone put up a poll on MOUL lol
10:12 <Cully>:next!
10:12 <Nadnerb>:Eleri?
10:12 <Marten>:*fixes some items missing from the html queue page*
10:13 <Marten>:Eleri is up
10:13 <CC>:[Eleri] (hold on two secs, Mousie is screaming in my ear
10:13 <CC>:[Eleri] ok... yay cut and paste
10:13 <CC>:[Eleri] Erik touched on this a bit, but with Age building as the primary focus, how can non age builders contribute? Will there be tools for objects and animations and avatar options? What about fan run 'characters' like JD Barnes, will there be a plac {continues}
10:13 <CC>:e for fan story?
10:14 <Chogon>:The details are worked out yet... but yes. I'm not sure how user friendly the tools will be or whether there will be something in-game to use to create.
10:15 <Chogon>:Sorry... I meant the detail are not worked out yet.
10:15 <Colin_Brennan>:(( - for the cleft vs. relto))
10:15 <Chogon>:next
10:15 <Nadnerb>:rephrase: Will there be an offline release of the client for local testing of new ages prior to any submittal, or will we need to use full on-line server for testing from the start of development? (and in either case, how will that be handled?)
10:15 <Marten>:Next is Nadnerb with more Qs from the MOUL thread
10:15 <Lynnutte>:Yey Nadnerb
10:15 <CC>:[theclam] *raises hand*
10:15 <Zuben>:Poll for starting MORE posted: ... 786#262786
10:16 Leonor raises hand again
10:16 <Alahmnat>:Zuben> Sorry, you were beaten to the punch ;)
10:16 <Marten>:(if you shift-refresh the queue, you should see yourselves being added; let me know if I miss you.)
10:16 <Chogon>:Not sure how that is going to work yet. But I am thinking that to test your age you will connect to the Cyan server but be allowed to have local data.
10:17 <Emily>:yea i thought i was on the list too but add me if im not already there :)
10:17 <Chogon>:Obviously there was to be some way to tell the server what you are doing... that way you can have other people help you test multiplayer
10:17 <Jamey>:where is the list anyway?
10:17 <Chogon>:next
10:17 <Erik>:Jamey:
10:18 <Marten>:Next is jwplatt (nommie took his question back)
10:18 <CC>:[JWPlatt] Could a production house like Ubisoft (not to publish Uru) add premium content like an expansion pack to make a profit and help Uru be more successful? Ubisoft isn't "grass roots," but this question is really about who owns content and the a {continues}
10:18 <CC>:ttractive capcity to charge premiums at some point.
10:18 <Emily>:im on the list twice :) can you take the second time off?

10:18 <Marten>:Emily> got it
10:18 <CC>:[wandering_nomad] Because of you... Lontahv *gives him... the eye*
10:19 <Gadren>:(how do we check the queue?)
10:19 <Emily>:kk thanks
10:19 <Marten>:Queue:
10:20 <Chogon>:Well, the business plan is going to have to be flexible. We will start this way... but in the future may be we could leave open the possiblity of...
10:21 <BrianNeferus>:Just wanted to know if Cyan is thinking of making their own sort of Age making program specifically made for the a D'ni Age Managaer so to make creating links easier...
10:21 <Chogon>:someone like a another studio to create content for extra fees.
10:21 <Marten>:Brian> I'll add you to the bottom of the queue.
10:21 <Chogon>:next
10:21 <Marten>:TigerTails is next
10:22 <BrianNeferus>:k
10:23 <BrianNeferus>:Wait waddya mean bottom of the queue?
10:23 <Marten>:TigerTails may be asleep. Yawni had a question?
10:23 <Deledrius>:there's a line of people asking questions, BrianNeferus
10:23 <Yawni>:Are there formal plans involving Guilds not mentioned in the MORE announcement? Specifically, I'm looking at Guilds like the Archivists, who were not reintroduced during MOUL.
10:24 <chucker>:Amanda: ping
10:24 <Marten>:(I like this question)
10:24 <Drake>:Trying not to time out.))
10:24 <Narym>:bet Al does too :P
10:24 <Alahmnat>:Hooray for Archivist love!. And amazingly, I still have a question ;)
10:25 <Narym>::O
10:25 <Chogon>:At this point all of our plans are not formal (cast in stone). All of the guilds should be more involved (hit me over the head to remind me).
10:25 <BrianNeferus>:ah, my ill just wait for my question to be answered...
10:25 <Nynaveve>::)
10:25 <Alahmnat>:Chogon> Oh, I will, hehe
10:25 <BrianNeferus>:DANG! ihad gotten logged out
10:25 <TomahnaGuy>:[hits over head] Guild of technologists :D
10:26 <BrianNeferus>:so i can ask now?
10:26 <Tahg>:no
10:26 Whilyam weilds a large hammer
10:26 <IanWatson>:(Guild of Linguists!)
10:26 melodilynn waits for a chance to be close enough to do that
10:26 <Chogon>:And hopefully, there will be ways of creating new guilds as new areas of help are needed.
10:26 <BrianNeferus>:aw monkeyfeathers
10:26 <Tahg>:there is about 30-40 people ahead Brian
10:26 <CC>:[theclam] brian: the line is
10:26 <chucker>:BrianNeferus: you're, like, way down there.
10:26 <Chogon>:next
10:26 <Marten>:Yali! you're next finally with your really big question. Beware of the character limit though.
10:26 <oldmanjob>:uild of Greeters on call
10:27 <Yali>:Ok, here's one. I've always held the idea that the best way for Uru to come back in full throttle would be through a complete rehaul and re-release, with a new spanking ad campaign and such. This would entail a development period which would hence lend itself to an improved, updated Uru. We've got to admit that Uru is already a game of a past technological generation. More so, I have this desire to see it return with as much force and vigo
10:27 <Tahg>:cut off
10:27 <chucker>:Yali: split into multiple lines.
10:27 <chucker>:after "More so, I have this desire to see it return with as much force and vigo"
10:27 <BrianNeferus>:nuts..ok thanks guys.... i got confused with "Marten has given voice to BrianNeferus"
10:27 <Yali>:I have this desire to see it return with as much force and vigor as Riven did in the wake of Myst. Would /does Cyan share this view?
10:28 <Whilyam>:force and Vigo Mortensen!
10:28 <Erik>::P
10:28 <Alahmnat>:Whil> he'd bring in the ladies ;)
10:28 <Whilyam>:Give us Aragorn!
10:28 <Whilyam>::P
10:28 <Chogon>:For MORE, we are seeing more of a grass roots, build slowly process rather than the big bang a major marketing.
10:29 Nynaveve drools.... oh sorry.
10:29 <Chogon>:next
10:29 <Marten>:NOTE: Chogon has told me that he's running out of steam. We've got about 15 more minutes. When we stop, I will collect questions that haven't been answered and forward them on to Chogon in hopes that we'll get more answers later.
10:29 <Yali>:could that be an option later on?
10:29 <Marten>:Next is a question from Dotsahvahn, who had to leave.
10:29 <TomahnaGuy>:Hmm, steam eh? :)
10:29 <Marten>:He wrote: "While ages and other 'expensive' content may come far in the future, will 'cheaper' content like stor, character chats, and journal entries be added to MORE sooner? There were not enough little details, like notebooks to the GT ages, IMHO"
10:29 Whilyam steams Chogon
10:30 <Chogon>:Yali: Yes it is possible in the future... which is not written yet. ;-)
10:30 melodilynn has pellets to help fuel Chogon
10:30 <oldmanjob>:Guild of Greeters ready to go to work:)
10:30 <JWPlatt>:Someone turn Chogon's Valve and turn up that Steam.
10:30 <chucker>:people on CyanChat can request the topic by sending "!topic" to MC as a private mssage.
10:31 <Chogon>:Yes, Cyan may be able to add smaller content sooner... but that will all be played by ear. But I could see that happening.
10:31 <Chogon>:next
10:31 <Whilyam>:<pong>
10:31 <Marten>:Next, Jamey
10:31 <Jamey>:Will flymode patches for Avatars be given to the writers and maintainers to examine our ages?
10:31 <BrianNeferus>:*twiddlin*
10:31 <CC>:[amonre] you mean... jetpacks? right?
10:32 <TomahnaGuy>:on the maintainer suits :)
10:32 <Nadnerb>:good point.. won't certain administrative privilages be needed for testing?
10:32 <Unicorn>:isn't that what's in our (already) backpack?
10:32 <BrianNeferus>:makes sense
10:32 <Chogon>:Good question (again). Obviously there will have to be some kind of debugging tools for age creators. Not sure what they will be yet.
10:32 <Chogon>:next
10:32 <Marten>:Rik is next.
10:32 <Rik>:Thank you. As for the rehearsal and beta testers of MOUL (whover they may be ;)), are they still under the NDA? Also, is there anything left in the Pipeline?
10:32 <BrianNeferus>:brb
10:33 <Chogon>:As far as I know, the NDAs have not elapsed but I don't know what each individual signed.
10:34 <Chogon>:As far as the "pipeline" there is a few things left around... but still needs lots of work.
10:34 <Chogon>:next
10:34 <Nadnerb>:veralun asked: When it comes to a billingsystem, can PayPal be integrated into that? This gives more ppl the possebility to pay.
10:34 <Marten>:(Yes, Nadnerb's next.) :)
10:34 <Nadnerb>:expanded: what billing options do you plan on?
10:34 <Sumatria>::( bye everyone...I will read logs later *Chogon Thank you!!!
10:34 <Lynnutte>:Bye Sumi!
10:35 SCGreyWolf follows Suamtria in the same fashion, also waving. (Must run errands)
10:35 <Chogon>:We have not picked what billing system will be use... BUT we are considering very seriously using paypal as the method to collect funds.
10:35 <Chogon>:next
10:35 <Marten>:DarK is next
10:35 <Deledrius>:excellent
10:35 <Herohtar>:PayPal FTW
10:36 <Zuben>::)
10:36 SCGreyWolf turns into a pillar of nara...
10:36 <Mara>:ping aviodance post :)
10:36 <Marten>:DarK? Ok, next, Narym.
10:36 <DarK>:with the guilds playing a more active role in the game, and while im aware of the lack of staff, is there work on a guid hall? can one be started
10:36 <Marten>:OK, there he is :)
10:36 <Narym>:lol
10:37 <Guest_48324>:gives paypal thumbs up
10:38 <Chogon>:DarK: not sure about particular content. We will have to visit all those kinds of things and how we can get them acomplished.
10:38 <BrianNeferus>:good to see i have time :/
10:38 <Chogon>:next
10:38 <Narym>:Narym for The Archiver... pretty sure this hasn't been asked
10:38 <Narym>:but Will the content work entirely in a buffet style, so fans pick and choose exactly what Ages and content they want, or will there still be a base line for what things players need in order to connect to the server, a la MOUL?
10:39 <Whilyam>:I'd like to be able to pick and choose what I download
10:39 <Nadnerb>:+1
10:39 <Tahg>:I assume where you go will dictate what you get
10:39 <TomahnaGuy>:+1
10:40 <Chogon>:Not sure about how that is going to work yet. There are many parts of that question... such as fan create age testing and the server having too much for download. yet to be determined.
10:40 <Chogon>:next
10:40 <Greypiffle>:you can vote in the forums guys - let's keep only questions here
10:40 <Marten>:Poseidon
10:40 <Poseidon>:will we have the ability to add on to the city and relto to make more room for the age linking books that are due to be submitted? or are these places sacred ground that only cyan can add to, also what of the ages that were conceptualized by cyan but never finished.. could we step up and turn those ages into reality for you guys?
10:40 <Collin>:marten please remove me from the list. my question was just asked
10:41 <CC>:[Dhelayan] yes, please remove me too, thanks
10:41 <Chogon>:There will be sacred areas that the age creators will have to stay away from so that Cyan can continue creating content in those areas.
10:41 <BrianNeferus>:makes sense
10:41 <Chogon>:RAWA and Rand have been working on a guideline for those areas, which should be very close to being released.
10:42 <Chogon>:next
10:42 <Drake>:Oooh, this has sparked a question, add me to the list even if I don't get a chance to ask.
10:42 <Marten>:Next is Lynnutte
10:42 <Lynnutte>:Do you have a time frame as to when the cavern might be opened again? When the cavern is open again, what will be the population limit for the various areas such as the city and neighborhoods? If so, Will there be systems in place to include more people in events than area limits will allow or will the guilds be incharge of figuring that out?
10:43 <Narym>:lol that's like a triple question :P
10:43 <Chogon>:Cavern re-opening... soon. When it does re-open it will have the same limits and things that were on MOUL.
10:43 TomahnaGuy remembers Soon(tm)
10:43 <Jen>:when you say "soon", does that mean days, weeks or months?
10:43 <Atheni33>::)
10:43 <CC>:[theclam] jen: that was answered, "months"
10:44 <Chogon>:That could very well change in the future. I do like the idea of having a simple age kind place for ampitheatre kinds of events... but that is way in the future.
10:44 <Marten>:Aloys, next.
10:44 <Aloys>:Is there anything we can do to help speed up the release of MOUL/MORE? Coding, testing, donations.. anything.
10:44 <BrianNeferus>:threats?
10:44 <BrianNeferus>:lol
10:44 <BrianNeferus>:jk
10:45 <Lynnutte>:lol
10:45 <Chogon>:I think that we can have something up soon enough that power boosts are not needed. However, afterwards there will be lots more to do.
10:45 <Drake>:A=P(sub)UP => DUP
10:45 <Drake>:oops
10:45 <Chogon>:next
10:45 <Saruk>:pizza
10:45 <TomahnaGuy>:steam? :)
10:45 <Marten>:Colin_Brennan, next
10:45 <Colin_Brennan>:It's been said in the roadmap that eventually users will be able to shard Myst on their own servers and host their own ages. Now, would this be more like directing the client to the server, or actually having the servers patched in through the Nexus to create a seamless transition from place to place, akin to Second Life? (Just wanted a clarification of the road map on that.)
10:46 <Emily>:When the new Uru starts, are there going to be any new relto pages or any ones that are being taken away - or are all of them going to be the same? If there are any new ones or any being taken away, what are they?
10:46 <Emily>:oops
10:46 <Emily>:srry lol
10:46 <BrianNeferus>:most of us forgive you
10:46 <Chogon>:The front end shards will not necessarly host their own content but be able to control a particular instance of an age, like a particular neighborhood.
10:46 <Narym>:most :P
10:47 <Emily>:lol
10:47 <BrianNeferus>:or ages?
10:47 <BrianNeferus>:sorry
10:47 <Chogon>:But there may have to be some kind of in-game mechinism for avatars to find their way to those particular places...
10:48 <Whilyam>:You love mechanisms, don't you? :P
10:48 <Chogon>:and know they are crossing over the line to fan hosted age links.
10:48 <Chogon>:next
10:48 <Colin_Brennan>:Thanks Chogon.
10:48 <Chogon>:mechanisms.... ahhhhhhh
10:48 <kyevan>:Good morning, everyone! I just woke up - what format is being used so this is the only time I have to break it? >_>
10:48 <Marten>:belford, you're up.
10:48 <belford>:You (and the roadmap) mentioned releasing the 3DS Max plugin to the Guild of Writers. Right now, the GoW is literally defined as anybody who drops by the GoW forum and participates. So that means releasing the plugin to everybody. Is that what you want? Or do you see limiting it to a core developer team?
10:48 <BrianNeferus>:sperate nexus maybe..or "many age bevin"
10:49 <Erik>:Tell Marten if you want to be in the queue, and then he will call you, kyevan
10:49 <Whilyam>:Neighborhood!
10:49 <Simon_Bitdiddle>:BEVIN!
10:49 <Whilyam>:Objection!
10:49 <Atheni33>:lol
10:49 <CC>:[theclam] take it to the forums
10:49 <BrianNeferus>:overruled!
10:49 <Drake>:Take That!
10:49 <Poseidon>:i think it may be wise to get the game up first.. and release the tools in the game itself...
10:49 <kyevan>:... Never mind, belford just asked my question, basicly.
10:49 <Chogon>:Yes, it is to be released to all that want them. The GoW is just the *mechanism* to get it out. (heh)
10:49 <Deledrius>:awesome
10:49 <belford>:yay. Thanks
10:49 <Chogon>:next
10:50 <TomahnaGuy>:yays *dances*
10:50 <kyevan>:Oh thank god! One of my friends will be VERY relieved.
10:50 <Marten>:Ametist?
10:50 <ametist>:Thanks:)Have you seen any of the newly created (by fans) ages? Opinion if so?
10:50 <Rik>:mechanisms are cool.
10:50 <Tweek>:Keep chatter to a minimum please.
10:50 <Kato>:ahhh, that clears it up :)
10:51 <Chogon>:Yes. I have used the ULM to look at several and I am very impressed. I can see there needs to be more testing on them (heh) but very cool!
10:51 <Chogon>:next
10:51 <Marten>:Atheni33 has another question
10:51 <CC>:[Emor D'ni Lap] Note that there's a difference between the 3DSMax plugin and its code
10:51 <Atheni33>:I’m sure many of us have encountered disruptive players in Moul and we have had the ResEng to take care of such problems. Now that Cyan has reduced their staff how will such issues be addresses? Will we be able to ban such players from neighborhood/bevins during meetings and events? Or will there be a Guild created to address such issues?
10:51 <Jamey>:take my name off the list plz ;)
10:52 <Jen>:GREAT question Atheni33!
10:52 <BrianNeferus>:I so wanna use "the Art" right now
10:52 <Jacuru>:Guild of Reseng's ?
10:52 <Erik>:Guild of Legislators :)
10:52 <JWPlatt>:Brian, please stop your spamming
10:52 <Race>:he he
10:52 <Emily>:im changing my qeustion
10:52 <Chogon>:Obviously, we will be short handed, especially in the ResEng area. We are looking at several different options...
10:53 <Simon_Bitdiddle>:Drafting Biegalski?
10:53 <Chogon>:next
10:53 <kyevan>:Is there a client-side mute I forget.?
10:53 <kyevan>:Is there a client-side mute I forget.?
10:53 <TomahnaGuy>:REVAL *cough*
10:53 <Marten>:LAST QUESTION
10:53 <Tahg>:yes
10:53 <Marten>:Nadnerb
10:53 <Nadnerb>:uhm, I'm last? o.o
10:53 <Nadnerb>:Zardoz asked: Will Uru canon continue in MORE or will it be suspended? That is to say, should I be worried about being eaten by Bahros if I venture into MORE?
10:53 <Tahg>:kyevan, you can do /ignore whoever
10:54 <Jahmen>:Guild Police!
10:54 <Nadnerb>:ie, how will continuity be handled, (or not)
10:54 <Darkstar>:Shorah eveyone
10:54 <Ewilan>:Shorah
10:54 <Chogon>:It may be continued... see earlier answer.
10:54 <Marten>:We're on the last question now. I will collect unanswered questions and send them together to Chogon in hopes that he'll grace us with more of his time.
10:55 <Chogon>:Ok, maybe one more since that one was sort of a repeat

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 6:06 am 

Joined: Sun May 13, 2007 6:10 pm
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10:55 <Marten>::D Ok. Nyrphame!
10:55 <granelda>:...will donations to Cyan help get things back sooner?....
10:55 <Ewilan>:the QA is over already ?
10:55 <Tahg>:that was answered I think
10:55 <kyevan>:Answere,d Granelda.
10:55 <Nyrphame>:rats sorry asked and answered - but squish to Chogon anyhow! :)
10:55 <Marten>:Last question is Nyrphame's.
10:55 <Selee_Tayoy>:Marten, how will you collect the questions?
10:55 <Nynaveve>:the answer was no
10:55 <IanWatson>:Ewilan, it's been two hours.
10:55 <Whilyam>:2 hours, it's been
10:55 <Marten>:Emily?
10:55 <TomahnaGuy>:THANK YOU CHOGON - for soming in today :D
10:56 <Drake>:Thank you!
10:56 <Race>:I second that
10:56 <TomahnaGuy>:*coming
10:56 <Tahg>:Thans Chogon
10:56 Jamey claps his hands
10:56 <CC>:[Dr CrisGer] thank youi very much
10:56 <CC>:[Tweek] Thank you Mark for your time.
10:56 <Ewilan>:don't know what time is it us time. just came back from work
10:56 <Whilyam>:Thank you Chogon
10:56 <Saruk>:Thanks Chogon
10:56 <Mysthral>:Thx Chogon
10:56 <Nynaveve>:Thank you Chogon!! We really appreciate all your time
10:56 <Emily>:Thanks Chogan.
10:56 <Adam_Reith>:It was really good to have this chance to hear from you Chogon. Good Luck with all of this and I think I speak for everyone when I say we can hardly wait to see the new MORE.
10:56 <Race>:Thanks for the time and being open about the plans for Uru
10:56 <Aloys>:Thanks for you time Mark
10:56 <CC>:[Dhelayan] thanks chogon!!!!
10:56 <Poseidon>:yes... its so nice to finally hear from someone...
10:56 <kyevan>:Thanks, Chogon!
10:56 <Rik>:Thank you!!!!!
10:56 <CC>:Message filtered:Rik Thank you*****
10:56 belford bows
10:56 <Gareth>:Thank you Chogan
10:56 Greypiffle claps
10:56 <CC>:[wandering_nomad] Farewell Markus Dimitriov! : D
10:56 <Lontahv>:Good Q's and Great A's. Thanks. :D
10:56 <Drake>:We want MORE!
10:56 <CC>:[wandering_nomad] *comrade salute*
10:56 <Kate>:Thanks Chogon :)
10:56 <boblishman>:thank you Chagan ... it is appreciated
10:56 <Emily>:We appreciate it Chogon!
10:56 <chucker>:thanks Chogon
10:56 <Darkstar>:second the seconds
10:56 <Herohtar>:Thanks Chogon!
10:56 <Animate_Rain>:Thx Chogon
10:56 <Amarok>:Thanks Chogon !
10:56 <Erik>:Thanks Chogon for answering our questions, and thanks Marten for hosting this conference
10:56 <RicKy>:thx Ch
10:56 <MiniCapnQuery>:Thanks Chogon!
10:56 Leonor cheers
10:56 <Trevor1017>:Thank you very much!
10:56 <Lydiamalia>:Thank you so much
10:56 <Guest_14895>:apophis-- chogon welldone most refreshing news/updates this is great for uk fans. awaiting D-day thankyou all concerned in making this possible :)
10:56 <CC>:[Jane] thanks much, Chogonm!
10:56 <Kato>:thanks Chogon!
10:56 <CC>:[Emor D'ni Lap] Thank you Chogon AND Marten!
10:56 <TomahnaGuy>:*hands Chogon Steam and Cake*
10:56 <CC>:[theclam] Marten: you will be staying for a while to collect questions?
10:56 <Jen>:thx chogon
10:56 <IanWatson>:Thank you, Chogon. We definitely appreciate the time you took to help us out today.
10:56 <Zaphodi>:Shorah Chogon
10:56 <JennyH>:Thanks!
10:56 <Aloys>:argh, end-of-chat flood
10:56 <Marten>:Thanks everyone! Stay here and I will collect additional questions.
10:56 <mtn-man>:Thanks Chogon.... massive scroll time
10:56 <TomahnaGuy>:The cake is not a lie ;)
10:56 <SeanMc74>:Thanks :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
10:56 <Lightkeeper>:Thanks Chogon :D
10:56 <Tichelle>:Thank you Chogon
10:56 <ghaelen>:Thank you Chogon!
10:56 <Jockel>:Thanks Chogon
10:56 <CC>:[wandering_nomad] Chogon I hate you and you did a terrible job! >: (
10:56 <Emily>:and Marten, thank you
10:56 <Atheni33>:thank you very much!
10:56 Abjab applauds
10:56 <Chogon>:Ok, thanks everyone for stopping by. This was real fun. We should do it again in the future... maybe before the re-opening and there will be more answers.
10:56 <Chogon>:Thanks!
10:56 <Dachannien>:thanks Chogon :)

>>> End chatlog (with MANY more thank you's not included) <<<[/list]

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 10:11 am 

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 7:45 pm 

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Thanks I had to leave half way through. :D


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PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:22 am 

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Thankyou for posting the chat logs.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:01 am 

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Ty Ladee!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


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PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 2:11 am 
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How long until a version goes up with Chogon's replies highlighted? It wasn't done then cause you were relaying, but now that we're IN THE FUTURE (with jetpacks and cool stuff! Hooray!) can pipe it through a filter program like for the KI chat. Can that be expected, or at least a condensed rundown of points made without all the background chatter of a normal KI run?

I can read that, but I'm liable to miss something in a big chat session I missed, like that one. :?

You know, I wish we would learn Atrus loved the 1812 overture, and in turn we had a copy for our relto.
That's right, a canon canen cannon!

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 2:14 am 

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Here is a link to the condensed version. ... ht=#262879

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 2:24 am 

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Thanks so much! I couldn't be there :(

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 2:28 am 
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Thanks so much for posting this log. My family was trying to get me out the door to our weekend travels and my "just a minute" turned into an hour or so. :lol: Finally, I had to log off.

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 Post subject: Conference Attendees
PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 3:54 am 

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I did my best to get every name I saw in the list, including those given voice (logging in) and those who left or just got dropped off line. I counted 198, but could have miss counted.

Chat by six degrees to D’ni - cyanchat on chat.mystlo....
Chogan’s Conference Chat Q & A on the coming MOUL “MORE”

ATTENDEE”S LIST. Started @ 9:AM PST Entire duration of 2 hours from beginning to end.
Abjab, Ace, Adam_Reith, Airon, Aloys, Alahmnat, Altydwarber, Amanda, Amarok, ametist, amoaca, Amon1, amonre, angle, Animate_Rain, anji, Arthur, Atheni33, Atticus_Dassin, Aussie, Auzho, BeereetahnPhil, belford, Betara, Bibi, blutec, Brainz, Brian Neferus, Calculus, CapatainQuery, CatrinaDragonash, carver1, CC, ChristianWalther, ChrisW, Chucker, Church, Chogon, Colin_Brennan, Collin, CrisGer, Cully, CyclinGuy, Dachannien, Danear, DarK, DaytonaKit, DeAnn, Deg, Deledrius, Dlanor, Dotsahvah1, Drahcir, Drake, Drewski, DudeMom_2000, Eleri, Emily, Erik, Eschaton, essjay, Fax, fuzzyMonkey1, Gadren, Gareth, ghaelen, Gizmo, gofish, granelda, Greypiffle, grinnel, Grogyan, Hounted City, Helodwyn, Herohtar, Hiro, Hitana, Horatio, IanWatson, Isca, Ishtar, Ivy, Jacuru, Jahmen, Jamey, jclay, Jen, jen, JennyH, Jennylt, JD Barnes, jmb30321, JM Cochran, jo, Jockel, Jody, Joshua, JWPlatt, Karmapup4uru, Kat, Kate, Kato, Katreena, Katva, Kero, Kerryth, Kirk, Kyevan, LadeeRelayer, Leesh, Leighana, Leonor, Liandra, Lightkeeper, LIRA, lizardtattoo, Lontahv, Lydiamalia, Lyndah, Lynnutte, Mar, Mara, Mark, Melodilynn, Marten, MiniCapnQuery, Mousie, mtn-man, MustardJeep, MysteriacP, Mysthrai, Nadnerb, Nanouk, Narym, Needmoremyst, Nightswift6, Nisan, NomadMolly, Nyrphame, Odo, Oldmanjob, PiperDriver, Poseidon, pradfish, Purple Penguin, Race, Race racyears, radioono, Ravenclaw, RicKy, Rik, Rivendell, Robin, Robert_The_Builder, roddun, rTayrtahn, Ruby, Saruk, SCGreyWolf, seag, seanMac74, Selee_Tayoy, semplerfi, Shandi, Silverdragonesse, Simon_Bitdiddle, Slughorn, StarCat 79_sleep, SuperGram, susanszy, Szark, Tahg, Tailahr, teedyo, Tela, Tichelle, Tichello, Tigertails, Tlayeh, Tofer, TomahaGuy, Trevor1017, Trevor1070, Trylon, Tweek, Unicom, Veralun, Vivcus, Whilyam, Whitch2, Yali, Yali2, Yawni, Zam, Zaphodi, Zedra, Zirus, Zrax, Zuben,

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WOOT! I got counted!

And you missed Kerryth.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


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