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PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 9:16 am 
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Very long... including a hug ;)
missing a few minutes from the beginning though...

[spoiler=log](08/02 09:51:09) Chat.log started...
(08/02 09:52:31) Marie Sutherland: I have no news, zreyasa. Sorry.
(08/02 09:53:02) ireenquench: How are you Marie, its late!
(08/02 09:53:03) Fax Paladin: Marie, I was curious about that big button thingy on the podium back in the community room...
(08/02 09:53:07) Marie Sutherland: I have not seen one up close as some have. For that, I think I'm grateful, honestly.
(08/02 09:53:18) zreyasa: then I suspect you have come here to work, not be inundated. Have a nice evening.
(08/02 09:53:24) The World: WHy, do you think they're dangerous?
(08/02 09:53:41) A'drian: We can't judge them all by the actions of a few.
(08/02 09:53:49) Tyion: Acually Marie there harmless, from what i;ve herd they simply wave at you or observe.
(08/02 09:53:52) Vivicus: According to Sharper, its the good bahro that are stopping by in the city
(08/02 09:54:06) Darkling: Sharper said these Bahro around the city are the 'good' bahro. I for one think there harmless
(08/02 09:54:14) Tyion: One appeared in front of a bunch of us int he city did nothing but look
(08/02 09:54:31) Andrew Yosso: Same with the one at gog
(08/02 09:54:47) Marie Sutherland: That seems to be true at the moment. I hope it stays that way.
(08/02 09:54:52) A'drian: For all we know, they have a BRC.
(08/02 09:54:57) Tyion: As do we all.
(08/02 09:55:07) Vivicus nods his head
(08/02 09:55:11) Tyion: Lol Bahro restoration council lol
(08/02 09:55:16) Andrew Yosso starts to laugh
(08/02 09:55:16) ireenquench: they seem to respond to bowing and mimick it. They seem to observe us when we gather in large groups, too. And at least two were seen on a Relto!
(08/02 09:55:21) A'drian nods
(08/02 09:55:28) Andrew Yosso: wow
(08/02 09:55:34) Tyion: I was in Er'cana tonight one looked at me
(08/02 09:55:50) Tyion: It's stange the fact that there in the age's now.
(08/02 09:56:00) Tyion: But then when your in the cavern, expect the strange.
(08/02 09:56:05) Marie Sutherland: Interesting.
(08/02 09:56:09) Darkling: There watching us :S
(08/02 09:56:17) Andrew Yosso: and can link at will
(08/02 09:56:41) Marie Sutherland: Indeed.
(08/02 09:56:42) Tyion: I think it;s good there watching us, if we can help them to understand us better i'm all for it.
(08/02 09:56:53) Serana thanks Fell and takes the coat
(08/02 09:56:59) Darkling: Lets just hope Sharper knows what he is doing... A lot rests on his shoulders
(08/02 09:57:01) Ansel: So long as they like what they see.
(08/02 09:57:01) The World: Is anyone in the DRC offically trying to investigate the Bahro? because they're obviously a large part of D"ni at the moment.
(08/02 09:57:01) Erik: It could be that they're just testing us though...
(08/02 09:57:32) Ahda: Marie, do you know what shape the Guilds will take? or is it too earliy to tell?
(08/02 09:57:32) Tyion: I think the bahro are smart enough to no it;s sharper who is doing this and not us
(08/02 09:57:40) Tyion: Besides they've herd are arguments on the matter
(08/02 09:57:51) Tyion: There watching us remember lol
(08/02 09:57:52) A'drian: Just to be different... Is there anything we can do or answer for you Marie?
(08/02 09:58:02) Zedra says hey
(08/02 09:58:06) Tyion: Yeah ask us a question.
(08/02 09:58:08) Marie Sutherland: It's too early to tell, Ahda.
(08/02 09:58:13) ireenquench: Marie don't you wish you had more time for anthropology these days? Exiting times. Sorta an alien race to get in contact with.
(08/02 09:58:40) Gelwyn: letting her answer a few questions first might be more productive...
(08/02 09:58:54) gaeflin: so when is the new age comming out?
(08/02 09:58:56) Ahda: Ok, thanks Marie.
(08/02 09:59:01) A'drian: keep it casual and be patient. we'll get along
(08/02 09:59:01) Marie Sutherland: I wish I had more time for sleep, frankly.
(08/02 09:59:03) Fax Paladin sighs
(08/02 09:59:07) Rocky waves hello
(08/02 09:59:12) Marie Sutherland smiles.
(08/02 09:59:17) ireenquench: Awww.
(08/02 09:59:20) Andrew Yosso: dont we all
(08/02 09:59:21) Fax Paladin: I used to think sleep was for wimps...
(08/02 09:59:21) Tyion: I bet you do! your job must be so taxing.
(08/02 09:59:30) Fax Paladin: I was younger then...
(08/02 09:59:41) Tyion: Oh getting older has it;s downsides
(08/02 09:59:42) Darkling: sleep makes work alot easier
(08/02 09:59:59) Tyion: Agreed darkling
(08/02 10:00:04) Serana: oops, cauhgt
(08/02 10:00:05) Marie Sutherland: But we press on as best we can.
(08/02 10:00:06) Darkling: =)
(08/02 10:00:09) Andrew Yosso nods his head
(08/02 10:00:12) Fax Paladin: Of course, weird hours throw everything off anyway.
(08/02 10:00:22) Tyion: Thinking possitive always a pluse.
(08/02 10:00:31) Fax Paladin: Which is why I'm here this time of the morning.
(08/02 10:00:43) Ansel: Can you speak more specifically about what's keeping you awake?
(08/02 10:00:52) Tyion: Coffee!!!!
(08/02 10:00:56) A'drian: Caffiene
(08/02 10:01:00) StrykerOne: Laaa a a a a a a a aaaa aaa gggggggg............
(08/02 10:01:01) Andrew Yosso: Tea!
(08/02 10:01:13) Darkling: Marie, do you know what area of the city will be released next?
(08/02 10:01:15) ireenquench: Bahro
(08/02 10:01:52) Darkling: Or at least what areas are being worked on at the moment?
(08/02 10:01:52) Fax Paladin: They do seem to have sodas here, if you need a quick caffeine boost. I saw a cooler somewhere...
(08/02 10:01:53) Marie Sutherland: I'm not sure, Darkling.
(08/02 10:02:24) Darkling: ok, thank you
(08/02 10:02:30) Tyion: Any thoughts on Kveer islands release? i no thats looking ahead but it is close to phase 5
(08/02 10:04:02) A'drian: No Engberg sightings yet?
(08/02 10:04:04) Marie Sutherland: K'veer isn't at the very top of the list, but it's fairly close to the top.
(08/02 10:04:14) Tyion: Cool thanks for the info
(08/02 10:04:21) Darkling: so what is on the top of the list? :P
(08/02 10:04:21) Vivicus: What is on the top of the list then?
(08/02 10:04:23) Marie Sutherland: No word from Mr. Engberg at all.
(08/02 10:04:25) Darkling: lol
(08/02 10:05:03) L'lee is worried about Mr. Engberg and hopes he's safe and sound...
(08/02 10:05:08) ireenquench: Marie... I am a bit worried Sharper's actions might be unwise.Him going to war the the "friendl" Bahro. Could you elaborate on your or the DRC's stance on that? Is he "officially" going?
(08/02 10:05:25) Marie Sutherland: I'll not be the one to spoil that, Darkling.
(08/02 10:05:32) Marie Sutherland smiles.
(08/02 10:05:34) Ahda shares L'lee's sentiments
(08/02 10:05:37) Darkling: ok ;)
(08/02 10:05:41) Vivicus: :)
(08/02 10:05:46) Darkling: no harm in trying is there hehe
(08/02 10:05:52) Andrew Yosso shakes his head
(08/02 10:06:26) Marie Sutherland: We're still trying to talk Mr. Sharper out of taking any implsuive actions.
(08/02 10:06:41) Erik: Dr. Sutherland, do you think it's still safe to pick up Bahroish items like sparks and Relto pages?
(08/02 10:06:43) Tyion: so i take it then he hasnt left yet?
(08/02 10:07:08) Marie Sutherland: I don't think he has.
(08/02 10:07:09) Ansel: Does he have access to his own Noloben linking book?
(08/02 10:07:12) Darkling: its a sensative thing that sharper has gotton himself into...
(08/02 10:07:28) IBnetweezel: Have any of the DRC heard reports of explorers communicating with Bahro recently?
(08/02 10:07:36) Marie Sutherland: We have no reports to the contrary, Erik.
(08/02 10:07:45) Erik: Okay, thank you.
(08/02 10:08:04) Tyion: may i suggest something marie?
(08/02 10:08:15) A'drian: Is the algae the only thing that's dorment in the lake? Could we inadvertently be feeding something else?
(08/02 10:08:24) Darkling: scary thought....
(08/02 10:08:31) Marie Sutherland: Go ahead, Tyion.
(08/02 10:08:34) Gelwyn seconds that
(08/02 10:08:55) Tyion: if possible take away his noloben linking book and seal away all others if possible. that way he couldnt harm the bahro or cause any trouble.
(08/02 10:08:57) Andrew Yosso thirds it
(08/02 10:09:07) Ahda: Maybe we should start carying around signs with Bahro "friendship" symbols on them.
(08/02 10:09:32) Darkling: Sharper is too involved with this war now i think to turn back
(08/02 10:09:36) Tyion: it is not a nice thing to do a person ill edmit but if it will stop him from killing more of them it has to be done.
(08/02 10:09:42) Gelwyn: you could wear a sandwich board, that would be easier... hehe
(08/02 10:09:49) Marie Sutherland: Thanks for the suggestion.
(08/02 10:09:56) Fax Paladin: Marie, do you know anything about the weird blue button-looking thingy on the podium upstairs in the auditorium?
(08/02 10:09:58) Ahda: heh
(08/02 10:10:04) Darkling: But hes killing bad ones, he wants to show that we are on the good bahros side
(08/02 10:10:06) Tyion: if it will all help i am glade to suggest it.
(08/02 10:10:20) Ahda: Yes, I was wondering abou tthat too Fax
(08/02 10:10:50) Marie Sutherland: at one time we had it hooked up to play a recording. But that was several years ago. It doesn't do anything at the moment.
(08/02 10:10:53) CrashOveride: Thanx for the head up there man :-)
(08/02 10:11:19) Ahda: ah.
(08/02 10:11:26) Fax Paladin: Ah. Cool.
(08/02 10:11:47) Ansel wants to ask a question...
(08/02 10:12:02) Marie Sutherland: Yes, Ansel?
(08/02 10:12:21) Ansel: Are there any ideas as to how there came to be English on the Bahro stones in Minkata?
(08/02 10:12:33) Zedra: he he
(08/02 10:12:41) Sti 'in: Hi
(08/02 10:12:45) Gelwyn: I think it's only around 30 in here... not sure
(08/02 10:12:55) ireenquench: excellent question Ansel!
(08/02 10:13:40) Fell L: I agre with ireen, great qeustion Ansel
(08/02 10:13:41) Zane: Are the DRC going to open up more of Ae'gura City any time soon?/askquestion
(08/02 10:13:55) Fax Paladin: Yeesha knows English. Perhaps she wrote it.
(08/02 10:14:06) Tyion: thats what i think to fax
(08/02 10:14:10) IBnetweezel: that relates to my earlier question of whether the DRC has received any reports of exploreres communicating with the Bahro...I believe that they Bahro can understand English
(08/02 10:14:17) Shinohara wants to ask a question...
(08/02 10:14:37) DonVitorio: Rumor has it that there is a group that call themselves "the clan of the rose", and they will wage war with anyone who is against them! what then????
(08/02 10:14:51) ireenquench: I think they might yes.. but different vocal chords, thus speech probs
(08/02 10:14:51) vanda (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/02 10:14:52) Zedra: I thought the Bahro language was pictographical.
(08/02 10:15:18) Gelwyn wonders if the Bahro are telepathic
(08/02 10:15:27) Ahda: You're assuming that the bahro made the tablets in minkata. I've seen no evidence of this.
(08/02 10:15:34) Darkling: I was told they learnt how to write in our language so they could communicate with us...
(08/02 10:15:48) Erik: No evidence? I've seen lots of evidence actually
(08/02 10:15:56) Darkling: theres no evidence against it either :P
(08/02 10:15:59) Hitana: shorah marie
(08/02 10:16:06) ireenquench: Ahda, the MInkata stone has Noloben "language" symbols all over it, too, thats Bahro.
(08/02 10:16:12) Marie Sutherland: I would guess that they probably asked Yeesha.
(08/02 10:16:20) IBnetweezel: So my question to Marie is if any of the DRC have tried to openly communicate with the Bahro
(08/02 10:16:38) Darkling: apart from sharper with a gun :P
(08/02 10:16:48) Ansel: Thanks.
(08/02 10:16:50) A'drian: or vice-versa
(08/02 10:17:01) Ahda: OH! I wasn't aware those were bahro glyphs.
(08/02 10:17:09) Ahda feels dumb
(08/02 10:17:12) Marie Sutherland: Yes, but they have not been responsive.
(08/02 10:17:29) Darkling pats ahda on the head
(08/02 10:17:31) Tyion: i think communication with the bahro is possible if we could just find more symbols that represent words of there race
(08/02 10:17:33) Darkling: :)
(08/02 10:17:43) Hitana: marie what do you think of sharpers plans to fight for the bahro?
(08/02 10:17:46) Fell L makes a note
(08/02 10:18:08) Gliodhna: ms
(08/02 10:18:08) Ahda: Perhaps the Guild of Linguists is in order!
(08/02 10:18:10) IBnetweezel: Some bahro have responded to explorers...mimicking explorers by dancing or sitting...even answering yes or no questions
(08/02 10:18:11) Erik: Dr. Sutherland, I would like to mention that it appears that the Bahro in the tunnels behind the Journey Doors are sometimes saying Noloben. I don't know if it's important, but I thought I should mention it.
(08/02 10:18:16) Gliodhna: ya aber sie sind nicht ansprechbar
(08/02 10:18:50) IBnetweezel: you think it might be good to open up avenues of communication directly with the Bahro as a means of finding out more about them
(08/02 10:18:54) IBnetweezel: ?
(08/02 10:18:55) Gliodhna: erik:kurzform: die bahros sprechen von noloben
(08/02 10:19:26) Ahda: Does the DRC have any plans to reliease Noloben?
(08/02 10:19:29) Hitana: they also seem to like ppl wearing yeesha-shirts...
(08/02 10:19:35) Serana hands Fell his coat as it is suddenly very warm
(08/02 10:19:51) Tyion: well thats becuse we are saying we side with the bahro when we ware these yeesha shirts
(08/02 10:20:03) Marie Sutherland: I think it's good to support the friendly bahro, but attacking the unfriendly bahro seems unwise.
(08/02 10:20:14) ireenquench agrees
(08/02 10:20:23) Sti 'in agrees
(08/02 10:20:24) Robotany nods his head
(08/02 10:20:26) Andrew Yosso nods his head
(08/02 10:20:32) Hitana agrees
(08/02 10:20:36) Ollie: Is that official DRC policy, Marie, or your own position?
(08/02 10:20:37) Ahda: Yeah. We already know the Bahro are the perfect killin gmachine!
(08/02 10:20:42) Gelwyn: violence begets violence...
(08/02 10:20:44) Tyion: it is unwise but from what i read from doughs chatlog in the greattree hood he seems scared about something.
(08/02 10:20:45) Zane: Agrees
(08/02 10:20:46) A'drian: Support in what way? Without knowing the nature of the conflict, involvement one way or the other seems dangerous/unwise.
(08/02 10:20:52) CrashOveride: Agrees
(08/02 10:20:52) Zedra: How can you do one without doing the other, when they are at war with each other, though, Marie?
(08/02 10:20:54) Darkling: Do we know what their war is actuly over? Our future?
(08/02 10:20:56) Tyion: but he is still beging rash and i do not like him killing the least
(08/02 10:21:33) Tyion: no there is alot of specualtion on the why they are at war
(08/02 10:21:39) Tyion: but it is all thoughts and not fact
(08/02 10:21:47) Darkling: Well they did cill some of us off =/
(08/02 10:21:52) Darkling: kill*
(08/02 10:21:58) Andrew Yosso: hope not
(08/02 10:22:01) Tyion: now we dont no if it was a bahro
(08/02 10:22:07) Tyion: we no there was a bahro helping wheely
(08/02 10:22:10) Ahda: Asuming that wasn't an accedent, Darkling
(08/02 10:22:15) Andrew Yosso: yes
(08/02 10:22:16) Tyion: but not if it was a bahro that killed her.
(08/02 10:22:17) Darkling: There never are any facts =P
(08/02 10:22:18) ireenquench: I think they might be fighing over what to do with the tablet or who gets it.
(08/02 10:22:30) Tyion: if there is a tablet
(08/02 10:22:34) Andrew Yosso: yes
(08/02 10:22:34) Marie Sutherland: As for communicating with the friendly bahro, I would like that very much, but they are in control of that situation.
(08/02 10:22:42) Tyion: remember Myst5 is based on a journal
(08/02 10:22:43) Darkling: The bahro helping wheely killed her i nthe end.... That or it was another bahro
(08/02 10:23:20) Tyion: i wonder if they have already tried to talk with us
(08/02 10:23:26) Tyion: the screams could be them calling us
(08/02 10:23:30) Marie Sutherland: In that respect, you explorers have a much greater chance (statistically) since there are many more of you than thjere are of us.
(08/02 10:23:33) Tyion: and they have said Noloben
(08/02 10:23:44) Ahda: Could be.
(08/02 10:23:49) DonVitorio: I think the clan of the rose has something to do with all of this!!!
(08/02 10:24:03) Ahda: What is the clan of the rose?
(08/02 10:24:06) ireenquench: Marie.. I have been wondering about that one symbol on the second floor of the pub.. could it have been a protective symbol and the searchers destroyed it accidentally as they went down to get Wheely?
(08/02 10:24:10) Tyion: well marie your as much of an explorer as us.
(08/02 10:24:38) Darkling: We need to find yeesha
(08/02 10:24:56) Darkling: Im sure she can answer some of thethings we need to know
(08/02 10:25:01) Tyion: but there in lies the problem
(08/02 10:25:07) Tyion: how do you find the desert bird?
(08/02 10:25:12) Tyion: heck how do you contact her?
(08/02 10:25:12) Andrew Yosso shrugs
(08/02 10:25:19) A'drian: She'll find us when she's done.
(08/02 10:25:28) Darkling: Who knows, maybe we will hear from her soon ;)
(08/02 10:25:32) Marie Sutherland: Indeed, Tyion. I'm just saying that many are expecting us (the DRC) to have the answers, when there are somet things that you're in a better position to find the answers to than we are.
(08/02 10:25:47) A'drian agrees
(08/02 10:25:59) Andrew Yosso agrees
(08/02 10:26:00) Tyion: true.
(08/02 10:26:01) Hitana: how can we pass the information we may get on to you, if we get any?
(08/02 10:26:19) Marie Sutherland: last think I remember Yeesha saying was that she had to "attend to other matters" or something along those lines.
(08/02 10:26:35) Hitana: when did you hear that marie?
(08/02 10:26:36) Erik: That's true
(08/02 10:26:47) Tyion: oh what did she say
(08/02 10:26:51) Erik: The imager speech "And I'll be concerned with other tinhs "
(08/02 10:26:57) Hitana: oh yes....
(08/02 10:26:59) Tyion: right thank Erik
(08/02 10:27:00) Andrew Yosso: ah
(08/02 10:27:27) A'drian: "...the least are growing greater"
(08/02 10:27:37) Tyion: becoming greater
(08/02 10:27:40) Andrew Yosso: sure are
(08/02 10:27:45) Hitana: yeah
(08/02 10:27:46) A'drian: heheh, thanks Ty
(08/02 10:28:00) Tyion: i make it a habit to no yeesha qoutes inside out lol
(08/02 10:28:01) Ahda: soon they'll be the "most"
(08/02 10:28:03) Fell L nods his head
(08/02 10:28:10) Andrew Yosso nods his head
(08/02 10:28:21) Darkling: well... there hardly the least anymore are they...
(08/02 10:28:29) ireenquench: It'd be great if we could ask her about her knowledge of the Bahro. There have been attempts at contacting her, but so far no idea how really.
(08/02 10:28:35) Tyion: if Myst5 happened as in the game there the Great
(08/02 10:28:45) Jahmen wants to ask a question...
(08/02 10:29:00) Marie Sutherland looks at Jahmen.
(08/02 10:29:05) Marie Sutherland: Yes?
(08/02 10:29:53) Jahmen: Will the DRC be putting out an age every month now?
(08/02 10:30:31) Tyion: and there back!
(08/02 10:31:14) Andrew Yosso: ah
(08/02 10:31:29) Jahmen: I ask because it has been very exciting how much has been put forth already.
(08/02 10:31:38) Andrew Yosso nods his head
(08/02 10:32:19) Hitana wants to ask a question...
(08/02 10:32:49) Ahda has a question
(08/02 10:33:02) Skulls is waiting...
(08/02 10:33:23) A'drian applauds everyone's patience
(08/02 10:33:30) Darkling is also waiting
(08/02 10:33:33) Darkling: lol
(08/02 10:33:40) Seltahn laughs
(08/02 10:33:43) Tyion looks around for the bahro who yelled
(08/02 10:33:50) "Phantom": Sure no problemo I can move easily here
(08/02 10:33:58) Marie Sutherland: Thank you, Jahmen. We've been trying to do as much as we can within our current limits, and will continue to do so.
(08/02 10:34:22) Hitana: how's the DRC proceeding with the restoration of the main city?
(08/02 10:34:58) Andrew Yosso shrugs
(08/02 10:35:08) Marie Sutherland: the main city is a ways down the list.
(08/02 10:35:15) Tyion: no voice chat please, youll make the lag worse. either that or crash people lol not good.
(08/02 10:35:29) Seltahn: oh, and it sound like gibberish!
(08/02 10:35:35) Seltahn: *sounds
(08/02 10:35:37) Darkling: in fact, i think having a area of the city released one month would be just as good as a age....
(08/02 10:35:40) Hitana: so i suppose new ages are more important now?
(08/02 10:36:05) Hitana: yeah even a small area would be nice
(08/02 10:36:07) Darkling: More city means more places to 'find' ages
(08/02 10:36:16) Jahmen: I think everyone in Uru loves what has been given to us so far and can see greater things ahead.
(08/02 10:36:24) Darkling: indeed
(08/02 10:36:29) Tyion: agreed
(08/02 10:36:29) Ahda: Marie, are the fanancial problems Cate mentioned a while back still going on?
(08/02 10:36:30) Hitana: of course
(08/02 10:36:32) rebus: Right Jahmen
(08/02 10:36:49) Erik: Dr. Sutherland, what's become of Sam Reynold's notebooks that used to be on the Tokotah rooftop about some of the Kings?
(08/02 10:36:51) Rocky salutes
(08/02 10:37:05) Darkling: there in with the others now ;)
(08/02 10:37:23) Marie Sutherland: Not just Ages, last month was the Watcher's Sanctuary, this month, this very 'hood we're standing in.
(08/02 10:37:40) Nasser: T_T
(08/02 10:37:40) rebus: And it's great:)
(08/02 10:37:43) Nasser: Help
(08/02 10:37:47) Hitana: agreed
(08/02 10:37:49) Tyion: and its a nice hood thanks for cleaning it. XD
(08/02 10:37:56) rebus: Would have loved to take a ballon with me though LOL
(08/02 10:38:01) Darkling: i ment a large area. Although those areas anice too =)
(08/02 10:38:01) ireenquench: How do you personally think Cate having two votes on the council will affect the restoration?
(08/02 10:38:19) A'drian: Marie...Speaking of Kirel, is there a reason it was chosen as the "guild neighborhood"?
(08/02 10:38:58) Marie Sutherland: It will be interesting to see, Ireen.
(08/02 10:39:06) Ansel: And a follow up to ireen's question: How does it feel to be one of the most popular DRC members?
(08/02 10:39:06) Vivicus: hehe
(08/02 10:39:09) ireenquench half smiles
(08/02 10:39:13) Hitana: interesting...
(08/02 10:39:32) Darkling: yeah, we all love u ^^
(08/02 10:39:37) Andrew Yosso nods his head
(08/02 10:39:39) Darkling bows
(08/02 10:39:40) Sti 'in: xD
(08/02 10:39:44) Marie Sutherland smiles.
(08/02 10:39:48) Atrius Opheria agrees
(08/02 10:39:49) rebus cheers
(08/02 10:39:51) Marie Sutherland: well, thank you.
(08/02 10:39:52) Hitana: *g*
(08/02 10:39:54) Andrew Yosso: @-->---
(08/02 10:40:01) Fell L claps his hands
(08/02 10:40:02) ireenquench: My personal favorite really
(08/02 10:40:18) Fax Paladin grins
(08/02 10:40:18) IBnetweezel: :)
(08/02 10:40:57) Nev9: You're a lady and a saint, Marie. :)
(08/02 10:41:01) Hitana: oh and thx for taking the greeters into the guilds as well :)
(08/02 10:41:06) Andrew Yosso salutes
(08/02 10:41:09) Tyion: 3 cheers for marie!
(08/02 10:41:11) Zedra: woh bah!
(08/02 10:41:11) Hitana thanks you
(08/02 10:41:13) Marie Sutherland blushes.
(08/02 10:41:18) Andrew Yosso cheers
(08/02 10:41:20) Darkling cheers
(08/02 10:41:22) Fax Paladin cheers
(08/02 10:41:24) Hitana cheers
(08/02 10:41:25) Tyion cheers
(08/02 10:41:25) lee cheers
(08/02 10:41:26) Vivicus cheers
(08/02 10:41:28) Nev9 cheers
(08/02 10:41:28) rebus cheers
(08/02 10:41:29) Shal cheers
(08/02 10:41:30) IBnetweezel claps his hands
(08/02 10:41:31) Hitana cheers
(08/02 10:41:32) Francesca cheers
(08/02 10:41:32) Andrew Yosso claps his hands
(08/02 10:41:35) Zedra claps her hands
(08/02 10:41:35) Ansel cheers
(08/02 10:41:36) Jahuti cheers
(08/02 10:41:36) L'lee cheers
(08/02 10:41:37) Skulls thanks you
(08/02 10:41:37) Hitana cheers
(08/02 10:41:37) Rocky salutes
(08/02 10:41:37) lee claps his hands
(08/02 10:41:40) ireenquench claps her hands
(08/02 10:41:41) Vivicus cheers
(08/02 10:41:41) Sti 'in: ?
(08/02 10:41:42) Robotany claps his hands
(08/02 10:41:42) ziidee cheers
(08/02 10:41:43) Andrew Yosso thanks you very much!
(08/02 10:41:44) rebus claps her hands
(08/02 10:41:45) Hitana claps her hands
(08/02 10:41:45) Darkling: whey, what a response XD
(08/02 10:41:46) Hagenn cheers
(08/02 10:41:49) Nev9 claps his hands
(08/02 10:41:50) Vivicus cheers
(08/02 10:41:52) Palastrose claps her hands
(08/02 10:41:53) Sti 'in: What happened?
(08/02 10:41:54) Ahda cheers
(08/02 10:41:59) "Phantom" claps his hands
(08/02 10:41:59) Andrew Yosso starts to laugh
(08/02 10:42:09) Marie Sutherland: Really, that's not necessary. We all just do our jobs as best we can. But thanks!
(08/02 10:42:10) Fax Paladin bows
(08/02 10:42:12) "Phantom" cheers
(08/02 10:42:13) Tyion: were cheering for marie who rocks!
(08/02 10:42:15) Skulls cheers
(08/02 10:42:17) Andrew Yosso cheers
(08/02 10:42:17) Vivicus grins
(08/02 10:42:18) Sti 'in: Ok
(08/02 10:42:21) Sti 'in claps his hands
(08/02 10:42:39) Jahmen: Uru's awsome potential is limited only with time and over time it will become a gaming legacy!
(08/02 10:42:52) Tyion: see even the bahro like you marie!
(08/02 10:42:55) Andrew Yosso nods his head
(08/02 10:43:03) Sti 'in starts to laugh
(08/02 10:43:05) ireenquench: I'd think they would.
(08/02 10:43:06) Hitana: so coming back to something...
(08/02 10:43:11) rebus: Dr Sutherland?
(08/02 10:43:16) Darkling agrees with Jahmen
(08/02 10:43:20) rebus: I have a question?
(08/02 10:43:24) Ahda: Marie, do you know if the fanancial problems Cate spoke of are still going on?
(08/02 10:43:28) Hitana: which part of d'ni is the next on your plan?
(08/02 10:43:32) Marie Sutherland: yes, rebus?
(08/02 10:44:02) rebus: Thanks, and maybe you talked about this already, But are you sure that the bahro Sharper killed was a Bad one?
(08/02 10:44:11) Serana tucks Fell into bed and sings him a lullaby before saying goodnight
(08/02 10:45:11) A'drian: Take care Marie, thx for your time.
(08/02 10:45:13) Marie Sutherland: There is no way to know for sure, but based on the accounts of the Bahro the other day, it seems unlikely to me.
(08/02 10:45:17) A'drian waves goodbye
(08/02 10:45:23) Erik: Dr. Sutherland, did you get my earlier question about the notebooks that used to be on the Tokotah rooftop?
(08/02 10:45:28) rebus: Thank you Dr Sutherland
(08/02 10:45:29) Marie Sutherland: bye, a'drian
(08/02 10:45:54) lee salutes
(08/02 10:45:57) Marie Sutherland: I wasn't aware they were missing, Erik.
(08/02 10:46:16) Darkling wants to ask a question...
(08/02 10:46:17) Erik: Yes, there used to be Books about Ri'neref for example, written by Sam
(08/02 10:46:24) ireenquench: they have been missing since the great link I believe
(08/02 10:46:26) Hitana wants to ask a question...
(08/02 10:46:27) L'lee just link back home to her warm bed as well.... g'night everyone. Thank you, Marie, for allowing us to interrupt your work for a bit!
(08/02 10:47:20) Marie Sutherland: Well, I'll look into it. In the meantime, if you find them, let me know.
(08/02 10:47:35) ireenquench thanks you very much!
(08/02 10:47:36) Erik: Thank you very much.
(08/02 10:47:41) Nasser: the lag makes me want to cry
(08/02 10:47:51) Tyion has a question.
(08/02 10:47:59) Darkling: its not too bad for me =)
(08/02 10:48:00) Hitana wants to ask a question...
(08/02 10:48:10) Darkling: (turn shadows off, it may help)
(08/02 10:48:12) Marie Sutherland: yes, Tyion?
(08/02 10:48:19) Ahda wonders if his questio nis being ignored.
(08/02 10:48:27) Tyion: where dose the DRC get there cool clothing> i mean your outfit rocks if you dont mind my saying so.
(08/02 10:49:10) Fax Paladin: I think there's a vested interest involved here. :-)
(08/02 10:49:27) Old Hip: If it is okay with everyone, and Marie, I would to give her a hug from all of us here - Is it okay with you all?
(08/02 10:49:31) Marie Sutherland: Thanks.
(08/02 10:49:37) rebus: Yes:)
(08/02 10:49:38) Tyion: fine with me
(08/02 10:49:43) Hitana: lol Hip
(08/02 10:49:45) ireenquench: lol
(08/02 10:49:45) Nasser: we no more lag XD
(08/02 10:49:50) Old Hip: Marie?
(08/02 10:49:55) Rihm: All good!
(08/02 10:49:57) Nasser: XD
(08/02 10:49:59) Nasser cheers
(08/02 10:50:45) Darkling: lol
(08/02 10:50:50) Hitana claps her hands
(08/02 10:50:51) Old Hip: cool? :-)
(08/02 10:50:54) ireenquench sniffles
(08/02 10:50:55) Nev9: Hip, move!
(08/02 10:50:55) rebus: Hurra!
(08/02 10:50:59) Hitana: sweeet
(08/02 10:51:01) Marie Sutherland: thank you
(08/02 10:51:07) ireenquench: awww
(08/02 10:51:08) Old Hip bows
(08/02 10:51:10) Rihm cheers
(08/02 10:51:10) Hitana still has a question :P
(08/02 10:51:11) Vivicus grins
(08/02 10:51:24) Marie Sutherland: yes, hitana?
(08/02 10:51:27) L'lee: ack... sorry
(08/02 10:51:27) Fax Paladin: Pity I've no more room for photos on my ki...
(08/02 10:51:36) Darkling: (there should so be a propper animation for that =P)
(08/02 10:51:38) Old Hip: you are welcome -
(08/02 10:51:40) L'lee: sleep walking...
(08/02 10:51:51) Hitana: which part of the city is going to be next on DRC's plans?
(08/02 10:52:07) Jahuti: 52 people here :-)
(08/02 10:52:17) Marie Sutherland: I'll not be the one to spoil that, Hitana.
(08/02 10:52:23) Darkling: its a secret, we already tried asking that
(08/02 10:52:27) Darkling: lol
(08/02 10:52:28) Hitana: hehe
(08/02 10:52:32) IBnetweezel: Got a full deck to play with then
(08/02 10:52:41) Ragdrazi: Ballons. I like ballons.
(08/02 10:52:41) rebus: Nice try:)
(08/02 10:52:42) Darkling wants to ask a question...
(08/02 10:52:43) Hitana has heard rumors about kveer
(08/02 10:53:07) VoiZod: oh shorah Marie and everyone
(08/02 10:53:08) Fax Paladin: We almost need a board where we can cross off questions as they're asked...
(08/02 10:53:17) Zedra: shorah VoiZod
(08/02 10:53:22) Marie Sutherland: what was your question, Ahda?
(08/02 10:53:45) Ahda: Do you know if the fanancial issues Cate mentioned are still going on?
(08/02 10:53:51) raymose34: whats the occasion?
(08/02 10:54:24) Darkling: Marie is here
(08/02 10:54:29) kxxt: Hi mp3
(08/02 10:55:33) jondoe: Jalak is in the house!
(08/02 10:55:45) Tyion: what?
(08/02 10:55:50) rebus: Where?
(08/02 10:55:50) Darkling: ?
(08/02 10:55:50) Rihm: Really? Where?
(08/02 10:55:51) mp3: Hi kxxt
(08/02 10:55:52) Vivicus: huh?
(08/02 10:55:55) Shal: yHuh?
(08/02 10:55:59) Sti 'in: ?
(08/02 10:56:01) Marie Sutherland: Things are still very tight, Ahda. We're doing what we can with what we have, and hoping we get a chance to do more in the future.
(08/02 10:56:06) Darkling: lol, total uproar
(08/02 10:56:07) L'lee roars with laughter
(08/02 10:56:16) rebus: That's good with me:)
(08/02 10:56:22) Ahda: OK, thanks Marie.
(08/02 10:56:25) Shal: It's what I like to call a 'lol what?' moment.
(08/02 10:56:26) Old Hip: Sho'rah all - Got pellets to drop that are coming out cookers now - Peacr & Love - and Thank you Marie for the time and allowing me the honor of the hug. :-)
(08/02 10:56:30) Darkling wants to ask a question...
(08/02 10:56:44) Marie Sutherland: Take care, Old Hip
(08/02 10:56:49) Nasser wants hugs.
(08/02 10:56:53) ireenquench: bye Old Hip
(08/02 10:56:55) Nasser: I like hugs....
(08/02 10:57:05) Nasser: and chicken...
(08/02 10:57:09) Marie Sutherland: yes, darkling?
(08/02 10:57:34) Darkling: How is the maintainers wall coming along? Will it be released to the explorers any time soon?
(08/02 10:57:52) Darkling hopes
(08/02 10:58:49) Marie Sutherland: the wall was completely non-functional when we returned to the Cavern.
(08/02 10:59:10) Marie Sutherland: it is still on the list, but not in the next few months.
(08/02 10:59:12) IBnetweezel: The DRC have a website up that tells what phase of resotration each of the areas are in
(08/02 10:59:28) Darkling: mmm ok, thank you
(08/02 11:00:04) IBnetweezel: Phase 1 is just started...phase 5 is near completion
(08/02 11:00:25) Hitana wants to ask a question...
(08/02 11:00:31) VoiZod: looks like DRC is working on it 'The Wall' game , the lights are flashing on the blocker panels
(08/02 11:00:36) Tyion raises hand
(08/02 11:00:52) Marie Sutherland: yes, hitana?
(08/02 11:01:14) Hitana: how's the work with ahnonay going on? will it be released soon?
(08/02 11:01:21) Nasser is hungry and wonders where the food is for this event.
(08/02 11:01:52) Ansel: Nasser, did you check in the coolers?
(08/02 11:01:58) Marie Sutherland: We are making progress. No guarantees of how soon, though.
(08/02 11:02:07) Hitana: ok thx
(08/02 11:02:28) Nasser: O_o No no i didnt
(08/02 11:02:38) Marie Sutherland: Ok, and Tyion gets the last question. I really need to get some sleep.
(08/02 11:03:11) VoiZod: should be asking when cate will reviel Jalak to us ?
(08/02 11:03:15) Tyion: in the early days of the restoration there were screenshots released ont he DRC website. one of which was a green looking hood. can yout ell us anything about it?
(08/02 11:03:32) Ahda: Heh, and here I was thinking you had just woken up really early. :D
(08/02 11:03:40) Nasser does a dance
(08/02 11:03:51) Fax Paladin: Are we not in it now?
(08/02 11:04:02) VoiZod: doh!
(08/02 11:04:02) Tyion: this is blue
(08/02 11:04:12) Nasser thinks this is a party and wishes for music and more dancers.
(08/02 11:04:17) Nasser does a dance
(08/02 11:04:19) Fax Paladin: It looks kind of blue-green to me.
(08/02 11:04:20) Ragdrazi: Crud. I would have asked about Engberg.
(08/02 11:04:20) VoiZod: toquoise
(08/02 11:04:25) Tyion: dose it?
(08/02 11:04:28) VoiZod: actualy its Cyan
(08/02 11:04:32) Kos Volan: So they painted lol
(08/02 11:04:36) VoiZod: hey
(08/02 11:04:44) Tyion: lol well if this is that screenshot then i feel silly
(08/02 11:05:02) Ragdrazi: What's a screenshot.
(08/02 11:05:06) Fax Paladin: Maybe it's the angle, or the lighting.
(08/02 11:05:19) Nasser think Tyion need to get another question. XD
(08/02 11:05:20) Marie Sutherland: I don't recall which 'hood was on the old website, but it could have been one of many.
(08/02 11:05:38) Hitana: there are more?
(08/02 11:05:39) Tyion: Cool thanks amrie
(08/02 11:05:43) Tyion: marie
(08/02 11:05:53) Marie Sutherland: it's amazing how different photos of a place can look so different once we're done restoring them.
(08/02 11:05:53) L'lee: a picture from the screen of his digital camera he brought down, Ragdrazzi....
(08/02 11:06:16) Fell L makes a note
(08/02 11:06:21) Ragdrazi: Ah. Thank you... yes, of course. How silly of me.
(08/02 11:06:23) Sti 'in: There is one othewr kind of hood isnt there there is bevin, kirel and another one
(08/02 11:06:23) Tyion: a picture dose speak a thousand words
(08/02 11:06:32) Erik: Seret
(08/02 11:06:38) Hitana: yeah i can guess so. thx for stopping by and answering all of our questions marie!
(08/02 11:06:42) Hitana thanks you
(08/02 11:06:49) L'lee thanks you very much!
(08/02 11:06:52) ireenquench thanks you very much!
(08/02 11:06:52) Ahda: Thank you for your time Marie. We all really appreciate it.
(08/02 11:06:52) Grieyls claps his hands
(08/02 11:06:54) Marie Sutherland: good night/morning, everyone.
(08/02 11:06:55) Sti 'in thanks you
(08/02 11:06:56) Zedra thanks you very much!
(08/02 11:06:57) Erik: Sleep well!
(08/02 11:06:57) Rihm: Thanks for coming Marie, it was great meeting you!
(08/02 11:06:57) Hitana claps her hands
(08/02 11:06:57) rebus: Thanks Marie!
(08/02 11:06:59) Shal thanks you very much!
(08/02 11:06:59) Vivicus thanks you very much!
(08/02 11:06:59) Fax Paladin thanks you
(08/02 11:07:00) Erik claps his hands
(08/02 11:07:01) Tyion: yes we do
(08/02 11:07:01) ireenquench bows
(08/02 11:07:02) rebus claps her hands
(08/02 11:07:03) Tyion claps his hands
(08/02 11:07:03) Ansel: Thanks, Marie. Please get some rest.
(08/02 11:07:04) Hitana: good night marie
(08/02 11:07:04) Robotany salutes
(08/02 11:07:04) Sti 'in thanks you very much!
(08/02 11:07:06) Hagenn cheers
(08/02 11:07:07) Kos Volan claps his hands
(08/02 11:07:09) VoiZod: Its kind of instristing to see the fountain without water running in it
(08/02 11:07:09) IBnetweezel: Adios Marie...thanks for chatting with us!
(08/02 11:07:10) Zedra claps her hands
(08/02 11:07:10) Jahuti: good night, Marie.. Sweet dreams :-)
(08/02 11:07:11) Hitana salutes
(08/02 11:07:11) Ansel cheers
(08/02 11:07:12) Vivicus waves goodbye
(08/02 11:07:12) Fax Paladin: Pleasant dreams...
(08/02 11:07:13) Sti 'in waves goodbye
(08/02 11:07:14) Nasser: Go Guild Of Writers!
(08/02 11:07:16) Palastrose claps her hands
(08/02 11:07:17) IBnetweezel waves goodbye
(08/02 11:07:18) Ahda: Goodnight marie.[/spoiler]

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 9:24 am 
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the time are cavern time ?

Mary sutherland was there just some time ago ?

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 9:33 am 
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The timestamps in the logs are my system clock's times, but yes, she just left about half an hour ago, that would be a little after 2 am PDT and 1 am MDT (Cavern time)

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 10:36 am 
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whoo, that's the middle of the night for cyan.

they are getting crazy with times lol :lol:

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 11:20 am 

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Makes it a bit more realistic, I guess. She just pops in for a chat before she goes to bed (both IC and OOC). I'm actually quite impressed, since whoever was playing Marie's part likely really was taking time off from sleep to talk to the Explorers.

While this conversation didn't reveal much, I found her earlier one very interesting...I hope my dentist appointment doesn't coincide with whatever happens tomorrow/today...

/me considers simply ripping his teeth out and calling the appointment quits...

KI # 03593691 (Samuel Churchill)

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 1:43 pm 
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They have all been doing it :)

The ending will never be written as long as the called remain to continue on the path of those who came before

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 3:52 pm 

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Interesting chtalog.

Marie must an insomniac like meeee! :D


"The Ending has not yet been written" - Yeesha in Tomahna!

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