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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 9:48 pm 
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Ran into Wheely at the top of the Great Stairs. I only made it 'till 3:30 and had to duck out, but following is my chatlog. She's on Christmas vacation right now, school semester is over, and apparently her dad has been telling her to be safe down here. Other than that it's mostly just chat:

(12/23 15:13:39) Chat.log started...
(12/23 15:14:44) Calumon: click the circle with hand prints
(12/23 15:14:57 ) ian1: Hello, wheely
(12/23 15:15:06) Wheely: Hi!
(12/23 15:15:15) From Matthew Miller in D'ni-Ae'gura: Found her, she's beyond the barricades on the main stairs
(12/23 15:15:27) Dan'nee: Shorah, Wheely
(12/23 15:15:35) Matthew Miller: Shorah all
(12/23 15:15:38 ) Wheely: Shorah!
(12/23 15:15:50) Dan'nee: How are things going?
(12/23 15:16:10) Wheely: Great now that I'm back in the cavern
(12/23 15:16:12) Wheely: :)
(12/23 15:16:21) Dan'nee: I'll second that.
(12/23 15:16:23) Matthew Miller: Good to have the cavern so full :)
(12/23 15:16:29) Dan'nee: Is your semester over?
(12/23 15:16:51) Wheely: Yep
(12/23 15:16:56) ian1: Guys. You are not supposed to be beyond the barriers (Except wheely)
(12/23 15:17:22) Fra'ni: Oh, OK ian1, we're sorry.
(12/23 15:17:22) Dan'nee: ian, MIchael said they are taking their lives into their own hands.
(12/23 15:17:30) Dan'nee: So, I guess it's up to them. :)
(12/23 15:17:48 ) Wheely: my dad said that?
(12/23 15:17:56) Dan'nee: Something like that , yeah
(12/23 15:18:24) Matthew Miller: Well, it's pretty dangerous for regular explorers to get back there.
(12/23 15:18:34) Wheely: He must think it's safe. He let me in here ;)
(12/23 15:18:38) Fra'ni: I think I remember you from Prologue ian1.
(12/23 15:18:47) Wheely: Of course, he doesn't always know where I am
(12/23 15:19:26) Dan'nee: Well, he said he's a little overly cautious, for your sake
(12/23 15:19:26) Malakh: It looks like you like the santa hats Wheely
(12/23 15:19:48 ) Wheely: Oh yeah
(12/23 15:20:09) Wheely: my dad takes good care of me ;)
(12/23 15:20:16) Hitana: lol
(12/23 15:20:22) Dan'nee: Good to hear.
(12/23 15:20:31) Malakh: Your father put up a tree in Sharper's old office, have you seen it?
(12/23 15:20:35) Mark Dev: well, here I go again...
(12/23 15:20:39) ian1: Have you been in any ages we haven't?
(12/23 15:20:41) Mark Dev: see you
(12/23 15:20:50) Wheely: I haven't seen it yet
(12/23 15:20:59) Dan'nee: Does your dad, or the DRC, give you any particular tasks down here?
(12/23 15:20:59) Wheely: where's that?
(12/23 15:21:05) Hitana: how are you wheely
(12/23 15:21:19) Wheely: Not yet, I'm on Christmas vacation
(12/23 15:21:27) Wheely: I'm good, how about you?
(12/23 15:21:38 ) Hitana: i'm fine but curious
(12/23 15:21:49) Hitana grins
(12/23 15:22:26) Wheely: :)
(12/23 15:22:39) Hitana: so there wont be anything before x-mas is over, wheely?
(12/23 15:22:49) Malakh: If you asked where Sharper's office is Wheely it is accessable from Teledahn
(12/23 15:23:24) Wheely: ok cool, thanks
(12/23 15:23:37) Wheely: and not sure what you mean Hitana, updates or..
(12/23 15:23:41) Malakh: Your very welcome
(12/23 15:23:48 ) Dan'nee: I was wondering, are the DRC down here for the weekend?
(12/23 15:24:13) Wheely: yeah, my dad came and got me
(12/23 15:24:16) Wheely: but everybody is here
(12/23 15:24:24) Matthew Miller: I hope the DRC at least have christmas off
(12/23 15:24:34) Malakh: Say hit to them for us
(12/23 15:24:48 ) Malakh: Hi that is
(12/23 15:25:05) Wheely: i think dr.kodama said he's going back to the surface for christmas
(12/23 15:25:07) Malakh: Or Shorah even :)
(12/23 15:25:10) Hitana: just if there would be any changes the next days, wheela
(12/23 15:25:15) Hitana: wheely!
(12/23 15:25:18 ) Fra'ni: I hope everyone at Cyan gets to have a Merry Christmas. They've earned it.
(12/23 15:25:30) Hitana: yes thats true!
(12/23 15:25:44) Malakh: Yes wish them Happy Holidays if we do not get to see them
(12/23 15:25:52) Wheely: who is Cyan? ;)
(12/23 15:26:01) ian1: Have you heard of the incident on the 19th yet, wheely?
(12/23 15:26:02) Matthew Miller: Well I hope kodama enjoys his christmas on the surface.
(12/23 15:26:03) Hitana: lol
(12/23 15:26:21) Wheely: Yeah, my dad told me about it
(12/23 15:26:30) Wheely: Pretty weird
(12/23 15:26:38 ) Matthew Miller: Have you been on yeeshas journey Wheely?
(12/23 15:26:45) Dan'nee: I wonder why the DRC isn't more concerned about it.
(12/23 15:27:03) Hitana: did he speak about the moving of some barriers wheely?
(12/23 15:27:05) Wheely: I went out to the desert today, but i haven't finished yet since i've been back down
(12/23 15:27:37) Wheely: they always talk about moving the barriers..or argue should i say
(12/23 15:27:39) Matthew Miller: Well I think the DRC are pretty concerned about it Dan'nee considering they barricaded most of the city
(12/23 15:27:56) Dan'nee: Yeah, but in our chats they've sounded kind of ho-hum
(12/23 15:28:04) Wheely: my dad told me to be really careful
(12/23 15:28:08) Dan'nee: But at least they are concerned about our safety
(12/23 15:28:21) Hitana: thats good to hear although many wish that they would move them
(12/23 15:28:27) Dan'nee: Maybe they are just trying not to scare us more than we already are
(12/23 15:28:33) ian1: Do any of your friends from school know about D'ni, or do you not tell anyone?
(12/23 15:28:51) Hitana: yeah safety goes first
(12/23 15:29:13) Wheely: Some of my good friends know
(12/23 15:29:20) Jahuti: Seems strange to be concerned about safety when we all have Relto books.
(12/23 15:29:20) Wheely: but my dad doesn't like me to say too much
(12/23 15:29:31) Dan'nee: Wheely, I've got to leave.
(12/23 15:29:35) Hitana: i can guess
(12/23 15:29:39) Dan'nee: But I'd just like to say it was nice meeting you.
(12/23 15:29:48 ) Wheely: Nice meeting you as well
(12/23 15:29:59) Dan'nee: Shorah, b'shehmtee

Somebody else will have to fill in the rest for me.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 10:04 pm 
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ah great Dan'nee. Its good to see Wheely is down here its always good talking to her as she is more my age !!

The ending will never be written as long as the called remain to continue on the path of those who came before

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2006 3:58 am 

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Dan'nee, thank you for that. I missed the first part. That was really great.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2006 12:48 pm 
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I posted the final part of the chat on the DRC forums, but the central part's still missing.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2006 2:24 pm 

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I think they have a full copy on UO somewhere! I can't rememebr where now though :?


"The Ending has not yet been written" - Yeesha in Tomahna!

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2006 6:15 am 

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TomahnaGuy wrote:
I think they have a full copy on UO somewhere! I can't rememebr where now though :?

I believe this is the full version.


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