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PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 3:15 pm 
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(06/25 22:38:38) From Janine in (null) The Watcher's Pub: M: I just think the decision was being made to quickly
(06/25 22:39:34) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in Blabbity's Bevin: Marie: And having Cate on the DRC seems like a conflict of interest for her.
(06/25 22:40:24) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in Blabbity's Bevin: Marie: Yes, Di Gama, she is. (when asked if Cate is official DRC now)
(06/25 22:40:35) From [ Relayer ] Abathyr in Blabbity's Bevin: Marie: I like Cate, too. It's not about who I like.
(06/25 22:41:04) Thend: Marie, perhaps the steps Cate may take seem to drastic, in general?
(06/25 22:41:04) Di Gama: is her wanting to release so many ages entirely safe?
(06/25 22:41:35) Sillie: I say...the more the merrier
(06/25 22:41:35) Marie Sutherland: She had power before, so in some ways, yes, Montgomery
(06/25 22:41:42) Montgomery: What kind of danger do you anticipate, Marie?
(06/25 22:42:19) Cycreim: What are you going to do without a structural engineer? You've been pushing much further into the ruins than we have...
(06/25 22:42:22) Marie Sutherland: The problem biggest problem is what you can't anticipate.
(06/25 22:42:36) Montgomery nods his head
(06/25 22:42:42) Thend: Marie, what particularly concerns you most?
(06/25 22:42:43) [ Mister Cloak ]: Marie, can you give me a wave? :D
(06/25 22:42:43) Di Gama: I am worried that all the new ages are coing to hurt someone
(06/25 22:43:23) Thend: Cate, hello again
(06/25 22:43:25) Di Gama: cate is here too?
(06/25 22:43:29) Thend: Just talking with Marie here
(06/25 22:43:29) D'nial: Greetings.
(06/25 22:43:32) Marie Sutherland: We have others with engineering experience. They are doing the their best to compensate in his absence.
(06/25 22:44:34) gelf56: are you at all concerned about your own job now Marie? as the person who didnt agree with the Cate decision, and your commitmnts away from the cavern?
(06/25 22:44:37) Cycreim: Ah well I hope things stay safe...
(06/25 22:44:48) Junee: Marie do you know why the bahro are moving out of the cavern and more active in unreleased ages?
(06/25 22:45:02) Cate Alexander: I would hope Marie is not concerned about her job.
(06/25 22:45:08) Thend: Cate, did you have something to discuss with Marie? Or just a social visit?
(06/25 22:45:16) Montgomery: Marie, is the DRC concerned about the Bahro and are you making any headway in communicating with them? We get the impression this is not a priority?
(06/25 22:45:19) Cate Alexander: Do I need a reason Thend?
(06/25 22:45:29) Thend: Of course not, CAte lol
(06/25 22:45:32) gelf56: Cate i didnt ask you thx
(06/25 22:45:34) [ Mister Cloak ]: LOL Score one for Cate
(06/25 22:45:43) Cycreim: Generally people have reasons for doing things :)
(06/25 22:45:57) Marie Sutherland: Concerned, yes. Headway, no.
(06/25 22:45:58) Cate Alexander: I'm here to listen to Marie explain things.
(06/25 22:46:09) Thend: Ah, I see, thx
(06/25 22:46:26) Sillie: ummmm
(06/25 22:46:29) Montgomery: No pressure, eh?
(06/25 22:46:33) gelf56: I thikn your here to sit on her sholder and inflict a little pressure cate
(06/25 22:46:34) AKA starts to laugh
(06/25 22:46:45) Marie Sutherland: I wasn't aware I was here to "explain" things.
(06/25 22:46:45) Nadnerb: so there's an explanation coming here...
(06/25 22:46:45) Number 2: A little off topic, but could we please have some clarification on the translators? We've heard both that the DRC doesn't currently have any translators and that they have translators on staff. Which is currently true?
(06/25 22:47:18) Thend: Marie was just chatting
(06/25 22:47:20) deerslayer is looking for the coffee vending machine
(06/25 22:48:04) Cate Alexander: Just hear to listen to Marie chat then.
(06/25 22:48:05) Dakro: She was just checking to see if we were enjoying ourselves here in the Watcher's Sanctuary
(06/25 22:48:25) Yali: I have a question Marie
(06/25 22:48:27) Thend: We are just glad to see Marie again, and see how she's been doing
(06/25 22:48:41) Marie Sutherland: Ok, Yali.
(06/25 22:48:51) AKA: Marie, did you ever discover who the D'ni Survivor was? Was it Echer?
(06/25 22:49:10) Dimitrios: Dear Cate please expedite your best efforts to allow greece to have access in uru.thank you
(06/25 22:49:13) [ Mister Cloak ]: she doesn't know who it was
(06/25 22:49:23) Nadnerb wants to ask a question...
(06/25 22:49:25) Yali: AS the journal states, we are in J'Taeri. But isn't J'Taeri on the Island? So why is it that when we lookup we see a cave ceiling?
(06/25 22:49:27) [ Mister Cloak ]: she already said that they didn't give a name
(06/25 22:49:28) Di Gama: do you know the release time of Er'cana yet?
(06/25 22:49:42) Montgomery: Ms. Alexander? Perhaps you can answer my question: It doesn't seem like the situation with the Bahro are a priority? Is the DRC making any headway in communicating with them?
(06/25 22:49:47) Poseidon: Laxman said on tuesday or wendesday
(06/25 22:49:53) gelf56: marie and views of Cates fashion.. choices.. she wont mind if you say.. shes JUST here to listen
(06/25 22:50:23) Myss Terrie: the Watchers Sanctuary is very lovely, Ms Sutherland, but why call it a pub?
(06/25 22:50:27) Cate Alexander: The DRC is working on the Bahro situation.
(06/25 22:50:32) Nine-O-Nine: It was mentioned that the Bahro "activity" had shifted from the cavern to other places.... just what type of "activity" is meant by that? What are they doing?
(06/25 22:50:35) AKA: how is you Mom doing Marie?
(06/25 22:50:37) Dakro: How are they coming along Cate?
(06/25 22:50:46) Nadnerb: I was wondering if you could tell us what you were meeting sharper about earler.
(06/25 22:50:48) Cycreim: What does "working" entail, Cate?
(06/25 22:50:52) Cate Alexander: Very well. We had a good meeting to day.
(06/25 22:51:06) Di Gama: have you scheduled a release time for Er'cana?
(06/25 22:51:07) Marie Sutherland: AKA, She is doing fine, thank you for asking.
(06/25 22:51:09) Do'Tsahvahn: What was your meeting about?
(06/25 22:51:22) AKA smiles
(06/25 22:51:24) Justin: any Idea when the rest of the Watchers sanctuary will be opened?
(06/25 22:51:33) Cate Alexander: I met with Douglas Sharper to discuss some things.
(06/25 22:51:35) Cycreim: I'm asking because I'm concerned about the Bahro that aren't doing harm to us.
(06/25 22:51:38) AKA: that is good to hear
(06/25 22:52:05) Montgomery: Marie, would you like to come to one of the neighborhoods, where it isn't so ... crowded?
(06/25 22:52:05) Dakro: Will Doug be visiting us later to discuss his findings?
(06/25 22:52:10) Johan: when is douglas writing in his diary again?
(06/25 22:52:11) SolarShine: Marie, how do you feel about advertisement in the cavern?
(06/25 22:52:22) Cycreim: Wouldn't want them to come to harm and all...
(06/25 22:52:23) Junee: How are things in Negilahn now? Has Sharper made any progress since last time?
(06/25 22:52:26) Cate Alexander: That will be up to Mr. Sharper.
(06/25 22:52:26) Alysa: (crowded? here? the lag is worse in the hoods.)
(06/25 22:52:38) Di Gama: when will you release Er'cana?
(06/25 22:52:40) Sillie laughs
(06/25 22:52:41) Nadnerb: Montgomery.. any hood she goes to will become as crowded as this very quickly.
(06/25 22:53:05) Marie Sutherland: It's not something I'd be happy about, Solar, but I understand the position we are in.
(06/25 22:53:06) Justin: when will the rest of the watchers pub be opened?
(06/25 22:53:11) Montgomery: You miss my meaning.
(06/25 22:53:19) Cate Alexander: You do Marie?
(06/25 22:53:26) Di Gama: when will Er'cana be released?
(06/25 22:53:52) [ Mister Cloak ]: tuesday or wednesday
(06/25 22:53:53) Marie Sutherland: Yes, Cate. I do, in fact. And you know that very well.
(06/25 22:54:05) Thend: Cate, you explained it to us pretty clearly, unless there's stuff you aren't telling us?
(06/25 22:54:26) AKA senses some tension between our fine lady DRC Members
(06/25 22:54:29) Di Gama: do you have an exact time for the release?
(06/25 22:54:39) Marie Sutherland: No, Di Gama, we don't.
(06/25 22:54:46) ireenquench: Focussing on the restoration as business only might be a terrible mistake. Marie, how do you feel about what the restoration should focus on? Concerning these questions?
(06/25 22:54:46) Cate Alexander: I was under the impression Marie would rather the cavern go down in rubble before she would allow advertising here.
(06/25 22:54:56) Dimitrios: Am i feeling some talkfight between you two?
(06/25 22:55:07) Kato: Some of us would, Ms. Alexander.
(06/25 22:55:14) Dakro: Aww, let's talk nice.
(06/25 22:55:26) leeloo thinks there is some frictions in the air ......
(06/25 22:55:30) Cate Alexander: Some of you may get your wish then Kato.
(06/25 22:55:31) Yali: I wonder what the D'ni on Releeshahn would think of adverts in their former home
(06/25 22:55:38) Thend: Cate, she may not be alone, but drastic measures must be considered carefully
(06/25 22:55:40) SolarShine: I'd rather see some ads than rubble.
(06/25 22:55:49) Cycreim: A lot of what D'ni IS happens to be rubble :P
(06/25 22:55:50) Number 2: I don't know about Marie, but that would very well be my stance... we already pay for being here, and paying to watch Coca Cola adverts would be a tad too much
(06/25 22:56:03) Sillie laughs
(06/25 22:56:06) Do'Tsahvahn: I would boycott the cavern if ads were here.... Stay out of the city...
(06/25 22:56:08) Alysa: Rofl, cycerim.
(06/25 22:56:10) Dimitrios: Laugh
(06/25 22:56:20) Lontahv: Cate what about if you come to the Uru Obsession Bevin and I make it privite
(06/25 22:56:22) Justin: do the DRC Intend to open the Great tree anytime soon?
(06/25 22:56:22) Sillie: I already drink Coke
(06/25 22:56:30) Thend: Cate, are we really that bad off? Or do you just want to push out Ages faster?
(06/25 22:56:34) Cycreim: Well, physically anyway. :)
(06/25 22:56:37) Cate Alexander: Both.
(06/25 22:56:38) Di Gama: i think ads would hurt rather than help
(06/25 22:56:39) [ Mister Cloak ]: enough about the adverts please
(06/25 22:56:50) Sillie: Ill take the adds..i dont care
(06/25 22:57:02) Alysa: Coke ads?! Are you serious?!!
(06/25 22:57:05) Dani: That's hardly fair, Lontahv.
(06/25 22:57:16) [ Mister Cloak ] sighs heavily
(06/25 22:57:20) Marie Sutherland: Look, Cate. I am well aware that you aren't getting the return you're expecting.
(06/25 22:57:28) Sillie: I ignore them on the surface...i can ignore them in the cavern also
(06/25 22:57:28) Cycreim: Are ads even a question we're considering? Sorry if I'm late to the table, but if ads are out of the question, the argument is moot...
(06/25 22:57:44) Justin: I'won't mind adds if they're on T-shirts, and or Hats etc.
(06/25 22:57:44) Poseidon: If having ads means more content.... its fine by me
(06/25 22:57:45) Junee: What kind of advertising are we talking about? Billboards? T-shirts?
(06/25 22:57:55) Javier: Too many conversations at the same time....
(06/25 22:57:57) Cate Alexander: Whatever it takes.
(06/25 22:58:01) Dimitrios: I agree with amun aten
(06/25 22:58:01) Thend: Cate, well, if it means no Cavern, then it's something to consider, if not, you may be doing more harm than good
(06/25 22:58:06) LucyCat: No Viagra ads . . . please!!!!!!
(06/25 22:58:11) Andrew Yosso says DOH!
(06/25 22:58:12) Dakro cringes
(06/25 22:58:14) Sillie: I will wear a t-shirt ad
(06/25 22:58:17) [ Mister Cloak ] starts to laugh
(06/25 22:58:19) Thend: Cate, you have not been in the Cavern that long
(06/25 22:58:23) darkstar: i thiunk ads are very much the question of the moment
(06/25 22:58:37) Marie Sutherland: I also know that we're still doing our best to do as much now as we did previously with less than half the work force.
(06/25 22:58:53) Montgomery: Cate, what if you efforts to "open the cavern" ruin the history that is here? Then what would have been the point?
(06/25 22:59:01) Alysa: The cavern was always about history, and the D'ni cavern coming alive again. I would hate to see it degrade to our standards.
(06/25 22:59:02) <sniffle> Sillie is sad
(06/25 22:59:04) Kato: And you're doing a good job, Marie.
(06/25 22:59:04) Number 2: Cumstom tailory, now that would make a revenue... every group would take a out a few bucks if that meant they could have their special garment
(06/25 22:59:12) Cate Alexander: Which is why we need more funding. And Thend, the time I have been here has been on my money.
(06/25 22:59:16) Di Gama: do you have any plans to hire explorers in any capacity?
(06/25 22:59:18) Alysa: But I know its hard.
(06/25 22:59:21) Cycreim: Well you've got us to help calibrate the Great Zero, Marie. :)
(06/25 22:59:25) D'nial: Ms. Alexander, are you suggesting that it would be reasonable to construct billboards in what is above all an archaeological site?
(06/25 22:59:33) Dimitrios: Do whatever it needs Cate but with extreme respect to the sorroundings and the history of the place
(06/25 22:59:46) Lontahv: What is Blakes in involvement in the restoration?
(06/25 22:59:49) Cate Alexander: I am suggesting that. I am willing to look at the option.
(06/25 22:59:54) Alysa: I second dimitrios' statement.
(06/25 22:59:55) Kato: I might see distributing custom shirts, but billboards are too much.
(06/25 22:59:56) Cycreim: This isn't just a theme park or an archaeological site though.
(06/25 23:00:07) [ Mister Cloak ]: yes, what does Blake do?
(06/25 23:00:09) Dani: What if it was something like product placement? Like the Doritoes in the cleft?
(06/25 23:00:14) Thend: Cate, why have you not explored merchandising then, before adverts? Obviously, many here would be very interested
(06/25 23:00:14) deerslayer sips coffee
(06/25 23:00:18) Do'Tsahvahn: Billboards are too far, "This age is brought to you by Doritos" is too far1
(06/25 23:00:19) ireenquench: Blake told me he is not involded anymore. He said it's Cate's show.
(06/25 23:00:23) Cycreim: Some people LIVE here now
(06/25 23:00:31) Sillie: well, personnly if the Caverns close...I wont be contributing any more funds
(06/25 23:00:34) Di Gama: i don't want "D'ni World"
(06/25 23:00:36) Cate Alexander: Blake is a friend of mine. He did contribute in the past.
(06/25 23:00:44) Alysa: Billboards ARE too much.
(06/25 23:00:50) Montgomery: I think now is an excellent time to point out that if funding and manpower are the issues, then why is the DRC squandering the free volunteer workforce at hand?
(06/25 23:00:53) Lontahv: Yes
(06/25 23:01:03) Number 2: Indeed
(06/25 23:01:06) Andrew Yosso: what about ki mail with adds in them
(06/25 23:01:13) Di Gama: Yes
(06/25 23:01:13) Dani: Good point, Montgomery!
(06/25 23:01:13) Cycreim: Cate, if I may, what kind of advertising would you propose?
(06/25 23:01:20) Cate Alexander: Free workforces do not always solve the problems
(06/25 23:01:22) Kato: I agree, why aren't you utilizing the explorers to their full potential?
(06/25 23:01:22) Number 2: Andrew, that is called spam on the surface, I think
(06/25 23:01:29) Andrew Yosso: indeed
(06/25 23:01:29) Kato: Actually, they do.
(06/25 23:01:29) Sillie: hey..yeah..those are easy to delete
(06/25 23:01:32) Di Gama: Everyone would gladly volunteer
(06/25 23:01:34) Thend: CAte, t-shirts, etc worn on the Surface would generate interest in the Cavern, wouldn't they?
(06/25 23:01:42) Lontahv: Have you been forced to use avertising in other underground projects?
(06/25 23:01:55) leeloo: i agree with thend
(06/25 23:01:58) Sillie: ummm. thats a idea..ill buy one
(06/25 23:02:04) Montgomery: Cate, they get Presidents elected ....
(06/25 23:02:10) AKA: good point UBER
(06/25 23:02:12) SolarShine: an new age is a new age, doesn't matter if doritos paid for it to be restored.
(06/25 23:02:12) Justin: Cate, do u think making more ads for uru, would be better than making ads for other things IN the cavern?
(06/25 23:02:15) Poseidon: What about ads while linking?
(06/25 23:02:17) Cycreim: Are you considering billboards, or something less drastic? Specifics would help us to... channel our responses constructively.
(06/25 23:02:26) Poseidon: During the loading screens?
(06/25 23:02:28) Di Gama: i think advertising for the cavern on the surface helps more then ads for the surface in the cavern
(06/25 23:02:32) Alysa: Ads while linking?!
(06/25 23:02:35) ComputerSage: i'd pay $5 for a Delin book.
(06/25 23:02:35) Alysa: Rofl
(06/25 23:02:38) Number 2: t-shirts I could live with... anything that doesn't come as a punch in the eye when visiting the place
(06/25 23:02:39) SolarShine: what loading screens?
(06/25 23:02:41) Cate Alexander: I'm only asking that we are open to all the options at this point.
(06/25 23:02:42) Dimitrios: Good idea poseidon'
(06/25 23:02:43) Alysa: Interesting idea
(06/25 23:02:59) Dakro: It seems like ads in the cavern would intice people to do things other than the cavern.
(06/25 23:03:03) My'key: when can we delete the drc mails we receive?
(06/25 23:03:03) Dimitrios: Great actually
(06/25 23:03:05) Justin: I would definitly buy an uru T-shirt for the surface
(06/25 23:03:06) Cycreim: Well show us those options. We're customers after all.
(06/25 23:03:11) Sillie: heck..ill even make one myself and wear it on the surface
(06/25 23:03:11) Number 2: What about D'ni replicas? Those from the Riven game sold quite well, I'm told.
(06/25 23:03:13) Thend: Cate, merchandising has been an option for a long while now. Explore old ones first
(06/25 23:03:13) Cate Alexander: Billboards. T-shirts. Hats. Signs. Branding.
(06/25 23:03:15) Alysa: *cough* montgomery.
(06/25 23:03:16) D'Lanor: Marie's DRC shirt should be still available at Cafepress
(06/25 23:03:18) Junee: If you need funding, are there any options apart from advertising?
(06/25 23:03:25) leeloo: then i hope you will consider our options of selling marchandiseCate instead of having billboards in the cavern
(06/25 23:03:26) White Rose: I have heard people say they would leave URU if ads were enforced
(06/25 23:03:27) Cycreim: Not right now, but as they come up.
(06/25 23:03:37) Cate Alexander: Yes, Junee
(06/25 23:03:40) Alysa: What about victor's jacket? I love that. :D
(06/25 23:03:41) Dimitrios: Me too i will buy again for 5 or 6 time everything concerns uru and mysts:)
(06/25 23:03:45) Dani: LOl, Thanakar
(06/25 23:03:48) Justin: I think D'ni Replicas, uru t-shirts ETC, would help funding Imencelly
(06/25 23:03:57) Dakro nods his head
(06/25 23:04:06) Justin: I would buy them for sure
(06/25 23:04:10) [ Mister Cloak ]: I still think a "Donote" page on the DRC website would be benificial
(06/25 23:04:10) Thend: Bahro plushies, Hoodie action figures, posters
(06/25 23:04:13) Andrew Yosso nods his head
(06/25 23:04:13) Lontahv: I would buy a pair of D'ni glasses.
(06/25 23:04:14) Montgomery: Marei, do you have anything you'd like to say, since this has turned into the Uru version of Madison Avenue?
(06/25 23:04:15) SolarShine: they make little money. ads make loaaads a money.
(06/25 23:04:27) Marie Sutherland: Justin, Cyan did merchandise in the past. They lost money on it.
(06/25 23:04:35) White Rose: most of us addicts would buy merchandise I know i would
(06/25 23:04:36) SolarShine: see
(06/25 23:04:38) [ Mister Cloak ]: most of us feel we do not pay enough to be here anyway and would gladly contribute more if given the change
(06/25 23:04:40) Justin: reely
(06/25 23:04:43) ireenquench: Cate, sorry , but I am interested to hear Marie's opinion on this, if possible. I heard yourss. I am interested in what Marie has to say.
(06/25 23:04:45) Justin: that's a shame
(06/25 23:04:47) Thend: Yes Marie, we do still wanna chat with you
(06/25 23:04:48) VoiZod: ooo
(06/25 23:04:49) My'key: ads in the d'ni world, how deep we have to go from here?
(06/25 23:04:50) Junee: Are these options something you'd like to share with us?
(06/25 23:04:51) Number 2: Cloak... speak for yourself, please
(06/25 23:05:05) Cycreim: I see
(06/25 23:05:15) Lontahv: Are you execpting donations.
(06/25 23:05:25) Dimitrios: Poseidon had the best idea
(06/25 23:05:29) [ Mister Cloak ]: I wasn't speaking for you unless you are in the group that would want to donoate to keep the cavern open :P
(06/25 23:05:35) Marie Sutherland: I just want the restoration to continue.
(06/25 23:05:44) Thend nods his head
(06/25 23:05:44) Dakro: As do all of us
(06/25 23:05:45) deerslayer donates every month
(06/25 23:05:46) White Rose: i thought game tap was backing Cyan what happened there?
(06/25 23:05:47) Andrew Yosso nods his head
(06/25 23:05:52) leeloo: we sure all want that
(06/25 23:05:53) Dragonia nods her head
(06/25 23:05:53) Puck: as do we all marie
(06/25 23:05:56) Justin: well, if people bought Cofee and Pizza for cyan, i'm sure donations would work
(06/25 23:05:58) Cycreim: You know, I remember when we used to joke about billboards and fast food joints down in the Canyon...
(06/25 23:06:05) Cate Alexander: I'm not sure you all do.
(06/25 23:06:06) SolarShine: maybe, but this is the DRC
(06/25 23:06:15) Dakro: Ohhhhh yes we do
(06/25 23:06:19) Cate Alexander: I've heard over and over you wouldn't come with advertising here.
(06/25 23:06:21) Javier: Sorry... but..are you talking about finishing all this???
(06/25 23:06:22) From vanda in Uru Obsession's Bevin: im off see yu
(06/25 23:06:25) Dimitrios: i want this thing to go forever (imagine virtual reality)
(06/25 23:06:28) Montgomery: Alright, Cate, I have one suggestion. Hire a PR firm. Then let them go to work. Don't let it affect your very important vote. Please.
(06/25 23:06:33) leeloo: i will if it is the only choice we had
(06/25 23:06:37) White Rose: what happened to Game Tap i thought they were backing Cyan
(06/25 23:06:40) B'ahrowed Thyme: I am still waiting for the restoration of Ae'gura and Bevin.
(06/25 23:06:41) Di Gama: We ALL want to continue restoration, Cate!
(06/25 23:06:49) D'nial: Hammering billboards into the ground seems a step away from restoration to me.
(06/25 23:06:52) ireenquench: Marie... how do you see portential conflicts of interest with Cate on the council, could yo be more spcific?
(06/25 23:06:53) leeloo: but i think all the options must be looked at and you should not rush into anything
(06/25 23:06:54) SolarShine: White Rose: yes, but this is the DRC
(06/25 23:06:59) Number 2: Cloak, if you say "most of us" you must back it up... I know of many who complain about the price, but that doesn't make me say that "most" are complaining
(06/25 23:07:02) Cycreim: Folks, the DRC aren't Cyan, but they've worked together in the past. I don't know how much clout they have on what goes on in the Cavern anymore.
(06/25 23:07:05) Do'Tsahvahn: You seem to have tried no other idea before this! What of tours? Renting D'ni apartments?
(06/25 23:07:23) Do'Tsahvahn: Immediately, you go to "Advertising!"
(06/25 23:07:31) d'ni everything: I think all she is saying is its an option of consideration
(06/25 23:07:34) VoiZod: I get it sence the D'ni city is becomming alive again, then you could start seeing D'ni shops opening up selling their D'ni goods to us , there could be a D'ni money system too, and you could buy say a new T-sgirt for your avatar or maybe some fire marbles who knows.
(06/25 23:07:35) Lontahv: What about vending machines?
(06/25 23:07:38) AKA: White Rose, Gametap is out of cavern
(06/25 23:07:44) Justin: My Advice is, use ads for awhile, and when you have enough money make a Myst /uru movie
(06/25 23:07:47) Justin: that would be awesome, and probably would raise much money
(06/25 23:07:51) Cycreim: Right, what Do'Tsahvahn said. And why not a bake sale? Car wash? :)
(06/25 23:07:53) Cate Alexander: Billboards would be a last resort.
(06/25 23:07:55) Lontahv: Or KI tax?
(06/25 23:07:58) Alysa: a movie would rock. :D
(06/25 23:07:59) d'ni everything: advertising is not an evil enterpirse
(06/25 23:08:02) Dimitrios: Iternatioanal players pay more dont complaint(i am one of those and i dont care)
(06/25 23:08:03) Di Gama: if anything, I hope it doen't happen soon
(06/25 23:08:06) Dani would like to buy some firemarbles. :)
(06/25 23:08:06) Thend: Marie, how do you really feel about all this, we do care what you think
(06/25 23:08:15) AKA nods her head
(06/25 23:08:18) Poseidon: If it brings in cash.... ill take a pepsi vending machine in my relto
(06/25 23:08:19) Cate Alexander: We would, of course, pursue cleaner and more appropriate methods first.
(06/25 23:08:24) Do'Tsahvahn: What resorts come before that?
(06/25 23:08:26) d'ni everything: there is ads here already on t-shirts
(06/25 23:08:26) Number 2: Dimitrios: they don't complain? We must visit different forums, then. :)
(06/25 23:08:27) Lodan: the option to buy additional pieces of Clothing for your Avatar would probably provide a bit of funding
(06/25 23:08:28) Puck: that's what i wanted to hear cate
(06/25 23:08:34) Lontahv: I mean cloths
(06/25 23:08:38) D'nial: It would be destruction of Cavern property. It cannot be any resort!
(06/25 23:08:45) Kato: Well, it seems to us as though you haven't.
(06/25 23:08:51) Dimitrios: Maybe i am not sorry
(06/25 23:08:51) [ Mister Cloak ]: if you have a problem with what I say, take it to pm instead of age chat
(06/25 23:08:51) Cycreim: I wonder what Watson would think of all this.
(06/25 23:09:02) d'ni everything: a few bill boards arent the issue
(06/25 23:09:05) Andrew Yosso shrugs
(06/25 23:09:05) Justin: watson would freak
(06/25 23:09:11) Dimitrios: Poseidon had the best idea
(06/25 23:09:25) Alysa: Where IS watson?
(06/25 23:09:31) Montgomery: Everybody who wants to talk to Cate about advertising -- meet in the Takotah. Everyne who wants to talk to Marie stay here.
(06/25 23:09:31) SolarShine: what else, close the cavern?
(06/25 23:09:31) VoiZod: scroll up to my post please
(06/25 23:09:35) SolarShine: he's with yeesha
(06/25 23:09:36) Lodan: Furcadia is supported by the optional Avatar options they have
(06/25 23:09:37) Gadren: OOC: Sorry, but let's remember not to mix IC and OOC here.
(06/25 23:09:39) Poseidon: What... ads while loading?
(06/25 23:09:41) Lontahv: Has Engberg gone the same way a Watson?
(06/25 23:09:54) Kato: Which Takotah? They're instanced.
(06/25 23:10:01) Dimitrios: Yes poseidon
(06/25 23:10:04) Justin: WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO???? BILBOARD IN ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES? that's like puting a pop machine in kink tut's tomb
(06/25 23:10:06) d'ni everything: we've all been laughing about a starbucks in the cavern already
(06/25 23:10:08) Thanakar: Gadren, ths crosses the ooc and ic are needed
(06/25 23:10:11) Lontahv: As Watson
(06/25 23:10:15) Cate Alexander: I think I'm done here.
(06/25 23:10:23) Junee: Marie, how would you like things coming along (except the staying in the cavern part ;))?
(06/25 23:10:23) Justin: ok bye cate
(06/25 23:10:25) Kato: OOC: This doesn't cross any bounds Than.
(06/25 23:10:27) Dimitrios: Ots of ads in the loading screens
(06/25 23:10:28) Thanakar: Justin, this is NOT an archaelogical site
(06/25 23:10:30) Dimitrios: Lots
(06/25 23:10:30) Lontahv: Good bye.
(06/25 23:10:32) Cate Alexander: Marie, can we meet in private?
(06/25 23:10:34) B'ahrowed Thyme: Cate, I'm so sorry you had to go through this
(06/25 23:10:35) Nadnerb: yeah, you won't get much done in the crowd..
(06/25 23:10:36) Cycreim: Keep us posted, Cate, or you might end up with a mob scene :P
(06/25 23:10:40) ireenquench: Marie?
(06/25 23:10:40) Poseidon: catch you later cate
(06/25 23:10:44) Dakro: THanks for coming Cate, we always love haing you around
(06/25 23:10:46) Kato: Bye Cate.
(06/25 23:10:47) Nadnerb: thanks for your time.
(06/25 23:10:47) <sniffle> Sillie is sad
(06/25 23:10:48) Alysa: D'ni IS an archealogical site, of sorts.
(06/25 23:10:53) d'ni everything: thank you Cate
(06/25 23:10:53) Montgomery: Cate, I would be interested in participating in a serious, formal conversation about funding ideas.
(06/25 23:10:55) D'ean: Thank you Cate
(06/25 23:11:00) ireenquench is worried
(06/25 23:11:02) Thend: Chill everyone, for a sec, allow Marie to talk
(06/25 23:11:02) Di Gama: Thank you cate
(06/25 23:11:03) velvetam: Good bye
(06/25 23:11:06) Puck: thanks for coming by keep us posted
(06/25 23:11:08) d'ni everything: definately
(06/25 23:11:13) Thend: She's been thropugh a lot recently
(06/25 23:11:15) Cate Alexander: Marie?
(06/25 23:11:15) D'ean nods his head
(06/25 23:11:16) leeloo: Is Marie still there?
(06/25 23:11:23) Dimitrios: Thanks cate and give access to greece:)
(06/25 23:11:24) Lontahv: Yes
(06/25 23:11:25) Marie Sutherland: That's probably for the best, Cate.
(06/25 23:11:32) Di Gama: Marie hasn't left
(06/25 23:11:35) Thend: Cate, please give Marie a moment
(06/25 23:11:36) Dimitrios: Please
(06/25 23:11:36) Number 2: She might be having KI issues... it happens in crowded places
(06/25 23:11:37) Do'Tsahvahn: Thanks for your time, Cate..
(06/25 23:11:41) Cate Alexander: I'll meet you there.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 11:30 pm 

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I really enjoy this! Neat to see them participate in the game. I wonder if they have to think very hard before saying something.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 12:53 am 

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[spoiler](06/25 22:44:34) gelf56: are you at all concerned about your own job now Marie? as the person who didnt agree with the Cate decision, and your commitmnts away from the cavern?
(06/25 22:45:02) Cate Alexander: I would hope Marie is not concerned about her job. [/spoiler]
Thanks for the log. Alas, I see things haven't changed :( I'll keep rollin' anyways :D

Edit -

oh the HUMANITY!

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 1:00 am 

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Notice how Marie said Cyan instead of DRC?

That pretty much verifies the OOC issue.

I miss my old signature.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 1:06 am 

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I missed that, haha

Remember back when the ResEngs wouldn't discuss Cyan? :lol:

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 1:09 am 

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Well, she could be using 'Cyan' as in the IC fiscal problems that Cyan Worlds prolly had in the past.

My brain is slowly giving way trying to coalesce the IC and OOC CyanWorlds together...

<Brain> OOC CyanWorlds was losing money... because UU wasn't making money... but UU is an OOC thing... so why was the IC CyanWorlds losing money... Because people weren't buying IC stuff...?

She could be meaning something like IC-world fans of the IC CyanWorlds games weren't buying stuff in the IC world, so the IC CyanWorlds was getting it in the shorts.

Make sense? *falls over of an acute aneurism*

Can't goldfarm if you don't have an economy!

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 1:11 am 

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For a while I was trying to convince people that we were discussing a fictional Uru game with only a resemblance to the "real" cavern...where I have an office :shock:

Of course, if you saw me in the Cavern I would pretend it was "real," although I'm sure nobody noticed it.

Granted that was ridiculous, but I was working with what I had.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 7:17 am 
Obduction Backer

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This advertising conversation continues to irk me with its cross-ICness. I don't want to hear the characters ICly debating it.

If they really want to talk to us about it, I want it OOC.

IC, it's fine if Cate says, "Yeah, so here are the billboards. It was unavoidable."

Michael Pahlsson
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 7:36 am 

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Michael Pahlsson wrote:
This advertising conversation continues to irk me with its cross-ICness. I don't want to hear the characters ICly debating it.

If they really want to talk to us about it, I want it OOC.

Yeah, but then we'd have to get some sort of real, non-dropped-on-you-in-game feedback on the process, and Cyan hasn't seemed to do that from what I know.

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