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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 5:45 pm 

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Laxman was just in the city.
He said that the machine by the docks was broken, and needed reparation.

(unedited chatlogg follows)

(07/30 19:12:47) Chat.log started...
(07/30 19:12:52) AKA: the one in my hood is working just fine
(07/30 19:13:32) Esereht: Mr. Laxman, have you heard that someone suggested a name for the machine? Dalek Leik!
(07/30 19:13:33) melodilynn: each contributor that is
(07/30 19:13:37) TomahnaGuy: How is the lighting of the lake progressing in your opinion mr Laxman?
(07/30 19:13:38) Victor Laxman: It is going faster. YOu just aren't seeing it.
(07/30 19:13:40) Nine-O-Nine: then again.... we haven't played heek in there AKA :-)
(07/30 19:13:43) Joshi: So is the display calibrated in any particular units?
(07/30 19:13:43) From Calliope in Calliope's Nexus: well, if you hear stuck in the nexus :P maybe you could send me an update? :)
(07/30 19:13:54) ametist: R2D'ni" :)
(07/30 19:14:02) Thend: Lol
(07/30 19:14:04) Esereht starts to laugh
(07/30 19:14:05) To Calliope in Calliope's Nexus: yah, i can send you the chatlogglater if you want :)
(07/30 19:14:05) ireenquench: Mr. Laxman, could you explain what the pellets do ? And what do the bubbly ones do... I mean biotech wise..what they do to the algae.
(07/30 19:14:07) Mar'ith: lol
(07/30 19:14:13) Isyldar: lol
(07/30 19:14:14) From Calliope in Calliope's Nexus: cool :P
(07/30 19:14:14) AKA: what type of numbers are we looking for Mr. Laxman to make it register on this machine?
(07/30 19:14:19) TomahnaGuy: how is the lighting going?
(07/30 19:14:24) Thend: What ireen said, and what do the explodey ones do?
(07/30 19:14:25) ametist: Yes, please do mr laxman
(07/30 19:14:30) Sydney Austin leans left
(07/30 19:14:36) Victor Laxman: The pellets provide nutrients to the algae.
(07/30 19:14:36) Donna leans right
(07/30 19:14:48) melodilynn: So, the algae are not plants?
(07/30 19:14:52) To Calliope in Calliope's Nexus: hes talking about the pellets :)
(07/30 19:14:56) melodilynn: they don't work by photosynthesis
(07/30 19:14:58) mark1221: Guys remembr that the lake is REALLLLY big
(07/30 19:14:59) DaytonaKit: I imagine that the bubbly pellets poison the algae and the exploding pellets decimate them
(07/30 19:15:12) Joshi: That wouldn't make much sense when they provide the only light.
(07/30 19:15:14) melodilynn: in other words, the algae have to eat?
(07/30 19:15:17) Victor Laxman: There is no sun here, at least not that I've seen.
(07/30 19:15:31) Esereht starts to laugh
(07/30 19:15:35) Vivicus: lol
(07/30 19:15:38) TomahnaGuy: Mr. Laxman please can you reassure us all that we are helping to thelighing of the lake?
(07/30 19:15:38) Isyldar chuckles
(07/30 19:15:44) ametist: So we need light:)
(07/30 19:15:46) TomahnaGuy: Mperhapse by giving us a figure
(07/30 19:15:50) DaytonaKit suspects that the term"algae" is used for lack of better words
(07/30 19:15:53) Xanos: Mr. Laxman, have you noticed any effect on the light levels from people dropping explosive and/or 'bad' pellets?
(07/30 19:15:57) Sydney Austin: Why can't we figure out the chemicals used in the pellets and mass dump thoses, Victor?
(07/30 19:16:01) melodilynn: so, the algae are like amoebas?
(07/30 19:16:05) melodilynn: or like bacteria?
(07/30 19:16:10) Thend: good question Syd
(07/30 19:16:11) Victor Laxman: I assure you your efforts are making a slight impact.
(07/30 19:16:19) TomahnaGuy: Slight
(07/30 19:16:20) Joshi: Or dinoflagellates, maybe, or something completely alien
(07/30 19:16:21) ametist: Oh
(07/30 19:16:43) ametist: Good to know Mr lawman
(07/30 19:16:49) Pryftan: Mr. Laxman, there have been many groups that have arisen around the idea of purposefully dropping bad pellets to get the DRC's attention. What adverseeffects might the actions of these explorers have?
(07/30 19:16:51) melodilynn wonders if wrongly made pellets will kill the algae like antibiotics kill bacteria
(07/30 19:16:55) To Calliope in Calliope's Nexus: he assures us that our efforts are making a slight impact :)
(07/30 19:16:56) Victor Laxman: It's a very big lake and the algae has been mostly dormant.
(07/30 19:16:57) Altydwarber: mr. Laxman is it just my imagenagn that the lake is more orange now?
(07/30 19:17:02) Nesil: I wonder what the D'ni did to keep it glowing...
(07/30 19:17:02) Vivicus: quote him
(07/30 19:17:04) From Calliope in Calliope's Nexus: yay LOL
(07/30 19:17:06) Vivicus: ooops
(07/30 19:17:08) Victor Laxman: It could be.
(07/30 19:17:15) Nine-O-Nine: About the display on this machine.... let's assume it works right, for now. What is the scale of the readout? Is it 1 to 10, or something higher? Reason i ask, is so that - once it works - we could know how to measure our progress with this machine....
(07/30 19:17:16) DaytonaKit: it's going to take a while longer, I imagine....
(07/30 19:17:17) To Calliope in Calliope's Nexus: quote him
(07/30 19:17:17) Lontahv: The D'ni put the critters in the lake to light it up.
(07/30 19:17:17) From Calliope (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(07/30 19:17:19) ametist: I think so to
(07/30 19:17:27) TomahnaGuy: Like Sydney said Mr. Laxman , why can;t you just dump the necessary chemicals into the lake in large amounts?
(07/30 19:17:37) Joshi: Mr Laxman, can you shed any light on why the KI coordinates show the silo as being well below lake level?
(07/30 19:17:39) Lontahv: It is not natural.
(07/30 19:17:43) mark1221: i think you should just turn the lights on becuase I ahte this simple o blah blah were doing what we can blah blah ....
(07/30 19:17:46) melodilynn: it would be like over fedding gish
(07/30 19:17:49) melodilynn: fish*
(07/30 19:17:55) melodilynn: too much at once would kill them
(07/30 19:17:57) DaytonaKit: It could be that the algae are so starved that mass-feeding could do more damage
(07/30 19:17:58) Victor Laxman: That's not healthy either.
(07/30 19:18:04) TomahnaGuy: Ok
(07/30 19:18:05) Sydney Austin: why?
(07/30 19:18:21) TomahnaGuy: But couldnt you spread it out around the lake?
(07/30 19:18:31) ametist: they can bloom
(07/30 19:18:35) TomahnaGuy: I mean , why is the silo a strategic lake lighting place?
(07/30 19:18:35) Joshi: Is it a glitch with the co-ordinates, or is the water pumped out?
(07/30 19:18:35) DaytonaKit: If a human has been starved for a long time, you don't wan to put a large meal in front of them or else they get sick
(07/30 19:18:38) ametist: the algaes
(07/30 19:18:40) AKA wants to ask a question...
(07/30 19:18:41) Victor Laxman: That's what the exploding pellets are doing.
(07/30 19:18:49) Lontahv: It tells in one of the books so it might be flawed knowlege on the part of RAWA.
(07/30 19:18:52) Mar'ith: Give us boats so we can drop the pellets round the lake
(07/30 19:18:53) DaytonaKit: you feed the human in small doses to help them heal....the algae could be similar
(07/30 19:19:01) Vivicus wants to ask a question...
(07/30 19:19:02) KL/\RREN: will we get the new display today?
(07/30 19:19:03) Victor Laxman: It's a delicate procedure.
(07/30 19:19:08) DaytonaKit: so the exploding pellets are overfeeding the algae?
(07/30 19:19:10) From Calliope: Where are you guys? :)
(07/30 19:19:17) Victor Laxman: We are doing our best to follow the D'ni's lead.
(07/30 19:19:24) To Calliope: by R2 D2
(07/30 19:19:31) Sydney Austin: Why there lead?
(07/30 19:19:34) From Calliope: Lol
(07/30 19:19:37) TomahnaGuy: Mr. Laxman is there a hood vs. hood competition going on regarding thepellets?
(07/30 19:19:39) Sydney Austin: Thier*
(07/30 19:19:40) ireenquench: Yeah, I'd like to second 909's qustion.. what should the machine her be showing...what scale does it have... should it be at 2 now or at 20? Are we going for 10 o 100 max?
(07/30 19:19:57) melodilynn: yes, what number system is the machine based on?
(07/30 19:20:06) melodilynn: D'ni?
(07/30 19:20:12) melodilynn: or other?
(07/30 19:20:14) Sydney Austin: Hexidecimal? lol
(07/30 19:20:15) AKA: can you give us the range indicatior on the machine...the scale it goes by...if we dumpe 100k pellets will it go up by 1 or 100?
(07/30 19:20:16) Vivicus: mr Laxman, may I ask if there has been any contact with mr. Sharper since he left for Noloben?
(07/30 19:20:25) Pryftan: It'd display D'ni numbers if it was based on D'ni
(07/30 19:20:34) melodilynn: not necessarily
(07/30 19:20:42) Joshi: AKA, I imagine the answer to that question would require knowing the volume of the lake.
(07/30 19:20:53) Victor Laxman: This macine is not meant to be a scale.
(07/30 19:20:54) ametist: Yes mr laxman, what happened to Mr sharper?
(07/30 19:21:02) TomahnaGuy: Then what is its purpose?
(07/30 19:21:05) melodilynn: a percentage?
(07/30 19:21:09) Vivicus: Has he been heard of?
(07/30 19:21:12) DaytonaKit: so it just shows concentration as is?
(07/30 19:21:28) AKA: so how do we read the scale Mr Laxman?
(07/30 19:21:31) Lontahv: It looks like a pump.
(07/30 19:21:41) Sydney Austin: whats does the number mean to you Victor?
(07/30 19:21:41) Mar'ith: what concentration are we aiming for?
(07/30 19:21:43) melodilynn: especially if it's not a scale. :)
(07/30 19:21:50) To Calliope: You found us?
(07/30 19:21:58) Janine: Mr. Laxman, if the machine is not a scale, what do the numbers represent on the machine?
(07/30 19:21:58) From Calliope: Yep :) thanks
(07/30 19:22:06) To Calliope: :)
(07/30 19:22:09) Victor Laxman: We don't know what numbers we are looking for yet.
(07/30 19:22:10) TomahnaGuy: Yes, what are we measurimng?
(07/30 19:22:18) Thend: Mr Laxman, are any of the DRC really scientific environmentalists? I mean, with the emanations from the Great Zero, the lighting of the Lake, you have any positive idea that these things are healthy for the current ecosystem - not to mention the Bahro? (The GZ might even have been a D'ni irritant/deterrent for the Bahro, plus the light from the Lake). Seems more scientific logic rather than ecology
(07/30 19:22:22) Sydney Austin: So this machine is usless?
(07/30 19:22:22) melodilynn: but you do know what the numbers mean, right?
(07/30 19:22:22) Pryftan: Hey everyone, can we have less obsessive repeats of the same question? I know it's the first day and all but..
(07/30 19:22:22) KL/\RREN: So we start over again?
(07/30 19:22:23) Nine-O-Nine: yeah, what's the readout for
(07/30 19:22:28) Diafero 0.5: "we dont know what nzmbers we are looking for yet"
(07/30 19:22:32) Diafero 0.5: sry
(07/30 19:22:39) Vivicus: mr Laxman, have you heard from mr Sharper after he left for Noloben?
(07/30 19:22:47) From Calliope: I thought sydney was dead?
(07/30 19:22:52) Victor Laxman: I have not heard from Sharper.
(07/30 19:22:53) Device: c'mon, let's not change the subject
(07/30 19:22:54) ametist: How is Mr Sharper?
(07/30 19:23:04) TomahnaGuy: Mr Laxman what does the machine represent?
(07/30 19:23:07) Lontahv: Mr. Laxman you look tired.
(07/30 19:23:29) Legacy: runnnn
(07/30 19:23:35) Gbadji says stop!
(07/30 19:23:42) Sydney Austin: The machine is a hoax!!!!
(07/30 19:23:55) Donna: lemmings on the move!
(07/30 19:23:58) Cojaar: looks like
(07/30 19:24:00) Nine-O-Nine: no it's not Sinay... geesh!
(07/30 19:24:00) TomahnaGuy: Mr Laxman>
(07/30 19:24:07) TomahnaGuy: ?
(07/30 19:24:15) Victor Laxman: In its current condition the machine is worthless.
(07/30 19:24:41) TomahnaGuy: Mr Laxman where are you?
(07/30 19:24:42) Pryftan: What condition is that?
(07/30 19:24:47) Janine: Can you tell us your plans for the machine??
(07/30 19:24:48) Vivicus: who designed it?
(07/30 19:25:08) Thend: Mr Laxman, like I just asked, are any DRC scientific envirtonmentalists? The GZ activation and emanations, the lighting of the Lake, do you specifically know what effect this will have on the now-current ecosystem, not to mention the Bahro? Seems all this is more scientific than ecological
(07/30 19:25:25) AKA: oh yes sydney...and that is why he came to check on it...because he has no clue...doh....
(07/30 19:25:28) Legacy: mr laxman please may you turn this way for a pic
(07/30 19:25:34) Vivicus: Did you design the machine, mr. Laxman?
(07/30 19:25:38) Legacy: to your left
(07/30 19:25:39) Victor Laxman: My plans for the machine are to remove it and to see if it can be repaired.
(07/30 19:25:46) TomahnaGuy: Yes, who designed the machine Mr. Laxman?
(07/30 19:25:53) Selee Tayoy: This makes no sence... A machine was put there to serve no purpose?
(07/30 19:25:54) TomahnaGuy: Cate?
(07/30 19:26:06) Lontahv: So it is broken.
(07/30 19:26:16) TomahnaGuy: Can it be interfaced with by the KI?
(07/30 19:26:17) Pryftan: Why does it need to be repaired?
(07/30 19:26:23) Pryftan: What happened to it?
(07/30 19:26:26) Mister Cloak: it's borked like everything else lol
(07/30 19:26:28) DaytonaKit: It may not necessarily be just needs adjustments, perhaps
(07/30 19:26:30) KL/\RREN: Its brocken
(07/30 19:26:33) Victor Laxman: The dispaly was not working.
(07/30 19:26:34) DaytonaKit: this is new territory for all of us
(07/30 19:26:45) Selee Tayoy: Can you tell us anything about its purpose when it's fixed
(07/30 19:26:45) TomahnaGuy: Mr. Laxman who made the pellet data machine?
(07/30 19:26:52) Vivicus: did you design the Machine, mr. Laxman?
(07/30 19:26:54) Calliope: what is it doing now?
(07/30 19:26:55) Victor Laxman: We are looking for comparison readings of algae.
(07/30 19:27:07) Victor Laxman: And it was not giving us those.
(07/30 19:27:13) TomahnaGuy: Oh
(07/30 19:27:14) Pryftan: So the display is supposed to give us a scale as to how the algae are doing, but it hasn't been.
(07/30 19:27:19) Victor Laxman: So we have removed it. I will try working on it again.
(07/30 19:27:26) TomahnaGuy: Ok
(07/30 19:27:31) Erik: Mr. Laxman, am I right to say that the machine is D'ni, but that the interface is made by the DRC?
(07/30 19:27:35) Lontahv: Mr. Laxman did you make the Hiking Boots?
(07/30 19:27:42) mark1221: I think we should all be quiet for like 10 minutes and let laxman speak so that way he can give us the information that he has instead of us being so dang talkative about things that dont matter :)
(07/30 19:27:42) TomahnaGuy: Who was it that made the machine - perhapse they could help with it?
(07/30 19:27:43) DaytonaKit: Good luck....I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you
(07/30 19:27:45) Victor Laxman: In the meantime keep up the good work.
(07/30 19:27:50) Victor Laxman: Good day.
(07/30 19:27:50) Lontahv: The Pink ones?
(07/30 19:27:53) DaytonaKit thanks you very much!
(07/30 19:27:55) TomahnaGuy: Is it going welll?
(07/30 19:27:58) Whilyam: Where are you guys?
(07/30 19:27:59) Thend shrugs
(07/30 19:28:00) Donna: Bye Vic
(07/30 19:28:00) TomahnaGuy: The lighting?
(07/30 19:28:02) Device: Bye.
(07/30 19:28:03) Pryftan: Good day, Mr. Laxman
(07/30 19:28:03) LostOwl waves goodbye
(07/30 19:28:04) Lontahv: Bye
(07/30 19:28:05) Mar'ith thanks you
(07/30 19:28:05) Thend: Ferry
(07/30 19:28:07) TomahnaGuy: Shorah mr. Laxman
(07/30 19:28:12) Isyldar salutes
(07/30 19:28:14) Fax Paladin thanks you
(07/30 19:28:15) oldnero waves goodbye
(07/30 19:28:16) Mar'ith waves goodbye
(07/30 19:28:17) Vivicus: good day.
(07/30 19:28:20) Sydney Austin: so do you ever thing you are wasting your time Victor?
(07/30 19:28:22) TomahnaGuy waves goodbye
(07/30 19:28:22) karandara waves hello
(07/30 19:28:22) silverdragonesse waves goodbye
(07/30 19:28:27) ireenquench: thanks for the visit Victor
(07/30 19:28:31) ...Chat.log stopped.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 6:16 pm 
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With other words, the first new thing in this episode was some negative new content :lol:


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 6:45 pm 
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backward d'ni technology

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 7:09 pm 

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so as long as they actually fix it. I liked it being there. I don't want another "oh well there are no more animals in negilahn" in oder to explain they can't fix the bug. Or the museum and libary doors being jammed open now. or the heek score imager not working.

i would love to have seen more animals in payiferen as well, like giant beetles or snakes.

and i would really really love to see the cavern getting brighter....

please cyan. i know you're busy and are all about "new content", but as soon as you put some ads in the cavern, please get someone to catch up on all those old things, to have them working properly.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 7:35 pm 

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 7:52 pm 

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Oatmeal would be nice...with raisins...mmmm...

Anyway, more on topic, don't be so impatient. The new content will be least with this system it has more of a story to it than "Here it is, no explanation, come and get it!"

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Sorry but......

The questions from the explorers were interesting but Laxman's answers were quite boring and futile.....and this guy is supposed to be a scientist ???

What a stupid way to stard and episode.
Houyou !!!! it' a game an it's suppose to be fun and interesting !...
Suggestions: The subject matter is about: Alegae Biology, Ecology ....
Well, Tour developpers should do their homeworks beforehand, and give us some food for thought. Wake up guys!

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