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PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2007 10:42 pm 

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While completely aware of the OOC nature of this forum, I have left in the IC-ish personal accounts aspects of this post because I feel they establish context for the chatlogs and pictures, as well a fuller view of the sequence of events. It's the same content I am posting elsewhere and would not want to leave anyone out. Feel free to skip over them, though, and go straight to the logs, etc, if you prefer :)

What follows are personal accounts and chatlogs of the day Wheely and her friend Rosette explored the Cavern, posted in remembrance of who they were, apart from the tragedy that befell them


Thend's account -

Everyone had been monitoring Wheely and Rosette once they first appeared in the Cavern. When we considered the possible consequences of them venturing near the Pub, specifically the newly-formed crack there, many of us went cold. UO chat caught on fire. Pleas were made and searchers quickly organized to be on the lookout for them and to prevent any mishaps, if possible. Also, the idea was tossed in to delete our Hood books so we could possibly join theirs and watch that they kept to the instanced (and unaffected, so safer) City instead of Ae-gura Prime where the danger seemed to be. So, I deleted my Hood Book, and was waiting in Nexus for any possible opening, when I decided to give Wheely a ring. To my surprise, she replied. Things became even more hectic, and my intermittent reports were scant due to lack of time and my observance of the conditions. Though quite polite and pleasant enough, Wheely was naturally also impulsive and inquisitive and her attention, considering the seriousness of the situation, needed to be focused as much as possible for their own safety.

So, this is the rest of the story, or moreso another part of a larger story. The Cavern did all it could that night, and nearly everyone played a role and came together in attempting to protect two explorers like ourselves. That, and the memory of Wheely and Rosette, are things we will never lose.

[spoiler]From Thend's chatlog -

(05/20 21:47:43) To Wheely: Wheely, could I join your Hood and accompany you and your friend on your Missions? I know the place well and would escort you around
(05/20 21:47:55) From Wheely in The Council's Bevin: Sure.
(05/20 21:48:16) To Wheely: Cool, I will need to use your Relto book
(05/20 21:48:52) From Wheely in The Council's Bevin: To our hood.
(05/20 21:49:20) To Wheely: On my way, thx

(Thend finds a link to the Council's Bevin in his Private Nexus links and goes there)

(05/20 21:50:08) Wheely: I think he is.
(05/20 21:50:12) Wheely: Hey Thend!
(05/20 21:50:22) Thend: Hello Wheely, Rosette
(05/20 21:50:39) Wheely: So if we share this we'll all go to the same spot right?
(05/20 21:50:49) Thend: Where are you at?
(05/20 21:51:00) Thend: I have to become a member of your Hood first Wheely
(05/20 21:51:18) Thend waves hello
(05/20 21:51:26) Wheely: Then how do we all get to the same city?
(05/20 21:51:35) To Wheely: I do the KItoons, you might have seen them. Nice to meet you both
(05/20 21:52:00) Rosette: Hello, Thend. You can call me "Rose"
(05/20 21:52:03) Thend: I become a member of your Bevin, then we go to the same instance
(05/20 21:52:11) Wheely: I can't do that - I'll get in trouble.
(05/20 21:52:15) Wheely: Dad said not to.
(05/20 21:52:20) Thend: OR, we could try the Public City through the Nexus, if it's not full
(05/20 21:52:28) Wheely: But it's full!
(05/20 21:52:30) Thend: Okay Rose, nice to meet you
(05/20 21:52:34) Wheely: What are we supposed to do?
(05/20 21:52:39) Thend: Good, stay away from the City then
(05/20 21:52:49) Wheely: Maybe we should all become members of Rose's neighborhood?
(05/20 21:52:49) Thend: I would suggest that above all else
(05/20 21:52:58) Wheely: We have to go to the city!
(05/20 21:53:05) Wheely: There are markers there!
(05/20 21:53:12) Thend: Hmm, well what can't you do?
(05/20 21:53:50) Thend: I mean what did you dad say not to do?
(05/20 21:54:06) Wheely: Not to let anyone be a member of our neighborhood.
(05/20 21:54:16) Wheely: Really he said not to invite anyone.
(05/20 21:54:20) Wheely: But I already did that.
(05/20 21:54:20) Thend: Ah, okay, understaand
(05/20 21:54:24) Wheely: Whoops.
(05/20 21:54:30) Wheely laughs
(05/20 21:54:33) Thend: Is Rose a member of another Hood than you?
(05/20 21:54:37) Wheely: Yeah.
(05/20 21:54:37) Thend starts to laugh
(05/20 21:54:54) Rosette: I don't know which hood I'm a member of. How do I find out?
(05/20 21:55:08) Wheely: Let's see if the main city is open again?
(05/20 21:55:12) Wheely: Want to?
(05/20 21:55:13) Thend: Okay, if you are determined, then either the public City or Rose's, by becoming member
(05/20 21:55:37) Thend: Where's she going again? lol
(05/20 21:55:41) Rosette: guess we're trying the public one again. Thanks for the help, thend
(05/20 21:55:50) Thend: Okay, we can meet herre
(05/20 21:55:50) Rosette (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/20 21:56:09) To Wheely: We'll meet back here if we van't get in
(05/20 21:56:09) From Wheely (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/20 21:56:41) To Wheely: Seems it's full
(05/20 21:56:41) From Wheely (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/20 21:57:13) To Rosette: Rosette, I think it's full
(05/20 21:58:28) To Wheely: Wheely, no luck?
(05/20 21:58:52) From Wheely in Wheely's Nexus: I'm gonna do a trick my dad taught me.
(05/20 21:59:08) To Wheely: Okay, but I'd like to go with you, if possible, please
(05/20 21:59:16) To Wheely: Where are you?
(05/20 22:00:33) To Wheely: Wheely I am supposed to be escorting you lol
(05/20 22:00:39) To Wheely: Please get me in too
(05/20 22:00:45) From Wheely in D'ni-Ae'gura: Sorry I can't.
(05/20 22:01:11) To Wheely: There are Marker hunts in the Hoods as well, we could do those
(05/20 22:01:27) From Wheely in D'ni-Ae'gura: First we have to calibrate right?
(05/20 22:01:40) To Wheely: Yes, at GZ
(05/20 22:03:58) To Wheely: Some escort I turned out to be
(05/20 22:04:23) To Wheely: Look, if anything happens to you or your friend now, I'd feel really responsible
(05/20 22:04:50) From Wheely in D'ni-Ae'gura: We'll be fine.
(05/20 22:05:49) To Wheely: I hope so, Wheely. Keep your eyes peeled. If you change your mind about going to another instance, please let me know

(Hood chat is going wild with folks trying to protect the girls from harm as they run around on their opening Marker Mission. At some point around here, Thend attempts to briefly fill folks in on what's been going on. Also, notices his Invite link to Council Bevin has been deleted already in Nexus)

(05/20 22:13:14) From Rosette in D'ni-Ae'gura: we made it into the city, and i just need one more marker
(05/20 22:13:48) To Rosette: Okay, good. Be careful and the offer to escort you anywhere is still open :)

(More Hood chat, a few of us contact a ResEng with no answers except that they were going to consider blocking off the Pub. Wheely & Rosette end up in GZ to turn in their Markers. Meanwhile, Tay had established contact with Wheely & Rosette and has Invited them to her Kadish)

From Tay's chatlog -

(05/20 22:18:04) From Rosette in The Council's Bevin: I got enough markers for my first set. We're going back to the machine to turn them in.
(05/20 22:18:29) From Rosette in The Council's Bevin: Then, can we see your ages to get to other markers?
(05/20 22:19:47) To Rosette in The Council's Bevin: Sure, no problem :D
(05/20 22:19:47) From Rosette (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/20 22:23:44) From Rosette in Rosette's Nexus: OK. We've turned the markers in, how do we get to your Age?
(05/20 22:24:40) To Rosette: I'm going to send you an invite to my Kadish Tolesa Age. You can access it from the Nexus under private links.
(05/20 22:24:59) From Rosette in Rosette's Nexus: Thanks!
(05/20 22:25:28) To Rosette: No problem! Two of my friends are joining along as well, Thend, and Whilyam. Is that alright?
(05/20 22:25:28) From Rosette (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):

From Thend's chatlog -

(05/20 22:21:02) To Wheely: Are you going back to the Main City? Btw, congrats on a successful mission :)
(05/20 22:21:36) From Wheely in GreatZero': I think we're going to Moiety's Kadish.
(05/20 22:22:05) To Wheely: Awesome! Tay's a great person. Alone or would you all like company?
(05/20 22:22:05) From Wheely (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/20 22:22:25) From Wheely in Wheely's Nexus: Sure. Come along.
(05/20 22:23:11) To Wheely: Thank you[/spoiler]


Tay's account -

I was very excited to see that Wheely was in the cavern, as I had never met her before. I first saw her in the Uru Obsession hood getting markers with Rosette, and tried to convince her not to leave to the Hood. Of course they ended up going to the public city, which was full and I couldn't get in. Meanwhile everyone was freaking out over hood chat fearing that the girls were going to die. I felt so helpless sitting in Nexus and listening to everything happening, and I also couldn't help but feel bad for the two poor girls who just wanted to get their markers done in peace. It seemed unlikely to me that they would be in any danger on their first appearance to the cavern. In an attempt to get to make my mark on the story, Yahvo forbid something should happen to them, and to try and lure them out of the city, I PMed Rosette apologizing for all of the chaos and inviting them over to my Ages to get the markers on the balconies. I was completely caught off guard when she replied a half hour later accepting my offer. I was so excited, and little did I know that it would be my only chance to hang out with them. Thend and Whilyam ended up coming along as well, which just made the excursion more fun. It was a shame that I inconveniently crashed out, but it was a great experience anyhow.

[spoiler]From Thend's chatlog -

(Thend & Whil get Invites from Tay and link to her Kadish)

(05/20 22:26:25) Wheely: Hello!
(05/20 22:26:31) Whilyam says hey
(05/20 22:26:31) Thend waves hello
(05/20 22:26:33) Rosette: Hi, guys!
(05/20 22:26:38) Whilyam: Hi, girls
(05/20 22:26:42) Wheely: Hi!
(05/20 22:26:46) *Moietay: Hey!
(05/20 22:26:47) *Moietay waves hello
(05/20 22:26:51) Wheely: This is like an expeidition!
(05/20 22:26:51) Thend: Ah, good to see you all
(05/20 22:26:54) Wheely: Cool!
(05/20 22:26:55) Rosette looks around.
(05/20 22:27:01) Rosette: This place is beautiful!
(05/20 22:27:04) Whilyam looks around for a bit
(05/20 22:27:05) *Moietay: Yes, this is going to be fun :D. Have either of you been here before?
(05/20 22:27:05) Thend: Yeah Wheely, well we ARE explorers lol
(05/20 22:27:10) Wheely: I've been here.
(05/20 22:27:13) Wheely: Rose hasn't.
(05/20 22:27:19) *Moietay: Oh cool : )
(05/20 22:27:19) Rosette: I haven't.
(05/20 22:27:27) Rosette: Yeah, what she said
(05/20 22:27:27) Thend: We had a Prty hear just last week
(05/20 22:27:33) Thend: Party*
(05/20 22:27:37) Whilyam: Wheely, did you meet Rose on the surface? Or is she someone you met in cavern?
(05/20 22:27:37) Wheely: Cool - so where are the markers?
(05/20 22:27:39) *Moietay: Yeah, Thend has great parties here :D
(05/20 22:27:42) Wheely: She's from Portland.
(05/20 22:27:47) Wheely: My good friend.
(05/20 22:27:49) Thend: Oregon?
(05/20 22:27:52) *Moietay: Come this way
(05/20 22:27:53) Whilyam: Maine?
(05/20 22:27:55) Wheely: Yeah.
(05/20 22:27:57) Wheely: Oregon.
(05/20 22:27:58) Rosette: Oregon
(05/20 22:27:59) Whilyam: Ah
(05/20 22:28:07) Thend: Welcome to the Cavern Rosette, hope you have a good stay
(05/20 22:28:08) Wheely: I didn't know there was a Portland in Maine. That's weird.
(05/20 22:28:10) Whilyam: Good. Seemed everyone on the DRC came from Maine
(05/20 22:28:29) *Moietay: Is this your first time in the cavern, Rosette?
(05/20 22:28:32) Thend: Yeah, I had relatives in the Maine one
(05/20 22:28:53) Whilyam: Oops... pm...
(05/20 22:28:56) Whilyam: One sec
(05/20 22:29:11) *Moietay: Here's the stone
(05/20 22:29:34) Rosette: Where does this one go?

(Tay shares the Kadish Balcony Stone, but only 3 end up in the same instance - Ae'gura Prime)

(05/20 22:29:59) Rosette: Thanks!
(05/20 22:32:01) Wheely: Isn't this cool Rose?
(05/20 22:32:01) Thend: Ah, was chatlogged for a secc
(05/20 22:32:12) Wheely: That's the city down there.
(05/20 22:32:21) Rosette: Awesome view!
(05/20 22:32:25) Thend: They call that place The Mall
(05/20 22:32:26) Thend points
(05/20 22:32:28) Wheely: Totally.
(05/20 22:32:28) Kam Uraki: Welcome back Wheely
(05/20 22:32:53) Wheely: What now Thend?
(05/20 22:33:07) Rosette: Is this the main city, or an instance?
(05/20 22:33:21) Thend: Not sure, we're in the main instance of the City. Perhaps back to Tay's Kadish?
(05/20 22:33:28) kengehr2785: Main city
(05/20 22:33:32) Kam Uraki: lol, Thend, you mentioned a mall in front of a teenage girl. You now have their undivided attention
(05/20 22:33:33) Thend: Then we can go to her Relto and more balconies
(05/20 22:33:38) Thend: Got the Markers here?
(05/20 22:33:48) Wheely: Just one right?
(05/20 22:33:53) Rosette: I got one here
(05/20 22:34:02) Thend: Yep
(05/20 22:34:07) Thend: And over there too
(05/20 22:34:26) Thend: Oh wait, I'm on another mission than you
(05/20 22:34:27) Thend starts to laugh
(05/20 22:34:33) Rosette laughs
(05/20 22:34:37) Wheely laughs
(05/20 22:34:38) Thend: So, back to Tay's?
(05/20 22:34:41) Wheely: Okay.
(05/20 22:34:43) Wheely: See you there.
(05/20 22:34:47) Rosette: Back to Tay's
(05/20 22:34:48) Wheely: You know how to get there right Rose?
(05/20 22:34:50) Thend: Okay see you both there :)
(05/20 22:34:57) Rosette: Relto, then nexus?
(05/20 22:35:00) Kam Uraki: I'm on a mission from God. So is my brother Elwood
(05/20 22:35:02) Wheely: Right.
(05/20 22:35:03) Thend nods his head
(05/20 22:35:11) Rosette: I'm getting the hang of it. I think
(05/20 22:35:55) To Rosette: Rosette, you okay? Didn't mean to link out before you
(05/20 22:36:29) From Rosette in Rosette's Nexus: I'm in the nexus. Going to Tay's Kadish...
(05/20 22:36:43) To Rosette: That's right, cool
(05/20 22:36:44) From Rosette (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/20 22:37:52) *Moietay: Well, we can explore around the Age a bit, or get some more balconies if you want.
(05/20 22:38:00) Thend: Ah, we all made it lol
(05/20 22:38:01) Wheely: We want our markers.
(05/20 22:38:14) Rosette: Yes, more markers, please.
(05/20 22:38:14) *Moietay: Okay cool.
(05/20 22:38:16) Thend: They want markers
(05/20 22:38:21) Thend nods his head
(05/20 22:38:25) *Moietay: Have you gotten the ones in the gallery?
(05/20 22:38:29) Wheely: No.
(05/20 22:38:43) Wheely: I totally forgot.
(05/20 22:39:02) Wheely: Hey Rose, do you want to jump that crack? (The one near the base of Kadish's Gallery Book area)
(05/20 22:39:07) Rosette: No way
(05/20 22:39:15) Wheely: We have a Relto Book.
(05/20 22:39:30) Rosette: I can't jump that far.
(05/20 22:39:36) Wheely: Fine.
(05/20 22:39:37) Thend: Go this way, please
(05/20 22:39:48) Thend: I always do it this way too
(05/20 22:39:59) *Moietay: Go ahead. Just link back here when you're done.
(05/20 22:40:10) Whilyam: You'll need to follow them, Tay
(05/20 22:40:15) Whilyam: To link them back here
(05/20 22:40:31) *Moietay: Thend said its a private instance...
(05/20 22:40:35) Whilyam: Oh right.
(05/20 22:40:38) Thend: Isn't it?
(05/20 22:40:46) Whilyam: If you share it, they get sent to the public one...

(Wheely & Rosette link themselves to the Kadish Gallery and return shortly thereafter)

(05/20 22:45:05) *Moietay: wb!
(05/20 22:45:13) Wheely: No where?
(05/20 22:45:17) Wheely: Now where?
(05/20 22:45:31) *Moietay: We'll go back to my Relto, and from there we can get to the other balconies.
(05/20 22:45:41) Wheely: Where are you?
(05/20 22:45:52) *Moietay: Hehe..I was just about to ask the same. I'm by the link in point.
(05/20 22:46:13) Whilyam: They're chasing me!
(05/20 22:46:25) Rosette: Get him!
(05/20 22:46:35) Whilyam: Don't sneeze!
(05/20 22:47:04) Whilyam: You know, Rose looks a lot like Tay
(05/20 22:47:10) Whilyam: I mean Moi

(Thend & Whil CTD while linking through to Tay's Relto)

From Tay's chatlog -

(05/20 22:48:48) *Moietay: Welcome to my Relto : )
(05/20 22:48:58) Rosette: Wheely fell!
(05/20 22:49:04) *Moietay: Aww, she did?
(05/20 22:49:19) Wheely: Yes!
(05/20 22:49:23) *Moietay cheers
(05/20 22:49:24) Wheely: I made it back!
(05/20 22:49:29) Rosette: Always the daredevil
(05/20 22:49:36) *Moietay: Awesome! I've never seen someone do that before :)
(05/20 22:49:48) Wheely: Nice Relto!
(05/20 22:49:52) *Moietay thanks you very much!
(05/20 22:49:52) Wheely: Should I try it again?
(05/20 22:50:01) Wheely: It was kinda fun,.
(05/20 22:50:15) *Moietay: No...wouldnt want to end up back in your relto...then I'd have to come fetch you again!
(05/20 22:50:22) Wheely: Ok.
(05/20 22:50:27) Rosette: This place is cool! My island doesn't have any of this stuff.
(05/20 22:50:30) *Moietay: Neat trick though.
(05/20 22:50:45) *Moietay: You can pick up pages in the Ages that add stuff to your relto.
(05/20 22:50:45) Wheely: Do you think this is Bahro?
(05/20 22:50:49) Wheely: They are weird.
(05/20 22:51:05) *Moietay: What, Wheely?
(05/20 22:51:08) To Thend in Thend's Relto: Aww okay
(05/20 22:51:10) Wheely: This thing over here?
(05/20 22:51:12) Wheely: Is it Bahro?
(05/20 22:51:14) Rosette: I found one page in the room after I turned in my markers
(05/20 22:51:16) Wheely: It looks like it.
(05/20 22:51:22) Wheely: They are weird things.
(05/20 22:51:38) *Moietay: Oh, those are things you get once you finish each Age.
(05/20 22:51:46) *Moietay: The Bahro give them to you.
(05/20 22:51:48) Rosette: They're spooky. How do they float like that?
(05/20 22:51:55) Wheely: The Bahro are spooky Rose!
(05/20 22:51:55) *Moietay: I dont know.
(05/20 22:52:11) *Moietay: Bahro magic :D
(05/20 22:52:38) *Moietay: Do you guys know anything about the bahro?
(05/20 22:52:47) *Moietay: They're pretty weird creatures
(05/20 22:52:53) Wheely: That's all I know.
(05/20 22:52:59) Wheely: I don't want to know anything.
(05/20 22:53:15) *Moietay: They're kind of nice, in a creepy way.
(05/20 22:53:24) *Moietay: With all your bravery I'd think you'd like them :D
(05/20 22:53:40) Wheely: I think they're stupid.
(05/20 22:53:50) *Moietay: looks like the other two got sent back to their Reltos. I'll have to invite them back to the next age.
(05/20 22:53:55) *Moietay: Why do you think they're stupid?
(05/20 22:54:00) Wheely: They just are.
(05/20 22:54:07) *Moietay shrugs
(05/20 22:54:21) Wheely: Now what?
(05/20 22:54:23) *Moietay: Have you ever seen one?
(05/20 22:54:45) Wheely: From far away.
(05/20 22:54:50) Wheely: That's about it.
(05/20 22:54:56) *Moietay: Okay.
(05/20 22:55:05) *Moietay: You can go ahead to Gira.
(05/20 22:56:32) Rosette: I should have paid attention. Which book is it?
(05/20 22:56:42) *Moietay: It's the red one, the only one with the tab up

(Everyone ends up in Tay's Eder Gira)

(05/20 22:57:20) Wheely: What now?
(05/20 22:57:24) Thend: Holy, you just fell out of the sky Wheely lol
(05/20 22:57:29) *Moietay: Ooh...nighttime
(05/20 22:57:40) Thend: Tay, lead the way :)
(05/20 22:57:54) Wheely: Rose, jump over here.
(05/20 22:57:55) Thend: Lotta lava here, watch your step
(05/20 22:58:02) Rosette: It's dark
(05/20 22:58:02) *Moietay: Did you know that 51% of explorers prefer to visit Gira at sunset? lol
(05/20 22:58:08) Thend laughs
(05/20 22:58:31) *Moietay: You can walk around if you want, Rosette
(05/20 22:58:32) Thend: Tay's the Uru Yearbook and statistics expert lol
(05/20 22:58:50) *Moietay: Hey...would you guys want to be in the Uru Live yearbook?
(05/20 22:59:00) Thend: Hmm, this is a jump, better to waalk around
(05/20 22:59:07) Rosette: thank you
(05/20 22:59:12) Wheely: What's that?
(05/20 22:59:30) *Moietay: It's a yearbook, like schools have, for the first year of Uru Live.
(05/20 22:59:36) *Moietay: I'm putting in pictures of events and stuff
(05/20 22:59:53) Thend points
(05/20 23:00:00) *Moietay: And every person's avatar that I can get a picture of :D
(05/20 23:00:28) Rosette: Where'd they go?
(05/20 23:00:39) Thend: Rosette, walk on that steam vent
(05/20 23:00:45) Thend points
(05/20 23:00:59) *Moietay: Hey Wheely, do you know what happened to the pith helmet that used to be in those caves?
(05/20 23:01:07) Wheely: Where are you guys?
(05/20 23:01:11) Thend: Fun, huh?
(05/20 23:01:16) *Moietay: We're down by the water.
(05/20 23:01:17) Wheely: There's one sitting right here.
(05/20 23:01:24) Whilyam: Eh?
(05/20 23:01:26) *Moietay: Is there really?
(05/20 23:01:27) Thend: Thend's a slowpoke lol
(05/20 23:01:32) *Moietay: Hehe
(05/20 23:01:35) Whilyam: Did you put it there, Wheely?
(05/20 23:01:36) Wheely: I'm looking right at it.
(05/20 23:01:43) Whilyam hugs Wheely
(05/20 23:01:43) Thend shrugs
(05/20 23:01:51) *Moietay: Whil got his hat!
(05/20 23:01:52) *Moietay cheers
(05/20 23:01:54) Thend: I'll go check
(05/20 23:01:59) Whilyam: MUCH better..
(05/20 23:02:07) Whilyam thanks you very much!
(05/20 23:02:19) Wheely: Don't thank me.
(05/20 23:02:21) Whilyam: You should get one, Wheely
(05/20 23:02:28) Whilyam: It's quite handy
(05/20 23:02:31) Thend: I can't see a thing
(05/20 23:02:34) Wheely: Where are we going now?
(05/20 23:02:36) *Moietay: bugs...yeah this would be hard
(05/20 23:02:49) Thend: How did she get up there?
(05/20 23:02:57) Thend: Anyways, how about the rooftop?
(05/20 23:02:58) *Moietay: Whil, Wheely, how'd you guys get up in the dark?
(05/20 23:03:06) Whilyam: Felt our way
(05/20 23:03:06) Wheely: Just walk.
(05/20 23:03:11) *Moietay: Impressive
(05/20 23:03:12) Thend: Nice Whil
(05/20 23:03:26) Whilyam: I feel powerful in my hat :P
(05/20 23:03:34) Whilyam: Maybe that's how..
(05/20 23:03:35) *Moietay: :D
(05/20 23:03:39) Wheely: We going in here?
(05/20 23:03:39) Thend: Where's rosette?
(05/20 23:03:40) *Moietay: Here's the stone
(05/20 23:03:41) Whilyam: Drawn by the power of the One Hat...
(05/20 23:03:44) Wheely: Rose!
(05/20 23:04:08) Whilyam: One Hat to Rule them all...
(05/20 23:04:08) Whilyam: stopping :P
(05/20 23:04:08) Wheely: Where are you?
(05/20 23:04:08) Rosette: I got lost in the dark
(05/20 23:04:10) Whilyam: Rosette. Pick up a pith for Wheely and yourself
(05/20 23:04:14) Thend: Happens to me alla time
(05/20 23:04:21) Wheely: It's so cool to finally have you down here Rose. Do you like everything?
(05/20 23:04:27) *Moietay: I can never find my way in there without the light bugs
(05/20 23:04:39) Whilyam: You really should get one, Wheely. You can even color the little band that goes across it :)
(05/20 23:04:42) Rosette: I made it!
(05/20 23:04:46) *Moietay cheers
(05/20 23:04:55) Wheely hugs Rose
(05/20 23:04:56) Thend: Rosette, how long are you in the Cavern for?
(05/20 23:05:12) Rosette: Look at those!
(05/20 23:05:12) Rosette: Are they poisonous?
(05/20 23:05:13) Whilyam: The rays? Yeah, they're pretty neat.
(05/20 23:05:33) Whilyam: Not that I know of
(05/20 23:05:40) Whilyam: I think Tweek calls them Tsoidal
(05/20 23:05:44) Whilyam: Because they glow
(05/20 23:05:51) Whilyam: Do you know if the DRC has a name for them?
(05/20 23:05:53) Thend: During the D'ni Games, they used this palce for diving
(05/20 23:06:00) Wheely: I don't know.
(05/20 23:06:09) Rosette: Sorry. It's easy to get sidetracked. What about the markers?
(05/20 23:06:13) Wheely: Should we go through here?
(05/20 23:06:14) Whilyam: Heh
(05/20 23:06:30) *Moietay: Hehe, thats okay. Sure, go ahead and use the stone
(05/20 23:06:35) Thend: Do we need to share Tay?
(05/20 23:06:52) Wheely: Do we need to share?
(05/20 23:06:52) Whilyam: There's enough Tay to go around :)
(05/20 23:06:52) Whilyam: :P
(05/20 23:06:55) *Moietay: Oh, hmm...probably. It cant hurt
(05/20 23:07:02) *Moietay: hehe
(05/20 23:07:16) Whilyam: Unless you hit her with th stone.
(05/20 23:07:16) Whilyam: Then it hurts
(05/20 23:07:19) Whilyam: Unless you have a pith!

(Tay attempts to share the Bahro Stone but CTD this time. While Thend decides to share it instead, Wheely unexpectedly Relto's out. Rosette remains, and uses the shared link and ends up alone in an instance of Tokotah Rooftop)

From Thend's chatlog -

(05/20 23:23:24) To Rosette: You there Rosette?
(05/20 23:24:19) From Rosette in D'ni-Ae'gura: Wheely wants to explore more of the city while we're here. Maybe we'll get back together in a little while. Will you be here much longer?
(05/20 23:24:55) To Rosette: Yes, Rosette, I'll stick around. Where should I go or meet you?

(Very soon after this, it was reported that both of them ended up in the Main City - and then had disappeared...)[/spoiler]


Whil's account -

It was a strange way to start an exploration. I'm running around the City, looking for additional fractures on the Tokotah when Tay comes on over PM saying that Wheely wants to go looking for markers on the balconies in the city. We go to Tay's Kadish and head for the Palace balcony stone. Unfortunately (you'll hear that a lot in here) I got a PM and had to skip following. I waited for them to return and head for the gallery book, which they did. I had been waiting at the book's position for a while. I closed the book and stood on the stone pedestal it had sat on. As Tay, Wheely, and Rosette came along, I snapped a picture with my KI.

Wheely stopped with Rosette at the edge of the cliff closest to the Journey Cloth page and tried to get her to jump over it. "Come on" she said. "I can't jump that far," said Rosette. I've jumped that many times, I thought, as they made their way up to the broken platform the book sat on. They linked through to get their markers and we were left in Kadish thanks to the strange instancing.

I looked around. The structure we were in, the Birdcage I called it, was all that was left of a portion of Kadish's mansion on the Age, broken apart by wildly-growing trees. And so I realized that this whole place was dangerous, but Wheely took that danger. And I saw the old politics of the cavern in those two. Wheely was like us, taking dangerous paths without much thought. Rosette was like the DRC, cautious and unwilling to do anything too dangerous. And they were both killed. What does that say about those old sides people took?

We moved on to Eder Gira. I ran to the stone arch-bridge and waited there as Tay, Thend, and then Wheely and Rosette linked in. Wheely ran along the path to where it dead-ended, where you can jump to the path below and skip running around the outside, overlooking the lava river; and beckoned Rosette to jump. Of course she didn't. but Wheely did. From there, we went to the Tokotah rooftop stone and Tay attempted to share it. Unfortunately, something went wrong and no one went anywhere. Eventually Wheely linked to the Tokotah rooftop on her own and Rosette got a shared link from Thend. After that, they went off on their own. That was the last time I saw Wheely or Rosette, and the last time an explorer saw them.

'Reading between the lines can be just as important as reading the words written on the page'
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PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2007 11:25 pm 

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Thank you for such wonderful synopses of the events leading up to their sad demise.

I'm just happy to be here!

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PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2007 8:18 am 
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What Wheely says about the Bahro is sooo scary in retrospect.

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PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2007 6:57 pm 

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You know, this compilation of chatlogs and pics was very informative and great for getting a glimpse and what was going on in the run up to the events we all have heard so much about.

You know what would be really nice? SOme sort of recap of the storyline published by the DRC/Cyan/'the powers that be" illustrated with screenshots/ki pics so those of us who weren't around for the events/storyline could get up to speed and still feel involved and connected.

Kind of like an evolving graphic novel to illustrate the story as it unfolds and provide some record for backward reference.

Just a thought.

~ W

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PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2007 7:38 pm 
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Waldorf wrote:
You know what would be really nice? SOme sort of recap of the storyline published by the DRC/Cyan/'the powers that be" illustrated with screenshots/ki pics so those of us who weren't around for the events/storyline could get up to speed and still feel involved and connected.

Even better, IMHO, would be something created by explorers themselves, an amalgamation of several different explorer perspectives to create the Story of Wheely and Rose. It seems clear that Cyan is intent on running episodes in a realistic, real-time environment, and so they are always going to be a series of events, connected by whatever secret formula lies behind the curtain. Rather than have Cyan pull open the curtain, we should have a Guild of Storytellers, who take the events of each episode and weave them into a story that can be told over and over, so that future explorers will get sense of the cavern's history.

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PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2007 8:14 pm 

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Zardoz wrote:
Waldorf wrote:
You know what would be really nice? SOme sort of recap of the storyline published by the DRC/Cyan/'the powers that be" illustrated with screenshots/ki pics so those of us who weren't around for the events/storyline could get up to speed and still feel involved and connected.

Even better, IMHO, would be something created by explorers themselves, an amalgamation of several different explorer perspectives to create the Story of Wheely and Rose. It seems clear that Cyan is intent on running episodes in a realistic, real-time environment, and so they are always going to be a series of events, connected by whatever secret formula lies behind the curtain. Rather than have Cyan pull open the curtain, we should have a Guild of Storytellers, who take the events of each episode and weave them into a story that can be told over and over, so that future explorers will get sense of the cavern's history.

Cyan knows the story ahead of time. They know what pics would be most illustrative. Cyan likely has access to better utilities for taking screenshots. Cyan, if necessary could restage episodic content offline on in-house servers to achieve ideal shots. Even if done in the live environemnt, Cyan has access to vantage points explorers do not (i.e., things going on behind the barriers and out of view)...

Involving multiple explorers in yet another guild is a suggestion that is becoming increasinly less appealing to me, personally. I'd like to see some 'official' publications to compliment the game. I don't believe that players must/should do everything related to promulgating storyline/history. There are things we can do, like the Cavern Today threads on the UO forums... But I'm suggesting 'official' content to compliment the online game.

Years from now Cyan could even collect these pics and chat logs from all the episodes, format them nicely, reproduce them in hardcover, bound editions and market them to the gaming community (Merchandising?! :shock: ) I bet people would pay additional money for the episodes in a graphic novel format illustrated with ingame screenshots and running chatlog style dialog. It'd be especially great for those of us who never make it into the public city but still want very mcuh to see the action.

Just a thought.

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PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2007 10:10 pm 
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Rosette had not much of a chance to develop as a memorable character. On the contrary, she reminds me of one of those unfortunate ensigns in the Star Trek tv show, who show up for the first time just to get killed in the same episode.

I think any character should get a minimum of character development. Therefore, I provide the chat log of my encounter with Rosette when she arrived in DRC (5120) Bevin on May 18th a few minutes after 16:00 Cavern Time to get her KI. It may help to make the picture more complete:
(05/19 00:03:52) Marck: Hello Rosette
(05/19 00:04:00) Rosette: Hey
(05/19 00:04:10) Rosette: Cool, there's my name.
(05/19 00:04:24) Marck: Welcome to D'ni :)
(05/19 00:04:27) Rosette: hey is there a book around here somewhere?
(05/19 00:04:32) Rosette: Wheely said there was.
(05/19 00:04:35) Marck: More than one :)
(05/19 00:04:42) Rosette: To get the talkie thing
(05/19 00:04:42) Marck: Wheely?
(05/19 00:04:49) Rosette: Yeah, Wheely.
(05/19 00:04:51) Marck: Willow Engberg?
(05/19 00:04:52) Rosette: You know her?
(05/19 00:04:55) Rosette: Yeah!
(05/19 00:05:05) Rosette: I'm her friend.
(05/19 00:05:11) Rosette: I've never been here before.
(05/19 00:05:12) Marck: I never met her but I know who she is
(05/19 00:05:17) Rosette: Cool.
(05/19 00:05:24) Marck: Where did you meet her?
(05/19 00:05:32) Rosette: Portland.
(05/19 00:05:35) Marck: If you are new then you cannot have met her
(05/19 00:05:40) Marck: Oh, I see
(05/19 00:05:43) A.Donahoo: Hello
(05/19 00:05:47) Rosette: Hi
(05/19 00:05:55) A.Donahoo: Do we have an island page?
(05/19 00:06:03) Rosette: So, where is the book for the talking thing?
(05/19 00:06:10) Marck: Last tim ei checked, it was there, A.D
(05/19 00:06:16) A.Donahoo: what talking thing?
(05/19 00:06:25) Rosette: Where?
(05/19 00:06:26) Marck: I don't understand what you mean exactly, Rosette
(05/19 00:06:35) A.Donahoo: It's here
(05/19 00:06:43) Rosette: The thing on your wrist....
(05/19 00:06:52) Marck: Oh, you mean the KI
(05/19 00:06:57) Rosette: Yeah!
(05/19 00:06:57) A.Donahoo: It's in the linking room
(05/19 00:07:04) Marck: Use this linking book here
(05/19 00:07:05) A.Donahoo: Upstairs
(05/19 00:07:13) Rosette: This one?
(05/19 00:07:18) Marck: There you will find a KI dispenser
(05/19 00:07:23) Marck nods his head
(05/19 00:07:27) Rosette: Okay.
(05/19 00:07:30) Rosette: Cool.
(05/19 00:07:32) Rosette: Thanks.
(05/19 00:07:51) A.Donahoo: Newbies are so enthusiastic

To be honest, I first suspected that this was some attempt for fan-fiction. She went offline presumedly directly after she retrieved her KI, which is unusual for a new explorer, and never showed up again. Two days later, I got assurance that Rosette was indeed a character in the episode when she came online at almost the same time as Wheely. Both seemed to link to the same areas and Ages, and we all know what happened shortly after that.

KI# 48956 - Bartle Test: ESAK (87/53/47/13)

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(05/19 00:07:51) A.Donahoo: Newbies are so enthusiastic

Priceless... :lol:

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