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PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 8:41 am 

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Marie showed up in Ae'gura tonight, and her mood was somber.

She had some worries to share with the explorers, what with the current events...

[spoiler](11/02 07:35:56) Chat.log started...
(11/02 07:35:58) T.S: hello ms.sutherland
(11/02 07:36:06) T.S says hey
(11/02 07:36:06) Pellet Points: What's on your mind?
(11/02 07:36:24) SwiftHawk watches everyone's self respect evaporate... POOF!
(11/02 07:36:25) Rih'ki: Hi A'ngel
(11/02 07:36:25) Kierra starts making the coffee
(11/02 07:36:52) T.S: marie? are you with us?????
(11/02 07:36:57) Pellet Points: Thanks, Kierra. Got any hot water for cocoa? :)
(11/02 07:36:58) T.S shrugs
(11/02 07:37:05) Kierra: Of couse pellet
(11/02 07:37:09) Susi: psch
(11/02 07:37:10) Kierra: And for tea also
(11/02 07:37:19) T.S looks around for a bit
(11/02 07:37:21) mckendall: Shorah Marie
(11/02 07:37:25) LIRA: Just out for a stroll Ms. Sutherland?
(11/02 07:37:32) T.S: maybe...
(11/02 07:37:33) Kierra: Maybe she's a zombie. it's 12:37am
(11/02 07:37:38) Kierra: Sleepwalking?
(11/02 07:37:44) T.S starts to laugh
(11/02 07:37:52) Mar'ith hands out biscuits to go with the coffee, tea and cocoa
(11/02 07:37:58) Pellet Points: Or perhaps a contemplative stroll? Are you wondering about funding, or anythign serious like that?
(11/02 07:37:59) Marie Sutherland: Not quite a zombie yet, just a lot on my mind.
(11/02 07:38:02) Kierra: Ah
(11/02 07:38:06) T.S: oh
(11/02 07:38:09) Kierra: Perhaps we can help?
(11/02 07:38:14) Illuvatar: anything we can help with?
(11/02 07:38:16) T.S: because cate is leaving?
(11/02 07:38:23) LIRA: Would you mind sharing your thoughts?
(11/02 07:38:56) Illuvatar: we complain a lot, but we do support you all, marie
(11/02 07:39:20) Marie Sutherland: Sure. Anyone here have some venture capital?
(11/02 07:39:37) Grieyls: Wish I could
(11/02 07:39:37) Marie Sutherland smiles.
(11/02 07:39:48) Kierra: Er....would 17.83 cover it...?
(11/02 07:39:50) Illuvatar: i don't mind paying a higher access fee
(11/02 07:39:51) Kierra: Sorry
(11/02 07:40:01) Grieyls: I got 5.50 on me, will that do?
(11/02 07:40:11) Hans: Don't say it ends up like that!
(11/02 07:40:15) Pellet Points: All I have, Marie, are some feathers and pellet points. :) But if you can suggest a way for us to help find it, I'm sure many of us would be willing to help in any way.
(11/02 07:40:25) Kierra: Ooh, lets have a bakesale! hand print cookies and bahro-rice-crispies!
(11/02 07:40:31) T.S: did you knew cate is leaving before she told us,marie?
(11/02 07:41:00) Poseidon: Is cate gone or will she be around again
(11/02 07:41:05) T.S: shes not in the mood...
(11/02 07:41:14) Kierra is sorta bummed...
(11/02 07:41:20) Marie Sutherland: She told me just a few minutes before she told you.
(11/02 07:41:31) T.S: oh
(11/02 07:41:32) Grieyls: So what are the DRC going to do now that Cate is gone?
(11/02 07:41:34) Pellet Points: Did you see it coming?
(11/02 07:41:36) T.S: thanks
(11/02 07:41:39) Kierra: Sorry to hear tht :(
(11/02 07:42:01) Poseidon: So she sprung it on everyone.... that sucks
(11/02 07:42:06) Ar'agon I would like to know acatly what happened to make Cate do something that is against everything she is? I mean Cate is not a quitter.
(11/02 07:42:06) Kierra nods her head
(11/02 07:42:06) T.S: i think we should leave marie.she need some space
(11/02 07:42:28) Kierra: Yes, would you like some time alone?
(11/02 07:42:29) Rih'ki nods his head
(11/02 07:42:37) Marie Sutherland: She had hinted at this kind of thing for months, that she was not getting the return she expected, that she wanted to start advertising, etc.
(11/02 07:42:39) Illuvatar: yes, if you want to be alone, we will leave
(11/02 07:42:56) Kierra nods her head
(11/02 07:43:00) T.S: oh,no ads please.not in the cavern
(11/02 07:43:02) LIRA: Just let her talk
(11/02 07:43:08) Grieyls: And what now?
(11/02 07:43:08) T.S: yes
(11/02 07:43:09) T.S nods his head
(11/02 07:43:19) Marie Sutherland: But just leaving like that, no I wasn't expecting it.
(11/02 07:43:28) Poseidon: Yeah... just be quiet, i am sure she just wants our company
(11/02 07:43:32) T.S: don't worry cate
(11/02 07:43:35) Grieyls: It was somewhat of a surprise to be sure
(11/02 07:43:37) T.S: i mean marie
(11/02 07:43:44) T.S: oops
(11/02 07:43:48) Marie Sutherland: I suppose I should have.
(11/02 07:43:50) Kierra: Something will turn has to!
(11/02 07:43:52) T.S: don't worry
(11/02 07:43:56) Pellet Points: Investors, which Cate was clear that she is, will drop a bad investment when they see it won't perform as they expected. Was there too much opposition to the advertising?
(11/02 07:44:03) Grieyls: Is there anything we can do Marie?
(11/02 07:44:03) Robu: Marie could any of us help with funding?
(11/02 07:44:17) T.S: marie,do you want to be alone?
(11/02 07:44:45) Illuvatar: we pay a monthly fee for access to the cavern...i don't mind paying a larger fee
(11/02 07:44:50) Susi: arg
(11/02 07:44:52) Marie Sutherland: It's ok. T.S. Thanks.
(11/02 07:45:27) Pellet Points: This must be sort of a mixed bag for you personally, Marie. We got the impression all was not well between Cate and the rest of you. But the loss of funding surely hurts...
(11/02 07:45:38) Kierra is sorta bummed...
(11/02 07:45:47) Grieyls: Well Marie, have the DRC formulated any plans yet in light of Cates absence?
(11/02 07:45:56) Mar'ith is sad that Marie has this worry on her mind
(11/02 07:46:04) Pellet Points: But you probably know that everythign happens for a reason, and that if and when the proper funding does come though, it will most probably have been for the best.
(11/02 07:46:05) Robu: I own an entertainment company, perhaps I would be able to help out with the funding in some way?
(11/02 07:46:06) Poseidon: its ok marie, if you would have seen this comming, then thats means you think like cate.... greedy
(11/02 07:46:24) Kierra: Maybe I shoulda brought ice cream...comfort food is good...
(11/02 07:46:33) Ar'agon: have you seen Watson at all lately Marie? just cerious
(11/02 07:46:38) Grieyls: I could some ice cream right now
(11/02 07:46:42) Mar'ith: mmm... ice cream
(11/02 07:46:45) Illuvatar: marie, if you need a hug, there's lots of willing ppl here
(11/02 07:46:51) T.S: hahaha
(11/02 07:46:56) Kierra: Heh
(11/02 07:47:04) Pellet Points: And eager, Iluvatar? :)
(11/02 07:47:09) Marie Sutherland: It was... interesting... working for and with Cate, but...
(11/02 07:47:11) Illuvatar: now now
(11/02 07:47:20) Grieyls: Yes? But what?
(11/02 07:47:23) Hans: be quiet!
(11/02 07:47:26) Marie Sutherland doesn't finish her sentence.
(11/02 07:47:39) T.S: sorry marie
(11/02 07:47:42) Grieyls: Please Marie, we are4 here to listen
(11/02 07:47:42) Kierra nods in understanding
(11/02 07:47:48) Pellet Points: But not quite what you anicipated her to be?
(11/02 07:47:50) Robu: Perhaps Cate left because of the Bahro incidents?
(11/02 07:48:07) Poseidon: A necessary evil.... and we would not be where we are without cate
(11/02 07:48:21) Marie Sutherland: I don't doubt that they had to be a contributing factor, Robu.
(11/02 07:48:30) Kierra: i only met cate once, but from what I've heard and what little I've seen...she doesnt seem to love the cavern, like we do....
(11/02 07:48:39) T.S: bahro...
(11/02 07:49:07) Pellet Points: Rumors of war can be a scarey thing to an investor. There's not much security in it unless you can profit from war.
(11/02 07:49:23) Susi: for Cate it was a Job
(11/02 07:49:32) Robu: What is it that the DRC requires? To fill i the gap that Cate has now opened?
(11/02 07:49:55) Pellet Points: Funding.
(11/02 07:50:07) Grieyls: Do the DRC have a plan yet?
(11/02 07:50:13) Susi: wegen Cate , weil sie die hoehlen verlaest
(11/02 07:50:17) Poseidon: I am sure we ban find a new benefactor, if we have a few months
(11/02 07:50:21) Marie Sutherland: We still have a lot of thinking to do, Robu. We've been in this position before, and it didnt' go well last time.
(11/02 07:50:25) Kierra: i can't believe I'm saying this...but if advertisement is what we need to do to keep the Cavern open......then I am for it
(11/02 07:50:36) Ar'agon thinks the daughter of the daughter left to try to help us here in the cavern
(11/02 07:50:37) Illuvatar: yes
(11/02 07:50:41) Robu: Yes, I remember that.
(11/02 07:50:42) Grieyls: This does not bode well
(11/02 07:50:56) Pellet Points: Has the rest of the DRC discussion this together yet?
(11/02 07:51:31) Marie Sutherland: Yes, Vic, Ikuro and I were discussing it almost all day.
(11/02 07:51:42) Robu: But, on the other hand, there has been more progress now than ever before. You can't give up hope. Everyone in the Cavern is here because they believe in the same cause as yourself.
(11/02 07:51:53) Kierra fidgets nervously
(11/02 07:51:58) Grieyls: And what did you all conclude Marie?
(11/02 07:51:58) Pellet Points: Well that's good to hear. You are that much closer to a solution.
(11/02 07:52:02) T.S: any news from yeesha?
(11/02 07:52:06) Marie Sutherland: Our discussions are far from over.
(11/02 07:52:10) Ar'agon: We are the last
(11/02 07:52:16) Grieyls: Ah, I see
(11/02 07:52:23) Poseidon: How long can the cavern remain open without funding marie.... do you have a bottom line?
(11/02 07:52:30) Grieyls: Is there anything we can do to help?
(11/02 07:52:41) Hans: You know that you play with emotions if you say something like that, Marie?
(11/02 07:53:41) T.S: you just need to be careful from the bahro
(11/02 07:53:45) Robu: Marie What does Dr. Watson say about Cate leaving? I know he isn't part of the DRC anymore. But, I'm sure he has some idea of what to do right?
(11/02 07:54:04) Grieyls: Where there is a will there is way
(11/02 07:54:10) Ar'agon: Yes have you seen him lately?
(11/02 07:54:34) Pellet Points: Marie, have you set aside or tabled any plans you have had in the works, or made any decisions on a first step to take in these matters?
(11/02 07:55:05) Ar'agon: shorah Bahro I heard you
(11/02 07:55:15) Marie Sutherland: The Cavern can remain open for quite a while as it is, forunately. The question is how much new restoration work can be done.
(11/02 07:55:25) Kierra nods her head
(11/02 07:55:28) Illuvatar: hmm
(11/02 07:55:37) Grieyls: Well if there is anything we can do please let us know
(11/02 07:55:52) Pellet Points: There were significant plans regarding the Guilds. What of them?
(11/02 07:55:59) Kierra: Yes, many of us are prepared to do what we can
(11/02 07:56:08) Mar'ith: Marie, I hope you won't have to leave
(11/02 07:56:15) Grieyls: More than prepared I would say
(11/02 07:56:16) Marie Sutherland: We've spent the last two years with Cate attempting to do more and more with less and less.
(11/02 07:56:17) Poseidon: What if we continue on the projects we are already working on... like the lake project, be reminded we will help regardless of the funding situation
(11/02 07:56:24) Robu: Would it be possible for us to join in and restore the cavern and the other ages? via way of the guilds?
(11/02 07:56:30) Abjab: how about an in cavern Restoratio Fund ?
(11/02 07:56:31) Ar'agon: true Marie can't forget the Illusion the bahro have on us all
(11/02 07:56:34) T.S: will ahnonay be released as planed?
(11/02 07:56:35) Grieyls: Down right willing to do so at the first notice
(11/02 07:56:40) Ar'agon: though
(11/02 07:56:59) Chere: Marie you need to tap the explorers more they have many skills
(11/02 07:57:11) Grieyls nods his head
(11/02 07:57:16) Chere: and would donate their time
(11/02 07:57:22) Grieyls nods his head
(11/02 07:57:26) Kierra nods her head
(11/02 07:57:28) Marie Sutherland: That remains to be seen Robu. It will take time, but that is definitely one direction we may take.
(11/02 07:57:37) Ar'agon: we all would if only there was a way to
(11/02 07:57:43) Poseidon: Yes, we wont run out like cate did
(11/02 07:57:51) T.S: hahaha
(11/02 07:57:53) Pellet Points: In that position of doing more with less, Marie, you should be a lean, effective proposition for the right kind of new funding.
(11/02 07:57:58) Kierra: guild of Writers is very willing to step up and help
(11/02 07:57:58) Illuvatar: if it isn't private, how much funding are you talking about?
(11/02 07:58:03) Loshem: Thats not fair.. Im sure Cate had her reasons..
(11/02 07:58:04) Grieyls: We have a passion after all for this place
(11/02 07:58:14) Marie Sutherland: Thanks, Poseidon.
(11/02 07:58:28) T.S looks around for a bit
(11/02 07:58:30) Poseidon nods his head
(11/02 07:58:37) Grieyls claps his hands
(11/02 07:59:21) Marie Sutherland: I understand that, Grieyls. Your collective passion is appreciated.
(11/02 07:59:33) T.S nods his head
(11/02 07:59:40) Robu: Yes perhaps an internship program where for example, (Using the guild of Maintainers) to help the DRC examine ages *At their own risk*, and other guilds to pitch in to do what is necessary to make sure each age that is currently being worked upon is safe for the other explorers.
(11/02 07:59:55) Chere: Maybe the DRC could be more directive in their work and allow the explorers to dothe work?
(11/02 08:00:02) T.S: the bahro war is getting far...
(11/02 08:00:04) Grieyls: Indeed, and should you not take advantage of such passion, it does make sense dont you think
(11/02 08:00:31) Poseidon: We have no shortage of manpower, it is just that we need finds for tools and supplies, am i correct marie?
(11/02 08:00:41) Marie Sutherland: That is basically the plan for the Guilds. But there is a great deal that remains to be done for that plan to become a reality.
(11/02 08:00:43) Poseidon: Funds^
(11/02 08:00:55) Grieyls: Understood Marie
(11/02 08:00:58) Kierra nods her head
(11/02 08:01:02) Grieyls: All things in time
(11/02 08:01:06) Pellet Points: Does the DRC have enough faith in the explorers to begin real operations of the Guilds?
(11/02 08:01:35) Robu: Marie what specifically needs to be worked upon in regards to the Guilds becoming a reality?
(11/02 08:01:40) T.S: marie.we haven't seen dr.ikuro kodama for a loooooooong time.what's up with him?
(11/02 08:01:50) Marie Sutherland: Faith in the explorers has not been the problem, Pellet
(11/02 08:02:03) Pellet Points: That's good hear. What has been the problem?
(11/02 08:02:09) Grieyls: We have most vocal after all
(11/02 08:02:24) Loshem: I would like to hear from Dr. Kodama as well
(11/02 08:02:41) Chere: there is five of them only and a few thousand of us??
(11/02 08:02:55) Poseidon: Down to 3 now
(11/02 08:02:57) T.S: i hope he is busy with kahlo ;-)
(11/02 08:03:08) Grieyls: The numbers work in our favour
(11/02 08:03:09) Kierra: Oh, Hi Chere, didn't see you come in
(11/02 08:03:19) Ar'agon: as I said if only we had the 'tools' then we could make it a reality and well until someone uncovers the secret recipies to the INK and paper and learn the Bahro language of writing ....sighs
(11/02 08:03:20) Marie Sutherland: Dr. Kodama is fine. Like most of us, we have been extremely focused on Ahnonay.
(11/02 08:03:25) Kierra waves hello
(11/02 08:03:31) T.S: oh
(11/02 08:03:34) T.S: o.k
(11/02 08:03:42) Abjab: Time, Money and Controls
(11/02 08:03:47) Grieyls: And how is Ahnonay coming along, will it be ready?
(11/02 08:03:52) Robu: Could all members of the DRC have a meeting with us in the Watchers Sanctuary? Or some place like that?
(11/02 08:03:56) Kierra: Must be those wascally quabs
(11/02 08:03:59) T.S: i hope it will
(11/02 08:04:06) T.S: it look good
(11/02 08:04:24) Vivicus: Dr Sutherland, do we know if Kadish helped construct any other Ages except for Ahnonay and the ones released?
(11/02 08:04:25) T.S: yes,i'm with rubo
(11/02 08:04:36) T.S: *robu
(11/02 08:04:45) Robu: Perhaps if there was a large meeting between all of the DRC and the rest of the Explorers that a conclusion could be made to benefit everyone.
(11/02 08:04:55) Marie Sutherland: Ahnonay should be released tonight or tomorrow.
(11/02 08:05:00) T.S: this is a good idea,robu
(11/02 08:05:01) Hans: What do you want to tell us Marie? That we should prepare to leave the cavern once again?
(11/02 08:05:01) Pellet Points: What has been the problem? That is, if it's beyond the usual time and money?
(11/02 08:05:12) T.S: great!
(11/02 08:05:15) T.S cheers
(11/02 08:05:19) Kierra: Oh good, time to squeeze into our bathing suits!
(11/02 08:05:19) Marie Sutherland: just the usual, Pellet.
(11/02 08:05:43) Illuvatar: who will lead the DRC now?
(11/02 08:05:52) Arrhae loves quabs!
(11/02 08:05:54) T.S: maybe watson...
(11/02 08:06:00) T.S: it will be nice
(11/02 08:06:22) Robu: what about the puzzle in the Watchers Sanctuary? Will we be able to try and access the "Great Tree" soon?
(11/02 08:06:23) Marie Sutherland: that's one of many things that still has to be determined, Illuvatar.
(11/02 08:06:30) Illuvatar: thank you
(11/02 08:06:50) T.S: no news from the noloban d'ni man,right?
(11/02 08:06:52) Vivicus wants to ask a question...
(11/02 08:06:53) Pellet Points: Are you looking forward to opening up Ahnonay, Marie? It must be quite an acheivement!
(11/02 08:07:02) Mar'ith: Marie, would you consider leading the DRC if asked?
(11/02 08:07:21) Grieyls: That is the best question yet :p
(11/02 08:07:29) Chere: I would like Marie to be in charge
(11/02 08:07:31) Ar'agon: it seems as if she already is for the time being lol
(11/02 08:08:10) Marie Sutherland: I am looking forward to Ahnonay's release. It will finally be a piece of good news around here.
(11/02 08:08:13) Marie Sutherland smiles.
(11/02 08:08:19) Pellet Points claps his hands
(11/02 08:08:19) T.S: right
(11/02 08:08:19) Kierra cheers
(11/02 08:08:23) T.S nods his head
(11/02 08:08:23) Vivicus cheers
(11/02 08:08:24) silverdragonesse claps her hands
(11/02 08:08:27) Bert Columbus claps his hands
(11/02 08:08:27) Loshem: here here!
(11/02 08:08:30) Grieyls claps his hands
(11/02 08:08:30) Grieyls: Indeed
(11/02 08:08:32) Mar'ith cheers
(11/02 08:08:34) Arrhae cheers
(11/02 08:08:36) Kierra whistles
(11/02 08:08:40) Bert Columbus cheers
(11/02 08:08:42) mckendall cheers
(11/02 08:08:47) Ar'agon WooT!
(11/02 08:08:58) Ar'agon cheers
(11/02 08:08:59) Abjab: we still owe Cate a vote of thanks for trying..dont we ?
(11/02 08:09:00) Illuvatar: you in the DRC have done a great job, so far. it's not all bad news, at least for the explorers
(11/02 08:09:07) Kierra nods her head
(11/02 08:09:12) T.S: we do
(11/02 08:09:17) Grieyls nods his head
(11/02 08:09:22) T.S: abjab
(11/02 08:09:25) Marie Sutherland: Well, I suppose I should get some sleep. Rest up for the finishing touches on Ahnonay.
(11/02 08:09:28) Ar'agon: she still is around be sure of it
(11/02 08:09:32) T.S: o.k
(11/02 08:09:34) T.S: bye!
(11/02 08:09:37) Kierra: Ok, good night Marie
(11/02 08:09:38) Grieyls: Oh well then let us not keep you
(11/02 08:09:38) T.S waves goodbye
(11/02 08:09:38) Loshem: Sleep well Marie
(11/02 08:09:43) Kierra: Thank you for the news
(11/02 08:09:44) Arrhae: Farewell!
(11/02 08:09:44) Grieyls waves goodbye
(11/02 08:09:48) Vivicus: I'll see you, Dr Sutherland!
(11/02 08:09:48) Kierra waves goodbye
(11/02 08:09:49) Susi: bye
(11/02 08:09:51) Mar'ith: Thanks and try not to worry too much
(11/02 08:09:51) silverdragonesse waves goodbye
(11/02 08:09:51) Illuvatar: thank you for your time... take heart and have faith. things will work out
(11/02 08:09:52) mckendall: Thank you for stopping bye
(11/02 08:09:56) Bert Columbus waves goodbye
(11/02 08:09:56) Ar'agon: ok G'night Marie
(11/02 08:09:57) Chere: thank you
(11/02 08:10:04) Mar'ith waves goodbye
(11/02 08:10:21) Marie Sutherland: Thanks for letting me bounce things off you.
(11/02 08:10:33) Illuvatar: thank you for trusting us :)
(11/02 08:10:36) Chere: please visit anytime
(11/02 08:10:37) Kierra: No problem, we are here for you (and all of the DRC of course!)
(11/02 08:10:38) Illuvatar: good night
(11/02 08:11:01) Illuvatar: bye
(11/02 08:11:08) Robu: Goodnight Marie
(11/02 08:11:25) Illuvatar: nice lady


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Very interesting. As usual Marie comes across as the most human of the DRC.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 12:00 pm 

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Where as Kodama comes across as the most cyborg of the DRC. :lol:

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 2:25 pm 
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Whilyam wrote:
Where as Kodama comes across as the most cyborg of the DRC. :lol:

You mean he's not a cyborg? ;)

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Very interesting - it sounds like a good I/C reason for the hiatus between seasons - considering that:
"(11/02 07:52:23) Poseidon: How long can the cavern remain open without funding marie.... do you have a bottom line?"

"(11/02 07:55:15) Marie Sutherland: The Cavern can remain open for quite a while as it is, forunately. The question is how much new restoration work can be done."

This excuses the gap between the season ending and the next season opener as the search for funding, but still leaves the cavern open for explorers - just without new areas being opened up (which we expected, anyway.)

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