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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 10:54 am 

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Here's the chatlog :D

(12/22 17:58:06) Chat.log started...
(12/22 17:58:06) Kimmie waves
(12/22 17:58:10) Butch waves
(12/22 17:58:14) Kimmie: hello Marie
(12/22 17:58:17) amonre: evening, marie
(12/22 17:58:26) NZman: hi, Marie
(12/22 17:58:50) Kimmie: welcome to GoG bevin Marie
(12/22 17:58:56) Ashelbane: Shorah to all.
(12/22 17:59:00) Ashelbane waves
(12/22 17:59:06) Marie Sutherland: I was getting too many private messages to reply to them :)
(12/22 17:59:20) Ian Watson: How's the cavern looking? I know there were some fears of instability after the Bahro scream the other day.
(12/22 17:59:33) vid: You're a very popular lady, I'm sure. I know all the ResEngs want your phone number in their KI :P
(12/22 18:00:43) amonre: Why do I always become hungry at night? It's like I need something after dinner. >_<
(12/22 18:01:22) Junee: It depends on how long after dinner it is ;)
(12/22 18:01:31) Marie Sutherland: Ian, we're still in the process of determine what state everything is in.
(12/22 18:01:54) vid: I think I'm going to start trying to make a chart of the splitting occuring in Ae'gura... it might be helpful...
(12/22 18:02:03) Marie Sutherland: So far, things don't look too bad, but some of us have learned to be more cautious than others.
(12/22 18:02:11) amonre: splitting?
(12/22 18:02:44) Ian Watson: I can certainly appreciate that.
(12/22 18:02:46) Veralun: hi All
(12/22 18:03:02) vid: Yeah.... Victor was speaking about the city being broken up earlier. Different people going to different parts of the city, and for all purposes it seeming to be a different city altogether.
(12/22 18:03:04) J'iim: victor mention the discovery of multiple instance of the City. However the nexus seemed to rooted in the one we know
(12/22 18:03:30) Shamgar cheers
(12/22 18:03:42) vid: That makes sense, since the Nexus would carry D'ni books... while it's Yeesha's books that take people to different "versions"
(12/22 18:03:51) Marie Sutherland: I was actually on my way to the city to talk about that, when I received the private messages.
(12/22 18:03:54) Maurus: well, that's true...
(12/22 18:04:01) Butch: Marie: can you give us an estimate of how much of the city the DRC has reviewed since the incident?
(12/22 18:04:09) J'iim: good point. Yeesha played a prominent role in Victor's talk
(12/22 18:04:13) Ian Watson: If there's any way for us to help with repairs or such, I'm sure many of us would jump at the chance.
(12/22 18:04:22) vid: Marie, any information you can share regarding that would be most appreciated.
(12/22 18:04:27) Maurus nods his head
(12/22 18:04:55) J'iim: however he never said when the barriers would come down <frown>
(12/22 18:04:56) Marie Sutherland: Thanks for the offer, Ian.
(12/22 18:05:26) Marie Sutherland: Butch, I don't have an overall estimate. Different folks are looking at different areas.
(12/22 18:05:31) Dusante: Wow Marie, and so many of you, haven't seen you all for a long time! Hello!
(12/22 18:05:50) Marie Sutherland: Engberg might have a more comprehensive view of the overall picture.
(12/22 18:05:53) Dan'ni: So what interesting are you currently working on, Marie?
(12/22 18:06:16) Julian Lapis: Hiya folks
(12/22 18:06:27) Dusante waves
(12/22 18:07:02) Marie Sutherland: Dan'ni - at the moment splitting my time between Eder Delin and Ae'gura.
(12/22 18:07:02) Ayli waves
(12/22 18:07:10) vid: Dr Sutherland, of course we both know that a lot of explorers have been carrying the Relto book that we found years ago for... well.. years. But a lot of new explorers have them also, and they don't seem to be in the cleft anymore. Is the DRC supplying Relto books as a safety measure now?
(12/22 18:07:20) Julian Lapis: Shorah Marie!
(12/22 18:07:50) Maurus: Marie, what do you think of Delin and Tsoghal?
(12/22 18:08:08) Marie Sutherland: vid - no, we're not supplying them. We're not opposed to them, but we're not distributing them ourselves.
(12/22 18:08:35) Junee: Is there any chance we might see Eder Delin soon?
(12/22 18:09:11) Marie Sutherland: Maurus - I'm particularly fond of Eder Delin, but Eder Tsogal is nice, too.
(12/22 18:09:20) Julian Lapis: Marie, whats your personal take on the events of the 19th? Do you think that we, as explorers, are in any danger?
(12/22 18:10:30) Marie Sutherland: Junee - Yes. Probably. Of course, "soon" is a relative term.
(12/22 18:11:06) Marie Sutherland: Given that we've been working on it for months, what seems like "soon" to us may not seem like "soon" to you.
(12/22 18:11:34) Dan'ni: So "soon" as in weeks? or months?
(12/22 18:11:45) Ian Watson: Given that many of us have been involved in the cavern going on three years now, six months could be "soon," and I'd be happy with that.
(12/22 18:11:54) Marie Sutherland: Julian - I hope the explorers are not in danger. We're certainly doing our best to take what precautions we can.
(12/22 18:11:55) Dan'ni: Cause I'm sure you 're not referring to days. :)
(12/22 18:12:13) Ayli: As Mr. Rand likes to say: "In a future" :)
(12/22 18:12:24) Marie Sutherland: But it's impossible to know for sure how much danger any of us are in.
(12/22 18:13:14) Marie Sutherland: Ian - given that definition of "soon", I think Delin will definitely be available within that time frame. :)
(12/22 18:13:23) Ian Watson cheers
(12/22 18:13:46) Julian Lapis grins like a goodun
(12/22 18:14:31) Dan'ni: One thing that I've always been curious. Did the DRC find out where the Bahro screams actually come from?
(12/22 18:14:48) Jeff Klinger: Bahro, obviously. ;)
(12/22 18:14:52) vid: I always assumed from Bahro :)
(12/22 18:14:57) Ian Watson snorts
(12/22 18:14:58) Marie Sutherland: But before Eder Delin... what I actually was heading to the city to talk about...
(12/22 18:14:58) Ayli: What are the biggest concerns at the DRC at the moment, Ms. Southerland?
(12/22 18:15:01) Dan'ni: Yeah but they must be hiding somewhere close
(12/22 18:15:04) Dan'ni: ;)
(12/22 18:15:13) Kam Uraki: If I might say something. I'm glad you enjoyed our DRC Public Safty Association videos, Ms. Sutherland
(12/22 18:15:16) Ian Watson: Yes, Marie?
(12/22 18:15:37) Kam Uraki: Vortmax told me he passed them along to you. :)
(12/22 18:16:22) Marie Sutherland: I know Victor was in earlier. We have been discussing trying to get the doors to the Gallery open.
(12/22 18:16:36) Ayli: That is great :)
(12/22 18:16:38) vid cheers
(12/22 18:16:38) Dusante: Wow that is great news!
(12/22 18:16:39) Julian Lapis: Interesting!
(12/22 18:16:43) Dan'ni: Awesome!
(12/22 18:16:44) Veralun: that would be great!
(12/22 18:16:46) Ian Watson: Oh. Wow. That'd be nice; I don't think we've seen them open... well, ever.
(12/22 18:16:49) Kam Uraki: Oh really? I thought that was not possible.
(12/22 18:16:50) Dan'ni: About time too! :)
(12/22 18:16:52) Ural: Awesome!!
(12/22 18:16:52) Jeff Klinger claps his hands
(12/22 18:17:07) Dan'ni: Any success with that, Marie?
(12/22 18:17:08) Kam Uraki: Did you guys just find the keys or something? ;)
(12/22 18:17:14) Julian Lapis: What are the practicailities? Is there a lot of work needed?
(12/22 18:17:23) Marie Sutherland: We're hoping that we'll have them working sometime next week.
(12/22 18:17:32) Dan'ni: Awesome!
(12/22 18:17:33) Jeff Klinger cheers
(12/22 18:17:35) Veralun cheers
(12/22 18:17:36) Brandeline: Anything is possible with a couple sticks of dynamite.. but they are awful nice doors to be blown off their hinges. ;)
(12/22 18:17:38) Junee: Nice :)
(12/22 18:17:41) Julian Lapis: Now THIS is legendary
(12/22 18:17:50) Ayli thinks its an excellent news :)
(12/22 18:17:51) Marie Sutherland: Something for you all to be looking forward to. :D
(12/22 18:17:55) Kam Uraki: lol Brand
(12/22 18:18:03) kami: dang you guys have been on the journey
(12/22 18:18:05) BrettM: Dr. Sutherland, have you had any reports of missing people?
(12/22 18:18:05) Veralun: will us give that an extra instance to the city Marie?
(12/22 18:18:07) Dan'ni: So the rest of the city will also be opened soon then?
(12/22 18:18:15) Ian Watson: That would be fantastic. I would assume that would also mean access to the second floor of the Gallery?
(12/22 18:18:19) Kam Uraki: I'll consider that a nice holiday gift from the DRC
(12/22 18:18:20) Marie Sutherland: Brand - um, yes, we'd prefer to get them working without damaging them.
(12/22 18:18:52) Brandeline scuffs. Sorry, couldn't resist. :)
(12/22 18:19:08) kami: victor said that several of you have taken the journey marie.....did yu??
(12/22 18:19:15) Marie Sutherland: BrettM - I was very concerned about that, in fact. But no one I've asked has known of anyone missing.
(12/22 18:19:24) BrettM thanks you
(12/22 18:19:37) amonre: always travel in pairs ;)
(12/22 18:19:40) Julian Lapis: How has Kodama-san been today? He sounded a little riled yesterday.
(12/22 18:19:41) Kam Uraki: Ms. Sutherland, sort of an odd question. What is the purpose of that light on the Arch?
(12/22 18:19:48) Marie Sutherland: If you know of anyone who's still missing, please let me know.
(12/22 18:20:08) Veralun: we miss DR Watson
(12/22 18:20:14) J'iim crashes to desktop with a locked up KI
(12/22 18:20:19) Kam Uraki: Well, I'm missing my keys, but that's not as important ;)
(12/22 18:20:21) Tweek: Phil too
(12/22 18:20:38) Marie Sutherland: Veralun - We do too.
(12/22 18:20:50) Julian Lapis: and that scurilous rogue Sharper :D
(12/22 18:21:00) Veralun: I hope he will return soon
(12/22 18:21:00) kami: douglas???...or did he get fired or something?
(12/22 18:21:18) Kam Uraki: Actually Ms Sutherland. If you ask me, you've all done a fine job without Dr. Watson
(12/22 18:21:33) Kam Uraki: In fact an awesome job
(12/22 18:21:55) Ian Watson: Indeed. I certainly can't complain.
(12/22 18:22:00) Jeff Klinger: Still, it would be good to see him back.
(12/22 18:22:01) Dusante: Yeah you guys have been doing great, your work doesn't go un appreaciated despite what a few might have been saying
(12/22 18:22:03) Marie Sutherland: Kam - thank you. As Dr. Watson often said "We do the best we can with what we have."
(12/22 18:22:06) Anonymous Coward: my KI just broke...wait till I get my hands on Victor..
(12/22 18:22:22) Marie Sutherland: We've tried to keep to that philosophy, even in his absence.
(12/22 18:22:38) Julian Lapis: It really does feel like things are moving forward. A lot of that is due to the DRC.
(12/22 18:22:39) Natika: shorah Eleri
(12/22 18:22:48) Kam Uraki: Communication between the explorers and the DRC is much better, which has fostered a lot of trust
(12/22 18:22:48) Julian Lapis: Shorah Eleri!
(12/22 18:22:51) vid: Dr Sutherland, have you heard much regarding the fountains? The water flow is sorely missed.
(12/22 18:23:03) Eleri: Shourah, everybuggy
(12/22 18:23:06) Ian Watson: I'm not a Doctor, but I'm certainly a Watson, if people need one. ;)
(12/22 18:23:06) Kam Uraki: Ah, one of the Liaisons arrives. Shorah Eleri
(12/22 18:23:16) Mookie: Shorah everyone!
(12/22 18:23:17) Julian Lapis: We'll bear that in mind Ian.
(12/22 18:23:20) Marie Sutherland laughs
(12/22 18:23:22) vid: Mookah!
(12/22 18:23:25) Mookie: veeks!
(12/22 18:23:32) Kam Uraki: I'm not a Doctor, but I play one on the internet...
(12/22 18:23:35) Natika: Mookie!!!!
(12/22 18:23:48) Marie Sutherland: well, I hate to chat and run, but I do need to be getting back to work.
(12/22 18:23:48) Mookie: Hallo!
(12/22 18:23:49) Kam Uraki wonders if anyone will get the 80's joke
(12/22 18:23:51) Natika cheers
(12/22 18:23:55) Julian Lapis: Im not a doctor, but I know a lot of them...
(12/22 18:23:59) Linkin' Imp: What a surprise
(12/22 18:24:05) Linkin' Imp rolls eyes
(12/22 18:24:10) Mookie: Okay
(12/22 18:24:13) BrettM: Thanks for stopping to talk to us.
(12/22 18:24:13) vid: Thanks for your time, Dr... do your best, we're counting on you guys
(12/22 18:24:17) Mookie: Have a good day Marie!
(12/22 18:24:22) Julian Lapis: Cheers Dr Sutherland, take care now
(12/22 18:24:24) Linkin' Imp: Yes. thanks ever so much
(12/22 18:24:24) Ayli: Thanks for stopping by, we are always happy to see you or any of the DRC members :)
(12/22 18:24:30) Dusante: Having the Liasons has definetly openned the channels between the DRC and explorers it's much appreciated
(12/22 18:24:30) Mookie: Aye
(12/22 18:24:32) Dan'ni: Thanks for taking your time to answer our questions Marie.
(12/22 18:24:32) Linkin' Imp: So kind of you
(12/22 18:24:32) amonre: bye!
(12/22 18:24:33) Jeff Klinger: Bye Marie, have a happy holiday!
(12/22 18:24:34) Camann: Thanks for talking to us Marie!
(12/22 18:24:36) Ayli thanks you
(12/22 18:24:37) Marie Sutherland: Where's linkin?
(12/22 18:24:38) Kam Uraki: Seriously though Ms. Sutherland, you guys are doing great.
(12/22 18:24:44) Camann claps his hands
(12/22 18:24:49) Junee: Thanks for stopping by, and Merry Christmas :)
(12/22 18:24:54) Dusante: cya!
(12/22 18:24:57) Linkin' Imp: No
(12/22 18:25:05) Kam Uraki: Linkin is the one who looks like a nude Lex Luthor
(12/22 18:25:06) Ayli waves
(12/22 18:25:11) Ian Watson: Thanks again, very much, Ms. Sutherland.
(12/22 18:25:12) Ayli waves
(12/22 18:25:17) Mookie cakcles at the though
(12/22 18:25:22) Natika: lol
(12/22 18:25:24) Mookie: thought*
(12/22 18:25:28) BrettM: Nude Luthor with a Santa hat?? How .... odd.
(12/22 18:25:29) Julian Lapis has just lost his final trace of sanity
(12/22 18:25:46) Linkin' Imp: Merry ho ho
(12/22 18:25:51) Julian Lapis: How do Miss Eleri
(12/22 18:25:53) Marie Sutherland: What can I do for you, Linkin' Imp?
(12/22 18:25:58) amonre: I thought you didn't have that, JL ;)
(12/22 18:26:16) Kam Uraki: Hey give the woman some room guys
(12/22 18:26:17) Linkin' Imp: Oh. nothin' i just wanted to say hello
(12/22 18:26:26) Julian Lapis: My god... does the entire cavern think I am psychotic?
(12/22 18:26:30) Dusante: lol imp love the clothes
(12/22 18:26:36) Kam Uraki: You could do something for me!
(12/22 18:26:39) Tink tink pricks up ears
(12/22 18:26:40) Marie Sutherland: The other day, you came to a hood just as I was leaving and seemed hurt I had to leave.
(12/22 18:26:45) Kam Uraki gets out autograph book
(12/22 18:26:56) Eleri: no, Jul, just a little wonky ;)
(12/22 18:26:57) Marie Sutherland: I went to your hood later to say hello, but you were not there.
(12/22 18:26:59) Linkin' Imp: Oh. i'm a bit hypersensitive.
(12/22 18:27:02) Linkin' Imp blushes
(12/22 18:27:20) Tink tink wonders where that job had gone
(12/22 18:27:24) Julian Lapis: Wonky... you make me sound like a crooked table
(12/22 18:27:24) Marie Sutherland: Well, it's nothing personal, I assure you.
(12/22 18:27:29) Linkin' Imp: I can't join any hoods so i was getting upset
(12/22 18:27:31) Kam Uraki: Ask for a hug Link :)
(12/22 18:27:33) Marie Sutherland: But I do need to get back to work.
(12/22 18:27:40) Marie Sutherland waves
(12/22 18:27:44) Ayli waves
(12/22 18:27:44) amonre waves
(12/22 18:27:45) vid waves
(12/22 18:27:46) BrettM waves
(12/22 18:27:46) Veralun: thanks
(12/22 18:27:47) Linkin' Imp: Ok. thnks for saying hello
(12/22 18:27:47) Julian Lapis waves
(12/22 18:27:48) Dan'ni waves
(12/22 18:27:50) Kimmie waves
(12/22 18:27:50) Kam Uraki: Bye Marie. Thanks as always
(12/22 18:27:53) Natika waves
(12/22 18:27:56) Ian Watson: Thanks, Marie.
(12/22 18:27:58) Kimmie: bye Marie
(12/22 18:28:00) ...Chat.log stopped.

"The Ending has not yet been written" - Yeesha in Tomahna!

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 2:11 pm 

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Thanks to everyone for posting these chat logs. Unfortunately, it is so hard to get any information from them, as I see so many people not giving the DRC the chance to say what they came to say. They are constantly interupting and asking questions that have nothing to do with the conversation at hand. It is really irksome. :cry:

Please people, when the DRC are around, be patient and let them say what they have to say so we can get information.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 3:27 pm 
Obduction Backer

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The DRC will choose which questions to answer so i read the logs slightly differently.

Firstly i only read what the DRC member (or IC character.....) is saying.

Secondly often, DRC will answer questions in such a way that it is obvious what was asked. Otherwise the DRC will normally say the name of the person they are answering (if not it is normally because that is the only question avaliable to be answered) and it is easy to see.

Those two steps, whilst being slightly rude to the other participants in the conversations, allow me to extract relevant information from the conversation.

The ending will never be written as long as the called remain to continue on the path of those who came before

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 7:24 pm 

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Here is a KI image of Marie's visit to GoG hood.


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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 7:26 pm 

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I try to do that to, only read what the DRC and/or IC person says, but picking that out from amongst the other conversations going on and the interuptions of the ANSWERS to the question that was asked is very frustrating. Sometimes we don't get a full answer because someone will sidetrack the conversation to something else.

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