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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:14 pm 

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((**NOTE** All information on this page is purely for the story line's purpose, nothing about this is ACTUAL DRC conduct or real Warnings...all purely fiction, all part of the Adventures of Angelmyst))

I have never been one to give up easily...NEVER!!

I will make plans to try...again.

I was so close. I have so much at my disposal.

I must follow the map.

I must not let any glittering thing, marble, book, mossy veil, mysterious wall, or eder symbol deter me!!


I consulted my map...burned pun intended, into my memory.


I went to sit in my favorite spot, overlooking Er'cana's mountains. This place is so peaceful. Here I can gather my thoughts.

I wonder.....?

If, when I had been lost in the past, everything I had done was also lost.....

I wonder if my boat fixings are still in the lake by the Ferry Terminal.....

and if....

could I???

should I???

Retrace my steps, that I had made while trying to retrace Ghen's??

It was worth a try....I mean what could I lose?

I proceeded to the Ferry Terminal and decided to document this journey in a detailed journal....dated...every step of the way, so if.....

IF...... I get.......... know...sidetracked,

I will know exactly where I lost my way, and found.....

another way.

But.............the fixings for my boat were no where to be found. I searched the waters at Ferry Terminal, I searched behind the Library...nothing. No sign of th eold sunken boat I had used to get across the Lake....nothing.

This is strange.

Was it the DRC who is attempting to keep me from this journey?

Was it the DRC who burned the map I has found in the Caves??

Was it the DRC who planted all those books...links, things to sidetrack me from my purpose???

Was it the DRC????

I had to do some study...before I embark again, somehow. I must look into the current activities of the DRC!!!

I found the following information on various DRC sites.....

"The D'ni Restoration Council (DRC) is a group of people who assert responsibility for, and authority over, restoring D'ni and its Ages. The DRC consists of archaeologists and other researchers, and also occasionally contracts third parties."

As of May 27th 2015....

Dr. Watson is currently living in Hawaii...........nice.
Victor Laxman is keeping an eye on the Cavern by "remote control" from an undisclosed location.....I need to find out more!!!
Michael Engberg left the DRC................ I wonder why???

"The DRC claims that the restoration process is very prone to safety problems, and must thus be slowed down do a point where accidents can be minimized. Many consider this policy unreasonable, and some theorize a conspiracy on the DRC's part to monopolize access to areas."

This, however, has me wondering.....a conspiracy??? Why do they want to keep us out of areas?? Have I discovered some of those areas??

In my journeys I have found many links to other civilizations...some alive, and thriving. Is this something the DRC did not want us to EVER know??!!

Michael Engberg (1997 - 2007)
Interesting...when I try to find out anything more about these two topics, I get a WARNING!!
Warning: You are not logged in.
Your IP address will be recorded in this page's edit history.

What is going on???

I found other information...about the Great Tree......I am beginning to thing I have stumbled into something a whole lot bigger...a whole lot scarier.

I would like to talk to ..... ProfessorAskew

((Myst, the Myst logo, and all games and books in the Myst series are registered trademarks and copyrights of Cyan Worlds, Inc. Myst Online: Uru Live is the sole property of Cyan Worlds Inc. The concepts, settings, characters, art, and situations of the Myst series of games and books are copyright Cyan Worlds, Inc. with all rights reserved.

I make no claims to any such rights or to the intellectual properties of Cyan Worlds; nor do I intend to profit financially from their work. This story is a fan work, and is meant solely for the amusement of myself and other fans of the Myst series of games and books.))

KI #03313934

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 2:11 pm 

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I have been trying to find the Professor. I am able to check out his forums, but unable to download the episodes from the events surrounding The Great Tree....This just makes me wonder more and more if I have stumbled into something, and am being silenced.....

RAWA, is on a separate journey. I am certain he has nothing to do with the strange things I have encountered in my adventures......

"Big things are coming, at least big for me. But I guess they'll have to wait until tomorrow, or maybe the day after." RAWA

I am sure there will be something in the history, and The Great Tree, that will help me complete my adventure.

Okay, now I am sure there is something going on. Every time I link to a page of The Great Tree draft or episodes, I get blocked, or a security warning. Someone is trying to keep me from finding something!!!

I am going to head to the Cleft, and begin my trek thru the Caves...again. I WILL NOT BE SCARED OFF!!!

KI #03313934

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 4:41 pm 

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I dressed, prepared…If the DRC is hiding something, then maybe if I wore the DRC uniform I could find it.

I headed to The Cleft usual..really wish I would land on my feet!

The wreckage pointed the way before.

I will NOT keep out!!

Then, as I was about to head over the fence, and to the caves..I heard a linking sound.

Someone was in my Cleft!!!

I went searching, and found …..

This guy…he said his name was Charlie, and that he was from the DRC…he warned me, to stay out of the caves. He said that death awaited me there.

Oh my!!

I debated whether to listen to him or not….

I have had enough!!

I must continue with my quest.

I headed over the fence to the cave entrance…..then

I linked…back to relto. But it was not my relto….it was new…empty.

When I went to the Nexus I saw this.

This guy, Charlie, had links to all of my ages!!!

Then as I stood wondering what to do, I received the following message….

A KI mail…chat log….

CharlieClown: I am looking for an explorere named angelmyst, any of you know her?
Max: we do…
Max: was here only 10 minutes ago
mTX17: never have seen such a player
Kenshin: she was just here
CharlieClown: she is wanted for questioning by the DRC
Kenshin: Lol, no…really?
Max: that you again Ro… Ro the Clown?!?
CharlieClown: mTX, if we find you are not telling the truth it could be bad for you

mTX17: hehe
CharlieClown: you think this to be a funny matter.
Kenshin: hes not serious, is he?
CharlieClown: She has crosssed boundaries…we have warned her
Max: you must be really bored today, Ro…
mTX17: wanna mess with me?
Max: really… really…. bored…
CharlieClown: Max, I have links to all of her ages..

From Kenshin: oh, sorry i was mistaken. be still new here
CharlieClown: proof sent in ki mail
mTX17: take it more serious, ro
CharlieClown: mTx, you really do not want to cross the DRC
Max: oh dear…
CharlieClown: so she was just here/??
mTX17: no
Kenshin: So what would you do? punch him?
Max: no
CharlieClown: well someone said she was
CharlieClown: so which is it?
Max: I never said that
mTX17: it’s me
CharlieClown: I have it on chat log….

Max: I’m Spartacus… no, I mean, angelmyst

mTX17: no, i am angelmyst
Kenshin: what is it. You engaged to her or what?
Max: no, you’re Spartacus, mTX
mTX17: darn
Max: and Charlie is the Clown…
CharlieClown: no…she has been wandering the Caves under the Cleft….poking her nose where it does not belong!

mTX17: and skuavi is skuavicus?
Max: can you juggle, mr Clown?
mTX17: lol
Max: Skuavicus… like that… :-)
CharlieClown: You will all be investigated by the DRC.
Kenshin: finally i get to meet them….yeahh!!
mTX17: talked to the DRC yesterday. they fired you, charlie
Max: huh?
CharlieClown: Max, I have warned angelmyst, she is in danger
Kenshin: and i am a samurai-worrier, so just come….

CharlieClown: If you are truly her friends you will warn her to stop her adventures.
Kenshin: wanna be hugged?
mTX17: i can’t warn her because i do not know her
CharlieClown: Kenshin, I do not wish your patronizing…this is a serious matter.
mTX17 taunts you
CharlieClown: I will check the hoods.
CharlieClown: I know she helps newbies.
Max: RAWA warned us Saturday… if anybody come in pretending to be from DRC or a liasson to them, he’s a liar… so you’re a Liar, mr Clown…
Max: or Ro Ro Ro the Joke…
CharlieClown: I spoke to RAWA, in his hospital bed.
mTX17: and a bad fraudster, too
CharlieClown: so I am no frauster…I know him well
Max: attention seeking at it’s worst…
Kenshin: O o , didnt know, there is something like police here….OK i behave
mTX17: yadda, yadda
CharlieClown: I am only trying to protect angelmyst

mTX17: get some happy pills :D
CharlieClown: if you see her…warn her…for her own safety.
Max: get a life, Ro!
To Max: I will find her.

** AS you can see angelmyst, we are watching. You failed to take my warning, now you are locked out of the Cleft.**

from CC

I went and checked the pillar…he was right. I could not open it.

Now what was I going to do??

KI #03313934

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2015 6:36 pm 

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I looked through my old pictures of The Cleft. I had to figure a way...I must explore those caves more...obviously there is something...something BIG that someone does not want me to find...and I must have been getting close.

As I studied my map, I found the one area that I had not gone through yet. From the Cleft, I had gotten as far as the South Gate...almost there, but from the city, I had not gotten out of the labyrinth of tunnels before the South GAte. There must be something there.

I really do not need to go to the Cleft ...I need to concentrate on my original quest, to retrace from City to Cleft....but how do I get across the Lake?? My boat is no longer. I sat in my relto contemplating what to do, I got a message from Charlie, the DRC guy who sent me the warning.

"We need to meet. Something has come to my attention, and as hard as this may seem to believe, I want to help you. Meet me in your Gahreesen asap." CC

Should I believe him??

I must. I went to my Gahreesen


And there he was, just as he said.

I expected a group of guards, or something...but he was alone.

I had chat log turned on...just in case.

CharlieClown: Thanks for meeting me
angel'myst: I really had little choice
CharlieClown: I know I have given you no reason to trust me, but please be assured..I want to help you.
angel'myst: Well you can help by fixing my ages.
CharlieClown: After this meeting you will find your relto restored to its original position.
angel'myst: ...and my Cleft??
CharlieClown: You will also find you can get to the Cleft.
angel'myst: You must know that I have figured that I need to get to the caves from this end, from the city??
CharlieClown: Yes....what you are seeking.....would be best found if you go across the Lake.
angel'myst: so are you going to help that...?
CharlieClown: I thought you would have figured as much.
angel'myst: Yes..I had but what about my.....
CharlieClown: Your boat...
angel'myst: yes where is it??
CharlieClown: It is down behind the Library.
CharlieClown: We had found it...and moved it.
angel'myst: So why are you helping me?
CharlieClown: I have been called a traitor...and this will be my last visit to the Caverns.
CharlieClown: If I can ever get back I will look you up.
angel'myst: Will you be okay?? What else can you do to give me assurance that all is okay on this end??
CharlieClown: All the links I had to your ages have been erased....and when you link out from this meeting, your age will be restored.
CharlieClown: Good luck angelmyst
CharlieClown waves goodbye
angel'myst: Goodbye, and good luck.

So I linked back to my relto....
Image was back....and there seemed to be no trace of Charlie or the other me????

I wasted no time going to the City, and seeing if my boat was where he said it would be.

KI #03313934

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:19 pm 

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I quickly got my things together and got changed for the journey ahead of me. I was going to do it this time!!

I went to scan the area where Charlie said he left my boat.

It was beneath the water, well hidden, only visible to my eye, as I knew what I was looking for.


After loading her up, I sat to watch the night sky. I wanted to wait until it was darker to make the trip.

I headed out, across the Lake. This time keeping to the shoreline, as I was not going to deal with an encounter from someone else in the DRC…..Charlie seemed to be no longer….I hope he was okay, and will be ever thankful for his intervention.

Charlie sent me this good by picture.

I stayed out of sight, and finally I could see across, after I passed the Arch. Oh I sure hope nothing gets in my path this time.

After landing, stowing my boat and getting some rest, I set off. I had my map before me, and I hoped that nothing caught my, ever easily sidetracked, mind and eyes.

Wait….the air, something in the air is different….. I recognise that scent….I followed the familiar path, this time with a light. The last time I was here, I was lost, hungry and in the dark. Then I saw them…..a chair, a table, and several pieces of cloth. I see some burned cloth..the light I made last time I was here, the corner, the crates stand…with no book!!!

My link to Angels’ Gateway is gone!! I set my lamp down where the book had been…..and thought of the adventure…my first adventure….

my dear Gordon…..

Sweet little Guardian….

I wonder though, if those people are safe…if the link I had, that sent me to the past, changed the mess…..I hoped.

KI #03313934

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 9:12 pm 

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Now, I am on my own again, with a map this time though.

This was as far as I had come this way, all of my other adventures were on the other side of the caves, from the entrance at Cleft. Everything from here on in will be new...what will I find??

I am wondering if the DRC made a sweep through the cavern again to be sure there were no more links, books that they missed. I guess I will find out.

I wandered farther through the caves, hoping I was on the right track. After getting somewhat discouraged I saw something shining in the distance.

Plants....glowing phosphorescent plants. Aitrus has mentioned them on his map...maybe from this I can get a true indication of where I am and get my bearings.

If I am right, there should be a tunnel to the right that leads to a large opening, and if so.....

I should make it to The South Gate before I am too tired. I have given up watching the time. I am just going according to my inner clock, and strength. Getting to The South Gate will be a good days journey, as it should take about three days to go all the way through, according to the map. I have planned for a week...barring unforseen circumstances, and the fact that my adventurous spirit may....may just take a side line.

Then, I was a large opening....I yelled...HELLO!!!

A group of small winged creatures flew from the rocky crevasses....Aitrus had mentioned these as well. It feels so good to see these things....almost like having a connection with Aitrus. I wish I would have known him. His spirit of adventure was much like my own, and I know we would have been would have been such fun to explore these caverns with him.

Now that I know exactly where I am, I should get to the South Gate in about four hours. I walked, almost with a blind determination.


I made it to the South Gate in, I'm sure, was record time. I either found an easier path, or the tenacity of my determination had my adrenaline running overtime, but I am here....only 2 hours and 45 mins from when I left that cavern.

I again admired the magnificance of the Gate. But I quickly left the cool breeze, and clear air behind for the ever burning desire to get up to the Cleft, this time, was stronger than it had ever been.

I pressed again toward the eder tomahn, and that same feeling for Aitrus came over me, I stood frozen,again, as he had. This time the bubbling lava did not bother me...determination to get through was oh so strong!!!

I walked until the warm stuffy air dissipated, this was as good as any place to take a rest. The soles of my feet were screaming for a rest, and I was hungry. I knew the arch and the columns of dripstone could not be far.....but I had to take a break.

I fell asleep.....I looked at my phone. DEAD...In my excitement I had forgotten to change the battery!!!

I have no idea how long I was asleep. I was very rested, and hungry again. I must have been out for at least 6 hours, to be feeling this way.

I changed the battery...but the clock was reset to 12:00....and was flashing for me to set it.

I had no idea.

It really did not matter...much. Time down here was very unimportant.

Everything else about my phone was fine....I still had no signal, so I was taking pictures....but

I checked my KI....I had not bothered with the KI for so long I did not even think to check it.

It was on!!!

It was registering!!!

I tried to send a message to buds, but nothing. This is not exactly worrisome...for many times buds are in Cavern, but they are not "awake".

Now I had a compass...the KI....I was more than determined...I was obsessed!!

I almost ran past the long columns of dripstone forming all around me.

The difficulties of this climb had worn on me, and I stopped for a short rest, but not long for I knew I could not be far from eder tomahn...

Then, I saw the narrow tunnel that had once before caught my attention.....the place where I had found the marble....but....

should I look???


It mattered not.....

I pressed forward, not to be detered by anything.

Charlie risked everything to let me get back down here.


KI #03313934

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 2:54 pm 

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Wandering through what Aitrus called an ants nest of tunnels, I knew I was not far from tomahn, and if so…I was almost to Cleft, one day…that was all it took Ghen and Aitrus to get to this point. I climbed up..up..up, and then, to my sheer joy, I was there!!!

Eder Tomahn!!

Into the recess of this large cave I ran! Quickly admiring the black marble…I stopped, and ran my hand over the smoothness…”Was this where Aitrus touched these walls” I wondered…well actually said out loud. My refelction, being my only comapny, surly I was going mad!!

No, not mad, just excited…sheer, full, abundant joy!!

But…the door. I should be locked…but it stood wide open.

Why was this door open?

Was this a trap?

Had Charlie deceived me?

I stood back from the thresh hold, and threw a rock into the opening.

“Rattle, clang, crunch”…but nothing else. I threw in another, and another…nothing but the sound of rock hitting the floor.

I made my way into the room. Immediately my gaze went to the right hand corner…to what had been Aitrus’ bunk.

A faint glow caught my eye. Under the bunk, nearly fully burried in dust, was a single white fire marble! This must have been one of Aitrus’, one Ghen had given him when they passed through here so long ago!! A Treasure!!

Had Charlie made sure this door was open, for me….so I cold enjoy this journey, and have a remembrance….

AS much as I wanted to look around, I was determined to press on. I was not tired. An overflow of adrenaline flooded my blood, and I knew that I would not rest until I got to Cleft.

I walked several hours through twisted tunnels, thankful for the map, but really barely needing it. It was almost as if the Cleft was calling to me. Somewhere off in the distance I could hear wind…but yes…wind, coming down the Well…

THE WELL!! I was a t the recess, carved in the side….and sat, very likely on the ledge, Ghen sat on while he waited ofr Aitrus to catch up after the trek down this unnerving tube!

Well …, no, pun intended… I may as well get going…up…up, along the narrow stairs that wound their way up.

Like Aitus did, I imagined I was in a Tree…. , but the winds coming down, made me shiver, not with cold, but fear, excitement, anticipation.

I came to the top, a narrow tunnel of steps then the steep slope up to the final stretch of lava tube…..It was 6 hours since I left the eder. I really had no idea what time it was…except…KI time.

I checked the KI again.

To Ro”Jethhe: HI…RO…is that really you??

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Yes it’s really me

To Ro”Jethhe: OH MAN!!!! I am so crazy excited…… I am in the Lava tube, under the Cauldor in Cleft…..

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Just hope you don’t get burned up.

To Ro”Jethhe: No you silly man…the lava was way back…the walk over that was scarrrrry.

To Ro”Jethhe: I made it RO!!!…I have been trying to go from City to Cleft for nearly 5 years!!!!.

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Excellent, you found the way.

To Ro”Jethhe: I have one more tube to follow…..I should be out to Cleft in about 15 mins.

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: is there enough light there to see?

To Ro”Jethhe: I have a flashlight, but I must admit my batteries are dying…my phone has life a bit..and I found one lonely fire of Aitrus’, Im sure.

To Ro”Jethhe: Hey..what day is it??

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Today is Monday Nov. 9

To Ro”Jethhe: OH…wow… I made that trip in 6 days. It felt like 60 though………..wait…..another tunnel????

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: KI time is 07:09

To Ro”Jethhe: Yes, my KI is working well…good thing. My phone died, and I forgot to change out the battery.

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Food and water.

To Ro”Jethhe: Oh….I am almost out now….this is the end, not the start.I had packed enough for a week
To Ro”Jethhe: I am going to try this other tunnel…the map says to stay right…but, I have time to explore…and I am so close!!
From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: You have a map?

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Is that the map Gehn drew?

To Ro”Jethhe: Not sure....I found a map a while the caves, partially burned. It has served me well.

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Well don’t loose it, guard it well.
To Ro”Jethhe: I have, this Map is precious…. Wait…..this tunnel is blocked by a big rock…..I need to move it…it looks like it has been moved here…

To Ro”Jethhe: OH man it is heavy….

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: You are at a dead end?


To Ro”Jethhe: no….no…Im in Cleft…Im in the living space.The tunnel I should have come out of was up on the Cauldron.
RO!!! I am in Cleft!!!! this tunnel lead right into the one sleeping area.but the wall, I just came through…
there is no hole.

There should be a hole!!
I just came through that rock!

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: How did you move it?

To Ro”Jethhe: Hey, I’m stronger than I look.

To Ro”Jethhe: Im back!!!!….finally…

To Ro”Jethhe: Well I will sign off…and get cleaned up.

To Ro”Jethhe: A week in caves…yuch..I’m a mess.

To Ro”Jethhe: see you laters…

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Better clean up and take a long rest.

To Ro”Jethhe: Im really not that tired….


To Ro”Jethhe: I rested in Eder tomahn…but that was over 6 hours ago….and that was one wicked climb

To Ro”Jethhe: Hey Yeesha is here!! What a joyous greeting!!

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Yeesha!! Desert Bird

To Ro”Jethhe: to my Relto….thanks…
I really need to clean up!!

KI #03313934

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