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PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:50 pm 

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Hi everyone I was in bestbuy a while ago and i spotted a 3 pack of the first three myst games and I remember when I was elementary school I watched my sister playing the first game and allthough the characters in the books scared me untill my sister explained to me what was going on I was wrapped up into the story and it got me into reading books. I bought the three pack and I have currently gotten through the first two I started to do some reaserch on the seris and what other games were out there to play. I really wish I was around to play uru the first time around but I want to help as much as I can to get this game going again. If there is any way I can help just let me know I have some programming skills and I love to write stories. Sorry about the lengthy post, I cant wait to help in anyway I can. :)

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 5:53 am 

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Well since no one else has come up with any idea's, you might wanna start by looking thew all the Guilds and see if you interested in them

They have pretty much everything you can think up and then sum

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 3:52 pm 

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There are several posts in the threads here about how people can help. Mostly it depends on what you like to do, know how to do and/or want to learn to do.

GoW (Guild of Writers) has people involved in creating new ages or fan content for the coming open source version of the game. It has lots of names people use MOOS, MOOSE, Open Uru, Uru, OSMO... MO = Myst Online and OS = Open Source...

Many in the GoMa (Maintainers) are involved in building ages too. The guild's official focus is testing ages, alpha testing.

Both GoW and GoMa have ways for one to play the fan created content in CC/PoTS by importing the fan ages to those CD/DVD stand alone games. (OU) is discussing changes to the storyline/game play to make the MOUL (GameTap) version more like the original Uru Live (UL). Still there are changes needed for the same reasons GameTap changed the games play. Others are looking at possible additions to the game, i.e., better AV hair or clothes, shard to shard chat, improved KI, etc. Also, they are considering server changes, additions, and operating costs. These discussions are not limited to OU. GoW has treads along the same line and there are several here too.

Look in the sections of this forum for the info on the guilds and contact information. Also, there is a Myst-Uru Search Tool.

Others are testing game play in THERE and Second Life. There are replicas of Uru places and Myst-Uru style builds in both. Currently several members of GoMa are playing with an age called Devokan in SL. You can find the story line on the GoMa forum here: Myst-Uru-Second Life Devokan Storyline

Another group in SL is experiementing with new guilds and various puzzles and quests. See Eder D'Uru in SL. You can read about their goings on in their section of the forum and blog. See Eder D'Uru Project

Neither Second Life or THERE are a replacement for Uru Live. But you can meet a good sized number of Uru fans in a social setting and get a feel for what the MMO experience in Uru is like. THERE is more 'kid' friendly. SL is more an adult play ground much like the RL world. There is information about both at the GoMa forum. See Projects Department

In recent weeks the forums have gotten a bit quite. There is a lot going on behind the scenes. You just need to find those doing the things you are interested in.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 10:43 pm 

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The Guild of Writers is available as a group that creates Uru content that can be played in Uru: Complete Chronicles and that we will (hopefully) soon be able to play in Open Source Uru.

The GoW creates content for Uru, which includes storywriting, programming, 3d and texture art, and sound design/music.

The Guild of Maintainers tests that content and submits bug reports.

The Guild of Messengers relays news through the fanbase.

The Guild of Cartographers makes maps of the worlds in the game.

The Guild of Greeters welcomes new players to the Myst/Uru series and helps people who are stuck on puzzles.

Many Uru fans are members of one or more of these guilds.

As your research has shown, there are a bunch of Myst games:

-Myst (and RealMyst, the realtime 3d version of the first Myst)
-Riven: The Sequel to Myst
-Myst 3: Exile
-Myst IV: Revelation
-Myst V: End of Ages

Also Uru, which is a spinoff of the Myst series and designed as a multiplayer rather than singleplayer game - though at present time, only the singleplayer version Uru: Complete Chronicles is available.

The MMO form of Uru has had a rocky history - It first appeared as Uru Live Prologue with Ubisoft, then Until Uru (a fan-run version) then Myst Online: Uru Live with Gametap. Finally that was cancelled, and now Cyan Worlds has plans to release Uru as open source freeware, as it has not proved financially successful in any previous form. (Even though it's a great game.)

This is a community of people who love the Myst series and Uru, and we're here hoping that we'll get Uru as an open source game so we (the fans) can play it online and add our own content and features to it, and keep Uru alive and growing.

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various other stuff.

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