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PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2017 11:42 pm 
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@ Chogon
Post subject: An Open Letter on Open Source
I was reading back on this old post from 2011 :

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 8:56 pm
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Rand wrote:
An Open Letter on Open Source ☺

The progress on our open source roadmap has been slow but has never stopped. And now what will look like a large step is really the result of numerous people, both inside and outside of Cyan Worlds, slowly cutting the rock into shape...

Today we are announcing that the sources for the MOULA client engine and development tools ( Engine) will be made available as open source. At the same time, MOSS which is a MOULA server replacement (written by a'moaca' and cjkelly) will also be released. Both open source projects will be hosted on

The goal of the open source Engine and the MOSS server is to provide a "playground" where new writers can learn their craft, and new maintainers can inspect it, and new cartographers can map it. The Cyan Worlds MOULA servers will continue to provide a (relatively) safe environment for the D'ni faithful to mingle and share.

The path forward from here seems fairly obvious and very exciting - with amazing parallels to the D'ni universe itself. As new writers arise with new books, the books are tested and documented - and books that are approved by some new kind of maintainers guild will (hopefully) find their way to the MOULA server where the public can enjoy new worlds once again.

These are exciting times, but not without risk. The tools and skills are new and need to be sharpened. There will be disagreements and strongly expressed opinions. And there will be decisions and mistakes. But keep in mind that the big picture is a lot like rebuilding a long dead civilization - and the forest of common goals far outnumber the few trees of differences. Let's keep it civil. ☺

There have been numerous people cutting on the rock, and they've kept this project alive. We sincerely thank all of them for the wonderful help. Specifically there are a few people who went above and beyond - JWPlatt, a'moaca', Mac_Fife, cjkelly, rarified and Chogon.

Thanks again for the continued support!


There seems to be an age old dispute on fan created ages hosted on various servers (not to name any).
There is a topic on the Guild of Writers forum: "Questions ..." that Cyan should read.

Fan created ages created by many wonderful fans are displayed on various servers, fans call them shards loosely.
From what I understand Cyan released the engine and certain code in open source. This gave the fan writers the opportunity to write and load ages on various servers, some in dispute?
However I understand Cyan content, the Ki, and other minor things are not released by Cyan and your hands may be tied because of other interests ?
So all servers are put in a position of being a "light shade of gray and others a darker shade of gray" as was stated by some. It appears to have brought up an age old argument.

I know we have the Minkata test shard. But some other servers host over a 100 fan created ages which are marvelous.
This argument lately has gotten out of hand and divided the community. Most fans own all of Cyan's original games.
Piracy was brought to attention. Now in my book ... stealing a penny is just as bad as stealing more. So a light shade VS. a dark shade does not justify it for me.

I threw my hands in the air and threatened to leave it all behind and quit. I was inadvertently caught in the middle posting a tiny event that has snowballed dramaitically. I never intended for all this to happen. Now Korovev has stated his intention to leave the AGM as moderator, and I'm not sure about GoMe? I think this issue has caused this.
Korovev has done an excellent job hosting the AGM meetings and GoMe site!

I wrote an email to Cyan legal on the subject, but to date have not received an answer from them.
We need Cyan to clarify some issues over content and the Ki. Although accessing the fan created ages only use relto, the Ki, and nexus to reach these wonderful ages made by fans. They are being written with a MOULa background.

Chogon, I hate putting you in a spot, and maybe Cyan closes a blind eye to a lot of this. I am sure that Cyan wishes to cooperate with these fan age writers. I realize that Cyan's hands may be tied because of other interests.
In the interest of the fan age writers who have done a tremendous amount of volunteer work and wonderful age writing that all enjoy, we need some answers.

First of which is a legit server to host them on, that Cyan sanctions. I know Cyan employee's are aware of all the servers and have looked at fan content. Do you have any insight as to which servers are legal and which ones to use? A light shade and a darker shade does not cut the mustard for me.

The community is split on this issue and it should be resolved before anymore repercussions occur.
We need some kind of directive from Cyan. I am not sure who cooperates with whom at this point?
Can we OR not come up with a solution to content and the use of the Ki? And which servers are therefore legal?

In the best interest of all the Guilds and fans this is a mess.

Best regards,

Lost somewhere in Elsewhere for a long time

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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 12:05 am 
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Wow it is amazing to me how after all of this you completely miss.

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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 12:35 am 
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This question has been answered in exhaustive detail here. To summarize:

MOULa: The holy.
Gehn: 100% OK
Minkata: 100% OK
TOC: Grey (City of Dimensions redist)
Deep Island: Grey (Hacks PotS--violation of PotS EULA, violation of MOUL forum rules [Policy I] to discuss)
UAM: Black (Freely redistributes PotS, Myst 5, Crowthistle game files, hacks PotS--violation of EULA, violation of forum rules [Policy I] to discuss)

Seeing as how I violated the forum rules, can we lock this? :lol:


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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 6:37 am 

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AdamJohnso wrote:
Seeing as how I violated the forum rules, can we lock this? :lol:

and then send him to the deans office for disciplinary action

When You have eliminated all other possibilities What ever is left must be the solution

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